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Politics / Re: Over 30,400 Nigerians Killed In SARS Custody In 16 Years: Report by codedguy1(m): 6:16pm On Oct 26
Am sure its more than that. That figure could be a conservative one.

Those guys were acting with legality with perpertrating illegality. Their legal status gave them the impunity to harass people without being disturbed in any manner unlike real armed robbers that have to become dare devils to execute their operations.
Politics / Re: Plateau Gives Looters 48 Hours To Return Stolen Palliatives by codedguy1(m): 1:35pm On Oct 26

I laff at this Plateau state govt.

You are asking hungry people to return food.

grin grin

He should check toilet and bush he will see the palliatives there in their used form.

Yeye dey smell grin grin

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Politics / Re: If Your Parents Bring Looted Funds Home Send Them Back by codedguy1(m): 1:24pm On Oct 26
Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie Rewrites Buhari’s EndSARS Speech by codedguy1(m): 8:43am On Oct 26

Yes man. I just want you to know that we are sticking to our guns and will never back down, ever!

We will hit the streets after we've re-strategise.

I still insist, read what I wrote again.

Because your response seem to have no connection with what I wrote.
Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie Rewrites Buhari’s EndSARS Speech by codedguy1(m): 5:57pm On Oct 25

"We will never have this chance again"? Please speak for yourself, and only say things you know.

Who told you we didn't clearly identified our demands? Haven't you heard of 5for5? Only 2 were met and we made it clear we ain't leaving the streets until our demands are met.

Besides, we have decided to stick to our guns. We are not backing down. Just because we've withdrawn from the streets doesn't mean we've accepted defeat. Never!.

Moreover, we are currently on a better strategy on how best to fight for our rights, and this time is gonna be massive and grand. Even these hoodlums will not only join us but will be our guards against any intruder.

Thank you.

Are you sure am the one you wanted to quote?
Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie Rewrites Buhari’s EndSARS Speech by codedguy1(m): 7:47am On Oct 25
My take is that you cannot say/give what you don't have.

If this was the speech and it came from a sincere place then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place because it would be assumed we have reasonable people at the helm.

The truth is this govt cannot be reasonable either in their actions or what they say. They have demonstrated it time and time again.

When there are people like Adesina, Garba and Onochie speaking on behalf of the presidency how would anyone expect anything reasonable from them.

This speech can only be given by a govt that has been reasonable from time and we can't say same about this govt.

They can't even pretend to care.

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Politics / Re: Mob Invades Senator Teslim Folarin's House, Loot Empowerment Materials by codedguy1(m): 3:50pm On Oct 24
Politics / Re: "The North Is Looking At All Options. We Can Restructure" - Murtala Aliyu by codedguy1(m): 3:03pm On Oct 24
the north will break out from Nigeria. but first they want to make sure they milk Nigeria dry and ensure nothing else is left before then leave. the truth is they want nothing to do with nigeria outside of the oil.

This is the truth but how parochial can they be.

When will they be satisfied with what they think they are milking?

The greatest assets, resources any nation can have are its citizens.

If they think they can steal all they want and are still bereft of how to sustain themselves its a waste of time.

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Politics / Re: "The North Is Looking At All Options. We Can Restructure" - Murtala Aliyu by codedguy1(m): 2:57pm On Oct 24

Who is saying this?

Does he have the mouth of the North.
Crime / Re: Aftermath Of Lekki Shootings & Looting: Lekki Becomes A Shadow Of Itself (Video) by codedguy1(m): 12:30pm On Oct 23

If you can lead a revolution, kindly tie a Rambo cloth around your head and lead the way. Not by typing on Nairaland. As long as the government is still there, we must call them to order...

Continue calling thugs and miscreants (govt) to order. After they have finished stealing, killing and destroying they will still not answer you.
Crime / Re: Aftermath Of Lekki Shootings & Looting: Lekki Becomes A Shadow Of Itself (Video) by codedguy1(m): 11:22am On Oct 23
I support shoot on sight for any criminal found burning properties and looting. angry
Those are the ones who ruined everything.

The government too must be held responsible cos we all saw their tactics when they started deploying thugs, there is evidence for this. They also escalated things by killing their own people. But for now the burning and looting must be stopped cos criminals are on the loose already.

What is your point exactly?

The same govt that deployed thugs to disrupt a peaceful protest is the same one you want to shoot thugs and miscreants again.

It won't happen because the govt are miscreants and thugs themselves to be using thugs to come to disrupt a protest.

This govt has only come to steal, kill and destroy as we can see.


Politics / Re: Get Your Facts Right On Nigeria, Buhari Tells International Community by codedguy1(m): 9:40pm On Oct 22
The facts will still expose and indict you.
Politics / Re: Buhari Directs Wages Commission To Speed Up New Salary Scale For Policemen by codedguy1(m): 8:04pm On Oct 22
For real they need to increase the money of all military and paramilitaries after they reform them.
Their salary is too small
Saw the screenshot of the police salary and I felt really bad
They should take care of them.

Then importantly they should decrease the money of our politicians
From local to federal
They should decrease it

They need yo reduce their own salaries and allowances first.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Addresses Nigerians On EndSARS Protests (Live Updates) by codedguy1(m): 7:24pm On Oct 22
Who else noticed this address is a cloaked threat in disguise there is nothing democratic about this government. tueh !

I felt so too. He take style dey threaten us again.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Addresses Nigerians On EndSARS Protests (Live Updates) by codedguy1(m): 7:17pm On Oct 22

He wants to throw money at the situation.

When I said this ones don't have the capacity yo understand what is going on and there cannot give us any reforms whether police or the country i wasn't joking.

He wants to throw money at the issue.

What is tradermoni, market money, npower money, agric money everything money.

Nonsense and Buhari.


Politics / Re: PDP Sponsoring EndSARS Protests - APC by codedguy1(m): 10:02pm On Oct 21
APC is a shameless party.

They still don't understand what is happening and its because they are incapable of understanding.

Bloody archaic minded idiots.

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Politics / Re: Police Bans Protests, Gatherings & Processions In Lagos State by codedguy1(m): 2:45pm On Oct 20
I think the president should address the country this night because things are getting out of hand

What will he say? He is part of the problem.
Politics / Re: #endsars: Oba Of Epe Sent Back Home As Protesters Block His Convoy by codedguy1(m): 1:00pm On Oct 20
Lawlessness ad Anarchy, Law ad Order must be restored

Restored by who?

The same useless idiotic police that will brutalise and kill us or the govt that wants things to be calm so that they can continue to loot.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Resign Now!, Protesting Ondo Youths Slam Buhari by codedguy1(m): 7:39am On Oct 20
Buhari isn't actually the problem for me. (except his nepotism and non challant attitude towards insecurities)

But those Lawbreakers, Legislooters, senators.
How can we be begging Legislooters earning 29m in a month to pay minimum wage of 30k.

Buhari is a major problem guy.

But those others ones all need to be executed dragging them with a car on the street in their various constituencies.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: AGF Receives List Of 35 SARS Operatives Okayed For Dismissal, Trial by codedguy1(m): 7:29am On Oct 20
Just 35? You guys are still sleeping.


Very useless idiots.

The truth is we have really entered one chance because I don't think these guys have the capacity to understand what is happening. They still want to use lies and propaganda to get out if this revolution.

Every state should at least have 10names that need to be prosecuted. Lagos and port Harcourt should have like 500 each sef.

Buhari will not burge he feels ryling Nigeria is his birthright and is ready yo kill everyone to remain in power and he has the people who think like him in support so we need to fight to the finish.
Politics / Re: EndSARS Protesters Raise Funds To Buy A Protester Prosthetic Leg (photo). by codedguy1(m): 2:49pm On Oct 18
After ENDSARS let's join hands and#ENDXVIDEOS

You have been exhibiting your stupidity all over the place. Why don't you grow some sense for once in your miserable life.

This is serious matter we are dealing with and you are being unfortunate.
Politics / Re: USOSA Calls For Sincere Action On Police And National Reforms by codedguy1(m): 2:09pm On Oct 18
It is very shameful that Buhari have not publicly addressed the nation on this issues. ( unless I missed it).

At a time like this, thats when leaders are needed... no need for a spokesperson just live and direct from the boss..

Shameful that so called democratic elected leaders are slowly turning to deaf eared dictators!!!

We don't even want him to talk he should just get out that place.

What does he want to say?

Someone that is incapable of thinking in the 21st century is who you think will address the nation and say something reasonable.

I ask again, what will he say?

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Protesters And Soldiers Clash (Video) by codedguy1(m): 12:42pm On Oct 18
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed On EndSARS: We Have Met Demands, We Can't Go Beyond What We've Done by codedguy1(m): 9:13am On Oct 18

I pity Buhari and his footsoldiers.If he uses force, he is gone and he has successfully split Nigeria with the South winning exponentially.

Pres. Buhari should make a broadcast and call the protesters to a dialogue.Everything will calm down when most demands are met.Demands are doable.

Buhari is not capable of meeting any demand.

That is our major problem.
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed On EndSARS: We Have Met Demands, We Can't Go Beyond What We've Done by codedguy1(m): 8:30am On Oct 18
Politics / Re: ENDSARS Protesters Threw Money To Under Bridge Dwellers In Abuja- PICS & VIDEO by codedguy1(m): 8:23am On Oct 18
Meanwhile some idiots are collecting 29M monthly for sleeping and shouting hi and nay.

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: Reps May Allow States Control Railway, Power, Others by codedguy1(m): 7:08am On Oct 18
We ve been drivin on a wrong road as a nation for very long time now

Our leaders knows it & they ve refused to turn back because on that wrong road they ve built a Manson they are getting fat allowance, their children are schooling abroad that's why they care less

Going the right way will make them loose those benefit they are getting and Nigeria will be great for it. This is why we must demand for good governance


They are a bunch of thieves.

For any state to successfully handle electricity, railway health education etc it will require money and that money should be as a result of the resources you have in your state.

They fail to realise that the most important resource is the human being, the mineral resources comes as a compliment.

Let every state manage their state resources and pay % to the fg but these idiots will never want it because they want to continue to steal.

The southern leaders are just selfish, parochial and stupid while the Northern ones think they are smart but are the dumbest idiots ever liveth.

We need to go back to factors of production as we were thought in school. Land labour capital and entrepreneurship to revive the country. Just add ICT and every state will thrive albeit at different levels but we will be better off than this nonsense we have


Politics / Re: Restructuring: Reps May Allow States Control Railway, Power, Others by codedguy1(m): 6:59am On Oct 18
Celebrities / Re: ''we Have Entered One Chance'' - Davido React To Aisha Buhari New Video by codedguy1(m): 11:35pm On Oct 17
Politics / Re: We Will Go to war If Southerners Want 2use this End SARS Protest 2Remove Buhari by codedguy1(m): 11:29pm On Oct 17
Politics / Re: DSS Leaked Letter On #ENDSARS Protest. Please Warn Your Loved Ones by codedguy1(m): 11:28pm On Oct 17

Let's adopt moderation in everything we do. We can do better than this through our PVC.

You are delusional angry
Crime / Re: EndSARS Protesters Hold Candle Light Vigil In Benin For People Killed By Police by codedguy1(m): 11:15pm On Oct 17

This uprising will bring out the beast in us the youth against this demonic govt ( Present and past thieving politicians)

POLICE/SARS had it coming. Wicked demonic inhuman set of depraved Neanderthals.

Other useless institutions worthy of mention are

NEPA/PHCN/DISCO or whatever they call themselves.

THE BANKS: deducting money from peoples account with impunity like it is getting out of fashion.

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