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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: North’s Four-Year Claim After Buhari Can’t Stand – Afenifere by bigfish3k: 9:12am On Jul 22
But what about the Shagari's four years in power that the south did not partake at all.

It was the same north led by buhari that truncated Shagari's regime and short changed the south.
Politics / Re: Petrol Price Will Rise To N1,000 Per Litre When Petrol Subsidy Ends — DPR by bigfish3k: 4:25am On Jul 20
Let it rise and see this country burn.
Nothing will burn

Zombies are on stand by to do the media work while the police and the military are also on stand by to shoot protesters.
MC oluomo is on stand by too to organize thugs that will infiltrate the peaceful protest into a violent one.

The APC legislators are there to make sure that the punishment on Nigerians by this evil government continues by banning electronic voting and transmissions so as to ensure continuous rigging

Tinubu is there playing hide and seek.

Nigeria is between the devil and the deep blue sea

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Romance / Re: 18-Year-Old Boy Buys BMW For His 25-Year-Old Girlfriend As Birthday Gift (Photos by bigfish3k: 9:37pm On Jul 19
The money he picked from Obi cubanas village at oba

I don't know why he is not spending it wisely

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Accuses Kukah Of Falsehood, Slams Him With Biblical Passages by bigfish3k: 7:42pm On Jul 19
Hypocrisy is avoiding facts I stated in 3 quotes I tagged u. Everything is there. Nigeria isn't for 3 tribes but for all. All Northern appointments cut across many tribes in the region unlike others who are seeking for fake unity at the detriment of minorities.
Nigeria is divided into three according to our founding fathers

We had northern premier
Eastern premier and
Western premier

Each of these three countries formed into one have its minorities.
Why are our own minorities not taken care of
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Accuses Kukah Of Falsehood, Slams Him With Biblical Passages by bigfish3k: 5:56pm On Jul 19
NPF top most positions are occupied by Northerners unless if he's going to make ridiculous decision. Speaker and Senate President are not the job of Executives. Now Senate President is from NE because they deserve it in equitable distribution of positions in accordance with larger voting bloc demography. Despite SW having VP still they snatch Speaker position which should be given to other southern region but their political primitiveness of putting all their egg in one basket cost them the seat.
The equitable pattern is:
President- NW
Senate President-NE
Going by the voting bloc NC is the only region that deserve to complain because power isn't given at platter of gold.
During GEJ's administration, Northern had more than abt 16/19 states under PDP as such they earned the positions they got. Ponder well abt the permutation not mere baseless accusations, u ppl have to learn the art of politics and stop this primitive game.
Nothing stops him from making the irrational decisions that PMB has been making by appointing his kinsmen by picking somebody below to retire all others above him as was done when it was the turn of an igbo man in the army and civil defense
And also was done in the police and DSS when it was the turn of of ijaw man in both cases.

You people are hypocrites
Why didn't you analyze this your 16/19 principles when you were accusing Jonathan.

Now that PMB is doing nepotism you are attributing it to 16/19 principles.

Nigeria is a plural society. Your theory of not carrying everybody along will always backfire as you are seeing in it play out in this administration
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Accuses Kukah Of Falsehood, Slams Him With Biblical Passages by bigfish3k: 9:34am On Jul 19
I presented that list to show u how biased GEJ was also when it comes to appointment into sensitive positions. Above are the positions u are all crying abt. GEJ didn't have any Southerner in a position to take IGP office as such he couldn't manipulate the office. There are more than 800 MDAs and more than 2/3 are occupied by Southerners. Pls, read and dnt allow others to read for u!
How can you say GEJ didn't have any southerner to occupy the police IG post.
He could have done like PMB by retiring the seniors so that he can appoint a southerner.

Also remember that Inec chairman is from the same place as PMB. While GEJ never appointed any southerner as Inec chairman.

You forgot that all the three arms of government are headed by Northerners.

In GEJ tenure
GEJ - president - South
VP - northerner
Senate president - northerner
Speaker - northerner
CJN- northerner

Remember that these are the five topmost positions in the country and Northerners are occupying four of it in GEJ tenure.

In PMB tenure
PMB - president - northerner
VP - South
Senate president - northerner
Speaker - South
CJN - North

While in PMB tenure northerners are also leading with three out of five positions.

You can judge for yourself which of the two governments is nepotistic
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Accuses Kukah Of Falsehood, Slams Him With Biblical Passages by bigfish3k: 8:40am On Jul 19

During GEJ's administration Nepotism was not in Nigeria's dictionary.
Below were GEJ's appointment of his kinsmen to some sensitive positions and may be worst than PMB's:
1. SGF: Anyim Pius Anyim.
2. DG, DSS: Ita Ekpenyong.
3. CBN: Sanusi Lamido Sanusi(Replaced with Godwin Emefiele)
4. COS: Mike Oghiadomhe.
5. Acct Gen. Fed: Jonah Ofunia.
6. Chief of Army Staff: Azuibike Ihejirika.
7.NIMET; Anthony Anuforom.
8. NNPC: Andrew Yakubu.
9.NIMASA: Patrick Apobolokemi.
10. PENCOM: Chinelo Amazu.
11. FERMA: Chukwu Amuchi.
12. DPR: George Osahon.
13: BOI: Evelyn Oputu.
14. Nig Content Dev. Agency: Ernest Nwampa.
15: CPA: Dupe Atoki.
16. NCC: Eugene Juwa.
17. NAMA: Nnamdi Udoh.
18: NCAA: Engr Akikuotu.
19.FAAN: George Uriesi.
20. NCAT: Capt Chinere Kali.
21. SEC: Aruma Otteh
22. Sovereign Wealth fund: Uche Orji.
23.NAFDAC: Paul Orhii.
24. FIIRO: Mrs G N Elemo.
25.Maritime Agency: Joshua Ekpo.
26: NRC: Seyi Sijuade.
27.Nig Tourism Dev Corp: Sally Nbanefor
28. Budget Office:
Bright Okogwu.
29. NERDC: Godswill Obioma.
30. NEXIM: R R Oriya.
31. SON: Joseph Odumodu.
32. NBC: Emeka Nkem MBA.
33. ITF: Longmas Wapmuk.
34. NUC: Prof Okojie
35. NESREA: N. S Benebo
36.MDG Office: Precious Gbenro.
37. Surveyor Gen.: Peter Chigozie
38. Statistician : Yemi Kale.
39. Acct Gen Fed: Jonah Otunla.
40. Auditor Gen Fed.: Samuel Yonongo.
41. NOA: Mike Omieri.
42. NAN: Oluremi Oyo.
43. NEPC: David Odelugba.
44. Emeka Eze.
45. IGP Police: Solomon Arase.

1. Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh; 2. Chief of Army Staff, Major General Kenneth Minimah;
3. Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin; and
4. Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshall Adesola Amosu.
These are some of the appointments Jona did when he was in office for good 6yrs and the other tribes never made noises.
Is this the justice ur religion ask u to prevail?
You think you are clever by cherry picking
Check out what you wrote

PMB appointments, you chose national commission for this, national commission for that.
And deliberately omitted the SGF and the other security heads like customs, immigration, prisons, civil defense, army, navy, police, DSS, NIA etc.

You also wrote that PMB's service chiefs are two from the North and two from the south without adding the police.
Hope you know that all police chiefs under PMB are all northerners.
While GEJ's police chiefs were all from the North except for one southerner that used only three months after the 2015 elections.

Please try and be truthful to yourself if you so much love Nigeria
Politics / Re: "Free Nnamdi Kanu" Protest In Geneva, Switzerland - Pictures by bigfish3k: 8:37pm On Jul 18
No one amongst them that's not engage in some sorts of criminality... The west is really trying, giving these people Visa. That's why the white hates them. they most cut corners and engage in immoral behaviors. Laziness, crimes, Drugs and sex. That's all they can offer to humanity.

Now they added terrorism.

One of them Simian descendants spotted below
More shame on you because you can't live without the same people you described above therefore you are below them

Calling people living in a first world country as jobless. Mtchew
What will we now call you that stays in a shithole country


Education / Re: UNIBEN Sets Up Panel To Probe 'Aggressive Malpractice' Video Graduate by bigfish3k: 8:44am On Jul 16
I love this girls truthfulness

I love her sincerity

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Politics / Re: Falana: Northern And Southern Governors Have Banned Open Grazing In Nigeria by bigfish3k: 7:49am On Jul 07
Good for them
But I thought they enjoying the killings and kidnappings
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: A Yoruba Woman In Military Uniform Led Attack On His House - SR by bigfish3k: 9:28pm On Jul 02

of course, self determination is our right.....

you said, went violent this year. By killing the police, army and burning of police stations....i believe you know that their leader order the his followers to kill nigerian security agents? Did the scots do any of that? Even when they were pushed to the wall. The Ipob and Esn were armed. Were they licence to carry arms? Nnamdi kanu approach was too childish , with absolutely no trace of wisdom........this is what lead malcolm x to his early grave. His approach was violent, despite how intelligent he was, he doesnt listen, thinking his decision was always right.....turning deaf ears to his kinsmen......thats the recipe for disaster.

Sunday igboho is going the same direction as nnamdi kanu. Thats why we southwest need to caution him......because the government are looking for the slightest opportunity to nail him to the cross.......
Sunday igbohos protests have been peaceful so far
So why is the government introducing violence just as the way they introduced violence into ipob and the endsars protests. Kaduna governor did the same thing recently to labor by introducing violence into the peaceful protest of the labor when he sacked four thousand workers.

Did the British government ever introduce violence into the scots rallies?
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: A Yoruba Woman In Military Uniform Led Attack On His House - SR by bigfish3k: 7:15am On Jul 02

kindly go and read how the scots are going about it.......there are lots of infornative resources on the internet
I knew that the scots mobilized themselves.
Did rallies with placards, nobody was ever shot or killed.
And boom, David Cameron granted them referendum.

I knew ipob started the same way
And boom, they were being mocked and shot at before they went violent this year.

Sunday igboho has never gone violent but he is being viciously attacked and declared wanted because he is still at the organization and rallies stage.

So what has the scots done differently from what Sunday igboho is doing now and people are being killed by the government.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: A Yoruba Woman In Military Uniform Led Attack On His House - SR by bigfish3k: 6:01pm On Jul 01

which betrayal? She is in the nigerian army , and she is simply doing her job.......so make una stop whipping up yeye sentiments......i am a yoruba too. And i am not a fan of sunday igboho........oduduwa republic can only be achieve through the proper channel.....not all these thrash sunday igboho is doing........
I have always been hearing about "you can get oduduwa or Biafra through the proper channels"
Please kindly educate me on this proper channel

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Education / Re: Nursing Student Suspended In Borno For Not Welcoming Buhari by bigfish3k: 8:38am On Jun 24
We already knew those crowds we always see were coerced


Politics / Re: These Pictures Show That Buhari Has Soft Spot For Little Ones by bigfish3k: 7:32am On Jun 23
Is this what he was elected to do?

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Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 3:47pm On Jun 15

There are Igbos living everywhere across Nigeria and globally, are you guys going to claim all those land because there are igbos there?
Its a referendum
Nobody is forcing anybody
Any land that igbos are indigenous to is igboland

You cannot use military fiat to change people's tribe
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 3:42pm On Jun 15

there are also The indigenous Igbos of Kogi state and far away Jamaica

I know but Nigeria is where the nucleus of the igbo population is
As far you are igbo in Nigeria you are good to go.
Kogi igbo is welcomed
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 8:55am On Jun 15

Abi? I tire for that guy sef
Dominican republic that is even almost an island that is bounded by only Haiti

And Mozambique that all its territories has access to the ocean
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 8:35am On Jun 15

There are Igbos living everywhere across Nigeria and globally, are you guys going to claim all those land because there are igbos there?
I meant igbos that are indigenes of the Niger Delta
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 8:21am On Jun 15

Stop trying to prove something out of nothing Dominican republic is a Land locked country so is Mozambique what the hell are you trying to make us understand?

Let's not kid ourselves, if the igbos leaves this union the south south region would also leave. That's what the one Nigerianist are trying to avoid
Mozambique and Dominican are not landlocked.
Igbos are not also landlocked
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by bigfish3k: 8:07am On Jun 15

I have no issues with Biafra breaking away, but don't make the mistake of thinking Delta, Edo, Akwa-ibom, Cross-rivers, Rivers and Bayelsa is part of Biafra! these regions started self determination long before Ojukwu started Biafra. Infact it was Ojukwu who held them down from forming Niger Delta republic and then copied their idea and lumped them in without permission
What about the igbos in these regions /states that you mentioned
Romance / Re: Married Man, Lady Died In Lagos Hotel During Sex Romp by bigfish3k: 4:30pm On Jun 14
The first man must have taken sex enhancing drugs so as to catch up with the younger girls energy and it killed him

The second guy was just so unfortunate that the girl died with him

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Politics / Re: Is All Really Well Between Buhari And Tinubu? - Daily Trust by bigfish3k: 5:46pm On Jun 13
Forget this sponsored write up. They are very much in good terms

It's now looking clearer to him that PMB will never hand over to him

So Tinubu is looking for a way to detach himself from all the PMB sins against Nigerians.


Politics / Re: Igangan Herdsmen Attack: Parents Storm Schools In Oyo To Withdraw Their Children by bigfish3k: 6:13pm On Jun 07
Politics / Re: FG Gives Condition To Lift Ban On Twitter by bigfish3k: 3:22pm On Jun 07
Shame don dey catch them grin
Don't mind them they are just looking for soft landing.
The heat is too much on them so they are just looking for a way to stylishly unban it without looking like a weakling
Politics / Re: Obaseki: I Saw Oshiomhole, Ize-iyamu’s Congratulatory Messages On Social Media by bigfish3k: 6:17am On Jun 02
Oshiomole and Ize Iyamu were just so dumb with that certificate forgery litigation.

How can any sane human continue with such a case after the issuing institution has authenticated it.

They both know the truth but I believe they are just looking for a political mix in the judgment which didn't happen


Politics / Re: Senate To Consider Proposal To Create Sharia Courts In South-West by bigfish3k: 9:22am On May 27
Breaking of beer bottles loading in the SW

SW will soon turn to maiduguri.
This was how boko haram started
Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden, Harris Condemn Attacks On Jewish Communities In The US by bigfish3k: 12:19pm On May 25

That's because there's an obvious miscarriage of justice in the way we are treating the apartheid in Isreal. This is not the 80s and 90s where there's only CNN , VOA and BBC dishing out pro Isreali propaganda . Who instructed the Isreal police to go fire at unarmed Muslim worshippers while praying inside the holy site mosque?
Why is Netanyahu not facing ICC by now,after the unprovoked attack led by Netanyahu, he escalated it to full scale war and ended up killing almost 100 Palestine children shocked
And you think the rest of the world will just move on? This is what will make Isreali vote him out finally. Any time he loses, he creates war with Palestine to give the impression to the Isreali electorates that he is the best to protect them. Protect them from the same people they have conquered and they enslave in their apartheid system?
Yoruba mudslimes

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Health / Re: The Dirty Water Supplied By The Plateau State Waterboard by bigfish3k: 10:52am On May 25
Maybe they have put a quota system water engineer to oversee the board
Sports / Re: Ibezito Ogbonna's Home In Israel Hit By Hamas Rocket Fired From Gaza by bigfish3k: 10:06am On May 25
Tell this to the yoruba Muslims protesting against Israel in Ibadan.

Mtchew. Yeyenatu


Politics / Re: Insecurity: COAS, Others’ Death’ve Increased Our Problem – President Buhari by bigfish3k: 6:46am On May 25
Man of many deceits and excuses has spoken


Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden: No Peace Until Middle East Nations Recognize Israel's Right To Exist by bigfish3k: 4:36pm On May 23

Why not find out about it yourself.I don't have strength to come and be typing long notes.You can use Google or YouTube to aid you.
I asked you because of the way you were supporting Palestine.

For your information I asked a mallam sitting near me and he said that Israel owns Jerusalem according to the quoran

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