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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Chydoo: 5:04pm On Mar 26
Hello All,

Please anyone in Kamloops with details on available rental space for a studio apartment in Kamloops should please reach out.
I will be glad to also join BC whatsapp group.

Thank you

I stay in Kamloops, BC. You can send me a PM.

Your best bet will be an Inn for a start. When you land you can then check for an apartment before paying for it.
You can check Panorama Inn but there are a few other Inns as well.
Also Kiji and Facebook marketplace for apartments.
Good luck

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Chydoo: 1:03am On May 23, 2020
Also sent you a PM @Phollu
I ll like to join the group for Nigerians in BC.


Hi Kiitan. Sorry I'm just reading this. No, I wasn't able to find. I opened a whatsapp group though, and I believe it would grow in no time. We're about 6 in the group for now. Lol. You can inbox me your phone number so, I add you to the group, if interested.
By the way, where in BC are you? I shuttle between Downtown/Surrey.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Chydoo: 12:46am On Aug 25, 2019
Landing gist.
We are a family of three (now four smiley )and we started our journey to Canada on the 6th of June via Ethiopia airline.

I didn't find the Journey funny, thanks to my one year old son. He is used to having a lot of space to play (we play alot) and could not understand why he had to be pinned to a small area in our over twenty hour flight . My wife being heavy, I had to bear the burden of managing him alone through out the journey in order not add stress to her

We landed in Edmonton on the 7th, rested that night in my wonderful Friend and colleagues's house before we continued our journey to Kamloops in British Colombia. I got a job there between PPR and landing. I had previously booked the flight to Edmonton after PP but before the job came.

Thank God for RCCG Kamloops.
We got their contact online and contacted them for help.
They assisted us by picking us from the airport, taking us around to get a temporary accommodation and feeding us on landing as well as buying some grocery.

We paid for the temporary accommodation we chose for a one month duration, while still assisting us find a permanent one. God bless them richly.

I was a able to get a permanent accommodation through my friend and colleague at my place of work.

Next challenge was birth.
Just to clarify to PRs who are planning to land in BC and are to give birth before 3 months, you will pay for the birth.
Birth cost hers is minimum of 7k to 8k CAD . I was getting varying information from landed PRs, that is why I am making this clear.

The good side is that you can spread the payment monthly for up to at least 48 months if not more. And you also get to receive monthly child benefit payments for your child. Also, you get to receive some percentage of the bill back on tax filing

Wish you all the best.

Lessons learnt in my opinion

1. Follow the Job not the city or province.
My friend in Edmonton drummed this to my ear after PPR. As non landed PRs we have the flexibility of choosing to settle in any province or city before landing as there are no attachments (like house rent contract) yet. One can always move back to desired location in the future if necessary. So while applying online before landing, do not limit yourself to particular city or province. This may not apply to PNP.

2. The less you buy and cargo, the better for you. Everything is here and the stress of carrying those stuffs may not be worth it

3. Professional certifications that are internationally recognized are more valuable in job search than conventional school certificate. This should be obvious

4. Everyone's story and journey is different. You can learn from other people's story but that does not mean yours will be same.

5. Have faith and be positive

Thank you

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Chydoo: 8:56pm On Aug 05, 2019

I sent you a PM.

I just replied
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Chydoo: 7:30pm On Aug 05, 2019
Hi Dan90s and Martswoll,
Any pointers on how to obtain accommodation in Kamloops?

I stay is Kamloops and I must tell you accommodation is not so easy here.

So the earlier the better.
Send me a PM today is a public holiday in B.C so I will be able to respond quickly if you do today.

Good luck
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Chydoo: 6:21pm On May 21, 2019
More pictures

Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Chydoo: 6:19pm On May 21, 2019
Please I have the below Items for sale.
You can contact me on
0 9 0 9 9 9 8 3 3 2 6

Fisher price infant to toddler rocker 11,500
Deluxe portable infant swing 18,500
Sitting walker 5,000
Standing walker 2,500
1-4 years toddler car seat 9,000
High chair 5,000
Gas cooker with cylinder 40,000
Kitchen cabinet 10,000

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 5 by Chydoo: 7:45pm On Aug 13, 2018
Yes. It was used successfully in lieu of certificate for WES evaluation.

I think they would confirm if a convocation has been done already for the year of your graduation. They expect a certificate if convocation has been done. Not sure about this part though.

Hallo, can anyone please confirm if he/she successfully used letter of attestaion from UNILAG in lieu of certificate as certificate is not ready for ECA evaluation with ICES or IQAS. Thank You and God Bless
Properties / Shop For Rent At Mandilas, Trade Fair by Chydoo: 8:02pm On May 16, 2018
If you are interested in renting a shop at Mandillas shoping complex, Trade fair, Lagos, you can contact me on


Rate is 8k / month.

Thank you
Religion / Re: What Is Life? by Chydoo: 8:44pm On May 06, 2018
The essence or purpose of a product was already defined by the manufacturer before it was produced. Life is a product.

We deceive ourselves if we say there is no intelligence in the order and logic where which we exists. In short science has only proved that we exist in a highly intelligently designed system or systems we call life or existence. Our ecosystems, DNA etc only points to such intelligence. Intelligence begats intelligence.

So I think your question is the age old question? Who or what is God (unmoved mover, uncreated creator) and what was the purpose of life before its creation? What was the purpose of this product before it was produced?

More questions than answers.

I found Truth in the Bible, God's word.
But the true test for all beliefs is death. What we meet or don't meet after we die. I however pray that you find the Truth while alive because knowing it now will guide you on how to live this oppurtunity we call life.

Please this post is not for the feeble or dull minds.

Is this life worth anything?

What is life?

Because, I've come to realize that we're just living to die. And is this life worth the whole stress of living? If my question makes any sense.

I've also come to understand you don't live happily at any point. Things will happen and situations will keep stressing you at every point. When you're poor, you want to be rich so that you can solve your problems. But when you're also rich, there'll be stress. You'll start trying to make sure you don't go back to poverty and invest wisely. You can't just sit and enjoy your wealth. Situations will keep cropping up. Sometimes I'm scared to be happy because happiness doesn't last. Something bad must always happen.

What is this life?
Is it worth the stress that issues will keep coming up and you don't even get to sit back and enjoy?

Being a child is the best thing that happened to us all. Because then you had no worries, as we grow, our needs becomes endless. We're insatiable.

What is life? I'm tired of living, living this hard life knowing I'm going to die anytime and my goals and dreams that I'm working for becomes nothing at the end. I'm tired of getting almost everything wrong. Tired of not being happy all the time and the stress that keeps coming up.

What is the essence of life if we're just living and suffering only to die. Because in this life, THERE'S NOTHING LIKE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. We're just going through hell, just to die at the end.

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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Chydoo: 1:43pm On Sep 15, 2017
Hello Mamas and Papas.
It will be sinful of me not share my experience after all I have gained as a silent reader on the thread and Nairaland in General. I know that it will help both active and silent readers ( like me smiley).

Most of the mamas here say their husbands are reluctant with ttc things but mine was the reverse. Fortunately or unfortunately, medical test pointed more to a Male factor. The positive side of this was that the burden of research and action was on me without necessarily waiting for my sweet heart, while praying to God Almighty to finish the work .

Our journey started Three years ago. After a year of not even a conception, we knew there was a problem. First Lab test showed that we had some infections and some anti-biotics were prescribed by the lab guy. My Wife's cleared after the dosage from our first visit to the Lab, but mine persisted even to the third lab visit and third drug prescription from the lab.

At this point, I opted for trado-mediacal after I heard a believable testimony on a radio program of one Olamiyinka Trado hospital. On getting there She requested for the lab test and prescribed her herbs accordingly. Herbs were expensive but we tried all the same. The herbs seemed to have worked in clearing the infection. I tested in a different lab after taking her prescription and all infections were cleared from the result. I want to safely assume it was her herbs and not the lab I changed that resulted to the positive result. I have also done several tests in various other Labs and have been clear of infection since then. She also did give us some herbs that should help in quick conception. The herbs did not work and were expensive.

We finally booked an appointment with the Medical Doctor who is also the founder of Park Land Hospital, Surulere. After prescribed medical tests he confirmed my DW to be fine, while I would need some boost based on my SFA result. He also prescribed Letrazole for DW to be used for three cycles and Adyzoe for me He also mentioned that after three cycles my wife should stop taking the Letrazole as He has gotten more testimonies from his patients during this that pause than during the period of medication . I took Addyzoe for two months but my research on Nairaland gave me more confidence with Fertilsan M. I ordered Fertisan M three months pack from Amazon, but did another SFA after two months of Addyzoe. With Addyzoe my count increased from 10 million to 14 million. I however continued with Fertilsan M based on the recommendation from nairaland and I am yet to finish the pack.
I am on the last sachet of the second pack now.

DW didn't know that she is yet to see her period as it usually occurs between CD26 and CD28 . I reminded her and she waved it aside. She finally did the blood test today. It was positive for the first time in three years. Thank God. I received so many prophesies during this period and God confirmed His Word.

Thank God, thank Nairalad, thank you all.

I hope these experience helps someone.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancies For Montessori Teachers, Caregivers And Nannies by Chydoo: 7:58pm On Sep 03, 2017
Vacancy is still open...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancies For Montessori Teachers, Caregivers And Nannies by Chydoo: 1:54pm On Sep 02, 2017
Hello everyone... Are you an experienced Montessori directress? Or a passionate and experienced caregiver/nanny?
There are job vacancies in Montessori schools within Ajao estate and Ojodu Berger environs, in Lagos.
Attractive salary
Kindly send CV and application letter to rejoiceezeji@yahoo. com or call 08089680784

Staying around stated environs is important
Jobs/Vacancies / Urgent Vacancies For Montessori Teachers, Caregivers And Nannies by Chydoo: 7:42pm On Sep 01, 2017
Are you an experienced and trained montessori teacher? Montessori schools within the environs of Ajao estate and Ojodu Berger, Lagos, are recruiting suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill the position below:

Job Titles
Montessori teacher

Location: Ajao estate and Ojodu Berger, Lagos

Job Description
We require the services of passionate, experienced and trained Montessori teachers

Passionate, tolerant and lovable caregivers and nannies are also required.

Montessori teacher must:
Have a minimum qualification of HND or B.Sc with relevant years of working experience
Caregiver/nanny must have a minimum qualification of ssce with relevant years of experience

Salary: Attractive

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their Application letter and CV to rejoiceezeji@yahoo.com or call 08089680784
Politics / Re: Pengassan's Reason For Strike. Does It Worth A Strike? by Chydoo: 10:49am On Jul 07, 2016
These problems have since been in existence.
Why didn't they since go on strike for those reasons ?

The only thing that has changed recently is demand for PMS in Nigeria.
This has reduced due to the increased price and non-feasibility to smuggle out PMS to border nations further reducing the demand for PMS.

I think the strike is for selfish reasons.

Just my opinion.
Properties / Re: Mortgage Institutions: Share Your Own Bitter Experience? by Chydoo: 11:57am On Jul 09, 2015
Hello Guys

Is it possible to deal directly with registered Estate Developers ?
If possible, can someone please assist with a reputable one with good pedigree ?
Health / Re: Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery by Chydoo: 1:18pm On Feb 26, 2015
@ allycat
Thanks for the information.
I will check them out this weekend.

I am still open to suggestions.

Health / Re: Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery by Chydoo: 4:54pm On Feb 25, 2015
@LLVelly Thanks alot for your concern and reply.

But its hard to believe I cant get quality medication for knee replacement surgery in Nigeria.

it's no longer a new medication.
As we are planning to take her abroad, I am still open for suggestions of quality knee replacement surgery hospitals in Nigeria.
Health / Re: Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery by Chydoo: 5:23pm On Feb 24, 2015
waiting oh.......
Health / Re: Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery by Chydoo: 5:51pm On Feb 23, 2015
Counting on you guys....

I need advise
Health / Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery by Chydoo: 9:53am On Feb 23, 2015
please guys, I need advise on the best hospital in Nigeria for Knee replacement Surgery.

Further information on cost will also be helpful.

Please guys.....SOS.

Thanks in advance
NYSC / Re: Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) Members by Chydoo: 5:34pm On Aug 29, 2014
NYSC / Re: Batch B14 OYO State Corp Members Let's Meet Here by Chydoo: 3:21pm On Aug 18, 2014
Guys please help...SOS
NYSC / Re: Batch B14 OYO State Corp Members Let's Meet Here by Chydoo: 8:36am On Aug 18, 2014
Hi Guys/Ladies,

Hope you are enjoying your stay in camp.
Need to reach someone at Oyo NYSC camp, platoon 4 whose number has not been going through for some days now.

I will PM anyone who volunteers.

Please assist.
Will really appreciate.

Autos / Re: 2 Units Of Registered Honda Civic For 1.2m by Chydoo: 5:08pm On Nov 17, 2013
Where is your location? Can it go for 1M?
Science/Technology / Re: Live Updates On Today's Solar Eclipse by Chydoo: 1:26pm On Nov 03, 2013
I can see a partial eclipse from surulere Lagos. U need a dark spec to see it clearly as the sun is still blazing. The cloud has covered now but its there
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by Chydoo: 12:34pm On Aug 16, 2013

It's okay. I have them for sale for NL @ N30k/pc or N25k/3pcs

Hello Survey Cash.

let me have your email address so we can talk.
I will like to go for the 25k/3.
Technology Market / Re: We can help you import goods from china, and you can pay Naira !!!! by Chydoo: 9:43am On Feb 04, 2013
Hello Racheal,

Please send me the price of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. my mail is doziman03@yahoo.com
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by Chydoo: 2:08pm On Jan 31, 2013

Well, I was still able to buy 4, but how much is yours and what's your location?

@ Toluxa1

On second thought, take it for 25K. I stay in Lagos.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by Chydoo: 12:54pm On Jan 31, 2013

Well, I was still able to buy 4, but how much is yours and what's your location?

my email is doziman03@yahoo.com.

Please, lets discuss on mail.

Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by Chydoo: 9:35am On Jan 31, 2013
toluxa1: Contact chrisvicmall.com for that.

I bought 2 two weeks ago, av sold them and I ordered 4 more yesterday. But I got a call from them this evening that after payment, the seller told them he cannot ship till Feb 15th, but an alternative one (same product) will cost an aditional $10 each. I asked them to go ahead and buy it as long as it will be shipped this Friday.


I have one of that tablet chrismvicmall offers to sell. Still in its pack.

Please indicate if interested. I will give it to you at a good price since you resell.

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