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Politics / Awolowo Replies Achebe From The Grave by ElMatteo(m): 6:54pm On Oct 08, 2012
Although Chief Obafemi Awolowo is not alive to respond to allegations levelled against him by renown novelist, Chinua Achebe, an interview he granted during a
town hall meeting in Abeokuta, Ogun State in
1983 could as well pass for a defence.
Fielding questions from members of a panel
and the audience, Awolowo explained his
policies as the Federal Commissioner of
Finance during the Nigerian civil war.
The town hall meeting which was part of his
electioneering as the Unity Party of Nigeria
presidential candidate in 1983, lasted for 90
minutes. It was aired live by some radio
Awolowo, who was then 74 years old, spoke on his roles in the civil war, especially the 20-
pound policy, the alleged use of starvation
against the Igbo and the change of the national currency.
He said those castigating him on the basis of his roles in the civil war which began in 1967 and ended in 1970 were those who felt the only
way to remain popular was by peddling lies
against him.
Achebe, in his wartime memoirs entitled,
There Was A Country, accused members of †ђε Gen. Yakubu Gowon cabinet, particularly
Awolowo, of making “regrettable policies”
aimed at deliberately reducing the number of
The novelist, whose most popular work, Things Fall Apart, has been published in more than 50 languages, said Awolowo came up with †ђε starvation, 20-pound and currency policies with a view to exterminating the Igbo.
According to Achebe, the late sage and former
premier of the defunct Western Region,
perceived the Igbo as his enemies.
However, Awolowo, in the interview said
contrary to the claim that he used starvation as a weapon against the Igbo, the then Federal
Government was actually sending food to
civilians in the war region.
He added that government stopped sending
food to the region when it was discovered that
it ( food) was being hijacked by Biafran
soldiers, who in turn gave the food to their
“friends and collaborators”.
Awolowo said, “We were sending food through the Red Cross, and CARITAS to them, but what
happened was that the vehicles carrying the
food were always ambushed by soldiers.
“That’s what I discovered and the food would
then be taken to the soldiers to feed them, and
so they were able to continue to fight. And I
said that was a very dangerous policy, we didn’t intend the food for soldiers. But who will go behind the line to stop the soldiers from ambushing the vehicles that were carrying †ђε food? And as long as soldiers were fed, the war will continue, and who’ll continue to suffer?
“So I decided to stop sending the food there. In the process, the civilians would suffer, but †ђε soldiers will suffer most.
“When you saw Ojukwu’s picture after the war, did he look like someone who’s not well fed? But he was taking the food which we sent to civilians, and so we stopped the food.”
On his reasons for changing currency,
Awolowo said it was to prevent Ojukwu, who is now late, from taking the money allegedly
stolen from the Central Bank of Nigeria by his
soldiers to buy arms abroad.
“We did that to prevent Ojukwu from taking
the money which his soldiers had stolen from
our central bank to take abroad to buy arms.
We discovered he looted our Central bank in
Benin, he looted the one in Port Harcourt,
looted the one in Calabar and he was taking †ђε currency notes abroad to sell to earn foreign
exchange to buy arms.
“So, I decided to change the currency, and for
your benefit, it can now be told the whole
world,that only Gowon knew the day before
the change took place. I decided, only three of
us knew before then- Clement Isong, who was
the CBN governor, Attah and myself.”
Achebe had written in one of the chapters of
the memoirs published in the UK Guardian on
Tuesday that the policy was orchestrated “to
stunt or even obliterate the economy of a
But Awolowo said the policy was what
government resorted to when depositors could not show proof of what they had as deposits.
“All the banks’ books had been burnt, and
many of the people who had savings didn’t
have their saving books or their last statements of account,” he said.
Awolowo, who reiterated during the town hall
meeting that he was “a friend of the Igbo,” said he saved the accrued revenue for the Eastern state during the period the war lasted and gave it back to them at the rate of 990,000 pounds as monthly subventions.
He said, “I didn’t go to the Executive Council to ask for support, or for approval because I knew if I went to the council at that time, the
subvention would not be approved because
there were more enemies in the executive
council for the Igbo than friends.
“And since I wasn’t going to take a percentage
from what I was going to give them, and I knew I was doing what was right, I wanted the
Eastern state to survive. I kept on giving the
subvention of 990,000, almost a million, every
He said he also ensured that the houses owned by the Igbo in Lagos and on the other parts of the country not affected by the war were kept for them.
He said, “I had an estate agent friend who told
me that one of them collected half a million
pounds rent which has been kept for him. All
his rent were collected, but since we didn’t
seize their houses, he came back and collected
half a million pounds."

Source: www.punchng.com/news/awo-replies-achebe-from-the-grave/
Business / Re: Guys, Let's Talk Business by ElMatteo(m): 9:31pm On Oct 05, 2012
I have spent †ђε last 5 hours there about reading through this post from its 1st page τ̅☺ its present one and I must say I am awed at †ђε level of maturity shown in this trend. U must agree with ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ đα̲̅τ̲̅ most on nairaland aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ often taken over by kids and pple đα̲̅τ̲̅ wud luv τ̅☺ make a joke of everytin. I am a recently graduated doctor and just about starting my housemanship but I have always had this passion for business and can't just depend on my salary. I am a writer and have made quite some money writing online. I don't write articles btw, I write academic essays and †ђε pay has not been bad considering đα̲̅τ̲̅ I combined it with my own academics(I've made about 180k this year while in skul doing đα̲̅τ̲̅). However I must say đα̲̅τ̲̅ I had τ̅☺ drop it cos it was mentally demanding as I had τ̅☺ write on different areas đα̲̅τ̲̅ aren't even related τ̅☺ my field which means a lot or research goes into it.
Therefore, considering đα̲̅τ̲̅ I'm about starting work full time, I need τ̅☺ find something less tasking. I have decided τ̅☺ try blogging and website flipping.
I will be dropping some tips I have learnt later free as I really feel at home here.
My email is olamidewrites[at]gmail.com so I can be added τ̅☺ †ђε group and get †ђε form.
Music/Radio / The Problem With †ђε Rick Ross Video by ElMatteo(m): 12:36pm On Sep 22, 2012
Yes, Rick Ross may have shown †ђε realities about a part of our lives as Nigerians. However, he did not tell †ђε whole truth. I agree đα̲̅τ̲̅ we have so many ills in our nation, I agree đα̲̅τ̲̅ so many live below †ђε poverty line, I agree đα̲̅τ̲̅ so many children die of malaria and remain malnourished, I agree đα̲̅τ̲̅ maternal mortality in my country is one of †ђε highest in †ђε world, I agree đα̲̅τ̲̅ so many live in slums..Yes I agree. But this is not †ђε whole story.
There aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ many beauties đα̲̅τ̲̅ my country has đα̲̅τ̲̅ still gives ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ hope. How can I forget †ђε beauty of African motherhood, how can I forget those đα̲̅τ̲̅ against †ђε odds of Nigeria still become so successful, how can I forget †ђε effort of people like †ђε Lagos State governor in transforming Lagos into a mega city, how can I forget †ђε Ibiye project by †ђε Mimiko led administration in Ondo state that have notably reduced maternal mortality, how can I forget great world scholars like Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe among many đα̲̅τ̲̅ my nation have produced, how can I forget Yakubu Adesokan, a disabled athlete đα̲̅τ̲̅ smashed not just †ђε paralympic record but †ђε world record, how can I forget....I could go on and on...
The problem with †ђε Rick Ross video is đα̲̅τ̲̅ it told only about our ills in †ђε society and neglected our many beauties. This is what Chimamanda Adichie called †ђε concept of †ђε Single story. It was not †ђε whole truth but a part of it and if it isnt †ђε whole truth then it isnt †ђε truth at all.
Many people across †ђε world would see †ђε video and think đα̲̅τ̲̅ s all there is τ̅☺ my country and would not be told †ђε complete story of our victories inspite of †ђε odds.
My country may be slow in development but I know đα̲̅τ̲̅ things aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ getting better and with time we would catch up with †ђε rest of †ђε world.
Religion / In †ђε Midst Of †ђε Anti-islam Crisis..my Humble Position and Way Forward by ElMatteo(m): 12:03pm On Sep 22, 2012
I know quite a lot of muslims đα̲̅τ̲̅ aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ peaceful
and wouldn't hurt a fly. However, world events
have made ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ lend my voice τ̅☺ this nagging
issue. F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ more than a week Ŋ☺w, there has been
rising crisis in many Arab nations in response τ̅☺
an Anti-Islam movie đα̲̅τ̲̅ has left many dead and
many more wounded.
I have seen many false depictions about my
religion and I have heard muslims many times
speak against my saviour and have even heard
many 'Alfas' label ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ and my brothers infidels
F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ believing in Jesus as my Lord. This does not
affect ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ in anyway cos I believe đα̲̅τ̲̅ others
don't decide who I am, I believe my God is
righteous enough τ̅☺ judge and most of all I
have been taught in my religion †ђε value of
peace even in †ђε midst of adversity and †ђε
importance of unconditional love.
I say this τ̅☺ two groups of people. Firstly τ̅☺
muslims đα̲̅τ̲̅ believe in peace, I will say there is much work đα̲̅τ̲̅ needs τ̅☺ be done in teaching about †ђε influence of standing F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ peace inspite of any provocation and †ђε need τ̅☺ value every human life as God's own creation. This, every muslim have τ̅☺ understand because this alone I believe proves †ђε righteousness of One's God.
The second group of people aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ those đα̲̅τ̲̅ aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥
always ready τ̅☺ murder at †ђε slightest
provocation all in †ђε name of protecting their
beliefs, I strongly say đα̲̅τ̲̅ if we truly believe in a supernatural God đα̲̅τ̲̅ isnt limited and created †ђε universe, then we should also believe he is strong and mighty enough τ̅☺ fight F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ himself and needs no help. There is something called 'prayer' and this is a means through which we can communicate with our God and let him know our plights and persecutions cos He alone can fight on our behalf.
I believe there is no reason τ̅☺ shed †ђε blood of †ђε innocent like those of †ђε American
ambassador in Libya and †ђε 4 others đα̲̅τ̲̅ were murdered in cold blood because of a video đα̲̅τ̲̅ most people cannot even claim τ̅☺ have seen themselves.
I do not in any way support đα̲̅τ̲̅ any one's belief should be incited in any manner just like †ђε movie did but we inadvertently give control of our lives τ̅☺ others when we respond τ̅☺ every act đα̲̅τ̲̅ is aimed at causing such uproar. Little wonder another cartoon was released again in France some days ago dat I believe was meant τ̅☺ cause more uproar. Like a man holding †ђε trigger, †ђε editor of †ђε magazine feels responsible of controlling †ђε emotions of many muslims across †ђε globe. One man sits in his closet and stupidly draws something inciting and †ђε Arab nations respond by killing innocent
people đα̲̅τ̲̅ have no idea of who †ђε architect
This really has τ̅☺ stop cos a lot of terrorist acts đα̲̅τ̲̅ †ђε world have witnessed have stemmed from this kind of philosophy. The memory of †ђε 911 attack still lingers on, †ђε French bomb, suicide bombings in Israel and †ђε incessant bombings by †ђε Boko Haram group in my own country.
The muslims đα̲̅τ̲̅ believe in peace need τ̅☺ teach it, they have τ̅☺ make it a priority τ̅☺ bring every muslim around †ђε world τ̅☺ †ђε realities of peace and then I believe †ђε world would be a better place F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ U̶̲̥̅̊ and ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥.

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Food / Re: The Price Of Garri by ElMatteo(m): 5:36pm On Sep 01, 2012
I have often watched from †ђε stands in dismay at †ђε utter myopic and shortsighted nature đα̲̅τ̲̅ have become †ђε custom of nairaland trends and τ̅☺ say †ђε least, it is no longer funny. I believe †ђε vision of Seun when he started this forum was τ̅☺ create an environment F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ Nigerians τ̅☺ share their opinions and views about issues and also learn from one another, little wonder it has become †ђε most popular forum in †ђε country. However, it is quite bedeviling when I ‎​see †ђε utter ignorance and arrogance đα̲̅τ̲̅ many users of this forum show evidenced by their shabby, ill-thought and myopic comments. It has been turned τ̅☺ an alter of abuses and insults and I'm often sad τ̅☺ see †ђε way my fellow country men think. It is even much more confusing đα̲̅τ̲̅ even though †ђε owner of †ђε forum has spoken on this issue, many people even still accuse him of regulating discussions on his own forum. Coming τ̅☺ this particular issue, isnt it ridiculous đα̲̅τ̲̅ U̶̲̥̅̊ find a trend on nairaland, u open it, read it and then drop †ђε cliche and nauseating statement about †ђε price of garri. The question is why did u even open it in †ђε first place. Some issues đα̲̅τ̲̅ aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ irrelevant τ̅☺ u may be relevant τ̅☺ others so why act as if †ђε world revolves around u. I expect more intelligence from my fellow country ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥n, I expect more visionaries. I believe we can change †ђε way we view and respond τ̅☺ situations cos it goes a long way τ̅☺ show our level of intelligence.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Copy Of My Suicide Letter If I Dont Get A Job Soon. by ElMatteo(m): 7:57pm On Jul 24, 2012
Jenams: its ''demand'' bros, not demanded! Where r u from?
. Imagine..u sef no try Oº°˚˚°ºoo..u wan correct person and u sef kom join put...It should be 'demands' and not 'demand'...Lest I forget, I should have τ̅☺ ask U̶̲̥̅̊ too..'Where aя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ u from'

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Religion / Re: Now That T.B. Joshua's Prophecy Is True, Will You Visit/attend His Church? by ElMatteo(m): 9:25pm On Apr 06, 2012
Why do people keep casting aspersions on religious leaders...and nairaland has been specifically known for that..Why not just keep your opinions to yourself and stop spreading what you cannot prove...Leave God to judge..HIM who knows all things and will bring to light all the works of darkness...So people..DON'T PLAY GOD

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