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Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 8:07pm On May 30, 2020

It's amazing how people can make excuses for white pigs criminal behavior. What you are saying is the cops are justified as using fear as an excuse to murder black people. [s]Please answer this question for me since you have so much compassion for racist.

When white American terrorists pick up their guns and shoot and kill innocent Americans in malls, churches and synagogues because of their color/race/religion, why aren't the cops ever in fear of their lives from these savage terrorists, why are these white terrorists carefully arrested without harm?[/s]
It's obvious you're quite insane, maybe just a little bit.. cheesy

I'm still trying to figure out your specific brand of insanity.

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Family / Re: Does Getting Married Make One Responsible? by crackkhaus: 7:42pm On May 30, 2020
No thanks to the moderator.
It's their work...
Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 7:35pm On May 30, 2020

You don't understand that sometimes citizens have to cause an uproar to get justice. This incident with George Floyd would have been thrown under the rug and those racist pigs would not be held accountable. As of Friday the savage pig has been arrested for manslaughter/3rd degree murder and the other racist pigs who stood around and let this execution take place has also been arrested.
Perhaps you never quite understood my specific angst as regards this whole thing.

1. What that cop did was inhumane, no one can state otherwise.
2. Protesting is a very effective means of getting justice, no argument.

However, every other thing that happened - the violence, the looting, the destruction, all of it was absolutely counterintuitive to the point in the first place...which was supposed to be "Black Americans are not a threat".
And guess what, every racist pig who watched all of that play out, certainly still believes that the next black man he/she meets is a threat.

Protesting did not begin in this century, violent protests did not begin recently either. When Trayvon Martin was killed, the same thing happened and turned violent.
How has any of it ever stopped the murder of the next unarmed black man?

You say an uproar (I suppose you mean, violence) is necessary to get justice. Well, this type of thinking is quite limited. I mean really, what's the idea? What is the bigger picture?
Is getting justice on one crime more important than effecting a total change overall in the minds of white folks (not just cops) who see black Americans as the enemy?

The other day, a lady at a park called the cops on a black man who simply asked her to put her dog on a leash. Wanna bet if she had a taser or gun on her, she wouldn't have pulled the trigger?

At the end of the day, innocent people have lost their source of livelihoods (business owners and employees) because of the violence.
If you were an owner of one of those small businesses that was looted, what would be top on your mind right now honestly?

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Family / Re: Does Getting Married Make One Responsible? by crackkhaus: 6:40pm On May 30, 2020
Well, it makes one appear responsible on first impression.

However, for those of us in the know... we are very much aware that many married men and women simply manage indiscretions more tactfully.

You will never know certain funny things until you get close enough.


Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 6:28pm On May 30, 2020
I'm only schooling the ignorant. grin
You already made your point on kindergarten war-efforts against cops two days ago, what exactly is happening today? grin


Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 5:08pm On May 30, 2020

That picture looks Photoshopped, just look at his legs. grin grin Good try though.
What's wrong with his legs?

The soldier armed himself with another bottle in there, couldn't you figure it out? cheesy


Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 5:06pm On May 30, 2020
[s]You are the toddler who can't understand that certain wars started with protest and rioting, for example the Civil War and The Revelutionary War. The Revelutionary (citizens revolting against the king) War and The Civil(the war between the states people were protesting with violence and death against slavery) War.

Slavery was once part of institutionalized racism and fighting put an end to it. All it takes is for people to unite and fight the powers that be.
Just do some research before you contradict yourself.[/s]
Hey war-monger, you came back after responding to that comment two days ago just to add some more wisdom? Lol

Are you trying to impress me or something? grin

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Family / Re: Sallah: How Arewa Women Pampered Their Husbands With Money And Love by crackkhaus: 3:22pm On May 30, 2020
Arewa born and raised cheesy

I think you like the non feminist arewa dance grin it fits you grin after a plate of tuwo and meatless groundnuts soup tongue

Meatless groundnut soup? cheesy

Is it because meat is scarce, or because it's tradition? angry
Family / Re: Hilarious Kids Sleeping Style. by crackkhaus: 8:40am On May 30, 2020
Kid number 4 nailed it
grin angry
SMH, na so you take dey spread? shocked
Family / Re: I Am 24, Muslim And Yoruba.. He's 45, Christian And From Kaduna. Please Advice! by crackkhaus: 8:37am On May 30, 2020

Like some of the people above me already said, this is a father-daughter kind of relationship. My mom is older than my sister with twenty years.

Personally, I don't understand how people relate with folks that are more than ten years older than them. Except for relatives, I don't see how I'll relate with someone far older than me. You don't belong to the same generation for God sake. The oldest of my friends is seven years older than me and I always address him as Mr.

Everything is just wrong with this your relationship

Different religions
Different generations
Different languages/cultural backgrounds
Different academic level
Different marital status
Everything is just different.

Girls get mind oooo.

How can you be fvcking someone old enough to be your father?

This same girl will call someone to help her kill a rat in her room, not knowing that a 24years old girl fvcking a 45years old man is the height of bravery.

I fear 9ja girls abeg
A number of girls will fvck a forefather if good money can come from it.


Family / Re: Please Advise A Brother by crackkhaus: 8:22am On May 30, 2020
If you guys don't help me, I will go and commit suicide and post the video on this forum. You guys should dare me and see.
Suicide, just because you got two girls pregnant and don't want to marry them? Are you the first?

In this progressive era of sexual freedom and marriage is not important sermons, you're doing very well...

Just make sure you take care of your kids and don't abandon them.

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Family / Re: She Has No Source Of Income, Should I Breakup With Her? by crackkhaus: 8:07am On May 30, 2020
if the op decides to act like a woman according to your post, it'll be hard to find a woman.

OP don't be like a woman, you can develop her. At the same time, don't break your pocket because of her.

I hope you won't regret it in the future.
It'll be hard to find a woman, because most women you know have no source of income and need to be developed by men?

Sad of you to think that... I don't hang around such women or want to have anything to do with them.

Holding women to the same standards you hold yourself is of utmost importance, you just might be better for it.

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Family / Re: She Has No Source Of Income, Should I Breakup With Her? by crackkhaus: 12:43am On May 30, 2020
Please ask yourself this simple question:

If I was the one with no source of income, will this girl still be with me? Would she have accepted my proposal even?

Now you know what to do...

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Family / Re: Sallah: How Arewa Women Pampered Their Husbands With Money And Love by crackkhaus: 12:38am On May 30, 2020
There are "other wives" now. Na turn by turn to dance for megida's attention all dressed up in buba riga grin then at midnight they start beating them for not playing to their randy d.ick music. Haba!!
See African men rolling in enjoyment during COVID.
smh @ arewa daytime dancing indeed undecided grin

It's like you know arewa men very well grin
Family / Re: STRANGE REASON MARRIAGES HAVE ENDED by crackkhaus: 12:36am On May 30, 2020
My Cousins wife woke up sometime in their 4th mth In marriage and told the husband she wasn't interested anymore. He thought it was a joke until he came back from work to meet an empty house.Several parties has gone to her family home to entreat her but she remains adamant. She maintains her husband my coz didn't do anything to her.

Why allow the marriage? So many questions. No fight, no quarrel no strife and definitely not arranged.very young working class couple

I remember because 2day would have been their 3rd marriage anniversary.

What could be her reasons?
I can only imagine two:

1. She received one of those "visions" from a prophet.
2. There was/is another man fvcking her.

It's either one of the two, I assure you of this... lipsrsealed


Family / Re: When Your In-laws Are Not Happy Over The Arrival Your New Born Baby by crackkhaus: 1:47pm On May 29, 2020
No I have never been rude to him before now we have been very close friends. He even calls me more frequently than I do. The more reason I am bothered.
I don't knknow whether I should call to know why or I should tell my husband about this.
There you go, hear what he has to say first before you come asking strangers.

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Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackkhaus: 1:34pm On May 29, 2020

Don't respond to my statements without doing your research. I will no longer respond to your self hatred.
Aye... but first, here's one of those "soldiers" who's had enough of cops killing his brothers.
He's fighting the war to bring inbred racists to their knees, and has armed himself from head to toe for this cause.

Problem is we can't tell anymore if he (like the others) are freedom fighters or just petty thieves...

But he definitely does have a lot of self-love, no argument there.

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Family / Re: Marriage: Before And After by crackkhaus: 8:38am On May 29, 2020

Lol cheat? I was a rolling stone, the ladies couldn't keep their hands off me even when they saw the ring.
Common sense and age has taught me that women are a liability so I I chilled and I'm proud of my decision.
You say cheating like it's supposed to make me cry. Your likes were the ones who couldn't leave me alone even though they knew I had no love to give.
I dey my own and you started quoting me, see temptation again o.
This man... gringrin
Family / Re: Marriage: Before And After by crackkhaus: 8:37am On May 29, 2020

Oh really? Sounds fun . . . I'll keep that in mind. cheesy
Family / Re: My 87years Old Granpa Still Wants To Re-marry. by crackkhaus: 8:09am On May 29, 2020
Lmao... papa is a rolling stone cheesy

But you people might need to protect him from that woman or at least keep a close eye on her.
She's not with him because she LOVES him grin


Family / Re: Marriage: Before And After by crackkhaus: 7:45am On May 29, 2020

Why do people assume that being free means being immoral? I don't regard sexual indiscretion as freedom.

If I wanted to be 'free' in that sense, marriage will not stop me.

I will like to be my own person, and getting entangled with someone else kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

Rolls eyes @ you being into me . . . Please don't let all those your female fans here lynch me.


The sauce I intend to bring is not completely immoral, but okay... cheesy
Family / Re: Sallah: How Arewa Women Pampered Their Husbands With Money And Love by crackkhaus: 7:33am On May 29, 2020
This is what crackland wants ladies to do grin grin

Damn! The are stuck at home...no opportunity for sidechics grin grin grin
The women are happy as they now get attention from their husbands grin hence the Arewa dance grin

Striptease and lap dance for megida - Not this type of dance grin

Allah, mu gode so se!!

I'm telling you.

How will their husband disrespect them, or think he has a right to just bring in another wife... grin

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Family / Re: Marriage: Before And After by crackkhaus: 7:29am On May 29, 2020

You know that's just it . . . It's probably going to be the same thing the second time around. Except the man was as abuser which of course makes it an exception.

I used to think things would have turned out different if I married my ex . . . but now, with time I see, we probably would have gone through the same struggles, maybe even worse.

That's why I've decided never ever to get married again if anything happens to my marriage!

PS: Your last sentence was not nice!
Good for you cool

PS: The sentence was humour, you and the OP are just too sensitive and missed it.
Family / Re: Marriage: Before And After by crackkhaus: 7:26am On May 29, 2020

I'm just saying what I feel sometimes, what's so terrible about that?
Nothing terrible about it, just surprised.
Also realized I must have missed an opportunity by not letting you know how much I was into you.

Next time you feel trapped, caged, and want to act single and free...let me know so I can bring some sauce. gringrin

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