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Phones / Facebook Is Down by ekwurekwu(m): 10:59pm On Mar 13
Is just me or any other person experiencing Facebook downtime? For almost thirty minutes, it can't refresh.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Camera for just 40k SOLD..! by ekwurekwu(m): 10:19pm On Apr 26, 2020
Can you waybill to Abuja?
Educational Services / Re: Learn Graphic Design For Free by ekwurekwu(m): 10:12pm On Apr 26, 2020
Business / Re: How To Start Ankara Fabrics Business in Nigeria by ekwurekwu(m): 10:21pm On Mar 01, 2019
I never believed that it could be real until I sent him a message on WhatsApp. He sent samples and I selected. I sent money yesterday and I got my order today. Call him Mr legit. Mr talk and do. Bless up bro.
Science/Technology / Re: Huge Python Killed By My Friends In Ikorodu (Photos) by ekwurekwu(m): 5:11pm On Sep 19, 2018
Just one comment, the post is already on front page? Lala I drop hat for you.


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Hello To All Naira Lander Graphics Artist. I Have A Strong Passion For Graphics by ekwurekwu(m): 4:05pm On Apr 21, 2018
yinkbell O3dbkFD5j0wD
Hello all the graphics artist in this forum. I am also a graphic artist but am not a professional. Am always finding a means of upgrading my skills. I need someone who is a pro to teach me more on graphic design especially photoshop free or with a reasonable price that is negotiable. If you want to help a brother. I will drop my contact here.
I base in Ibadan Oyo State. Any graphic artist should contact me on: 07031818922. God bless you sir. Please my fellow graphics artist with good hearts. grin

TV/Movies / How Skit Can Help Your Film Career by ekwurekwu(m): 12:23am On Jan 10, 2017
Most filmmakers don't believe in skit. They refer as time and money wasting, but the truth remains they don't understand how a skit can help build their portfolio and life. Yes, everything big starts small. You are looking at "blowing" in nearby years and you always tell yourself, in your first film, caliber of stars will be featured. It's a dream and not a future. You might say you have of a long list of Okon, Mercy Johnson, Aki and Paw Paw, Mr Ibu, Chiwetalu Agu and the rest. Do you have the resources to get these guys down to your location. Dem no wan come follow you chop akara and pure water for location or una go come camp for where mosquitoes go dey use pipe as straw. As a friend of mine will say, "dem get their price".

Skit has no budget. You don't to spend Millions unless a brand decided to sponsor you. We live in digital world where you can confidently shoot a film with phones. Yes, you heard me right, phones! Let Google help you with the search. You don't need expensive location or props. I know your mind is telling about Markangel comedy? Sirbalo Clinic? Real House of Comedy? BeadTv Entertainment? Fashy Decency? GP Comic?
These guys have made it through skits. They have entered offices some "super stars" couldn't step a foot. What are you waiting for? To produce a film worth two million naira and Alaba boys will pirate the rest? To waste your time and money chasing producers or directors looking for whom to warm their beds?

These are Reasons Skit can help Your Budding Film Career

Expose- You can be exposed easily to your audience. Imagine, little Emmanuella in your neighborhood. You can be also exposed on equipment handling.

Identification- You can be identified easily. You don't need to hold on to a remote while watching the clip, in other to show your friends where they fixed you in. "waka pass no dey". You are the "actor" and "boss" together. You flow freely both in action and words.

Self Confidence- most filmmakers lack this, the most reason they pack up easily. Self confidence gives you reasons to forge ahead even in the midst of challenges. Ask the guys I mentioned up there how they started and what is propelling them.

Audience- You have already made audience. They want you to feed them. The people you call your friends on Facebook, the Twitter followers, the Instagram followers, the Whatsapp contacts. Once, they love you just forget it, na blowing things.

Being Yourself- Skit allows you become who ever you are. Just use that in you to give your audience what they want.

Income- This is the area, most person are interested. How we go dey take make money? I go just dey burn just like that? You can make real money if you want to. First, open a Youtube channel where you will be uploading your videos. Search small business around your area, willing to support you. Run few seconds advert for them or include their web page on any of your video. Don't be greedy. Every penny counts. It doesn't matter how much but how well. Have this in mind, there are brands watching how you do your thing and probably waiting for the perfect for them to come in.

Politics / Re: Phone Numbers Of Governors As Published By Sahara Reporters by ekwurekwu(m): 9:49pm On May 02, 2016

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Celebrities / Psquare:their headache,your paracetamol by ekwurekwu(m): 3:06pm On Mar 16, 2016
I'm quite aware that anytime celebrities or politicians want to up their game and status, they create controversies with a well cut out script. At the end of it all, they always come out smiling while the fans that were taking the paracetamol, will gnash their teeth. As an African man, I have learnt not to discuss the issues of families or relationships. It's believed that Africans know how to settle out their problems as it concerns family. Any third party getting involved will surely have his or her hands burnt. Na you dem go carry settle the case.
The Psquare case, nobody saw it coming. Even the Okoye brothers involved didn't see it. The name Psquare has become a brand or best described as a corporate entity. They built from the scratch. They believed since we are of same blood, there will never be a split off. Change is inevitable as far you are a mere mortal. We can't just blame their wives because we felt things were just fine till the women came in. The recent situation calls for concern. It paints picture that there is more,which we haven't heard or seen. The problems might have started a long while ago but were kept away from public eyes maybe they are yet to "arrived" which might be detrimental to the fame and name they were trying to build.

Peter Okoye announced days, his new management and stage name,"Mr P". Though, we have heard the name at interval in most of their songs. Paul Okoye is managing two artists, Munosings and LucyCandy. He released a track days back, "Call Heaven" calling on late parents to intervene on recent happenings. Jude Okoye seemed to be quiet. He just talk through riddles, showing his maturity.

I have to say this, Psquare's problems can only be settled and fully resolved by them only. If you a third party taking sides because you feel one can dance while the other can sing, I don't know the kind of fire service personnels that will quench the fire once it starts burning you. Allow them settle out their fight. You talking, got your family cases to contend with.
Adverts / Re: How to Stop Information Overload by ekwurekwu(m): 6:15am On Feb 01, 2016
8244: ekwurekwu@gmail.com
Jokes Etc / When Men Hear About Eritrea Government New Law by ekwurekwu(m): 7:39pm On Jan 26, 2016
grin grin the thing go make sense for dis harmattan

Politics / Re: How To Steal And Get Away With It In Nigeria by ekwurekwu(m): 12:09pm On Jan 12, 2016
Looting is not kworroption according to Abacha's friend General Bubu.
If him send im soldiers after you ehh...
Politics / Re: How To Steal And Get Away With It In Nigeria by ekwurekwu(m): 12:09pm On Jan 12, 2016
Chai! Joblessness no good oh. See what our leaders have turned our strong and viable youths into. Wasting time on meaningless write up.
please, write yours at least.
Politics / How To Steal And Get Away With It In Nigeria by ekwurekwu(m): 11:43am On Jan 12, 2016
Disclaimer: if you try out this and it worked for you, don't refer my blog as where you read it please. Should Buhari starts looking for you, I will definitely support him with candles and torchlight eventually PHCN/NEPA does usual norm. I'm just doing my ministry.
Somebody somewhere made this infamous statement, "Stealing is not corruption" (Don't come for my head biko nu). You see why you really need to up your game? I'm telling if you can follow the what am to tell you, smiling to the bank is out of question because you will always laugh when you visit your ATM. In Nigeria, several persons have stolen and got away with it. Yes, they walk the streets and villages with armed escorts and charms underneath their armpits.

First, you should have in mind how much you intend to steal. If you dare a mistake to steal money that can't even buy catapult or manage an Abuja Olosho, the witches in your village will be the ones that will lynch you. Steal billions of Dollars not Naira. If you find a way steal Nigeria's budget. The whole world will be so afraid of you. Now, you have stolen. Begin the next phase of sharing or appeasing the Nigerian gods. I'm not talking about the gods that you buy fowl and kolanuts. I am talking about the ones that know how to kill a person politically. So, you sharing the "bounty" doesn't make you stupid rather it gives you a voice. You can start naming names once EFCC and DSS crosses your path.

Immediately, EFCC and DSS approach you in the name of arrest or investigation, develop an ailment. Cancer is mostly the significant one. Just be different, you can mention stroke or tumor. Don't dare mention Ebola or HIV because Nigerians won't take you serious. Make sure you have photos snapped from different angles when a doctor is treating or you are pushed into a theatre. Children of hate can decide to spoil your show with a Photoshop. I know you have powerful media moguls that can help in circulating the pictures around the Internet. If you don't have, empoly the services of e-rats and warriors. One plate of rice and 1GB data will do. They don't cost much.

You should have your people "Solidly" behind you. You will need persons that will protest for maltreatment of their son of the soil. Once you are in prison, starve yourself and threaten never to return anything. In all this, make sure you see yourself coming out so soon because the Buhari I see now, can decide to build more prisons.

Celebrities / Re: Why You Should Not Join Celebrities Beef by ekwurekwu(m): 7:55am On Jan 05, 2016
[url][/url] cool
Celebrities / Why You Should Not Join Celebrities Beef by ekwurekwu(m): 4:51pm On Jan 04, 2016
We were ushered into the New Year with a fight or beef (Any one you chose to call it) between Olamide and Don Jazzy over Headies award won by Reekado Banks. Olamide felt Lil Kesh was rigged out.. It trended the whole Internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Baddo, WhatsApp and even offline. The whole Newspapers and news outlets carried it. The news has weight because of the nature of the two parties involved. Olamide was backed by the street while Don Jazzy was backed the elites. Fans of both joined fuss, throwing jibes at each other. For bloggers, its a money making venture. Traffic is what brings the revenue. Most persons joined the fight because they see them as idols. They failed to understand that celebrities are like politicians. They quarrel before you and settle out behind your back.

Some fans forget that some feud are scripted for the celebrities are to make more money. Also, some of the beef are used for publicity purposes. These guy know how to use our heads and get what they want. Olamide and Don Jazzy have settled it while a lot of persons still look around for paracetamol for a headache they didn't have. So next you hear any Kcee quarrelling with DBanj or Timaya even Phyno, just save yourself the shame and mind the business you do.
Celebrities / Pics From Dbanj's Visit To Slot At Banex Plaza Abuja by ekwurekwu(m): 10:17pm On Dec 21, 2015
DBanj met crowd as he visited Slot Limited at Banex plaza. He escaped using Recharge card and money, boys at won't let him go.

Politics / Seun Should Also Do This by ekwurekwu(m): 1:01pm On Dec 15, 2015
I think in supporting the rule 9, Seun should also ban promotion of Boko Haram and its activities? The more the sect is given media attention, the more it can rising. Oya, any MOD wey ban....... Well sha, I still get Amadioha MTN number.
Politics / Re: What Is Wrong With This Pic by ekwurekwu(m): 3:15pm On Oct 26, 2015
Hmmm nothing
Politics / What Is Wrong With This Pic? by ekwurekwu(m): 2:53pm On Oct 26, 2015
As seen in Abuja today

Politics / What Is Wrong With This Pic by ekwurekwu(m): 2:32pm On Oct 26, 2015
As seen in Abuja today.

Literature / Re: How To Be A Nigerian Undercover Writer by ekwurekwu(m): 3:26am On Oct 16, 2015

I know. Make e no be say I no tell dem 'thank' you.
Literature / Re: How To Be A Nigerian Undercover Writer by ekwurekwu(m): 3:16am On Oct 16, 2015
op you are so on point.
thanks for reading
Literature / Re: How To Be A Nigerian Undercover Writer by ekwurekwu(m): 3:14am On Oct 16, 2015
nice post
Literature / How To Be A Nigerian Undercover Writer by ekwurekwu(m): 3:11am On Oct 16, 2015
You are a writer or an aspiring journalist. If you listen carefully, what about to tell you will blow you. Yes, your name will keep ringing a bell. The money will keep rolling in once you can keep up with the job. You must understand instead of you waiting for the royalties of a book you wrote, you can earn double of the royalties. While you keep it as your retirement savings.

There are many witches out there that will surely truncate your hustles. They are so bent in making sure nothing best comes out of your new found darling job. Don't worry, the earlier the better. We will avoid them in every angle even if it entails visiting TB Joshua.

Nigeria faces hell of problems. You already know that. I'm not trying to tell you to buy one of the problems. It will consume you and none will recall even when you were born. These problems range from kidnapping, Boko Haram, Armed Robbery, MEND, OPC, MTN, Pipeline Vandalism, Religion, Human Trafficking, Corruption, Mama Peace (Please don't ask me when this has come to be a problem) etc. These are few known problems of this country. Don't waste your time trying to pokenose into any of these. Nigerians and the entire world won't listen to you. As far as they know, these are bona fide citizens of the country.

Look at some areas which nobody has dared or those that tried ended up woefully. It's not to your portion to fail. Don't mind village witches, they are already failing. Now, you've known which area you will beam your searchlight on, cool. No, I didn't advice you to embark on a journey. It is too dangerous. We are in a computer age. You shouldn't risk your life because Nigerians are so quick to forget heros. Thank God for Google, Facebook, Twitter. Also, create a blog, yes you need where you 'paste' your research materials. Make your researches in these places and stay off the public for three months. No friend or close relative of yours should know of your aspirations. They might be advocates of witches. Your dreams will be killed before arrival.

You should come up with a nicest story ever written. Don't paint it with too many lies. You have to spice it up with things even those that didn't read, but were told about your ordeal will feel for you. Pa Ikhide and co will nail it dead though none of them writes or will they make to embark on the journey which you staked your life on. Haters will hate. Just move on with your life. Write on how you were fed with rotten food filled with maggots. You were beaten with iron rods (You can pierce some parts of your body. Fame is hard to come by). Give your audience some relief, tell of how you wanted to fall in love with one of the tormentors. Your rescue shouldn't be in Nigeria. It should somewhere in Somali. Yes, you ought to bring a white person in the picture, an international media guru. You know, you are writing so you don't go and contact a wrong 'white' person. Now, your story is ready. Serve it while it's hot while your haters will have no other option than to go and hug transformer. Give it time and your awards will start rolling in.

Lalasticlala come and see
Jokes Etc / Post Your Funny Sallah Pics For Fun by ekwurekwu(m): 4:56pm On Sep 23, 2015
Let's go there

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