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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Transgender Deevah Displays His Body In Sexy Lingerie by deanoffaculty: 3:35pm On Oct 05
If god no blow trumpet dis week e no go reach ending of next week b4 e blow (cus Sodom and Gomorrah) de learn work 4 dis my generation

No b 4 my mouth una go hear say na person born dis idiomatic expression
The time wey God mention trumpet ehn, sin never dey like this. Sin don heavy wella these days.....na SAXOPHONE baba God wan blow.

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Romance / Re: Guys, Let's Settle This: Bum-bum Or Boobs? by deanoffaculty: 9:34am On Oct 02
As for me, I'm stuck in between the two.
My woman must be endowned in the front and at the back.

However, some guys prefer the backside to the mammary glands in terms of size, while others are vice-versa.

Let's hear from you.

PS: Respond responsibly


Romance / Re: Can You Do This For 700 Million?? by deanoffaculty: 1:14pm On Sep 16
Can you.....?? cheesy cheesy cheesy
Run naked 3minutes and get 700M? How much for a whole family of 7 to run naked for 3minutes? Let's talk business. grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why Do Men Don't Fancy Celebrating Birthday Like Women?? by deanoffaculty: 1:07pm On Sep 16
Am just confuse about it.

Why don't men fancy it ?
This same question applies to why men don't live long. See ehn....what is running through their head is far more higher to that of ladies/women. Pay bills, family satisfaction, demand from girlfriend/wife, chasing better life, etc. Meanwhile when you do scan to female brains, e go shock you...there you'll find birthday, Big brother Naija, bone straight wig, data subscription, fashion hub, celebrity gist, parte after parte, iphone, etc...
Kudos to all Men out there....una dey try!!!!

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Celebrities / Re: I Saw TB Joshua In Hell And He Told Me This”- Prophet Explains by deanoffaculty: 11:47am On Sep 10

who won the fight? cheesy
I won..... grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: I Saw TB Joshua In Hell And He Told Me This”- Prophet Explains by deanoffaculty: 4:14pm On Sep 09
The world is gradually turning into something unpredictable and words alone can not say where the world is headed in the future. Well, nothing seems too surprising anymore.

There’s is a post on Facebook about the late TB Joshua which seems very interesting and quite weird at the same time.

This particular post has gone viral on social media, and netizens can’t seem to stop talking about it.

In the post, it was reported that a certain prophet from Zimbabwe claims he went to heaven and met the late prophet TB Joshua in hell who gave him a message to deliver to another prophet named Prophet Makandiw.

Here is a caption of the viral post:

” A well prestigious Zimbabwean Prophet, known for his measurable predictions ” Prophet Mudungwe” claims he has recently gotten back from a superb retreat where he was making arrangements and sorting out the arrival of Jesus, he met TB Joshua in the profundities of misery, in the most natural-sounding way for him he said ” tragically we didn’t t have a satisfying visit since Joshua is just permitted 10 words every month, except he implored me to reveal to Prophet Makandiwa that he needs to change his ways in light of the fact that the fire is excessively hot”

Can this be true?

We all know the world is full of fake prophets, but TB Josua was well known worldwide and respected as well.

SCREENSHOTS AND PHOTOS HERE: https://toktok9ja.com/i-just-returned-from-heaven-i-saw-tb-joshua-in-hell-and-he-told-me-this-prophet-explains/

Prophet Mudungwe was suffering from malaria fever not vision. I could remember sometimes ago when I had a dream that I was fighting with Jackie chan. It was later I realized it was malaria symptom. What's my business with Jackie chan in the first place?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ibadan Job For N175,000 Or Kaduna Job For N259,000 : Which Should I Go For? by deanoffaculty: 1:10pm On Sep 07
Good morning house, pls I need your views and opinions on this subject matter.

Ok, I currently work with an FMCG Coy in Ibadan as an inventory officer where I earn N175k net on a monthly basis. It’s important to state here that I was living in Lagos prior to my getting this FMCG job. So, I moved to Ibadan 2 months ago and currently put up with a friend in his apartment while I try to figure out how to move my stuffs to Ibadan on relocation basis. But along the line, I got a job with a big agricultural establishment affiliated to a mki89multinational agricultural firm and I’m being offered N259k for a start excluding other benefits such as airtime(15k) which is different from my main salary. Also note that the N259k is gross so my take home could be around N230k or thereabouts. Now here’s the challenge. This new job is in Kaduna(the state capital) and I’ve not been to kaduna before. So, house what do you think about this. I need your candid, sincere and factual advice on this matter.

Thank you
Kindly go for the 259k offer. Kaduna state is not bad. Don't allow FEAR to set in. Ohh! Bandits, Terrorists, kidnappers.......those horrific news you watch on Television/social media platforms and unpleasant news you listen to on radio, right? I understand! Zion is safe, it's only Northern Kaduna that I can't guarantee.
God no go leave you dude!!!

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Romance / Re: Woman Wins World's Widest Mouth Award by deanoffaculty: 3:33pm On Jul 31
I just remembered that man in ARTEMIS FOWL movie......mouth that can swallow any object.
Politics / Re: Mr Macaroni Leads The Lekki Toll Gate Protesters (video) by deanoffaculty: 9:05am On Feb 13
Carry on, we are solidly behind you.
When you are there on a couch eating popcorn and watching channels news hour.....#LoriIro

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Education / Re: What Is The Only English Word That Ends In The Letters "MT" by deanoffaculty: 5:26pm On Feb 06
Romance / Re: Body To Die For...actress Idia Aisien Flaunts Her Curves In Sexy Swimwear Photos by deanoffaculty: 4:03pm On Feb 01
lol body to die for"I was expecting to see the body of Christ

Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: Before You Give A Pastor Your January Salary, Think About This by deanoffaculty: 11:45pm On Jan 24
I Have Never Heard Any News Of This People (who are non-muslim)Giving Thanks Service In The Church abi them and pastor the beef?
Aliko Dangote
Mike Adenuga
Jeff Stefflon
Warren Buffet
Qatar Crown Prince
Tony Elemelu
Ned Nwoko
Bill Gates
Bezos Djovik
Hushpuppy grin
Forte Otedola
Alhaji Dantata
Mohammed RANO.

It Seems Religion And Poor People Do Blood Covenant! grin


Education / Re: Giant Termite Mound Overtakes Student Room (photos) by deanoffaculty: 11:29pm On Jan 24
Village people at work in 2021......shout HOLY GHOST FIRE!!! grin
Travel / Re: Many Dead As Truck Rams Into Shops In AAUA by deanoffaculty: 11:27pm On Jan 24
I don't even know which of these two kills more - DANGOTE TRUCKS or FULANI CATTLE HERDERS?
Vanity upon vanity......all is vanity!!
Politics / Re: NIN Holders To Pay N15,000 To Correct Date Of Birth, 5000 For Name, Address by deanoffaculty: 8:38am On Jan 08
Please is Nigeria cursed? I want to know
Politics / Re: Elon Musk Overtakes Jeff Bezos To Become Richest Man In The World by deanoffaculty: 8:27am On Jan 08
I knew Elon Musk will get to this stage. The Electric moving vehicle company he owns is one of the major achievements for him. Kudos to Elon Musk!!
Crime / Re: Professor Caught On Tape While Kissing A Married Female Student In His Office by deanoffaculty: 11:20am On Jan 07
LA click la FCMB

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Education / Re: Deeper Life High School Fees (photos) by deanoffaculty: 9:14am On Jan 07

Do you know what tithe means?
A poor man according to IBRD in Nigeria earns around 25k.
The tithe is #2500.

Is that what you want to pay as school fees?
I get it ..it can't work. In fact, it will never work out. This life sef no balance. Poor people will never cease in the land according to Bible. God go help us ....

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Education / Re: Deeper Life High School Fees (photos) by deanoffaculty: 9:04am On Jan 07

Have read alot of comment like yours and I'm fed up. I work in a school and there are standards that's every school will like to meet, hence the cost of tuition fee. When I say standard I mean quality. For crying out loud, DLF fees is very cheap and I wonder the quanlity of services they render. If any of the church members can't afford it, then let them go to schools they can afford. Have a good day.
I understand the 'standard' thing and that is just the truth. Honestly, I just feel for people who WISH but no WILL. I am not particular about DLF but all denominations with standard schools.
Education / Re: Deeper Life High School Fees (photos) by deanoffaculty: 8:55am On Jan 07

Free...Good. BUT,
How will the teachers be paid.
How will the pupils be fed and housed.
Hiw will electricity and water be provided.
How will security, educational materials and statutory obligations be handled if the school is free.

People say tithes and offerings. What they fail to understand is that there unlike taxes and levies of government, church offerings are not mandatory, are not enforceable and have no fixed rate so income for planning and budgetary purposes is impossible.

Will you have a school open one week when offerings are adequate and closed the next when receipts are paltry.... No institution can successfully run that way.

Then you have the issues of equity. If you make it free for one then it will have to be free for all. Who then will be a church member...the whole world of course. For no man will pay for what he can get free....

Just think about it for a minute and reason out reality. That is why the world has come to an ingenious decision called a scholarship. That enables the inadequate while maintaining equity and reality through set criteria.
Gaskiya, I get you point-blank and I understand those facts. Just that at times I feel there should be a balance somewhere and somehow. It is well.....
Education / Re: Deeper Life High School Fees (photos) by deanoffaculty: 8:22pm On Jan 06
All these Nigerian churches ehn......they will establish schools that common church members and average Nigerian cannot afford. Meanwhile, poor people also pays tithe in Church but their school is only meant for the rich. Heaven will be full of many surprises. Market women are inside sun struggling to make ends meet and churches are using their offerings to build Facilities they can't access.
God dey sha.....


Celebrities / Re: Cobhams Asuquo Turns 40, Postpones Celebration (photo) by deanoffaculty: 1:40pm On Jan 06
HBD COBHAMS. You keep moving up and on despite the challenge. You are legend any day. Hips!! You always remind me of Stevie Wonder.
Travel / Re: This Foreigner Just Murdered Nigeria, Africa. And It's The Truth [PHOTO] by deanoffaculty: 1:09pm On Jan 06

This one na lie. Where is worse than Nigeria, or Africa? Where in this world? Tell me plsss
Abeg we worst
But na true sha.
A friend once told me "If you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive in HellFire. You know what? Nigeria is worse than HellFire" The statement sounds funny but has iota of Truth. Nigeria is a dead-moving country. Nothing works in NIGERIA.
Family / Re: DNA Test Saga Has Made Some Ladies Reveal Their Secrets ( Pics Included by deanoffaculty: 1:04pm On Jan 06
Apple and Samsung will start working on DNA IOS.......watch out. grin grin grin


Travel / Re: This Foreigner Just Murdered Nigeria, Africa. And It's The Truth [PHOTO] by deanoffaculty: 1:01pm On Jan 06

Bros walahi talahi I wish I could deny this truth for Africa. But I can't. She's 100% on point!
grin grin ...but we still dey try o. Nigeria is not bad and Africa as well.
Travel / Re: This Foreigner Just Murdered Nigeria, Africa. And It's The Truth [PHOTO] by deanoffaculty: 12:57pm On Jan 06
That's not true. We produce our local toothpaste. Dabur toothpaste, MyMy toothpaste, and other herbal toothpastes. If not for our leaders in Africa and most especially in NIGERIA, why would this Bobrisky-like lady be running her mouth. African Pastors sef too dey Bleep up. Na soso anointing oil. Can't they even use their brains to float companies where they can produce cooking oil instead? The lady is right on that sha....


Phones / Re: WOW!!! See This iPhone That has a Price of 48 million($122,320) Naira by deanoffaculty: 7:13am On Jan 06
Haaaa wetin happen.......Na DNA phone? I can only get the phone if it can run Paternity test. grin grin

Travel / Re: Cheeky Monkeys Having Sex On Car Bonnet In England by deanoffaculty: 9:27pm On Jan 05
FCMB Monkey.........

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Pets / Re: Meet 'Snakeman' Who Lives With 120 Pet Snakes, 70 Spiders, Bald Rats In Wales by deanoffaculty: 7:21pm On Jan 05
Source: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/meet-snakeman-who-lives-120-23254076
Don't even know what to call him......George of the Jungle, Dr.Dollitle, Tarzan....
Crime / Re: Woman Kidnaps Her Married Lover's 3-Month-Old Baby in Ondo (Photo) by deanoffaculty: 5:59pm On Jan 05
My wife just gave birth

and I just lost my job and.. I don't have enough cash to discharge her from hospital and I don't know if the platform will able to help me.
I just sent you a DM.....kindly reply.

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