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Politics / Re: Malami: Banning Open Grazing Is Like Banning Sale Of Spare Parts in the North by Cpossibility: 11:21am On May 26
This is the height of it all. It shows that the present Govt. Is fully in support of the insecurity going on in this country. There is definitely a fulanazation agenda. What more proof do we need. It high time we all come together and fight this evil before it consumes us all. Southern leaders should wake up. It is no longer time for politics.

Check your mail please. I have responded.
Career / Re: From N10,000 Salary To Millionaire Pay: My Grace Filled Career Journey So Far. by Cpossibility: 10:09pm On May 23

Baba thanks for bursting his real identity, as I’m too busy chasing shitty things. He sent me an email apologizing for scamming me and said he regretted his actions. It’s funny people don’t know how this thing called destiny could be ruined for very little things - People should learn from the experience of Esau and Jacob in the bible. Since he feels the 5k is worth his destiny, he can keep it.

You didn't reply my mail. Please do. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 4:43pm On May 23

Hi...I can help u out genuinely with a job and accommodation.

Please reply my PM. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tired, Broken And Frustrated by Cpossibility: 3:47pm On May 23
Hi everyone, I am a guy in my late twenties and i just graduated from the uni. Waiting for my school to release my final results.
I have been at home all these while doing practically nothing but thats not my wish but my hands are tied as there's no much from home in financial aspect and my environment here isn't that business blossom.
My purpose of writing here is to seek for job support as I dont like myself being idle, my aim is that whenever I go to service I'll do my possible best to lay my hands on something good to do as I would have large number of people to relate with.
I can do any kind of work u want Me to do cos I'm not lazy.
I have searched online for any online work I can do for the main time but all to no avail.
I won't mind if there's any job link you can offer me either online or offline, I will gladly appreciate. If God lays it in your cry cry heart to support me financially too, I'll appreciate that too as I am currently financially decapitated.

After you scammed my benefactor? Guy, I don't want to curse you but you've already positioned yourself for ruin.

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Career / Re: From N10,000 Salary To Millionaire Pay: My Grace Filled Career Journey So Far. by Cpossibility: 3:19pm On May 23
I pray you'll continue to go higher and higher bro.

Pls help my ministry with anything bro:

You took undue advantage of my unfortunate situation to scam someone 5k. If I may ask, having received the money, have your problems finished in life? I won't curse you but nature has the right justice for you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:53am On May 23

@OP, kindly send this your ordeal through what's app to this number

You will thank me later

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:44am On May 23
How come OP didn't the address before leaving for Lagos? In this age, anywhere you re going, the best is for you to get the person's address. Anything can happen with phone.

With the kind of person I have realized him to be, don't you think even the address would've been fake?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:42am On May 23

The scammer didn’t have to do that, he could have simply asked and get his own, without being a criminal. People who have a choice to get something legitimately should rather not resort to criminality to get it. Our mentality is really weird.

I'm sorry for losing your money to a scammer. Some human beings keep proving how evil the world is. Please reply my own PM.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:02am On May 23
Mr Cpossibility why not also try attend to some other essential messages some good willing people sent you. I think it's important

I have sir.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 8:30am On May 23

Hahahahaha. Whose this @Cpossibility?
Scammers are already on the prowl….?

You've just allowed yourself to be scammed. You should've run a check on that account to see it's a new one before sending any money. The scammer just rushed and opened a new account with Cpossibi'l'lity (double L) to scam you. Please I'm not the one you sent the money. I wonder why people are these terrible.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 8:24am On May 23

I was even encouraging you last time until someone drew my attention that i did not finish reading ur story that you've already gone back.

Bros! You just made mistake of your life! It will take God's mercy for u make it in life (no be curse)

The person you would have been thanking for this life is that guy but u lacked the spirit.

You think making it in life is easy? As rich men u hear today let them tell u.

So the ONLY WAY to make it in life is by living homeless in Lagos and sleep under bridge? I mean is that the ONLY WAY?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 7:41am On May 23

I felt bad and touched about your story. He’s not your friend anyways. No matter what or how you may have offended him in the past, the worst a wicked person who wants to pay you back in your own coin could do, is to decline to help, rather than bringing you so far and excommunicated you - that was beyond wicked.
Like many persons have already said, take it as blessing in disguise.
Anyone who blames you on this your experience is similar or even worse that your supposed wicked friend.

Send me your bank account details make I mellow your mind small - you need a positive attitude and mind ahead of your new week.

I don wire you 5k make you use relax your mind and try to move on.

Please wire 5k to which account? I didn't send you any account details.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 6:46am On May 23

So with all the insecurity issues tha abound about town, you want him to sleep under the bridge to prove he is not a cry baby and possibly get himself killed?

Anyone reading this and thinking of taking this risks should better think again..

Thank you for pointing that out. To him, the only way I could prove I'm not timid is by sleeping under the bridge.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 6:41am On May 23
In simple terms you lost the battle because you couldn't withstand the storm when your faith was tested. You ran back to your comfort zone. Timidity dwells in you yet you are looking for a rich life. let me tell you that God used that guy to remove you from your comfort zone, you should have remained in Lagos and faced the street. There would your glory locate you. You forget Abraham didn't know his destination when he left his father's house. He had a choice of returning but he didn't. As for that one writing textbook dishing advice, where I knew he's a fraud is after saying he makes more than half a million, yet he's still asking for tithe, yes his advice is an eye opener however his claims are false. It's my job to sniff out lies in a perfectly painted truth. No man will ever reveal what he actually makes so I caught him there.. In summary all I have to say is you messed up. You did what you knew best and that's running back to mommy. Enjoy your breast milk.

You cracked me up. You should understand not everyone can live a homeless lifestyle. I had only about 4k with me in a strange land I never been to before.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 6:28am On May 23
did u try calling him with another number?

Yes I did. Obviously he knew or presumed I was the one calling with strange number and he never picked it up.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 5:54am On May 23
This story similar to many other peoples experience particularly outside nigeria.
A friend of mine got to newyork, called the person that promised to host him.
The person said sorry I cant host you as promised.
He was then forced to think of alternative.

Me I got to europe.
I was immediately thinking of returning back home.
But because nigeria was bad, there was no home to return to.

I wish I could've stayed back but how?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 5:41am On May 23
@Cpossibility you're male or female?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:40pm On May 22
Op must have done something terrible to him in the past, cos I don't want to believe that friend will make Op travel all the way to Lagos, even talk to him en-route assuring him all is well, then ghost him, no way he was just plainly wicked, no way.

I had thought about all that, reminiscing in our moments during those days but can't wrap up my mind anywhere I offended him. None at all.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 9:34pm On May 22
This story hit home and i can relate so i shed a tear. God dey, the first rule in life is trust NO ONE. you came alone and you will depart alone.

Know this and know peace.

you can hit the ground running with a few tips below I you don't have any profitable venture at the monent, this..can be applied to almost anything if you think critically.

imma keep it real with you like my brother from another mother, The educational system in Nigeria has been watered down a great deal but there are still opportunities for grassroot hustlers, best believe that.

All you need now is a hustler's ambition / mindset, you need to grind like one who has no mother or father, its cold out there.

In Nigeria, there are two classes of people (Living things and non living things)...you need to be amongst the living and stop whinning and complaining about this and that, nobody has it easy. If everyone comes to Nairaland beer parlor with his or her story, you go thank God for your life.

Bum imma share some gems with you real quick and if you are street wise, you will take action immediately.

If you must make it in Nigeria, you must think like an OUTLAW. push your fine boy and degree aside, roll up your sleeves and hit the ground running.

however, If you are techy (digital marketing, ecommerce, mini importation)

If you are dead broke don't venture into programming, you cannot effectively learn programming on an empty stomach with lack of data

If you are hands on Plumbing, woodwork, electrical, interior design solar design and installation, phone and laptop repair

Let me give you a brotherly advice, and I hope you work on it...
First of all I counsel people and I have done that on nairaland for a while... I have met great and good guys...
I dropped a story about my experience teaching in two schools as a corper and would not mind partnering with schools in abuja, but some accused me of looking for teaching job... Never ever mind what people say...
Back to the matter...
As a graduate, teaching and earning 15k, e no bad... But once you have a good (android) phone, go to any car stand of your choice around your area... Listen well, any good car stand and ask to see the manager... Tell him you want to help him market his cars and get good buyers... 90% of car stand managers will sign u on... Tel him you will be paid a small commission after sales...
Pick up your phone, snap as many cars as your phone memory can take, open a dedicated twitter ac, IG ac, Facebook ac, WhatsApp ac, ac etc... Take out time to post this cars, make sure you have the actual prices of this cars... You can add as much as #250k on it... Bring down the negotiations to as low as making #50k if need be just so I can sell. Set your monthly target... I assure you, if you get I client in a month, u make around #100,000k once you start growing, you can get as much as 5-10 client from all over the country and that hits you over #1m for just helping others sell their cars, Note all you invested was your time, energy, phone and data... No big financial capital...
Do not restrict yourself to cars, go for industrial machines as well, caterpillars, mikano gens, any thing, then you look for those big companies that need them and try to call their attention to it or market it to them... You may not sell in 3 months but when you manage to get a client to buy just 1 caterpillars, my brother you will instantly forget that u suffered before...
A friend of mine was marketing a silo for a local wielder, he received a call all the way from kebbi state, the purchase was made in Ilorin, he made #1.8 mil from buyers and #400k from seller... He still got a referral from that deal. Wake up bro...
Within a month or two, come and pay (tite).
I drive uber/bolt in abuja, market cars, sell commodities such as beans, maize, wheat,
ginger,onions, name it... In bags and tonnes
And I make nothing less than half a mil monthly...

Reach me privately if you are interested in gadget importation and sales from US.

Whatsapp -

I'm impressed. Thank you very much for this. I'll contact you as soon as possible.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 7:25pm On May 22

Think deeply bro.. Did you at any point in time offend that guy in the past??
Think.. Think deep

Not all. There was never a time like that.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 6:51pm On May 22
He might be reading this here. Perhaps he's a Nairalander.

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Jobs/Vacancies / What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by Cpossibility: 6:47pm On May 22
What a friend did to me last week.

Just like in my case, so many graduates in the country are today, traumatized, depressed or even suicidal. Nothing is more depressing than seeing oneself jobless after several years of graduation. More annoying is when there's no finance to even start a business no matter how brilliant the business idea could be. If I have capital or even a collateral to use and get some money somewhere, I would rest completely from job hunting.

My ordeal.
Few months ago, I stumbled on a friend on Facebook whom we were school mates back in secondary school. His parents resided outside the state which he normally came back on school resumption and would go back during holidays.

On meeting him on Facebook, taking a look at his pictures, he's obviously doing well and claimed he's working with an international NGO. I told him my pains which is unemployment. Immediately, he was happy and telling me not to worry again that with his connections here and there, I'll get a job. His promise was to fix me either in the NGO, an insurance company, factory work or any other place of which he has links and connections.

We talked extensively and negotiated my movement and arrived I should come over last week. The plans was to stay in his 2 bedroom apartment and until 3-4 months when I can rent my own place. So I moved from Rivers state to Lagos Monday last week with just 16k on me. En route Lagos, we were keeping in touch so to know how closer I am and until I got to Lagos (God is Good Motors park) around 8pm. I called him that I have arrived the park and he said he was coming to pick me.

Long story short, that was the last time his number went. Initially, I thought it was network, or may be temporary low battery. I kept dialling the number through out the night but it never went again. Of course I had no choice than to sleep in the park. Woke up the next morning hoping his number would go but still same. I had no body else in Lagos nor knowing any where as that was my first time in Lagos. So I was just roaming around the park the whole day like a lost sheep, hungry, frustrating and pains but still hoping for his call but none came. When I tried reaching via Facebook and realized I was blocked, that was when it dawned on me that I have to start going back immediately. Already, transport fare from PH to Lagos finished about N10,500. So I was left with about 4k on me. At that point in the evening, I knew my best bet as I said earlier was to find my way back immediately but I didn't even have enough cash for my return. I had no option than to start telling people about my predicament and appealed for help to raise fund to return home the next morning. I was mocked and laughed at while some were asking to buy my phone at a very ridiculous amount. But then at that point, I could have sold it at the ridiculous amount but the phone was the only medium of communication with people especially my mum who was already worried over the journey right from the onset. I kept approaching people to help me and until one man graciously completed the money for me and I paid for my return.

On reaching home, I did nothing than thanking God that at least my case wasn't like that of late Iniobong Umoren. At least I came back home alive...which is the most important thing. But what I don't understand is why the guy chose to be that wicked to me forgetting this world is a very small place. I mean if there was never a job, why did he have to put me through that? Anyways, I have since moved on. Not even swearing/cursing him but leave everything for God. Such is life!

Fellow nairalanders, that is the dairy of a Nigerian job seeker. This leave me with the question, "will Nigeria ever be good for ordinary Nigerian?"

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Politics / Re: ECOWAS Issues Security Alert To Staff in Abuja by Cpossibility: 4:59pm On May 03
Congratulations to Buhari and APC


Politics / Re: Chief Dele Momodu Blasts Buhari & Declares Support For ESN by Cpossibility: 4:57pm On May 03
I'm tired of this country and tired of life.
Politics / Re: Sen. Dino Melaye Made Grammatical Error, Nigerians React (photos) by Cpossibility: 4:43pm On May 03
Nobody above mistake
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze Invites Esn, Massob, Bng, Bzm, Others For Peace Talk by Cpossibility: 4:38pm On May 03
Crime / Re: Boko Haram Invades Four Bauchi LGAs by Cpossibility: 4:36pm On May 03
Crime / Re: Woman’s Arm Amputated After Her Husband Butchered Her Over 'Infidelity' (Graphic by Cpossibility: 10:42am On May 03
[quote author=Calito1 post=101291627][/quote]

If not 419, what should I do to you?
Politics / Re: NDLEA Arrests Suspected Drug Trafficker With Cocaine Worth N360m by Cpossibility: 10:50pm On Apr 30
Politics / Re: Nnewi Rebrands Its Security Outfit, Gets 7 Vehicles (Photos) by Cpossibility: 3:29pm On Apr 30
Religion / Re: Why Suicide Victims Will Not Go To Hell by Cpossibility: 3:27pm On Apr 30
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija Announces Dates For Season 6 Audition by Cpossibility: 3:26pm On Apr 30

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