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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Ends Obama’s 12-year Run As ‘most-admired Man In America. by buckeye(m): 11:13pm On Dec 29, 2020
You know it's kind of funny how the most admired man in America with a huge % will lose an election to a man in America with just 6%.

I think right now it's now becoming clearer.

The truth will come out, you guys should watch out.

Biden will never become president of America.

Watch what is about to happen In America.

DONALD trump will rule for a second term.

by the order of Ishawuru.

You are so dumb. Obama was the most admired man for twelve years straight including all four of when Trump is the president. So with your logic, Obama should have been president even when he wasn't contesting? Mumu


Travel / Re: Proposed New Look Of International Airport Road, Lagos (Photo) by buckeye(m): 7:58pm On Jun 05, 2017
its a fake picture, take a look at it closely! Even the BRT buses, cars and the road looks fake. Lagos is now looking like small London all thanks to Ambo!!!

Ambode is really doing a nice job,Lagos is getting beautiful day by day!

It is true. its on Ambode's Instagram page


Celebrities / See What Tee Mac Said About Wizkid by buckeye(m): 3:05am On Apr 19, 2016
It's safe to say He is not a fan of Wizkid

Politics / Re: $5.2 Billion Fine On Nigerian Firm Is World's Largest by buckeye(m): 8:20pm On Nov 19, 2015
What's your source?
Politics / Re: When Yorubas Travel We Dont Do Interstate, We Go International by buckeye(m): 8:43pm On Sep 04, 2015

Whoa! whoa! whoa! What a speech. Guy, me sef be proud Ohio State University Alumnus (proud Buckeye cheesy)-- matter of fact, I did my final High school senior year in the State of Ohio. Lived in Harlem, ATL, Orlando, Columbus Ohio, and San Leandro California cheesy, so there's nothing you can tell me about America -- spent 15 solid years in God's own country. You can beat your chest from today till tomorrow but that won't make your lies true about Igbo population strength in the U.S relative to Yorubas.

And if any ethnic group is an embarrassment to the Nigerian state, it is no doubt your kinsmen. No week passes without them being apprehended for drug-trafficking the world-over, so please save your sermon for Church on sunday morning.

I see you guys can't keep my name out of your mouths lol
Politics / Re: Photos Of Jonathan And His Family In Kenya by buckeye(m): 1:09pm On Aug 19, 2015
I think GEJ deserves the vacation because its not easy to run Nigeria. But how many ex presidents of other countries or high profile people can boast of vacationing in Nigeria? It goes to show how far behind Nigeria has fallen. GEJ did not take care of this country
Politics / Re: Soldiers Treat A Civilian Like An Animal In Nasarawa State (Photo) by buckeye(m): 1:40pm On Aug 10, 2015
This is the reason why Amnesty International always tag our military as human rights abusers. ...maybe our government will do something if I email AI.
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 1:33am On Apr 24, 2015

Just finished watchig Flash ... Its ok nothing special
U seen that gotham one dunno if i should add that to d list

I've never heard of flash. i guess I will look it up.... i have been slacking lately because i have basketball playoffs keeping me busy Lol.
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 7:25pm On Apr 23, 2015

Oh ok .. October is far now
Waiting for empire season 2 akso

I like empire but I dont miss it. I predict the season will be better base on how season 1 ended.
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 3:54pm On Apr 23, 2015

Oh hasnt sons finished ..

Yea try watchseries
To get the last two episode .. Need to know when new season starts . Walking dead

I have them saved already. But still busy with the house of cards lol..

New season of walking dead will start in October sad
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 3:17pm On Apr 23, 2015

Ok cool i like when it more than like a season out

What else is knew .. When is walking dead coming back
Did u watch erm sons of arnachy ??

Im missing the last 2 episodes of walked dead.

And yes, I watch sons of anarchys. I don't think Jackson is coming back though
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 10:00pm On Apr 22, 2015

No is that new..

not that new it's in season 3 now

Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 5:30pm On Apr 22, 2015

Omg i love walking dead wow
Thought most ppl hate it

So u a sci fi person right

I love action sci fi. Not the boring ones. ... i can be selective depending on my mood.

Do you watch House of Cards?
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 4:57pm On Apr 22, 2015

Oh ok cool .. Chz im still watchin the original n vampire diaries too

Nah i don't do those vampire stuff lol. with the exception of Walking Dead. My favorite
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 3:36pm On Apr 22, 2015

Lol where you guys watching it ...
Only one episode on the sight im using cry

I try to watch as it airs.. if not i just record on DVR
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 4:03am On Apr 22, 2015

U know im a games if throne addict aswell new season started lol u may call me khalisis lol hope i spelt it right grin

I'm behind one episode. Who would have thought that could happen? im such a slacker
Romance / Re: Confession Time:come In And Confess by buckeye(m): 12:19am On Apr 22, 2015
Lol Lala247 and beamborla don take style push faith551 to the friend zone... thereris God oo grin grin
Health / Re: BREAKING: South African Ebola Patient Arrested At Lagos International Airport by buckeye(m): 9:50pm On Sep 11, 2014

You are kidding, right?
Some comes into your country with a lethal biological weapon and you are asking if she's a criminal undecided

Where in the article did it say its confirmed she has the virus? What if she has malaria? You cannot arrest someone just for "showing the sign" of EVD without ben confirmed.

What if other nations starts to arrest nigerians abroad because the have temperature? How would you react to that?

1 Like

Health / Re: BREAKING: South African Ebola Patient Arrested At Lagos International Airport by buckeye(m): 6:31pm On Sep 11, 2014
"Arrested" seems to be a wrong choice of word. Is she a criminal?
Celebrities / Re: Kerry Washington Weds Nnamdi Asomugha by buckeye(m): 10:58pm On Jul 04, 2013
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/PwwYKoVuSM0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Politics / Re: Libya: Gaddafi Stalls Evacuation Of Nigerians by buckeye(m): 12:46am On Feb 27, 2011
The Nigerian emergency agency should have learnt from the USA and other countries why can they chatter a ferry just like the other countries did? US government had to use a ferry to evacuate its citizens to Malta, at least to make sure they are safe. Naija with its way of politics!
Sports / Re: Fl Gators Lets Make A Bet! Lsu Vs Florida OCT 10!! by buckeye(m): 3:20am On Nov 24, 2009
Yes,  but i don't think that his coaching  reputation  would ever recover from that one,

Nah i disagree, its just a bad time management. its nothing compared to Bill Belichick decision to go for it on 4th down at his own 28 yard.  I am not a Les Miles fan but all he has to do is win more games and it will be forgotten
Sports / Re: Fl Gators Lets Make A Bet! Lsu Vs Florida OCT 10!! by buckeye(m): 11:44pm On Nov 23, 2009
Anybody can make mistake i guess, but funny though how they all looked confused on the field.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ireland [1-1]: May 29 2009 by buckeye(m): 8:52pm On May 29, 2009
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ireland [1-1]: May 29 2009 by buckeye(m): 8:45pm On May 29, 2009
Music/Radio / Re: Beyonce Single Ladies (african Remix) by buckeye(m): 2:35am On Mar 30, 2009

Slow topic day on NL when this was first posted? This is a duplicate thread of a previously posted one. Peace!

This was posted b4 any other one. check the date smiley
Music/Radio / Beyonce Single Ladies (african Remix) by buckeye(m): 3:05am On Mar 26, 2009
Watch the new African Remix to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

Religion / Ukraine-based Nigerian Pastor, Sunday Adelaja, In Fraud Charges by buckeye(m): 11:17pm On Mar 22, 2009
Flambouyant Nigerian pastor and apparently Ukraine’s most prominent Pentecostal leader, Sunday Adelaja, has been indicted on fraud charges. Pastor Adelaja is the senior pastor of the largest church in the Ukraine, "The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Kiev."

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has accused him of defrauding citizens of money, the ministry’s Department for Media Liaison and International Activity said. Sunday Champion gathered that the amount is over $100m.

"The investigator has brought charges against Nigerian citizen Sunday Adelaja, who permanently resides in Ukraine and is a senior pastor at the Embassy of God church. The charges were brought under Part 4, Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the embezzlement of funds in very large amounts via fraud)," the ministry said.

Last month, several church members went to authorities saying they were unable to recover the money they invested, which left many of them bankrupt. Police later arrested one of King’s Capital leaders, Aleksandr Bandurchenko, on suspicion of fraud.

Speculation about Adelaja’s involvement with King’s Capital grew after reports surfaced that he was part of a bank in Nigeria known as GS Microfinance Bank Limited. Some speculated that Adelaja, a native of Nigeria, invested funds from King’s Capital in the African bank and planned to leave the country.

Adelaja, however, said those accusations are unfounded. He said he has never been involved with King’s Capital but denied that it is a Ponzi scheme, which uses later investments to pay dividends to earlier investors.

He said King’s Capital was a legitimate business that failed under the pressure of the global financial crisis. He said because the company poured most of the investment capital into real estate, which decreased in value, it has been unable to pay investors.

"When the economic crisis came, all the real estate is no more selling. The land is enough to pay back the money owed. ,  The problem is ,  everything is stopped in the country--nothing is selling now in Ukraine,’’ he said.

Adelaja said Interior Affairs Minister Yurii Lutsenko accused the church of involvement because he wants to undermine the evangelical movement in Ukraine. With several thousand members across the nation, God’s Embassy is one of the most influential congregations in Ukraine.

"(Lutsenko) is in a very bad situation," Adelaja said. "He’s got to prove now that (King’s Capital) is a pyramid scheme, but he cannot."

Adelaja said he never encouraged his church members to invest in the company and cautioned them to invest in businesses that offer insurance. "Of course ,  if you invest with insurance you get less percentage," he said. "What happened was many people said they didn’t need insurance because the (King’s Capital leaders) were Christians."

He acknowledged being affiliated with GS Microfinance, but said he invested his name and influence in the bank, not millions of dollars. He said GS Microfinance was formed to give small loans to poor Nigerians as a way of lifting them out of poverty. "It’s not about what you can get, but the vision of the program is to elevate and get as many people out of poverty as possible," Adelaja said. "That is one of my lifetime passions ,  because I grew up in poverty."

Although Adelaja has repeatedly denied any involvement in King’s Capital, which has not officially been deemed a fraudulent business, Pentecostal and charismatic leaders across Ukraine are calling on him to repent, saying they heard him encourage church members to invest in the company on several occasions.

"He was not a president of this company, but he was the No. 1 spiritual leader, and he told them what they have to do," said Bishop M. S.Panochko, leader of the All-Ukrainian Union of Pentecostal Churches of Evangelical Faith, which is comprised of 1,500 churches across the nation. "He can do everything to tell them that he is not involved, but all the leaders have a lot of facts, and we have a lot of video of when he was pushing people, and he encouraged people to invest in this business."

Panochko was one of 10 leaders who met with Adelaja last Tuesday to confront him about his alleged support of King’s Capital and the negative impact some of his actions have had on the evangelical church in Ukraine.

The Pentecostal bishops, who together represent more than 2,500 congregations, listed seven items of concern and said Adelaja has a pattern of making exaggerated statements. They pointed particularly to his alleged claim that he led the 2004 Orange Revolution--when Ukrainian voters protested a presidential election many considered fraudulent--and his reports that God’s Embassy has 100,000 members across the nation. The bishops say those and other statements are untrue.

After the meeting, Adelaja issued a statement saying he did not organize the Orange Revolution, though his congregation participated in the demonstrations. He also asked forgiveness for the negative impact the King’s Capital scandal has had on Ukrainian churches, but he added that he did not personally have any involvement in the company.

Despite the statement, Panochko said the bishops would continue waiting for Adelaja to apologize for allegedly endorsing King’s Capital. If he does not repent, Panochko said the bishops would issue a statement to Christians in Ukraine and abroad, and to the Ukrainian government, denouncing Adelaja and claiming no affiliation with him.

Moscow-based pastor Rick Renner, founder of the Good News Association of Churches and Ministries for Russia, Latvia and Ukraine, said Adelaja’s claims are hurting Christians in the former Soviet Union.

If convicted, Adelaja may spend up to 12 years in imprisonment, according to Part 4, Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Sports / Re: Nigeria Gives Up Hosting Of Under- 17 World Cup by buckeye(m): 6:13am On Oct 25, 2008
Lol i am totally in support of the decision especially after reading the article below.

Music/Radio / Re: Anyone Know Contact Numbers Of Hot Djs In Naija? by buckeye(m): 1:11am On Sep 13, 2008
you can get any naija djs @   http://www.myspace.com/nigeriandjs or naijadjs@gmail.com  or

Music/Radio / Re: Sasha Vs. A Bag Of Sh*t by buckeye(m): 6:43pm On Sep 08, 2008
This is one of the craziest threads ever, LMAO

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