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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Landmines Kills Soldiers In Borno (Graphic Photos) by Bluffly: 10:34am
Their top generals are busy meddling in politics, so I'm not surprised that this is happening.
The main problem our military has is lack of proper intelligence and air support. Boko Haram can't be defeated until those two things are in place. Most of these place they're parading should be done with military jets and helicopters. Air is the only advantage they have over these boko boys.

But then, if it's the same Nigerian Army that used to sell scratch cards for recruitment, I'm not surprisedgrin cheesy Imagine an army that makes money from recruiting people who are going to sacrifice their lives. Well that stopped when Buhari came in sha, so I guess it was under Jonathan and Ihejirika that such acts took place.

How will they et Air support when Nigerian Army is feeling superior to Nigerian Airforce hence Airforce to collaborating. It is meant to be a Nigerian Military operation and not Nigerian Army operation

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Crime / Re: Aiye Vs Eiye Delta Gang War: Man’s Mouth Blown With A Gun By Cultists (Graphic) by Bluffly: 5:03pm On Mar 19
All hope is not lost for him though,
if him/his Family have good money,
world class surgeons can re-construct his face/mouth
Who send am
Crime / Re: Aiye Vs Eiye Delta Gang War: Man’s Mouth Blown With A Gun By Cultists (Graphic) by Bluffly: 5:02pm On Mar 19
This guy would wish he had died. This one pass disfigured.
Health / Re: Chinese Doctor Ling Zhipei Performs Remote Brain Surgery On Patient 3,000km Away by Bluffly: 7:40pm On Mar 18
Amazing surgery!

Here in Nigeria we are still battling with "CDMA & Edge" mobile network ..
Simply because we are waiting for the masters to come and make it better as if good living falls from heaven
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting In Holland Leaves 1 Dead, Many Injured by Bluffly: 3:24pm On Mar 18
It seems these guys want to give us a Jack Bauer film live.

RIP to the dead


Politics / Re: Muric Condemns Christian Terrorism In Newzealand by Bluffly: 2:21pm On Mar 17
Anyone can be a criminal. Being a white supremacists doesn't mean he is a Christian. You people should stop looking for cheap points. The terrorists that were labelled Islam was obvious because they read Quaran before dastard act
Education / Re: University Admission Offer Vs Nigeria Air Force Recruitment Offer by Bluffly: 8:03pm On Mar 16
see as people they advice ham, make him go school first the come apply short service, hahahahaha...him go apply tee life tire ham, my guy go collect that Air Force sharply, if not life as an umemployed graduate na die even a memory card cannot save u for dis naija
las las u fit still dash me the Air force make i dash u my cert
Seems your are looking for food in life rather than create something big
Education / Re: University Admission Offer Vs Nigeria Air Force Recruitment Offer by Bluffly: 7:59pm On Mar 16
Good day house. I have been offered admission into the university and also shortlisted for Nigeria Air Force (recruit)
Please I am really confused on which to pick. I have done registration for my school and I really don't want to miss this opportunity of job. Please your advice and criticism is welcome.
Please go and study. The only thing you can do out school is business. Airforce is a great service, are you ready. You can still apply to Airforce as an officer after graduation. My opinion
Celebrities / Re: Actress, Etinosa Under Fire For Going Nude On MC Galaxy's Instagram Live Video by Bluffly: 6:23am On Mar 16

shut up and stop being stupid, why are you so concerned about nonsense, how does she getting Unclad distort or affects the hardship an average Nigerian is facing? How does her getting Unclad compounds our unemployment malady?
We just enjoy being stupid in this country with very misplaced priorities... I'm so tired of this hell hole. The things really bordering us everyone should be very concerned about, we all shy away from and instead rush to various stupid churches to "pray" them out, only to come out greeted with same problems, we will refuse to work practicable means out to salvage our problems, but we enjoy stealing and defrauding ourselves... Those are our real problems, yet no one is concerned; wetin concern is na Etinosa Unclad on life TV.

Kai!!! Nigerians, in short blacks are all fools, and monkeys picked from the darkest savagery part of hell... Don't know how I found myself amongst this cretinous creatures...

* spit on u all*
What stops you from being different and going to any length to make a difference.

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Sports / Re: When Jay Jay Okocha disciplined Oliver Kahn during match (Throwback) by Bluffly: 5:40pm On Mar 15

OK no need to argue. Okocha is better than Kanu played for top clubs in Europe and won major honours
He may be better or not. That wasn't in my statement.
Either way Okocha has his own accolades and isn't a snake that walked on a rock
In 2004 he was listed in football
legend Pelé's FIFA 100 (a list of
the greatest 125 living players of
all time). In 2007 he was voted
number 12 on the greatest
African footballers of the past 50
years list, on a poll conducted by
CAF to coincide with their 50th
1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005 Nigerian footballer of
the year
1996 Nigerian footballer of the
year runner up
1998 African Footballer of the
Year runner up
1998 FIFA World Cup All-Star
Team (Reserve)[12]
2003, 2004 BBC African
Footballer of the Year
April 2003 Goal of the Month
November 2003 Premier
League Player of the Month
2005 Bolton Wanderers
footballer of the year.
Sports / Re: When Jay Jay Okocha disciplined Oliver Kahn during match (Throwback) by Bluffly: 5:20pm On Mar 15

If Dino was not serious he wouldn't have played for Barca for that long wining multiple trophies, awards etc!
Ockocha spent about 4 years in PSG, about 4 years in Bolton, about 4 in Eintracht Frankfurt before he faced Qatar. Is that being not serious. He is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer and it is obvious that goal scorers are usually the highly rated.
Travel / Re: 6 Reasons Why Nigeria Is A Better Place To Live Than Foreign Country by Bluffly: 5:06pm On Mar 15
Immigration law

A lot of people don't really know what immigration law really is in foreign country.
It is a must for you to have correct immigration documents, if you don't have it you're not safe. And once they detect your documents are not valid they will depot you instantly. While in Nigeria this law is not very strict. Even alot of Foreigners sneaked in to Nigeria illegally and they still move around without them gotten arrested/harassed.
Because Nigeria is corrupt and are clueless about development. No good and sane country leaves her door ajar


Sports / Re: When Jay Jay Okocha disciplined Oliver Kahn during match (Throwback) by Bluffly: 5:01pm On Mar 15
Make una forget serious or not serious. Was Ronaldinho serious. Okocha was just unlucky. He has been nominated for awards but didn't get it. He's just unlucky.
Celebrities / Re: Mr Jollof Pictured With Success, The Warri Schoolgirl, Settles Her School Fees by Bluffly: 4:49pm On Mar 15
It's good they're helping the little girl, God has remembered her and her family

But I was so surprised everyone suddenly want to help the little girl, they pass through the road everyday they see little children hawking why didn't they identify with those ones, everyone is doing eye device here they should all check their neighborhood many kids are still in this girl condition too they should start from there.

The way everyone is identifying with this girl now if everyone identify with other kids I think we will make an impact
Simply, most Nigerians are opportunists and hypocrites.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Rennes: Europa Cup (3 - 0) On 14th March 2019 by Bluffly: 7:49am On Mar 15
go check his goal per game ratio you'll know he's one of the most clinical strikers you got in England right now,,,you can't expect him to score with every opportunity,he's movement is so deadly that he gets more chances than most players,,the more the chances the more the chances of him missing ,,,a player like Paul pogba gives a lot of incomplete passes in a game not because he don't know how to,,is because he attempts more passes,,,
Just like Ronaldo currently is no 1 "big chances missed" in Italy but is Topping goals chart
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Directs ‘incoming PDP Governor’ Not To Pay N30,000 Minimum Wage In Kan by Bluffly: 7:24am On Mar 15
"As the leader of the party in Kano, I have directed our Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, not to pay the minimum wage because that is the APC manifesto and we will not take it," Kwanllkwas said.

Where did he get the powers to give the Governor directives. How does being a party Leader gives him he constitutional power to instruct the governor. I'm not understanding
Politics / Re: Army Release Photo Of Politician As Faces Of Disgruntled Nig Spreading Fake News by Bluffly: 7:19am On Mar 15
Army bow doing the job of police, INEC, Min of Information,
Car Talk / Re: This Adolf Hitler’s Car Is One Of History’s Most Significant Cars (PHOTOS) by Bluffly: 7:50pm On Mar 13
As far back as 1939 a particular country already made a bullet proof car but Nigeria in 2019 can't boast of something worthy or significant .hmmm
Do your part
Family / Re: Are Married Men Sex Starved? by Bluffly: 10:12am On Mar 12
A lot of married men are; unless they are getting extra from outside the home. The average male has a higher drive than his wife. She does all the housework, deals with the kids and is exhausted.. He is Hot, she is not. Teeth gnashing begins. He can manage and become a very sad married man or do what most men do
I sometimes wonder why house work should affect sex as if the man does not do anything in his place of work, if that is the case. If you turn it around and it is the wife that has a regular work, she would still give excuses.
Most wives do not exercise. Women that exercise have higher sex drive. Women should also learn to be romantic instead of waiting for the man to always do the move.
Family / Re: Are Married Men Sex Starved? by Bluffly: 10:01am On Mar 12

blame the moral code and the religious houses.
their intransigent view about pre-marital sex is destroying marriages. people get married to discover they are not sëxually compatible with their partners!

some work hard at making it work and sail through while others couldn't make it work no matter how hard they tried. marriage is a lifetime contract. it's imperative both parties get a taste of what is to come. there's a reason born again christians have the highest divorce rate...

maybe if they did their homework before marriage, things wouldn't be so bad for them!
Even before the emergence of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria, It is an honour for a woman and a pride to a man that the wife broke her virginity on their wedding night by the husband. It is a taboo to have loose virginity before marriage.
So give another excuse
Crime / Re: Youths Looting An SUV After Travelers Were Attacked While Heading To Abuja. Pics by Bluffly: 9:38am On Mar 12
Buhari don reduce us to South Africa level. Nigerians are always known to be compassionate not looters!!


Crime / Re: Teenager Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Stealing Female Underwear by Bluffly: 10:08pm On Mar 11
6 years for doing what?
Politics / Re: IBB Returns After 3-month Medical Trip To Switzerland - Vanguard by Bluffly: 6:56am On Mar 11
How did he know Nigerians were praying for him. These people will sleep wake up and be lying against Nigerians.

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Killed After Arriving The Country For Election. Graphic Photos by Bluffly: 2:56pm On Mar 10
He placed himself in harms way. What is he doing where there is mayhem. Vote and go, not vote and start arguing. Even INEC and security agencies advised no discussion at polling unit.
Health / Re: Muhammadu Buhari Hospital Kano Records First Spinal Cord Surgery (Photos) by Bluffly: 10:48am On Mar 09
See how the WHITE MAN looks simple yet stuffed with medical stuffs.
Slave. Is he the only one that looks simple there. Stop ass licking


Crime / Re: Customs Officers Attacked By Smugglers In Ogun. Photos by Bluffly: 7:40am On Mar 09

You mean outlaw officers in a lawless country.. keep deceiving yourself
If only citizens scan take pains to do the right thing always, corrupt practices will reduce
Crime / Re: Customs Officers Attacked By Smugglers In Ogun. Photos by Bluffly: 7:37am On Mar 09
There is no way Agencies like Customs, immigration, and police will not record possible killings during duty if the heat arises. Smugglers can be deadly just like armed robbers or illegal migrants.
Though some may be corrupt, but we must no celebrate an attack on them because they are working at gun point.
Illegal killings should be condemned anyways
Politics / Re: Photos Of Soldiers At The Home Of Tamunosisi Gogo-Jack, Rivers Commissioner by Bluffly: 9:08pm On Mar 08
Soldiers doing the job of police. Maybe they are acting on information of them harbouring thugs.

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Crime / Re: Man Arrested For Armed Robbery - A Day After Reporting Robbers To Police. Photo by Bluffly: 5:18pm On Mar 08
Nigeria!! cry
I keep asking myself how I ended up in this shîthole.Everything is shitty and there's no sign of improvement angry

I tire o!!
Nigerians wants sudden transformation but they aren't ready to work the work
Romance / Re: Man In Tears After His Girlfriend Destroyed His $3m Bugatti For Cheating On Her by Bluffly: 12:11pm On Mar 08
There is nothing like cheating in such unholy affairs. The act itself is a sin. What the girl has done should put her behind bars immediately

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Inauguration Of The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle In Kaduna (Photos) by Bluffly: 10:54am On Mar 08
Show us the operational and monitoring set up and not a building. Mediocres.
Science/Technology / Re: Rain Falls In Form Of Ice In Enugu Today(photos) by Bluffly: 10:10pm On Mar 07
Beautiful mountain top Enugu; the only place I will live in Nigeria. This is not the first time we are seeing hail in Enugu; actually happens more due to high elevation!

Watch as afonja will invade and start calling them them all kinds of names and even claiming it happens in other places out of envy and wickeness in them...why Enugu? Why not Ibadan?. What these afonjas don't know is Biafrans don't regard them as anything!
Obviously you are a less exposed


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