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Politics / Nairaland Was Source Of APC Information On Asari Arms Deal by Eldavido1: 3:56pm On Oct 09, 2014
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that Asari Dokubo’s
denial carries no weight until the Federal Government comes clean
on the identity of Nigerians aboard the plane carrying the $9.3
million dollars impounded by the South African Government.
In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday by its National Publicity
Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said its reaction followed
a story published by www.africaneagle.com and
www.nairaland.com saying Asari Dokubo was one of the Nigerians
aboard the jet that carried the money to South Africa.
”To the best of our knowledge, that report has not been denied over
24 hours later. We therefore contend that Asari Dokubo’s denial of
his involvement carries no weight until the government, which has
claimed ownership of the funds, tells Nigerians who the two
Nigerian citizens- who were in the plane with an Israeli – are.
”We have no business with Asari Dokubo. He can blab all he likes.
We have no reason to disbelieve a widely-circulated published
report that named him as one of those on the plane. If he now says
he was not on the plane, let the government come out and tell
Nigerians who and who were on it, it said.
APC wondered why the government has refused, for over three
weeks now, to identify the Nigerians who flew on the plane that
ferried the money
to South Africa, especially after the Israeli who was also on the
plane has been named.
”Identifying the Nigerians will help to unravel the circumstances
surrounding the whole scandal. It will be interesting to know if the
Nigerians are security officials, officials from the office of the NSA
who issued the end-user certificate for the transaction or ordinary
Nigerians. It will be interesting to know their relationship with the
government that qualified them to fly such a huge amount of money
to another country without declaring it. It will be interesting to know
if they are arms contractors.
”We hope the Jonathan Administration will end its deafening silence
on the issue immediately and come clean on the whole scandal,” the
party said.

Politics / Konga Emerges Africa’s Biggest Online Retailer by Eldavido1: 9:42pm On Oct 08, 2014
VENTURES AFRICA – Nigeria’s leading online retailer, Konga is set
to become Africa’s biggest internet company as an investment of
about $60 million is set to be injected into the company.
According to a source close to the retailer, Konga’s value will rise to
about $190 million post the capital injection.
But while the new investment speaks volume of investors’
confidence in Konga, founded by Sim Shagaya who also owns
DealDey, and online shopping and daily deals,major rival in the
online retail space in Nigeria, Jumia may not be having the best of
Its mother company, Rocket Internet had its IPO held last week, but
the company’s shares had already fallen 13 percent on the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The fall regardless, Rocket’s IPO remains
the largest German tech IPO in the past decade, with the company
now valued at €6.7 billion ($8.5 billion).
While Jumia and sister company Kaymu, both backed by Rocket
Internet are expected to continue doing well in Nigeria, a market with
a large consumer base, Konga might have just been empowered by
the new cash injection to further strenghten its position and
probably expand to other markets across Africa. Since its launch in
2012, the online retailer has remained focused on the Nigerian
market, where it has recorded massive success and growth.
Naspers, which already holds a 50 percent stake in Konga is
suspected to be the new investor, with the new investment of about
$60 million expected to raise its stake above the current 50 percent.
Swedish investment company AB Kinnevik is another investor in
Konga, with $25 million injected into the Nigerian internet company
earlier this year.


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Politics / Re: $9.3m Arm Deal: Asari-dokubo Denies Involvement, Blasts Lai Mohammed by Eldavido1: 9:27pm On Oct 08, 2014
Well it kip getting messy
Politics / Re: Breaking News: FG Officially Threatens South Africa Over ‘frozen’ Weapons Deal by Eldavido1: 6:21pm On Oct 08, 2014
I don't care what excuse the SA government is using as a bases to embarrass Nigeria. We are gonna get every single of our kobo back. And I suggest we start with MTN. MTN has more subscribers in Nigeria than the entire population of SA put together. The make more money in their Nigerian operation almost doubling that of their operations else where but the provide one of the poorest network services and not having the single courtesy of listing on Nigerian stock exchange. Simple suggestion, NCC should fine MTN approximate of 10 to 15 million dollars for poor services to their consumers and the amount shld be paid to the federation account simple. We get our money back through mtn and SA keep the one the have with them and everyone is happy.


Politics / US Ebola Patient Is Dead by Eldavido1: 5:15pm On Oct 08, 2014
A Liberian man who was diagnosed with Ebola in Texas has died, a
hospital spokesman said Wednesday.
“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we
must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning
at 7:51 am,” said the statement from Texas Health spokesman
Wendell Watson.
“Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease, Ebola. He fought
courageously in this battle.”
Duncan was the first patient diagnosed with Ebola outside West
Africa, where the hemorrhagic virus has killed more than 3,400
people since the beginning of the year.
He flew from Liberia to Texas to visit family, arriving in Dallas on
September 20. He began feeling sick four days later, but was not
hospitalized until September 28.
“The past week has been an enormous test of our health system,
but for one family it has been far more personal. Today they lost a
dear member of their family,” said Texas health commissioner David
“They have our sincere condolences, and we are keeping them in
our thoughts.”
He said that the medical team in Texas has “provided excellent and
compassionate care, but Ebola is a disease that attacks the body in
many ways.”
Health officials are monitoring dozens of people who may have
come in contact with Duncan, including about 10 who are
considered at high risk of contracting Ebola.
The virus is spread through close contact with the bodily fluids of
an infected person, or by touching the corpse of a person who has
died of Ebola, experts say.

Investment / Re: Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote To Invest In Tanzanian Coal Mine by Eldavido1: 1:04pm On Oct 08, 2014

Those of you that have not bought a bag of cement before are always the ones making sensless comments. If I calculate how many hundreds of thousands of naira I have paid for his monopoly of cement business in Nigeria, it pains. Cement price in Nigeria is the highest in Africa because government skewed the law for him to have monopoly and fellow Nigerians who are building are paying with their hard earned money to mentain that monopoly. People like you who reason like 10yrs old will come here to defend Dangote because he is a big man.

Bros there's nothing like monopoly, there are other cement manufactures and products other than dangote. If you're not satisfy with his services save us your infantile rant and patronise other products simple.
Investment / Re: Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote To Invest In Tanzanian Coal Mine by Eldavido1: 10:45am On Oct 08, 2014

There is nothing wrong in what he said.
Most of Dangotes money is made here. Cement, Sugar etc.
The dude never invested anything down here in the East. What is he afraid of? That Nigeria will break up tomorrow?

What a patriot.
There are large coal deposits in Enugu, larger than that of Tanzania by far.
I have never heard him say anything about it while we buy his products in quantum here.
Do you know how much tax we pay while buying each of his product?
And he is shipping the money to Tanzania to create jobs while his Alamajiri friends wallow in poverty.
He can become the planets richest man for all I care but we have coal here.

Maybe you didn't read the part that said the coal plant is meant to power is cement plant there in Tanzania. We already have gas plant why spend money to build coal plant that is more expensive. and more so he doesn't have a cement plant in Enugu what will be the use to the plant? He has already invest a lot in nigeria and the north also. And he's still investing.


Investment / Re: Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote To Invest In Tanzanian Coal Mine by Eldavido1: 10:40am On Oct 08, 2014
There is coal in Enugu, he is going to invest Nigeria money in Tanzania... ain't dat funny?

Yet he talk about one Nigeria? Which way nau?
cheesy cheesy cheesy

Maybe you didn't read the part that said the coal plant is to generate electricity to power his cement plant. We already have gas hear in Nigeria to power plants.
Politics / Re: Seized $5.7million: APC Used By ‘Foreign Interests’ To Destroy Nigeria — PDP by Eldavido1: 8:37am On Oct 08, 2014
Hmmmm... This is serious!!! As the say pictures don't lie.


Politics / Re: Shocking: President Jonathan's Poll Rating Reaches Alltime High by Eldavido1: 5:09pm On Oct 07, 2014
Useless data from anty Ngozi
Jonathanians lying since 1900
Gej till 2015

Maybe you haven't realise, it doesn't take much to please Nigerians. All one needs to do is to pave some few roads and do some few construction work and Nigerians will shout your name to high heavens. NOI have been accurate in all their previous predictions. I urge the opposition to study it and re-strategies.
Politics / Re: Shocking: President Jonathan's Poll Rating Reaches Alltime High by Eldavido1: 4:46pm On Oct 07, 2014
The only surprise I can deduce from the poll is the north east rating. 79% wow! That's almost incredible!! But then when you factor in the fact that north east comprise of states like Taraba, Adamawa, Gombe and Bauchi all strong pdp states it gives you an idea of what's going on here. NOI poll has been the most consistent and most reliable polling organisation in the country. They have accurately predicted the 2011 general election, the Anambra, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun elections.


Politics / Re: Now That It Is Obvious That SA Is Diplomatically Fighting Nigeria by Eldavido1: 11:27am On Oct 07, 2014
Let us not mistaken the money laundering going on by Nigerians to south Africa as a diplomatic fight against Nigerian govt by her south African counterpart. This is a clear case of stealing by those in the corridors of powers. This question we all should be asking is this; why must a sovereign nation like Nigeria resort to Drug and terrorists style of Arms purchase for goodness sake? Stealing by highly placed officials of the govt have been going on for long even b4 GEJ's administration. So what we are witnessing today is a continuation of what has been in existence. Though too bad.

Nigerian politicians have been stealing Billions of dollars and trillions of naira for ages and have hardly been caught in a case of money laundering. If you think Nigerian politicians don't have better avenue and banks to hide their loot but resort to laundering then in foreign country such as SA, you need to think again. This is a clear case of black market arm purchase by nigeria because of US embargo on active weapons by Nigeria due to passive human right abuses. SA is simply using the opportunity to embarrass Nigeria either as a result of pressure from the US or as a favour to the opposition giving the relationship between Zuma and Atiku or even as an avenue to weaken Nigerian economy true activities of BH. The truth will gradually come out.


Health / Re: How The World Media Is Celebrating Nigeria's Ebola Victory Pictures And Video by Eldavido1: 11:06am On Oct 07, 2014
If not for the unfortunate politicisation of Boko Haram fight by the ruling party, opposition and foreign powers it would have become history since. Together we are stronger!

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Politics / Re: Now That It Is Obvious That SA Is Diplomatically Fighting Nigeria by Eldavido1: 9:53am On Oct 07, 2014
I totally agree with this analysis.
It is a fact that SA govt is not happy that Nigeria presently occupies the No.1 spot in terms of economy in the continent. All their efforts are geared towards making this feat a fluke.

The war against the insurgents is affecting the economy of the Northen Nigeria and as such it is affecting Nigeria. If it is allowed to spread to other parts, it might lead to a collapse of the economy. This will certainly make it easy for them to take back the No. 1 spot.

The first transaction was termed "money laundering" by those who don't understand the frustration of the military and also because the cash was "smuggled" into SA.

What of the transaction that went through Bank transfer?
Why was it blocked and seized? . It is either that the SA officials are out to sabotage the efforts of the Nigerian Govt. to get rid of these terrorists or that there is a mole in the system that is tipping them off.
I also hope that the opposition and the band wagon is not trying to score cheap political point with these security issues. If the terrorists succeed in their quest, there will be no Nigeria for the opposition to govern.

Let us jointly fight this war against terrorism in any ramifications: diplomatic, media, propaganda etc.

Nigeria shall rise again and the glory of the Lord shall reign supreme.
God bless Nigeria.

Gbammmm!!! you've said it all...!!!

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Politics / Re: Now That It Is Obvious That SA Is Diplomatically Fighting Nigeria by Eldavido1: 8:27am On Oct 07, 2014
South Africa has finally decided to play dirty. All over the world arm purchase could be in two forms, either through the black market or open. Since the US ban Nigeria from purchasing arms through the open market due to passive human right abuses, the only option left for us is black market. But it seems Jacob Zuma with likely collaboration with opposition wants to use this as an opportunity to embarrass the government of Gej. The issue is the countless number of lives dying as a result of this insurgency not the dirty politics of south Africa and opposition that gets me worried. One way or the other we will get over this and when all is said and done SA should prepare for a pay back in full dose!


Politics / Now That It Is Obvious That SA Is Diplomatically Fighting Nigeria by Eldavido1: 8:05am On Oct 07, 2014
By Simeon Nwakaudu
Arms Deal: Plain facts to indicate that South Africa (SA) is playing a
dangerous diplomatic evil game against Nigeria.
*Only the politically naive in international relations would assume that
the seizure of funds have been accidental and procedural.
*The South African newspaper (City Press) confirmed today that
documents found on the two Nigerians and One Israeli had a sign off
end-user certificate personally issued by National Security Adviser,
Col. Sambo Dasuki meant for the arms transaction. The certificate
included the official list of items to be purchased:
Implication: The NSA office and relevant officials contacted SA hence
the certificate was issued and due process followed. Despite this, SA
seized the money and announced the transaction via the media.
*Fact: SA National Prosecuting Authority admitted according to City
Press that an invoice was raised in SA for helicopters and armaments
intended to be used in Nigeria with the $9.3m as the fund to
consummate the purchase.
Implication: since the arms invioce was raised in SA, the SA govt was
fully aware, yet it sent its customs, journalists and officials to way lay
the covet operatives. This was a premeditated diplomatic infraction
aimed deliberately at ridiculing Nigeria.
*On the second seizure of $5.7m, it's even more regrettable and un-
It is confirmed that Cererus, a duly registered arms company with the
SA National Arms Conventional Control Committee, officially received
R60m (sixty million rand) from a Nigerian company to buy arms, but
the company's registration expired shortly after the bank transaction.
The company applied for re-registration but SA refused to grant the
request, leaving the application to lie fallow for two months.
The company tried to effect a refund over the failed supply, but SA
govt stepped in and seized the money and frustrated the bank
transfer. If the first was cash, the second was through official bank
*Implication: The SA govt deliberately denied the company re-
registrationn so it could seize the money and as planned release the
information to the media to achieve a hatched scheme to stand in the
way of Nigeria.
NOTE: these facts are incontrovertible. The only point that stands out
is the division in Nigeria where opposition and pro-opposition
elements work to denigrate Nigeria without objectively analysing the
The second deal was not a cash transaction, yet SA got a court to
order the seizure of the money.
ACTION: It is high time Nigeria took definite action against the SA and
their deliberate diplomatic infractions to frustrate our war on terror.
Nigerians will recall the Yellow Card diplomatic slap and how the FG
retaliation resolved the matter.
SA stand to lose more in the event of full diplomatic confrontation.
This is the time to hit back.
As usual, we will expert opposition elements and their colleagues to
support SA and their government. Their sponsored media associates
will start singing the familiar tune and SA will be further emboldened
to continue their ugly diplomatic infractions.



Politics / $1bn Azura-edo Power Plant Kicks Off by Eldavido1: 4:56pm On Oct 05, 2014
The foundation laying ceremony of the $1 billion Azura-Edo 1,000
megawatts gas-powered Independent Power Plant, will hold on
Friday, 10th October, 2014.
The first phase of the project, which was conceptualized in 2010 and
jointly incubated by the Edo State Government under Comrade
Adams Eric Oshiomhole and Amaya Capital, the key promoters of
Azura Power West Africa Ltd, is 450-500 mega watts to be scaled up
to 1,000 megawatts in the second phase.
The Azura project is the first Nigerian power project to benefit from
the World Bank’s “Partial Risk Guarantee” structure which was
specifically created to meet the developing needs of emerging
markets globally.
The Azura-Edo IPP is expected to create the template for the
successful development of IPPs in Nigeria and Edo State is playing a
pioneering role in determining the future of Nigeria’s power sector.
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole, Mr Peter
Okhiria said the Azura-Edo IPP will provide over 4,000 direct and
indirect jobs for the people of the state from the construction to the
post-construction period of the project.
According to him, “the Azura-Edo Power Project is a clear
demonstration of the confidence of the international community in
the economy of Edo State.
It is an indication that Edo State is investor-friendly as the
Government under Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has put in place the
necessary infrastructure to attract investors to the state.”
According to Okhiria, “this is another project conceptualized by the
Edo State Government under the Public Private Partnership
Programme to unlock the industrial potentials in the State and make
the state the nation’s energy hub.”
The foundation laying will be done by President Goodluck Jonathan.
Venue of the foundation laying ceremony is Ihovbe/ Orior
Osemwende Communities, off Benin- Lagos Bypass, Benin City,
from 9:00am

Politics / 2015: I Can Replicate Kano Success Story For Nigeria — Kwankwaso by Eldavido1: 9:47pm On Oct 04, 2014
Governor Ibrahim Kwankwaso of Kano State is among the
contenders for the presidential ticket of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) ahead of the 2015 general elections. Kwankwaso, in
this piece, unfolds his agenda for Nigeria.
By Soni Daniel, Regional Editor, North
Today I look at Nigeria and I feel sorry for the high level of insecurity
and other challenges that stare our nation on the face and I feel that
something urgent must be done to address the rot in the system.
Nigeria cannot continue to operate as an orphan in the comity of
nations having been abundantly blessed with human and material
resources to be a global leader.
I can replicated Kano’s success story for Nigeria
I believe that I can change the sad story of Nigeria to something of a
celebration if given the opportunity to lead. I have the confidence
that I can replicate the Kano magic for Nigeria. Today, Kano is proud
that I came to the scene in 2011 and change the landscape for
Despair and hopelessness have been replaced with happiness on
the faces of the people of Kano. Dilapidated public institutions have
been replaced with new ones while the poor have been integrated
into the system and given a means of livelihood and taken off the
Today, as a result of my leadership in Kano, I have succeeded in
establishing three brand new cites known as Kwankwasiyya, Amana
and Bandirawo in addition to constructing three monumental
flyovers that have helped to remove the traffic snarl in the
metropolis. I have also provided 220kms of dualised and electrified
roads to all the 44 LGAs of the state translating to 5kms for each of
the councils at the cost of N80 billion.
To get the city running without power failure, I have signed and MoU
for 35 Megawatts Independent Power Project at Challawa and Tiga
dams at the cost of N14.2 billion solely from the state coffers.
Free, compulsory education
Under my administration, we have made education free and
compulsory from the primary to the university. Behind that we have
a special post graduate training programme for graduates who pass
out with First class or Second class upper grades. So for our
graduates, all you need to secure further training by the government
is to pass with at least a second class upper. For those who are
reading medicine, we engage them as workers on G/L 7 while they
are still studying.
When they graduate we send them abroad to study in specialised
areas so as to become specialists and more useful to the society.
So far, we have trained 501 youths for postgraduate studies abroad
at the cost of N1.8 billion. Another set of 100 youths has been
dispatched to Jordan for Piloting and Aeronautical Engineering
studies at the cost of N1 billion. Another 100 of our youths are
studying Medicine in various universities abroad at the cost of N1
billion. One hundred others are pursuing courses in Pharmacy
overseas at the cost of N800million while 100 females are studying
Medicine with specialisation in Gynaecology at the cost of N1 billion.
At the same time, while 25 have been sponsored to study Marine
Engineering in India and the United Kingdom, 14 others are
undergoing various courses in Technical Education at Bradford,
England. The second batch of our 502 youths sponsored by my
administration to pursue their PhD courses abroad is doing very well
in their chosen institutions across the globe. We are spending at
least N2.8 billion on them.


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Politics / Re: Great News!!! Nigeria Tops List Of 100 African Leaders Under 40 by Eldavido1: 4:45pm On Oct 03, 2014
Soon my name will be on that list!
Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 9:49am On Oct 02, 2014

Is IVM car plant in Emene, Enugu, Or Nnewi Anambra state ?

People are confusing something..

Thanks for the correction, I think it's Nnewi anambra state
Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 9:36am On Oct 02, 2014
mainheart: pls can u give me their location if true
Read my subsequent comments:
Nissan lagos:
Nissan Patrol Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Nissan Almera
(Sunny) saloon car and the Nissan NP 300 pick-up. All produce in nigeria.

Innoson Nnewi: IVM models, hummer bus, trucks and recently cars

Hyundai lagos: hyundai i10, grand and elantra

peougeot kaduna: Peugeot 301, 508 and 308 models

Anamco Anambra: yet to commence full production


Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 9:33am On Oct 02, 2014
RebelLeader15: Bros at where, pls can you mention the states in which they set up the plants?

Read my subsequent comments:
Nissan lagos:
Nissan Patrol Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Nissan Almera
(Sunny) saloon car and the Nissan NP 300 pick-up. All produce in nigeria.

Innoson Enugu: IVM models, hummer bus, trucks and recently cars

Hyundai lagos: hyundai i10, grand and elantra

peougeot kaduna: Peugeot 301, 508 and 308 models

Anamco Anambra: yet to commence full production


Health / Re: US Sends Medical Experts To Study How Nigeria Tamed Ebola by Eldavido1: 8:46am On Oct 02, 2014
What happen to zmap? We may have issues but then we are strong enough to deal with our problems anytime we want to. For something that made 170m Nigerians to go for salt and water overnight, sure that thing can't survive in Nigeria.

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Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 7:46am On Oct 02, 2014

full operation yet we cannot see their cars on the roads, apart from Innoson, kindly name the other 4 so that we can go verify the claim.

Being in operation does not mean they have the capacity to cover Nigerian large market presently. As the grow their capacity increase naturally. It is easy for you identify innoson as Nigerian built car when you see one on the road cause nigeria is the only place were innoson vehicles are produce. But not so for other companies that are in full operation such as:
1. Nissan lagos
2. peougeot kaduna
3. Hyundai lagos
4. vokswagen and anamco partially
It will be difficult for one to identify does cars as Nigerian build when you see them on the road, cause the are foreign brands prior to now, most of them were imported. If watch the interview, you will hear were he said the car he's driving is a nigerian built Nissan. But just by looking at it, you won't be able to identify it as nigeria or imported.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala Says Weapons Have Arrived For Nigerian Troops To Fight Boko Haram by Eldavido1: 7:34am On Oct 02, 2014

Oh don't worry, she's sleeping with the head of defense so they are one. She can announce whatever she wants on his behalf.

What a disgusting comment!


Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 7:18am On Oct 02, 2014
ProfCorruption: Aganga is one of the greatest liars on earth.

On what basis are you calling him a liar? Do you have contrary information?


Car Talk / Re: 22 Vehicle Manufacturers to Move into Nigeria by Eldavido1: 7:16am On Oct 02, 2014
otokx: Another example of future continuous tense; telling lies in the course of duty will not be excused on the last day.

Five companies have already set up plants and are into full operation presently.
Nissan lagos: Nissan Patrol Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Nissan Almera
(Sunny) saloon car and the Nissan NP 300 pick-up. All produce in nigeria.

Innoson Nnewi: IVM models, hummer bus, trucks and recently cars

Hyundai lagos: hyundai i10, grand and elantra

peougeot kaduna: Peugeot 301, 508 and 308 models

Anamco Anambra: yet to commence full production

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Politics / US Health Authorities Learn From Nigeria’s Experience Containing Ebola by Eldavido1: 6:39am On Oct 02, 2014
Zacheaus Somorin with agency report
Since the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in the United States of
America on Tuesday, the country’s health authorities have been
citing Nigeria’s experience at containing the outbreak of the virus as
a success story that should be emulated in the US.
Several US health experts and the Director-General of the Centre for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Dr. Thomas
Frieden, appeared on CNN on Tuesday and wednesday during which
they spoke of Nigeria’s quick and coordinated action by some of its
top doctors to contain the outbreak in Lagos and Port Harcourt after
the disease was imported into the country by Liberian Patrick
“For those who say it’s hopeless, this (Nigeria) is an antidote — you
can control Ebola. It won’t blow over — you have to make a rapid,
intense effort,” said Frieden.
However, fear has gradually spread in the US since the CDC
confirmed that a Liberian national, Thomas Eric Duncan, who
arrived in Dallas, Texas, on September 20 and fell ill on September
24 had tested positive for the virus.
This was made worse by the announcement yesterday that some
school-age children had been in contact with the US Ebola patient
being treated in Dallas, according to Texas Governor, Rick Perry.
Five students at four different schools have come in contact with
the Ebola patient, Dallas Superintendent Mike Miles added, but none
has exhibited symptoms.
The children are being monitored at home, and the schools remain
open, Miles said. Between 12 and 18 people have been identified as
coming in contact with the patient, officials added.
Concern about the possible spread of the killer virus came less than
a day after the CDC announced that, for the first time, a person with
Ebola was diagnosed on American soil.
How that case was handled has sparked many serious questions.
The patient, a man, walked into an emergency room at Texas Health
Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on September 26. A nurse asked him
for his travel history, while he was in the emergency room, and the
patient said he had travelled to Africa, said Dr. Mark Lester,
executive vice-president of Texas Health Resources.
But that information was not "fully communicated" to the medical
team, Lester said.
The man, who had just flown from Liberia to the US, underwent
basic blood tests, but not an Ebola screening, and was sent home
with antibiotics, said Dr. Edward Goodman with Texas Health
Presbyterian Hospital.
Two days later, on September 28, the man returned to the facility,
where it was determined that he probably had Ebola. He was then
isolated. He tested positive for the virus Tuesday, health officials
The CDC, which has helped lead the international response to Ebola,
advised that all medical facilities should ask patients with symptoms
consistent with Ebola for their travel history.
The CDC has ramped up a national effort to stem the spread of
Ebola, and in September President Barack Obama spoke at CDC
headquarters in Atlanta.
He called the virus a global health and security threat, and pledged
US assistance to the affected countries to try to stem the tide of the

Politics / Re: Boko Haram’s ‘ICT Expert’ Arrested by Eldavido1: 8:56pm On Sep 30, 2014
Does the IT expert go without name or country of origin? And by the way how many IT experts and camera men do BH have? So what the military meant to tell us is, we are never going to see video up loads from Shekau again. I hope its so. All the same goodnews!!!


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