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Webmasters / Re: Post your Website Here For Review. by drfun(m): 10:14am On May 19
AI and Metaverse Tech - https://ecliks.com.ng

AI prompt sharing forum - https://aibitpay.com
Webmasters / Re: Invitation: Join Us On Our AI Prompt Sharing Forum by drfun(m): 12:33am On Mar 30
How do you like this ?

Come and share your AI prompt
Webmasters / Invitation: Join Us On Our AI Prompt Sharing Forum by drfun(m): 5:24am On Mar 27
Hi all,
I wish to invite you all to join us on our AI prompt sharing forum.
Here we share AI prompts and talk about all the possibility of AI.

Feel free to ask you questions on AI prompt and AI prompt engineering and you will be guided through.
You can find the link to the forum also in my signature below.

Webmasters / Re: Google Console Problem by drfun(m): 7:56am On Oct 01, 2023
Continue writing content that's the only thing you control.

Make sure your on-page SEO is great google will index and serve your content provided it's unique valuable and adds to the web.

If you're using ai na you know ooo.

But if you write great content (for the algorithm and for humans the sky is the limit.

Keep at it google does not consider a 30 page website as an authority site.

Write everyday for 30 days there's traffic out there go and get it.
I agree with you, also he can request for another indexing from the console.
Webmasters / What Do You Think About This Music Blog, Will you Prefer Youtube Instead? by drfun(m): 7:49am On Oct 01, 2023
Hi guys
What do you think about this music blog, will prefer YouTube to search for your favorite music play list or favorite artist or will prefer using an already prepared playlist list of Nigeria artists. Give me ur thoughts on this blog PLAYLISTHUB, More current music artist will be added to the list.

Webmasters / How to Host a Blog on Your Domain name: A Comprehensive Guide by drfun(m): 9:42am On Sep 04, 2023
Are you considering hosting a Blogger blog on your domain? This can be a powerful way to establish your online presence and share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise with the world. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, whether you’re creating a new blog or connecting an existing one. Plus, we’ll explore the benefits of this approach, such as SSL certificates, global CDNs for performance, and more.

Why Host a Blogger Blog on Your Domain?

Hosting your blog on your own domain offers several advantages:

1. An Included SSL Certificate: Your blog will be equipped with an SSL certificate, ensuring secure and encrypted communication between your site and visitors. This is not only a security measure but also a trust signal for your audience.

2. Global CDN for Fast Performance: Blogger provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that distributes your content across multiple servers worldwide. This ensures faster loading times and a better user experience, no matter where your audience is located.

Now, let’s dive into the steps to create or connect a Blogger blog to your domain:

Creating a Blog on Your Domain

Follow these steps to create a new Blogger blog on your domain:

1. Open Google Domains on your computer.

2. Sign in with the Google Account that you used to purchase your domain.

3. Click on the domain name you want to manage.

4. In the menu, select “Website” and then “Build website.”

5. Under ‘Blog powered by Blogger,’ click “Continue,” and then “Start with Blogger.”

6. Follow the directions provided by Blogger to set up your new blog.

Keep in mind that updates may take up to 48 hours to fully take effect.

READ MORE on Connecting an Existing Blog to Your Domain
Webmasters / How To Make Money And Maximize Your Earnings On X (twitter): A Step-by-step Guid by drfun(m): 2:05pm On Sep 03, 2023
Are you looking to monetize your presence on X (Twitter)? Follow these steps to start earning from the X creator ad revenue share program. To qualify, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Be subscribed to X Premium or be a verified organization.
2. Accumulate at least 5 million organic impressions on your posts within the last 3 months.
3. Maintain a minimum of 500 followers.

Once you meet these requirements, you can kickstart your earnings by joining the X creator ad revenue share program. Here’s how:

Getting Started:
1. Navigate to your X profile and locate the “Menu” icon (three horizontal lines).
2. Select “Monetization.”
3. Click on “Join and set up payouts.”
4. Follow the provided instructions to create a Stripe account and link it to your X account.

Once you’ve successfully joined the program, you’ll begin earning a share of the ad revenue generated by your posts. Your earnings will vary based on several factors, including the number of impressions your posts receive, ad click-through rates, and ad costs.

Payout Information:
Payouts are issued on a monthly basis, provided you’ve generated at least $10 USD in revenue. You can easily withdraw your earnings to your bank account through Stripe.

To help you optimize your earnings through the X creator ad revenue share program, consider these valuable tips: READ MORE

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Religion / A New AI App Called ‘text With Jesus’ Has Got Users Talking by drfun(m): 12:42am On Aug 13, 2023
If you’ve ever wondered about Jonah’s experience in the belly of a whale for three days, Solomon’s numerous wives, or Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, there’s now an app called Text With Jesus that allows you to inquire directly.

Launched in July by Catloaf Software, an app development company based in Los Angeles, Text With Jesus replicates an instant messaging platform, with biblical figures impersonated by an artificial intelligence program called ChatGPT.

The app offers interactions with various characters from the Bible, including the Holy Family, apostles, prophets, Ruth, Job, and Abraham’s nephew, Lot.

Stéphane Peter, the CEO and developer of the app, explained that they instruct the AI to embody the persona of figures like Jesus or Moses, which, combined with their database, enables them to respond to questions in character.

Catloaf Software, established in 2011, previously developed static applications featuring historical figures such as Text From the Founding Fathers and Text From Oscar Wilde. With the introduction of ChatGPT, Peter pondered ways to enhance the Text From Jesus app. He delved into OpenAI’s resources and transformed the app into a more interactive experience.


Science/Technology / Audiocraft: Meta Releases AI Music Generator Based On Text Prompts by drfun(m): 4:10am On Aug 04, 2023
Meta has unveiled AudioCraft, a new set of AI tools designed to generate high-quality, realistic audio and music from text input. This technology allows professional musicians to explore new compositions without playing any instruments and enables small business owners to effortlessly add soundtracks to their videos or advertisements.

AudioCraft comprises three models: MusicGen for creating music, AudioGen for generating sound effects, and EnCodec as a generative AI decoder. MusicGen was trained on approximately 400,000 recordings along with text descriptions and metadata, amounting to 20,000 hours of music owned by Meta or specifically licensed for this purpose. The model’s complexity allows it to generate coherent samples for long-term musical structures, making it ideal for producing novel musical pieces. Meta envisions MusicGen evolving into a new type of instrument, similar to the emergence of synthesizers.


Romance / AI Sex Chatbots, A New Trend Among The Dudes Who Love Them by drfun(m): 6:23pm On Jul 29, 2023

The emergence of new technologies is often fueled by various factors, and in the case of artificial intelligence (AI), the topic of sex has played a significant role. However, the AI industry has been cautious, implementing measures to prevent the creation of explicit content and unsavory material, given concerns about AI’s potential impact.

Nevertheless, a new uncensored and open-source large language model, claiming comparable competence to GPT4, is gaining popularity among individuals seeking to create their own unfiltered sexbots. Discord servers like Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI have become hubs for uploading x-rated chatbots with names like Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid, the latter characterized as a typical maid who loves unconditionally.

See detail of the chatbots
Science/Technology / You Can Now Build Your Own AI Girlfriend: How To by drfun(m): 6:02pm On Jul 29, 2023

Have you ever imagined crafting your ideal partner? Well, now you can achieve it with the help of AI, courtesy of a new project presented by prominent VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

This influential Silicon Valley company has shared a tutorial on GitHub, explaining how to design customizable “AI companions” with configurable personalities and backgrounds.

According to the VC firm, users can shape their companions towards their desired use cases through writing backstories and selecting suitable models. Although Andreessen Horowitz emphasizes that it’s primarily intended as a developer experiment, tech enthusiasts are already envisioning their perfect digital companions.

Interestingly, the VC giant openly acknowledges the potential for AI-assisted romance, notably mentioning “romantic (AI girlfriends/boyfriends)” as one of the primary use cases when promoting its chatbots. The project involves prompting AI models with detailed backstories and personality traits, influencing how the chatbot interacts and responds.

Science/Technology / Stability AI Releases Stable Diffusion XL: A New Upgrade Of Stable Diffusion by drfun(m): 3:30pm On Jul 29, 2023

Stability AI has recently launched Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL), an advanced open weights AI image synthesis model. This next-generation version excels at generating unique images from text descriptions, boasting greater detail and higher resolution compared to its predecessors in the Stable Diffusion series.

Similar to the release of Stable Diffusion 1.4 last August as an open-source project, SDXL also allows anyone with the appropriate hardware and technical expertise to freely download the SDXL files and run the model locally on their own machines.

The advantage of local operation means that users don’t need to pay for access to the SDXL model and reduces concerns regarding censorship. Moreover, the weights files, containing essential neural network data that enables the model to function, can be fine-tuned by hobbyists in the future to generate specific types of imagery.

For instance, while the default model of Stable Diffusion 1.5 can produce a wide range of images, it may not perform as ......

Science/Technology / 5 Free AI Tools That Can Take Your Content To The Next Level by drfun(m): 3:19pm On Jul 29, 2023

Throughout my career as a multi-decade entrepreneur, spanning various sectors such as marketing, finance, and technology, I have predominantly relied on bootstrapping to establish my companies, without the aid of artificial intelligence technologies. Although I valued the support of friends, my professional network, and mentors, I never had the advantage of utilizing tools like ChatGPT or other AI programs to assist me.

Looking back, I wish I had access to such AI resources! Today’s entrepreneurs are fortunate as they have numerous cutting-edge AI technologies at their disposal, many of which are available for free. Leveraging these technologies has allowed me to enhance my companies’ development and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

According to a recent survey conducted by IBM, 35% of businesses are already implementing AI, and an even larger portion is actively exploring the potential of integrating AI technologies. To remain competitive in the future entrepreneurial landscape, embracing AI is becoming increasingly crucial.

In this article, I’ll share some of my favorite AI technologies, aside from ChatGPT, that can elevate your entrepreneurial projects to the next level.
Science/Technology / Re: AI Presenter Anchors News In India: How Can One Differentiate AI From Real Human by drfun(m): 3:14pm On Jul 29, 2023
AI will bring trouble to man in the nearest future.
May be or may be not, but before then lets enjoy it.
Science/Technology / Re: AI Presenter Anchors News In India: How Can One Differentiate AI From Real Human by drfun(m): 2:59pm On Jul 29, 2023
Job loss will rise like TSUNAMI.
Say hello to an Era of NewsCasters that never grow old, always handsome or beautiful, no need for WARDROBE ALLOWANCE & Make up artists, no more reading errors, No more news anchors with eye problems.
I totally agree with you, many in the news business will loss their jobs especially those that will not adopt the whole AI tech stuff.
Although this tech will also lead to many of those working in the media jobs to come up with their own news station by using the new AI tech.
Science/Technology / AI Presenter Anchors News In India: How Can One Differentiate AI From Real Human by drfun(m): 7:14pm On Jul 25, 2023

In April, India witnessed the debut of AI-generated news anchors, according to the South China Morning Post. One of these AI anchors, known as Lisa, is currently a news presenter on Odisha TV, a local broadcasting station in eastern India.

At first glance, Lisa appears remarkably human-like as a news presenter. However, upon closer observation, the AI’s slow blinking and stuttering motion can be somewhat unsettling. These however does not take away the fact the AI capabilities improving everyday, in another report, AI-generated scam video: The new trend, Martin Lewis warns

Science/Technology / Openai Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool by drfun(m): 4:50pm On Jul 25, 2023

In January, OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence company, introduced a tool with the potential to be a valuable asset, safeguarding the world and providing relief to educators and professors. This tool aimed to identify whether a piece of content had been generated using AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

However, just six months later, the tool has met its demise. OpenAI made the decision to discontinue its AI detection tool, known as AI Classifier, due to its inability to fulfill its intended purpose effectively. The company quietly unplugged the tool last week, as it was not achieving a satisfactory level of accuracy as initially envisioned. OpenAI clarified this development by appending a note to the original blog post that had introduced the tool, rather than issuing a separate announcement. Consequently, the link to OpenAI’s classifier is no longer accessible.

According to OpenAI, “We are working to incorporate feedback and are currently researching more effective provenance techniques for text, and have made a commitment to develop and deploy mechanisms that enable users to understand if audio or visual content is AI-generated,”
Science/Technology / How To Use D-ID AI Tool To Generate Talking Video From Single Picture by drfun(m): 6:30pm On Jul 24, 2023

D-ID is an AI-generated video creation platform that makes creating high-quality, cost-effective, and engaging videos from plain text easy and fast. Its Creative Reality™ Studio is powered by Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 and can output videos in over 100 languages without any technical knowledge.

D-ID’s Live Portrait feature creates videos from a single photo and Speaking Portrait provides a voice to text or audio. Its API is trained on tens of thousands of videos to produce photorealistic results.

How to get stated with D-ID AI tool
Phones / Apple Struggling With Manufacturing Larger Screen For Iphone 15 Pros by drfun(m): 8:02pm On Jul 20, 2023

Apple is encountering difficulties in the assembly process of its two forthcoming iPhone models, namely the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This predicament could potentially result in a shortage of units available during their scheduled launch in September, as reported by two individuals who possess direct insight into the matter.

The suppliers working with Apple have adopted a novel manufacturing approach for these two models, which are expected to be the most expensive in the upcoming series of iPhones. This innovative technique aims to significantly reduce the width of the display’s black border, commonly referred to as the bezel.

Science/Technology / Llama: Meta Unveils Its Chatgpt Rival Llama by drfun(m): 9:10am On Jul 20, 2023

Meta has introduced its latest artificial intelligence system, “Llama 2,” which will compete with other chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Unlike its competitors, Llama 2, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, is offered for free to researchers and businesses for both research and commercial use.

Meta and Microsoft aim to “democratize AI and its benefits” by taking an open approach. They provide transparency by allowing access to the data and code used to create their AI models. This open approach fosters innovation and ensures greater safety and security, as more developers can scrutinize the software.

Llama 2 stands out as an open-source AI system, unlike ChatGPT and Bard, which are not open source. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's chief, believes that open source drives progress and innovation in the AI ecosystem.

While Meta claims to open-source Llama 2, specific details about the data used to train the AI model remain unclear. The research paper associated with the model states that it was trained on a mix of publicly available data, excluding Meta's own products or services, and data from websites with personal information about private individuals was removed.

Science/Technology / AI: Digital Artist’s Work Copied More Times Than Picasso And Leonardo Da Vinci by drfun(m): 8:30am On Jul 20, 2023

Digital artist Greg Rutkowski is facing significant challenges due to the use of his name as a prompt in AI tools generating art without his consent. Since September 2022, his name has been utilized over 400,000 times in these AI-generated artworks, surpassing even famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci.

While Greg’s work has been featured in well-known games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, the unexpected AI fame has raised concerns about the impact on his future artistic endeavors. Generative AI platforms like Midjourney, Dall.E, NightCafe, and Stable Diffusion can rapidly produce new art pieces based on user-provided prompts, drawing from billions of existing internet images. However, many artists, including Greg, are expressing dissatisfaction, as these platforms have accessed their works without obtaining proper consent.

Phones / Iphone 15 Pro Set To Come In New Colors, “crimson And Green” by drfun(m): 9:38am On Jul 06, 2023

According to reports, it has been suggested that Apple is planning to introduce new color options for its upcoming iPhone models. In February, it was initially rumored that the “exclusive” color for the iPhone 15 Pro would be a dark red shade. Now, another source on Weibo has corroborated this information and also mentioned that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be available in a new green color.

This latest rumor comes from an account on Weibo that accurately predicted the “deep purple” color option for the iPhone 14 Pro. The account also correctly reported a slight redesign of the camera flash cutout on the back of the device.

According to this source, the color for the iPhone 15 Pro is described as “crimson.” It is expected to be slightly lighter than the deep purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro but still have a rich, deep tone.

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Science/Technology / Meta One Step Ahead With The Unveiling Of Ai-powered Push Robots by drfun(m): 11:42pm On Apr 06, 2023

In a recent announcement by Meta, it was revealed that it will be unveiling an AI-powered push Robots that can learn directly from humans. This announcement has sent the tech world into a shock and many are freaking out with the thought that AI-powered robots might replace human in many sectors. However this is just in the developmental phase and has got a long way to replace human.

Generative AI has been on the discussion table of most tech firm in recent time and many more tech firm are jumping on the bandwagon. what is even more interesting is the fact that there are other aspect of AI that is still been researched into, this include areas such as General purpose AI.

These are the two areas where Meta has deep its claws on, Read more from source.
Politics / If US And UK Can Peacefully Split, Why Can’t Nigeria: Aminu Sa'ad Beli by drfun(m): 10:35am On Jun 17, 2021
See what @Aminu Sa'ad Beli wrote on his wall. Moving forward I will start promoting peaceful separation for healthy development.


In 1776, the USA split from the UK
In 1830 Belgium separated from the Netherlands
In 1965, Singapore split off from Malaysia
in 2002, East Timor got split off from Indonesia
In 1921, Ireland split off from the United Kingdom, and (possibly in the future) there will be secession of Scotland.
In 1944, Iceland split from Denmark with remarkable ease.
In 1905 Norway split from Denmark
In 1905, Norway and Sweden also peacefully split ways. One got the car. the other got the kids.

In 1947, the British India Dominion was partitioned into India n Pakistan. In 1971, Bangladesh secceeded from Pakistan.
In 1992-93, the two parts of Czechoslovakia agreed to each go their own way. Thus were born the Czech Republic and Slovakia after what's been named the “Velvet Divorce”., About the same time, another kind of separation occurred, of course, in Yugoslavia. This one led to a bloodshed.

in 1965, Singapore split from Malaysia for a variety of reasons, including religious (Malaysia is majority Muslim, Singapore isn't), ethnic/racial (Singapore has a very large majority Chinese population) and concerns over the Malaysian Bumiputra policy, which was (and is) basically a form of "Affirmative Action" for Muslim Malaysians - who make up the majority population in Peninsular Malaysia.

Ethiopia and Eritrea

Sudan and South Sudan are now separate countries

USSR is now broken down into several countries.

I see separation as an avenue for a healthy competition for development as the case of Singapore and Malaysia, India and Pakistan, Norway/Denmark/Switzerland.

In the case of Nigeria, I am sensing a healthy competitive development among the original component part, the North/West/East each making useful progress while competing with the others.

It is not about war after all there is nothing wrong for one to decide he is no longer comfortable with the union and therefore want to opt out.


This is worth sharing over and over again...

British named them Burma. They rejected it, restructured & renamed themselves Myanmar.

-British named them Upper Volta, but they rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Burkina Faso - Land of Incorruptible People.

-British named them Gold Coast, they rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Ghana.

-British named them Southern Rhodesia. They rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Zimbabwe.

-British named them Northern Rhodesia. They rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Zambia.

-British named them Tanganyika. They rejected it, restructured & renamed themselves Tanzania.

-Germans named them colony of South West Africa. They rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Namibia.

-France named them Dahomey. They rejected it, restructured and renamed themselves Benin.

-Belgium named them Zaire. However, they rejected it, restructured & renamed themselves Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

-Britain named a bunch of people - Nigeria. They rather kill to preserve it than restructure and give themselves a befitting new name.

"It is only an animal that bears the name that is given to it by his enemy" (Proverb).


My angry reaction earlier today on APC UK platform:

Most of the Diasporans here living in Europe. Can you show me one multi-ethnic state in Europe where one group is positioned to dominate the rest that hasn't broken up?

For those who do not know, what you call ethnic groups in Nigeria are called nations in Europe.

There's nowhere in the world where the white man accepts domination from another white man in perpetuity.

It used to be so under the Roman empire and the like. Not anymore. The Communists tried it, dividing society into capitalists and proletariats, deluding themselves that ethnicity is effectively swept under the carpet, but what followed? The Communist edifices in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and the big brother, USSR, all collapsed, while the two Germans that are ethnically the same but split by communism vs capitalism were reunited. Such is the power of ethnic nationalism.

Czechoslovakia was made up of two ethnic groups, the Czech and the Slovakians. Both separated peacefully on 1st January 1993. The former is today 10.6 million people and the latter 5.4 million. Added together, they're not up to Lagos. Yet, they split for peace. Two masters can't be in the same house.

Yugoslavia in 1991 was 23.2 million, barely more than Lagos population. It broke into six countries same year - all along ethnic lines, namely: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Then the big brother, USSR. It had, at least, the following ethnic groups identified by their languages:

Regional languages:















Minority languages:






Volga German




& various others.

Today, your fingers will not be enough to count the number of countries that have emerged from the USSR.

Sit down there and be preaching unity in Nigeria as if you're the kindest gentleman on earth while you have no solution to the genocide in Southern Kaduna, the illegal but officially condoned arms in the hands of killer herdsmen roaming the country, and be condemning those better informed about the fact that the country is undergoing the strains of a forced union and should be peacefully restructured or let people go their separate ways.

In Europe, the two best examples of fairly stable multi-ethnic states are the UK and Switzerland. The former is led by reasonable men who permitted regional autonomy to the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh, while the English dominate Westminster. That's something some of us are asking for, but you're fighting against it in your own country wracked by ethnic crisis. Your own people are better off under oppression of fellow black men because your people have bad leaders who can't do better than their new internal colonisers.

The latter country, Switzerland, has four ethnic groups. Each of them rotates the presidency annually through seven cantons that constitute the federation units. All the four languages of the four ethnic groups are recognized as official languages and school languages to boot, namely: German, French, Italian, and Romansch that has just a few thousand speakers!

There's nowhere in the world where the Caucasians allow the domination of their group by another.

In Canada, Quebec is the only full French-speaking province, aside a little section of New Brunswick. The other seven provinces are English-speaking. Yet, Canada is bilingual for the sake of Quebec! And each of the provinces is largely self-governing.

Here we are in Nigeria, you have people arguing vehemently that a decrepit, structurally-flawed, and crisis-prone artificial contraption badly configured by the British only needs good people to survive. Why not centralise the powers of the British regions to London and see what happens?

My Conclusion:
When many commentators read and repost or share your articles with many of their friends and contacts, they do so because they want others to learn.


1. Niger State 76,363KM²
2. Borno State 70,898KM²
3. Taraba State 54,473KM²
4. Kaduna State 46,053KM²
5. Bauchi State 45,837KM²
6. Yobe State 45,502KM²
7. Zamfara State 39,762KM²
8. Adamawa State 36,917KM²
9. Kwara State 36,825KM²
10. Kebbi State 36,800KM²
11. Benue State 34,059KM²
12. Plateau State 30,913KM²
13. Kogi State 29,833KM²
14. Oyo State 28,454KM²
15. Nasarawa State 27,117KM²
16. Sokoto State 25,973KM²
17. Katsina State 24,192KM²
18. Jigawa State 23,154KM²
19. Cross River State 20,156KM²
20. Kano State 20,131KM²
21. Gombe State 18,768KM²
22. Edo State 17,802KM²
23. Delta State 17,698KM²
24. Ogun State 16,762KM²
25. Ondo State 15,500KM²
26. Rivers State 11,077KM²
27. Bayelsa State 10,773KM²
28. Osun State 9,251KM²
29. Federal Capital Territory 7,315KM²
30. Enugu State 7,161KM²
31. Akwa Ibom State 7,081KM²
32. Ekiti State 6,353KM²
33. Abia State 6,320KM²
34. Ebonyi State 5,670KM²
35. Imo State 5,530KM²
36. Anambra State 4,844KM²
37. Lagos State 3,345KM²

*Anambra + Enugu + Abia + Imo + Ebonyi = 29,525KM²*

*Kogi = 29,833KM²*

*Ogun + Oyo + Osun + Ondo + Ekiti = 76,320KM²*
*Lagos = 3,345KM²*

*Niger alone = 76,363KM²*

*Niger State = Entire Southwest States - Lagos*

*The entire Southeast
is a little less than Kogi State only.

Just for our record

The North Has enough land for ranching and cattle colony.

We in the South West have little land mass. PLEASE LET US BE; LEAVE US ALONE TO MANAGE THE LITTLE LAND WE HAVE


*A*. Top 10 NATIONS in terms of cattle inventory (2017).

1. INDIA 303 million
2. BRAZIL 226 million
3. CHINA 100 million.
4. USA 93 million.
5. EU 89 million.
6. ARGENTINA 53 million
7. AUSTRALIA 27 million
8. RUSSIA 18 million
9. MEXICO 16 million
10. TURKEY 14 million.


1. NEW ZEALAND $4.4 Billion
2. GERMANY $2.6 Billion
3. NETHERLANDS $1.9 Billion
4. FRANCE $1.5 Billion
5. USA $1.4 Billion
6. BELGIUM $1.2 Billion
7. AUSTRALIA $852 Million
8. BELARUS $637 Million
9. UK $569 Million
10. SAUDI ARABIA $556 Million


1. AUSTRALIA $5.6 Billion
2. USA $5.2 Billion
3. BRAZIL $4.3 Billion
4. INDIA $3.7 Billion
5. NETHERLANDS $2.7 Billion
6. IRELAND $2 Billion
7. NEW ZEALAND $1.9 Billion
8. CANADA $1.5 Billion
9. URUGUAY $1.4 Billion
10. GERMANY $1.3 Billion

*Additional Considerations*:

1. Nigeria is not among the top 20 nations in the global cattle business.
2. Non of the top cattle producing nations create cattle colonies or engage in primitive cattle grazing. All the top cattle producing and exporting nations utilise modern technology and ranching methods to maximise production and profit.
3. Non of the top nations earning billions of dollars annually from the cattle business condone the killing of citizens for cattle.
4. Nigeria's cattle business requires a complete re-think now and not later, for posterity's sake.

_Knowledge_is_power,_ *Share to educate our leaders and citizens!*

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Politics / Re: Is ESN Not A Better Name Then Ebubeagu? by drfun(m): 3:08pm On May 01, 2021
I bu anu mpama.

see the kind of rubbish you think

Is people like you that have kept this country at this present state
If you can not understand the question I have asked, you could as well just move over to another thread instead of displaying this level of foolishness.!!!
Politics / Is ESN Not A Better Name Then Ebubeagu? by drfun(m): 10:17pm On Apr 30, 2021
Looking at this two names, you will agree with me that ESN is a better name and more encompassing than this Ebubeagu which does not give much meaning except you understand the Igbo language.

What do you think of this names without being bias in your opinion.
Politics / Re: Sokoto Indigene Attack Police Officers Yesterday by drfun(m): 1:21pm On Apr 28, 2021
More pics 2

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