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Health / Re: This Skin Infection Is Killing My Joy Everyday by EasterDell: 2:07am On Jun 11
Mostlikely it is Dermatitis Seborrhoei ... So far treatment is not clear. It can only be managed.

Please watch this -

It took me alot of courage to open about this online after so many years. Please help me find a solution.

I wish there is any permanent solution to this skin infection. I've been suffering from this for more than 7years. It's itchy and worsens Whenever I sweat, especially after doing some work under the sun, the infection becomes swollen a bit and I feel pains all over my body because the salt inside the sweat touches the infection. It is very painful like when someone adds salt to a fresh injury!

I recently did a skin endoscopy test and have taken the medication prescribed by the doctor twice but all to no avail. In the past I took so many drugs and rubbed so many antibacterial cream including funbact A but the infection persisted, right now I am feeling heat and can't sleep because of the itch. I wish I can express my pain in voice, I can't even go shirtless in public or do any activity that will result to me sweating, some days I bath four times to avoid it getting worse. I wash my clothes every day and don't wear any one twice before wash but all this has resulted to it getting more worse. I wonder the final solution, please help out!!! I am tired.

I pray God blesses you as you help me out.
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Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy by EasterDell: 10:21am On Nov 03, 2021
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: VACANCY - Web Admin & Content Writer (Ajah, Lagos) by EasterDell: 4:22pm On Jul 25, 2021

In case you need a Customer Support rep who can work remotely, please I am available.

Noted ... send your cv to the number.

kindly delete the quote with the same number as we have enough responses for review.
Jobs/Vacancies / VACANCY - Web Admin & Content Writer (Ajah, Lagos) by EasterDell: 8:44pm On Jul 23, 2021
... filled
Jobs/Vacancies / vacancy by EasterDell: 5:41am On Jul 23, 2021
Crime / Re: Yomi Fabiyi Leads Protest Over Baba Ijesha’s Detention by EasterDell: 6:27pm On May 12, 2021
I respect this Fabiyi guy.

He stood for a friend regardless.


Baba Ijebu messed up and was caught red handed. The law must take its course. It is a bailable offence and he should be granted bail.

Few friends will still stand for the truth for such a shameful accusation.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Emmanuel Macron Holds Hajia Hinda Deby During Husband's State Funeral by EasterDell: 8:13am On Apr 24, 2021
So you colonial haters. What is your point exactly?

1) the colonial masters should have left us to be roaming around our forests with plantain leaves?

2) they should have helped us with pure intentions? (as if such a help exists in this world)

Even despite the warnings gave to him to stay away from the country. Africa needs to rise up against the whites that systematically colonize them.

This is what we are telling ipob to reject British offer well the UK ship is ready to ship them to uk they said they are preferred being a slave in uk than living in the east.
Politics / Re: FG Considers Lockdown Of 18 Local Government Areas by EasterDell: 4:49pm On Jun 29, 2020
Lockdown at - 50 cases
Open at - 7,000 cases

Lockdown at - 15,000
Open at - 200,000

Lockdown at - 200,000
Open at - 3,000,000

These gentlemen shouldn't stop fooling themselves. Covid19 has come to stay!

Imagine lockingdown that middle for HIV. (We for dey on 30years counting now)

We can only do programs, do advocacy, fumigate regularly, share Zinc, Vitamin D & C Supplements.

Leave the rest to God.


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Sports / Re: Outrage As 'white Lives Matter' Plane Flies Over Man City Vs Burnley Match by EasterDell: 12:48pm On Jun 23, 2020
Keep outcrying!

As long as black led nations keep disgracing themselves with poverty and corruption; and blaming other people for their stack failures.

Blacks will never be respected worldwide!

No amount of violence or begging can make people respect you.

Respect is earned!!!


It dates back to our forefathers being used as slaves. The stigmatization of the black race still runs till date. There has never been any point in history where The white folks have been made to feel inferior.

Hence the outcry from the black race. We're not slaves! We're black and our lives matter!


Foreign Affairs / White Liberals And Conservatives by EasterDell: 11:51am On Jun 11, 2020
The first 2 minutes says it all:

Malcom X was one of the brightest African American minds of his time.

Sports / Re: Black Lives Speech: Anthony Joshua Hits Back At Criticism by EasterDell: 3:52pm On Jun 08, 2020
Spot on!

It irritates the hell out of me.

They are simply bullying white people. Respect is not by force. If you have it so bad why no go back to your country.

We chased Ghanaians away. South Africans burn Nigerians on the streets. If white people did any of this, the world will end.

I blame the whites, they invented human rights and have given away their homes to ungrateful idiots!

America, UK, Canada, Australia... etc. Are still the safest and most prosperous destination for people of any color globally. Yet these idiots rather burn these countries down.

I am black but you see all this protest by the black community and riots going on freely is simply because of excessive freedom and how liberal the western world had open up to people. I have traveled to 9 countries and I must say, I feel more attached and comfortable mingling with white folks than the blacks.
Where in the world aside the western world can you travel from GOd knows where and give birth to a child and the child automatically become a full citizen enjoying same privilege as the indigenous people. Where in the world can you automatically get citizenship by marrying a citizen. I studied in the UK, your child automatically get access to free education, health care and a lot of facilities by the virtue of your student status in the west. A lot of students exploit the system especially those on scholarship by bringing their spouse and children while on study, thereby overstretching the limited resources. Go to the hospital and see indigenous white queuing for appointments that might take close to a month before they get access to see a doctor because a lot of people both foreigners and citizen had booked earlier. They were overwhelmed by such things and displayed decorum in votes to pull out of EU rather than following the path of fellow BLACK xenophobic South Africans displayed some time ago.
See, typically the black man in a white man’s country is so sensitive to how the white react, speak or even look at him and point to racism at every instance. I had a friend who worked in a bar and was dismissed because of his carelessness and poor attitude to work...before he left the bar he made sure he created a scene shouting racism racism. They were so courteous not to respond or engage him in a fight because they know most of the black Africans use racism to cover their shits.

Now we have phrases like black excellence, black live matters, I am black and proud, black history....flip the coin and say something like white supremacy, white excellence, white rules and hell will be let loose from the black community pointing racism. What sort of inferiority can that be?
Lastly, you see this Arab countries or most Asian countries.. nobody do racism pass them, but why don’t the suppressed black population protest...because the freedom is limited and they make sure you understand from your first presence in the country that you are second class to them and nothing can change that. Anyway, as the saying goes...when you give somebody a yard he will later ask for a mile.

A man is only respected and modelled if he earns such. Look at the African continent, the poorest, the most docile, the most disease ravaged, the most corrupt, the most backward...who has ever earned respect by displaying such attributes??

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Car Talk / Re: Innoson Vehicles Used By FRSC, Police, Army, Nigeria Fire Fighters by EasterDell: 9:34am On Jun 05, 2020
Stop that hateful spitful trash!

Patronage in business is always first commendable before the facts.

Buhari is a President with a Northern agenda. But when you see him do something commendable, say it, voice it and support it, then move on.

So ? Its not a favour he have the best affrodable brand new car nah

Abi will also count it as favour for Ndi Igbo by Buhari ?

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Commence #StopRapingWomen Protest Against Sexual Assaults by EasterDell: 4:54pm On Jun 01, 2020
Foolish people.

When did begging people to stop commiting crime become a solution.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Whites Kneel Before Blacks To Beg For Forgiveness For Years Of Racism In Houston by EasterDell: 4:53pm On Jun 01, 2020
So what should they do? Come back to Nigeria or what?

If the rasicm is too much, why is everybody still rushing there? �

We chased out Ghanaians in Ghana must go. SA burns Nigerians alive. Let's not even say what the Chinese do to blacks, the Arabs are a write off ... Oyibo we dey even give them small right, they still dey talk �

� perfect example of if you give handshake, they collect an elbow

Its a hoax, black ppl don't fall for it!
Health / Re: UNICEF Warns Lockdown Could Kill More Than COVID-19 by EasterDell: 8:07am On May 17, 2020
What exactly are you smoking?

Are blacks not lazy and hungry? What is racist about calling out pretenders! a poor man is a poor man!

People that have never achieved anything significant on earth! Blaming every other race for the poverty and incompetence of their forefathers (who were enslaved to a pulp!) The current generations is still even enslaved to stupor! with all countries governed by blacks wallowing in excruciating poverty everywhere in the world! (No single exception) ... the monkeys are desperate to have US join the list, as if anything good has come out of black leadership anywhere in the world!

Blacks are furked up and own that shit! Stop begging and forcing people to respect you! Respect can only be faked it cannot be coerced! It flows from evidence of exploit!

Learn to suffer fools! Gladly, maybe someday they will be tired of their misery and recieve sense!


each country needs to have a full policy document and piece of legislation on disaster management, this fire brigade approach is very stupid... we should set up a special fund in case things like this happens, because even after Corrona virus goes, Trump is hell bent on giving us another World War, and I doubt Trump vs China, Russia , Iran nuclear war wouldn't be more catastrophic than Corrona Virus, infact we should thank Corona virus for slowing down tensions between the western power bloc and the eastern power bloc

The sooner we start preparing for Lockdowns and War the better for us all, rather than making silly excuses of hunger , poverty and disease

Whats our excuse as Africans not to prepare, Isreal, Saudi and other middle eastern countries without good soil imported tonnes of fertile soil into their country and now produce more than enough agricultural product that they even export.

yet Africa with the resources are listening to insults from UNICEF saying blacks cant follow simple health guideline because they are lazy and hungry.. the sickening part is many people are already commending UNICEF for calling blacks hungry , lazy people who would prefer a plate of food to keeping healthy during dangerous pandemic

In 2020 white racist Unicef Directors still tells Africans , not to take simple health precaution because they are lazy , hungry poor and stupid, while the Unicef workers conducting this report had since travelled back through their various embassy in Nigeria to go to their own country to observe every health directives including lockdown

Buhari please end the lock down so that Kano and Jigawa people, lagos and ogun people can enjoy free movement and transmit whatever is killing them in hundreds across the entire country from SouthEast to SouthSouth and everywhere, Wike should also open the state borders and let Almajiri bring in food from Kano, last last na una without basic health insurance go suffer pass, Unicef people are already in their various countries 2nd week corona entered Nigeria, observing lockdown, Trump test all staffs and people close to him regularly, and once you are positive you can kiss the white house good bye, he isn't even travelling anymore for November election campaings


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Career / Re: Maritime Workers Threaten Strike Over Arrest Of 20 Dockworkers In Rivers by EasterDell: 10:15am On May 11, 2020
Nooooo come and have time for me!

Many are mad but few are roaming & I am proudly one of them.

Your wisdom may have saved you some few MB and unneccessary adrenaline rush.

You for come make we use insult finish ourselves. Ode!!!

Nigerians will never stick to decent principles from leadership.

Any idiotic thug! That rules must find supporters in the country. Tufiakwa! Idiots! and Fucktards! Everywhere!

I don't have time for you man.....
Career / Re: Maritime Workers Threaten Strike Over Arrest Of 20 Dockworkers In Rivers by EasterDell: 10:13am On May 11, 2020
Ahhhh! Your wisdom saved you some few MB and unneccessary adrenaline rush.

You for come make we use insult finish ourselves. Ode!!!

Nigerians will never stick to decent principles from leadership.

Any idiotic thug! That rules must find supporters in the country. Tufiakwa!

fortunately enough, I clearly understand ur type, so no need engaging words with u... Have a beautiful day ahead cool
Career / Re: Maritime Workers Threaten Strike Over Arrest Of 20 Dockworkers In Rivers by EasterDell: 8:22am On May 11, 2020
We will shoot you at the border and your family won't even see your corpse.
Keep your insorbodination in your state!

How many indigenes of Rivers state do you see complaining about the governor?

Glorified Monkeys! Wey oyibo teach to wear cloth! You think say everybody na coward like you and your generation.

Wike no reach & he must call off his lockdown!

If you like go suck his dick!

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Career / Re: Maritime Workers Threaten Strike Over Arrest Of 20 Dockworkers In Rivers by EasterDell: 8:21am On May 11, 2020
Glorified Monkeys! Wey oyibo teach to wear cloth! You think say everybody na coward like you and your generation.

Wike no reach & he must call off his lockdown!

If you like go suck his dick!

who is this one?

Go try urself...Na frog jump them go use open ur case before them go finally decide on wat to do wit u. U must b a Yoruba man as I perceive, na them dey make ur kind of empty threat.
He may choose not to release them and nothing will happen. The worse that can happen is them going on a Nationwide strike which will not only affect Rivers State. Am not supporting his actions, but then don't come here and start unleashing ur keyboard strength which is not feasible in real life.

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Career / Re: Maritime Workers Threaten Strike Over Arrest Of 20 Dockworkers In Rivers by EasterDell: 6:55am On May 11, 2020
The Wike is a he goat!

After bouncing up and down locking up everyone. He will soon lift the lockdown like he released the 30 Mobil staff he arrested before.

He thinks he is the only mad man in Nigeria. People have fought military governments to stand still. Let alone an ordinary governor who doesn't even know the full meaning of covid19.

After watching CNN he jumps up and starts signing orders to lockdown.

Good God!

I will go to Rivers State and buy trouble.

That craze Wike dey find he will see it.

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Politics / Re: Wike Orders Arrest Of PHED CEO, Sends Him To Isolation Center by EasterDell: 9:23pm On May 10, 2020
You used the word sane. They won't give such a stupid order in the first place. There are essential services - food, drugs, electricity, security, etc.

Wike is just a poorly educated tin pot dictator. Nigeria celebrates ignorance, no matter the form it comes in.

The Law is For Everyone!

If the Phcn Oga was in the USA or some sane Nation, will he flout the orders?

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