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Career / Re: Medical Doctors' Forum: Let Us Know You! by ElMatteo(m): 11:05am On Jul 28, 2015
Is any one interested in residency in family medicine?

St. Mary's General Hospital Ibadan is presently accepting applications as they are about starting residency in family medicine.

The good thing is that u can apply even if you have not written your primaries yet. U only need to convince them that you will write it as soon as possible.

I just applied too.


Health / Find Out The Truth About Toilet Disease by ElMatteo(m): 10:00am On May 22, 2015
Young females often come to the hospital to complain of vaginal itching and discharge, and conclude that they got it from the toilet. It only takes some little more questions to establish that their condition is far from toilet infections. Most are probably having a STD, or better still, a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, with none of these diseases having its origin from the toilet.

We often see the toilet as a haven of disease-causing organisms so much that we avoid skin contact with the toilet seats especially when we use public toilets. Some have devised several positions in the toilet all in a bid to avoid direct contact with the toilet seat. You may however be surprised to know that the toilet seat is not a common source of transmission of diseases. There are a couple of reasons this is so.

Most infective organisms cannot survive long enough on the toilet seat to be transmitted. Also, for there to be an infection, the organism must be transferred from the toilet seat into your genital tract or your urethral (the tube through which urine passes to the exterior) or through an open sore directly in contact with the toilet seat. This is only theoretically possible but highly unlikely. It is therefore extremely improbable to get STDs such as gonorrhoea and syphilis from the toilet seat.

In the light in these, it is important that if you have any genital symptom, you are able to understand how you got it and not just blame it on your use of a public toilet.

Does this mean that the toilet is totally safe? Of course not!

The problem is that we have been focusing our attention on the wrong places in the toilet. There are several other places in the toilet where diseases are lurking and you must be able to identify these places in other to be careful. One of such places is the faucet handle. Most people who use the toilet have not washed their hands before touching the faucet handle which means it can be the home of germs. Also, due to the moisture in the sink, it becomes a potential breeding place for germs. Other places are the door knob and towels.

Protecting yourself from toilet infections is easy. First of all, if you are healthy, your immune system should be able to fight most infections you will be exposed to in the toilet with the help of good hand-washing technique. Some people jet in and out of the toilet without washing their hands and this poses a risk to their health. Do not just rinse your hands in water; you must learn the proper technique of washing your hands with soap and water.

Wash every part of your hands properly – including the back of your hands, wrists and below your finger nails – for about 20 to 30 seconds with soap and water. You should learn to do this everytime you use the toilet, be it a public restroom or your private toilet.

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Health / 7 Signs You May Be Diabetic by ElMatteo(m): 11:58am On May 04, 2015
25% of people living with diabetes are unaware they have it – this 25% present for the first time at the hospital with complications which are most often life threatening. This underscores the importance of being able to know and identify the warning signs of diabetes that should require you to see your doctor.

Type 2 diabetes happens when your body becomes unable to use insulin effectively. Insulin is usually produced by the pancreas and this insulin carries the glucose from your blood to the cells of your body for energy. In Type 2 diabetes, the insulin either becomes insufficient or it does not function as it should anymore.

Below are the most important signs that you may be diabetic that require you see your doctor for a sugar test.

Excessive urination
In diabetes, both the frequency and the volume of urination may increase as your kidneys try to flush out the excess sugar from your blood into your urine. Sugar therefore also becomes markedly present in your urine.

Excessive thirst
As a result of the excessive urination, you tend to easily become dehydrated which stimulates the thirst center in your brain that demands that you frequently drink water. Due to the dehydration, your mouth also easily feels dry.

Weight loss
This is also another common symptom of Type 2 diabetes. There are several reasons this happens including the fact that your cells are not getting enough glucose. You also lose calories and water in urine which adds to the weight loss.

Increased hunger
In people with Type 2 diabetes, the body cannot make use of insulin as it ought to. The pancreas tries to make up for this by increasing the production of insulin and this increased insulin makes you feel hungry even after eating. Diabetics therefore tend to consume more food though they still end up losing weight.

Numbness in the foot
This is a rather late symptom of diabetes where the foot become numb due to damages to the nerves. This is called diabetic neuropathy which comes as pain, tingling or numbness in the foot and can get to the lower legs.

Recurrent infections
The presence of excessive sugar in the blood usually promotes the growth of infectious agents like yeast and bacteria. Women with diabetes for example tend to have more vaginal yeast infections. Foot infections are also common.

Blurred vision
Blurred vision happens to be one of the earliest signs of diabetes as your eyes tries to adjust to the new high sugar environment. This may resolve but doesn’t mean the diabetes has.

Even though these 7 signs may be indicators of diabetes, the standard diagnosis is done with a sugar test. These signs should therefore make you visit your doctor so as to have the test done. Even without the symptoms, you should consider going for the test because this can help pick a prediabetic state where necessary measures can then be taken.

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Health / Re: Nairaland Doctors Help by ElMatteo(m): 5:20pm On Feb 23, 2015
It will be best you speak with your doctor that prescribed the drug to you.

Drug reactions are common but you need to discuss with your doctor. Different people react in different ways to a particular drugs.

One option is for your doctor to use another alternative - most drugs have alternatives that will achieve same or almost same result.

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Health / 6 Vital Reasons To Stop Consuming Soft Drinks NOW by ElMatteo(m): 5:02pm On Feb 23, 2015
With more and more soft drink brands entering the market virtually everyday, one will think they have lots to offer in terms of health benefits. Unfortunately they don’t!

To say that soft drinks do more harm than good will be putting it mildly. The truth is apart from the immediate feeling they give you, they do not offer anything good at all.

Here are the top reasons why you should stop taking soft drinks if you really are care about your health.

Soft drinks have no nutritional value

Considering that soft drinks are filled with sugar and calories, they offer little or nothing in terms of nutrition. This is because these are two things you want to actually avoid to stay healthy. Infact, even diet soft drinks do not offer any nutritional benefit except that they contain less calories and sugar. If your goal is rehydration, then plain water can do that without bringing along the calories and sugar.

Soft drinks are a major factor in obesity and diabetes

A can of coke contains as much as 10 cubes of sugar and you will need to cycle for 25 minutes to burn the calories. The sweetener used in most soft drinks is high-fructose corn syrup. This type of sugar has been linked to several conditions including obesity and diabetes. Diet soft drinks can also contribute to this because the sweetener used in them have been found to lead to increased appetite and makes it more difficult to lose weight. People who take one or more sugary drinks a day have been found to be more likely to have Type 2 Diabetes than those who don’t.

Soft drinks and dentition

Soft drinks are made with carbonated water and this weakens tooth enamel, leading to the formation of cavities and tooth decay. The sugar in these drinks also coats the teeth allowing bacteria to thrive in the mouth. Studies have shown that soft drinks alone are responsible for doubling or tripling the cases of tooth decay.

Soft drinks and weakened Bones

Soft drinks can be a factor in cases of osteoporosis where the bones are weakened. This is especially true in those who substitute the intake of milk with soft drinks. Children who consume excessive soft drinks have also been found to be at a significant risk of impairment in the calcification of their growing bones.

Metabolic Syndrome

This syndrome combines high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance with obesity. Soft drinks have unfortunately been found to be a major risk factor for the development of this syndrome.


You may think that soft drinks are good for rehydration. It is important to note that the rehydration is short-lived. Many soft drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine is a kind of diuretic that causes an increase in the volume of urine passed. The excess sugar also causes more water to be lost from your body.

There are several healthy alternative drinks that you can take instead of soft drinks and they include tea, natural fruit juice, coffee, low fat milk and plain water.

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Health / 8 Health Benefits Of Sex You Never Knew by ElMatteo(m): 4:04pm On Dec 26, 2014
Much has been said about the downsides of sex and so little about the benefits. As much as sex can bring STDs and other ills; it can also provide several benefits that are great for your health. Many however see sex as only a means of pleasure and childbirth. It is therefore worth knowing some of the health benefits of sex.

Immune Boosting

Eating well, getting enough sleep, and getting vaccinated are all important in boosting your immune system. Add regular sex to these and you have a great immune system that defends your body against infective organisms. This is because research has shown that those that are sexually active had a higher blood level of certain antibodies than those that were not so active sexually and these antibodies help you fend off infections.

Bladder control for women

About 30% of women will have urinary incontinence at one time or the other in their lives. This is when a person passes urine without intending to. Studies have shown that women who had sex regularly were less likely to develop urinary incontinence as it helps strengthen their pelvic muscles which is important for bladder control.

Lowers Blood Pressure

People who had more sex have been found to have a lower blood pressure compared to others, ensuring that they stay healthy. One study found that those who regularly had sex had a lower systolic (the numerator in your B.P measurement) compared to those who did not.

Sex is good exercise

It’s been found that on the average, you burn about five calories per minute while having sex. This can be a good source of exercise for those that hardly have time to exercise. The benefits of exercise are quite numerous and sex delivers some of those benefits.

Reduces Risk for Heart Attack

Men who had sex regularly were found to have a 50% lesser risk of developing a heart attack. This is not only because it raises your heart rate which is great; it also keeps your sex hormone, oestrogen and testosterone, in balance which are important hormones and their balance can help avoid conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

Better Sleep

You may have noticed that you sleep better after sex. This is because the hormone Prolactin is usually released after an orgasm. This hormone helps with relaxation and the feeling of sleepiness.

Reduces Stress

The arousal associated with sex is great in easing stress. This is because your brain releases some chemicals that help in exciting your entire body. Sex can also help stimulate happiness and boosts self-esteem.

Reduces Pain

Sex can help reduce the feeling of pain. Sex helps release a hormone that usually raises your pain threshold. Sexual stimulation can combat chronic pain such as the pain associated with arthritis.

In conclusion, remember that there is no substitute for safe sex and that abstinence is the only way of avoiding STDs, including HIV, for the unmarried ones. If you must do it, then use a condom.



Health / 10 Warning Signs You Have A STD by ElMatteo(m): 11:35am On Dec 16, 2014
Sexually Transmitted Diseases are diseases that are primarily transmitted through sexual activities which are not limited to penetrative sex; they can also be transmitted through oral and anal sex. Many people suffer from STDs in silence with most being overly shy to talk about it and to also see a doctor because they believe it’s a stigma. It must be emphasized that it is always the best to seek early diagnosis and treatment because most STDs have terrible consequences if not treated early.

The common Sexually Transmitted Diseases include Genital Herpes and Human Papilloma Virus/Genital Warts. Others are Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, and HIV.

As much as it is possible to have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) without showing any symptom, it is nevertheless important that you are informed enough to know when symptoms arise so that you can seek medical attention.

Below are 10 important signs that you may have a Sexually Transmitted Disease,

1. Penile and Vaginal Discharge

The discharge may come in varying colours depending on the exact cause of the infection. It may also be foul smelling especially in the case of females.

2. Rash

Rash may appear around the genital area and it could even appear over the body depending on the STD.

3. Painful Urination

Urinating may become painful with or without discharge.

4. Sores, Bumps or Warts around the Genital Area

You may start having swellings around your genitals with some swellings rupturing to become sores which may be painful or painless. Warts are small growths that may hang from the skin in the genital area and they are also an important pointer to STDs.

5. Bleeding

Females may often find themselves bleeding outside their monthly period.

6. Diarrhoea, weight loss and night sweats

As the disease progresses, the above symptoms may begin to surface. There is frequent passage of loose stools with associated weight loss which may become evident with loose fitting of cloths. Night sweats are also another sign.

7. Painful Sexual Intercourse

Sex may start to become painful and this may cause sexual displeasure.

8. Itching around the Genitals

This can affect both males and females alike. The itching can become very severe causing serious discomfort and there may be self-inflicted wounds due to intense finger scratching.

9. Sores on the lips or tongues

As noted earlier, STDs can be transmitted through MouthAction. If this is the route of transmission, then there could be sores on the lips and/or the tongue.

10. Fever, Aches, Nausea and Vomiting

This may be a non-specific symptom that can be experienced in many other diseases asides STDs. However, the combination of these symptoms with any of the other ones listed above may be a strong indication that it is a STD.

Early diagnosis and treatment is important in all cases of STDs because the later treatments are started, the more difficult it becomes to treat. This is why it is important that you see a doctor immediately you suspect you have a STD. Just taking some medications for some days can help free you from the discomfort.

One important thing is that you should not only be the one seeking medical attention, your sexual partner(s) too should be encouraged to do the same because if they don’t get treatment, there is a high likelihood of you getting re-infected.

For more great articles to make you stay healthy, visit www.naijadoctor.com.

Health / Re: 7 Guaranteed Ways Of Effectively Managing Pile (haemorrhoids) by ElMatteo(m): 4:42pm On Dec 01, 2014
I wud slightly deviated from pile a little bit but we wud still stay in the Large intestine area.. someone not me, has serious constipation for years ,it comes and goes but this year, it has become more painful. Use of drugs proved abortive / not working so we resorted to herbal / natural remedy. Do u know any natural remedy day can help us gey dis constipation off......thanks

There are many things that can cause constipation and I want to believe we both understand what constipation is here cos many pple do not understand this term and misuse it. Simply put, constipation is the inability to pass stool for longer than is expected in an individual.

The most important cause of constipation is intestinal obstruction which can be due to many things. It is therefore important that the person in question sees a doctor that will evaluate him properly with the right investigations. I do not know the drugs he has been using but it is not just about taking drugs, he has to be properly diagnosed and that is only when he can be appropriately treated. So advise him to seek consultation from a doctor.

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Health / Re: 7 Guaranteed Ways Of Effectively Managing Pile (haemorrhoids) by ElMatteo(m): 4:32pm On Dec 01, 2014
What then cause low back pain and how can one prevent/cure it. 'cos I do have the pain and I do affliate it with PILE.

There are quite a number of things that can cause low back pain and knowing them will help you greatly in preventing them. The most common cause is muscle or ligament strains that may be due to assuming some awkward sitting, standing or sleeping positions or lifting heavy things. However, most times you may not be able to identify a particular cause but the truth is that the low back carries the weight of the upper body and is therefore susceptible to pain especially with increasing age.

In treating low back pain, there are a number of things you can do at home, such as using ice and heat; exercising; losing weight; avoiding stress; using some over-the-counter medications and so on.

Your question actually made me write two articles on my blog on what causes low back pain (http://naijadoctor.com/what-causes-back-pain/) and 9 easy steps to treat low back pain at home (http://naijadoctor.com/treat-low-back-pain-home/).

You can check them out for more clarification on the subject matter.
Health / Re: 7 Guaranteed Ways Of Effectively Managing Pile (haemorrhoids) by ElMatteo(m): 1:55pm On Nov 28, 2014
Jedijedi abi?... ok I yea yu.

Well. Yes! Yorubas call it JediJedi. I must however clarify some areas of misconceptions about 'JediJedi' as you have called it.

Most people have low back pain and they are in a haste to attribute this to Pile.

I must state clearly here that LOW BACK PAIN IS NOT CAUSED BY PILE.

Low back pain is a different condition on its own and is not related to Pile. Low back pain is a common condition that affects both young and old but is in no way caused by Pile. It also has a different management approach from Pile.

It is important to know this because many take herbal concoctions everyday when they have low back pain expecting that it will solve the problem.

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Health / Re: 7 Guaranteed Ways Of Effectively Managing Pile (haemorrhoids) by ElMatteo(m): 12:34pm On Nov 28, 2014
nice one op

Health / 7 Guaranteed Ways Of Effectively Managing Pile (haemorrhoids) by ElMatteo(m): 12:14pm On Nov 28, 2014
Pile (Haemorrhoids) is more common than you may think. The issue is that most people that suffer from it don’t talk about it and they therefore suffer from it in silence. Haemorrhoids are so common that studies have shown that 50% of people will have had it by the time they are 50. Also, 75 percent of people over 45 years are affected by it.

Considering these statistics, It is important that you understand how to cope with this condition in order to maintain a good quality of life. Pile is not a serious health condition but it can make you very uncomfortable because of the pain and the itching that may be associated with it.

The common symptoms of Pile include bleeding, itching and mild to severe pain in the anal region. It is usually caused by swollen veins around the rectum and the anus. It may be internal or external depending on its location.

If Pile is this common then everyone must understand how to cope with it because the statistics above shows that if you don’t have it, then someone close to you must have it whether or not you know.

1. Drink lots of Water
One of the risk factors of Pile is constipation which is the failure to pass stool for longer than is expected. This hardens the stool and makes it more difficult to pass bringing about straining which significantly aggravates Pile. Taking lots of water can help soften the stool and reduce constipation.

2. Increase Dietary Fibre
If you consciously add fibre in your diet everyday, you can never go wrong. Dietary Fibre does not only protect you against the symptoms of Pile, it has many more benefits that are great for your health. In fact, the absence of fibre in the diet of many people nowadays is a major factor responsible for the increase in some gastrointestinal cancers. Dietary fibre can be found in food items such as beans, vegetable and fruits. This softens your stool reducing the risk for constipation.

3. Use Sitz Bath
Sitz Bath can be easily done at home and it has been shown to significantly alleviate the symptoms of Pile. All you will need is to get warm water and dissolve some salt in it. You have to dissolve the salt by mixing it in the water until the salt no longer dissolves. Sit on the water so that your rectal area is in contact with the water for just 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this three to four times in a day.

4. Try some over-the-counter medications
These are medications that do not require prescriptions and you can easily purchase to help reduce the symptoms. This includes hydrocortisone creams, gels and suppositories. Suppositories are medications that can be inserted in the rectal region and reduces pain and inflammation in the area. You can also take oral analgesics that can reduce the pain and inflammation.

5. Exercise
Physical activity can help prevent and treat haemorrhoids. If your job requires that you sit for too long, it is important that you stand intermittently and walk around. If you also do a lot of standing, then you should take out sometime to relax in between. You must avoid some physical activities such as weight lifting because such activities can worsen the symptoms of Pile.

6. Avoid Delaying Defecation
It is the habit of some to always delay using the bathroom. This usually hardens the stool and may therefore result in straining during defecating. You do not have to wait to feel the urge before you use the bathroom. You can regularly make it a habit to always use the bathroom and this will help avoid the hardening of your stool.

7. Avoid Sitting in the toilet for too long
Yes I know it is a good place to read the newspaper or even reply those mails you have not had time to attend to. For some, it is even a good time to think out some great ideas. Some can spend as much as an hour there because it is a good time to escape your troubles. The truth is that sitting in the toilet for too long increases the risk for haemorrhoids because the anus relaxes and allows the veins to fill up with blood causing more pressure on the veins. So just get it over with and get out!!

If you can take all these steps, you can be sure that you will have been able to successfully prevent or treat haemorrhoids. They are easy steps that you can start taking today that you can be sure will give you a better quality of life. However, if the symptoms are severe, you should see a doctor and discuss other line of management.

You can post your questions about Pile here and you can be sure of getting a professional response.

For more insightful articles that will help you stay healthy, visit www.naijadoctor.com

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Health / Herbal Concoctions - How Safe Are They? by ElMatteo(m): 2:21pm On Nov 24, 2014
If you are an African man and you have never taken herbal concoctions before, then you are an ‘Afri’ man without the ‘can’. This is because herbal medicine has been deeply rooted in our culture and it is difficult to do without it. As a child, I was given herbal concoctions several times and my concern was not even the safety then but the bitterness. Oh My! It was as if the more bitter the medicine, the more potent it is.

In the light of civilization in Africa, the practice of taking herbal medicine is still common place. You can find it everywhere you go – on the streets, in buses, in shops and some have even taken it online. Many are so addicted to taking it that they just have to consume it every morning. Some see it as an opportunity to take ‘healthy’ alcohol due to the fact that many herbal concoctions are prepared with alcohol and since it is medicine then it has to be a healthy preparation irrespective of the amount of alcohol it contains, or so they think. The question that should therefore be answered is whether or not these medicines are safe to consume and the answer I will give is as political as it is true – It all depends.

Traditional medicine is a field that is recognized all over the world and is practiced even in the western world. There are several researches that have gone into the field of traditional medicine and there are even more on-going ones. This is because herbal medicines, just like western medicines, have to go through several stages of analysis and testing, and must be deemed safe for consumption before they are sold at all. However, most of the herbal medicines that are found on the streets are neither tested nor approved for consumption. Their potency is only based on the experience of those that formulate them because the formula was handed over to them by their ancestors.

Before you crucify me, I am not trying to insinuate that herbal medicines do not work; a lot of them actually do. God has created many of them as a solution to many ailments and diseases. It however takes careful research to be able to separate those that are safe for consumption from those that are not. The point is that most of them you find on the streets do not pass through any process to verify that they are totally safe for consumption. Taking herbs like bitter leaf may actually help as it naturally has many beneficial attributes but you may be in danger if you consume a lot of herbal concoctions that have not passed through any scientific analysis. This means even if by chance they work to treat the ailment it has been prescribed for, it may leave other health problems behind that may even be harder to manage. Most don’t even have dosages and those that have dosages are just as a result of the discretion of the formulator and not based on any scientific research. You cannot also vouch for the hygiene of the preparations.

Another problem is that most herbal medicine suppliers make lots of bogus and extreme claims. For example, I have seen people advertise some herbal medicines that can cure several ailments – hypertension, diabetes, STDs, ulcer, impotence and even HIV. How possible is it that just one medication will solve all these health challenges. This has already shown that the medication is counterfeit.
Herbal concoctions can be very detrimental to your health. This is because some of them contain substances that are nephrotoxic and even hepatotoxic. Sorry for the medical jargon!! I mean they can be injurious to the kidneys and the liver. I have seen cases of individuals developing kidney failure due to the consumption of herbal concoctions. How sad!

This is not to say that there are no herbal medicines that are safe to consume. There are some licensed Traditional medicine practitioners that have been given the license to practice. This is because they do extensive research and adopt international best practices in the formulation and production of their medications. They therefore have the necessary registration with the appropriate health agencies.
It is however wise to see a doctor when you have any serious health problem and follow the doctor’s management thoroughly. Some conditions need thorough investigation before it is even diagnosed – a privilege traditional medicine may not be able to provide. Western medical knowledge is based on several decades of documented research and every management plan has been researched over the years and has been agreed upon by several experts to be the best line of treatment.

Do not follow bogus claims by some traditionalists that will tell you not to believe your doctor because they have some traditional medicine they want to give to you. Many have lost their lives for failing to heed their doctor’s advice and deciding instead to go for traditional management. Some being treated in hospitals even get discharged against medical advice to seek traditional help such as those with fractures that decided to turn to traditional bone setters with most of them coming back to the hospital with even more serious problems.

Make the right choice today and safeguard your health.

For more great articles that will help you stay healthy and fit, visit www.naijadoctor.com
Health / Re: NMA Vs JOHESU Vs FG Vs Patients........ Why the hatred for doctors??? by ElMatteo(m): 12:46pm On Jul 11, 2014
I am not saying there are no competent health care providers in the country, it won't be fear on them but the majority of them are incompetent.

I can safely say 70 percent of the so called Drs are incompetent but they want to be treated as gods.

Are u really serious? If you know what it wud take to graduate as a doctor in Nigeria, then you will not make such ill-informed statement. Do you know the doctor to patient ratio in Nigeria compared to other developed country? Do you have an idea of what we have to do with little or no facilities that the government have failed to provide? I am sure an American doctor cant even try it cos they have facilities that make their work much easier. We read the same text books and are tested on the same information. They are only better cos their government provides better facilities.
Instead of you to direct your anger at the government and put pressure on them to provide better facilities, you are saying Nigerian doctors are incompetent. This same doctors that travel and work successfully abroad are incompetent in Nigeria. I am sure you dont know the number of doctors that leave the shores of this country every year for better opportunities that are only a dream here.

PerfectFortune: Majority of the Drs working at various govt owned hospitals also work elsewhere either at their own private hospitals or get a job with a private hospital all to the deteriment of the poor masses who frequent the govt owned hospitals.

If using my spare time after work to seek for other opportunities is a crime then you must think again. Do you know that many doctors, including consultants in Lagos State teaching hospital for instance are paid as contract staff. Lagos state govt has refused to make them permanents staffs and pays them on hourly basis and u tell them not to seek for other opportunities elsewhere to make ends meet?

PerfectFortune: In most govt owned hospitals, you hardly find a Dr that practise the true essence of the profession but those that are arrogant, selfish and complete cheats.

Take the FMC ebute metta for instance, patients rush to the hospital as early as 5.30/6am to pick nos so they can attended to and return home early enf as it is not like anybody likes going to the hospital anyway but the Drs stroll in around 9.30/10am with no apology the long waiting anxious patients (since they beliv they shld be worshipd) and by 1pm they stop consultation till the next day leaving for their various private hospitals.

What you dont understand is that before the doctor comes to the clinic to attend to patients, he most times has to go to the wards to do a ward round and see the patients on admission or who do you think attends to the patients on the wards? but you make a costly assumption of thinking it is that same time he comes to attend to patients in the clinic that he is resuming to work. You dont even consider that there are doctors on call that have to stay in the hospital over the night and yet resume to work the next morning without any break cos from your write up, its like you are making an assumption that after 1pm, no doctor can be found in the hospital.

PerfectFortune: If I should start talking about their level of incompetence, the whole page will not contain it as there are even on several occassions where they are corrected by Nurses (on medication prescriptns).

It is interesting if you can say that on SEVERAL OCCASIONS you have seen a nurse correcting a doctor's prescription. As much as I will like to say that the nurses and doctors work together, you saying you have seen a nurses correcting doctors' prescriptions on SEVERAL OCCASIONS only gives credence to the fact that you are only trying to pursue a personal vendetta against doctors.

PerfectFortune: In simple terms, ppl don't hate Drs but the attitude of the holder of the title. They are arrogant, selfish, incompetent, cheats and the big bang, "Killers" going on strike to divert patients to their private hospitals.

I will keep saying it, herbalists are better than most Nigerian Drs..

I can not imagine that you will say so much hurting words about doctors. Remember that tomorrow, you may be at the mercy of this same 'arrogant', 'selfish', 'incompetent'. 'cheats and killers' according to you or maybe you may just choose to go to the herbalist since in your own opinion, herbalists are better.


Business / Re: Interested Partners For Importation Business Meeting Zone by ElMatteo(m): 11:59am On Aug 10, 2013
I believe if we are to import anything, then we have to be 101% sure of the quality. This JV is born out of the collaboration of individuals who have been into importation so I believe that to an extent, getting quality stuffs shouldnt be a big problem.

I suggest we communicate adequately with the supplier and tell him exactly what we want so they can even tailor it to our taste. We can also make sample orders in order to be sure of the quality so we can have ample time to assess the quality before we make our final major orders. This may take some time but I believe something like this should be meticulously orchestrated so we dont end up losing.

If we can do this, then we should have no problem with the customization cos we can vouch for the quality.
Business / Re: Interested Partners For Importation Business Meeting Zone by ElMatteo(m): 5:06pm On Aug 09, 2013
[b][/b]As they say, Ideas rule the world. I am more than impressed at the pace and quality of ideas that have been expressed so far on this thread. It further proves that we Nigerians are great thinkers. I'm sure the great corporations of the world we know today didnt do anything different from what we are doing here today at the start. We have all seen a need in our country and we are all trying to tap into it.
However, the greatest challenge everyone has is in turning the ideas into reality which is what we have to meticulously do.
Firstly, I will like to plead that there shouldnt be any limit to membership. I will like everyone who is interested to be given a chance. If the person cannot meet up with the demands of the venture, then let it be on him/her to be left out. We may not come in on the same level cos our financial capabilities differ but members can be placed on diff levels depending on how much the person is willing to contribute. So technically speaking, we can all become shareholders in varying proportion which means the major shareholders maybe responsible for the major decision making in order to avoid the unnecessary rowdiness while the other members will be carried along.
Also, in terms of marketing, I can suggest something. I was in Lagos briefly last week and while in an eatery, a young man walked up to me and asked me for some funds which he needs for transport to go for an interview. We got talking and I realised he is an OND holder that has been seeking for a job. After giving him some motivation, I decided to give him a job opportunity. We reached an agreement for him to market my stuffs. It will be on commission basis. This i believe is a very good marketing idea cos there is no way u will lose cos you are not going to be paying any salary, you will only pay commisions based on the quantity the individual sells. So if he doesnt sell,then he doesnt get any commision. This is what top companies of today use cos the idea is that no matter what happens you will never lose cos instead of paying salaries even when the person doesnt sell enough to cover up for the salary.

I think there are people looking for something to do so we can get them to do our marketing with us.
Also, we can focus on people that will buy in wholesales cos this is he fastest way to make profit.

Lets just have a positive attitude towards this venture and we will see that there are no limits to what we can achieve.


Business / Re: Interested Partners For Importation Business Meeting Zone by ElMatteo(m): 2:55pm On Jul 29, 2013
Words of elders are words of wisdom..Baba has spoken (as one of my ogas said)

My oga El Matteo, am highly honoured to have you here with us your Excellency. Your boys are just brainstorming on how to make things better before you walked in. Thank God you are here.

I made an earlier post in line with your suggestions but it's hidden. The bots are having a field day on my accounts. Mods, ki lo n sele?

The idea of each state/location having its own JV is brilliant for now. This will save us from the problem of slow decision making attendant with large organisations but I feel there is no harm for a group partners to venture into 2-3 products.

Thank you once again for dropping by. This is a sign that good things will happen soon.

I agree with you. It could be more than one product per team. However, we must understand that it isnt all about dropping the money. The major work is on the marketing cos your importation will be nothing without having a good selling strategy.

....and to show that I'm subscribing to this idea, I need pple to work with in Kaduna. I have some 6mths left here and I want to storm the market here with wristwatches in particular. If you are in KD and you are interested or you have other productss in mind let me know, so we can put sth together.
Business / Re: Interested Partners For Importation Business Meeting Zone by ElMatteo(m): 11:05am On Jul 29, 2013
Well, I will commend everyone for such an idea.
However, I will like to drop my 2 cents.
The bottom line is that this is already becoming too crowded for a JV.
I will therefore suggest that pple shud find other partners with like passion in terms of product choice and location for example cos it may not be feasible to start a single venture with multiple locations. Monitoring centrally will be an issue. Also, disagreements on profit sharing will definitely be an issue.
So, for example, pple in Osun state can set up venture and deal in a particular product. If they can sustain it, then with time, they can start expanding to other places. This will ensure that the business is properly monitored and partners can easily agree on issues that affect them.
I will therefore rather we use this forum to find pple that are interested in the same products and are in the same location so that everything can be facilitated well cos we will not all agree on the same product cos of different factors.
I believe we can do this successfully cos trying to come under one single umbrella will bring disorganisation and disarray and we can spend forever planning it but with no progress. #JustMyOpinion#


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by ElMatteo(m): 6:47pm On Jul 14, 2013
[b][/b] Hi everyone.
I know you will all have been wondering where I have been. Well, I have been fine.
I have been in Kaduna since January doing my housemanship here. I haven't done much of importation of late.
Its good to see that this thread is still alive. When I created it on the 28th of Nov., 2012, I never knew it will gather this much followers. I'm glad to know that we are all helping each other to succeed and I hope we can keep this attitude alive.

Well, I'm back in business and you will see me more often here now.

Kudos to all that have kept this thread alive.

I'm sorry I haven't been replying the many mails I receive. Its cos of my schedules but I will try to improve.

Its Good to be Back.


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 9:19am On Jan 10, 2013
signature2012: Plz guyz i need a big favour frm u all,av been following diz thread despite busy schedule,i want to purchase tru chrisv on ebay,but all i see is biddind there n there,plz are dere no wayz i can buy straight dan diz biddin n biddin

Try to search for products with the 'buy it now' option then u wudnt need to make any bid again.

@all..for those that have already imported, plz start sharing your experiences on marketing so others can learn too. Remember its not just about importing but also creating avenues foe marketing ur goods.


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 10:07pm On Jan 08, 2013
Hi everyone. I'm sorry I avnt been around for sometime..been working on a diff business opportunity and combined with my job, it hasn't given me much time. I also have to apologize to all those that have sent me mails and I haven't replied. Plz I will take sometime out to reply. However, I must advise that people, especially those that are just getting started, should spend time going through the entire thread so that they can get all the info they need cos I get many mails asking me questions that have already been attended to on the thread. Infact some also tell me to send them ebooks (I don't know where I mentioned that I have an ebook) and some others even tell me they want to know about the importation business and I wonder what this thread is about in the first place.

Back to business.
I mentioned that I got an android pc from chrisvicmall sometime ago (exactly 24th Dec). I wanted to use it for sometime to know how good it is before I start fully marketing it and so far, it has been ok. It browses fast (with airtel network cos other networks on the android are very bad), it makes calls and receives calls (its just that I can't check my balance or dial any of those numbers like *556#, *123# for example cos I won't get any response but it makes calls and receives).
Its 8GB HDD and 1GB ram with sim slot.
The only thing is that it doesn't have a camera behind, it only has in front but I don't mind since its working fine. I just want to start the marketing now and I'm looking at an 100% profit.

I read about the issue btw sextail and chrisvicmall. Plz sextail, has the issue being resolved with you, let us know. I'm sorry u had to go tru that but u must understand that sometimes, such things may happen and most times the fault is not directly with chrisvicmall but with the shipping company though they have to take the full responsibility since u paid to them. I've had an issue with the shipping company too when I ordered for the tablet pc and was very angry at the start but I realised it was the fault of the guyz that brought the stuffs into the country and thank God it was immediately resolved.

Kudos to everyone that have kept the thread going and I believe 2013 wud be our year of great breakthroughs in business.


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 9:03pm On Dec 28, 2012
Xzevian: @chemashie, el-matteo,sexy,xzebuzi ãŊđ others......Am happy to tell Ɣou dat I just receive Ă message frm one mr onyebuchi frm chrisvicmall that Ϻý order(brazilian hair) is ready for collection @ int'l airport but told me to bring 15dollar for shipping cost in which I quickly tell them ddat have paid up all Ϻý bill before shipping take place and they promise me that they will confirm frm elena ãŊđ get back to me........ I need chrisvicmall address inside murtala int'l airport ãŊđ where am I goin to drop in ikeja because am goin to send Ϻý junior brother to collect on Ϻý behave...... Thanks

Congratz on the arrival of ur stuffs. Chrisvicmall doesn't have an address at the airport. Since u av paid the shipping fee, u need not worry. Just go get ur stuffs and explain to the Onyebuchi guy that u av paid and he will confirm that. U can call chrisvicmall rep when u get there just in case Onyebuchi insists on payment. U can find their number on the site so they will speak with Onyebuchi and clear you.
Try to update the whole house about the quality of the hair and how u intend selling them so others can learn.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 1:50am On Dec 26, 2012
@all asking for the link..I actually didn't buy directly from aliexpress. Chrisvicmall did the buying for me even at a cheaper price compared to the price on aliexpress.

The same product is at this link

The price there on the link is $126 but chrisvicmall got it a lil cheaper cos they didn't buy from aliexpress directly. I also got the case and the external keyboard with it.

I will put the total of everything with the service charge and shipping fee at $135. I hope that helps.

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Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 7:48pm On Dec 25, 2012
I will like to wish everyone on this thread a MERRY XMAS. Even as the day runs to an end, I hope we all had fun. I'm sorry I have been away for some time but I'm glad you guyz kept this thread alive.
I said the last time that I ordered for an android tablet. The specs is 1Gb ram, 8Gb HDD, bluetooth, Wi fi, sim card. It was recommended to me by Elena of chrisvicmall. I have been using it for some days now and it has been ok. Infact, I'm typing this from it. I must say airtel network is the best on this android cos I have tried other networks and they were awful until i used airtel which was quite fast.

Just want to use it for some days more before I start aggressive marketing.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 8:59am On Dec 18, 2012
Yes. If you want to succeed, then u av to take a bold step and do sth. Most people just keep asking questions and they are not doing anything. Know that as u keep asking the questions, some are making the money. All the theoretical aspects u need to learn to start sth are already here. The other things u will need to learn is through your experience.
When I started, I had nobody to guide me like this. I found chrisvicmall online, did my research and decided to pay to them even though there is a chance that I may end up loosing my money.

Just start with whatever u av and u can also come back here to share your experiences so others can learn. Read this thread from the first page and u will realise no ebook can provide you with such depth of information cos u are not just learning from the experience of one person but from many who have done this before.

I have many mails that I haven't replied due to my schedule. However, I get a lot of mails asking me to teach them about the importation bizness or to give them an ebook and I wonder why they will be asking that when all they need is already on this thread. Its like people unnecessarily love things in ebooks.

I didn't read any ebook to start the importation biz. Infact I was motivated by the sales page of a guy that is selling the ebook. I only had to do my own research in order to get the info he was selling.

Most people will be surprised if I tell them my profession and you may wonder what I am doing here considering my profession. Yes! I am a doctor, a medical doctor. I am doing this because I have a passion for business and to prove to many out there that they can create a lasting source of income even without a job. I see opportunities everywhere. Opportunities that I cannot exhaust in a life time but waste their potentials looking for jobs that aren't available. I always ask myself, if I were not employed, will I still be able to build sufficient wealth for me and coming generation? The answer is YES cos I know enough to succeed and one day, I may be a full time business man cos its not just the money, I Love doing this. Even when I was a medical student, I got my hands into different money making ventures cos I had to fend for myself.

Bottom line! You can only be limited by your thinking. We have so many problems in Nigeria crying out for solutions. So u can be one of the solutions to our many problem. No matter the challenges I face, I can not stop in my bid to not just depend on my salary but to be able to create sth of my own that will create lasting wealth and will impart not just my generation but generations to come. You too shouldn't stop.


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 8:46pm On Dec 17, 2012
@chemashie..great work
I also believe we cud leverage on the presence of chrisvicmall in China cos just like you did I had to ask Elena to recommend a good tablet pc for me cos of the diff complaints that some of the products there have. The tablet will get here 2mao. Infact, she got it cheaper than the aliexpress price.

About the brazillian hair, it is obvious that many of us on this thread want to get it and I understand why- the profit potential is quite good. So I believe we can all work together to get good and quality brazillian hair and also discuss the potential market price here so we can all work together and make sth good out of it. So letz await the recommendation from chrisvicmall cos I have come to trust their judgement and honesty so far.


Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 6:30pm On Dec 15, 2012
1.) Can Chrisvicmall help to purchase items from Ebay, Amazon and other USA stores?
answer: Currently we do not purchase from USA stores but before 30th December, we will start helping customers to purchase from USA stores

I think I and many others here will be looking forward to this date and I hope u will work on it to make it possible. Thanks
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 11:01am On Dec 15, 2012
Chibenze: Hi el mattoe pls I want to buy a laptop in aliexpress i have little idea abt quality of a laptop, please suggest what i should be considering when buying a laptop in aliexpress?

I have not ordered for a laptop before on aliexpress. However, u shud go tru the feedback of any seller to know what buyers say about it. Make sure the seller has sold a good number so u av the advantage of seeinf the feedback of many buyers. Also, u can ask chrisvicmall if they can recommend any good one for u since they are in China
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 10:16am On Dec 15, 2012
unclenna: This your comment contradicts what the guy said.

The service charge is actually $10 and not 10%.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free by ElMatteo(m): 10:14am On Dec 15, 2012
Kingoneh: Hello N-landers
1. i just want to know more of the payment...i dont have a GTB CARD but my gal do,so can i use my gals card for payment...?
2. Can first bank card work
3. Can someone in USA make orders and payment on that site and ask them to ship the orders to nigeria...?

1.You can use her own provided she gives the consent and she gives u her details.
2.I don't think first bank can work. I only know of UBA and GTB
3. If u mean from aliexpress, then Yes but why do that when u can make the order yourself and get it here. But if you are talking about other western sites like Amazon that don't ship to Nigeria, then maybe the person from USA can get it for u.

lekan208: Thank you for this quality information cost by the time you add it to the cost of the , but I always have a challenge when i visit aliexpress of dhgate, the challenge is the issue of shipping it will almost be the same with the one in Nigeria ually look at laptops and phones, So please I will need information about the shipping cost as soon as possible
Thank you

We have discussed everything about reducing the shipping cost on this thread so u can go back and check the previous pages.

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