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Programming / Nigerian Universities API by classicdude1(m): 3:38pm On Feb 04
Got really bored of JavaScript and decided to try Go.

Built an API endpoint that provides a list of Nigerian Universities (federal, state and private)

The data is scrapped from NUC website

Link to API https://nigerian-universities.onrender.com/

For more, here is the GitHub repo



Programming / Built A To-do-list Web App With Django And Bootstrap. by classicdude1(m): 10:37am On Jan 13, 2019
Programming / Free Udemy Courses To Learn Web Development. by classicdude1(m): 6:06pm On Jan 12, 2019
For more free udemy courses to learn Python and web development.

Follow coolpythoncodes on Instagram.

Here are the available courses :

Another free django (web development course )

With this course you will learn how to build a blog with django.

Grab it now


Free udemy course to learn django (web development)

Just get the course.

Or share it with someone interested


Free udemy course to learn front-end development (how to design a website )

Programming / Learn How To Do Boring Task On Excel Using Python by classicdude1(m): 10:38am On Dec 01, 2018
Hey ,

So, recently I did some work with Excel using Python.

Such as sending emails to addresses saved in an Excel file.

Creating a chart I used for my university project.

Getting an email list of a particular location stored in an Excel file.

But I didn't email you today to brag.

Instead, I'm going to show you how I did it.

Specifically, I did a practical and easy to follow guide for you

Here's what you'll learn in today's post:

-How to use Python third-party module (openpyxl) to work with Excel

-How to create a chart and some practical examples

Check out the new post right here.

Programming / For Python Developers Alone. by classicdude1(m): 2:47pm On Jul 25, 2018
Please, I need anyone interested in Python to fill this one minute survey for me.

Programming / Re: Free Udemy Course For Python Programmers(2 days left) by classicdude1(m): 12:12pm On Apr 07, 2018

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Programming / Free Udemy Course For Python Programmers(2 days left) by classicdude1(m): 11:53am On Apr 07, 2018
Here is a free Udemy course(2 days left).

The Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib stack: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

This course is important if you plan on going into Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

For more updates and free Udemy courses, kindly join our Facebook group- https://www./1953034938283141/ .

Best Regards,

Cool Python Codes.

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Programming / Python IDE For Android Users(including Android Apps To Learn Python). by classicdude1(m): 10:52am On Jan 11, 2018
Are you looking for an IDE to write Python code snippets or you want to learn Python on your android device? This post has picked out the best for you.

here is the link: https://coolpythoncodes.com/python-ide-android-app/
Programming / An Open Source Polling Service Developed By Osaetin Daniel. by classicdude1(m): 1:22pm On Dec 28, 2017
Osaetin Daniel, one of PyconNg speakers has an Open Source Polling application known as Votr.

Votr is built using Flask and React.

Here is the link to his project : https://github.com/danidee10/Votr

He had an interesting interview with Cool Python Codes blog, promise me, you will learn a lot.

Here is the link to the interview: https://coolpythoncodes.com/osaetin-daniel-develops-votr/

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Programming / Re: Python Script To Send Jpg Files To Your Friend Via Gmail by classicdude1(m): 11:14pm On Dec 24, 2017
hehehehe.... no snakes but there are a bunch of codes.
Programming / Python Script To Send Jpg Files To Your Friend Via Gmail by classicdude1(m): 11:10pm On Dec 24, 2017
Below is a Python script to send jpg files via gmail.

import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEBase
from email import encoders
import os
extensions of files that we will send
extension = "jpg"
This function returns a tuple with the files located in the

files = os.listdir() #this program should be saved in the current directory where your files are.

We check what files have our wished extension

for file in files:
if extension in file:
user ="sending@gmail.com"
recv ="receiving@gmail.com"
subject = "Subject"
message = MIMEMultipart()
message["From"] = user
message["To"] = recv
message["Subject"]= subject
body = "Files with ." + extension + "extension"
attachment = open(file,"rb"wink
part = MIMEBase("application","octet-stream"wink
filename= " + file)
text = message.as_string()
server = smtplib.SMTP("smtp.gmail.com",587)
server.login(user,"your gmail pasword"wink

This code was shared by Om Tav on a Facebook page.

You may get an error at first due to Google trying to protect your Gmail account from unknown app trying to login in.

Just check your email and follow the steps provided by Gmail.

Then run the code again.

Happy Pythonic Holiday and try to automate your task with Python
Programming / Free Python Udemy Courses by classicdude1(m): 9:19am On Dec 12, 2017
Programming / Free Code For The "Automate The Boring Stuff With Python" Udemy Course by classicdude1(m): 7:04am On Nov 28, 2017
AI Sweigart posted this on Reddit today

Use this link to sign up for the "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" Udemy online course: https://www.udemy.com/automate/?couponCode=PY_ALL_THE_THINGS

It's free until the end of Friday, Dec 1, 2017. Afterwards, it goes back to its normal $50 price. (Though you can use this link https://www.udemy.com/automate/?couponCode=FOR_LIKE_10_BUCKS to buy it for $10. And it's an open secret that if you browse Udemy in privacy mode, they'll show you the discount price to lure in a "new" customer. But course creators get a much larger cut when people use their referral codes.)

The course follows the book of the same name, which is available for free, in full, at https://automatetheboringstuff.com under a Creative Commons license. (Which I encourage you to use to share your own creative works.)

The course is 50 videos and made for people with no previous programming experience. The first 15 videos are free to view on YouTube:

And now I will go self-flagellate to atone for my part in legitimizing "cyber monday".

For regular updates in Python, kindly like my Facebook page.

My blog is Cool Python Codes


Programming / How To Learn Python Programming.(ultimate Guide For Beginners) by classicdude1(m): 7:23pm On Nov 24, 2017
Today 6 experts will show you the best way to learn Python

Click on the link below, to see the article.

Programming / Where To Find Remote Python Jobs? by classicdude1(m): 3:49pm On Nov 10, 2017
Today on LinkedIn, Aditya thakekar asked an important question which was;

Can you kindly guide me how to land a remote Python Job?

It case you don't know what it means to work remotely, it means working somewhere other than in an office.

Here was Cătălin Matei's to the question answer:

Finding a remote job is only part of the battle. You then need to get it, which is hard. You need to convince some strangers that you can deliver what they ask for.

They'll ask you some questions and maybe give you some tests, but the time spent there is lost, you can't reuse that time for the next opportunity.

So while you're searching for the remote job, work on the getting-the-job part too. Find (or start) an open source project related to your interests and contribute to it regularly.

This is what you're going to do for the remote job you're looking for, so it's a good way to show your potential employer that you know how to do it.

And the work done on that project is not lost, you can reuse it for many job applications. And hopefully that work improves that open source project, another good way to make a better world while you're improving your skills too.

Doing a good work on that project could make the remote job you're looking for to come to you;

He continues by saying:

people could approach you instead of you looking for them. That's how Michael Galarnyk gets his job in data science.

Knowing inside out an open source project gives you another revenue opportunity, you can implement / adapt it for some company or charge for support.

I wanted to share the thought I had when I read your post. But to answer your question first thing you can do is to use your favorite search engine to find "remote programming work" sites and use them: make a solid profile, browse the posts, apply to them.

Another way is to find programming communities (forums, slack, discord, reddit, facebook etc) and make yourself useful, build a reputation improving yourself and building a network at the same time.

TL;DR Remote jobs are not laying around somewhere waiting for us to find them, we need to get good at what we do and show it to the world; then the jobs will come to us or at least they'll be easier to get when we find them.

For more reading: Patrick Triest, a full stack engineer in this interview shares tips to succeed as a digital nomad(i.e how to work remotely effectively)

Please, I need more answers.

How can one get remote jobs as a Python programmer?

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Programming / A Curated List Of Awesome Python Frameworks, Libraries, Software And Resources. by classicdude1(m): 7:45pm On Nov 09, 2017
I just came across something awesome.

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

In this list, you will find

Libraries to manipulate audio

Tools for managing, compressing and minifying website assets

Libraries for fighting spam( for Django developers)

Libraries for caching data.

Libraries for chatbot development.

Libraries for migrating from Python 2 to 3.

Libraries for computer vision.

Libraries for data analyzing.

And much more.

You can see this curated list here.

To get news, articles, and tutorials related to Python, don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel.

All the best.
Programming / What Are Double Underscores Called In Python? by classicdude1(m): 4:02pm On Nov 05, 2017
Double underscores are very popular in Python.

Some special Class methods such as init and str start and end with double underscores.

You can make a class attribute private by adding double underscores as a prefix after self.

Funny enough, double underscores have a weird name known as dunder

Now you know what double underscores are called in the Python community.

for more free and thorough comprehensive Python tutorial click here.
Programming / Re: Free Comprehensive Written Python Book For Engineering Students. by classicdude1(m): 2:42pm On Nov 05, 2017
you are welcome.
Programming / Re: The Future Of Machine Learning In Nigeria by classicdude1(m): 8:59pm On Nov 04, 2017
Check out this Machine Learning project that recognizes the color of objects.

Programming / Free Comprehensive Written Python Book For Engineering Students. by classicdude1(m): 8:53pm On Nov 04, 2017
I came across this awesome Python book for engineering students.

The name of the book is:

Programming for Computations – Python (A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python)

Authors - Svein Linge and Hans Petter Langtangen

This 244-page book is not only about numerical methods, it emphasizes on programming and verification.

The book enables engineering students to use their knowledge of Python to solve problems correctly.

Each of the six chapters in the book has exercises for students to solve more problems.

Major topics treated in the book include:

- Ordinary Differential Equations

- Partial Differential Equations

- Nonlinear Algebraic Equations

Other topics treated include:

- Newton's method

- Secant method

- Bisection method

- Brute Force methods

- Runge-Kutta methods and much more

Download book here.

Click - For a comprehensive list of Python books.

What other Python book for engineering students do you recommend?

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TV/Movies / What is your best movie this year? by classicdude1(m): 8:44pm On Nov 04, 2017
Mine is King Arthur and spider man

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Programming / Re: Top 3 Python Blogs In Nigeria You Should Visit. by classicdude1(m): 8:31pm On Nov 04, 2017
They are great guys.
Programming / You Can't Resist This Mouth-watering Opportunity For Python Programmers. by classicdude1(m): 3:15pm On Nov 02, 2017
Are you a freelancer in Python programming niche or a Blogger and you need more exposure(including links to your blog, social media etc)

Don't worry anymore.

I’m creating an expert roundup post for my blog( Cool Python Codes) and would love to include your insights on the following topic:

How to learn Python effectively- The best way.

Just 100–500 words on this topic would be awesome.

You can basically tell me how you learned Python. It should be written in a way that you are telling someone how to learn Python.

I’ve invited 60 other influential bloggers/authors/freelancers to contribute and some have already agreed to participate.

Deadline for submissions is 23rd of November – hope you are able to participate.

Kindly include a brief description of yourself.

Kindly submit your entry here
Programming / Object-oriented Programming In Python(A more simplified and thorough guide). by classicdude1(m): 2:00pm On Nov 02, 2017
Dramatically improve your skills with this simplified but more thorough guide on object-oriented programming in Python.

A PDF version is available in the tutorial including code snippets.

There is also cheat sheet to aid your learning.

You can read this awesome tutorial via the link below.


Programming / Top 3 Python Blogs In Nigeria You Should Visit. by classicdude1(m): 4:36pm On Oct 27, 2017
To be honest with you,

There are not many Python blogs by Nigerians.

But here are the few I have come across.

#1 Geospatial Solutions Expert- A Geomatics Information Technology and Python Programming Blog by Umar Yusuf.

On this blog, you will find projects on Geomatics Information Technology (GIT) aka GIS and Python Programming Language, with more emphasis on QGIS, ArcGIS, PostGIS, wxPython, PyQt, PySide, SQLite, WxFormBuilder, QtBuilder, Web Mapping e.t.c

Umar Yusuf is a Geospatial Solutions Specialist with over seven years experience in the industry.

#2 Cool Python Codes - A Python programming blog by Godson Rapture Chijioke.

If you ever wondered:

“Where can I get the best Python tutorial with examples, free source codes to download, Python interviews with experts etc?”, Cool Python Codes is the best Python blog in Nigeria for you.

This Nigerian blog is where Godson shares his experience that he has gained over his past years of learning Python programming.

He also shares interviews he had with other experts in Python programming and inspiring stories of programmers that have changed our world.

#3 Osaetin Daniel blog - A blog by Osaetin Daniel

This is just a blog where Daniel keeps records of all the amazing stuff he found as he journeyed through the ever exciting world of programming.

Osaetin Daniel happens to be a web and Odoo developer at Vascon solutions Abuja, Nigeria.He loves working with Python, HTML, CSS, js, PHP, Django, Linux, odoo , PySide.

He developed a polling service known as VOTR, which is an open source project.

If you know of any Python blog by a Nigerian, please drop it in the comment section.
Programming / This Image Processing Projects Are Jaw-dropping. by classicdude1(m): 6:18am On Oct 21, 2017
Do you know OpenCV, Machine Learning and Image Processing and you find it difficult to come up with cool amazing projects?

Today’s guest, Dibakar Saha(a.k.a EvilPort) talks about his image processing and machine learning projects.

Basically, he is a beginner in Python with experience in Image Processing and a little bit in machine learning.

He has designed a very simple classification programs like spam detection and sentiment analysis using machine learning in Python.

Using image processing he has also designed a very simple gesture recognition system. He has also designed a gesture-driven keyboard. And presently he is working on an app that he calls NFS Most Wanted 2013 Remote, that can control the cars in the game using your phone’s accelerometer.

In this interview, EvilPort was able to share his programming experience, he gave an insight of how he overcame the difficulty of coming up with amazing projects, and less I forget;

He also revealed some tips that will help a lot of programmers out there, especially the newbies.

below is the link to the post.


Here are demo videos of his projects.




Programming / Re: Check This Out: This Machine Learning Project Will Blow Your Mind. by classicdude1(m): 2:33pm On Oct 14, 2017
Here are photos of projects done by Michael Tesař.

To learn more go to the link below.


Programming / Check This Out: This Machine Learning Project Will Blow Your Mind. by classicdude1(m): 2:28pm On Oct 14, 2017
Knowing Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and data science is great.

But coming up with useful projects can be a bit tough.

Today’s guest, Michael Tesař, has done a lot of projects and he shares some of them with me.

my favourite is the colour recognizer program he wrote.

This program identifies the colour of objects placed near the webcam.

Here's a description of the project:

This is my neuronal network playground.

I began to learn some machine learning libraries for Python and I wanted to do some meaningful project. I mean, we all start with Iris flower and Mnist dataset. I desired to do as much as I could do by myself to understand what is under the hood in those example codes.

ColorRecognizer has only one goal, to identify the colour presented to a web camera. I use Python 3.6, OpenCV2 and Scikit-learn library under the macOS 10.13.

Idea is to connect web camera to GUI with OpenCV2 which is essentially pretty simple and straightforward. Then I calculate an average value for R, G, and B for my screen (height x width). One hook is that OpenCV2 uses BGR format, so you have to keep that in mind.

Each time you run the program, a new session is started with training dataset and trained model loaded into the system.

If you run it for the first time it will automatically build it for you.

Maybe you’re asking, how does the computer know which colour is which?

This is up to the user to teach it (since it is machine learning).

You have to annotate some frames with the colour. The user can do it by pressing keyboard (k for black, w for white, r for red etc.).

I have run about 1500 training sets and each time you close the app you also save your classification model and your annotation. It means it is basically smarter with every new session (in case you show something new to the computer).

Even though I use a very elementary algorithm called Decision Tree Model, you can see on demo video that is quite accurate when the screen is filled with some colour.

Here is a demo of the project below:


Currently, I am working on a new deep learning version to learn a bit from image processing with TensorFlow. This time I won’t compute the mean of R, G, and B value – eventually, the computer would learn by itself (i.e. we will only care about the main colour on screen).

It has its own limits in adding new colours. Every time you have to teach it manually. I mean, you have to tell it that we have a new colour, its name and show some samples. Since I use usual web camera, I cannot recognize smaller nuances in colours due to lighting, brightness and saturation setup. It still has some problem to recognize red from orange in bad lighting.

So if you want to find out how Michael Tesař overcame the challenge of coming up with smart projects I suggest you read more here.

Programming / Re: Pls I Need To Learn Python by classicdude1(m): 6:36am On Oct 06, 2017
When it comes to Python books for people with little or no programming experience I recommend:

Python_tutorial from Tutorials point. It is where you can learn Python from scratch. Their PDF book is free to download and I provided the link to download it in this post.
The book is based on Python version 2.X and there are no much projects to practice. It just teaches the basics of Python and if you are devoted you will learn Python version 2.X syntax quickly.

Fundamentals of Python: First Programs is another great book but it is still based on Python version 2.X. I prefer this book to Python_tutorial because it has projects you can practice. I recommend you read the two books side by side.

Starting Out with Python- Second Edition is for Python version 3.X. I recommend you start learning the latest version of Python version which is Python 3.6. This book is really great and I recommend you get it.

Here is a bonus book,
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is a book by Al Sweigart. In Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, you’ll learn how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take you hours to do by hand. It is a great book.

For more recommendation go to


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