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Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Boomzaga(m): 11:40pm On Feb 03

And i believe you can see the unfairness
I tell you bro. Simps needs to be wiped out from earth
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Boomzaga(m): 6:34pm On Jan 14

It seems you know about the case.
i know alot. i have been watching paternity court since 2015.
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Boomzaga(m): 9:24am On Jan 13

The issue of paternity fraud has become a topic of the day that i have to discuss it here.

Selcted cases
In some cases, the cuckolded husband is forced by a court to pay child support for kids that are not his. One Colorado man is on the hook for $166,000 in child support for a daughter DNA tests prove is not his. Worse, “mom” knows who the real father his, and knew it wasn’t child support guy’s kid in the first place. Yet, she’s not on the hook for obvious paternity fraud.

judge lauren lake is obviously a feminist.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: PART TIME EMPLOYMENT FOR STUDENTS IN HIGHER INSTITUTIONS (2.5K – 5K PER WEEK) by Boomzaga(m): 10:22am On Jan 07
grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Online Sales Reps Needed! by Boomzaga(m): 10:21am On Jan 07
Online sales representatives are needed. If you are interested just msg me on WhatsApp 09064555100. This is a legit side hustle for extra income. It can be done by anyone without special skills.

P. S: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but through patience and consistency you can build wealth

Serious persons only
Romance / Re: What Can I Do About My Delayed Ejaculation Condition by Boomzaga(m): 10:54pm On Jan 05

Pls I want to know, when u stop the masturbation, will everything return normal, because I masturbate alot and I think is one of the problems. Will it be corrected when u stop?
yes, but mostly with normal sex. that will cause your body psychology to change . if your addicted to masturbation always avoid to be alone and desist from porn .
Romance / Re: A Call For An Uprising! by Boomzaga(m): 11:23am On Sep 09, 2020
ha ha you know the guy's show man.
i started following him from day one .
Romance / Re: A Call For An Uprising! by Boomzaga(m): 9:37pm On Sep 08, 2020
Your title reminds me of a certain YouTube channel I like ...
this is a call for an uprising welcome to today's show. i love to see a fellow awake person like me.
Romance / Re: How Do I Turn Down An Older Woman by Boomzaga(m): 7:23am On Sep 08, 2020
Good day nairalanders, I am a young graduate in his late twenties, there is this lady who is in her early 40's, she is a family friend, she is nice to me and I see her as a good lady nothing much, but sometimes she does things that goes way beyond her boundaries.

At first she use to tell me she would have married me if I was older, I always see it as a joke and smiled, but it got worse that I'm no more comfortable around her,
sometimes she comes to our house and will decide to take her bath in my bathroom meanwhile we have another free room where she could change, I am not comfortable looking at an older woman with towel around her, she does a lot of things which disgust me and I can't just stop her cos I like and respect her.

Recently, I had something with a church girl of mine which became public, I felt embarrassed though, few people chastised me and some adviced me, This very lady heard it, came to me and told me some things like I shouldn't have fling with a young girl but look for older women if I want to just enjoy myself(while saying the F-word continuously) she was saying it in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.
Though she hasn't said anything about having sex with me but she has given me all green-lights, the truth is I do not like an older woman and would want her to stop pestering me without sounding harsh, pls I need advice, not insults
u know what, give me her number am a cougar lover
Romance / Re: Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 2:56pm On Aug 22, 2020
Does she reply fast?
Romance / Re: Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 12:09pm On Aug 22, 2020
It's the generation Z culture. I presume your friend is within that age range.
yes she is.

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Romance / Re: Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 10:55am On Aug 22, 2020
Haba, she has a reason for saying that. Maybe her job. As for me, I prefer calls than texting
she does not have a job.
Romance / Re: Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 10:54am On Aug 22, 2020
Isn't it weird for a lady to say she doesn't like calls? She is up to something. Abeg free her make she go her way before you regret it.
If I may ask, have u met her one on one. If not that person must be a gee guy
we have known each other for years, before we started dating. we know each other physically.
Romance / Re: Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 9:44am On Aug 22, 2020
Still call her, just the same. Let her know that you like calls.

She may not reciprocate, though..
But of course, you won't mind for now.

All ladies like calls. What some don't fancy is pestering.
i call her like once in two days.

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Romance / Could My Girlfriend Be An Introvert Or Is There Something Else. by Boomzaga(m): 8:24am On Aug 22, 2020
I just started dating these girl like three months now. she says she doesn't like calls . Her reason being that she doesn't feel comfortable with calls, she rather prefers chatting. And it's making me feel distant from her, bscause of lack of communication. could it be she lost interest or just an introvert.
Romance / Re: Man Lies On The Floor To Propose To His Girlfriend But She Turns Him Down by Boomzaga(m): 10:39pm On Aug 16, 2020
what a simp

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Romance / Re: Clothes Is Really Covering Nigeria Girls Yansh Especially The Big Yansh by Boomzaga(m): 6:24pm On Aug 15, 2020
not all. unless you have only been with 500naira ladies ;

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Romance / Re: What Was The Worst Thing You Ever Did In The Name Of Love by Boomzaga(m): 5:53pm On Aug 08, 2020
I stole my mother's money and gave it to my ex to do furniture to his house
you too much ..
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Always Announce When They’re Going To Cum? by Boomzaga(m): 10:40am On Aug 08, 2020
make u de ready.., AS EN DE HOT! �
Romance / Re: Come Back Home Unannounced. by Boomzaga(m): 11:36pm On Aug 03, 2020

Yeah Some men arrange women for themselves..Not Company...I have heard that so many times and it is funny and silly
am into the maritime sector . company picks girls from different countries for us.

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Romance / Re: What Can I Do About My Delayed Ejaculation Condition by Boomzaga(m): 9:41pm On Jul 22, 2020
While others are crying and ladies condemning men with premature ejaculation, me my own case is different

Delayed ejaculation is my biggest problem of the moment. Because when i engage in sexual intercourse, i don't ejaculate. No matter how long , we just get tired . Sometimes 30 minutes later. After several attempts to ejaculate to no avail , i will just let her be .

The last time i ejaculated last month we had sex like twice , the first section I didn't ejaculate , the last one hardly and forcefully before i finally ejaculated.

Apart from that i have also engage on several intercourse in which I didn't ejaculate. Please what could be the possible solution to this .
And the main problem i am having is that no body wants to help me on the solution to this issue . Even when i post it on nairaland , no comments , people read and go . Does it mean that my problem dont have solution cry cry cry or only me is experiencing this type of problem in the hole wide world cry cry
you did a lot of masturbation or you still do ... habitual masturbation makes one only cum during masturbation not sex
Romance / Re: How To Get Any Girl You Want! UDS cheat code (Guys only) by Boomzaga(m): 9:38pm On Jul 22, 2020
Hey guys, hope you’re alright? I’ve done seen alot of threads spurting up on this section about redpill and the recent overuse of the word simp, alpha etc and it’s really funny how y’all have been misled.. *facepalm*

I’ve helped alot of Nairalanders even Females that reached out through pms.. one recently even got married and was like guy, write a guide and post it on NL for the young generation and ignorant guys as your chit is very precise and understandable to the average nigeran guy... Redpill isn’t just about men.. a lady reached out to me here and jeez she was a married woman that has always been repeatedly abused by her husband and i advised her to involve the law enforcement and now she’s living peacefully with her kids... Let’s learn to love an appreciate quality women because not all women are bad.

Misinformation is worse than ignorance... Also, ive seen alot of comments on those threads with users flexing their ego about how many girls they’ve laid and all that blatant bullshit that does not in anyway add value to their lives or the life of others but brainwash this men into faking and doing desperate stupid shit just to get female attention or get laid and also to massage their flaccid ego.

I’m here to stop y’all from being misled... don’t get me wrong, those threads hold some really useful information and i do not know everything neither am i a messiah but there’s one important thing that’s missing which is VALUE and the ultimate purpose in the male dating strategy which i will address.. Redpill isn’t solely about getting laid and understanding women or manipulating women or game... if you wanna know that, you could as well google for pick up artists videos or memorize 48 laws of power (this is a good book don’t get me wrong but it’s sickening hearing guys quote for quote say laws to mislead the public) and all that bull5hit that just makes you a creep and a loser to a high quality woman.. Solving your sexual problems is a part of redpill but that isn’t the ultimate purpose. You will never know the feeling of piping a high status woman with standards if you don’t know the real truth. Being a high quality man you shouldn’t settle for less, you should be confident and filled with charisma.

UDS (ultimate dating solution) isn’t about:
Hating all women because your secondary school crush or college crush broke your soft heart made of rare south African diamond with gold encrusting... it also isn’t about sugar coating the truth or claiming to know everything or be a professor on a faceless forum... Also avoid this thread if you’re a Misogynist, MGTOW, INCEL or a troll (thread derailers or i hate broke boys gang plz backoff!) We love women so much on this thread and only want the best for them so that we get the best for ourselves. “You don’t say you’re the prize when you are actually an empty gift box” - me.

UDS is about swallowing the redpill not the blackpill (women hater and false projection of alpha) or bluepill mixed with redpill: Guys that after having the first sex start revealing their beta trait and telling her she’s the most sweetest girl they’ve ever d1cked! Or how she’s prettier than their mom or how she cooks better chicken than KFC..

Wtf guys! This happens all the time... I remember my supposedly alpha friend... he’s 6’4 black aggressive basketballer and all, after acting alpha with his supposed unicorn (a hb8 [hot bait]) he started following her like a handbag to everywhere and when she broke up with him ( which always happens eventually) he was so depressed and cried (red eyes) infront of us when we mocked him.... Don’t be like him! This thread is going to be your:

• How to put yourself in a situation that gets you high quality women

• Bulletproof against slutty girls using you for free lunch and airtime

• Bulletproof against manipulation

• Knowing when to pump and dump

• Knowing which girl to keep as your gf

• Knowing the right road to take when you’re lost

• How to wear a condom (because most of us are dumb and don’t believe STDs are real)

• Knowing how to not text a girl 10x in a row because she’s ignoring you

• And importantly, knowing how to be a high quality man that your family will be proud of not just impressing every slut wearing a revealing outfit and has tattoos (I like girls with tattoos).

Hold on,
I’ve already started a discord server incase this thread gets derailed in future or feminist wins the war against men in future and deletes this thread:


Some abbreviations and slangs reference we’ll use throughout this threads:

AWALT: All women are the same. You see that girl you think fell from heaven? She’ll leave you if you’re a loser or lost your job or dress dirty or get sick.. always remember AWALT.

UNICORN: You think she’s different and an angel like the girl davido sings about? Then she’s your special unicorn.. but i warn you, the only true unicorn in your life is your mom. Many have and are still following this road thinking they’re special but i warn you, it will not go as planned and you’ll waste your valuable time.. you could be the next billionaire if only you used those times instead of believing everything davido said about finding and spending money on your special unicorn, he’s only selling you his music.. he hasn’t even married his unicorn.. use your 6 (head).

CUCKED: if you’re being repeatedly cheated on or used as a free lunch/meal ticket by a girl then you’re being cucked lolz... i was cucked so hard in sec sch.. i used to give a girl (my then gf ) 5h-1k before I could kiss her or make her sit on my lap. That was when 5h had serious value.. looking back at her now after knowing the truth, my life so much better and she wants me back but nah! Never take back a cheater!

BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder (google about this for extra info)...when you meet a bpd woman or girl it either makes you stronger or destroys you... I remember one bpd girl at college back then... she came to my house and faked fainting infront of my parents and did all stupid shit for attention and blackmail... A bpd can and will do anything to control you, ruin you or get back at you for even the simplest reasons like talking to another girl... my friend’s bpd gf arranged gang members to beat him up and she came the next day to have sex with him with his swollen eyes... it was many months later a member of the gang told us what happened... you can see why bpd girls are a no go area? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

RUNS GIRL: We all know this one haha! But you don’t really know everything about them... we’ll be using this term alot... it’s in every girl’s dna even married women.. even that girl you respect so much in choir section in your moms church... that girl you see dress so decently at 2am watches rape porn and fantasize about swallowing a long 8inch pipe... The great thing about Nigeria runs girl’s is that they only show that evil side to their clients not you their friend, brother, colleague... although this thread will teach you how to be their client without paying... relationships are transactions don’t be scared of being a client... even marriages are transactions so stfu if you think or disagree chit! My female friend of over 5yrs is a runs girl.. ( didn’t meet her as one) a professional one, she’s gone to dubai etc but i swear you’ll never know unless you’re a client... she posts about God on her statuses on social media you’ll think she’s a wife material! Of course she is a wife material lol she’s my friend lol and we want the best for our friends but I’m telling you I won’t want my son or any of you brothers stick your pipe in dirt. Just imagining the different kinds of pipe she’s taken in makes me cringe.

HB8: Short abbreviation for Hot bait! It means a girl in the 8s, 9s and probably 10s in the hotness/sexiness scale.. say model type chicks like banky W wife adesua (I think she’s a solid cool...

Branch Swing: We’ve all watched National Geographic channel and saw how monkeys jump and swing from one tree to another? Women are beautiful creatures like our mom and dear sisters and are not ugly as monkeys, but i tell you bro, they do have mad jumping skills when it comes to switching from one guy to another.. in-fact they even set traps for you to enter so they can swing effectively and come back to you while you still apologize for a mistake you didn’t make. You could just wake up to a text that reads: baby i want a break up.. it’s over.. i want sometime to be myself.. This isn’t working.. And you thinking to yourself, tf did i do wrong? I’ve bought her the latest iPhone and a new house... am I ugly or my Pipe small? No brother! she has successfully found someone to branch swing to... Girls are always constantly searching for who to branch swing with even if they’re married. They need new exciting things to do bro, don’t get me wrong but after a few months if you’re not killing and wasting top dollar taking her to china or japan to watch anime and climbing the China wall you finna bore her and she’ll wish an angel will appear as a guy to save her from you! Guess what? You ran out of luck and that nigga shows up? She’s leaving you my bro... I’m sorry but you don’t have to be in such a sad situation that’s why I started this thread.. to make you the best man you can be and recognizing this traits and silencing them as a man! Also to make you that nigga she branch swings to! Think of regina! I see so many people cap chit that she’s dating a old man and I laugh... ned a real nigga for real.. he works on himself a lot and he getting what he deserves while gina living her best life on a private jet giving ned good ride in the air, experiences that none of us might ever have in our lifetime unless you take a step to improve your miserable life..

SMV: Most of y’all already know this... SEXUAL MARKET VALUE... This is one of the most important aspects of UDS, you see how girls recently always talk about wanting a fresh guy and you’re like tf is a fresh guy? Money? Designer clothing? Material possessions? Yeah you maybe right but Its SMV they’re generally talking about dumbass ! Lemme tell you a short story my brothers... i once saw this 19yr old few years ago... she was a HB8, very pretty and model kinda face... a face that will give you premature ejaculation when she stares at you directly so i was like why not follow the saying: “catch them young”.. Groom her to be my unicorn (worst mistake i ever made! Remember there are no unicorns)... i took this girl out every day and showed her to my friends (high SMV guys), took her to the mall showed her to even my sister but I prevented her from associating with my family as that would’ve spelt doom for me (never ever get a pretty girl close to your family yet unless you’re married! Its easier for them to win a battle from the inside)... she had daddy issues so i was like a father she never truly had... i even flew her to lagos ( her first time flying ever..! she lied her dad took her when she was little but i noticed she couldn’t even put on the seatbelt in the aircraft) with me and everywhere i went she was with me.. she loves sitting near the window of the plane... my severely experienced natural redpilled friend I’ll call him mr W, warned me that I’m making a wrong decision exposing this girl to the lifestyle and giving her underserving level... but i ignored him... her game was so intricate that even me questioned myself, she refused gifts and didn’t even demand for money and did everything i said... I thought i hit jackpot, i’d even tell her to ride me till I release! early in the morning when she’s hungry and tired and she’ll ride me like a IndecentStar without questioning chit! I felt like a boss... took her to parties and let her roam the whole place and no one could dare approach her even a senator wouldn’t because she finna ignore (atleast niggas used to tell me)... but as months passed our relationship started growing cold, my little unicorn had now had so much rich contacts and connections through me she no longer found me interesting and was waiting for the right moment to branch swing to the freshest guy (higher SMV) ... i was smart and broke up with her first by going ghost on her azz... till this day she craves my attention and likes all my chit on instagram ... i bet she even wants the pipe the last time even though she’s obviously with someone else... because i worked on myself and hit the gym and continued to focus on my career, skills and job without letting a woman be my sole focus or priority in life.. I recently found out by her best friend she had a quarrel with that she was collecting the D from one lowlife guy all that time we were supposedly serious and even had an abortion and that she’s a serial lesbian (no wonder i was getting those crazy snake riding positions)... and during that time her friend was giving me mad green light but I ignored... but again if you want to know a quality girl, look at her friends.... but this is a story of how great girls are at concealing their true hypergamic nature... no matter what you say, what you do and how high you climb, she will leave you (branch swing) for a guy with a higher SMV. I was only lucky because i had my senses intact at that time and i was so cool it made it harder to branchswing.. I’m not saying if you reading this had a private jet and houses in banana island you won’t make her trip, she’ll definitely trip but she’ll think carefully.. be that nigga she thinks carefully for.

SHIT TEST: This is what we face everyday... from our parents to our siblings etc.. we are bombarded with shit tests... you remember the time you invited your babe to your house and she said the classic: I want to go home o... it’s getting late.. Real niggas always put her legs in the air and her pants down after that statement.. dumb niggas always never hit it after that statement... So I’ll teach you how to identify and counter shit tests... shit tests from nigerian girls are crazy and confusing to spot...

(I’ll add more as we progress)...

Swallowing the pill or being alpha isn’t a status symbol or something to brag about like holding your iPhone 11 so the apple logo shows to attract / intimidate an insecure poor girl standing next to you... if anything it’s irritating and repulsive... Being redpilled is a state of mind and a way of thinking that makes you a better /real man in general... some months ago a girl was resting on my chest after making out and was like do you know about this redpill stuff? I was like: wtf is that? She was like those internet warriors that hate women kinda like the male version of feminism? I laughed and told her I don’t know what that is.... and later that night we banged harder than I imagined... you see? She shit tested me right there and i passed because i know my purpose and that knowledge is power not the abuse of power or a status symbol or boasting about how you’ve banged 20,000 girls... Unlike niggas in this section that go around telling girls they’re alpha and redpilled while completely missing the entire point of redpill itself... if you’re one of such people get out of this thread immediately!

Do not quote or reply anyone that trolls or tries to scatter our message into tiny particles by discussing insignificant things on this thread.

Like, Share and follow this thread if you’ve read to this point so we can save that dumb nigga over there from getting cucked! Ask questions below and if you know your stuff very well contribute! Let’s kickstart this movement and stop the brainwashing! I’ll update thread if I receive positive feedbacks! Lemme eat lunch now brb. My fingers hurts typing all this.. don’t forget to join our Nairaland discord server below on my siggy (I’ll tweak the server for advanced functionality tomorrow)

your the best.
Romance / Re: Woman What Is Your View When Dating Younger Guys? by Boomzaga(m): 2:23pm On Jul 22, 2020
You have problem grin
na so i be
Romance / Re: Why Did You Become A Player ? by Boomzaga(m): 2:15pm On Jul 22, 2020

Including your mother, sisters, daughters, grand daughter, great grand daughter..

Its obvious you are still a child thats why BRAIN IS DEAD..
Family / Re: Thread For Those Born In Month Of May by Boomzaga(m): 9:50am On Jul 21, 2020
so true... am May 19th
Romance / Re: Woman What Is Your View When Dating Younger Guys? by Boomzaga(m): 4:48am On Jul 21, 2020
am attracted to women older than i am, with an age difference of like 10yrs.

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