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Literature / Re: The Journal Of An Armed Robber by babymi2(f): 7:42pm On Oct 19, 2016
Na wa oooooo write no fit complete this interesting story

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Business / Check Out New Zenith Bank Advertisement by babymi2(f): 9:09am On Jun 25, 2016
check out new Zenith bank Adverts ...the best advertisement in d country.

Politics / Re: Boko Haram Adopts New Uniform, Dressing Style by babymi2(f): 6:19pm On Apr 26, 2016
they are getting stronger since their matron is now the president.

Thunder fire ur mouth
Music/Radio / Dear Psquare, I Want To Ask You Guys Questions.. by babymi2(f): 10:00pm On Mar 16, 2016
Dear Psquare, I want to ask * WHY E BE SAY * una wan split after all these years? Coz u guys seem to have forgotten that there is * NO ONE LIKE YOU * in Africa, and u also forgot that God used * IFUNANYA * to make it a * POSSIBILITY* for u guys to be * UNLIMITED * today. I feel so bad over your latest * STORY* coz * I LOVE YOU* and i urge u to deal with your present situation * PERSONALLY * and do not let your * BEAUTIFUL ONYINYEs * make you split. Don’t forget that they are only there to * CHOP YOUR MONEY *. I know that * E NO EASY* but u guys should try not to get involved in any * BIZZY BODY* because it will only lead to more * DANGER * in your carreer, Omo WAHALA go dey ooo and your fans will no longer be able to dance * ALINGO * again. settle the problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey * DO ME* anytime i hear say u guys want to * BREAK IT *. I also heard that you brought * OGA POLICE* in to this matter. I want u guyz to be * MORE THAN A FRIEND * to avoid any * TEMPTATION * which will lead to * GAME OVER*, we are hoping to hear your * TESTIMONY * very soon. ‪#‎letpeacereign‬

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Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi Prays At The Tomb Of Murtala Muhammed (Pic) by babymi2(f): 12:29am On Feb 15, 2016
What can one gain from praying at the tombstone of a war criminal and child killer?!!just imagine how desolate the tomb is.That is a true depiction of the resting place of a mass killer of children
You're high on cheap drugs


Romance / Share Your Valentine Funny Pictures by babymi2(f): 8:05pm On Feb 14, 2016
Share your val funny pix......

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Music/Radio / Announcement!!!!!!!! have you see Mrs Habiba Shaba Ibrahim by babymi2(f): 5:16pm On Feb 01, 2016

Mrs Habiba Shaba Ibrahim, with maiden name Habiba Salami (daughter of Alhaji Siyaka Salami, CEO S.S. Motors, in Ikuehi-Ihima) hails from Okehi LGA, Kogi State. She graduated from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi and she is the Founder of an NGO, Initiative for the Awareness of Cancer in Women (IACW). She is married to Hon. Shaba Ibrahim, former Chairman of Koton Karfi LG of Kogi State.

Habiba has been missing since 30/01/2016 in Abuja, Nigeria. She went to town and her car developed mechanical problem on her way back home to Kubuwa. She parked her car at her inlaw's house and took a taxi but she never got home since then. She left a 3 year old child at home and she is 5 months pregnant. Please call 08027019481 or 08033081390 if you have any information of her whereabouts.


Education / Re: Unilorin Utme 2015/2016 Aspirants by babymi2(f): 10:25pm On Jan 05, 2016
I hope my sister's name will come out soon.
Education / Re: Unilorin Utme 2015/2016 Aspirants by babymi2(f): 10:11pm On Jan 03, 2016
Please is there any admission list coming out again? because my sister's name is not out yet
Politics / Open Letter To President Buhari – Kogi State by babymi2(f): 11:02am On Nov 25, 2015
Open letter to President Buhari – Kogi State is in the state of turmoil.

I have always stand for what is right regardless, how people feel about me. Those who took their time to study me well knew I call a spade a spade whether it is politically sound or not. I am not a politician and I do not intend to be one and I am not looking for any favor from anyone in any shape or form. What prompted me to write this letter to President Buhari is of many folds.
Ebira as a Kingdom awesomely supported President Buhari that lead to his victory as President of Nigeria. I, in person knew how much support I accorded the man of Buhari. It is not how much money you have in support of a candidate or how much stolen money that was lavished in an election. The moral and ethical standard of support given to President Buhari should make him wake up from his world of cocoon to face the reality of life. I do not dive into issue without carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of the issues.
President Buhari is a man I knew as young boy growing up in the North Eastern State when he became the Governor of North Eastern State specifically Bauchi that was later carved out of North Eastern State. Buhari was a man in my eyes as a man of action and trustworthiness, which was the main reason I was very passionate in my support for him during his election. President Buhari was a man who would like to be poor as far as someone out there has no food to eat. Buhari was a man who will do his very best for Nigerians because he understood what politics is really all about. He understood that as a leader you ought to serve the people who elected you into voice to make a difference in people’s life. President Buhari believes in teaching people how to fish instead of giving fish to the people. President Buhari believes in educating the young minds of our youths that was why I was so passionate about his leadership skills.
After President Buhari became the President elect the entire world celebrated his victory which was a landslide. I am perturbed that same man that I knew right from when I was a boy growing up could turned the other chick to the situation in Kogi State. I am wondering what has become of a man I knew as the man of action of the then North Eastern State of Nigeria. What has become of a man that majority of Nigerians hope to stand with for what is right at all time? What has become of the President we all whole heartedly supported? Again, I am not here to castigate President Buhari because I knew his nature of responsibility has quadruple a million times.
Nevertheless, when a State is in the stage of anarchy, truth got to be told even if those who you are piloting rebuffed to see the reality. I will now dissect what has been happening in Kogi State right from 1991 which is approximately 24 years ago. One will argued how do you know what was happening to a State that was created when you are not even in the Country? My answer to those kinds of people is simple, I left Nigeria when Kogi State never existed which was a true statement, but Nigeria or Ebira Oiza has never left me. Out of twenty four years of the presence of Kogi State Igalas has ruled Kogi, all of those years, they have nothing to show for it. Kogi State is the least State among all the State that were created around the same time. President Buhari came from a very small place compare to the entire North yet he became the Head of State and President of Nigeria with High values.
During the time when Ebira and Okuns were fighting for Kogi State the Igalas were busy fighting for Okura State. When they could not succeed in creating their own State they decided to team up with West and Central to create Kogi State. Partly it is the fault of Okuns and Ebira in allowing them to join us. I am not also surprised that they suffered in the hands of the majority of Benue people because of their greediness and shadiness in dealing with the affairs of their former State.
When the Igalas were preparing to join Kogi State they manufacture forged documents to show to Okuns and Ebiras. Since the Igalas were the one migrating from Benue to Kogi State they inflated the level of their workers. For example those who are in level 4 in Benue State were given level 7 with the date of service been forged to reflect their seniority over the same level with their counterpart in their new State of Kogi. They systematically displaced every educated elite of Okuns and Ebiras. As I write this article, go into the state of Kogi and compile a data analysis of who heads the various Para status of Kogi State. Igalas are number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 before they can even place one Yoruba or Ebira in the slot.
The problem we have in the State is not because Ebira or the Okuns did not have the common sense to team together to face the Igalas since they are the one that has ostracized the State for 24 years they have brainwashed our youths who all they knew was Igala men have been ruling the State right from when they were born. They have used stolen money from Kogi State treasury to make our youths susceptible. The sad part of it was that we have people of my age who wined and dined with these evils from both Okun and Ebira to sell their integrity. The Late Audu they are all clamoring around calling him the Adoja of Kogi State which I do not care to find the right meaning of it in Igala language. I can predict that might mean the Lion of Kogi State. Yes he was a Lion that stole all our wealth. He was a Lion that stripped Obangede hospital completely naked. Yes he was a Lion that stole our entire budget and bought many houses in the United States and all over the world. Yes he was the Adoja of all thieves. These do not preclude former Governor Ibro and Wada from this systematic way of annihilation of our people.
What shall it profit a man if he gained the whole world and loses his soul? The profit they all acquired is all vanity upon vanity. Yes I know the ordinary Kogites have suffered in the hands of these looters and they continued to agonize because the Federal Government decided to close their eyes as if they do not know what is happening.
My question to President Buhari is, when are you going to voice out to come out of your box to actually speak the truth? Ajaokuta has been abandoned for decades just because it is in Ebira land. President Buhari, despite the fact that I had blamed you in the past for halting Ajaokuta’s progress when you cut short the leadership of Alhaji Shehu Sagari, yet I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you are looking at the bigger picture for Nigerians thinking if you had had enough time then you probably could have commence the realization of Ajaokuta.
Let us dive into the meat and potatoes of issues Mr. President. You knew late Audu was a criminal you kept quiet. You knew that other ethnic group of Kogi States were relegated you kept quiet. You knew that the Primary election that was held in Kogi State in which Audu emerged as a winner he did not follow the protocol of resigning from his position he held in the party that by law he was supposed to resign yet the big guns Tinubu sheltered him. You knew that after his dead that the INEC made a report that result of the election was inconclusive because of Audu’s death. If Audu was alive and he was sworn in before his untimely dead, the deputy Governor that was handpicked by Tinubu should have been the Governor. You also knew that by virtue of constitution regardless about its clarity the next person who supposed to take over from him should have been Alhaji Yahaya Bello since he emerged the second in the race of the primary election. Yet you continued to stay mute about these injustices that continued to devour the entire State of Kogi.
Mr. President I urge you to use your good office to speak out for the voices of voiceless that I knew you in the past to be a strong advocate for. Where is President Buhari of former North Eastern State? Where is the voice of the President that wants justice for Umaru Dikko back in the 80s? Where is the voice of President Buhari who declared war against indiscipline? Where is the voice of President when I visited home in 1985 Nigeria look like small London? The reason why I am asking all of these questions are simple, you could not have been the same Buhari I knew all my life. For injustices to continue under your nose without voicing out to allow the rule of law to take place is mind bothering to me.
In my final analysis, Mr. President you should be fair to all Nigerians whether it is politically correct or not. Remember your stewardess was what had made Nigerians all over the globe to clamor all around you in your last election. I therefore, urge you to use your good office to fight what is for the Ebiras and Okuns in a State of anarchy. I am a proud Nigerian despite the fact that I left the Nation for more than three decades of my life. I love Kogi State and its people and I love Nigeria as long as I am alive. Again, you can take someone out of Nigeria but you cannot take Nigeria out of them. Long Live Ebiraland! Long Live Nigeria at large!!
Politics / Re: Troops Hit Boko Haram Fighters Preparing Meal, Advance To Sambisa [PHOTOS] by babymi2(f): 2:04pm On Nov 15, 2015
Lets hope Buhari doesn't re-arm them before the army takes control of Sambisa.
You're very stupi..d for dat statement. Idi..ot son of a Lazy man.
TV/Movies / Lovers Of Zee World Destiny Indian Drama New Soap Opera....let Discuss by babymi2(f): 4:44pm On Aug 18, 2015
DESTINY (Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann) is the story of a Gujarati family that depicts the mindset of most of the middle and upper middle-class families of the society. It shows the psychology of individuals who still believe that society can be run and governed by men only.
Suryakant Garodia is also one of these. He is a known, respected businessman whose family since past four generations is into the business of making traditional Gujarati bandhanis. Because of this, he is one of the most respected and richest individuals of the area. For him, it's just not business but matter of pride.
But what worries Suryakant most is that will this honor and family business end with him? Will there be no one else from his next generation who will follow this decades old family pride and business?
After giving birth to three daughters, his wife Savitri once again is expecting a child and Suryakant this time is very hopeful of having a son. In fact, his family pandit has predicted that this time there are no chances of anything going wrong.
Finally the day comes. It's Diwali. All are hoping that this Diwali will mark the entry of the heir to their family. Suryakant's mother, too, is very hopeful and pressure is building up on Savitri. However, finally as Savitri gives birth to a baby girl, all dreams, expectations and hopes are shattered for one more time.
The newly born baby girl is named as Laxmi and is not welcomed by anyone in the family except her mother and sisters.
Inspite of Suryakant's strong desire to have a son he is a doting father and fulfills all responsibilities towards his daughters. However, being a man of orthodox thoughts he thinks that 'ladkiyaan toh paraya dhan hotee hain' and will have to move on some day. Things become more complicated when doctors declare that because of some biological problems Savitri will never be able to conceive in future.
His family's pandit suggests that he still has a 'putra-yog' and very soon will be blessed with it. However, he recommends something drastic to be done.
As expected, worst hits the family, especially Savitri when, one fine day, Suryakant walks in the house with Menka, his second wife. Savitri is shocked and helpless. Suryakant's mother as well as sisters support Suryakant's act. Savitri is helpless and accepts Menka in her life and family.
 Menka, after few days gets pregnant and on the next Diwali, much to the family's delight, delivers a son, Yuvraj.
Suryakant's life changes as he is now the happiest man on earth. Menka becomes dominant in the house and Savitri and her daughters are pulled down. Suryakant and his family, least bothered about the existence of his first wife and four daughters, are happy in their new world with Menka and Yuvraj.
It is under these circumstances that the children grow up under the same roof… a brother whose every wish becomes the command at home and his four elder sisters whose every wish is sidelined and sacrificed.
While the elder three sisters are too afraid of their father to raise their voice against this blatant injustice, it is Lakshmi, the effervescent, bubbly and youngest of the lot, who stands up for herself and her sisters… in fact, for all daughters and women and stake claim to their rightful place in their family, society and the world!

Politics / Re: PDP Raises Alarm Over Fresh Plot To Remove Fayose; Begs Buhari To Intervene by babymi2(f): 5:57pm On Jun 01, 2015
Oshokomole of SW will not fall
D present day "awolowo" of d yorubaland

please don't compare that thug with Pa Owolowo again.
Career / Re: What FCMB Contract Staff Said On Reading UBA Contract Staff Complaints by babymi2(f): 8:47am On May 20, 2015
you guys shouldn't get it twisted contract staffs in FCMB is 2 different types. there's DSA Consumer and DSA BBG. DSA consumer earned minimum of 30k and maximum of 60k that's basic most of them earned commission as high as 200k and above on monthly basis

while BBG DSA earned 35k minimum and 65k maximum basic and some of them earned as high as 200k and above as commission on monthly basis too.
Crime / Shina Rambo: Lagos Terror Kingpin Who Specialised In Car-snatching by babymi2(f): 5:28pm On May 11, 2015
Shina Rambo: Lagos terror kingpin who specialised in car-snatching
By Our Reporter on June 8, 2014 Saturday People
sun 468 x 60

In terms of crime and criminality, the name Shina Rambo rings a bell. He was the kingpin of a notorious armed robbery syndicate that specialized in car snatching in Lagos in the early 1990s. Vicious and invincible, he could snatch as many as 50 cars in an operation. In the end, when the long arms of the law caught up with him, he turned his Shina blamed his parents for their alleged neglect. Hear his self confession: “Lackadaisical attitude of my parents in taking adequate care of my needs when l was growing up forced me into crime.

My father was a military man who married virtually everywhere he was posted to in his career. This gave him the opportunity to have many wives. One of the early memories l will never forget in my life was how he cut me with a cutlass. The moment a child lacks parental care, love and attention, such a child is being prepared for crime. In my own case, it was a combination of many factors. Lack of family care and the loss I recorded in my business when my goods were confiscated are part of the reasons that led me into crime.”

His mystical power

Rambo shared some common characteristics with the likes of Anini, another infamous armed robber who shook the country and took security operatives to task for years while he unleashed terror on innocent citizens. By horrible coincidence, they both hailed from Edo State. Although Rambo later claimed paternal links to Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, he grew up in Sanbongida-Ora in Edo State, his mother’s place of birth. He also confessed that they both caught their teeth under the same master. “When we were in Edo, we had our godfather who was always there for us anytime we went on operation. We sprung up from one source,” he said.

Knowing the danger of the delicate trade he had ventured into, the first thing Rambo did before he took a bold plunge into the world of crime was to fortify himself spiritually with the necessary charms. Giving a startling revelation of how he held down the country, he said: “I got power from the world of the devil, and l followed it to a logical conclusion. In the world of devil, the police or other security agents have nothing to do with us. There are certain things which an armed robber should have. The first is what you call Afoola.

We used many human beings to do this native medicine, including a foetus in his mother’s womb. The second is Ikiya (boldness). This will give you the audacity and effrontery to do anything at any time no matter how dangerous the venture is. The third one is that anybody who wants to venture into high level robbery must be ready to squeeze water from his eyes and use it for a powerful medicine so that nothing will make him cry no matter how devastating or big a calamity may be. I acquired my power from the various demons. I went as far as Ogoja to seek water power. All leaders of the world who are actually looking for power used to go inside water to ask for power.”

With all these combined, he said, he was able to overcome fears and assume different shapes and sizes depending on the changing circumstances. “I have magical power that allows me to look differently in eight places. The nine herbalists that did these for me were killed so that they won’t be alive to reveal the secret behind the power to any mortal. I was also at a place called Fiditi in Oyo State. Lawyers do go there too to look for power.

Beyond that, I joined the most powerful cults to get power. In the process of initiation, l was buried alive for seven days in the burial ground and my soul was kept in a small coffin. After the seventh day, l became powerful and more dangerous. Nobody could handle me. There was a time l was taken to a burial place with 15 human heads to consult with the spirit. Thereafter, I became so fortified that no bullet could enter my body. When I receive bullet, it will just be like pure water,” Rambo further revealed.

How he terrorized Lagos

The fear of Shina Rambo was the beginning of wisdom. Unlike most robbers, the notorious Rambo gang operated in the broad daylight without any fear or apprehension. The more the police tried to track down the syndicate, the more elusive it became. Because of its vicious nature, it could snatch up to 50 cars in a single operation. And most of these were taken across the border to Benin Republic for easy disposal. He attributed his bold disposition to his superior five power as well as a rich deposit of magical power in himself.

“I carried out my operation in the daytime because I knew that nobody dared challenge me. Even my wife never knew that I was an armed robber because we were always together throughout the night and I never for once left her side. The kind of weapon I used could be likened to the one used by Sylvester Stallone in the film, ‘First Blood’. This gun is capable of firing many rounds of bullets at a time. Besides, “I used three different masks to disguise and deceive security agencies. Some time, I looked like an albino and at some other time I appeared in two colours,” he said.

In a rare display of guts, Rambo was said to have taken a convoy of stolen vehicles from Nigeria to the Republic of Benin unchallenged by men of the Nigeria Police Force because of the superior arms and ammunition he had in his possession.
Another armed robbery kingpin of his era, Olusegun Kokumo Adaralese Raji known as Okuta, who also terrorized the country for about 20 years, gave a more vivid account of how he met Rambo at Cotonou in the course of their car snatching business and how the deal went.

“There was a man in the Benin Republic called Jibiti. He was a dealer in stolen cars. It was there we started fraternizing as we constantly met whenever we came to dispose of the vehicles we snatched. People called the man Jibiti because of ridiculous amount he always offered for stolen vehicles. When you take stolen cars to him to buy, he would inspect them one after the other.

Most times, he would tap their bodies and then insist that they were accident cars and then offer a ridiculously low amount for the merchandise. He could offer N100, 000 for a car of about N2 million. Even at that, he wouldn’t pay at once. He might give N30,000 and ask you to come back for it later.

In most cases, that is the end. It became so bad that all the gangs in Lagos started going for cash. That was why car snatching was not all that rampart around 1992 up till 1995. There were only seven gangs operating in the whole of Lagos then. I mean serious armed robbers and we knew one another. Shina Rambo was one of us,” he explained.

His arrest and born-again toga

Rambo took the police to task for years before he was eventually nabbed. Part of the reasons he literally had a field day while he unleashed terror on Lagos was alleged police complicity in crime. “Normally, we and the police are supposed to be enemies, but unfortunately many of them are our friends. There are some policemen who are saboteurs; they love money more than the job. Such police officers are moles in the force because they sell vital information to robbers and most of the time turned their backs when their “friends” are on the road. Although not all police are bad, but there are some moles among them that are spoiling their good work. These few ones know the real robbers and most of the time assist them (robbers) to achieve their deadly mission,” Rambo confessed.

There are different accounts of his arrest. One version of his story says he voluntarily submitted himself to the police, another account reports that he was nabbed by the operatives. These are two sides of the same coin. But in the end, he was sentenced to prison where he had spent no fewer than eleven years before ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo granted him pardon.

While serving his jail term, he claimed to have had an encounter with the late Prophet T.O Obadare and became a born again Christian during one of his visits to the inmates. He has since put on the toga of an evangelist.

He has taken it upon himself to rid Lagos Island of criminals through his soul winning ministry. Narrating his experience of the encounter, he said: “It was a miracle l did not expect. I met Christ through Prophet T. O. Obadare.

I made myself available to the police and l had to bear all the detention agonies l faced for about 11 years. A lot of Christian brothers rallied round me convincing me to give my life to Christ. Then, Papa Obadare came to me in the prison and told me that though l was expecting death, God would remove death from my neck, if I was ready to surrender everything to Him. In my own thinking, l thought all was over with all the atrocities l had committed. But God showed me mercy and gave me the second chance. So, when l slept, l saw the yoke and burden removed from my neck and l regained freedom from the bondage of Satan and a new cloth was given to me. By the time l woke up, l was talking in tongues. From that encounter, for the first time in my life that my soul would calm down, l learnt how to pray. I stopped taking cocaine and Indian hemp. Everything about me became new.”

Unresolved puzzles about Rambo

There are still some unresolved puzzles about the exact story of Rambo’s arrest and his born again toga. Okuta, one of his close associates in the world of crime, disputed the story of his self submission and insisted that he (Rambo) was killed in 1993 by policemen from Pedro Police Station. Giving his own account, he said, “He (Shina Rambo) was killed in 1993 by policemen from Pedro Police Station. But the policemen who killed him never knew that it was Shina Rambo they killed. He was on his way to Lanrewaju Motors to buy a Pathfinder SUV when he was apprehended by the police at Ojota New Garage Long Bridge.

There was a police check point there in those days. Rambo was not the one driving. When the police stopped them, they discovered a lot of money in a cartoon in the trunk of the Datsun car. When they started questioning him over the possession of such a huge amount, an argument ensued and he attempted to disarm one of the policemen. In the ensuing encounter, one of the policemen at the other side of the road shot him down.

They were able to get him because he was not with his charms. He was free of charms since he was not going for operation. As this was going on, the driver of the vehicle jumped inside the canal trying to escape. The police later recovered his body and took him away in their vehicle. They later dumped the corpse in the canal when it was dark.”

Okuta further vowed to challenge the man parading himself as an evangelist using the name of Rambo. His said: “Don’t mind him. He is a fake man. Let us meet face to face. There are a few questions I will like to ask him. When I heard in a particular year that a man snatching cars around Cotonou was arrested and that he was Shina Rambo, I told the people around me then that he was not Shina Rambo. Not that I just encountered Shina Rambo. He was a friend. His real name was Ayinla. He was from Ile Pako compound, Oke Koto. His mother was a fishmonger known as Iya Ayinla. She was from Abeokuta. We never operated together but he was my friend. Rambo was heavily fortified by his mother. It is confirmed that Shina Rambo was killed.

According to him, there are some people making cane chairs at the spot where Rambo was gunned down, adding that it was those people who perceived the stench of the decomposing bodies of Rambo and his driver that came to report to the police. “Incidentally, they came to the same Pedro Police Station where those policemen who killed him came from. While they were reporting their experience, those in the cell overheard them and retorted, “It was Shina Rambo’s body that you dumped there that is smelling.”

He explained that when Rambo’s partner escaped, he told the garage boys what happened. A fight later broke out in the garage and some of the boys were arrested. According to him, it was those arrested and put in the cell that responded to the police when the people making cane chairs came there to complain. Those policemen were later detained. “I still insist that the one parading himself around as Shina Rambo is a counterfeit. The police authorities were irked by their not knowing that Shina Rambo was the one killed.”

Politics / Re: Anini The Law!! The Reign Of An Armed Robber by babymi2(f): 12:45pm On May 11, 2015
we have many Anini in government yet people see nothing wrong with them to be hang..... fail government
Politics / Re: Anini The Law!! The Reign Of An Armed Robber by babymi2(f): 10:05pm On May 08, 2015
Seun front page oooooo
Politics / Anini The Law!! The Reign Of An Armed Robber by babymi2(f): 6:32pm On May 08, 2015
Anini The Law!! The Reign Of An Armed Robber
By Prince Adeola Bobade.

Lawrence Nomanyag­bon Anini, Nigeria’s most notorious armed robber, was born some­time in 1960. He terrorised the old Bendel State, especially its capital, Benin City in the 1980s. By 1986, his robbery exploits had reached such a terrible level that it became a national issue. He op­erated along with his lieutenant, Monday Osunbor, and others. However, one striking feature in the Anini reign of terror was police complicity. It was soon dis­covered that the Anini gang had insiders within the Police hierar­chy. George Iyamu, a Deputy Su­perintendent of Police, was their arrowhead.

Anini, dreadfully called ‘The Law’ or ‘Ovbigbo’, was born in a village about 20 miles from Be­nin City. He migrated to Benin at an early age, learned to drive and became a skilled taxi driver within a few years. He became known in Benin motor parks as a man who could control the var­ied competing interests among motor park touts and operators. He later took to criminal acts in the city and soon became a driver and transporter for gangs, criminal godfathers and thieves. Soon after, he decided to create his own gang. They started out as car hijackers, bus robbers and bank thieves. Gradually, he ex­tended his criminal acts to other towns and cities far north and east of Benin.

The complicity of the police is believed to have enhanced Anini’s reign of terror in 1986. Early that year, two members of his gang were prosecuted over an earlier under-the-table ‘agree­ment’ with the Police to destroy evidence against the gang mem­bers. The incident, and Anini’s view of Police betrayal, is be­lieved to have spurred retaliatory actions by Anini. In August, 1986, a bank robbery linked to Anini was reported in which a police of­ficer and others were killed. That same month, two officers on duty were shot at a barricade while trying to stop Anini’s car. During a span of three months, he was known to have killed nine police officers.

In an operation in August of 1986, the Anini team struck at First Bank, Sabongida-Ora, where they carted away N2, 000. But although the amount sto­len was seen as chicken feed, they left the scene with a trail of blood. Many persons were killed.
On September 6, same year, the Anini gang snatched a Peu­geot 504 car from Albert Otoe, the driver of an Assistant Inspector General of Police, Christopher Omeben. In snatching the car, they killed the driver and went to hide his corpse somewhere. It was not until three months later that the skeleton of the driver was spotted 16 kilometers away from Benin, along the Benin-Ag­bor highway. A day after this at­tack, Anini, operating in a Passat car believed to have been stolen, also effected the snatching of another Peugeot 504 car near the former FEDECO office, in Benin.

Two days after, Anini’s men killed two policemen in Orhio­won Local Government of the state. Still in that month, three different robbery attacks, all pointing to Anini’s involvement, took place. They include the murder of Frank Unoarumi, a former employee of the Nigerian Observer newspapers; the killing of Mrs. Remi Sobanjo, a char­tered accountant, and the steal­ing of the Mercedes Benz car in Benin, of the Ughelli monarch, the Ovie.

Before September 1986 drew to a close, Anini, now an elusive dread, struck at a gas station along Wire Road, Benin, where he stole a substantial part of the day’s sales. He shot the Station’s attendant and gleefully started spraying his booty along the road for people to pick.

The height of Anini’s exploits, however, took place on October 1, 1986, the Independence Day when the state’s Commissioner of Police, Casmir Igbokwe was ambushed by the gang in Benin, followed by a hail of bullets. The police boss survived the attack with serious injuries. Earlier that day also, the Anini men had gunned down a police man with­in the city
Also, on October 21 of same year, the Anini gang terminated the life of a Benin-based medi­cal doctor, A.O Emojeve. They gunned him down along Textile Mill Road, in Benin. Not done, Anini and his gang went and robbed the Agbor branch of the African Continental Bank and carted away about N46, 000. A day after the operation, Anini, The Law, turned to a ‘Father Christmas’ as he threw wads of naira on the ground for market men and women to pick at a vil­lage near Benin.

Anini’s image thus loomed larger than life, dwarfing those of Ishola Oyenusi, the king of robbers in the 1970s and Youpelle Dakuro, the army deserter who masterminded the most vicious daylight robbery in Lagos in 1978, in which two policemen were killed. Anini spear-headed a four-month reign of terror between August and December 1986. He also reportedly wrote numerous letters to media hous­es using political tones of Robin Hood to describe his criminal acts.

Worried by the seeming elu­siveness of Anini and his gang members, the military Presi­dent, General Ibrahim Baban­gida then ordered a massive manhunt for the kingpin and his fellow robbers. The police thus went after them; combed every part of Bendel State where they were reportedly operating and living. The whole nation was gripped with fear of the robbers and their daredevil exploits.

However, Police manhunt failed to stop their activities; the more they were hunted, the more intensified their activities became. Some of the locals in the area even began to tell stories of their invincibility and for a while, it felt like they were never going to be caught.

However, at the conclusion of a meeting of the Armed Forces Ruling Council in October 1986, General Babangida turned to the Inspector- General of Police, Etim Inyang, and asked, ‘My friend, where is Anini?’. At about this time, Nigerian newspapers and journals were also publish­ing various reports and editori­als on the ‘Anini Challenge’, the ‘Anini Saga’, the ‘Anini Factor’, ‘Lawrence Anini – the Man, the Myth’, ‘Anini, Jack the Ripper’, and ‘Lawrence Anini: A Robin Hood in Bendel’. The Guardian asked, emphatically, in one of its reports: ‘Will they ever find Ani­ni, “The Law”?’

His arrest

Finally, it took the courage of Superintendent of Police, Kayode Uanreroro to bring the Anini reign of terror to an end. On December 3, 1986, Uanreroro caught Anini at No 26, Oyem­wosa Street, opposite Iguodala Primary School, Benin City, in company with six women. Acting on a tip-off from the locals, the policeman went straight to the house where Anini was hiding and apprehended him with very little resistance. Uanreroro led a crack 10-man team to the house, knocked on the door of the room, and Anini himself, clad in under­pants, opened the door. “Where is Anini,” the police officer quickly enquired. Dazed as he was caught off guard and having no escape route, Anini all the same tried to be smart. “Oh, Anini is under the bed in the inner room”. As he said it, he made some moves to walk past Uanreroro and his team. In the process, he shoved and head-butted the police officer but it was an exercise in futility.

Uanreroro promptly reached for his gun, stepped hard on An­ini’s right toes and shot at his left ankle. Anini surged forward but the policemen took hold of him and put him in a sitting position. They then pumped more bullets into his shot leg and almost sev­ered the ankle from his entire leg. Already, anguished by the ex­cruciating pains, the policemen asked him, “Are you Anini?” And he replied, “My brother, I won’t deceive you; I won’t tell you lie, I’m Anini.” He was from there taken to the police command headquarters where the state’s Police Commissioner, Parry Osayande, was waiting. While in the police net, Anini who had poor command of English and could only communicate in pid­gin, made a whole lot of revela­tions. He disclosed, for instance that Osunbor, who had been ar­rested earlier, was his deputy, saying that Osunbor actually shot and wounded the former po­lice boss of the state, Akagbosu

Anini was shot in the leg, transferred to a military hospi­tal, and had one of his legs am­putated. When Anini’s hideout was searched, police recovered assorted charms, including the one he usually wore around his waist during “operations”. It was instructive that after Anini was captured and dispossessed of his charms, the man who terror­ized a whole state and who was supposed to be fearless suddenly became remorseful, making con­fessions. This was against public expectation of a daredevil hood­lum who would remain defiant to the very end.

Shortly after the arrest of Anini and co, the dare-devil rob­bers began to revealthe roles played by key police officers and men, in the aiding and abetting of criminals in Bendel State and the entire country. Anini particu­larly revealed that Iyamu, who was the most senior police offi­cer shielding the robbers, would reveal police secrets to them and then, give them logistical sup­ports such as arms, to carry out robbery operations. He further revealed that Iyamu, after each operation, would join them in sharing the loot. It was further exposed how Iyamu planned to kill Christopher Omeben, an As­sistant Inspector-General of Po­lice in charge of Intelligence and Investigation. But Iyamu was later to be disappointed as the assailants dispatched to elimi­nate Omeben were only able to kill his driver, Otue, a sergeant. Iyamu, whom the robbers fondly referred to as ‘Baba’, reportedly had choice buildings in Benin City; proof of how he invested the loot he obtained from men of the underworld.
Due to the amputation of his leg, Anini was confined to a wheelchair throughout his trial. Iyamu, on his part, denied ever knowing and collaborating with Anini, but Anini The Law furi­ously retorted, “You are a shame­less liar!” Anini had accused him before Justice James Omo-Agege in the High Court of Justice in Benin City. Of the 10 police offi­cers Anini implicated, five were convicted. The robbery suspects, including Iyamu, were sentenced to death. But in passing his judgement, Justice Omo-Agege remarked, “Anini will forever be remembered in the history of crime in this country, but it would be of unblessed memory. Few people if ever, would give the name to their children.” Their execution took place on March 29, 1987.

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