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Politics / C.C Ozumba Writes YPP, Accuses Ifeanyi Ubah Behind Party Refusal To Sell Forms by DNReporters(m): 8:58am On May 18
C.C Ozumba Writes YPP, Accuses Ifeanyi Ubah Behind Party Refusal To Sell Forms To Him, Says He Has No Constitutional Right

Read more: https://dailynewsreporters.com/c-c-ozumba-writes-ypp-accuses-ifeanyi-ubah-behind-party-refusal-to-sell-forms-to-him-says-he-has-no-right/
Politics / Uchenna Clement Eleodimuo For Federal House - Who Is He? by DNReporters(m): 4:58pm On May 06
Elections always throw up many faces, especially of those with different political ambitions, aiming to run for elective positions. It is a usually a mixed pack of the serious, the jokers and the spoilers. The serious are the inspired and dedicated individuals who are motivated by earnest desires to do good.

The jokers are the unserious elements, who run for elective positions just for the sake of running. They are bereft of ideas and only introduce humour in the process, with their bogus aspirations which are not predicated on any specific philosophy of positivism.

The spoilers are bulldogs conscripted and deployed by faceless individuals to scuttle the chances of serious contenders. They are stooges and yesman with nothing but nuisance value in the entire process.

Very often, moneybags, godfathers and political contractors ensure the emergence of these spoilers, who are only used to implement the hidden agendas of the cabal. Thus, the majority become direct victims of the unholy emergence. We must all work together to put an end to this repulsive anomaly.

I am therefore concerned about the domineering popularity of a young man called, Uchenna Clement Eleodimuo, who has dominated the political landscape of Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency with firebrand appeal. Is he a serious contender or another yesman about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting constituency. I dug into his background.

He was born in 1977 and at 45 years of age, he seemed genuinely motivated by youthful zest to uphold the great labours of our heroes past. He is from Ozubulu in Ekwusigo LGA, the only Council Area in the constituency that is yet to produce a representative since 2003. This alone puts him in a pole position to win if fairness, justice and inclusion are still sacred philosophies in the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

He is verifiably educated and with a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, he seemed poised to combine the study of the minds of his constituents with their real time desires to influence the devolution of dividends of democracy in order to better the lot of his constituency.

He is a successful investor with core interests in Estate Designs, Development, Management and above all, the conversion of ideas from paper to real property.

His views on politics are quite humbling and attractive. He understands politics as teamwork and believes in forging alliances with others to achieve the common good. He said he is determined to contribute to nation building and to the empowerment, development and progress of his people.

Experience is pivotal to the success of every political ambition and Eleodimuo seems to have garnered credible political experience. According to him, he joined APGA because it is a people oriented platform that affords better opportunity for him to ventilate his passion for service. With this objective in mind, he aspired for House of Assembly in 2014 but was disqualified in the wisdom of the party. He obeyed the wisdom of the party and worked strenuously for the party's candidate to win the election.

In 2019, he aspired for Federal House but again, the party chose another candidate and again, Eleodimuo obeyed the party and mobilized his supporters to support the party's choice.

In 2021, in the buildup of the Anambra governorship election, he served as the Chairman of Ekwusigo LGA Campaign Council for Soludo/Ibezim election. He campaigned in the entire local government as if it was his own election. I found out he has remained in APGA since he joined the party. He had been disappointed, disqualified and provoked but as a good party man, he has remained faithful to the ideals of the party and had resisted, rejected and dismissed every coercion to seek redress in law courts. He believes in the supremacy of the party and enjoins members to eschew bitterness and rancour and to work assiduously for the success of the party at all times.

Uchenna Clement Eleodimuo is today aspiring to represent Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency on the platform of APGA. He wants to serve for service. He deserves our support because he is Ekwusigo's choice. Ekwusigo deserves our support because it is equitable to support the LGA because it is the only LGA in the constituency that has not produced a representative since 2003.

Uchem Obi Esq.

Daily News Reporters

Politics / Why Eleodimuo Is Apga’s Best Choice For Nnewi North/south, Ekwusigo Fed. Const. by DNReporters(m): 12:40pm On May 05
Politics is in the air and choices must soon be made for good governance and good representation. The choices confer mandates on elected individuals to govern or to represent their constituencies with compassion and the fear of God. For the good of all, the choices must be made without fear or favour. When such choices are wisely made, in the best interest of all, it unites the people and strengthens their platform. It essentially helps to deliver bloc votes to their party.

However, if the choices are unwisely made, on the parameters of favouritism, to benefit the wrong persons or to deny the right people of what should equitably be theirs, it often triggers dissent or what is popularly known as protest votes. This has been seen at work in many instances, and political parties which should have won certain elections lost out. They did not lose to a better party but lost because they gave out their tickets on the parameters of favouritism and injustice and party members revolted by voting against their own party.

As our great party prepares to nominate flag bearers in coming primary elections, the people of Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency are hoping that equity and justice will guide delegates to nominate the right person.

Delegates must understand that they have a sacred duty to ensure that APGA wins our constituency in next year's election. It will not be enough just to vote without deep consideration of fairness. It is more important to vote according to the dictates of equity and good conscience. Equity creates a situation in which everyone and every bloc is treated equally. Equity is a fellowship of fairness which ensures fair judgement in the determination of best interests.

Ours is a three local government constituency and fairness encourages that chances of representation shall rotate equally among the three Council Areas. But the worrisome question is whether there has been fairness in the representation of our constituency? Has the three Council Areas had equal opportunities to represent the constituency? A critical examination of the trend will suggest an entrenched lack of fairness. We appeal to delegates to correct this anomaly as they file out on May 26 to nominate our candidate for next year's election.

Since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999, only four persons have represented our federal constituency. The first was B. M. Etobi from Oraifite in Ekwusigo LGA, 1999 - 2003; he was succeeded by Harry Oranezi from Ukpor in Nnewi South, 2003 - 2007; Oranezi was succeeded by his town's man, C. I. D. Maduabum, 2007 - 2011; from 2011 till date, 12 unbroken years next year, Maduabum's successor, Chris Azubogu has bestrode the Green Chambers like a colossus.

Presently, there are three major aspirants in our party jostling to represent us in the Green Chambers. One of them is from Nnewi North, one is from Nnewi South and the other is from Ekwusigo. Our delegates must activate their good senses of rational and equitable judgement in order to ensure inclusiveness and equitable rotation of representation. This will in turn ensure fairness and APGA's best chance of winning our constituency in next year's election.

The mere thought of another person from Nnewi North aspiring to represent the constituency after his brother has occupied and is still occupying the position for twelve unbroken years is repulsive and repugnant to equity, good conscience and natural justice. It is offensive and disrespectful and delegates must rise above banal considerations to hold that another person from Nnewi North cannot so soon aspire for the office.

The same will be said about the aspirant from Nnewi South. After Oranezi and Maduabum from the same Nnewi South, it does appear to soon and overtly ambitious for someone from Nnewi South to aspire to represent our constituency when others have not had the same opportunity. Fairness demands equitable distribution of opportunities among different blocs in a constituency and we hope that our delegates will bear this in mind and ensure equitable rotation of opportunities.

For these reasons and more, we hold that the best choice for delegates to make is the aspirant from Ekwusigo LGA, Mr. Clement Uchenna Eleodimuo. His nomination will reflect fairness because Ekwusigo is the only local government in the constituency that is yet to occupy the position since 2003. Eleodimuo's nomination will carry the people of Ekwusigo along in the spirit of ONYE AGHANA NWANNE YA.


Daily News Reporters

Politics / Open Letter To APGA Delegates, Nnewi North/south, Ekwusigo Federal Constituency by DNReporters(m): 7:00pm On May 04
Dear Delegates,

There comes a time when the destiny of a people are thrust into the hands of ordinary mortals, to make or to destroy. Such time has come upon you now, dear delegate, as you now have the responsibility of electing the APGA candidate for the Nnewi North - Nnewi South - Ekwusigo Federal Constituency. You now have opportunities to become partners with God in creating a future of joy, happiness and development for our constituency. We hope you appreciate the sacredness of this calling.

Those votes in your hands have great potentials and gives you enormous powers to create better lives for all of us and our unborn generations. Those same votes in your hands can be used to ensure our destruction, devastation and backwardness and can also be used to impoverish and scuttle the lives of our children and children's children.

Dear delegates, this is why how you vote on May 26, during the House of Representatives primary election, is very crucial to the well-being of the entire people of the constituency. Will your votes continue the hopelessness of our people, the underdevelopment of our constituency and the endangering of the future of our children and generations yet unborn? Your vote will do this, when material considerations, that won't last long, determine how you vote on that day.

Will you vote to restore hope to our people, to ensure the best development of our constituency and putting in place lasting legacies, which our children and future generations would leverage to fulfill their potentials, especially when we have all transited to the great beyond? You can achieve this, by voting for the best person to represent us. You must vote for competence, experience and compassion and reject mediocrity in whatever disguise, be it as friends, relations, colleagues and mates.

Don't vote for mere envelopes of money that was soon exhaust. Don't vote for personal relationships that will not impact positively on your children and their unborn generations. Always bear in mind, that with your votes you can make our constituency a better place for all of us and our children and their unborn generations, if you vote for the right person.

You can also with those votes in your hands inflict pains, anguish and endless sufferings, not only upon us and our children today, but also upon our future generations tomorrow, if you vote for the wrong person.

Dear delegates, how do you begin to search for the right person to vote for? In this 21st Century, certain considerations as education, political experience, job exposure and records of community service are very important. They will help reveal competence, experience and compassion. For the supreme purposes of our great party winning our constituency in next year's election, you must choose a good party person, one who had in the past endured pain and disappointment without dragging the party to court. You must choose someone who understands how things are done in our party. The person must be a team player, who believes in the party and is known to abide by the rules of the party.

It was the great American industrialist, Henry Ford, who said that, "Quality is getting it right when no one is watching". Among the people aspiring to represent us, we found someone who got it right a long time ago when no one was watching.

He is Uchenna Clement Eleodimuo, a great party man with amazing humility, from Nza - Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Council Area. His political experience, especially in APGA is profound. He aspired for House of Assembly in 2014 but was shockingly disqualified. He took it in good faith as a good party man. He neither took the party to court or created scenes. As a good party man he accepted the decision of the party.

In 2019, he aspired for House of Representatives, the same office he still aspires for, but our great party in its wisdom chose another aspirant. Again, Eleodimuo did not drag the party to court but accepted the decision. As a pragmatic and dynamic young politician, he mobilized his supporters to support the party's choice. Since he joined politics, Eleodimuo has remained in APGA. Nothing has been enough to tempt him to another party or to drag the party to court. His belief and dedication to the ideals of APGA are simply enchanting.

Today, he is in the race to win nomination to fly APGA's flag in next year's election with two major opponents, who in more decent places should honourably stand down their aspirations. One of the aspirants from Nnewi South cannot be called the best of party men, having rejected the party's choice for the same position in 2019 and took the party to court. The other aspirant is from Nnewi North and we are bold to say that his aspiration is selfish and not in the interest of our constituency. An Nnewi North indigene, Hon. Chris Azubogu is in his 12 straight year representing our constituency in the green chambers. For another Nnewi North indigene to aspire for the same office is selfish and highly insensitive of the feelings and aspirations of other local governments in the constituency.

As recently as last year, Eleodimuo served as the Chairman of Soludo/Ibezim campaign council in Ekwusigo LGA.

Dear delegates, if "Onye aghana nwanne ya" is still our watchword" and we all still believe in our founding fathers puritan philosophy of equity and justice, please do what will be seen manifestly as good and just by voting Uchenna Clement Eleodimuo on May 26 because he got it right when no one took notice of him.


Daily News Reporters

Crime / SAD: Unknown Gunm3n K!ll Soldiers On Their Way To Their Wedding In Imo State by DNReporters(m): 11:43am On May 03
SAD: Unknown Gunm3n K!ll Soldiers on Their Way to Their Wedding in Imo State - https://dailynewsreporters.com/sad-unknown-gunmen-kill-soldiers-on-their-way-to-their-wedding-in-imo-state/

Politics / UPDATE: Why PDP Disqualified Ozigbo, Chuma Nzeribe And Obinna Uzo by DNReporters(m): 8:03am On May 01
UPDATE: Why PDP Disqualified Ozigbo, Chuma Nzeribe and Obinna Uzo - https://dailynewsreporters.com/update-why-pdp-disqualified-ozigbo-chuma-nzeribe-and-obinna-uzo/
Romance / Lekki Girl In Dog S3x Video Revealed, Confessed Why She Slept With A Dog For Mon by DNReporters(m): 5:50pm On Apr 30
Lekki Girl In Dog S3x Video Revealed, Confessed Why She Slept With A Dog For Money [Watch Video] - https://dailynewsreporters.com/lekki-girl-in-dog-s3x-video-revealed-confessed-why-she-slept-with-a-dog-for-money-watch-video/
Politics / Leaked Audio: Ex-gov Obiano, Chinedu Obidigwe In Allegedly Pay-for-s€x Scandal by DNReporters(m): 9:55am On Apr 28
Leaked Audio: Ex-Gov Obiano, Chinedu Obidigwe in allegedly Pay-For-S€x Scandal - https://dailynewsreporters.com/leaked-audio-ex-gov-obiano-chinedu-obidigwe-in-allegedly-pay-for-sex-scandal/
Celebrities / Meet Judy Austin Moughalu, Yul Edochie’s Second Wife by DNReporters(m): 8:55am On Apr 28
Meet Judy Austin Moughalu, Yul Edochie’s second wife - https://dailynewsreporters.com/meet-judy-austin-moughalu-yul-edochies-second-wife/
Crime / How Ex-gov Obiano’s Wife Directed Nnamdi Ikeli To Set Revenue House Awka On Fire by DNReporters(m): 8:38am On Apr 28
How Ex-Gov Obiano’s wife Directed Nnamdi Ikeli To Set Revenue House Awka On Fire, Moved Away N55 billion IGR In Cash - https://dailynewsreporters.com/how-ex-gov-obianos-wife-directed-nnamdi-ikeli-to-set-revenue-house-awka-on-fire-moved-away-n55-billion-igr-in-cash/
Politics / AIRS: Indigenes, Residents To Pay Tax As Anambra Goes Tough On Revenue Drive by DNReporters(m): 10:30am On Apr 26
AIRS: Indigenes, Residents To Pay Tax As Anambra goes tough on revenue drive - https://dailynewsreporters.com/airs-indigenes-residents-to-pay-tax-as-anambra-goes-tough-on-revenue-drive/
Education / Ciepuk/scefund Scholarship Scheme Opens Portal For 2022/2023 Scholarship by DNReporters(m): 1:50pm On Apr 25
Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners UK/Scefund Scholarship Scheme Opens Portal for 2022/2023 Scholarship - Click to Apply https://dailynewsreporters.com/chartered-institute-of-educational-practitioners-uk-scefund-scholarship-scheme-opens-portal-for-2022-2023-scholarship/

Crime / Angry Mob Parade Couple N@ked In Nnewi For Allegedly Stealing And Selling Childr by DNReporters(m): 2:56pm On Apr 24
Angry Mob Parade Couple N@ked in Nnewi for Allegedly Stealing and Selling Children - https://dailynewsreporters.com/angry-mob-parade-couple-nked-in-nnewi-for-allegedly-stealing-and-selling-children/
Crime / Man, 33, Cries Out Over Domestic Violence From His 24 Year Old Wife by DNReporters(m): 12:01pm On Apr 24
Man, 33, cries out over domestic violence from his 24 year old wife

Narrates How He Became House Boy To His Wife Who Is From A Wealthy Home - https://dailynewsreporters.com/man-33-cries-out-over-domestic-violence-from-his-24-year-old-wife/

Politics / N30 Million Bribe: Another Refund & Resign Protest Looms In APGA by DNReporters(m): 9:22am On Apr 24
N30 Million Bribe: Another Refund & Resign Protest Looms In APGA - https://dailynewsreporters.com/n30-million-bribe-another-refund-resign-protest-looms-in-apga/
Politics / Incase You Missed It: Documents Expose Peter Obi’s False Claims by DNReporters(m): 9:07am On Apr 24
INCASE YOU MISSED IT: Documents expose Peter Obi’s false claims to glorify his administration - https://dailynewsreporters.com/incase-you-missed-it-documents-expose-peter-obis-false-claims-to-glorify-his-administration/
Crime / BREAKING: Over 100 People Roasted As Illegal Refinery Explodes In Imo [VIDEO] by DNReporters(m): 8:20pm On Apr 23
BREAKING: Over 100 People Roasted As Illegal Refinery Explodes in Imo State [VIDEO] - https://dailynewsreporters.com/breaking-over-100-people-roasted-as-illegal-refinery-explodes-in-imo-state-video/
Politics / 2023: Commissioners Don’t Make Policies - NNACHETTA by DNReporters(m): 12:39pm On Apr 23
A Frontline aspirant for the Anambra North Senatorial seat on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta, has educated voters in the zone, that Commissioners in State Executive Councils are not responsible for the for the formulation of policies. According to him, Commissioners are only responsible for the implementation of policies drawn up by the administrations they serve.

Nnachetta, who spoke during his recently concluded tours of the wards in the seven Council Areas of Anambra North Senatorial Zone, reiterated that Commissioners are mere agents appointed by administrations to help implement the their policies. He regretted the erroneous mindset of voters who believe that a Commissioner has power to make and implement personal policies.

The two time Commissioner in Anambra State stated that as a Commissioner, he was only a servant of the government and could only implement the policies created by the government. He said the major reason he wants to represent the zone in the 10th Senate is to have the opportunity to decide what things to attract to the zone, for the good development of the zone, empowerment of its people and the provision of sustainable legacies for the enrichment of future generations.

He emphasized the need for credible representation in the Senate and pointed out, that the proverbial national cake is big enough to feed and empower all sections of the country. What is needed according to him is a compassionate and credible representative with a desire to serve the cause of the people, and ensure that their own portion of the national cake gets to them. He also said, that representatives of the people should acquaint themselves with needs, hopes and aspirations of the people in order to know what part of the national cake that best suits the expectations of their constituents.

According to Ogbuefi Nnachetta, this is the reason why he toured all the wards in the zone, to acquaint himself with the expectations of the people he aspires to represent. He promised to tour again, the villages, hamlets and towns in the zone if he wins the ticket of his party. He lamented the suffering of the zone and the embarrassing absence of Federal Government's presence or investments in the zone.

Nnachetta promised that his representation will be predicated on leadership, competence, capacity and compassion and will restore hope to the zone and fulfill the long neglected aspirations of the people. He asked the people to support his aspiration and be rest assured that his representation will be about service which will reposition the zone and empower the people.

Daily News Reporters

Source: https://dailynewsreporters.com/anambra-north-2023-commissioners-dont-make-policies-nnachetta/

Jokes Etc / What Happened To My Neighbour Yesterday- A Lesson To All by DNReporters(m): 12:00am On Apr 17
What happened to my Neighbour yesterday- a lesson to all - https://dailynewsreporters.com/what-happened-to-my-neighbour-yesterday-a-lesson-to-all/
Crime / Ifeanyi Ubah Moves To Secure Justice For The Late Gospel Singer Osinachi by DNReporters(m): 9:18am On Apr 16
Ifeanyi Ubah Moves To Secure Justice For The Late Gospel Singer Osinachi

Read more: https://dailynewsreporters.com/ifeanyi-ubah-moves-to-secure-justice-for-the-late-gospel-singer-osinachi/
Crime / JUST IN: Unknown Gunmen Attack Gov Soludo's House, Kill Policeman? by DNReporters(m): 6:59pm On Apr 15
JUST IN: Unknown Gunmen Attack Gov Soludo's House, Kill Policeman?

Read more: https://dailynewsreporters.com/just-in-unknown-gunmen-attack-gov-soludos-house-kill-policeman/
Politics / JUST IN: Anambra State ‘workers’ Protest Over Unpaid 7 Years Salaries by DNReporters(m): 5:52pm On Apr 15
JUST IN: Anambra state ‘workers’ protest over unpaid 7 years salaries

Read more here: https://dailynewsreporters.com/just-in-anambra-state-workers-protest-over-unpaid-7-year

Crime / JUST IN: Unknown Gunmen Attack Imo Community, Kill INEC Staff [see Video] by DNReporters(m): 6:40pm On Apr 14
JUST IN: Unknown Gunmen attack Imo community, kill INEC staff [See Video]

See video: https://dailynewsreporters.com/unknown-gunmen-attack-imo-community-kill-inec-staff-see-video/
Politics / BREAKING NEWS: EFCC Arrests Ex-gov Obiano’s Wife, Ebele Obiano by DNReporters(m): 6:25pm On Apr 14
BREAKING NEWS: EFCC arrests ex-gov Obiano’s wife, Ebele Obiano

Read details: https://dailynewsreporters.com/breaking-news-efcc-arrests-ex-gov-obianos-wife-ebele-obiano/
Crime / BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Gunmen Killed As Police Repel Attack On Nteje Division [P by DNReporters(m): 9:41am On Apr 14
BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Gunmen killed As Police Repel Attack on Nteje Division [Photos]

Read more details: https://dailynewsreporters.com/unknown-gunmen-killed-as-police-repel-attack-on-nteje-division/
Politics / Stay Out Of Politics, APGA Chieftain Advises Obi Cubana, Brothers by DNReporters(m): 2:06pm On Apr 13
Stay Out of Politics, APGA Chieftain Advises Obi Cubana, Brothers

Read more: https://dailynewsreporters.com/stay-out-of-politics-apga-chieftain-advises-obi-cubana-brothers/
Crime / 4 Police Operative Killed As Unknown Gunmen Attack Station In Atani [see Video] by DNReporters(m): 12:15pm On Apr 13
Breaking: 4 Police Operative Killed As Unknown Gunmen Attack Station In Atani [See Video]

See video here: https://dailynewsreporters.com/4-police-operative-killed-as-unknown-gunmen-attack-station-in-atani-see-video/
Politics / 7 Questions Nigerians Must Ask Tinubu, Osinbajo, Wike, Other Presidential Aspira by DNReporters(m): 9:41am On Apr 13
7 Questions Nigerians must ask Tinubu, Osinbajo, Wike, other presidential aspirants - Peter Obi

Read more:!https://dailynewsreporters.com/7-questions-nigerians-must-ask-tinubu-osinbajo-wike-other-presidential-aspirants-peter-obi/
Politics / BREAKING NEWS: The New APC National Chairman Resigns by DNReporters(m): 1:02pm On Apr 12
BREAKING NEWS: The New APC National Chairman Resigns

Read details: https://dailynewsreporters.com/breaking-news-the-new-apc-national-chairman-resigns/

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