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Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Bakersfield: 12:00pm On Mar 18, 2019

You have been married for 27 years and you could not understant these;

1) that the wife told him about these 'exes'

2) that she took permission from him b4 going to meet them; and all you could conclude is that she's fucking those exes of her's? I don't understand you pls.

What an old man would see sitting on the ground floor, try and go to height of the building. The fact is that you can't DECIPHER IT.

I don't really comment on this forum because most times people lack COGNITIVE INTELLIGENCE to handle tropical and delicate marital issues.

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth ~ The Guardian.

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Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Bakersfield: 10:46am On Mar 18, 2019
I got married to my wife in 2017 and we have been living together since, we have a child together but there is this problem with her anytime it has to do with any of her EX. i will cite some of what happened .

She wanted to organise a programme at a time and the person she could think of is one of her ex who happens to be a media guy, i told her point blank that i dont want her to go met the guy but she explained to me how the guy will be of help to her in the programme she is planning, i let her be cos i dont want to be seen as someone throwing spanners in the wheel of her progress, i supported her and the programme was a success.

Another instance was when her mother died, and they were planning the burial ceremony with her brothers...my wife got home and told me that she told her brothers that she will talk to a musician to come play at the ceremony and the said musician happens to be another ex of hers. i told her right there that am not comfortable with it at all how could ur ex come to sing at her mums burial and i will be there dancing to his tunes?...after so much back and forth , i told her i will only attend the church service and i or any of my people will not come for the party, that was when she made last minute changes and went to book another musician.

The last straw that broke the carmels back was yesterday....I and her have been having some issues of late and we talked over it infact we are just coming out of the tensions....then yesterday morning around 8am she told me that another ex of hers called her overnight and told her that his mum just passed away and he could not think of anyone to call but her cos he is so broken, she said she had sent her condolences already but that she will like to go greet the guy and his siblings cos they are in their fathers house [ the guy is still single ooo although they broke up in 2013] and that she will be able to know about the burial arrangements so she can plan on attending the burial..so she asked me for permission if she could go and pay them a visit yesterday..... Normally i wld not have allowed her but i thought what is she didnt tell me and went there and secondly cos of the tension we just went through and i dont want another tension to build again , i told her i will only allow her to either go greet them yesterday or she goes for the burial ...I told her i will only allow her to choose one . She then asked me in strong tone why i didnt wnat her to attend the burial.....At that point i left the room cos i was not ready for another round of arguments.

She did not say anything again until afternoon, i went to my living room and asked her if she is no more going on the visit again she said she already taken her bath and she will go n prepare now ....she entered the room and started dressing up, i went to meet her in the room and i told her that i allowed her to go cos i already gave her the permission but henceforth i will not allow such again ...Told her she is not the only person with exes , i dont allow issues of any of my own ex brew tension in my marriage , i told her i have an ex whose fathers house is just like 5 mins drive from inside the estate we live and when the man died my ex called me ..all i did was send her my condolence over the phone and i explained that i cant come for the burial cos i have a wife at home whose feelings i respect and that it ends there AT that point my wife flared up to the high heavens .....she started ranting that why am i caging her that i should give her reasons why she should not go that am just so obsessed with her am immmature, insecure and bla bla bla. I told her if loving my wife and protecting the dignity and integrity of my family for obsession then she is totally wrong. She said other men will not have any problem with it that why am i making an issue out of the situation, i explained to her that am not other men , What Mr A is comfortable with may not be so with Mr B cos we all have our individual differences .....One problem my wife have is she does not see reasons why i shld not accept what she seems right to her . I then told her to call any of her elder brother and explain this situation to him if he can allow such ....

This is a woman i never restricted her movements ....i only restricted her twice and they are both on health grounds...When she left i did what i have never done before [ i have never reported her to anybody either my family or hers no matter what happens i find a way we can solve it]...i called her very close friend and explained everything to her, the lady was surprised and she promised to talk to her....I also tried to call her elder brother who is a pastor but his phone is switched off and i have not been able to get through to him .When my wife came back
she did not even greet meat all , she came to take our baby from me which i refused her, she went straight into her room, i later went into the room to lay our baby and i went into the guest room to sleep cos am so much in anger and i dont want the neighbors to hear any noise from my flat.

please i need sincere and honest opinion from married people on here ....i want to know if am at fault and secondly what next step should i take

My brother I have been in this business called marriage for the last 27 years now. I'm lucky I married my best friend and soul mate. She is from the south east and I'm from the south west of Nigeria. I know some of the hidden secrets of successful, unsecured and unsuccessful marriages.

No long story. Let me tell you the NAKED TRUTH.
YOUR WIFE IS A NYMPHO AND SHE IS BLEEPING HEAVILY WITH HER EX's. Maybe your CUCUMBER is not doing the job as expected and she resolved to help herself outside. Please try to do reappraisal of your sexual performance. Maybe you are lacking in some areas of her needs and the EX's are filling the gap for you.

You need to sit down and sort out issues holistically. No holds bar discussion.

From your submission, she has all the traits of INFIDELITY. Adjust and follow the trails. Good luck.

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Career / Re: Help! My Boss Is Taking Credit For My Work by Bakersfield: 7:54pm On Nov 28, 2018
Google the 48 laws of power. Read the summary and digest. I don't comment on nairaland.com, but you need elderly wisdom and guidance. Take your time and make decision. My 2kobo for you.
Career / Re: Help! My Boss Is Taking Credit For My Work by Bakersfield: 7:50pm On Nov 28, 2018
Take your time to read 48 laws of power. Pinpoint the first law. My two cents /kobo for you.
Pets / Re: German Shepherd, Rottweiler And Boerboel Which Is Better Attack Dog? by Bakersfield: 6:27pm On Dec 08, 2017
Rottweiler will do the job for you. Rott is genetically an attack dog. No mercy especially the female Rott. But this is the caveat, it's not a family dog to play around with. Rott is ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

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Politics / Re: Senate To Probe Ibe Kachikwu's Letter To Buhari Over NNPC Boss, Baru by Bakersfield: 3:43pm On Oct 04, 2017
PMB,I supported your campaign vigorously and lost some friends through argumentative quarrels over you.I feel so ashamed seeing those friends these days for the simple fact that you dashed my hopes and that of many more Nigerians.The level of nepotism in this government is the worst ever,corruption is no longer walking but running under this regime.I am sure Kachikwu has had enough thus this letter.Fulanis' are in total control.PITY!.

I totally agree with you. I'm from the South West, married to a woman from South East close to 22 years , campaign vigorously to my South South colleagues and friends to support GMB. But my friends are attacking me now for leading them to support this mess. I'm really ashamed now to even utter a word to defend myself when they confront me with facts and figures about the level of corruption in the system.


Phones / Re: Which Browser Is Best For Android Phones? by Bakersfield: 7:47am On Apr 02, 2017
Currently, I'm using Opera mini and UC browser HD, but I'm not satisfied with both.

Can anyone recommend a better browser

Note: Both are not serving me well enough because I register for a lot of things via my phone and sometimes I encounter difficulties during registration processes.

Please, Tech gurus in the house, help a brother

Cc: Lalasticlala

Puffin browser is the best. No rival
Phones / Re: Which Browser Is Best For Android Phones? by Bakersfield: 7:42am On Apr 02, 2017
Puffin Browser is the best. Speed of light, reliable and efficient

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Travel / Re: Man Dies In Accident 3 Days After His Wedding On Their Way Back To Lagos (Pics) by Bakersfield: 10:24am On Jan 08, 2017

Nothing to investigate there, Driver intelligence is needed when driving a vehicle type .the lexus RX is a cross over and due to its height ,size and shape it's weight distribution it's stability at high speeds is greatly compromised , the car make usually compensates for that with automatic stability ,traction control and power distribution to the wheels which is determined by a small on board computer ..Now the problem is most of the RX we have in Nigeria came in used and are so old that the automatic stability function no longer works and still these drivers push these cars as fast as a good sedan only to lose control when any issue that challenges the poor Lance of the car shows up.

Intelligent submission. You simply hit the nail on the right spot. I'm a trained professional driver with over 28,000hrs of driving on West African countries highways. My rule on the job is SAFETY FIRST. Nobody is a perfect driver, but if you follow the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND RULES, getting to your destination is guaranteed. No shortcut. RIP to the victims.

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Phones / Re: Which Browser Is Better Than UC Browser? by Bakersfield: 4:36pm On Oct 05, 2016

Yes. Chrome all the way. It's cleaner, renders webpages better and faster in my opinion. It just gets the job done.

Puffin Browser all the way. The fastest browser in Google Play Store. I have used all the mentioned browsers, but my experience with Puffin is awesome. Speed is Puffin doctrine.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Hillary Clinton Is Democratic Presidential Nominee by Bakersfield: 10:27am On Jul 27, 2016

Trump does not have all the demographic groups he needs to win.

He does not have the black, Hispanic, women,LGBT, other minorities, and you need substantial votes from these groups to win elections.

Also, not all Trump's fellow Republicans love him. Many of them would rather stay home than come out and vote for him.

If Trump wins, he needs votes from the above groupings.

We are on the same page. Most dudes on Nairaland don't really understand the demographic groups in the States.
Let's wait and see what happens in November elections.
I believe the ESTABLISHMENT are in support of Hillary.
One cannot be too sure, but personally I think Hillary will be win in the fall.
My 2kobo.

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Politics / Re: Something Strange Is Happening In The Southwest - Azuka Onwuka by Bakersfield: 11:35am On Jul 19, 2016

It is quite pathetic when I see statements of this sort, it is tantamount to saying we Yorubas, Lagosians in particular are stupid for being accommodating and tolerant.

Keep it up, your utterances will always wreck havoc and agony on you and your people, another cry and severe weeping awaits you when the Lagos State Government descends on you again and decide to demolish those properties you derived joy in just as it happened with the markets we borrow you to sustain your generations and lineage

Haaaaaaaaaa, kilode, eleyi ma ga ooooooooooooooo.
E sanu omo Ibo ke. Awon gan o moba arawon.
Politics / Re: Dele Momodu: "I Don't Care If All Buhari's Appointments Come From Daura" by Bakersfield: 6:54pm On Jul 09, 2016

I read the piece written by Dele and I read the comments made by Nairalanders.
I had to go back to read again if I read write!!
The illiteracy level being shown by Nairalanders is becoming unbearable, pathetic and worrisome!! Makes me SICK!!

Its obvious they never read the articles, they only read the topic and to the people that gave so much likes to those guys that wrote those poo!! You are one of the greatest problem of this Nation.

I'm sick too. The illiteracy level is mind blowing, I can see the end product of mass failure in English language in WASC examination.

Really sad.

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Politics / Re: Dele Momodu: "I Don't Care If All Buhari's Appointments Come From Daura" by Bakersfield: 6:41pm On Jul 09, 2016
Do people on Nairaland read anymore? The height of zombeism is, when you are wired to wail and complain or pass negative comments about every and anything. While I'm not a fan of the man, and may not agree with everything written, he is trying to drive a point home, albeit diplomatically. Shame on you if you can't/don't get the drift.

Spot on. E tire me oooooo for this people who do not understand simple SARCASM.

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Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Vs Mercedes G Wagon, Which Would You Choose? by Bakersfield: 8:38am On Jul 09, 2016
please can someone just give me toyota corolla 2015 and keep the G wagon and Range

My brother we are on thesamthesame line of thought, please don't bother me with G WAGON AND RANGE ROVER.
pPlease just arrange me, TOYOTA AVALON 2015 LIMITED EDITION. SHIKEENA.

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Politics / Re: Falana, Agbakoba: Ikpeazu No Longer Abia Governor by Law by Bakersfield: 4:01pm On Jul 02, 2016

That's where you are getting it wrong. A notice of appeal does not amount to stay of execution. And INEC did say that they were only served with a notice of appeal and not stay of execution. Also, whatever injunction Ikpeazu got from the state high court is not binding on the judgement of the federal high court because they are correspondent. So what you can do is to urge Ikpeazu to prove INEC wrong and display a copy of the stay of execution from an appeal court (not a high court) that he served INEC, otherwise he's an arsenal fan, I mean a goner.

This is the most logical and intelligent submission. It's plain and simple. I'm not a lawyer or from South East,but
Agbakoba and Falana both SAN have spoken.

The level of thinking of people on nairaland.com beats my imagination. It stinks, full of bias with nepotism.

When a sitting Governor hire CHARGE AND BAIL LAWYERS, this is the result expected.

Inec confirmed that they received only NOTICE OF APPEAL NOT STAY OF EXECUTION from Governor Ikpeazu legal team, and Ogah smartly capitalised on it.
This is not rocket science but political gerrymandering and ability to outsmart your political opponents.

My 2kobo.


Car Talk / Re: Dilemma Issue Please Assit My People Camry/ Corolla 2005 by Bakersfield: 11:08am On Jun 26, 2016
Good morning Nairalanders,
I intend getting a car next month and the 2 cars on my list are toyota corolla 2005 model or camry big daddy/ big for nothing. 2005 both v4 engines. I having decision issues on which i should go for and why i should go for any of them. Please kindly assist with detailed info. Thanks.

I just discussed with a colleague who is an auto engineer, he advised you should not compromise or have a second thought, GO FOR TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 MODEL, and your life will be full of joy for taking the right decision.

Toyota corolla 2005 model :

Fuel economy

Engine and gear system not problematic like big daddy

Smooth to drive

Reliable for long haul journey

Spare parts available anytime, anywhere in Nigeria

My candid opinion. Have a nice day.

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Car Talk / Re: Dilemma Issue Please Assit My People Camry/ Corolla 2005 by Bakersfield: 10:49am On Jun 26, 2016
Good morning Nairalanders,
I intend getting a car next month and the 2 cars on my list are toyota corolla 2005 model or camry big daddy/ big for nothing. 2005 both v4 engines. I having decision issues on which i should go for and why i should go for any of them. Please kindly assist with detailed info. Thanks.

From experience as a Toyota camry owner, please go for 2005 Corolla, you will not regret that decision. Camry big daddy has its good side and bad side. But on overall rating between the two, Corolla comes first in all. My 2kobo for you.

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Politics / Re: AMCON To Takeover Ben Murray-Bruce Companies by Bakersfield: 9:53am On Jun 23, 2016
The lawlessness of PmB is nauseating to any sane person. PmB first assignment is to uphold the Constitution. , which urges him to uphold the law...
Is it not a court that will determine the case of property seizure? Until a court of law says so AmCOn cannot take it over ...
am very ashamed of this sort of impunity ....
it is ridiculous to say the least

You run away from the FACTS and FIGURES, and start preaching sentiments. Is BMB not owing Union Bank up to 11b naira of shareholders and depositors fund?
I'm sorry to say that your thoughts and submission stinks. Haba

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Family / Re: My Wife Left Me, I Feel A Bit Suicidal by Bakersfield: 8:36am On Jun 06, 2016
Dear Bunmi,

My wife and I had been married for 12 years when she left me for a man she’d been having an affair with. I’m heart-broken and have begged her not to leave me, but she refused to be talked out of her decision. Our only child, who is 11 years old, lives with me. Do you have any suggestion of where I should go from here? I feel a bit suicidal.

SOURCE: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/06/my-wife-left-me-i-feel-a-bit-suicidal/

I feel your pains and agony, but life is too short to allow yourself bugged down with your wife exit.
Please be strong. Move on and let positive thinking be your watchword.
There are millions of honest ladies out there, I will advise to go out and explore. The Lord is your strength.
Autos / Re: Help To Choose, Nissan Primera 1998 Model OR Golf 3 by Bakersfield: 8:13am On Mar 30, 2016
Expecting more diverse opinion.
Autos / Re: Help To Choose, Nissan Primera 1998 Model OR Golf 3 by Bakersfield: 8:12am On Mar 30, 2016
Golf 3 all d way. Even if its auto. I used my 1.8engine auto version 4 2.5yrs b4 selling her. I regret selling that baby. She never let me down. I onced had an accident, bumped into a very deep ditch at nite that hit my auto gearbox directly. It shattered d metal plate protecting it and my tranny oil all leaked out. Managed to drive home. With d whole story of "stay away from golf 3 auto" i concluded i certainly wld be buying a new gearbox. My mechanic even told me same d next day to plan 4 it. He tossed down d gearbox, glued back 1 cracked plastic plate at d bottom of d gearbox that looked like a filter. When we test drove it, only 1 and 2 shifted. I drove it that way 4 24hrs. D next day i read on d internet how to reset d brainbox, tried it, took my car 4 a spin on a lonely road, d gearbox reset em sef instanta, then i replaced d metal protector coz it was bent beyond repair. I did East Lagos severally (in 6hrs at 140km/h) after that with d car, ssame gearbox. I loved her acceleration.

Good submission.Thanks
Autos / Re: Help To Choose, Nissan Primera 1998 Model OR Golf 3 by Bakersfield: 5:58am On Mar 29, 2016
Thanks for your kind submission.
golf 3 all the way.
talking frm experience
it has 2nd hand value ... IE if u wish to resell it after u r tired or bored of it....
it is so so vry rugged IE vry good for this our economic situation...
fuel consumption is minimal
cost of maintainance is low as its part is easily available n cheap.... u cud even fabricate it's parts too....
it's so balanced n heavy... ie if u travelling lng distance u dnt need fear heavy duty lorries intimidation as d ride balance well. n cnt easily b blown off d road.....
need I say more?.....
baba mo worry yasef... jus go for golf 3 ... am sure u won't regret it......

Thanks for your kind submission.[color=#770077][/color]

Thanks for your kind submission.

pay for my consultation......
Autos / Re: Help To Choose, Nissan Primera 1998 Model OR Golf 3 by Bakersfield: 5:57am On Mar 29, 2016

Both cars are good and fuel efficient for a hustler but first thing you should consider is the type of tranmission that each of them has. If the they both have manual transmission then go for Golf 3 but if their transmissions are both automatic then kindly go for Primera the maintenance of Primera auto transmission is relatively less cumbersome and the replacement less expensive. Heed this and thank me later

Thanks, really appreciate.
Autos / Help To Choose, Nissan Primera 1998 Model OR Golf 3 by Bakersfield: 7:07pm On Mar 28, 2016
Please help to choose between Nissan Primera 1998 model or Golf 3. Really confused to make a choice between the two cars. Thanks
Car Talk / Re: Cost Of Replacing The Nissan Primera 1998 Model Complete Engine by Bakersfield: 6:52pm On Mar 28, 2016

woiiMI orst case 65-70k. For a very clean one.

Car Talk / Nissan Primera Vs Golf 3 #### Let's Discuss by Bakersfield: 4:36pm On Mar 28, 2016
Good day Nairalanders, let's discuss the merits and demerits of the Nissan Primera 1998 model vs Golf 3 .

Choose one between the above mentioned cars and state the reason why you opt for the choice made.

Looking forward to an interesting and educative discussions.

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Car Talk / Cost Of Replacing The Nissan Primera 1998 Model Complete Engine by Bakersfield: 2:44pm On Mar 28, 2016
Please I want someone in the house to tell me the price of complete toks engine of Nissan Primera 1998 model manual transmission.Thanks
Autos / Re: Reg 01 Toyota Camry For Sale 800k Asking by Bakersfield: 6:47pm On Mar 22, 2016

Fabric interior
Automatic Transmission
Power window, door and seats
AC Working
CD Player
V4 Engine

Contact : zizzo

Phone : 08122098787‎
Whatsapp : 07060575253‎
Pin : 2c0dcfc2‎

Price : 800k asking

Location: chevron

Engine pictures please.That will make prospective buyers to have idea of what they are about to negotiate for.

Please confirm if any issues and your selling price is on the higher side.I think 650k is ok considering the harsh economic situation.
Education / Re: The Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA) 2016/2017 Admission Session by Bakersfield: 2:01pm On Mar 20, 2016
@Raufrukayat u r doing a great job over there,pls I scored 218 in my ume and I choose architecture,plz I need past question on maths english phy chemistry

Email topeseun28@gmail.com
U can also add me on watsapp 07036832411

@Raufrukayat please I scored 197 in my ume to read computer science in cuts.Please send me past post ume questions on maths English,physics and chemistry.

Email abe.adebowale@Gmail.com

Mobile phone. 09034849943

Whatsapp. 08067351505

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