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Politics / Re: MURIC Asks Buhari To Appoint More Yoruba Muslims To His Cabinet by Cyynthia(f): 10:29am On Mar 22, 2019
Politics / Re: MURIC Asks Buhari To Appoint More Yoruba Muslims To His Cabinet by Cyynthia(f): 8:07am On Mar 22, 2019
Yoruba Muslims should be very careful.
The silence of some of us Christian Yorubas is not an act of cowardice.

What ever Yoruba Muslims want this time around we are going to give it to them fire for fire. The animal even said that Yoruba Muslims are majority in SW.. who dash monkey Banana ?
That you are loud and good at making unnecessary noise doesn't mean that you are majority .As they say..... empty vessels make the most noise.

Yoruba Christians, it's time for us to wake up and give Yoruba Muslims their own dosage. The islamisation of SW has swung into full gear. This can't happen under my nose. Yoruba Muslims dont and never meant well for us.
Whenever you hear that useless and deceptive slogan "Yoruba is Yoruba " by Yoruba Muslims,, check the situation on ground, Muslims are dominating at that point, but Yoruba muslims won't allow non Muslims to have a say.

If Yoruba Muslims are not hell bent in islamising SW with the help of the caliphate, why is it that Yoruba Christians are not recruited in government jobs ? . If a recruitment is done , 7 out of people recruited will be Muslims
Why do Muslims have where they worship all over the Local governments in Lagos but Christians don't have any ?, yet these people will keep playing the victim card in some cases just to keep deceiving the gullible.. It's still part and parcel of taquia..

Yoruba Christian wake up and face your enemy eye ball to eye ball. If we keep quiet and allow this rubbish to continue, the insurgency in the NE will be a child's play to compare with what might befall SW in future. The radicalism is getting out of hand.

My mention is accessible for Yoruba Muslims to wail as usual . They hate when I am saying the truth especially in the public.. Very hopeless people.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Traders Mobbed Mc Oluomo by Cyynthia(f): 12:41pm On Mar 19, 2019
The guy with the moniker naijaguy1234, take a chill pill and take it easy with life, I have carefully followed your comment especially since the general election begins, guy what is it, you are just too tribal and bitter for nothing, life is more than how you see it, for God sake we are all one or at best human being, if you dont drop this attitude, guy am telling it will consume you and you will bite your hand in the future.

Dont know if you are married or not, I must say bro you are heading for a crash, look if every other person is removed from this world and you are left alone and given the key to central bank as well as Aso rock to enjoy your life the way you want since you want power, I bet you you will beg God to take you life...we all compliment each other as well as add value to each other lives ....guy if you see real war you go run ooooo, don't allow these selfish, greedy, self centred politician causing divide among tribe and religion just to steal money bring evalasting bitterness to your soul... Las las every man shall stand and give account to God on how he/she lived while on earth .

Just felt like saying something to you ..no hatred bro

God bless Nigeria.
You still have time for that broken clown.


Politics / Re: Igbo Traders Mobbed Mc Oluomo by Cyynthia(f): 8:54am On Mar 19, 2019

You want to b popular by force on nairaland lol

Kpele u can't outshine seun o remember
I registered since 2017 and I have only made 400 comments and you are talking of popularity ?
What will you now tell people that registered about four months ago with over 3000 comments and beyond ?
I think I am becoming popular according to you despite my seldom visit here. If not you wouldn't have noticed me even when I know nothing about your existence

Yoruba Muslim . Smh


Politics / Re: Igbo Traders Mobbed Mc Oluomo by Cyynthia(f): 7:53am On Mar 19, 2019

Who knows this nitwit? When your elders are already kneeling down to beg for mercy at MC reaident

If you are not a Yoruba Muslim from Oshogbo claiming Lagosian as usual, you would have known that some Igbo traders met with the same character before the election which even nairaland Igbos here called them all sorts of unpritable names.. APC Lagos Igbos faction, that they don't represent Igbos, etc.

But as myopic person you are , you didn't fail to disappoint by believing that all Igbos in Lagos are PDP just like you made us to believe that you are a lagosian even when your character is saying otherwise.

You are here making noise on nairaland why MC is huzzling for his survival and that of his family like every other person . Without the efforts of those people around him, his survival is at stake..
You as an ordinary Yoruba man on the street, what is your source of income ? (Food for thought)

There is 70 percent chances that your survival depends on the people you love to hate.
Empty drum.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Traders Mobbed Mc Oluomo by Cyynthia(f): 7:47am On Mar 19, 2019
God save Una, he would have chased Ibo out of Oshodi. We test our power with trade fair complex closure, next we will close alaba market if you don't watch your leaking mouth.

They must have reactivated this one's mumu bottom.
Sounding like someone that is unfortunate in life.

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Business / Re: BREAKING The Entire Lagos International Trade Fair Complex Sealed Off by Cyynthia(f): 11:23am On Mar 18, 2019
I hope they have good intention for sealing the market but if it's what I am thinking, then they are shooting themselves on the feet for this action.

There is something about Igbos we are yet to understand. There is this kind of divine blessings that Igbos have to the extent that they can easily do and succeed in business irrespective of the environment or the policies on ground.. You can't take it away from them.
We all saw how Okada was banned in Onitsha, average Igbo man was able to maneuver the government as I attached below and continued with his business ..This is others always envy their doggedness..
In this case, las Las his house will become his warehouse and phone his office ..
This action is also minus to Lagos IGR because market contribute a lot to thé state ..

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Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: Lagos State Govt Goes Against Igbos, Seals Trade Fair Intl Mrk by Cyynthia(f): 10:45am On Mar 18, 2019

You're not an Edo Person. You're of Igbo extraction.

All d Edo accounts managed by d yanmirins has now bn suspended temporarily eg

Binikingdowm, Edodefender etc.

A real Bini person is not a Yoruba hater

You don't believe that Edo person will fight Yoruba, but you will be quick to believe that someone from SS will insult person from SE ? ..

Dellusion ! You better go offline and see what is on ground and stop deceiving yourself here .. Edo people hate we Yorubas more than you can ever imagine.

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Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: Lagos State Govt Goes Against Igbos, Seals Trade Fair Intl Mrk by Cyynthia(f): 10:42am On Mar 18, 2019
Oh i thought u IPOB Igbo tribal bigots claim u own Lagos and u have majority tribe,now u know the real owners of lagos abi,u bunch of Ingrates who migrated to lagos to earn a living, u come here and spill all sorts of rubbish talk,foolish people

Dem don press your mumu button.

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Politics / Re: I Am Neither Of Atiku Nor Buhari; I'm For Biafra - Exist Referendum: Nnamdi Kanu by Cyynthia(f): 7:53am On Feb 13, 2019
kanu is a Fool

Who is going to give you referendum?

Where is it in the constitution?

Boycotting elections helps who? Certainly not Igbos

This guy is living in kuku land
Haven't you embarrassed your self enough over Kanu's matter?
You should hide your face in sand.
Go and learn from other reasonable PDP supporters on this forum who always skip all IPob related thread and focus on selling their preferd candidate. Don't think you are wiser than them because they are far ahead of you in terms of reasoning and mature political calculations. Learn how to make use of your brain by urging and admonishing Ipob to vote not throwing tantrums that will even make some Ipob admirers to boycott such election in order to spite people like you... I hope you are not working for PDP because you are demarketting Atiku/Obi indirectly. Don't ask me how...... SMH


Crime / Re: Men Exhume Body Of Seven-year-old Girl, Cut Off Her Head For N5m by Cyynthia(f): 10:50am On May 28, 2018

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Politics / Re: May 30 Sit-At-Home: We Will Deal Decisively With Biafra Groups - Police by Cyynthia(f): 10:01am On May 28, 2018
Idiotic police.
Previously, Biafran remembrance day comes with prayer and other activities in some designated places Ipobs mapped out to celebrate the event.

But recently, they have decided to do the remembrance by staying at home since police and army are good at shooting them in the process (Though the army always meet their karma via boko haram)
Now, tell me how the sit at home order affect these idiotic police men ?
Would they be moving from house to house to drag people out of their homes ?
What is in wrong in remembering someone's lovely ones ?
Why is Nigeria struggling to cover the truth by trying to suppress anything Biafra/ Ipob(even though its impossible) ?.
Are they feeling guilty ?
If really the Aburi accord and 3 R's were implemented, do you think this agitations would have sprung up ?

Buhari is evil
Buhari is a terrorist !

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Recruitment At WAZOBIA FM Onitsha New Office by Cyynthia(f): 9:51am On May 28, 2018

Typical Anambra man

feeling superior to other Igbos

rubbish mentality
He's not IBO ..
You must be new or inactive on nairaland.

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Crime / Re: Man Attempts Suicide In Port Harcourt, Climbs High Tension, Gets Electocuted by Cyynthia(f): 8:54am On May 28, 2018
He's yet to fulfil his destiny.
Romance / Re: WTF? University Of Suya Spotted Somewhere In Nigeria (photo) by Cyynthia(f): 3:49pm On May 27, 2018
so much in love with your dp.... Nice one
Romance / Re: WTF? University Of Suya Spotted Somewhere In Nigeria (photo) by Cyynthia(f): 12:07pm On May 27, 2018
That place is a popular Suya stand @Ikeja not Ghana .Around Allen roundabout.
Best place you can get well prepared and neat Suya by @bokis..

Bloggers and lies....


Politics / Re: Herdsmen Killings Is To Make Nigeria A Sharia State: CAN Reveals by Cyynthia(f): 5:07pm On May 26, 2018
Only fools will disagree with CAN.
Nigerian Christians are on big trouble

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Politics / Re: Picture Of President Buhari's Mother: Zulaihat by Cyynthia(f): 10:53am On May 26, 2018
Only if her husband had adopted "coitus interruptus" ( withdrawal method) that night, Nigeria would have been in peace by now.

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Politics / Re: I Support Amnesty For Boko Haram, Says Tinubu by Cyynthia(f): 10:44am On May 26, 2018
What do you expect from a Yoruba muslin ?
A slave to Fulani will forever remain a slave to Fulani.
A slave has no option than to follow the footsteps of his masters.
Tinibu is a Yoruba Muslim
Tinibu is a slave to Fulani.
He said this based on the instruction given to him by his Fulani masters.
Tinibu can't take decision on his own.

Lalasticlala... Where are you ?


Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Orji Kalu Visits President Buhari In Aso Rock (photos) by Cyynthia(f): 8:21am On May 26, 2018
Buhari 2019; Igbo Presidency 2023.
Stop hiding under "Igbo presidency" to campaign for Buhar's second tenure ..
Stop littering all over Nairaland with this your useless boring campaign.
You Obviously know that Buhari is a cancer to humanity, but due to the fact you don't know how to market him,you keep hiding under "Igbo presidency" to campaign for him. Do you think that igbos are dull like you ?

When has Buhari become a god that gives presidency to any ethnic group he likes ?. The same man that contested for president for three solid good times and failed yakata until SW and NC came for his rescue in 2015. If he's a god like you portray him, why didn't he help himself out during those period before 2015 ?

Let me leak a secret for you... Buhari will loose SW this time around because, we Yoruba Christians and some other progressive yorubas cannot sink so low and vote for a terrorist who is hell bent in unleashing terror on our Christian brothers in north central. Of course we know that if Buhari wins in 2019, he will face Yoruba Christians the way he's dealing with North central Christians since Fulani herdsmen whom Buhari is using as tools to reduce the population of christians in Nigeria are very selective in their attack..( Christians are their target) As for that North central, his popularity has drastically reduced. Only Demons like yahaya Bellow and his brainwashed miscreants from that region will give him their support ..
Then SE/SS region which is a stronghold of Christianity in Nigeria is a no go area for Buhari.
Buhari hates Christians, he hates igbos hence his negative attitude towards igbos and minorities in SS.
Even those those that gave him 5% in 2015 in ibo land are deeply regrating their action because they have seen that Buhari has nothing to offer Nigerians other than bloodshed and pains.
Majority of igbos rejected him in 2015 and this time around, they will reject him again because he's nothing but a calamity to Christians. And Igbo are unapologetic for that ..
Buhari Will go back and start winning only in NE and NW like like he has been winning since 2003 to 2011 ..
But wait oo, how has northern presidency enhanced the standard of living of abbokis ?, because the last time I checked, they are surviving at the mercy of international donors.
But the last time I checked, average ibo man is fantastically fine with himself with or without the presidency. The records are everywhere.

So fix your campaign strategy to ur @as.

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