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Education / Re: Nigerian dad reacts after daughter's school forced her to losen her braided hair by brenister10: 7:04pm On Mar 12, 2019
All Schools have their rules and regulations and i guess this is a faith based institution. He should better let his daughter abide or enrol her in a Public University or perhaps in a private liberal school. Nonsense

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Celebrities / Re: Yusuf Adebisi Wins Oyo Assembly Seat (Taiye Currency’s 25-year-Old Son) by brenister10: 5:32pm On Mar 12, 2019

...and who told you I don't know?

See your mumu mouth. Your mate are out there doing better things with their lifes, you are here calling someone a robber no thanks to the small change you stole from your mama purse to buy data. And for your info, it was Remi Aluko that was arrested fro armed robbery not taye currency


Celebrities / Re: Yusuf Adebisi Wins Oyo Assembly Seat (Taiye Currency’s 25-year-Old Son) by brenister10: 5:31pm On Mar 12, 2019

Stop saying what you don't know.

dont mind that boy ijebuwarrior of a goat


Celebrities / Re: Pastor Fatoyinbo Settles Comedian, Woliagba & Dele Omowoli Issues (Photo) by brenister10: 10:04am On Mar 12, 2019
Daddy coza. Hmm
Crime / Re: Youths Looting An SUV After Travelers Were Attacked While Heading To Abuja. Pics by brenister10: 10:02am On Mar 12, 2019
Are you thinking what I am thinking, it seems the person who took this picture is also a member of the looting gang. To bad

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Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu Slams Tonto Dikeh: You Are Not A Wife Material by brenister10: 10:01am On Mar 12, 2019
Him that is husband material of the highest order, what are you doing poke nosing in people's business like a house wife?

Another Tonto e-warrior spotted. Just pray your brother or your son doesn't marry someone like Tonto


Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 9:51am On Mar 12, 2019

If my refusal to encourage domestic laziness makes me a feminist, then I will wear the toga proudly.

You people just want someone you can use as cook and house help, and when you tire of her, you move on to the next. Were you not washing your own darned clothes and cleaning your own darned house before you met me? You haven't even wifed me yet but you want to abdicate your domestic responsibility to me. If you want me to perform wife duties for you, make it frigging legal by putting a ring on it!!

Una dey try. Mscheeew.

Ishilove don vex o. See what civilization has caused. But sincerely, the fact that you are a woman doesn't make you feel less or make you inferior to a man. The point is everything should be done in love and a woman must do whatever house chore willingly and not by compulsion. The Bible said women should submit themselves to their husbands while husband should love their wives.

If there is genuine love and respect in the home, there won't be much problem but with the mumu civilization we have now coming from the western world, genuine love and submission have aleady been flushed down the toilet.


Politics / Re: Darius Ishaku Declared Winner Of Taraba State Governorship Election by brenister10: 9:08am On Mar 12, 2019
pdp should take it easy na, they just clearing all states.

Who would thought pdp will win Oyo state, kudos to all Oyo people out there.

APC really messed up here in Oyo by not calling Mr constituted authority to order when he was running his unfiltered mouth all around. All the best to the new governor elect

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Politics / Re: Darius Ishaku Declared Winner Of Taraba State Governorship Election by brenister10: 9:07am On Mar 12, 2019
pdp should take it easy na, they just clearing all states.

Who would thought pdp will win Oyo state, kudos to all Oyo people out there.

APC really messed up here in Oyo by not calling Mr constituted authority to order when he was running his unfiltered mouth all around. All the best to the new governor elect
Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:34am On Mar 12, 2019
[quote author=sweetilicious post=76579482]Funny.I want peace in my life.I want a sensible and responsible man.I want a man that can control his manhood and invest in building the family so good with me.I have grown to understand a whole lot of things.[/quote

And hope you will also control the feminist urge that might surge up in you ]
Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:31am On Mar 12, 2019
Uncle OP. Sorry to say, are you really looking for a wife or an housemaid.

I married from naija and you know what she's the best thing that has ever happened to me to the hr point that I'd sacrifice my life for hers, let me call her right now and tell her i want this and this prepared for breakfast and delivered to me at work and voila it's done and let me call her again and say you know what i eant a special delicacy prepared for dinner and voila it's all done.. Her only complain would be bae let's finish d food at home first (wastage) and not nagging.

But you know what, i wake up at 5,30 bath the kids, prepare tea or/and breakfast chitchat for, 10/20mins and I'm off to work and when I'm coming back from work i ask if they need some items from the market and sometimes i still make dinner (of cos she'd prepare something for the kids cos they have yo be put to bed)

Sometimes it doesn't really matter who or where you marry from but it depends on who you marry and who YOU ARE.

N:B, I'm not a vegetable and i haven't been tied down grin cheesy

Nice comments. Vegetables doesn't do that bro that's love in action.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:28am On Mar 12, 2019
@Cococandy, I choosed to mention you because u vividly understood the concept. I live in Canada and the truth is 70% of naija men needs brain resetting. A man will immigrate to Canada with his family, pushed the wife to go and do RN against her wish, he still wants the RN with about 3children and 12hrs shift to come back and serve his hands and foot. Is this not insane?, i dont really understand the basis upon which marriage is constituted. marriage especially Nigeria men. What I see in most of this naija men are selfishness,. Alot of peaceful families are divorcing because the man wants the wife to work full time, pay half of the Bill's and still serve him and the children. The moment you men understand that women are humans created by God as God created you people, marital issues will disappear.
To all this ones shouting my property this and that, which property do u even own, is it the one u mortgaged to pay for 25 to 30yrs? Or another one. I trained my wife in school, with whose money. Can any of you even train somebody in school single handedly without Govt loan? Mtcheww, confused Hypocrites.
And for the this olosho poster looking for a woman to enslave, continue and am sure u will find one when u are 75yrs old. Nonsense

Hmm, don't be annoyed please. Lol �

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:27am On Mar 12, 2019
This is more than apt.
This will be my only post on Nairaland. I'm only posting so no man goes through what I went through.
I live in the US.
My marriage crashed when I came home to marry a Naija-based angel. I never planned to come home to marry. I trusted my friend's report of good behavior from his family member not knowing he knew it was all a ruse. It was a planned job.
My father died from medical complications and having lost my mom much earlier, I came home to bury him. The Naija-based lady knew I was now an orphan used all her wiles to pretend to love me. Pretended to be helping to fill the void left by my parents and I finally agreed to marry her.
I was earning well over $180,000 a year and had luxury home and luxury car.
She arrived and within 1 month, I knew I had made the mistake of my life.
She demanded a luxury SUV since I had one and I told her it didn't make any sense to have two gas-guzzlers in the home. She immediately went into a tantrum. This was someone not contributing anything to the home financially. I got her a brand new Honda Accord. She wasn't very satisfied.
She started buying clothes. Every weekend it was a bill of $600 for clothes. I told her that's not how we spend money in America, she kept going. Always complaining. That she didn't have enough clothes. She is Igbo, so I paid for all the wedding in Nigeria. her family probably contributed only her wedding dress.
So I was starting to think who is this clown that I married.
She got pregnant and then started threatening me with potentially divorce & Child support if I don't do things that make her happy.
One day I got back from work (4 months after wedding) and she had been entertaining another man in the home that I paid all the mortgage on. I knew this because somebody had used the ipad at home to view his Instagram and Facebook and forgot to sign out.
I confronted her and she denied it. She started taking calls from all manner of men from Nigeria, sometimes going to the bathroom to talk to them
Fast forward, one day she told me her cousin from Nigeria was coming to our city in Maryland and could he stay in our home. I found out that the guy was not her cousin really and shut it down. She started saying by US law the home belonged to her and her kids. I told her I had a baseball bat and if she had 10 heads, she should bring the "cousin" to come visit.
By the time she had our son, she had become a full-fledged monster. Refusing to cook, etc. I did most of the house work and had a cleaner come clean the house.
I divorced her shortly after. I had to start paying her child support until God came to my rescue and the Judge decided I was the better parent and I won custody of my son.
It was the worst experience of my life and I lost so much. Her family was in on the whole thing. I assume they were so greedy to want my home
Before anyone asks, I never cheated on her. or hit her.
She did everything those women do: she called the cops to the house during an argument. I was so worried she was going to lie about physical abuse that never happened. I lived in FEAR in my own home. NEVER going to that state of things again. I'm free now.

For those who say the wife took a loan for school, so how did you send her through school, most times you co-sponsor the loan for the wife using your credit
I'll never be married again (I'm still in my thirties) and NEVER marry a woman from Nigeria again.

Ehya sorry bro. How do one now get a good wife if you are outside of Naija
Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:11am On Mar 12, 2019

You are very true, what you wrote.
I am even worried that some people are trying to cover-up or divert attention from the truth, the reality.

A few things come to mind:

1.) the world has changed, marriage is no longer what it used to be. Everyone has their own "idea" of what their marriage should look like. It wont work out if you marry someone who deos not share that your "view" of marriage.

2.) Western colonization has gradually eroded the "African tradition/culture" and this has affected our marriages. What and how my mother views marriage is not how my wife views it. How my father sees marriage, l am afraid, l tried to see it like that but it is just not working!

3.) Environment affects marriage like nothing else, it is the most important factor! I have seen very nice, lovely and motherly wives who were the envy of everyone that knows them in Nigeria, for more than ten years (not a single quarrel with the husband, nice kids, e.t.c) but that marriage crashed completely within five years of relocating abroad. I have seen too many of these to conclude it is not just mere coincidence.
Why is it that most "feminist" dont have a husband or are divorced women? Is it because they dont take shyte from their husbands?
What went wrong?

4.) If you marry in Nigeria, l am sure both the husband and wife have expectations of each other (Things l will do, things you must not do, things l can take, boundaries that must not be crossed, how in-laws are treated, how family members are treated, e.t.c). These are the basis of any marital union.
Nigerian, legal, customary and traditional LAWS also support these expectations (e,g, you cant drive your husband's mother out of your "marital home" because she has become a part of the family).
All these flies out of the window, once you relocate abroad with your wife!
The "LAWS" in the western world has made Husbands completely impotent and to be honest, there is nothing "Husbands in the Western world" fear more, than their Wife! How can anyone say that is "marriage"?

Marriage should be all about happiness, bliss, love, caring, sharing, dedication, trust, mutual respect, mutual reliance and most importantly, COMMITMENT. There is no room for FEAR, in a real marriage! If you live in-fear of your spouse (husband or wife), then you are not married but dying slowly or planning to kill him/her in the nearest future.

5.) If you come from Abroad to marry a wife in Nigeria, chances, to as high as 90% you will realize it is the greatest mistake you ever made in your life.
Dont blame it on Nigerian ladies, blame it on Poverty, blame it on desperation and finally, blame it on the "change in environment and culture".
How do you expect a woman who was brought up in a "culture and environment" where she is raised to agree that she must cook for her husband, not order him around, not slap him if he misbehaves, respect his mother and allow them free access to their son and CANNOT, under any circumstance (even if they quarrel, which all couples do!) throw him out of his house..... now suddenly finds herself EXPORTED to a "culture and environment" that legalize and promote male-abuse, that says you can call 911 and without any question asked, the Police will order him out of his house WITHOUT ANY PROOF OR BENEFIT OF DOUBT, where his Mother cannot knock on her son's door at 9pm and you the wife is the one who can decide whether she stays that night or go sleep at the local police station as a "wanderer"?

How do you expect her to cope when you suddenly export her to an environment and culture which says it is okay for her to slap you at the slightest provocation but you must just walk away otherwise you will suffer double jeopardy because you will land in jail so fast, you wont know what hit you?
How do you expect her to cope when she is told by Social Workers that she can own the house, the children of the marriage and everything you have, all she needs to do is just shout "domestic violence", even if it is trumped-up?

How do you expect her to remain "sane and behave like your wife" when you export her to an environment and culture which says if you both agree to have $ex as husband and wife, (which is legal and godly), she can change her mind during the intercourse and if you dont stand up immediately, she can charge you for rape (Yes, your own wife o!) and you spend the rest of your life in jail?

I can continue to list the MADNESS that marriage in the "Western world" has become, till tomorrow,
All l am saying is that, you guys should stop fooling yourselves thinking you can import a Naija lady abroad and she would still be the same "nice wife" you know in Nigeria or the nice lady she pretends to be while, in Nigeria. She would change and it is not her fault. she just cant help it (I am not justifying it or saying it is right)...but you must not expect otherwise because if you do, it is the disappointment when she changes, that will kill you first before her actions does. (Nigerian ladies, dont be annoyed, l am just trying to prepare the mind of you potential husbands for what would happen, so they dont start forming ignorance).

6.) The Devil you know, is better than the Angel you dont know! That is a big, fat lie.
The Women abroad, especially the Akatas (Black women born and raised in the Western world, Europe, Americas) .... if you live abroad, you probably know them very well. (Less than 10% of them are "wife material).
They grew up in a culture that treats men as scum, slaves and a tool for their pleasure. they are not really into marriage, as we see it over here in Nigeria or as we experienced it between our own parents.

They just wanna be proposed to with an expensive ring, do a lavish wedding and still f*ck around like they are still single. If they have a child for you, you can never be sure who is the father so a DNA test is as cheap and accessible as a malaria test over there.
"Bastard Child" as we know it in Nigeria, does not bring "shame" to any woman over there because probably eight out of ten persons you come across was raised by a` man who is not their father but was told by their mother, that he is their father, till they found out.
They just move on.
Infact, it has become so "normalized| that men are beginning to think it is a "sign of good character" to not complain when your wife brings another man's pregnancy/child into the marriage, you just raise the kid like your own once she says 'I am sorry".

So, even if you marry an Akata in your neighborhood over there in the Western world, it is still as risky and dangerous as importing a wife from Nigeria.

And that brings us to the real issue: marriage is no longer what we know it to be.
Drop all those expectations, if you dont want to be disappointed, you will be, if you still look at it from the lens of "how it used to or was supposed to be"

Let me stop here.
My advice:
Dont marry for children, there in no guarantee they wont be taken off-you by your wife, at one point in the future. There are so many men out there who cant see, relate or even be allowed to say 'hello' to their kids, by their wife or the state. Surrogacy can give you a child of your own, without a mother and the headache of marriage! Ask Linda Ikeji if still in doubt.

Dont marry for $ex, you can get it without marriage and all its wahala. The $ex doll is a low-maintenance item that wont throw you out of your house or call Police on you or cheat on you and you can remove the battery anytime you want. She is beautiful and very life-like!

Dont marry for love, it is not what keeps a marriage or brings happiness, (Trust, Commitment, Dedication, mutual respect is what does)

Dont marry because you think your wife is submissive or will obey you, she wont once she thinks she can get-away with not doing so (Abroad standard). Women of today are being told they are not women, but Men and should act like men,

Dont marry because of beauty, that one fades faster than those fake jeans they sell at Aba.

Dont marry because you think it will bring you happiness......most married men (especially in the WEST) are living in pain, fear and bondage. How can such people even pretend to be happy (Nigerian husbands living in Nigeria should than their stars but l can assure them that it wont last for long, the evil is gradually creeping-in.

If you must marry, sign a Pre-nup (or a Post-nup if already married). have no "good expectations" from the marriage, you wont get any, anyway. It breaks when it breaks, dont hinge your happiness on it.
Marriage as of today, is all about the woman and what she selfishly wants.
The man that marries should know how much danger he is subjecting himself to. That does not stop you from marrying afterall, we know electricity kills but we still wire our houses and use it.
Those are the brutal truth that will come to pass, sooner or later, even if you dont believe it now.

PS: To some people this is trash and l agree with such people. To some it is life-saving and l still agree with them, to some. it is "wetin concern me" and those are the people l love most. Dont get worked up over this.

This is the best comment I have read on this tread
Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 8:00am On Mar 12, 2019
When will Nigerian men borrow sense from other men in the world and turn their backs on this archaic practice called marriage?I will never understand why any man would be so eager to live with a woman in thesame space for 1week talk more of 1 to 10years

Another bobo wey civilization don wack him head spotted


Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 7:45am On Mar 12, 2019

Kuku say you're looking for a house help. Why can't you wash your clothes yourself?

Another feminist spotted

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by brenister10: 7:44am On Mar 12, 2019
so wat of those american housewives in the suburbs who wash and clean and tend for the kids while the husband is outside hustling for d daily job. See guy if op is jardon or yankee based and he comes back home with the intention of looking for a homebased wife he go jus cast himselfcheesy. The only way u can get a genuine homebased wife if u are based overseas is to have a serious genuine girl while u were in naija and if u happen to port over the other side and u now settled u can get married to her and move her over with u. Any other way na yahoo yahoo naija home based chick u go getcheesy.

Your head dey there

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Sports / Re: Real Madrid Re-Appoints Zinedine Zidane As Manager by brenister10: 9:30pm On Mar 11, 2019
Zidane don fvck up

He should have gone to PSG where the league is sure then build his CV further like guardiola did by going to Bayern where the league is easy.

Now he would be exposed. Even cup for drinking water he won't carry

Man wey sabi, I love your analysis. Kudos!
Politics / Re: All 44 Kano LGA Governorship Results In, PDP Wins Majority Votes - Premium Times by brenister10: 9:28pm On Mar 11, 2019
Meaning Kwankwanso did not work for Atiku?
Politics / Re: I Am Supporting, Not Moving Against Ajimobi -Tinubu by brenister10: 8:30am On Mar 05, 2019
Ok. What many don't know is, how Atiku won Oyo state vote during the Presidential election. Atiku won because all the opposition parties come together to vote against President Buhari.
We can all see how APC performed excellently in the National Assembly election because there is no combination of effort by opposition parties. As they all fight to win for their party candidates.
The 9th March gubernatorial election will surely determine how each leading parties negotiate with the fringe parties.
APC seems to have the upper hand here with Akala aligned with Adelabu. That alignment is over one hundred thousand votes. Some aggrieved party members both within and those who defect to other parties might reconsider their stance. I think Senator Soji Akanbi will support Adelabu. Only God knows if the ’LAMIST’ will see the reason to do the needful.
But we should also realize that Oyo state voters are highly unpredictable.

Let's be frank, Ajimobi messed up big time. His pride, arrogance cost APC Oyo state
Celebrities / Re: 'I Love You' - Tonto Dikeh Goes On A Romantic Dinner With A Man (Photos) by brenister10: 10:20pm On Feb 25, 2019
Another victim

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Politics / Re: Abiola Ajimobi Loses Senatorial Election To PDP by brenister10: 12:24pm On Feb 25, 2019
You peeps talking about the defeat of Ajimobi, you do not understand anything. Some of you are saying he is a bad governor. His predecessor was a father of the thugs, Ajimobi came and he caged all those thugs. Since Ajimobi has been the governor of OYO state, we have recorded less crimes, he was initiated the joint security patrol (operation burst) which has been very effective. He is not an angel, he cant be perfect. He is the still one of the best governors OYO state has ever had. Do you even know why he won 2nd term? Not only by rigging (because I know that will be your myopic conclusion) but because he has done well in the state.

His problem is that he talks too much, too proud, talk harshly and the policies he implemented as governor are anti - people. He's is hated in Oyo state


Politics / Re: Why Nsima Ekere Deserves To Be The Next Governor Of Akwa Ibom State by brenister10: 7:47pm On Feb 15, 2019
Another paid media ahuja. Nsima the Murderer

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Sports / Re: Julius Aghahowa Celebrates His 37th Birthday by brenister10: 2:46pm On Feb 12, 2019
The back flip god. The man who singlehandedly sent Sweden home in the 2012 world cup.

See yourself? 2012 World Cup! Sent Sweden home? Na back of TV you watch or perhaps the person wey tell you the story need to be schooled
Properties / Re: Cheap Plot Of Land In Ibadan. Pls Only Serious Buyer N120,000 by brenister10: 10:05am On Feb 12, 2019
Hope there's no problem with the land?
Properties / Re: 3 Bedroom Flat For Rent In Oke Ira, Ogba. by brenister10: 9:41am On Feb 12, 2019
1.18m.....oga fear God biko
Celebrities / Re: I Stopped Acting Love Roles From Day I Met My Husband – Mercy Johnson by brenister10: 7:13am On Feb 09, 2019
You are not a professional.

You can fvck in the presence of your husband on set if you were a professional.

Candid advice from Shithead.

Your moniker says it all


Politics / Re: Chike Ukaegbu Visits Center For Children With Special Needs (Photos) by brenister10: 3:55pm On Feb 08, 2019
This is boy is a joker. But I admire his courage just that our mumu never do for this country. Millions are still queueing behind PMB and Atiku who are responsible for where we are now as a country


Crime / Re: Lady Murdered In A Hotel In Niger State (Disturbing Photo). by brenister10: 6:34pm On Feb 01, 2019
Those Instamessage oloshos won't learn from this
Celebrities / Re: Tope Delano Raped Twice At 7 Abd 11 Years, Battled Depression by brenister10: 10:35pm On Jan 25, 2019
grin who will rapee this ugly chimpanzee

I want to buy any verified Nigerian Adsense

Your father
Celebrities / Re: Sanwo-olu Hosts D’banj, Phyno, KSA And Nollywood Actors (photos) by brenister10: 10:26pm On Jan 25, 2019
This January has never been this great. It's my second payout now and still counting am so happy.

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