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Properties / Re: Joint Ventures In Lagoon Dredging Business by Delgi(m): 5:43am On Jan 22, 2021
How many tons are in 1,000 cubic of sand? For example how many trips will a 30ton truck have to make per 1,000 cubic of sand?
Dear investors and complement of the season,

We now have a 16 inches dredger giving between 3,000 and 3,500 cubic of sand on daily bases, Dredger is now at approved CCECC Dredging site at Iyane Era , Apapa area.

You can actually join others to make good income by getting CCECC LPO sand supply and make profit in the supply.

If you wants to make good income from supply of 2,000 cubic of sand on LPO before you submit waybills and invoice to request for payment into your account while you roll over supply immediately,

Then we have this break down on supply and profit:

(SUPPLY WITH CCECC TRUCK : LPO IS @#1,500 per cubic)
Supply of 2,000 cubic LPO @ #1,500 per cubic …………………………= #3,000,000
Purchase of sand on approved site is #1,000/ cubic x 2,000 cubic = #2,000,000
Profit on batch supply before roll over ………………………………………... #1,000,000

(SUPPLY WITH HIRED TRUCKS : LPO IS @ #3,000 per cubic)

Supply of 2,000 cubic LPO @ #3,000 per cubic .………= #6,000,000
Purchase of sand on approved site is #1,000/ cubic x 2,000 cubic = #2,000,000
Hire of Trucks @ #1,500 per cubic to supply 2,000 cubic LPO …..= #3,000,000
Profit on batch supply before roll over ………………………………………... #1,000,000

That means Investor gains #1,000,000 on every #5,000,000 he drops to invest for the supply.

Supplies and returns on the investment is faster when investors collect the supply with trucking, so it will be faster and supply can be roll over 2 to 3 times within a month

For more Inquiry, kindly call

Engr. Abe Joseph

070 - 10388606 (whatsapp)
08130056065 (whatsapp )
Business / Re: Thread For Production Of Yoghurt And Flavored Drinks. by Delgi(m): 1:15pm On Aug 21, 2020
New entrants into this business will like to ask; how much do I need to start this yoghurt/ Lolly production?

What and what do I need to buy before setting up the factory?

What is the ROI on this business?

This and many more are the question people do as ask before venturing into any business.

I have prepared detailed answer to those question and many other enquiry that can later come up.

All you have to do is to drop your e-mail address and I will forward it to.

The report is for free.
atomanth@gmail.com please
Properties / Re: 25 Hectares Of Land Available For Cleaning And Sand Filling Sponsorship by Delgi(m): 8:07am On Mar 03, 2020

How is the 7m 30% oo

Then yes the investor is human being even if investor gives 10m to the agents only 2 plots of his benefit has paid for that.

10% land agents are getting is just peanut of what he investor is getting, say for instance the investor gets 40 plots agents 10% of 40 plots if only 4 plots nah, so is that too much?

This is a land valued between 3m and 5m for now, then after sand filling it springs up to God knows how much the investor will sell.

This deal is worth it to investor who knows what he or she stands to gain.

I'm afraid you really don't know how equity works in the real business world with this your "beer parlor"/childish ramblings. In an ideal business environment, you as an agent is supposed to be getting the bulk of your commission from the seller (payee) since that's who you actually represent, and a token from the investor (payer). You're busy counting the investor's money, without taking into account who's actually taking all the risk and raising the huge capital for the project. I remember talking to you about one of your past sponsorship projects and I was left with the impression that you think sponsorship is like renting a room and parlor agency kinda thing, a word of advice, go and study how venture capital works and delete this your reply to #row2ray if you want any prospective investor to take you seriously, he is right btw, 7m is 28% of 25m and you still want another 10% of the land on top of that, all from the investor. Haba, you should change your moniker to "jagaban of ibeju lekki" oh. Chai
Agriculture / Re: 40 Cucumbers Per Plant And 12kg Tomatoes Per Plant by Delgi(m): 6:25pm On Jan 24, 2020

I'm not the aggressor. Talking about saving ego and all. I lost 30 Million Naira worth of business deals from your allys misdemeanors not to mention fighting for my reputation to atleast not be placed in that position. You're talking to the wrong person. Tag him today and watch his actions you'll understand Atlanticfire better. You just buomed into this and it may feel like the genius is under an attack not knowing the real truth. Don't dmsay you weren't told. Pistotita is not mentally stable to engage consistent smooth dealings or friendships or associations of any kind. It's his dealings and words against him not me.

You were warned.

If you pay me the 30 M i lost I'll stop defending myself against unwarranted libels and smear campaigns. Until then, I won't stop defending myself from blackmailer who have stinking attitude who employ libels to pull people down so only then can have a voice
I'm not getting into this back and forth with you, this clearly shows that your intent was to derail this thread as a "payback", I'm not falling for it, the moderator now has all the evidence needed to ban you from this forum if they are genuinely interested in moderating. 30 million my foot, I doubt you've ever held 10 million in your entire life, you lost 30 million and want to recoup it by derailing a thread on nairaland instead of seeking justice in a court of law. I know your type, daydreaming bastard. I'm out, you're jobless.
Agriculture / Re: 40 Cucumbers Per Plant And 12kg Tomatoes Per Plant by Delgi(m): 5:21pm On Jan 24, 2020

Indeed found way to who's thread. Did you probe well to know where it started and how it played out and who has been jumping about on whom before you reached your judgement.

If I kept quiet it's because of discerning minds like khia and EasternPrince who witnessed how everything blew up. And are much more discerning than the mods here. I only synchronised the views of Atlanticfire because I witnessed the arguement between the both of them and stated the truth that red garri before the cassava variety that comes our yellow has been the product of palm oil and expert production for way back before 100 years so the public isn't misinformed not to join hands to fight a common enemy. Before you jump into issues, look a bit more to discern aright. Winning arguments online and engaging in debates that doesn't add to my life and destiny isn't my thing. I'm way beyond that.

Now keep all of this drama out of my life please.
Young man, let it go. If this thread can save a misguided soul from crossing the dreaded Atlantic in search of a fake "gold at the end of the rainbow" in Europe or die in the desert, it's worth it, stop derailing the thread, someone somewhere is benefiting from what is being decimated on this thread, don't you get it?
LET IT GO, this is bigger than your ego. Okay, you win. Are you happy.
Agriculture / Re: 40 Cucumbers Per Plant And 12kg Tomatoes Per Plant by Delgi(m): 4:56pm On Jan 24, 2020

He is new age and didn't know before IITA Cigar and like minds research centres started pushing improved/modified species of crops, some existed before.

The tomato he keeps shouting if one educates him of the species we were eating 17,20 years 25 years back before the modern species came into being he won't be able to process it. It's what happens to know it all. When they hit what they didn't know of, they begin to look stupid
Funny how you suddenly found your voice once Atlanticfire resurfaced. What's the matter with you guys, are you so insecure that you have to come on another man's thread just to nitpick and dissect his every post just because he disagreed with you in the past? I have dealt with this man personally(financially) without meeting him in person and I find him to be a man of integrity and humble to a fault. Funny how no one has ever accused this man of any financial inappropriaty but that he thinks he's got monopoly of knowledge and writes "epistle", that my friend reeks of insecurity. Like him or hate him, he knows his onions and what he's got that you lot can't understand/accept is the same trait you find in every "genius" I've been opportuned to encounter in my life's journey, "intolerance to foolery"(hence he comes off as brash in his responses) and PPD and for a good reason I might add(Google is your friend) . How the heck did tomato and cucumber thread turn into a full scale ww3 just because you got your "feelings/ego" hurt is beyond me. Let Pistotita be. We can all agree to disagree and keep it moving, put your big boy's pants on guys and sheath your swords and let's keep this thread strictly to tomatoes and cucumbers
Agriculture / Re: .. by Delgi(m): 9:48am On Nov 29, 2019
I totally missed this as you didn't mention me properly.

You're right with the pipe dream. I don't know, I can't tell but if I had my way and time, that's what I want. I didn't know Dutch are tall. I really need to visit Europe for myself, Nigeria is just too sweet to me that I'm unwilling to go anywhere. I don't believe if I travel, I'll be dating a woman in her 40s, I'm still in my 30s and want a lady in her 20s. My friend's white Scottish baby mama is in her 20s. I dey select woman like beans. I don't just date. I may even settle for a Nigerian. Nothing is definite. Even in this my small town where I live, if not for fear the guy I sent to watch when she's around, I would have met a really nice white girl who visits about twice a year. She never leaves the company estate.

No wahala sha, God dey. He will give me what is best for me.
my bad, I hardly comment on NL so i lack the technical etiquette i guess. Lol. Anyway I don't want to derail this thread, my final advice is to travel out like once or twice a year and expand your horizons while recharging your creative juice, and take it from there. Sorry @EMMAACHILE for derailing your thread a bit.
Agriculture / Re: .. by Delgi(m): 9:20am On Nov 29, 2019


My brother, put this post into consideration sir. Sit down and make a very good business plan. Save towards it. Moringa or fruits are not even what I am going to tell you to start with. What can you do to have N10,000,000 profit in 3 months? Of course you have broiler and vegetables which you are extremely good at. Oga, go get max of 1 ha, and fence it round. Set it up well, and know that you are operating in it 3 months every year. Shikena.

I swear to God you've got a good spirit about you lol. I was just discussing this same issue with my lady here the other day. As much as I miss Nigeria and dying to return home. I don't see myself living there permanently for a whole year without losing my marbles. My plan was a 4 months "in" (September to January/February) and the rest "out" for the sake my sanity. Lol
Agriculture / Re: .. by Delgi(m): 7:23am On Nov 29, 2019

Maybe, I need to see your budget. You have not considered developing the processing aspect. If you are planning to export, have you considered the cost of getting licences? I feel you should allow figures tell you how big your farm should be. Bro, you need to learn A to Z of the business very well. If you see that selling locally may pay you off at the initial stage, go for it. If you need to sell seeds for a few years before moving into oil production, do it. But you need to bring figures out, and put everything on the table to make good decisions.

You want to be an international business and you want to stay in Nigeria. Funny man. Really? Are you kidding me? Are you a tall man yourself thst height is a big factor in choosing your spouse? Oga, i am going to be careful with doing business with you just because you mentioned that height is a major criterion in choosing your woman. Ha! And I am always careful with boys who havent left Nigeria, but keep dreaming of marrying white. It is just too funny. Yeah....dating a white girl is ok. Its fun, but marrying her is a different ball game bro. And you want to live more in Nigeria. Lol.

I am not a racist, but it is going to be easier if you marry your country woman. Believe me, it is either you forget your businesses in Nigeria, or she follows you to Nigéria. If I was a caucasian lady, I would not follow you to Nigeria if I was not sure of my safety. I would only trust you if you were extremely rich and could assure of me providing men who could jump in front of bullets because of kidnappers on my behalf. Lol.

Again, if you have a political ambition, let go off the idea of marrying a foreigner. I'm not being a racist, but telling you the truth. How many powerful political men married foreigners? Unless, you are ready to break your vow, and marry a Nigerian when you are ready to take high position. It was a Jamican who opened my eyes to this truth. If you have a political ambition, do not let youthful pranks and fast way to naturalize prevent you from seeing the future. Please, no matter what you do, make sure she has a Nigerian blood in her if you have the ambition of living in Nigeria, and you do not want serious crisis in your home. If her skin is white, but you want to emgage in politics in Nigeria, she must have Naija blood oooo. As soon as you marry a lady without a trace to Nigeria (she may not be Nigerian presently, but she should have a Nigerián parent), leave the idea of spending more time in Nigeria.

And bro, leave out the idea of wanting to marry a particular color. It is why it is very good to travel out at a very young age to date anyone from any race. But marriage is a different ball game which is going to affect everything about you, even your business. Go and ask anyone ... Russian, Ukrainian, and old USSR girls are crazy about blacks when they are young, but they hardly marry them. Lol. 90% of such relationships end with good sex snd love making. The reality of marriage..... hmmm!

Bro, pray for your own woman. Leave out looking for physical attributes because beauty fades quickly. We grow old very quickly. We start getting old at 35 years. If you use criteria like big booty (fake butts are too many now), height, facial apperance, color, etc to choose your life partner,..... hmmmm! Guy, choose a good woman. But with my experience, consider a woman with a Nigerian blood first. Tolerate her more because the probability of having a stable and peaceful marriage with her is very high. But with a woman without Nigerian blood hmmmm..make sure she loves you ooóooo. And make sure you are very comfortable financially. If you notice any sign that she allows others to influence her decision, oga....do not let love or infantuation mess you up oooo. Dump her fast. But if you have no intention of marrying her, and your conscience is dead to having pre marital sex, go on with many of them. Just enjoy your life...and keep safe from STDs. I dont recommend it, but that is the reality of life.

Remember that statistics show marrying a spouse with a blood connection to one's cultural background is a high factor in being fulfillled in life if one believes in marriage. How many successful billionaires married foreign women? Research it well. And if one doesn't believe in marriage, in my opinion, it is very ok. At least, this is my view presently. Staying single till you are fullfilled is not bad, and even deliberately staying single for life is not a bad decision too. Girls who allow themselves to be rushed into marriage when they know they havent found the right person are fo.olish. Even she is 50. And so what?

Good luck.
Sounds funny Pistotita, but I totally agree with your summation. Some of us have been there, done that, got the tshirt lol. This may seem a digression from the topic of moringa, but we gain wisdom through our business encounters, be it personal or business related.
@ social justice, your choice of a swedish woman is an ok one compared to other European women, the height "thing" I'm sure is born out of a personal preference, if height is your prerequisite, why Sweden and not Dutch?. They're naturally taller, but as emotionally unstable/unpredictable as their freakish weather lol, she's heads over heels in love with you today and hates your guts the next. From the little I can gather from your posts, if you gonna go the swedish route, then stay away from any below 38(unless you plan on being a damn gigolo) and go for ones in their mid 40s, professionally settled and I don't mean in a clerical sense lol. Then you get to split your time between Nigeria and Europe without any headache. All that said, you've passed the age of hustling as you said, so your preference of a swedish woman is all a pipe dream unfortunately, cus it's in the process of "hustling" that you gain the "social intelligence/expertise" required to get a choice European woman and not the "bottom of the barrel societal rejects" that our newly arrived boys starts with to get their feet wet so to speak.
So I'll follow pistotita's advice of staying single till you are ready and visit several times till you are familiar with European dating terrain. As per the political thing, I'll leave that to the politicians lol.
Good luck in your pursuit of excellence in both business and personal endeavors.
On the subject of moringa, you guys are doing a good job and some of us are silently following, keep up the good job. Shalom.


Agriculture / Re: 40 Cucumbers Per Plant And 12kg Tomatoes Per Plant by Delgi(m): 12:27pm On Aug 07, 2019
@Delgi, oh bro!

Yeah! How is life? Tried quoting you, but not able.

I have tried many styles from Korea to Japan to Thailand, and I found that it is the same concept. But if you check the Americans, (God bless the USA), scientists there split things into pieces. And I think it is because there are regulations there. But those Asians scientists too code things. I used to be angry with them that they are secretive, but any more. They are just protecting themselves because they know that as soon as they release the real information, farmers and citizens will abuse it. But in the US, who born you well to abuse it? I think it is why Donald Trump is trying to fight everything to put back in the old place it belongs since many thimgs also went wrong under the Democratics. But his style is selfish in my opinion. Anyway, that's not the main issue.

I will not mention the ingredients in any system, but[b] I am sure you will understand everything I write here. I frown more with how they produce their microorganisms. [/b]I don't want to mention the name because people will rush into it. I have made it myself in the past, and I taught one of my workers, but 2 years after, I heard he felt terribly sick to the point of death. I rushed there, and moved him to clinic. Though, I did not know what I know today at that time. And I questioned him very well, and realised he failed to protect himself very well. I quickly called the attention of the doctor, and told him specific infections to check. The doctor was shocked when the result came out, and told the guy that he couldn't have guessed what was wrong with him if I had not talked to him. The doctor called me later to really thank me. And my worker learned his lesson in a bitter way. Only him could say what he passed through. Infact, I phoned him last week and I asked him specific questions, and he was complaining about many symptoms. Yeah. The doctor treated only symptoms at the same, and the damages are on. I told him to not panic that I will send him money to come to my house. He is very close to me. My plan is to lecture him, and tell him to double his hustle by opening an additional area of garden to raise money for his treatment. I dont mind supporting him financially. I know he will surely do it because he knew what he went through. He has to be taking to a specialist and nutritionist who will assist him. I'm sure his monthly expenses will run to N50,000 monthly on food and supplements till he is able to eradicate all. And the funny issue is that he will never want to stop living such good life back to eating junks. It's good to take care of ourselves.

My brother, they tell you to go pick materials for microbes where they mentioned. Hmmmm! I know it is the good, the beautiful, the bad, and the ugly that will be picked. Of course, they may work on your plants, but you don't know the strains you pick. It is extremely dangerous in my opinion. And they call it many name to code it. You here EM. What is EM? Na dem sabi ooo. So, the real stuff in it are invisible? Ecoli is there for sure. And if dangerous pathogens are there, just know that one is in trouble.

Please, read my thread on the religious section. We are gods with science. Science is ma.dddd. I did not know myself that science can achieve it fast. Yesterday's front page on nairaland contained a nice article. Scientists have detected for some time the gene responsible for aging. So, they are saying that by 2040, it is very likely we will not die of old age again. Old age will be regarded as a form of disease. Lol. Hahahhaha. We will only die by accidents only. No more old age. They know the gene responsible, and they have got the way to make it re-create or repair itself. What is my point here. The secret is Isolation . They went true several trials to isolate many things until they got it.

The same principle of isolation is what I use for farming. I don't culture everything. I go for specific strains. I know exactly what I am using. On sprays, I put strains that I know cannot harm me. I want to spray in the air what will not kill me, and at the same time kill the stuff in the air. There are some that are even good that must not be in the air, but are enclosed in capsules to use in soil. It's a deep area. No doubt it works, but be very careful with them. I don't have the mind to adopt such things when I saw the negative effect.

What they claim is that fermentation kills bad pathogens but leaves good ones. Says who? When you collect what you don't know about, how can you tell fermentation kills them? I laugh in Swahili. This is the reason, practising such in the US is a serious case. I don't know if I have mentioned it. Hawaii is a colony of the US, but it is special for tropical farming. You dear not import insects, wroms, or foreign unknown microbes from other states in the US to Hawaii. Not importation from abroad sir, but from another state in the US to Hawaii. It's $50,000 fine, or some years in jail.

If only if they teach isolation, and state specifically microbes that aren't dangerous. Please, I beg my readers not to mention any strain here, contact me directly on any strain that you know and you want to check . I don't want to even mention any strain here at all. Cos I don't know who is reading. Gardeners and farners don't always take precaution. So, I will never respond to any strain mentioned here.

So, this is the reason I frown at such method. It is why I also don't use anything organic spray. Never! I will still write about it. Importers themselves don't know the dangers there. But it's like I am spoiling their businesses. I have seen the damages done by these tiny things in the laboratory. I am thinking of returning to medical college to read medicine all over to be a doctor, and then move into genetics myself. I am still looking at the possibility. Because, I am limited in many things I want to research.

If you have to use it, please protect yourself very well. Make sure you use mulch to cover your soil. No mulch, please, no microbes. Anything that falls on the ground of your farm must be washed and rewashed. What you did is to increase exponentially all the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly, on your farm. Also, do not let Dettol be far from you. Or hydrogen peroxide with 99% ethanol to clean your hands before taking proper bath with dettol.

Organic farming has revolved too.

I know exactly what you are referring to and what you stated was my very first concern, i thought to myself -all those "m" they're messing with over there na "Ajebutter' compared to our strains in Africa wey be "Ajepako" strains o.
That highlighted aspect was scary and a no no for me. Before you go wake up sleeping monster unknowingly. Lol.
Keep up the good work bro, a lot of us are silently following you, don't mind the "epistle" criticism my brother, because like the saying goes, "a prophet is not recognized amongst his people". It takes a discerning mind to know there's a method to your "madness" lol. I tried hitting you on WhatsApp, but i think you've changed that number, hence this public forum.
Remain blessed bro.

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Agriculture / Re: 40 Cucumbers Per Plant And 12kg Tomatoes Per Plant by Delgi(m): 9:11am On Aug 07, 2019
[quote author=Pistotita post=81016312]My thoughts about various manure/compost options used presently by farmers on Nairaland

It's been ages bro,(it's the Arka Rakshak seeds guy) I salute you on the good job you've been doing on this platform. I've been meaning to ask your opinion about "KNF"? Do you think it will work in Nigeria?
Agriculture / Re: Nursery/seedling Trays Available In Ibadan by Delgi(m): 11:06am On Nov 17, 2018
Is the nursery tray still available? Do you have coco peats?

Yes trays are available, and no i don't have coco peat at the moment

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Agriculture / Re: Using Micro - Scale Agricultural Systems to Build the Nigerian Economy by Delgi(m): 5:48am On Jun 14, 2018

Every good design has provision for every challenge, but many always go for improvised design which cannot. There are accessories that can do that if galvanised frame is used.
Ok bro, I'll discuss that with you further later on. Keep up the good work.
Agriculture / Re: Using Micro - Scale Agricultural Systems to Build the Nigerian Economy by Delgi(m): 11:38pm On Jun 13, 2018
2.54. My nethouse design

- - - - What I do not use - - - -
1. I do not use the so called "anti viral" net.
Why is it called antivrial? Viral diseases are caused by thrips, whiteflies, aphids, etc. Very tiny set of pests. And some researchers came up with nets with viry tiny holes (mesh), so that these pests will not enter. But alas! Plants inside such nets were attacked. 50 mesh is crazy in hot climate as it is going to increase inside temperature drastically.

2. I do not use poly cover. Most designs are with poly top, and side net. And I hear " solarig covers" are super. Perhaps if I live where the highest temperature is 28C, i may consider it. Just go round and check all the abandoned greenhouses, they are all with poly covers. Lol. I used to thing solarig is the best for tropical weathers too.

3. I do not use power inside my greenhouses. Well, I have considered using evaporated cooling system using cooling pad, but I just found out that I do not really need it. Except, I want to reduce temperature to 25C i can consider it. I am not saying it is a bad technology, I just find a cheaper method for operating greenhouses in Nigeria.

4. I do not use nails all over my structure. It destroys nets. I do not ask local carpenters to fix nets on my structure. I use greenhouse accesories. If you want to move out of your present site, just remove your accessories and your net will still be intact.

5. I do not raise my structure so high to reduce temperature. The cost of such design is extremely high.

6. I do not use green, blue or red colored nets. Color matters a lot. It is a lie that green color nets provides better photosynthesis. Infact, blue and red combined together in the right proportion do better job. However, it has been proved that it is full sprectrum that gives plants the kind of result we desire.

- - - How I design - - - -

1. I used to preach only galvanised, but I have seen excellent bamboo designs. Also, if your carpenter knows how to use bolts, nuts, screws excellently, you can use any kind of wood. Just get him a screw tighning machine, or a drill and change its mouth accessory so he can easily fix screws. It makes like so easy.

2. I am concerned about thickness of the net; however, I am more concerned about its light spectrum details. It is why I personally order for raw materials from Germany or Japan I use to make my nets and I send them to a factory for a customised design. It took me a deep research, and I spent quite a fortune to perfect it. So, I do not know how to tell you the kind of net I always use. Of course, I did not invent the technology. I only fine tune it to suit my purpose. When thrips, aphids, whiteflies enter inside my structure, they are just helpless. Therefore, I do not always spray chemicals or neem. What a relieve? What a super organic way of growing veggie. Note: I produce in bulk only when I need it for my projects. I cannot order for one or two people. Maybe if I have left over in the store.

3. I diffuse light in my structure. Experienced farmers make their planting beds along north- south pole. If you diffuse light inside your structure, you do not need to bother about this. Only experienced farmers understand this point I have made here.

4. I add shade to my design to reduce stress. You reduce temperature by about 2 to 3C by using shade. The question is how many % shade should you use?

5. I either treat the soil and sow/transplant in it, or I do container farming. Get rid of wilt and other diseases.

6. I may spend more on my cover than the structure itself. I still believe galvanised structure is good but really, I am opened to new ideas. Frame is secondary to me at this point. Bamboo is not bad at all.

7. I take plant tissue tests by myself so I can know how to feed very well. Most of the people under my supervision enjoy this benefit. I send my staff to them to take readings, and within 24 hours, I provide them feeding formular. I do not use sophisticated equipment, just a midern technology with calculation. I read about a student's thesis masters degree paper who used auto- cad to measure plant tissue test. You heard me right : auto-cad (the software engineers use for designing). After the first series of tests, there may be no need to do it again.

8. I use poly cover during rainy season only. Just to prevent rain from entering. Afterwards, I remove it. Just any transparent nylon will do the job. No special nylon. Just to prevent rain.

If your structure records 40C temp, it is an oven. Always make sure you push it down to around max of 30C. All greenhouses that failed are ovens. If you want to know, consult any dizengoff 8m × 24m greenhouse. Maybe the company trying to improve its design, i.am.not sure. But what I know is that, they manufacture ovens for farmers.

And how do you intend to accomplish the bolded part on a 1000sqm-2,000sqm structure. What I've seen in Asia is the combination of shade net inside naturally ventilated poly houses during 40 degrees Celsius summer months.
Agriculture / Re: My New Cucumber Farm by Delgi(m): 5:14am On Jun 03, 2018

My posts are indeed enough to discourage you to the extent you had to send me an email after your very first post on nairaland.

Sir, you do not need this kind of attitude. Honestly, it will get you nowhere. New professionals you boasted of having, and new people talking to you cannot get the job done again. Right? It is already 60 days after you boasted you will get it done but you hit a bigger rock. Huh? You have wasted another "chicken change" and it is itching you. Lol. You are not to feel the loss since you have a fat salary job. Or am I wrong?

I wonder how you would have blasted me again, and flooded this thread with pictures of your new farm if it was a success. And I expect you to come out and post pictures of a fake farm just to discredit my post because it is who you are.

Chief! A go boast this time. Infact, I go use "pridoooo" talk am. People like you always come back. But you are extremely short tempered. grin

You opened a new account, and the very first post is to fault another user. On top, you sent an email (message) secretly to the person you faulted. You criticized publicly to go lick "ass" privately. What kind of obession and desperation is that? Following me about, knowing about all my posts? Na wa oooo! Bro, you can never meet me. My life is precious. Attached is a screen shot as a proof

People like you are the main reasons I do not invite guests or newbies to my farms. Theft was eradicated on my farms as soon as I stopped it. Also, Vandalism was curbed drastically. You would send crazy people to destroy my farm if I allowed you visit one with this obsession and desperation together with your pride and "over sabi" attitude.

I leave you to God to deal with. You are trying to use words to assassinate my person.

Hmmmm, is Googleski001= Itydee? or a new hater? Silently following and laughing my ass off. Ogbeni Googleski001, learn what you can from the guy and leave the judgement to your pastor/Daddy G.O. jare.
Fact, most intellectuals come off as brash and proud or even outright arrogant. If you check your ego at the door and really get to know them, you'll realize they are just teddy bears deep down.
Fluentinfor, abeg screenshots of the secret email will really make my day. Hahaha.
Spread love and not hate y'all. PEACE.

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Business / Re: Supplier Of Gypsum Ore Is Needed By A Company In Lagos by Delgi(m): 9:30am On May 29, 2018

I was in yobe state last week concerning gypsum ore. The chairman of the association came to the company with me. so I know everything involved about this thing. it's through about the transport the price is too high. if the supplier is serious the company can do something about the price.

Do you realise the bolded part (transportation) alone will be around 15k per ton from Yobe? So by the time you minus transportation cost, unless you are paying 5-7k per ton to purchase it may not be worth it in my humble opinion.
Agriculture / Re: Harmattan And Germination: What You Can Do To Mitigate The Effect by Delgi(m): 7:30am On Jan 23, 2018

Thank you very much. Actually, I am going on using soil mould for the nursery this time. I concluded on it yesterday. Just that the ones available can do max of 4 to 16 blocks at a go. Probably it is what I will just use.

Thank you all the same.

Concerning the seed, that is nice. In fact, some dudes are cultivating it presently. Please, just go through the email we exchanged. There is a KEY word I used there about the issue. It is very vital for now. If you still do not get it, kindly reply the mail and I will explain explicitly. It is a big caution.
The KEYWORD (early blight) didn't escape my notice bro, that's why I only purchased enough for a pilot project and made arrangements for how to get more in if that's tackled successfully/correctly. Thanks.
Agriculture / Re: Harmattan And Germination: What You Can Do To Mitigate The Effect by Delgi(m): 6:29am On Jan 23, 2018

I understand your view and it was the reason I asked you about those Yoruba leafy vegetables. Many of them do not need nursery. Direct sowing. And then you said we leave the style for valuable crops. Then, I mentioned that those Yoruba leafy vegetables are highly valued now than some of the best crops we first think of.

My brother, you are very correct and my other brother is very correct too. My view is that we should just try to explain our views politely. It has happened to me many times too. We all learn and we continue Learning.

Our economic state in Nigeria warrants us to improvise. It is why I talk to many people. What I use today might not be used tomorrow if I get something cheaper and almost as effective as the last one used.

By the way, if I have 15,000 tomato seeds to nurse at this time, and I do not have trays with me, how can I gather 15,000 sachets you have there, and how cost effective are they? Any other option? Serious, I have tomatoes I want to nurse and one of my workers damaged all my trays deliberately last December while he was annoyed fighting another co worker. One evil spirit just came on him. He looked for a stick to hit the other guy and could not find. What he saw around were my trays. And he destroyed everything. The spirit used him to the extent of throwing all inside fire. When I got to farm, I was so surprised the kind of spirit that could do that.
Sorry for your loss. Contact me via e-mail or whatsapp and let me know how many was damaged. I'll instruct my rep to give it to you at a discount if you want, (cost price) zero gain for me.
Agriculture / Re: Harmattan And Germination: What You Can Do To Mitigate The Effect by Delgi(m): 6:17am On Jan 23, 2018

You are very right. I bought this kind of mulch some months for a project but I noticed the people I am working with also don't understand the concept. We didn't use it because I didn't feel like using it cos the land was hard and irrigation was with series of problems. But recently, we were discussing and my partner asked me why can't we not just use those light black poly stuff. I just smiled but he answered the question himself by saying that black may just transmit terrible heat at times.

Funny, many people use black for solarization thinking the heat it produces is enough to kill the bad pathogens. Lol. While the heat black produces will kill most plants when used in a tropical climate, it will not kill most microorganism. So, using black color for solarization is a perfect example of waste of resources and time.

Also, you hear some people claim silver top is the best because it reflects light. I have tested all these mulches and I know which color to use. In fact, there are research papers which can guide one the right colors. Like tomato does well with red mulch, strawberry too. Other berries do well with silver top. But generally speaking, black inside and white on top is the best. I have this kind of mulch on my farm. Bro, people do not value this kind of technology. It is waste of money to them.

Having said that. OP is right too. Do you know why I said so? His thread is about germination . Let us look at it like this. It is during harmattan when the weather is cold and germination is inhibited. He wants to warm it up. The heat will not kill the seeds but will aid germination. Afterward, he removes it. Since it is affordable for him, he can use it. However, I still prefer the kind of mulch you recommend to ordinary black.

Well, not all information I put here maybe perfect. Why? Because I am human. I can make mistakes too. In any case, I am honored because of your kind words. Thank you sir. And I willl try my best to check and check again what I put out here too. In addition, I will admit to my errors if there are.

Thank you for the observation and I hope OP takes note too. OP needs to make more research too. Please, do not take it personal.

Good job sir.
No wahala my brother. BTW, I've secured those seeds i discussed with u and 'ARKA vegetable special' from the institute also. Will contact you when I'm back home. Remain blessed and keep up the good work.
Agriculture / Re: Harmattan And Germination: What You Can Do To Mitigate The Effect by Delgi(m): 6:01am On Jan 23, 2018
Dear Delgi, I supposed you did not take time to read the article in the first place before jumping to conclusion on the content. I never mentioned the word mulch neither did the black polythene used was meant to mulch. This is meant purely to facilitate good germination during cold period of the year particularly during harmattan. Perhaps, it may interest you to know that you can only use this in the nursery not on the entire field because it not not cost effective for the later. I would rather advise that we read before commenting another time. I now believe the saying that goes: "...because the secret of wealth is written in books, many Africans are perpetually impoverished because they would never read but assume".
Bro, take it easy. I was quoting and addressing @fluentinfor, not you. No need to get all wound up about this. Talk about a pot calling kettle black. Why not 'READ' my post again without emotions and realize i wasnt attacking you.
BTW, I've been through your website and i do appreciate the wealth of knowledge and info you got in there, as a matter of fact i was planning to pay you a visit so i can learn more from you. We are all learning every day and no one has monopoly on knowledge. I'm sorry if my comment ruffled/bruised your ego bro, but that's not what I'm about and it wasn't directed at you, so chill out and remain blessed.

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Agriculture / Re: Harmattan And Germination: What You Can Do To Mitigate The Effect by Delgi(m): 12:53pm On Jan 21, 2018
fluentinfor, the mulching film on his website is wrong, black mulching film is for temperate climate, not for naija unless he plans to cook his plant, haba. Attached is the right mulching film for our climate.(black and white) We need to be careful with the kind of information we dish out here cus people look up to you and may take your post as an endorsement. Keep up the good work @fluentinfor.

Attached is the picture on your website.

Ok. Let me use a scenario or maybe 2 to ask you again. I have 2 acres of land and I want to cultivate cucumber. How do I do it? Also, my budget does not cover buying mulch all over the 2 acres. In fact, I know using it is foolish at this time because I cannot easily break through. I can decide to use nursery trays but transplanted cucumbers do not do well like direct planting; hence, will spend much more on seeds.

For okra, I do not have nursery trays. And buying it makes the business not profitable again if i have to cultivate on one acre too. And i cannot use the nylon mulch option. In fact, the small nylons on your website are just no go area. Too expensive. Like N10 or more each if buying in small quantity. Bulky purchase starts from 100,000 pieces or you hear minimum of 1 ton weight.

In these cases, what are my other availAble options? I know many people in this kind of situation and they just let it slide. So, I need you to see that it may not be easy like you have just written. Those people who allowed it to slide also put into consideration the cost and what will be the gain at the end of the day. Except one has aleady had nursery trays, maybe it can be profitable.

What is the cost of those cups you ask readers to use and will you break even easily using them? How long will they last? So many questions here.

Most new farmers who refuse to buy good irrigation system will not even look at mulch option.

I have been looking for a simpler and cheaper way too but for now, I have not yet got. Maybe we can reason together to find a better solution.

Hope you understand my point.

Properties / Re: Bush Clearing Sponsorship Investor Needed by Delgi(m): 5:20am On Jan 13, 2018
cool cool cool
Properties / Re: Bush Clearing Sponsorship Investor Needed by Delgi(m): 3:13pm On Jan 11, 2018
... cool

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Agriculture / Re: Cost Analysis/How To Setup Plantain Plantation In Nigeria With Pictures by Delgi(m): 1:25pm On Dec 23, 2017
The numbers can be determined by many factors
1. If you have drip irrigation you can do dense plantation of 1500 per acre.
2. If you have a livestock beside your farm or source for constant supply of manure and you can manage it then you can do high plantation of 1000 per acre.
3. Normal or say standard is 800 per acre
4. For research do 500 per acre.
What's the recommended spacing for the bolded part please? And what's the recommended flow rate(as per irrigation emmitter) for plantain? Thanks.
Agriculture / Re: Farm Surveying; Advantages And Disadvantages by Delgi(m): 1:16pm On Dec 19, 2017
As stated earlier its not a do or die affair bro. And until we start to appreciate some things in this country, we may not get farming right as a business. Stating that price doesn't mean something can be done. Thanks for your critics, really appreciate.
ote author=Delgi post=63410183]
Be a bit civil? @muhamm3d may be harsh but he's right. How do you expect an investor that bought 100 acre farmland in oshun state (for example) @60k/acre to pay you 30k/acre to survey the same land and feed and transport you on top. Do you guys think at all before making these ridiculous quotations? No be only 30k/acre, you for charge 50k/acre.
Don't get me wrong buddy, I'm not belittling your profession in any way. The point/fact is only a real estate developer will/can afford your services at that price, not an agricultural investor that probably leased @2-5k/acre. No one will knock your quotation if posted in Real estate section, but in Agriculture section? I seriously doubt you'll get any taker at that rate. Do have a nice day.
Agriculture / Re: Farm Surveying; Advantages And Disadvantages by Delgi(m): 4:04am On Dec 19, 2017
Can you please be a bit civil with your use of words hun, its not a do or die affair bro. If you're pleased we get going, otherwise you let go. So please once again be mindful of use of words. Thanks
anely expensive!!
Be a bit civil? @muhamm3d may be harsh but he's right. How do you expect an investor that bought 100 acre farmland in oshun state (for example) @60k/acre to pay you 30k/acre to survey the same land and feed and transport you on top. Do you guys think at all before making these ridiculous quotations? No be only 30k/acre, you for charge 50k/acre.
Business To Business / Re: Truck Owners, Agents, Managers And Others Connect by Delgi(m): 5:02pm On Dec 07, 2017
New Haulage Jobs
* I need 5 units of 30 tonnes tipper to haul Gypsum from Apapa wharf to Kogi state, while returning from Kogi to Ewekoro hauling charcoal. To and fro is 12per/ ton-360k/ trip.
* 5 units of 30 tonnes tipper needed from Agbara estate to Ilaro to haul silicon. It's 30k per trip.
* 10 units of 30 tonnes trucks needed to haul sand from Lekki Town to Lekki free trade zone.Payment can be weekly or daily.
Minimum of 8 trips per day.
Weekly payment (4.5m) which includes other expenses like Feuling etc.

I pity any Maga that falls for that bolded part. Una wicked for Naija o. So you plan to give the owner the "fro" and pocket the "to"? Na u smart pass for nairaland. shocked shocked
Agriculture / Re: Nursery/seedling Trays Available In Ibadan by Delgi(m): 6:52pm On Sep 29, 2017
Pls do u have nursery traya in stock
Yes, Call Damilola @ 08087946009.
Agriculture / Re: Cocoa - The Guaranteed Pension : My Cocoa Story by Delgi(m): 10:25am On Aug 31, 2017

Drip tape/hose is d best because it doesn't waste water & it doesn't feed weeds. But, it's a bit expensive to installed.

Spray tube/Raingun or sprinkler is cheaper but not good for fruiting cocoa tree because of BPD (black pod disease)

Raingun is a no go as per BPD, But Spray tube might/should be a cheaper alternative (even though fertigation will not be possible) and will result in extra weeding cost. The long and short of it is to make a cost analysis and go for the best.
Agriculture / Re: Cocoa - The Guaranteed Pension : My Cocoa Story by Delgi(m): 10:00am On Aug 31, 2017

Drip tape/hose is d best because it doesn't waste water & it doesn't feed weeds. But, it's a bit expensive to installed.

Spray tube/Raingun or sprinkler is cheaper but not good for fruiting cocoa tree because of BPD (black pod disease)

My thought exactly. I can't begin to imagine the cost of setting up a complete drip irrigation system for at least 20 hctr farm. It's doable don't get me wrong, but will only be worth it if u plan to add value instead of just selling beans imo.
Agriculture / Re: Cocoa - The Guaranteed Pension : My Cocoa Story by Delgi(m): 11:57am On Aug 30, 2017
There are eight new varieties of Cocoa recently released for distribution by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Practically all of them start fruiting  within 18 months  but earlier under irrigation. 

Under minimal agronomic practice conditions they yield btwn 1.5-2 Tons/hectare. 

With good agronomic practice condition and irrigation they yield throughout the year with yield per hectare doubling or trippling. 

So you should consider an investment in Cocoa.

Contact us For ur improved plantain suckers & 18months yielding cocoa..

We are D #CocoaMaster

What type of irrigation is needed for the cocoa/plantain farm, drip or spray?
Food / Re: Nigerian Names Of Herbs And Plants by Delgi(m): 4:47am On Aug 26, 2017
Can you please help with the towns where I can get the fruit /seed
Had it in Ila Orangun and Odeomu as a child. Grows in the wild though. Ask local farmers over there, they'll direct you. Goodluck.

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