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Politics / Re: Dele Momodu Congratulates Peter Obi As The Running Mate Of Atiku Abubakar by dollyptosh(m): 7:33pm On Oct 12, 2018
cheesy cheesy cheesy
Dele Momodu na anywhere belle face. if Satan win election, im go congratulate.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by dollyptosh(m): 9:47am On Aug 10, 2018
You can mail it to their office in UK and update your address or simply ask a friend to submit and collect for you.

Bro, please do check your dm. Thanks
Politics / Re: Fayose Visits Saraki And Ekweremadu In Abuja After Security Siege. Photos by dollyptosh(m): 10:00am On Jul 25, 2018

Who are those liking and sharing cheesy cheesy Same group of corrupt desperados who are just there for their selfish gains. Una never learn
Sports / Re: Sunday Oliseh Hilariously Congratulates France On Their Victory by dollyptosh(m): 12:59pm On Jul 16, 2018
That's right. 1998, 20 years ago when France last hosted and won the World Cup, they had an all white players.
2018, 20 years later winning the World Cup again, the team is full of black players.

Who says climate change isn't real?
Ahaaaan small small bros ooo. So Thierry Henry, Marcel Desailly, Patrick Viera, Lilian Thuram are all whites right?

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Sports / Re: Africans That Won The World Cup With France. by dollyptosh(m): 10:04pm On Jul 15, 2018
Aubameyang also was eligible to play for France but he opted for Gabon. So much quality.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by dollyptosh(m): 10:26am On Jun 28, 2018
1.In Quantitative Comparison questions, try numbers in this order: 0,1,2,-2,1/2. I learned this from NOVA GRE book. It works just fine.
2.Quantitative Comparison questions are half of a GRE Quant section (10 in number).
3.In Quantitative Comparison questions, before you select an answer, try at least two numbers.
4.Know the rules of divisibility. It will help.
5.Pay special attention to words like ‘the greatest possible’ in quantitative comparison questions. For instance, the greatest possible number of points common to a triangle and a circle is ____? It is more likely than many of us will pick three. Six points is also possible. Just remember that the triangle must not be inscribed in the circle. Six points will pass through the circumference.
6.Do not assume more than what is given especially in Quantitative Comparison questions.
7.Special triangles: 30-60-90 :1:√3:2;45-45-90:1:1:√2 ; The longer the side, the larger the angle opposite it and vice versa.
8.Supplementary angles 180, Complementary angles 90. Parallel lines have the same slope. Perpendicular lines – Negative reciprocal of the original line. (This appeared on my GRE). Know the equation of a line in different forms.
9.Learn all those Mensuration stuff.
10.Once a calculation is going on for too long, check your method again. There might be something wrong.
11.Be careful when multiplying or dividing by a negative number in inequality problems. Never do this in a Quantitative Comparison question.
12. PEMDAS – Parentheses-Exponents-Division-Mulitplication-Addition-Subtraction.
13.Integer 0 is neither positive nor negative.
14. 0 to 9 inclusive is 10 integers.
15. If a is even, b is odd, then a+2b is even, 2a+b is odd, ab is even etc. These kinds of questions are common.
16.P(A or B) =P(A) + P(B) Mutually exclusive ; P(A or B) =P(A) + P(B) –P(A and B) Independent
17.Know Mean, mode and median and how numbers can affect them.
18.In word problems, use 100 for percentages. Do not use a number if the word problem has a fraction. I think Princeton Review covers this.
19.How many multiples of 7 are there between 100 and 150? 7 not 6. 147-105=42. 42/7 =6. 6+1 =7.
20.10 evenly spaced tick marks on a number line is 9 intervals not 10.
21.Any three consecutive integers will always contain a multiple of 3.
22. Rate x Time = Distance. Draw a table and solve all rate questions like this. Manhattan covers this well.
23. Pay attention to units, scales and values along the X and Y axes in graphs.
24. Average degree per side = (180(n-2))/n.
25.0 is a number.
26.How many square pieces can you get from a board of 18 by 30 inches without wasting any of the board? Answer: 15. Greatest divisor of 18 and 30 is 6. 18/6=3; 30/6=5; 3X5 =15. (Simple questions like this can waste your time).
27.Increase something by 250% is 3.5 times the number not 2.5 times the number.
28.Standard deviation questions are not usually difficult. Just know how it affects the mean.
29.Study the Official GRE test guide. You will not go wrong if you follow it strictly. Use other books (Magoosh, Manhattan, Princeton) for more tips , tricks and sample questions.
30.The key to scoring well on the GRE is to do well in the first section. The first section is usually easy (Assuming you prepared really well). This section is easy but tricky. If you practice well enough, you will observe that this is the section were you will finish with time to spare. On your sketch paper, I will advise that you solve your questions sequentially. Peradventure you need to go back to a question or review it, you can easily track your mistakes.
31. Pace well. Do not spend too much time on a particular question. I finished with some minutes to spare. I was able to review up to 10 questions and I can remember changing my mind on two answers I had previously selected. I did score 20/20 in that section.
32.Do not waste time on any question. This is very easy to say really. I made the same mistake in my second section. I wasted time on the first few questions as they were difficult. This affected my score. I noticed the easier questions were at the bottom.
33. The GRE is section adaptive. If you do well in the first section, you get a more difficult second section and vice-versa. This is aimed at making test takers get at least 150 marks. It follows a normal distribution. Those doing well are ‘dragged’ to 150. Those not scoring well are ‘helped’ to 150. (Additional probably unnecessary information lol).
34.From proven research, for you to get a more difficult second section, you need to score at least 14 in the Quant and 12 in the Verbal. The more difficult section carries more weight than a normal section. The more difficult questions you get correctly in the second section, you more points you have.
35.The scoring is not linear. I had 20 in the first section and 15 in the second section yet I had 166. In my Verbal, I had 14/20 in both sections yet I scored 161. Same thing I noticed with my friends and in my first attempt.
36.If you score 10/20 in the first Quant section and 16/20 in the next section, you will score 153. If you score 16/20 in the first section and 10/20 in the section, you will score 156. DO YOUR BEST IN THE FIRST SECTION. Verbal is more difficult than the Quant.
37.Peradventure you do not do well in the first section (You will know because the questions will be easy; It happened to me during my first attempt), you can still blast the second section. Just take it easy and do you best.
38.The on screen calculator can slow you down. Use it only if you really need it.
39.You can learn to back-solve questions. It helps when you are clueless on how to solve certain questions. I think Princeton covers this a lot.
40.I make mistakes more when I rush and do not take time to read the question well. Do not also try to solve questions mentally. Write it down to avoid errors.
41. Do a lot of practice tests. Under normal conditions, we will all score well. A timed practice test is the real deal. PowerPrep, Manhattan, Kaplan are good in this regard.
42. The GRE has a structure: For the Quant, you get 4 easy questions, 12 medium questions and 4 hard questions on your first section. Look at the Official GRE guide for more on question difficulty.
43.Some people are that good that some tips did not work for them. If you are like me that needed to retake the test, you have to pay attention to many things to avoid getting the same poor score.
44.By the way, there is nothing like a bad score. It all depends on what you want to use it for.
All the best folks. Pardon my errors.

Well detailed information. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Made Nigeria A Laughing Stock – Presidency by dollyptosh(m): 7:06pm On May 26, 2018
"even the citizens when they travel out of the country, they are better respected than they were before" What kinda lie is this
Celebrities / Re: Ex-BBNaija Housemate, Khloe In Braless Photos by dollyptosh(m): 4:35pm On Apr 25, 2018

Foundation, plaster, paint, decoration etc but still u look......
cheesy cheesy
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by dollyptosh(m): 10:48am On Apr 25, 2018
One thing I noticed since my arrival in the USA is that all Nigerians try so hard to talk like the Americans. I think it's a bad orientation. We have Americans in Nigeria and I don't see them trying to speak like us.. I think it's a slave mentality by the way. We feel inferior. I will retain my African accent. If I have children in the USA then they can claim to be Americans but I am a Nigerian man.
I don't know how it's in the US, but in Europe they complain that we speak too fast. Also, our accent is an issue. I realized that to avoid having to repeat yourself too often, you need to change your accent a bit.

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Celebrities / Re: A Year After Bbnaija2017:- Efe Vs Bisola, Who Is Truly Winning? by dollyptosh(m): 5:49am On Apr 05, 2018
Dat one think say na Warri him dey disgrace he no know say naim sef he dey fool.
Average Warri boy na Voltage King not dis one.
Celebrities / Re: Igbinedion University Releases Bambam's Result, She Was Asked To Withdraw by dollyptosh(m): 4:49am On Apr 04, 2018
cheesy cheesy

All Lies,....

Na cos she no gree fvck una for toilet grin


Celebrities / Re: Teddy A Fans Are Donating 5k To Make Up The 45 Million For Him by dollyptosh(m): 4:45am On Apr 04, 2018

Actually this is slow beyond slow.

There are a lot of programs you can put money in for charity feed orphans, feed inner city kids, raise money for people's medical issues, help the poor, pay fees of those who can't afford yet these people are giving their money out to a celebrity not because he is ill but because he went for a show and didn't win the prize.

This is the highest form of silliness I have seen in a long while
It's unreal cheesy. Wow
Celebrities / Re: Teddy A Fans Are Donating 5k To Make Up The 45 Million For Him by dollyptosh(m): 4:43am On Apr 04, 2018
I hope Teddy is aware of this. cool cool
And That's true oo. People can be dubious

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Celebrities / Re: Teddy A Fans Are Donating 5k To Make Up The 45 Million For Him by dollyptosh(m): 4:40am On Apr 04, 2018
embarassedAre we really okay? Like seriously? There is someone on the sick bed who needs just a quarter of that to live.

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Politics / Re: Governor Ganduje Carries Cement In Headpan On His Head During Project Inspection by dollyptosh(m): 9:06pm On Apr 02, 2018
WTF is this undecided
TV/Movies / Re: #bbnaija: Miracle’s Fans Held A Rally For Him Today, See Photos by dollyptosh(m): 8:05pm On Mar 31, 2018
kai....the way people take this BBNaija as if they'll gain anything from it... why don't we campaign to bring back the Zain African Challenge??

I bet 80 of them don't have their PVC yet. and they are here shouting Miracle!! WAKANDA waste of time is all these??

anyways FTC... seun abeg dm me for my account Details!!
Ohh Zain African Challenge grin cool . Loved that programme back then.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye On Condolence Visit To Umar Jibril's Family In Abuja (Photos) by dollyptosh(m): 6:55pm On Mar 30, 2018
This kind God ooo....... cheesy
Politics / Re: Lagosians Line Up To Welcome Buhari In Lagos Today (Photos) by dollyptosh(m): 11:41pm On Mar 29, 2018
I was Born in Lagos and Hv lived in Lagos all my life except for a few times I spent outside the country

No sane Lagosian who has something doingwill be der.....
98% of those there hv been paid 2k each to be der..

The remaining 2% came to sell cold pure and bottled water ...
Sooo correct

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Gives Liberians One Year To Leave The US by dollyptosh(m): 8:04pm On Mar 28, 2018
This is an opportunity to see how sharp the average Liberian is grin

Imagine giving Nigeria a free pass since 1991. Permanent residency don sure by 2000.

Either by marriage or childbirth.
O boy. Free pass since 1991
Sports / Re: Bruno Boban Collapses And Dies On The Pitch After Ball Hit His Chest [VIDEO] by dollyptosh(m): 12:46pm On Mar 26, 2018
Heart attack ! When you look at how much they get paid as a footballer one has to remember the risk/ hazard involved. He probably left home in the morning, kiss wife and children bye, see you after practice but unknown to him the time is now to meet the creator! RIP
In 10years, how many of such cases do you hear of?
Celebrities / Re: Uriel Oputa Slams Followers Who Body Shamed Her Over Saggy Breasts by dollyptosh(m): 8:01pm On Mar 24, 2018
her own na nightmares o
*holds laugh*
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by dollyptosh(m): 9:07am On Mar 24, 2018

Alaye, do your research well. Bridging visa kor, tunnelling visa ni
Politics / Re: FG Replies Bill Gates' Comment On Buhari's Economic Plan by dollyptosh(m): 10:57pm On Mar 23, 2018
Bunch of jokers and liers. See the yearly increase in health and education budget with very little to show forth as result

Please how much do I need to have to start considering travelling to Canada?
cheesy cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Rappon D'victor Is Dead And Buried After His 'If I Die Young' Song (Photos) by dollyptosh(m): 10:03am On Mar 23, 2018

YOU SAY !!! shocked
cheesy cheesy
Crime / Re: "I Sleep With 5 Men Daily" – Lagos Prostitute Reveals How Much She Earns (Photo) by dollyptosh(m): 8:05am On Mar 21, 2018
This is almost like an oil company job but they work with their body which is not too good
Any which way sha
Not too good but good right? grin
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by dollyptosh(m): 11:45pm On Mar 20, 2018
I have a 6 months newly renewed magoosh premium access for GRE. Mind you it's not for free. Inbox or pm me if interested. I also have complete magoosh offline practice and tutorial video.
Sent you a pm
Literature / Re: ''hello" by dollyptosh(m): 11:42pm On Mar 20, 2018
Today is the seventh day, and they are here, just as the bird said. I can hear them scratching at the door and crawling in the walls. The bird is waiting to record how I die, I swear, if it coul d grin it would have been grinning from the moment I uncovered its cage. The noises are getting louder, they’ll get in soon, so I’m saying goodbye now. Take care of the bird; I couldn’t think of anyone else to give it to, I’m sorry. You must take care of him till they come for you. You have seven days.”

The track ended suddenly, and you look around you, startled. You must have been entranced by the disc, for the lawyer was gone. You hadn’t noticed him leave. You stare at the covered cage on the coffee table, and wonder if you had just heard on the CD was real, or just some elaborate hoax. A rustling comes from underneath the embroidered silk. Your curiosity begs you to see what’s in the cage. You slowly raise up the blanket.


Hi. Can I send you a pm?
Politics / Re: Senator Ifeanyi Araraume's Mansion 'Ugwumba Villa' In Imo State (Photos) by dollyptosh(m): 4:36pm On Mar 20, 2018
Home living or company ? Just tell this one about Biafra and wait for his negative reply .because he is enjoying real Nigeria.
TV/Movies / Re: Evicted BBNaija Housemates Are Campaigning To Get Back Into The House by dollyptosh(m): 10:15pm On Mar 19, 2018
oh why money wicked like this
Health / Re: UCH Ibadan Labelled Death Trap After Lady Died Due To Alleged Negligence by dollyptosh(m): 3:04pm On Mar 19, 2018
A grieving Nigerian Facebook user, Enoch B. Godson has called out UCH Ibadan, University College Hospital, after he lost a loved one, UNILAG graduate Oluwaseun Ezekiel at the hospital.

Enoch blames the negligence and incompetence shown by medical officers at the UCH Ibadan for being responsible for her death.
Read below his very sad story:

UCH Ibadan A Death Trap.

I write this from a place of inconsolable grief, sheer anguish, unimaginable pain, and the very zenith of fury having lost a dear one so cheaply and unjustifiably in a place that is erroneously believed to be safe but apparently needs saving itself, riddled with egomaniacal doctors with God complexes, nurses like witches, patients attendants who will not attend to you until you have called them a billion times, morticians who will milk you out of your very life savings just to get the remains ready for burial without caring that you were just bereaved, almost everyone there just seemed inappropriate for their respective jobs – such a shambolic and toxic environment! I lost hope in Nigeria for a moment.

UCH Ibadan labelled death trap after lady died due to staff's alleged negligence

We rushed to the emergency department calling for help at about 12am with our dear Oluwaseun diagnosed with Cardiac failure, but it took 15 minutes to have a not-so-friendly looking doctor amble to the car we brought her in just to see whether or not the case was an emergency.

Soon we were asked to pay for so many written things including an oxygen tube so that she could breathe, but getting to the cashier, he told us in no uncertain terms that he would not attend to us until he downs his bowl of amala (biko, who eats amala at such an ungodly hour? But that’s by the way)

We had to scream for help then a senior nurse came and spoke some sense into the glutton who reluctantly attended to us after he heard that the patient was dying. Then again we overheard a nurse say “I hope these ones are here with much money, otherwise they shouldn’t even bother”.

Eventually, Oluwaseun was checked into the resuscitation unit and trust me, that place reeked of death.

UCH Ibadan labelled death trap after lady died lailasnews

A resuscitation center that had only one functional heart monitor to serve four dying patients, no even a single defibrillator, stuffy as hell, very mean nurses; one of whom even threatened to check out any patient whose relatives were not cooperative, two malfunctioning air conditioning systems while every last office there had working ones, it was generally a place prepared to make patients sweat their very weak pulses out.

It should rather be called a euthanasia ward. How patients were objectified was absolutely distressing.

One would have that euphoric shimmer of hope when a team of smug doctors strolls in like demigods only to realise that they came to learn with the patients rather than care for them. What is the point of acquiring redundant knowledge? These people are more used to deaths than saving people.

Oh Goodness Gracious!!! I thought their Hippocratic Oath should mean something or are they just murderers with licence? When you kill someone with your inaction, apathy and negligence are you not complicit?

This grieves my soul and won’t stop replaying in my head.

UCH Ibadan labelled death trap after lady died due to staff's alleged negligence lailasnews 1a

I held her, watched her breathe her last, crashing; with pain written all over her face. We screamed for help but they were rather concerned with quietening us than reviving Oluwaseun.

They managed to get to her, gave her a few chest compressions in a futile CPR charade, chatting and laughing while at it, and then pronounced her dead JUST LIKE THAT.

We had waited and waited for the cardiologist who neither showed up nor called for her to be relocated to the cardiology unit until she gave up at 7:20 pm on the 17th of march 2018.

This is a fresh brilliant UniLag graduate due for NYSC in a few weeks, someone’s beloved daughter, beautiful sister and wonderful friend; someone’s decades of physical, psychological and financial investment left for dead in a Nigerian foremost health centre.

Oluwaseun Ezekiel we love you. Even though you were a victim of inept doctors and failed health policies, you forever will be in our hearts.

UCH Ibadan labelled death trap after lady died due to staff's alleged negligence lailasnews

I write this hoping to find some closure by laying it all bare, peradventure it would get to relevant authorities who will amend and enforce the standard operating procedures of this helluva health facility, but unfortunately; Oluwaseun you will still be greatly missed. Rest on in the arms of the Lord.

Don’t wait to experience this before you know about some doctors playing God. Please share until someone in authority notices and this menace is fixed #fixuch #fixourhospitals #ripseun


Pictured below is late Oluwaseun Ezekiel

*sigh* This is really depressing.
Car Talk / Re: World First Transparent Car Launched In Germany by dollyptosh(m): 11:46pm On Mar 16, 2018
Na wao.... Make person do get money o... No be only admire we come this world come do
cheesy cheesy If you no get money .......

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