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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 8:22am On Nov 13, 2019
Word of advice.
Make sure you guard your properties jealousy most especially your credentials if possible move about with it or secure your luggage with a padlock though the former is a better option.
The sad reality is that not all candidates that come for screening have a human heart. Some are mischievously evil especially people from same states, some see this as a do or die affair and they can go the extra mile to eliminate their perceived competitors some can go to the extreme of stealing your original credentials, to better their chances and you know what that means when your originals are gone, be wise and study your environment.
Something similar happened during the screening of Regular cadets, though many may dismiss this happening in SSC/DSSC because you might believe that candidates are no longer kids and are expected to behave maturely but guys na lie oo some people no get sense, one of my guy NYSC discharge certificate mysteriously disappeared a night before they faced the board, what saved him is that the idiot that hid it left the photocopy, it was after the entire exercise when he was to leave that a flight-sergent picked it up already folded/squeezed.
Thread with caution, show love to your village men but in all thy showings use sense oo, don't loose guard that's the sad reality.
Ugo4u i need to talk to you privately ASAP please. Kindly pm me. diflun@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 6:33pm On Nov 09, 2018
wow thanks oga Diflun for sharing your experience with us, if I may ask, what happened to those persons who couldn't do the 70 sit up or push ups, or completely scale through the obstacle challenge, where they out rightly disqualified? And as regards the sit ups was someone made to apply pressure at the bent knees so that the buttocks doesn't leave the ground, or one was left to do it alone. I pray you would be successful this time.
No more disqualification after medicals, all activities afterwards are graded with points and accumulated for every candidate. My brother forget about being able to do all the physical activities perfectly, i know candidates who performed poorly and are now officers and i know someone who was came first in the race and didn't make the list, just pray and if you are destined nothing can stop you.
Yield to nothing. Victory is from God!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 11:54pm On Nov 08, 2018

Oga diflun

Kindly share your experience

When your name came out

Time given to prep for screening

What to look out for during the credentials screening

How you scaled through medicals

Your experience during the 3.5 kilometers jog/run

Push up and sit up how many and what's the time limit

Apart from the essay about *why you wanna join za army* how was the aptitude test

I heard candidates were re-tagged before they entered the NASB for dssc ...what prompted that,cos now news about that in the SSC

Please expantiate on the anus screening....hope it's only open the buttocks,bend and cough.....Dem no go insert any foreign object in za hole

The naked screening.....is it done on a one on a Doctor base or in Mass.....like everyone one go naked....or enter a room get naked for screening

Did you get in straight or with godfather's assistant.....+you don't have to answer this if you don't want to

What were the amenities provided in the camp at jigawa

For dressing....is the new Dunlop white all stars allowed or it must be a canvass

Heard that the SSC guys 2016 did some huddles and bush testing in NDA.....was it the same for DSSC (or was it only push up,sit up and running)

From the last day of screening to the day the final names came out....what was the waiting duration...(I know it will vary)

Was it only food that was provided during the screening or food and drinkable water

Like SSC,heard they didn't ignore or bypass any fault...but they did in the dssc......what were the minimal faults that was overlooked

Stories of people joining 2 or 1 months/month respectively before pop... how true is that.....

Lastly......can you confirm lebete3000 story.... cos it seems you were in the same set.


Thanks boss
You will have to forgive me, my memory is a bit rusty embarassed.
I cannot confirm lebete3000's story cox i didn't make the final list, i only went as far as the selection board cry
if i remember correctly, 15 of us were shortlisted and we were given 14 days ( not really sure about the exact days ) to report to NASI Jaji ( Jigawa was in 2016), 13 of us reported.
Just like NYSC there were male and female hostels and the food was edible grin, and there was mami market very close to the hostel.
The credential screening began 3 or 4 days after we reported and ended the same day. As long as your papers are intact and you do not exceed the age limit then you are good. In my case my waec has a different DOB from my birth cert, hence i was so nervous when i handed the colonel ( one hansome igbo man with glasses ) my papers, he noticed my fear and asked if i was afraid and i replied no grin, he scrutinized all the documents and when he came to my cert of birth he gave it to the other colonel ( i was later told he is the military secretary) and said " Oga this is the real thing ba" and the MS (colonel JB Abdulkarim) replied "yes it is and a very young man" ( i was 23 as at that time), and then my documents were returned to me. Those that weren't qualified were announced the next day, 3 people in my stated were sent packing. We have not gotten really acquainted to know the details of their disqualification.
Next is the aptitude test which consists of the almighty " Why do want to join the Nigerian army", it was just like any other tests with objectives and fill in the blanks consisting of maths, english and current affairs, then the psycho test which consists of logic and some really twisted questions about your personality, habits, ideologies, perceptions, etc. After the test then the verbal psychological interview which the questions depend on the psychologists ( A Col, a Lt and a female Squadron leader) view about your physical set up, some were only asked to show their palms, well, i was asked my name, state and how i make ends meet, that's all. I don't remember if anyone was screened out after the psycho test but they were obviously hunting for drug users.
Next is the medicals which took 2 to 3 days to conclude. it was really fun because we got really acquainted with our state member and other state members while waiting hours for each states turn for the medical screening. it started with the stool sample, then blood sample, next is the BMI then the eye screening, there was nothing like getting naked or anus screening grin we were simply asked to raise our shirts above our navels and they didn't check for flat foot, i remember one of us who is now an officer has flat footgrin, he was also nervous as i was in the credential screening grin . Finally we proceeded to the final stage which is the full chest scan.
After the medicals have been concluded,a day or two, a lot of candidates were sent packing which includes 2 in my state.
The next stage was the 3.5km jogging which started early in the morning, the females were given a head start and then the males followed, it was already drizzling when we started and ended in a heavy rain, i arrived in the first bus ( there were 4 buses depending on the time one arrives), i cant recall the timing for each bus. Because of the rain the physical exercise and obstacles was postponed until later in the day which starts with 70 push ups in 60 secs/counts, then immediately 70 sit ups in 70 secs, next is wall climbing which looks very easy for a tall person but
extremely hard after exhausted from the push and sit ups, jumping over a large hole, swinging over another hole while holding a rope and another holding iron bars over the ground, then crawling inside mud under a barbed wire and finally climbing a vertical rope to touch its tip. These all sound easy and fun but after those push and sit ups its another story grin it was so funny watching people trying to climb over that wall immediately after the sit ups grin grin, it was easy catching the top of the wall but its another story hauling your body over it grin
Lastly it was the selection board which was carried out state by state and starts from morning till morning (up to 2am), the board consists of the chairman of the board ( MJ Gen MD Abubakar), a Brig gen,about 3 or so Cols n Lt Cols, the commandant (Major CO Ani), one person gets called inside the room and the next person stays just outside the door, he gets in as soon as the first person comes out. When my turn came to stay near the door, i could faintly hear what was going on in the room , when he came out i heard a voice call out "next" and i entered, i strode in greeted the chairman then handed over my documents ( cant recall who collected them specifically), they where passed from person to person and i was instructed to sit, then i was told to pick a paper by my side and read, i read through a passage and upon ending the chairman asked if i was a journalist or have worked in a radio or tv station, i replied no sir, next i was told to pick a marker and go to a board close to me, i was asked to spell some words, one after the other they started ( i don't recall how many words or how many of them spoke the words), each candidates aptitude and phyco test results were present in the board and next the chairman asked the major to read out my essay " why do u want to join the NA", the major read and when he was halfway through the chairman waved him to stop. Next the brig gen asked me some questions about my field of study which he was clearly browsing through his phone grin and i answered, then a barrage of current affairs questions from left and right but mostly by the chairman ( i could only answer some grin), finally he (chairman) asked me where my secondary school was located while holding my secondary cert and i told him, i was surprised how he knew the location even better than me. he finally said i can go.
After the board all are free to leave the camp anytime.
I might have skipped some details on the account of my rusty memory cry
A month or two later, out of 8 in my state that faced the board, 4 were shortlisted in the national dailies and 4 were dropped ( me included).


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 8:21pm On Nov 08, 2018
i think is better to wait till when list is out b4 getting those documents signed
Very correct @johnmacel. Its so frustrating and discouraging to not be shortlisted after all the efforts of getting those documents signed.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 8:14pm On Nov 08, 2018

Please were you dssc or SSC applicant
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 8:48pm On Nov 07, 2018

Thanks so much bro may God bless you, I will then have to go give him (my LGA) back to at least sign and comment about my character even if he doesn't give his passport. While I start searching for military officers from my state.
As regards the declaration by parents, I will just have to print another one then take to court and sign to be on the safe side.

During your credentials screening hope they didn't castigate those with black and white.

Thanks again brother.
� Those with colored printing were the first to be screened out�. it adds no value whatsoever.
You can search the Chairman's photo online since he's a public figure and print it then attach, and about the declaration by parent only 1 copy is needed, no need to print another as long uv already have a signed 1.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 5:52pm On Nov 07, 2018

Bro please I need you answers to these questions of mine since you were at NASB 2014

*1 About this referee and LGA signing did you print out 4 copies (2 duplicate each) of The reference form and the LGA attestation form or it was just the 2 (1 each) available on the portal after registration.

*2 if you printed 4, did u give 2 each (LGA and reference form) to ur LGA chairman and then to a military personnel?

*3 In the DECLARATION BY PARENTS form that are alike, since 2 copies was printed out from NA portal, after stamping at court, did NA request for the both declaration by parents form? because at the court, they collected one copy from me and gave me 1.

*4 with respect to question 1, if u printed only 2 (LGA and reference form) available in the portal did you give 1 to your LGA chairman and then other that requires passport to a personnel? because here my LGA chairman is refusing to do away with his passport, "he said he can't sign it because he is not willing to give his passport to us"

Thanks for your patience and response
*1 I printed 2 copies of the local government attestation form (reference form) which i got 1 signed by a military officer and the other by the LG secretary which he refused to affix his photo insisting that's how does for all other applicants. Next is the attestation for Local government of origin ( which contains my photo ) , this was also signed by the LG secretary.
*2 I gave two to the LG secretary, one that requires his passport and comment in a box specified ( the reference form/ local government attestation form), then the attestation for local government of origin ( this already has my photo on it).
*3 I don't really remember if the court had collected a copy from me, all i remember is i simply made copies of the signed form afterwards. NA only requires the original signed form.
*4 Mine also wouldn't part with his passport as i stated earlier but signed the two forms ( attestation for LG of origin and reference form).
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Diflun: 5:07pm On Nov 06, 2018

That is what is in the instruction for DSSC 2 recognizable referees. Some people say 1 referee can suffice, to be on a safer side it is better to get the two ready just incase army change parade. If I even see 3 referres sef I will sign the forms and keep, it is better to be over qualified than underqualified.
i was at NASB 2014, i had my local government form filled by my loc gov sec bt couldn't get him to part wit his photo n got my referee form filled by an army colonel, while at d screening dey paid no attention to d local gov form rather only d latter. My guess is one should suffice bt its better to have d two jst in case.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Air Force DSSC Enlistment 2017 by Diflun: 10:34am On Jul 04, 2017

what sort of mistake? when I'm not a kid. For the record, I have being having an affair with NAF since 2013.
Sorry bro! it also seem to me they only shortlisted Information technology and all other computing courses (despite advertised on their site) were not considered. I was tld an automated system is designed to screen out all without the requirements, I stand to be corrected especially considering som1 said ppl with 2:2 got shortlisted. This ain't our first time n it sure as hell won't b our last. Victory is from God! Congratulations n Best of luck to the shortlisted.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Air Force DSSC Enlistment 2017 by Diflun: 1:21pm On Jun 24, 2017
Good morning all. If one is using genuine certificate of birth but date of birth in WAEC certificate is mismatched. What is that person stand? Eg
Birth Certificate: 25/09/1987
Waec Certificate: 25/09/1986
Guy i gotta be honest wit u its a real issue cox they r lookn for d slighest excuse to get u disqualified. I happen to have d same issue, i got as far as the Army dssc 2014 selection board n as luck would have it no one mentioned anything about my waec n date of birth age difference only that while my credentials were being screened a colonel took his time to scrutinize my cert of birth n then asked his colleague who's another colonel " this is a the real one abi?" and he said yes it is, my heart was pounding to d extent he (the first colonel) noticed and made a joke bout it lol but that was it. So my advice is just pray. Victory is from God!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army Short Service Combatant Recruitment 2016 by Diflun: 9:41am On May 08, 2016
Pls I need someone to help me on dis, I receive a mssg in my email and I tried to log in but discovered that I have forgotten my password, the only option left is for the yahoo to send me a verification code but I don't hav access to the number I registered wit, pls what do u think I can do? Its not bringing alternative email option and other options except try phone number and there is no way I can get the code if sent to the number
Try using a desktop browser, there is an option of security questions that you have set during yahoo account creation. Am sure u wont 4getvd security questns since u set dem urslf.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course Aspirants(dssc) 2015 by Diflun: 12:19pm On Feb 18, 2016

Omo this guy don site him name for list ooh.. Congrat bro... Help me check my own now...
i have d same issue n i went as far as d Army Dssc selection 2014 bt i didnt make it 2 d final list ..probably because of dat waec issue..God knws best.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Airforce DSSC 2016 Recruitment Out! by Diflun: 9:46am On Feb 18, 2016
today is the 18th nothing yet on the site about dssc,holla if it different at your end
check out yesterday's daily trust paper, page 7!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army Dssc & Ssc 2015 Aspirants by Diflun: 9:40am On Feb 18, 2016
Gwinzy long time. My dear it wasn't in the paper I learnt an officer took that pic to send to a friend waiting like the rest of us thats why it's the only pic flying around and other officers have been spreading the word with it , I don't know if it has been printed the papers yet But daily trust is your best bet.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course Aspirants(dssc) 2015 by Diflun: 9:50am On Jun 12, 2015
I made a mistake when I filled my application online. I omitted the space provided for tertiary institution and submitted it that way unknowingly. I've sent E-mail to the application support E-mail address on the site and have tried calling the phone numbers there buh it's not reachable. Please house, what am I to do to correct this obvious error of mine pls help a brother. Thanks.
I made similar mistake and I sent them an email and d reply was no change can b made after submission so simply purchase another voucher n fill a fresh application! I asked other questions bt uptil nw they never replied bak.

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