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Culture / Re: Edo: How True, That There Is No Well In Benin by Binikingdowm: 2:02am On Jul 11, 2020
There is well in benin, its few, they are owned by private citizens most cant afford boreholes

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Celebrities / Re: Countries With The Highest Number Of Billionaires! See Nigeria’s Position! by Binikingdowm: 1:59am On Jul 11, 2020
What?? How dare you not mention nnewi? Every street has billionaires

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Politics / Re: Is There Any Historical Or Ancestral Link Between Igbos And Benin People ? by Binikingdowm: 1:52am On Jul 11, 2020
Igbos and Bini are brothers

Very close

I will advise the rest of Nigerians to start seeing Benins as part of BIAFRA
you are insane


Politics / Re: Is There Any Historical Or Ancestral Link Between Igbos And Benin People ? by Binikingdowm: 1:52am On Jul 11, 2020
Related to igbos? Ew no. Our royal blood will be stain.

I think you wanted to say people that claim benin origin once lived in benin kingdom

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Politics / Re: Enugu State Commission Worldclass Bridge- Pictures by Binikingdowm: 1:42am On Jul 11, 2020
grin he deserves 3rd tenure like obaseki
Politics / Call Me A Bastard if Ize Iyamu Fail To Win Edo State by Binikingdowm: 7:41am On Jul 10, 2020
If ize iyamu failed to win this 2020 election I'll personally call myself a bastard here on nairaland and you can insult me the way you like, I'll deactivate my moniker afterwards..

When I say this election is so easy for Ize iyamu, he's a grassroot politician that speaks Benin, marry to Benin woman not Igbo and live his life in Benin. He's ours.

Oshiomole knows how to handle Edo north I trust him.

We'll rig and move him out of office,his supporters can wail and cry online.

If you don't have a voters card to vote in Edo please shut up.

See mine

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Politics / Re: The Same Monikers Supporting Obaseki Now Was Against Him In 2016 by Binikingdowm: 7:15am On Jul 10, 2020
The ones supporting iyamu same 2016 are now against him too

Don't be a hypocrite.
exactly they were insulting obaseki then, they don't he haven't done anything in Edo state they don't even care since most of them don't live in Edo.

They just want PDP to win


Politics / The Same Monikers Supporting Obaseki Now Was Against Him In 2016 by Binikingdowm: 7:12am On Jul 10, 2020
All because they hate APC they'll support anybody PDP bring in no matter the candidate or their history..

I remembered how many monikers here was insulting obaseki calling him names and saying he's corrupt and can't fit to be a governor, they were prasing ize iyamu and he was a golden boy to their eyes..

Now they've changed parties, ize iyamu is now the bad guy and obaseki is their favorite son now.

I supported and voted ize iyamu in 2016 and I'll vote for him in 2020, it doesn't matter the party he choose.

Since obaseki can't show us his achievements he should forget it.

Let's us see how people from upper iweka,ikeja and co will vote for him


Politics / This Is The Reason Why Ize Iyamu Will Win Edo State by Binikingdowm: 6:19pm On Jul 08, 2020
Everybody knows how nigeria is as a country, let's not pretend our leaders are saint or good people..

First of all I believe all nigerians governors and past leaders with positions have looted before in one way or the other, that's why the corruption fight is just stupid.

Obaseki is a looter same with ize iyamu and oshiomole and any of the big wigs we've in Nigeria.

That corruption campaign obaseki is trying to lead is not fooling anyone, we all know they are looters and are fighting for their pockets.

Secondly godfatherism campaign, he was brought in by a godfather he had no problem with it then can't you see the hypocrisy?? Who's fooling who??..

The only thing that concern Edo state is what has obaseki achieved with all the allocations and government plus oil money?? What projects has he completed in Edo state within four years as our governor??.

That godfatherism and corruption nonsense isn't fooling anyone

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Politics / Re: Edo Poll: Undercurrents That May Shape Outcome by Binikingdowm: 1:39pm On Jul 05, 2020
Obaseki that can't even speak Benin, he's not a Benin abeg. A disgrace
Politics / Re: Only Nigerians Can Fix Our Image(pictures) by Binikingdowm: 9:49am On Jul 05, 2020
Nigeria is dead, killed...it is a rotten nation.

Meanwhile, We need to celebrate Ghana, South Africa and write good things about them because they are making progress....even rwanda.

do you know how many girls are raped in South Africa without justice taking course??

If you want to know the damage nigerians are given themselves you need to travel out
Politics / Re: Only Nigerians Can Fix Our Image(pictures) by Binikingdowm: 9:48am On Jul 05, 2020
Why is it that anytime someone posts the realities on ground in nigeria, people like the op take offense?
Op kindly post one or two good news about nigeria here.

A baby was raped in South Africa, thousands of crimes are committed in African countries but this media don't post them.

But anytime nigerians commit crime you'll see them start posting it.

The comments will be full of other africans calling nigerians bad names like scammers and killers
Politics / Obaseki Just Appointed Lucky Igbinedion As An Adviser! by Binikingdowm: 9:46am On Jul 05, 2020
grin while his mumu supporters are busy slandering ize iyamu for corruption and working with igbinedion, he just appointed him as an adviser..

That's why I said this godfatherism and corruption fight can't full anyone. The thing he accused ize iyamu of doing, he has done worse..

The only thing that can save him is if his achievements speaks for him.

Obaseki abeg show Edo people your achievements in four good years

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Politics / Re: These Are The Reasons Edo People Shouldn't Vote Obaseki by Binikingdowm: 7:51am On Jul 05, 2020
lol liar. Why didn't tetfund do it during oshiomole time ?

Only to come back to raise 4 different faculty building during the 1st tenure of obaseki... each of these faculties re 2 stories high with halls and lecture rooms

Tetfund indeed
obaseki using federal projects to scammed una

If you look deep into the inner roads he claimed to do you'll see most are federal projects.

The azura plant is a federal projects.

Emotan garden which was Abaddon was a part private and government project.

Even this power plant in ologbo he usually campaign with is federal project but he's trying to complete the remaining one


Politics / Re: These Are The Reasons Edo People Shouldn't Vote Obaseki by Binikingdowm: 7:27am On Jul 05, 2020
Lies... all you said re lies.

Obaseki revamped Ambrose alli university.. have you been there recently? Same university oshiomole abandoned just to greedily go and build one in his village.

Obaseki revamped ekpoma roads...

Obaseki did not allow kabaka and his clowns to run around naked.... edo state doesn't owe workers a dime, even after employing thousands undecided

Only yiur fellow zombies will take yiu seriously. Bye

you see?? I've dig into that ekpoma building, it was done by tetfund. A federal government initiative.

Obaseki is just trying to take the credit I swear that man is a scammer
Politics / Only Nigerians Can Fix Our Image(pictures) by Binikingdowm: 7:25am On Jul 05, 2020
This website on Twitter even though he was created by a Nigerian usually post bad news about nigerians. So I messaged him.

I was surprised after some time he started posting good things about us.

Only nigerians can change the narrative about us, we're known as scammers, drug dealers etc even though nigerians are very small in those business.

Asian countries like Pakistanis, indians etc are the kings then we've Russians, serbs and co.

They don't make noise and nobody knows about it.

We've effc always posting nigerian criminals just for likes and retweets.

Politics / Re: These Are The Reasons Edo People Shouldn't Vote Obaseki by Binikingdowm: 7:20am On Jul 05, 2020
The same Op voted Buhari twice!
nah I didn't vote buhari, I voted atiku and gej.

I wish I knew I would have voted for buhari twice because you can't list 5 things pdp did in Edo state.

I can list what APC federal has done and his doing.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Where's Gelegele Sea Port?? by Binikingdowm: 7:16am On Jul 05, 2020
Shut up your mouth there . We all know he’s been making attempt on that port . Have you forgotten so soon that your old king back there, placed Curse on that road where he was taken through on his way to be sold into slavery? Moreover, do you think that seaport is a state project? Think again
if I insult you now they will ban me.


Obaseki the mou governor sign different mou wasting billions of Edo people money on nonsense.

He shall never be well with him and his supporters

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Politics / Re: Where Is Iara Oshiomhole? - Punch by Binikingdowm: 7:14am On Jul 05, 2020
Why should you care??

By the way where's gelegele port?

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Politics / These Are The Reasons Edo People Shouldn't Vote Obaseki by Binikingdowm: 7:13am On Jul 05, 2020
1. He don't give a damn about godfatherism..

He's only using that to win votes, isn't he the one that went begging oshiomole and tinubu to forgive and accept him??.

Wasn't he a boy boy to oshiomole when he was contesting 2016 election?.

Didn't he stopped Edo assembly from rightfully electing a speaker??.

He don't have a Bleep about it, so shine your eyes.

2. He didn't deliver any of his campaign promises..

He promised to develop gelegele port in Edo state.

He promised industrial park in Edo state.

He promised central park in Edo state.

He promised Royal museum, emotan garden and industrial hub in Edo state.

Those are his main campaign promises, we Edo people will never forget.

He's now bringing painting of Secretariat, stadium and fixing less than 5 roads as his achievements. I spit on him.

3. He don't even stay in Edo state or speak our language or even married from Edo.

From all we know he's an outsider, he don't care about our suffering, his wife isn't from Edo state so why should he care about Edo people??.

4. He introduced fulanis herdsmen to Edo state.

Before now you don't dare hear herdsmen attacking Edo state but now it's an occurrence, this nonsense needs to stop.

He's too docile to be our governor
Politics / Re: Non-chinese Citizens Who Criticise Beijing Anywhere On The Planet Could Be Arres by Binikingdowm: 12:30pm On Jul 04, 2020
A choice for Africans. Either the great evil devil(Western countries).

Or the terrible red killing Sea (Chinese).


Politics / Re: Would You Want Someone Like Obaseki As Your Governor? by Binikingdowm: 7:30am On Jul 04, 2020
He is better than a known cultist and a thief.
hmm so delta state governor is a cultist?
Politics / Re: North East And North West Are One, Same As SE And SS by Binikingdowm: 7:29am On Jul 04, 2020
Wow!! i thought Bayelsa was 100% ijaw

There are urhobo and igbo groups indigenous to the state.
Politics / Re: . by Binikingdowm: 7:27am On Jul 04, 2020
We need one in Edo state real fast.

These petty traders from other states and beggars plus herdsmen needs to be driven out
Politics / Re: North East And North West Are One, Same As SE And SS by Binikingdowm: 7:24am On Jul 04, 2020
Are you serious?
Politics / Re: AKK Gas Pipeline - "You Can't Take Niger Delta Gas - Annkio Briggs by Binikingdowm: 7:23am On Jul 04, 2020
Fulanis dey powerful Sha. They succeeded in taking Niger Deltans oil. Damn


Politics / Re: North East And North West Are One, Same As SE And SS by Binikingdowm: 7:20am On Jul 04, 2020
So Gej isn't an ijaw man right?
nope he's ogbia. A minority of the minority ethnic group in bayelsa.

They claim ijaw for political reasons, they don't share the same ancestry or language with main ijaw people
Politics / Would You Want Someone Like Obaseki As Your Governor? by Binikingdowm: 7:19am On Jul 04, 2020
This question is directed at non Edo people and people that doesn't live in Edo state..

Do you want someone like obaseki to govern your state? Remember Edo state is among the state receiving one of the largest allocations and 13% oil money.

Remember obaseki achievements is celebrating painting of Secretariat and stadium buildings.

Will you like someone like that to govern your state??
Politics / Re: Rate The Discos by Binikingdowm: 7:16am On Jul 04, 2020
Bedc is the worst


Politics / Re: North East And North West Are One, Same As SE And SS by Binikingdowm: 7:14am On Jul 04, 2020
The former president isn't even ijaw, he can't speak ijaw language
Politics / Won't You Be Happy For Edo To Be Like Lagos?? by Binikingdowm: 2:44pm On Jul 03, 2020
I keep hearing "Edo is not Lagos" from some clowns.. won't Edo people be happy for Edo state to be like Lagos??.

Lagos is like the 5 biggest economy in Africa and the most developed state not only in Africa but world wide, it keep progressing everyday..

I would like for my state to be like that, infact I would like for Edo state to have a tinubu kind of person to boost development in Edo state..

PDP era saw the downfall of Edo state until oshiobaba came along, the most beautiful pictures of Edo state you can find on the internet was done by oshiomole.

Then came obaseki, 4 years he did nothing his only achievement is signing mou and painting Secretariat and stadium buildings yet fools keep shouting Edo is not Lagos.

You can't even compare kaduna to Edo state because Edo is far behind thanks to El rufai developing his state daily.

You can't compare Edo state to akwa ibom because of udom developing his state.

Bleep obaseki abeg, 4 years nothing for Edo, even asaba is now more developed than benin city.


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