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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 6:41pm On Sep 13, 2018
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 5:51pm On Sep 04, 2018

Please I’d like to connect with you. Tried sending a pm.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 2:18am On Sep 02, 2018
my visa application got denied gave reason as justification of intention... would have preferred to re apply but can't get another date, only option now is to appeal so I'd like to know if I'm to submit the same documents as the visa application or just documemts to counter the visa refusal
Be clear enough, justification of intention? Take a picture of your rejection letter or better still quote the full sentence
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 7:37pm On Aug 28, 2018

Which University did you get accepted into?
Is the "advice" school specific?
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 9:06am On Aug 26, 2018
I'm currently living in Lublin, Poland.
So I believed that most of you guys that had applied for admission has by now know your status.

If so, I'd like to offer an advice to those who have secured their admission.

Well as of last year, note that nearly all Nigerians that got admission were denied. The embassy close their platform so that it wasn't possible to book for visa appointments.
But they later reopened at November, which was pretty late.

And all subsequent interviews were being denied.

But I'd offer some advice to boost your chances of getting a visa to those who have secured their admission if you haven't applied yet.

The good thing about Poland is that it's very cheap.
But just like other European countries you must know the language of the country because that's the secret of obtaining a job. Don't hope of working without knowing the language. It'd be a very risky plan

But the good thing is that, once you graduate from Poland..you won't need a work permit after your study. That's the ultimate difference between her counterpart countries.
Are you part of the last years applicants?
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 11:54pm On Aug 22, 2018
Please how can I get a visa date. I'm resuming Oct 1st. And up till now dates are unavailable in their site till October 29. Please someone help!!!
What school?
Sports / Re: Sure Single Stake by Donjay007(m): 8:12am On Jul 08, 2018
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 7:31pm On Jun 03, 2018

But he said he has to buy euro, pay it into his account and transfer to the school... He said they would deduct like 20 or 50£ for bank charges too.
He could just go to the website of the polish embassy,convert the required sum using their rate,and pay the equivalent amount in dollars. At least that's what I did
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 3:01pm On Jun 02, 2018
I saw the application ends July 14th
My friend is having a tough time paying 400£ for us.
Does your friend have a domicillary account?
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 11:00pm On May 29, 2018
I saw it there jare bodly written...but I don't know if they are like Nigerian's that don't do as we say, that's why I was asking from someone's experience.

Seem you are applying to WUT? Same here; me and my friend....
How did you pay your 200£

You're still applying?
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by Donjay007(m): 11:50am On May 27, 2018

From my experience , it isn't flashing issue ... Your display ic might probably be bad . Heating the d display ic area might solve the problem temporarily ... Consider getting a new panel by simply taking it to carlcare if u haven't void your warrantee
Alright,will try this if flashing doesn't work
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by Donjay007(m): 9:34pm On May 26, 2018

Need flashing. Take it to engineer to flash
Thanks,will try this,is the engineer flashing any different from restoring to factory settings?If I can get it there that is.
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by Donjay007(m): 2:00pm On May 26, 2018
Hey guys,while using my phone it just hangs and starts showing different colors,like a scrambled channel or something,and then it goes off,starts booting by itself again,sometimes it comes on,but sometimes while booting,it starts showing the different colors thingy again and then goes off.It might not come on for another 5 hours no matter what you do and even if it does,you can't use it for 5 minutes before it starts again,what might be the problem?.And oh,I use an infinix hot s
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Donjay007(m): 7:48pm On May 21, 2018
Hey guys,been following through this thread,I hear that its quite hard for a nigerian to have a polish visa application approved right now.How much truth is there to this
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 13 by Donjay007(m): 5:32pm On Aug 26, 2017
@donjay007 I see you cool
on a kum kum bro, still on application levels ��
Phones / Re: Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Launched: The One With The Dual Camera by Donjay007(m): 5:43am On Sep 29, 2016
Any phone with more than 4gigabyte of ram is just a scheme to rip off buyers... When it's not a laptop. Mtchew
Phones / Re: Infinix Hot S Official Discussion Thread (leaked Pictures X521) by Donjay007(m): 5:39am On Sep 29, 2016

What of in your browser, cos browsers like UC allows for change of download storage path.
true, will try that
Phones / Re: Infinix Hot S Official Discussion Thread (leaked Pictures X521) by Donjay007(m): 11:55pm On Sep 27, 2016
I put a memory card inside the phone, set default storage as memory card, yet anything i download goes to internal
price for gionee marathon m5 please,and how many gig ram is it?
Celebrities / Re: Freeze Pictured In Studio With Amin Moussalli As Cool FM Re-employs Him by Donjay007(m): 7:17pm On Aug 29, 2016

I have not heard of this o. Please explain to me. How did NL *made* and destroyed him.


Education / Re: 2016/2017 Uniben Admission Thread Guide. by Donjay007(m): 11:18pm On Jul 22, 2016
Rap Battles / Re: ++++ Rap Section Derailers Haven +++++ by Donjay007(m): 7:35am On May 28, 2016

I hope it's genuine. . .I'll get across to you on whatsapp.
dont come and complain of being scammed
Religion / Re: 8 Ways On How Not To Be Distracted In Church On A Sunday. by Donjay007(m): 9:51am On Apr 24, 2016
All these things don't really matter... Its all about mind set, i can be in church and still be thinking of how to knack Nkechi go sweet
Celebrities / Re: Yung6ix Shares Throwback Photo With Wizkid On Instagram by Donjay007(m): 9:13pm On Apr 21, 2016

yungsix of course.
have you listened to heartbreak swag
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Sell Your Dead Smart Phones Here Sharp Sharp by Donjay007(m): 2:30am On Apr 20, 2016
This guy talk highest 1k.na phone battery you wan buy??
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by Donjay007(m): 8:19pm On Apr 19, 2016
I have a problem with playing games on my pc, its a low spec pc but atleast low specs game works on it, problem is they work fine for a few minutes and then start lagging, then work fine again.Any solution?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady On Twitter Ready For Marriage (photo) by Donjay007(m): 9:13pm On Apr 17, 2016
Lwkmd.. . Like say na job offer
Celebrities / Re: Orezi Celebrates His 30th Birthday Today! by Donjay007(m): 3:27pm On Mar 28, 2016
Here In Somalia, We don't know what is orezi
no b so dem de do am

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Business / Re: Shoemaker Urges Buhari To Ban Footwear Importation. by Donjay007(m): 6:44pm On Mar 27, 2016
• To Train 100 youths in Footwear free
• Turn Ikorodu To City Of Footwear
Adesola Omotayo-Benson, 44, a shoe designer and a native of Ikorodu, Lagos State studied Footwear at the University College of Footwear in Britain in 2000. Before then, he had graduated from the Federal College of Chemical and Leather Technology, Zaria in 1993; he also studied at AS Astoria in Milan, Italy in 2014. In this chat with KABIR ALABI GARBA and MARGARET MWANTOK, he underscored his desire to turn Ikorodu into a city of Footwear by conducting free training programmes for the youths and his satisfaction seeing Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi wearing the shoes he specifically made for him to different occasions including during the monarch’s wedding ceremony recently. Excerpts:

How did you come about designing shoes for the Ooni?
I just took a bold step when I found out that he is a young guy, and most of the things he talks about have to do with the youths, I seized the opportunity to try and reach him. It was difficult getting to him from the beginning, but I imagined that he is tall and his shoe size should be 45 or 46. I also know that in Ife, their most cherished costume is in white colour, that was how I designed the white shoes for him and sent it to him with a proposal through someone. I sent the shoes with a proposal on how to empower the youths through footwear. He loved the shoes and the proposal I sent, and he asked to see me, he has worn the pair to most of his recent functions.

How many pairs have you made for him?
So far, I have made just a pair for him but I have two in progress. He has asked me to come back. He wants to see a video footage of where I manufacture the shoes in Ikorodu.

When did you meet the Ooni?
As soon as he was installed as Ooni of Ife on January 7, I started making enquiries on how to reach him. In the process, I met someone who discouraged me that the Ooni does not wear locally made shoes, but I said my shoes are also of international standard. I finally got the opportunity to see him on a Tuesday, there were so many people waiting to see him too.

What was your impression of Ooni when you eventually met him?
There were so many people who wanted to see him as well. When I finally met him, Ooni was very jovial, and we related well. Personally, I have passion for the youths, so it was like meeting someone of like-mind. He said my idea was wonderful, but I should bring to him a documentary of my factory.

Was your encounter with Ooni a breakthrough?
My meeting the Ooni was more than a breakthrough because he is interested in home- made products. I was more satisfied when he used my pair of shoes. Most people spend huge amount of money in buying imported shoes, and if Ooni of all people could use my own shoes, then I think my job is well done.

When did you establish the factory?
In 2011, and my factory is called, Sola Benson Exclusive Shoes Company.

When did you relocate to Nigeria?
I have been shuttling between Nigeria and Ireland in the last two years. My family lives in Ireland.

What has been your experience since establishing the company in Nigeria?
I have been doing this job for the past 30 years. I was producing shoes in Nigeria for 10 years before travelling out to further my studies. I already knew the problems in Nigeria. For more than 15 years, I would come to Nigeria once in awhile to get familiarized with how the business works here. Eventually, I got tired of Ireland’s system and decided to return home, because I found out that most Nigerian youths are not empowered, and footwear is the only business that we don’t have the correct expatriates in Nigeria. I thought it was better to relocate my business to Nigeria.

Do you still have a business abroad?
When I was leaving, I sold all my machines. Though while abroad, I was only a shoe designer, but here, I get to do the practicals as well. Thank God the government is talking about youth empowerment, and I want to contribute my own quota.

Apart from Ooni, who are your other clients?
My past customers include former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, current Commissioner, Ministry of Works, Ganiyu Johnson. I have made shoes for several people in government.

Why do you target only the high-class and government people?
My aim is to make affordable shoes for everyone. When I first returned to the country, I needed to interact with the government, and so I started with government officials on what the shoes look like. But at the moment, I make shoes for virtually everybody.

What is your view on fake labeling?
I don’t do such! You see, it’s a sure sign that these people didn’t study footwear, they only came across it, but I have been doing it since my second year in secondary school. There is no need for me to put any fake labels because I have seen while in Italy the respect they have for Nigerian products.

How do you source your raw materials?
We have leather in Nigeria; we are one of the biggest countries in leather exportation. We export about 98 per cent of our leather. We have different styles in Kano. I get my materials from Mushin when they arrive from Kano. I don’t import my raw materials.

Do you see prosperity in footwear business in the country?
I am actually satisfied and fulfilled here. Most footwear companies collapse due to the owners’ shallow knowledge about the business. We don’t export shoes in Nigeria; we are a fashion conscious people. So I see a lot of prospects for the business. In Italy, shoes are made in almost every area; my hope is that one-day, Nigeria would be on that same level.
Tell us more about your programme to empower the youths

I live and work in Ikorodu, and I found out that most people are jobless, and my only contribution would be to teach them the art of shoe-making free of charge, but all they need to do is to buy the materials to be used during the training. This programme would last for two and a half years; I want to turn Ikorodu into a shoe-making city.

What do you think was responsible for the collapse of Bata Shoe Company?
Bata was functioning very well under Thomas Bata, the Canadian, but as soon as it was handed over to Nigerians, it became bad. The management knew nothing about footwear, all they knew was how to buy shares, and they squandered the money. In this business every worker’s opinion matters a lot, not just the board.

Where can people find your shoes?
My shoes are not yet in the market because I like to do things properly. I still have one or two things to put in order. Because of the standard I am starting with, some of the things I need are not in Nigeria, which is why I am not in a hurry to deliver.

who this guy help
Technology Market / Re: pre order and order Elephone,xiaomi,meizu, Lenovo and all Chinese OEM here... by Donjay007(m): 6:19am On Sep 03, 2015
umi iron o

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