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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Manchester City :UCL (1 - 1) On 9th May 2023 by Cityfirstborn(m): 10:39pm On May 09, 2023
Who noticed that man-city did not play dier regular game? Madrid humbled them a little.

Madrid forced dem to start taking shot from outside which was mancity only solution to try nd score.

Madrid is very wise. They just sit back and watch you possess the game and once they(madrid) are with the ball, they aim at going to score by all means possible without wasting time.

Omo second leg na battle.

It’s a two leg match CL semi final match, you play with caution especially when you are away. Reason why pep didn’t make any changes not to disrupt the dynamics. It will be a Herculean task for Madrid to beat city at the Etihad


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo -Manchester United have betrayed me by Cityfirstborn(m): 8:11am On Nov 14, 2022
like I said football is not a game of assumptions it's a game of facts.

I followed that transfer till the end.
let me break it down with you.
Ronaldo even had chats with Pep if you don't know.
Pep and Ronaldo including his agent has already agreed verbal terms (salary inclusive ) but juventus seeing how serious Pep was wanted to cash out more 30-40 million.
Pep wanted Ronaldo for 20 million and both Pep and juventus where still dragging who will blink first.
at the end of the day I think Ronaldo pressured juventus to agree 20 million and while things were entering into final stages United highjacked the whole thing.
Pep according to one of his interviews said that they were even expecting Ronaldo arrival to Manchester City that day (I'll send you the interview link soon.)
everybody was surprised at the turn of event even famous fabrio Romano who was also following up with the transfer because it made him look like a lair.
so next time don't just assume get your fact right.

as for aguero like I said he started having injuries in his last days of man City and Pep couldn't keep up any longer infact he came back from injuries before his last games for city.
Pep decided to give him an honorable departure and he got it.
Pep decision was justified with his spell with Barcelona.

so next time get your facts tight and don't just talk for talking sake.

Pls show me the chats between pep and Ronaldo. You Ronaldo fan base are very funny. Where did pep want Ronaldo for 20m. All we had were media speculation, city were linked with more than 10 strikers in the last summer all cos they were in the market. The only striker city wanted was harry Kane but the two bids were rejected by spurs owner. Pls stop using Ronaldo rejected city to diffuse the disgusting behavior towards utd and their coach. Pep already said city wouldn’t have signed Ronaldo.

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo -Manchester United have betrayed me by Cityfirstborn(m): 7:41am On Nov 14, 2022

City was truly interested in Ronaldo but Ferguson was a major factor in the crumbling of the deal. Augero had a bad heart condition that made him quit earlier. City’s plan was to land Ronaldo and Haaland and Pep was open to the idea of a Ronaldo but knew the rivalry of Manchester would affect the outcome and it did.

Did city submit any bid for him? How did you come to the conclusion that city wanted him, even pep has already said city never wanted him and wouldn’t have signed him. The fact is no club wanted him even manutd, his agent used the media to deceive manutd into signing him

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo -Manchester United have betrayed me by Cityfirstborn(m): 7:14am On Nov 14, 2022
bro Man United fans and Ferguson ruined Ronaldo.
a true lover of CR7 will never allow him to play for a dead team United.
everything has been set for Ronaldo movement to City when he got a call from that old man that ruined United Ferguson and trust me Ronaldo would have thrived in City so much because at his age he won't even be doing the dirty job all he will be doing is to be crowning the efforts of KDB Gundogan and rest with a good finish.
last season Pep was desperate of a finisher that's why he wanted Ronaldo.
after Ronaldo deal failed he approached Levi with 150 million for Kane which failed too.
he was then forced to play without striker which costed him in UCL first leg against Madrid (so many chances missed by mahrez and co)
United fans started burning his jersey and started blackmailing him.
today they're now making him the black sheep.
Ronaldo will never forgive Ferguson for that advice trust me.

Mancity and pep never wanted Ronaldo. The media was just speculating and his agent was running up and down. How on earth do you think pep will sign a 37 years old when he sold Aguero cos he was 32 and old. No one needs your Ronaldo

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo -Manchester United have betrayed me by Cityfirstborn(m): 7:05am On Nov 14, 2022
Ronaldo keeps disrespecting his club. Football is a team sport and not a one man show. No coach especially in a fast paced English matches will play a 38years old ahead of a 23years. Which disrespect is he talking aside the manager benching him or should the coach be bowing down to you every morning before training. I am very sure Ronaldo is not happy when manutd wins a game without him, always wants to be the side talk
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Wolves Vs Arsenal (0 - 2) On 12th November 2022 by Cityfirstborn(m): 2:33am On Nov 13, 2022
Leicester city played all 38 matches in 2015/16 season and lifted the trophy for the first time while virtually everyone said they'll soon loose form...man UTD dey there ooo...man city dey there ooo... arsenal dey there ooo... Liverpool dey there. Why can you guys for once put sentiments aside and give this team thumbs up

Arsenal don’t have the deep strength to win the league. Soon after the World Cup, injuries and exhaustion will creep in. It’s only 14 games and about 28 more games to go. It’s still early to talk about the title. Man-city are always deadly 2nd half of the season especially when they start topping the table and can go 20games unbeaten.
Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen's Inlaws Call Him Out Over Debts Of €69,000 & $439,000USD (vid) by Cityfirstborn(m): 10:48am On Jul 24, 2022
From the look of things so far, the in-law was only fronted to the foreign agent as Osimhen Nigerian representative and agent just to get the cut. A friendly arrangement must have been reached between the player and the in-law to get 20k after the money must have been sent irrespective of what was signed on the document. No real agent or representative will send back legal money paid to him by club/super agent to the player. People should stop been greedy, 20k is more than enough for just releasing your account no. Sure he was hoping for future packages like this but the player cut him off hence the cry.

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Sports / Re: Scholes Wants Manchester United To Sign Wilfred Ndidi by Cityfirstborn(m): 3:57pm On Jun 06, 2022
Why would Ndidi leave Leicester for Man utd. Wilf will be foolish to go to a career killing club like manu filled with average players. Unless he does not want to improve as a player cos there is no competition in manu

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester City Fan Thread: 9 times EPL Champions, 4 Times in a row by Cityfirstborn(m): 8:46pm On May 22, 2022

Prepare for next season again cos na we go still win am...

Cityfirstborn what do you think?

With Haaland city will be so intimidating.
We are winning it again next season and the next


Sports / Re: Manchester City Win Premier League Title by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:22pm On May 22, 2022
Football is unbelievable

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Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe Turns Down Real Madrid, To Remain At Paris Saint-Germain by Cityfirstborn(m): 9:00pm On May 21, 2022
There's no way Madrid couod have matched whatever Psg was offering, no way. Give it time, in a few days the exact details of the contract will start to make news. Madrid backed out of Haland cos they couldn't gurantee him first team shirt, at least not with Benzema on form cos Madrid felt Benz still has a few more years in him. Also, Madrid was concerned about his injury diagnosis. Lastly, Haland is young and can always come some other time, when Benz won't be there to compete. I read somewhere about a clause in his contract allowing to move to Madrid
after playing 3 years for City

Forget about any clause, Haaland is a man city fan from childhood when his father was playing for city, he choosed city. Even Benz cannot bench Haaland if he had decided to come to Madrid. Mbappe choosed psg despite getting same and bigger offer from real.

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Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe Turns Down Real Madrid, To Remain At Paris Saint-Germain by Cityfirstborn(m): 3:59pm On May 21, 2022
Money plays 100% reason why he is staying at PSG. The class of Real madrid is what PSG and most clubs in the world aspire to be. Players that join Madrid join not necessarily because of the financial incentives but because of their class. Madrid and Barcelona are the only two teams in the world that can call players from every club in the world and the players will most times never say NO.

Real Madrid offered same wages as PSG including other incentives, Madrid fans always been petty and looking for excuse for their failure. Haaland choosed city and you all blamed it on Madrid never wanted him cos of injury record. A lot of players both in the modern game and past had at one point or the other rejected Madrid and Barcelona countless times. Players have different reasons for changing clubs.

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Premier League Player Of The Month For April by Cityfirstborn(m): 12:12pm On May 12, 2022
Football and corruption

Gabriel Jesus, Son and KDB deserve the award more
Player of the month for scoring tap in and losing shamelessly.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Wolves Vs Manchester City (1 - 5) On 11th May 2022 by Cityfirstborn(m): 9:17pm On May 11, 2022

Why did you start from 2015? Why not start from when Morric was at his prime? Currently KDB is the best midfielder in the world but don’t say he’s better than Modric overall cos he still have a long way to go.

Do you even watch football
How can you say Modric is better than KDB. Modric should be compared with Bernardo Silva not KDB.
If KDB was a Real Madrid or Liverpool player he would have won World best twice on a row. Some clubs control the media


Business / Re: Why Do Neighbours Hardly Patronise Their Fellow Neighbour's Business? by Cityfirstborn(m): 10:51pm On Apr 29, 2022

This your quote deserve 5k

Abi na
Science/Technology / Re: See The Green Mamba That Was Killed By My Wife Yesterday by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:59pm On Apr 29, 2022
Your wife is Odogwu while you are odiegwu..


Business / Re: Why Do Neighbours Hardly Patronise Their Fellow Neighbour's Business? by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:52pm On Apr 29, 2022
Sometimes “I too proud” better pass “see finish”

Buying from someone you know or neighbors, they don’t expect you to price, out of see finish you will reluctantly pay any price they tell you. But buying from someone you don’t know, you can easily bargain to the best price.


Sports / Re: Does Karim Benzema Deserve The Ballon D’or This Year 2022? by Cityfirstborn(m): 5:46pm On Apr 27, 2022
That Benzema is been hyped up for the next ballon d or shows the lack of quality strikers in the modern game now. Benzema has not done what great players like drogba, Eto, Rooney, Shevchenko, crespo, Suarez, kun etc did in their prime.

Debryune and Sallah should be among top of the list, they are so underrated.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Everton (2 - 0) On 24th April 2022 by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:58pm On Apr 24, 2022

even the 4-0 against man u ba?

e be lyk eye dey pain u

So why is Liverpool the only team this season that has not conceded a penalty, in fact the last time they conceded a penalty is over 14months ago. Surprisingly they have the highest no of penalty call awarded to them. They are not called LiVARpool for nothing
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Everton (2 - 0) On 24th April 2022 by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:06pm On Apr 24, 2022
Refs and Var always on the side of Liverpool. None of their games ends in a fair win

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Liverpool (0 - 2) On 16th March 2022 by Cityfirstborn(m): 6:42pm On Mar 16, 2022
Arteta will come through for his best friend Pep. Arsenal needs to make a loud statement tonight. Liverpool wont see it coming
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City (1 - 2) On 1st January 2021 by Cityfirstborn(m): 10:24am On Jan 02, 2022
In a tension-soaked-match like this, knowing fully well that the player was already on yellow card,the ref should have used his discretion to exercise restraint in issuing a second yellow The offense wasn't as serious as the ref was trying to make us believe.
If it was a serious foul like stopping a goal bound ball with hand or a tackle that leads to a broken leg,a second yellow card wud av bin justified.
But stopping a counter attack at the opponent half of the field?
No,a second yellow wasn't all that necessary in a high profile match of that nature.If the player wasn't booked earlier, good! It wud av bin justified to issue a yellow card.

Stop been biased, the ref was spot on. Nothing like discretion or trying to read intentions in football. You officiate according to the books. That was a counter attacking move by man city and Gabriel was well beaten, instead of trying to recover, he put in a dangerous foul for a player already in motion. You expect the ref to wave play on. For those kind of foul play, it deserves a yellow.

Sad to even see some here complaining that Silva had intentions of diving when it's evident xhaka clearly dragged him and was holding his shirts for more than 5seconds. Arsenal players clearly lacked game management and discipline.
Sports / Re: Tottenham Out Of Europa After UEFA Award Rennes Victory by Cityfirstborn(m): 9:53pm On Dec 20, 2021
It must have been embarrassing competing with opponent you have never heard of in the name of Europa conference league. Tottenham carefully opted out from the tournament by abandoning the match. It was carefully done.
Sports / Re: Iheanacho, Awaziem, Omeruo Organised Sex Party On Eve The Super Eagles Game by Cityfirstborn(m): 5:04pm On Nov 23, 2021
Some of y'all have sex before going to work. Condemn yourself first.

They are professional footballers representing a country and sponsored with tax payers money. Sex before a match even with your wife is a big no for some coaches like pep etc. Organizing a sex party prior to match day shows the poor level of discipline, attitude in the team. No respect for the coach and staff.

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Sports / Re: Osimhen's Replies Fan: I Get Coconut Head, I No Dey Hear Word by Cityfirstborn(m): 12:07pm On Nov 04, 2021
Osimhen is a young footballer with great potential, there is a reason great coaches like pep bans their players from frequent social media and partying. I remember when mendy was warned to limit time spent on social media and partying. He shouldnt let the few goals he is banging get into his head. As a young footballer you need 100% focus and attention to achieve your potential.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leicester City Vs Manchester City (0 - 1) On September 11 2021 by Cityfirstborn(m): 2:56pm On Sep 11, 2021
City all the way!


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Sports / Re: Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy To Remain In Prison Until Next Year by Cityfirstborn(m): 3:46am On Sep 11, 2021

This guy is a beasty LB with one of the most deadly ball recovery in the world.

His size it huge and imposing.

Those girls both visited him in his home. They had sex and they left.

Several months after, charges of Assault and Rape are flying around like mosquitoes.

In a gynocentric society try to tie down one woman. Especially a young school girl that offers a bit of peace.

His management team have really failed him in this regard. And there isn't any mention of his innocence anywhere.

Mendy a beasty LB and deadly ball recovery?
Maybe it's another mendy you mean.
The guy has been under investigation since last year and broke bail conditions repeatedly.
He has been poor on and off the pitch.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Community Shield: Leicester Vs Manchester City (1 - 0) - Live by Cityfirstborn(m): 10:00pm On Aug 07, 2021
So many pep and mancity haters here...It's a charity and preseason cup. According to the odds now, grealish is the second favorite player tipped to win the best player this new season, All those shouting overated don't know anything about the current market
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Leicester City: FA Cup (0 - 1) On 15th May 2021 by Cityfirstborn(m): 7:28pm On May 15, 2021
The mistake Chelsea made was beating pep in the last match.. Pep is a coach you can't beat three times consecutively. High time Chelsea fans realize the might lose out on top four and Champions League
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Major European Football Clubs Announce Formation Of Super League by Cityfirstborn(m): 9:30am On Apr 19, 2021


Are you the one paying their staff and players, do you know how much Uefa extort and steal from these big clubs..The club's have decided to take charge of their affairs, since they are the main stakeholders and greater percentage of revenues should be accrued to them..Do you know how much barca and real Madrid are owning..They are all doing what's good for them, the domestic league can still go on....European super league will be super entertaining

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Major European Football Clubs Announce Formation Of Super League by Cityfirstborn(m): 5:24am On Apr 19, 2021
Na the end of the joy of football be this. Selfishness is everywhere. Please they should just hand Arsenal the Super League Cup for the beginning. They have so longed for European Cup.

Meanwhile, na players go hear am. Imagine playing your domestic league, domestic cup, maybe europa Cup, champions league and super league again... Your body go tell you.

Meanwhile, na fans go de spend more. Everything na game and business

Yes football is business, consider the plight of the big club's and Uefa greed..Most big clubs are in debt and pay a lot as wages to their player's...Uefa collects more than 70% revenues and just give peanuts to these club's and with the new policy they want to have total control of match ticketing and all..
To we fans it will afford us opportunity to be watching big matches weekly and moreover it will raise the competition level of players and clubs...

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester City : FA Cup (1 - 0) On 17th April 2021 by Cityfirstborn(m): 8:35pm On Apr 17, 2021

Like seriously?

A team that consist of SEVERAL world class players?

The several world class were rested. Champions league in sight, need to rest and rotate

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