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Crime / Re: Man Urinates Into Somali-Owned Shop In S. Africa As Owner Looks On (PICS) by Bouncing2(m): 11:58am On Feb 22
Both Somalians and South African blacks are veeeery steeewpid set of mentally deranged madafvkerz..

Not all though but majority of ‘em

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Ronu: Your Son Has Turned Nigeria's Economy Into A Desert - Buhari Ahmed by Bouncing2(m): 11:20pm On Feb 21
I don't expect anything better from the enemy of this country that want Tinubu to be borrowing money like previous government And pass the suffering to the next generation.

Tinubu is on the right track... The mumu only love to see failure, they will hate you when you analyze success for them.

Tinubu is going run his govts through internally generated revenue and pass prosperity to the next generation.

Tinubu should please increase the minimum wage and make everybody wake up to the new reality.

Double your hustle to survive, Cost of living in Nigeria is the lowest in West and southern Africa.

Walk around the African continent, check the price of foods there and compare it with how much you buy am for Nigeria, then you will realize that you guys had been lucky since all this while.

Werey people will claimed that shebi Nigeria have Natural resources, we should be feeding fat na.

But won't know that Human resources is far better than Natural resources. Most people are liability to this government.

I pray Tinubu declared more war against Insecurity too .. make citizens survive the cost of living themselves.
Sh+ up osinso !!!

Have you checked the GDP per capita of those your acclaimed African countries as compared to what’s obtainable here?
Politics / Re: Hardship: Perform Your Lagos Miracles - Solomon Dalung Taunts Tinubu by Bouncing2(m): 11:11am On Feb 21
Bola Tinubu was the worst performing Governor Lagos state ever had but because he was good at using thugs, voodoo powers, high level occultism and money politics to hold on to political power in Lagos since 1999, ignorant Yorubas then attributed Tunde Fashola's success to Tinubu.

The truth some Nigerians failed to understand is that Tinubu was never an excellent leader anytime any day. It was pure tribal-religious sentiments that made some Nigerians to vote for Tinubu at all. If Southwest was a country of its own, Yorubas will never elect Bola Tinubu as their President. They only supported Tinubu because they felt he is the only Yoruba person that had the wealth and political influence to overshadow Peter Obi from becoming the President because majority of Yorubas from birth swore that an Igbo man will never rule Nigeria and nature has been fighting for Igbos by making them understand that they are wrong and need to repent of such evil mindset.

Yorubas were just ignorantly attributing Lagos individualistic successes (whereby all Nigerians from all tribes were coming together in Lagos buying up lands, building mansions, setting up businesses, opening companies and living mainly because of the opportunities Lagos offered as Nigeria's commerce center even before independence) as Bola Tinubu's making. That was the mistake most of you Yorubas made during the 2023 Presidential election

If you analyze the successes of all the past and present Governors of Lagos, Tinubu's performance comes least, Tunde Fashola comes first under democratic dispensation, Ambode second and mostly in infrastructural development. But Tinubu only consolidated power by empowering Agberos he used to rig and win elections. Tinubu is only a master in rigging elections and confiscating power, nothing else.

Lagos is like a child born into a billionaire family, so the possibility of the child becoming rich and successful is very high compared to other states who are like children born into extreme poverty and lack.

Lagos have everything that any state or even nation needs to succeed; favorable geographical location (border state), an ocean-surrounded state, commercial center, a former national capital with lots of favorable federal government policies focused on making it work. But you all attributed all these to Tinubu who weren't even born when Lagos became a success of its own, that was the mistake.

Without Tinubu's grip on Lagos state since he left office as Governor in 2007, Lagos would have advanced beyond where it is today honestly. In fact, if Nigeria had visionary leaders as a nation, Lagos and some other Nigerian top cities ought to have full functional tunnels, and subway transport systems. This metro being worked on in Lagos now ought to have been completed like some years back.

Danfo and all those rickety Yellow buses and Molue shouldn't have been operating in Lagos by now. Lagos ought to be competing with top African cities like Johannesburg, Cairo, Casablanca, Cape Town, etc.

So stop mentioning a mediocre like Tinubu on the same page with excellent leadership, Tinubu doesn't have such capacity. He can't even communicate eloquently and consistently.

Excellent leaders are wonderful communicators. Go and study the history of great leaders that turned their nations and cities around, they are always communicating their plans and agenda to their people.

But take a look at Buhari and Tinubu, they feel too big to talk to Nigerians and you are here calling such a callous mediocre man an excellent leader just because he managed to amass wealth through all forms of criminality and illegality which he uses to buy his way politically, it is well sha.

Nigerians knew Tinubu was the worst candidate to lead Nigeria to success during the 2023 Presidential election, every Nigerian knew this, but tribalism and religious madness didn't allow Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas to reason well. Instead they went ahead to vote for a highly corrupt, clueless, confused old man called Tinubu in the name of its Yoruba turn even after Yorubas produced Military President in 1976, Interim President in 1993, an annulled President in 1993, another civilian President in 1999 to 2007 and another Vice President from 2015 to 2023.

Their conscience and voice of reasoning didn't tell them that they ought to tell their son Tinubu to step aside and allow their Igbo Southern brothers to try for once since 1970, and you guys think nature and God will be happy with Nigeria and Nigerians for such injustice and inhumane treatment of Igbos in Nigeria?

Thank God time is exposing him to the whole world


May you never lack oil on ya head brotherly

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Forum Games / Re: You Have N1000 To Create The Perfect Woman. Choose Wisely by Bouncing2(m): 10:26am On Feb 21
grin cheesy you no want stress yourself at all
✋🏾😄🤚🏾Life’s already stressful,,no need stressing it further
Forum Games / Re: You Have N1000 To Create The Perfect Woman. Choose Wisely by Bouncing2(m): 9:15pm On Feb 20
500 - big bress
500 - big ass


Politics / Re: Nigerians Being Flogged To Get Free Bread & Yam In Lagos (Video) by Bouncing2(m): 12:43pm On Feb 20
Please can someone play me that Tinubu song. "Tiiinuuubuu! Tinubu eh! Tinubu here, Tinubu there, Tinubu...hmm! Jagaban Jagaban Jagabannn. Tinubu North, Tinubu East, Tinubu West, Tinubu South..." grin grin grin
Intro:: god bless PD,,APC!,,,go,,go,,god bless PD,APC

Romance / Re: Can You Forfeit Ur Kini For Life For $30b by Bouncing2(m): 12:12pm On Feb 17
Nobody’s gonna give you that kinda amount to begin with..

And what shall it profit a man to make huge amount of money com lose en priq join?

Sports / Re: Iwobi Didn't Perform Well - Very Dark Man Replies Oshoala Over AFCON Defeat by Bouncing2(m): 10:06pm On Feb 14
Nothing new weh Verydarkman do. mk Asisat Oshoala go sit-down wan place.
Nothing concern Super Eagles with a supposed footballer that can't pass or control ball.
Where ur footie boots dey?

Sports / Re: Moment A Prank Was Played On Super Eagles Players (pics/video) by Bouncing2(m): 10:28pm On Feb 10

Joe aribo fair?!
Na Aribo be dat bro

D guy with a plate of eba(Aribo) before he jam the elevator dude(Osimhen)
Sports / Re: AFCON: Tinubu To Land In Abidjan For Nigeria V Cote D'ivoire by Bouncing2(m): 10:26pm On Feb 10
Mek he nor go near dis boiz abegg
Sports / Re: Moment A Prank Was Played On Super Eagles Players (pics/video) by Bouncing2(m): 10:11pm On Feb 10

Na Osimehn's reaction funny pass. My guy quickly shut back the elevator sharp sharp. grin grin grin
...and who be that fair guy wey dey run with food? The guy go like food well well o.
Omeruo no even send the prankster, his reaction na typical "no gree for anybody".

Joe Aribo carry eba run🥲😂


Romance / Re: Outrage As NYSC Corps Member Receives Paltry N2000 Monthly Salary (photo) by Bouncing2(m): 11:00am On Feb 01
Akara n’ bread money 😂

It’s all good!🥲
Romance / Re: How Much Should A Man Budget To Take A Girl Out On A Date by Bouncing2(m): 10:56am On Feb 01
In this economy!!
Rich kidz✋🏾😂🤚🏾

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Politics / Re: Crowd Hails Peter Obi As He Visits Jos, Plateau State Unannounced by Bouncing2(m): 8:02pm On Jan 30
The people’s rightful choice!!!

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Sports / Re: I’m Not Impressed With Your Performance In AFCON – Tinubu Tells Super Eagles by Bouncing2(m): 11:07am On Jan 26
Tinubu no know say nobody send am


Nigerians weren’t much impressed by SE’s journey so far and Nigerians are super unimpressed with Tinubu too (at least SE de win matches unlike him)

He shouldn’t give them directives from the comfort of his hospital bed cos none of these players send am,,,.[people wey de hammer millions per week outside of Naija, gimme one reason why dem go send Tinubu]

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Politics / Re: Fund 'Private Visits' from Your Pocket, Not Public Funds - Obi Tells Tinubu by Bouncing2(m): 10:41am On Jan 26
He is the JAGABAN


Public asset, Nigeria has to pay for anything he does...

If u don't like it, drink beer

Ya fuqued
Travel / Re: Construction Of Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Ninth Mile Axis (Pictures) by Bouncing2(m): 10:18am On Jan 26

I can count 600 Brown roofs and a series of very thick forest 🥹🥹🥹

Mutanen nan sai ahankai walla, baki kamar garin tuwo da ba Nika da kyau ba 😁

Count out the 600 brown roofs,
You think this is south west? Or your pooor north?
Efulefu pesin😂

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Family / Re: If Your Grandma Slaps Your Mum In Your Presence What Will You Do? by Bouncing2(m): 7:01pm On Jan 24
Absolutely NOTHING!😌
Wentin concern me


Romance / Re: 'This Guy Tricked Me From Calabar To Umuahia, Slept With Me And Ran Away' – Lady by Bouncing2(m): 6:59pm On Jan 24

Don't be deceived by the iPhone, na normal phone for olosho. Girls are just big but nothing dey their head. Its like u don't know all these things
Most oloshos na 13 pro down ,,especially broke ones like in this case
Romance / Re: 'This Guy Tricked Me From Calabar To Umuahia, Slept With Me And Ran Away' – Lady by Bouncing2(m): 6:56pm On Jan 24

It is not cooked. I strongly believe so. Some people are just too stupid. Calculate transport fare to and fro and they calculate Hotel Cost…Then she sells her 14 to settle her rent and move on but most greedy and stupid women will travel to North Pole just to get a free penny they didn’t work for.

A very stupid human being.?
Some ladies and their sense of entitlement shaa☹️
Romance / Re: 'This Guy Tricked Me From Calabar To Umuahia, Slept With Me And Ran Away' – Lady by Bouncing2(m): 9:26pm On Jan 23

The Facebook account of both the man and the lady are fake, it's a cooked up story to scam people of their hard earn money. You can check it out.


They still want to play with our intelligence even in this 2024?
We all wiser now!
Romance / Re: 'This Guy Tricked Me From Calabar To Umuahia, Slept With Me And Ran Away' – Lady by Bouncing2(m): 9:37am On Jan 23
Wait oh…na u screenshot that Facebook profile?

U sef nor small oh…u even de use iPhone 14 pro dey look for help..

🤔 why do i feel like this is some cooked story!!?

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Guinea-Bissau: AFCON 2023 - (1 - 0) On 22nd January 2024 by Bouncing2(m): 6:20am On Jan 23
Again, luck was on the side of the super eagles today when a defensive blunder was committed by the man with jersey number 22 of the " Djurtus of Guinea Bissau" scored an own goal in favor of the super eagles of Nigeria.

Osimhen, the captain of the super eagles did work hard to score but his hard work was rewarded by the own goal.

I can beat my chest that Osimhen will always be a threat to any team in this tournament, the guy is always desperate to score but missed his chances, if he can be calm in front of goals, he will score.

It is all good, football is not mathematics, the best player or best striker, sometimes missed their chances but the important thing is that the whole team did well today.

They defended well, marked well, attacked well but were unlucky to score.

The team progressed to the next stage to face the winner of group B.

Osimhen captain kwa??!!!

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Romance / Re: Guy Do You Enjoy Sucking Boobs by Bouncing2(m): 11:48am On Jan 20
Boobs na everything ✋🏾🫠🤚🏾
Family / Re: My Lil Bro Plays With Girls, How Do I Stop It? by Bouncing2(m): 4:20pm On Jan 17
Take him to a football academy and get him registered..

That’s what my mom did with me when i was 7
Sports / Re: My Ideal Nigeria Formation Against Ivory Coast And Why Kelechi Is Instrumental by Bouncing2(m): 4:17pm On Jan 17

*Simon - Iheanacho - Chukwueze*

*********Iwobi - Yusuf*********

**Aina - Ekong - Awaziem - Zaidu*


In the absence of Wilfred Ndidi,,Frank Onyeka has to start all our games provided he’s fit..

And I’ll prefer a 3 man back line ( Bassey, Omeruo/Troost-Ekong, Ajayi)

Then kelz right behind Victor….and we’ll be good to go
Crime / Re: A Russian Man Who Tried To Rob A Hair Salon Ended Up As A Sex Slave (Throwback) by Bouncing2(m): 6:14pm On Jan 15
U nor go survive oh✋🏾😂🤚🏾
Crime / Re: A Russian Man Who Tried To Rob A Hair Salon Ended Up As A Sex Slave (Throwback) by Bouncing2(m): 6:09pm On Jan 15
Sooo hilarious 😂

Local man cannot can 😂😂
Romance / Re: Red Flags Everywhere: A young Man & His Deceptive Girlfriend by Bouncing2(m): 3:16pm On Jan 06
Omo, Simps dey suffer for this life o

Asin eehhh!!

If u ever SIMP,,u go suffer pass!


Food / Re: Eat Or Pass? by Bouncing2(m): 11:40am On Jan 06
I’ll try it
Romance / Re: Their Body Gum During Séx, The Man's Wife Called Native Doctor (video) by Bouncing2(m): 11:32am On Jan 04
Mtchew angry!!
Romance / Re: Help!! My Mum's Friend Is Toasting Me. by Bouncing2(m): 11:29am On Jan 04

Really? You want to try your luck?
And you are looking for validation on this forum, from sexual perverts like you.
Why is it that sexual perverts are always very stupid and senseless? You want to be climbing your friend's mother, not even his sister or cousin.
Obviously you have gone mad.
Am very sure that you would not like another young guy like you who is close to you to date your mother,but you are planning to do same to your friend, who's very unfortunate to have a depraved animal like you as a friend.
This is one of the reasons why many men don't keep friends.
To avoid things like this.
Fools like you fail to realise that every action has consequences which can be disastrous.
Did you pause for a moment to think how your friend would feel if he discovers you are dating his mother?
Did you?
You want to take the risk?
Do you ever consider that your friend can murder you for that, either by himself or by dispatching a group of boys after you?
FOOL,am sure you didn't think of that but your friend's mother's pussy.
There have been many cases of guys killing their friends for this and more, and you this senseless fool want to add to the statistics.
FOOL,as old as you are, you don't know what is good and what's bad.
What you want to do is not just bad,but an abomination.
In some societies, you can be stoned to death for that.
Soon depraved animals on this forum will advise you to dig your grave.
If you are actually stupid and senseless,go ahead with your abominable decision.
Good luck.

His mother’s friend not his friend’s mother..

Read to understand,,no long 🧢 ..

Well both na almost d same shaa

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