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Romance / Re: My fiancee Finds It Difficult To Cook & Do House Chores, Is This A Red Flag? by BigIyanga: 6:13am On Jan 16
She’ll never change... you can take her the way she’s.... but you have to be willing to do more of house chores when she puts to bed.
Maybe you can tell her to pray less so that she up her hustle to make more money in order to get a house help.. Can she pay for house help?
Family / Re: What I Did When My Wife Refused My Sexual Advancement For 7 Months by BigIyanga: 4:09am On Jan 14
[s][/s] Those countries have serious marital issues too.
And ur country is better? Since marriage is better in Naija.. why do we have 15m homeless kids roaming the streets??
Family / Re: What I Did When My Wife Refused My Sexual Advancement For 7 Months by BigIyanga: 12:31am On Jan 14
Brother, you are just taking a risk with this decision. Now I am not here to give you advice (since it is obvious that you have taken matters into your hands ) but you should know that having a successful marriage requires one thing: the presence God. Human wisdom will only lead to confusion and the way I see it, your marriage might just be heading in that direction if you do not put things right.
Story..so Chinese, Japanese and Scandanavians that dont involve God in anything dont succeed? This Naija fallacy of God fixing everything but Nigeria has to stop. As you make ur marriage, it works for u that way
Politics / Re: Buhari Cancels Restoration Of INTELS' Pilotage Contract by BigIyanga: 4:32pm On Jan 11
Giving Atiku, atikulators, PDP, PDP TAX COLLECTORS bloody noses.

God Bless President Buhari
God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
Olodo, Tinubus are the largest Naija shareholders not Atikus.. Go and read

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Politics / Re: SIR LOUIS ODUMEGWU OJUKWU'S Port - Harcourt House, Saro Wiwa Sized And Lived- by BigIyanga: 5:12am On Jan 10

Politics / Re: Magodo Crisis: If Not For Immunity, Sanwo-Olu Should Have Been Arrested – Lawyer by BigIyanga: 2:50pm On Jan 07
Which Governor has been arrested by US police amid all Executive rascalism?

Except on corruption, no State Executive can be arrested anywhere in the word for trying alternative dispute resolution.

According to Nigerian Constitution, the Governor has a final say on land in the State with good reasons and payments of compensation. Moreover, this issue was done by past military regime.
Speaking with emotion without facts
Gov of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was arrested by Feds when he was entertaining the thought of making $$ from vacated Obama US senate seat. He wasn't caught in the act, he went to prison because he had the intention.

In 1963, GoV Wallace of Alabama was prevented by US fed police from interfering witj black students attending state funded- university of Alabama.

Go do your research b4 u talk


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Ran Away Because Of My Proposed Family Financial Plan by BigIyanga: 6:54am On Jan 04

Thanks man.. heard from her friend that sh said am too stingy,.

Honestly I didn't make her spend up to 50k from her wage.. 300k is not big and can be exhausted soon..

The weight will be too much if I form the normal Nigerian guy who likes to carry load on their head
You dodged a bullet.. She wants marriage without financial responsibility.. Tell her to go look for Obi Cubana’s younger brother.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo’s Letter To Edwin Clark (Full Text) by BigIyanga: 2:57am On Dec 30, 2021

I am talking of the independence constitution by which each region retained 50% of her revenue, remitted 30% to the center and threw the remaining 20% into a common distributable pool.
When was this constitution? Where is written in 1999 Constitution? Abi na guesswork?
Politics / Re: Obasanjo’s Letter To Edwin Clark (Full Text) by BigIyanga: 12:53pm On Dec 29, 2021

And you forgot that it was under OBJ that the 50% retention by the regions reduced to nearly zero.
Can we also say that IBB did Yorubas a favour by first annulling June 12 election, watched MKO get jailed and killed for fighting for that June 12 mandate, and then handpicking Obasanjo, buying him the PDP ticket and helping him to become president?
You got it all wrong. 50% of what? It was never codified in our budget that ND regions would get any percentage until OBJ signed into law and established a commission
Politics / Re: Obasanjo’s Letter To Edwin Clark (Full Text) by BigIyanga: 4:28am On Dec 29, 2021
Edwin Clark is suffering from amnesia.
OBJ formed NDDC, 13 % derivation, hand-picked GEJ to be VP.. than to president.

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Celebrities / Re: Richard Mofe-Damijo Poses With His Grandchildren In Christmas Photos by BigIyanga: 8:21pm On Dec 27, 2021
What's the essence of this nails painting? She's just a child for goodness sake embarassed
Her nail, her toy, her painting.. e concern you?? My daughter will forever be fly from day 1
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Posters: You Can’t Win Election On Social Media, SWAGA Tells Shehu Sani by BigIyanga: 10:10pm On Dec 19, 2021
So Tinubu, a Muslim is going to pick a Northern Christian as VP?
Religion / Re: Marriage Was Not Designed To Make You Happy - Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (video) by BigIyanga: 9:02pm On Dec 10, 2021

Some of these pastors like making controversial statements just to draw attention.
But what he should have said was Marriage does not guarantee your happiness. Some people find joy & fulfilment in marriage while others experience hell on earth when they get married, especially married to the wrong spouse.

The theme of his message is lost on you. You give more than you receive in marriage.. if not to your spouse, then to your kids. Your kids dont care... they keep receiving until they turn to adult to take care of themselves.
Religion / Re: RCCG GO Pastor Adeboye Lied When He Said About 50% Americans Are Jews. by BigIyanga: 12:51am On Dec 09, 2021
That's not what he said. He said 50% of billionaires in America are Jews. It's obvious you never bothered to listen attentively to what you claimed to have watched
Make it make sense for us.. 99% of Nigerian Chistristians are hardline supporters of Jewish state of Israel. Pastor goes to Israel for pilgrimage ..
Celebrities / Re: I Have It All At 27 - BBNaija's Ka3na Brags (Photos) by BigIyanga: 2:00am On Dec 02, 2021
Can she tell everyone of friend to send urgent N500k and later Donate N25m to match their contributions.... then give it all to charities?? Btw OBO is 29... lol
Politics / Re: Hadiza El-Rufai Remembers Daughter, Yasmin Who Died In London Apartment In 2011 by BigIyanga: 3:55pm On Nov 29, 2021
Yet Nairalanders believe life is all roses for the wealthy.
Whatcha talkin bout Willis?? It’s better to die a pauper in London than to die a billionaire in Sambisa forest

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Celebrities / Re: Clem Ohameze In Tears As Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Gifts Him N8M For Surgery by BigIyanga: 12:27am On Nov 29, 2021
Why are Naija male actors too broke and always needing assistance
TV/Movies / Re: Pictures Of Zack Orji, Segun Arinze, Ibinabo Fiberesima On Set Of 'Mary Slessor' by BigIyanga: 4:37pm On Nov 26, 2021
Slave mentality.. just like Mongo Park discovered River Niger. Other parts of Naija were keeping and raising twins b4 white woman came


Career / Re: Setting Up A Barbershop Or Going To School Abroad by BigIyanga: 9:07pm On Nov 12, 2021

Had plans of doing per time barbing jobs
What countries abroad are u considering?
Politics / Re: Ekiti Court Sentences Abdulsalam Adinoyi, Boko Haram Member To Death By Hanging by BigIyanga: 8:27am On Nov 11, 2021

The one that defends his criminal kinsmen thinks northerners think like him and his case band of tribalists.
They killed their own people, then lied that DSS is killing them they complained that army if killing DSS that is killing their own people. Your post speaks volumes about this world.
You dey live in Utopian Northern Paradise?? Where terrorists are forgiven and given 1st class treatment.... Where bandits are rewarded and given right of exit by govts and community leaders.. Abegi remove the shipload of log and debris in your house b4 pointing at your neighbor’s house for not cutting his grass
Religion / Re: She Wants Me To Leave Catholic Church Before She Can Marry Me by BigIyanga: 12:46pm On Nov 07, 2021
I have this girl who is the only one I love, but she said she can never attend catholic church.

I told her it's not an issue - that as my wife, she's free to attend any church she likes, but she insisted our family would have to attend the same church.

She won't marry me if i stick to my Catholic faith. Please advise me, she's the only one I love, and I can't start over anymore.
You never start and i don dey give away all power and leverage... somethings dey easy to promise in the name of love... common sense and reality go reset ur brain soon

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Career / Re: I Need Your Advice by BigIyanga: 5:42pm On Nov 05, 2021
Should we tell the OP the jobless marker and entrepreneurship world are full of sharks and you will be eaten alive...ma fren keep ur day job..and work on fortifying ur thin skin and them scale ur side hustle to be ur main job and bill payer... then say FU to ur job.

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Religion / Re: Biden Receives Communion At Mass At St. Patrick's Church In Rome( Pics) by BigIyanga: 2:49pm On Oct 31, 2021
grin grin A devout catholic that supports abortion, wonderful.
A devout Naija hypocrite who claims to love babe in the womb... but does not care about babies once they’re born. Naija has about 20m kids who are unloved, unschooled, homeless and abused. How mwny have you adopted? Zero. How many kids in IDP camp have u visited? Zero


Politics / Re: Biafra: "I Used To Lecture Abaribe On How To Live In Prison" - Shehu Sani (Pix) by BigIyanga: 4:14am On Oct 28, 2021
This man talks stupidly most times
Cos folks like u dont read history but sensationalism.. Shehu Sani was jailed by IBB; was tried along side with OBJ by Abacha.. That man was Abacha’s target like Soyinka and co during MKO’s days. Pls give him some respect if you havent taken any beating to protect ur classmates let alone your kindred
Family / Re: My 85-Year-Old Dad Is Cheating On My Mom by BigIyanga: 11:56pm On Oct 26, 2021
Hi all

We the children have sat my dad down and talked to him, to the extent we are tired, how can an old man at this stage in life still fornicating.

Money we sent to him for his upkeeps, he is using it to feed another man's children. several times my mom have seen vega 200 in his pockets during laundry.

The annoying thing is this woman he is frolicking with is a known area miscreant, I don't know if he's jazzed or it's something else.

A man at this age is not supposed to have sexual urge, besides while he was young he didn't do like this.

(no insults on my dad please, we respect him, he did alot for us his children both male and female)

Please how do we the children handle this issue?
Nothing like jazz. Stay our of your parents’ business

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by BigIyanga: 5:43am On Oct 18, 2021
Lagos can fit into Kaduna 20times.. does that mean that Kaduna is better than Lagos??
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by BigIyanga: 5:41am On Oct 18, 2021

He said
“He joked” and with your governors
Keep deceiving urself.. older than Naija by 12yrs only.. while stronger and better run than Naija 100 times
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Company Didn't Accept My Resignation by BigIyanga: 12:36am On Oct 15, 2021
Call HR and express your concern and non-remittance of pension if deducted from your salary. Evrtything no be lawyer matter

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Politics / Re: Why Osinbajo Advocates Forex Policy That Curbs Arbitrage & Corruption by BigIyanga: 6:01pm On Oct 14, 2021

The CBN is autonomous but the present governor has refused to assert his independence. Remember he was hired to replace the loudmouth and straight talking Lamido Sanusi. They needed someone paint and submissive which sadly turned out to be what Buhari needed.
Not true in practice. SLS was a better governor than this timid and crony-entrenched Emefiele.
GEJ fired SLS.. where was the independence?

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Politics / Re: Why Osinbajo Advocates Forex Policy That Curbs Arbitrage & Corruption by BigIyanga: 4:34am On Oct 14, 2021

I had to Google it to get you an answer.

Who owns it or not is irrelevant. What matters are its duties. Because it's duties are so important, many governments have made their Central Banks independent. That means politicians or anyone can't dictate to them how to do their work.

To understand it better, lets look at the Bundesbank, the German Central Bank. It was probably one of the first central banks to be made independent.

It had an objective to keep the inflation rate not higher than 2% in any given year. Now, if the inflation rate should go above 2%, the government would increase interests rates which would encourage savings which would mean less money in circulation. Higher rates also reduce borrowing, which reduce the amount of money in circulation. This may at times lead the economy into a recession.

The political parties were helpless as the bank is independent. They can't dictate to the bank to reduce interests rates that an election is looming. That is not the banks' problem. The politician or government will just siddon look. Other governments today have made their central banks today independent as well and are copying the Germans. Please Google "why are central banks independent of government?"

Also read below

"Inflation: Controlling inflation is the primary objective of any central bank. In order to do so, they need to control the money spent by the government. ... Hence, to prevent this, central banks have been made independent of government authority."

Story.. Naija CBN serves at the pleasure of the executive president ; and it’s not independent!
Politics / Re: Why Osinbajo Advocates Forex Policy That Curbs Arbitrage & Corruption by BigIyanga: 4:33am On Oct 14, 2021
Chair of National Economic Team who has 90% of wealth in foreign currencies $£€. How patriotic and honest can he be? His zombie follower will make excuses for him.. he’s part of the cabal
Politics / Re: Ekiti Court Remands Moyinoluwa Olowoyo For EndSARS Protest. Sowore Reacts by BigIyanga: 3:06pm On Oct 13, 2021

See your local reasoning that beclouded your senses.... Benjamin Mendy a Man City football player was denied bail in Britain for an offence is clearly bailable & you didn't shout what a country?
Yet local man want to grant bail to an idiot that orchestrated an attack on law enforcement agents that resulted in killing, maiming & injured thousand . Some sources of livelihood were looted & destroyed with this singular act of incitement etc.
Yeyeficied logic. Was Benjamin Mendy detained for 30days without trial? Naij suspect was secretely detained without trial. May this Naija type of justice be served to you and your household


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