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Politics / Re: Malabu Fraud: Alhaji Aliyu Received $400 Million As Consultancy Fee by DabuIIIT: 7:34am On Feb 08

Oga,I live and have travelled throughout the length and bredth of d north these past 10yrs.
Nothing to envy about the north oga.
What is the need of 1 dangote who will surely be surrounded by 1 million ppl who are eating grass?
abeg shattap and close ya mouth when the more intelligent and educated nairobi33 is talking...
Your jagbajantis tinubu is ever ready to sell off what is left to your abboki masters for a plate of amala...
Politics / Re: Malabu Fraud: Alhaji Aliyu Received $400 Million As Consultancy Fee by DabuIIIT: 6:52am On Feb 08
" Anti-corruption investigators and activists suspect he fronted for top officials of the Goodluck Jonathan administration as well of officials of Shell and ENI.

we sat down and agreed that I should take this matter and discuss with the then President Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and I would act as a consultant.
“This we all agreed then I went to the President and I had a meeting with him which he would see how he would resolve this matter for the interest of Nigeria and the interest of everybody, then it was agreed I would be paid a consultancy fee

As at that time ,Mr Etete was reportedly an ex-convict and how they all pretended not to know is unbelievable. Thank God the Milan Court is dealing with them all and not buying the bunkum that they are not aware of the criminal record of Mr Etete.

The worst part is that HE GEJ approved that only $210M of $ would be deducted to pay signature Bonus to the Federal Government while the others were stolen.

This is likely the source of the fresh mint dollars being corruptly shared during the 2015 Presidential election build up yet FG workers and civil servants of about 30 states of the federation were owing workers salaries for up to 9 months while some of the workers and pensioners were dying from hunger.

That HE GEJ tenure was the era of the locust years.

Everywhere in the FG administration was messed up, from bomb blast every independence day to fuel scarcity that make people sleep at fuel station on Christmas days and even the Nigerian map was not spared, we already lost a large portion of Borno state to Boko Haram and Mr Henry Okah,a.k.a Jomo Gbomo ,was doing his own while Tompolo,an oil pipeline vandal kingpin was handed the contract of securing our sovereign water ways!! shocked Wow!!!

All the enemies of Nigeria will lose las las. They always lose. God bless Nigeria forever.

Not a single word for the alh Aliyu...of course nah...he's not Igbo... otherwise your post would've been screaming Igbo Igbo Igbo!!!!!!!!!

Do you even know alh Aliyu the same way and your fellow haters know Diezani Allison Madueke??!!

All your posts are full of hatred for the SS and SE people.....but without these people especially without the SS you people can never survive...your zoo will never survive


Sports / Re: Which Of The Games Were Your Favourite In The Just Concluded AFCON? by DabuIIIT: 8:05pm On Feb 07
Did anyone watched and remembered the Gambia/Bukina Faso game?
That match was the bomb: very tough game it was.
Burkina Faso should be the MVP country

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Romance / Re: My Woman's Sex Libido Just Increased by DabuIIIT: 4:33pm On Feb 06
sad grin lapasto lapasto under the table ooo.
My belle oo, my head ooo

Jagua that year

Politics / Re: Seun Osewa: PDP Has No Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi Is A South Candidate by DabuIIIT: 4:30pm On Feb 06

I knew that word on marble long before I started seeing it in print or spoken by others differently.

My own version is,"Nobody envies someone/people who are less successful as they are".

All of them you see on here and elsewhere criticize and envy the Igbos cos they can never be as successful as the Igbos.

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Politics / Re: Seun Osewa: PDP Has No Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi Is A South Candidate by DabuIIIT: 4:24pm On Feb 06

This is from another thread...


You are a vile igbophobic character....

You are at least better than those who bite you and blow at your wound at the same time.
That old "human being" is cursed
Politics / Re: Wike: South Will Shake Nigeria With Decision On 2023 Presidency by DabuIIIT: 4:20pm On Feb 06
Wike, take a chill pill.... but 4K tha'shhi',there's a niggga tryn to kill me.. grin
Romance / Re: A Marriage Proposal To My White Girlfriend At Landmark Beach, Lagos by DabuIIIT: 3:49pm On Feb 06
Hahahahaha bros.. Thanks man. It was an excited feelings.
You is a lucky fella..make sure you don't break her heart...
Btw,which country is she?

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Politics / Re: Live At Amaechi's Turbaning Ceremony As DAN AMANAR DAURA (the Trusted One) by DabuIIIT: 11:09am On Feb 06
These are the accursed southerners
Politics / Re: Abaribe: Sit-At Home Has Chased Businessmen Away From Southeast by DabuIIIT: 11:02am On Feb 06
God punish you. Idiot. Are you not a major financier? Havent you been one of those encouraging them?

Again I say thunder fire you.

Sit at home continues tomorrow. If den born your pappa well, come out unto the street and test the resolve of the monsters you breastfed. Fool.
if only you know how perfectly you just described yourself

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Politics / Re: The Official Peugeot 504 Of Olusegun Obasanjo In 1979 As Head Of State (Photo) by DabuIIIT: 10:50am On Feb 06

Is this really you? Omo Igbo? shocked

Writing normally and not like a coneheaded structure? shocked grin
Gbenue soun iwo IvartheMENTAL, hotoroMENTAL,talo so fun e pe Omo Ibo le mi? Se ti mugbo ni abi oru e oforkasibe!!!? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Hijab Crisis: Kwara Muslim & Christian Groups Disagree Over Peace Move by DabuIIIT: 10:39am On Feb 06
angrysadsad The offsprings of Allah like generalojukwu and helinues and their wahala undecidedsad. grin

God punish all Islamabad angrysad
Religion / Re: Have You Ever Fallen Under Anointing? by DabuIIIT: 10:30am On Feb 06

One mumu Deeper Life girl fell under anointing and was moaning my name.

Her church member was my a teacher in evening garri school He called me to threaten me.

Education / Re: The Human Skeleton My Students Drew by DabuIIIT: 5:20pm On Feb 05
I remember back in secondary school, when I and my friends use to announce in the class that Mrs ilyas, the biology teacher said everyone should submit their note books, we will collect the books and go to back of the school and be looking at drawings, biology as a subject get plenty drawings, amoeba, coneheaded generalojukwu euglena, arachnid, etc etc.

We go laugh at drawings at the back of the school, until we begin to spit on ourselves, come and see wicked wicked drawings then grin

Especially those girls.

When we are done laughing, we will return the books to everyone, that Mrs ilyas said we should bring it next week that she's going home already, we did this several times and we was never caught, the memory of it still plant smiles on my face
Politics / Re: Umo Eno Kneels Down As Governor Udom Annoints Him As Successor (Photo) by DabuIIIT: 5:14pm On Feb 05
Na the PDP way he dat.

na their way,abi,then what do you call this?! grin

Politics / Re: From Hideout, I Saw Policemen Hack Dad To Death, Shoot His Nephew Dead by DabuIIIT: 12:09pm On Feb 05
Family / Re: My Brother's Wife Wouldn't Let Their Children Go To School Because Of This by DabuIIIT: 9:57pm On Feb 04
In most cases, when a couple wants to rent an apartment, the wife’s choice is always what is agreed upon. My question is, didn’t she know her husband rented an apartment in the remote part of Ikorodu? If she did, then it’s so callous and wicked for her to use her kids to protest her anger. The couple should sort their issue amicably
Yes but op says they are staying at the remote part of Ikorodu and I'm pretty sure you the dangers associated with that part of Lagos.

She's just afraid for her kids,too many ritualists around that axis....not as though not going to school is any better
Crime / Re: Photos Of Soldier Donatus Vonkong Killed By Drunk Policeman In Borno by DabuIIIT: 9:48pm On Feb 04
Army providing security for one bloody elkanemi whatever that means.... angry
Crime / Re: Boyfriend Stabbed Lover To Death Then Lay In Bed Next To Her Body In UK (Pics) by DabuIIIT: 9:37pm On Feb 04
angry pipu with dat kind bear are DEMON undecided

Politics / Re: Okorocha: I See IPOB As Poorly Educated Children, Not Terrorists by DabuIIIT: 9:32pm On Feb 04
ipobarethieves old monkey description of his family grin:
cry cry poorly ,hopeless,useless,ill equipped ,ill trained,dumb,worthless,vagabond Dull,dafts,broke lazy arsse who wanna sell their wife's jalopy car,idiots, coneheads afonjaPigz .And so on......... Afonja are confam /complete dum*b@$$ sad cool

Politics / Re: FG Creates Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB), Appoints CEO by DabuIIIT: 9:26pm On Feb 04
sadis it London used,Have paper grin in case.Post pinsure here. Shut up ya mouth there,you thinks it's China chinko they are talking about here? grin
Celebrities / Re: Which Celebrity's Death Pained You The Most? by DabuIIIT: 9:18pm On Feb 04
Oh my God,that's gotta be no one but Whitney Houston. Her death pains me till this day.

Another that pains me,she ain't a celebrity of some sort,she's Nigerian,Olakurin Fasoranti, daughter of Afenifere leader.
Celebrities / Re: Old Age Is Catching Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger by DabuIIIT: 10:42am On Jan 27
@ 74 he still has good body shape
..at 74 you still have Igbo this Igbo that shape grin
Celebrities / Re: Old Age Is Catching Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger by DabuIIIT: 10:39am On Jan 27
This guy who hardly ever kissed in movies regardless of having a good time like vandamme,howddahell he has a son? grin
Politics / Re: Ogun Police Engage Bandits In Gun Duel; Inspector, Two Others Die by DabuIIIT: 7:29pm On Jan 26

I just assume any bandit is Fulani terrorists but now I read the article now to see that the police were after those trying to defend the land.

This is maddening. no it's not...have you caught an Igbo in India today?! grin
Politics / Re: Ogun Police Engage Bandits In Gun Duel; Inspector, Two Others Die by DabuIIIT: 7:25pm On Jan 26
are you guys seeing what's happening? When Fulani herdsmen terrorist kills and raid a village or town, the police would be called but they won't respond or do anything about it. But here is a case where the villages decided to get into the forest and finish off the Fulani terrorist then the police swang into action and went to the forest to fight and kill the villagers who were hunting the terrorist.

Oduduwa republic and Biafra republic is the best thing that can happen to the Eastern and Western region.

Don't wait until they surround u and start taking over your territories.

Referendum noww
Seunmsg generalojukwu ipobsarethieves helinues will soon call you impostor


Politics / Re: Ogun Police Engage Bandits In Gun Duel; Inspector, Two Others Die by DabuIIIT: 7:23pm On Jan 26
The F*ck.

So it’s actually police going after people tryin to go after the Fulani terrorists?
see your life?!! Keep on searching for igbo stories upandan,keep on sticking your head up the arsse of the Igbos and their affairs,keep up the good job.

Btw,why did you quickly modify your post,so you post without readin?!!!
Travel / Re: Lagos Driver's Car Impounded By Task Force, Asked To Pay ₦25,500 by DabuIIIT: 5:59pm On Jan 26
I think everyone driving a car in Lagos should just abadon their vehicles at home,it's getting too much.
Lastma are equally worse..those guys are so roguish the moment they catch a rat,you see all of them abadon the road and rush to the rat to see and know how much they gonna fleece from the victim...every driver is going thru hell in Lagos including the danfo drivers..so bad.

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Politics / Re: Police Trust Fund: Court Stops Deductions By FG, Orders Refund To Rivers by DabuIIIT: 5:13pm On Jan 26
One very sad thing and the problem with Nigerians is that,they don't appreciate neither do they like men of the people like Wike.

May God bless that man


Politics / Re: Ekiti2022: Security Agents Arrest 500 Armed Thugs, Recover Weapons by DabuIIIT: 1:53pm On Jan 26

Those blinded by partisan politics can't see the picture below.
You are one of nairaland #1 blinded by partisan politics

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Politics / Re: Ekiti2022: Security Agents Arrest 500 Armed Thugs, Recover Weapons by DabuIIIT: 1:28pm On Jan 26
PDP thugs going to disrupt PDP primaries. Perfect grin

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