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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: "Tinubu Is Not As Old As You Portray Him" (Photo) by emiye(m): 5:59pm On Jan 20, 2022
This dundeee man should keep quiet. People don't age the same way. If you randomly select people of the same age they won't all look the same. Concluding in its entirety that he is not 69 just by mere looks is not a smart way.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by emiye(m): 9:03pm On Jan 16, 2022

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by emiye(m): 6:43am On Jan 14, 2022
Hello fam, please I need help o...so my family and I with my toddler will be landing by 31st January in Calgary. We know no one but will appreciate any help anyone will offer. Please, what would you advice we do? Get an Airbnb to quarantine in or find and pay for an apartment?
Secondly, can anyone help pick us up, please?

Thank you all smiley
Family / Re: Women, DNA Testing Is Not A Home Breaker: It Can Vindicate You (opinion) by emiye(m): 12:51am On Jan 07, 2021
Before even doing DNA testing, sometimes blood group and genotype testing can increase the likelihood of paternity determination, for those who can't afford the cost of DNA testing. If a man has an AB+ blood group and wife is O+, if the son is AB, the likelihood the father is the parent is higher, although not as reliable as a DNA testing. If both partners are AA and the "offspring" is AS, then there is a foul play. Or both partners blood group O and offspring is blood group AB, may be a DNA is not really necessary to tell there is a foul play.


Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by emiye(m): 4:50am On Jan 06, 2021
Roughly 100,000 Nigerians in Canada, we need to target a million in the next ten years. It is a huge achievement for Nigeria as a country , when Nigerians leave for Canada. Diasporas are contributing to Nigerian economy invariably via foreign remittance. It is all hype to overrate the number of Nigerians who have left in 5 years, Nigeria has a population of 200 million and produces graduates enmasse. Anytime a professional leaves for Canada, (s)he has indirectly provided a job for a jobless graduate.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 10:37pm On Jun 15, 2017
@ emiye pls i will like to ask you a private question... can i send u a PM? Thanks
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 6:46pm On Jun 15, 2017

Well spiritually, I have passed Medicals grin
Technically, it remains "we are reviewing the status of your medicals"...

But I got a 2nd additional document request for schedule A for me and spouse and supplementary travel form!

Make we dey see as e go!!

@emiye how is the ministry going?, u Don pass iP1? Mehn, Middle east apps r very slow, slower than west Africa self. Imagine all those additional requests wch you got within the space of two weeks, my own is 2months and counting, while aor is post 105 days now!

I however submitted her pcc, updated pof, wedding photos, digital photo via cse last month!

Pls after your schedule A request, what was the next update for you and time frame?

All the best!
A bit frustrated bro, i ordered gcms notes on may 12 and received 2 days ago, and application shows approved, but ppr is no where to be found. I am 3 weeks old on ip2. Schedule A/travel history request for me was on March 8.(36 days after AOR) March 20(updated pof) March 21(proof of relationship , relationship pixes, IMM008 form e.t.c)
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 5:31pm On Jun 11, 2017
Long time people! Got my PPR few days ago. Took a total of 114 days from AOR. Timeline below:

FSW Outland
AOR February 15th
Meds passed April 7th
BG Next Step April 8th
Schedule A reguested April 26th
Schedule A submitted April 29th
BG NA May 1st
BG IP May 27th
PPR June 9th

Special thanks to my paddies; dupyshoo (may God bless this woman for me), vcole, Iphie, 40manlappy, boldinc etal.

This journey has taught me that if you have a vision, work towards it and pray, success is sure.

Good luck everyone. We will all celebrate in the end.
Congrats sis !. I hope to share something similar soonest,My BG moved to ip on May 25.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 8:40am On Jun 02, 2017
Hello house,please somebody should break the whole process of Canadian Express Entry down for me.Have read over and over but still dont get.Am about writing IELTS what should I aim for?35 years of age,8yrs of work experience,HND holder.Someone should please explain the whole thing to me.Thank you.

I doubt you have read the first few pages.

Register for ielts (general) exam , aim a LRSW 8.5 8 7.5, 7.5, worst case scenario LRSW 8 7 7 7.
Go to wes canada website, and register, request your school send ur hnd / ond transcript to wes. send both certificates hnd/ond to wes also.

About work experience, check page 0, and you will see link to NOC classification, check the list, and select one most suitable to your work experience.

After you have done that register on cic website and join the express entry pool as a Federal skilled worker

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 8:04am On Jun 02, 2017

Emiye howfar what's the status of your application now? Still slow ba?

I sent extra wifey docs via cse and email. They confirmed in email few days later that her docs were received.

When I later logged on to CIC, They also created a section for her in the upload documents section. But they haven't uploaded any of her documents which I sent via cse/email.

Only things uploaded for her are the ones from First request letter which her passport/receipt and medicals.

Esosa, i am quite hopeful bro. The last correspondence from them was March 21. My background check moved from Not Applicable to in progress last week on May 25.

About not uploading your wifey's doc to the section created for her, i had the same experience, Infact, in my case it is quite blank. I noticed that all new placeholders requesting info about the two of us were not situated in the table created for her, so i uploaded the details on mine.
it is nothing to worry about in my opinion.
Politics / Re: I Will Resign If Nigeria Continues To Import Petrol By 2019 – Kachikwu by emiye(m): 3:42pm On May 23, 2017

Ok why dont they allow the importers of these product to source forex themselves, and we concentrate on other forex needs and maintain our forex needs.I source forex myself, I have never went to the bank to seek forex.
This would give you an indication that all what they are telling us do not add up.
But then NNPC has no Biz importing petrol etc.
They will source for the forex from Nigerian market ? wont they? Ptrol is sold at 145 coz government is involve in regulating the price.
Politics / Re: I Will Resign If Nigeria Continues To Import Petrol By 2019 – Kachikwu by emiye(m): 12:47pm On May 23, 2017

But to be honest Dangote will not solve this problem, cos I see him selling petrol at same price as today so waht will be the difference.make we dey watch
The real problem is the forex pressure import of petrol is having on Naira.

close to 40% of Nigerias total import is on refined petroleum. If Nigeria stops importing petrol and other derivatives today, it is no brainer that the Naira will appreciate considerably.

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Family / Re: Not In Love With My Wife Anymore! by emiye(m): 4:12pm On May 20, 2017

Eya she relocates to be with him and he drops the bombshell he's no longer interested in the marriage now she has to come back and re-organise her life.
The feeling of lost of emotion i suspect is greatly due to the distance. Feelings are temporary and overrated. IMO, op's wife is too stubborn to be in a marital union, and possibly not in love with op. A woman in love with a man should want to be with him. South Africa is not Syria or Afghanistan.
Family / Re: Not In Love With My Wife Anymore! by emiye(m): 9:35am On May 20, 2017
She dsnt want to come!
BE A MAN ! A woman relocates to be with her man. That is enough grounds for divorce i must say. Why would someone insist she wants to stay rooted in this naija sef? Are you sure she loves you?
Family / Re: Not In Love With My Wife Anymore! by emiye(m): 9:21pm On May 17, 2017
Dear VicMadich88 . Before tying the knot wit her, you ought o have resolved the relocation part. You two need to be together. You lack companionship (good communication and friendship) and good sex . At least one of the two must be present. When both is missing in any marriage, all other good qualities might not save the marriage.

Your first assignment is to get her to change her rigid stance on relocation, judging by what you have written here, she has not given any SENSIBLE reason to justify why she has not relocated to be with you. I see many comments here have been throwing sticks and stones at you partly because you didnt clearly outline the problems at your first post. Your subsequent posts somewhat makes it appear your wife is still yet to grapple with the meaning of marriage.

Once a lady gets married her nuclear family composition changes to her husband and her. A wife who says she doesnt want to be with her husband outside the country so she can be in Nigeria with her family members is CLOWNING and needs a marriage seminar or training. She should relocate PROMPTLY and thereafter you two can work out ways so she can still be in close contact with her FORMER nuclear family members.

All the church conference brouhaaha should wait, she should attend your church and be attending conference in your church in SA. BE A MAN, and take a stand in your marriage.

If after a good persuasion she doesnt change her stance with no SENSIBLE reason, she is either not yet ripe mentally for marriage or probably she is playing you and not in love with you.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 10:45pm On Apr 24, 2017
Goodday Nairlanders

Please I want o know oh! I came for vacation in December and got PCC, and then returned to Saudi (country or residence), also got Saudi PCC and submitted.

Now some peeps on CV forum are saying it is not valid because I was in the country while I got PCC while some others are saying it doesn't matter. I checked cic website and you know how them be, it's not straightforward.

So I am advised by some that since I am in Saudi now, I should quickly get a new PCC sent from naija. Abeg guys is there anyone applying from outside naija that did same like me. What's the update. I dread rejection.

@vcole @dupsyshoo @ugoiyke79e @boldinc @4omanlappy what yall think biko?

Lastly @emiye my spouse called the children consultant hospital and they asked if she had upfront medical form. Did your wife go with similar stuff or with ur ITA only.

And she says Children consultant hospital is same as Island Maternity Hospital Lagos..is that true?
No need to go with upfront medical form, as at March 2 which she did hers. She can go with ur ITA sha.

The children practice and consultant hospital IS NOT island maternity hospital.

Contact details below:

25 Raymond Njoku Rd, Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos

0706 585 9845

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 3:34pm On Apr 20, 2017

Wow, okay now it's clear to me. No wonder addition of spouse at this stage delays the application one kind. Anyways na progress.

Did u have Medicals passed after first request? This is what I am expecting because I am now 40days+ post AOR.

Yes, i think addition of spouse somewhat delays the process. My medical got passed after 34 days (March 6), AOR was on Jan. 31, i noticed those who submitted on the same day and in my stream passed in 29 /30 days (march 1/2). My first request letter was on March 1. I think the new trend in the last 1 month is that it is taking longer for medicals to be passed.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 12:51am On Apr 20, 2017

Bros how u dey, omo i followed ur footsteps and so far it's working, thanks a lot but........

Cic replied me today with a request letter and uploaded placeholders for spouse passport, medicals and rpf receipt... (they didn't send me payment link but I know it sef).

Obobs the problem is that they didn't ask for updated POF for family of 2 or spousal pcc or even wedding photos. I am confused on how to add this documents, should I send those ones they need and then raise another Cse or cpc Ottawa email afterwards to send remaining files? Wetin u REASON? I dey fear do oversabi and merge files that don't relate.

Lately, i had sent my marriage certificate in the initial cse and email to cpc Ottawa, do I need to send to them AGAIN?
ok, you can send d pof via cse if you want. I got 4 different request letters last month on these dates.( March 1, March 7, March 20, March 21). I got d request for (POF of 2) on March 20. and on March 21 request for pixes of build up of relationship to marriage day and other forms. It is very likely the request will come stepwisely.


Family / Re: 8-Month-Old Indian Girl Weighs 10lbs, Craves For Food & Eats Like An Adult (Pics by emiye(m): 6:32pm On Apr 14, 2017
she looks weightier than 10lbs.(4.5kg)

1kg is roughly 2.2lbs
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija Housemates Featured In A Test Question Of A South African Uni (Pictured) by emiye(m): 10:19pm On Apr 03, 2017
Please my people. I don't know who gave this Ma guy weed. He has been dancing to the sound of generator from the next compound since 7pm. He doesn't seem like stopping anytime soon and those guys like leaving Dia Gen till dawn undecided
As to the bold, that is some good news. Something to keep him dancing till dawn. You will be watching a life till dawn show for free. grin

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 9:33pm On Apr 01, 2017

Hi, please are you saying that medicals cost $28,050 per person?
Haba ! ok 28,050 naira
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 1:51pm On Apr 01, 2017

Thanks got the pcc sorted out. Pls how much did the Children consultant Hospital bill your spouse for medicals?
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 9:07pm On Mar 29, 2017

Hallos, the time has come ooh,
I am in naija now for my court wedding. I was thinking, can my spouse do the medicals and pcc before marriage which is on the 8th of april? She is on leave now so was considering that or is it compulsory to go with the cic request letter for her medicals??

What do you think.
Ok, great ! It is ok if she conduct the medicals and pcc now. The children consultant hospital, ikoyi never asked for request letter in my case . Congrats in advance, Take great pictures with loved ones on d-day. If you've got pre wedding pictures at cool places, get them handy, and also post wedding pictures. you most likely will be asked for it. I was told to upload such pictures last week.
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye's WASC Results Has Three Credits Only - Sahara Reporters by emiye(m): 8:33am On Mar 25, 2017

If he combined results what school did he take the 2nd senior secondary school cert exams? Shouldn't it be in his CV too? If it is, then when did he take it because the year of his graduation from Secondary school to University seemed seamless yet it should not be.

You are right about the boldened part. Taking in to cognisance that 95/96 session, university students were all at home due to a an ASUU strike for over a session. He claimed to have graduated in 97/98session i think.

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Family / Re: Photo Of Food Items Bought For A Bride's Family by emiye(m): 3:32pm On Mar 20, 2017
Every thing there is within 100 k wink
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 8:00pm On Mar 08, 2017

Oh nice!! I am about doing same. I submitted app on March 2nd. I plan to get married by first week of April and wanna know how you informed CIC. Was it by CSE link? I hear that it takes up to a month before they reply that link, I don't know how true.

I guess when you say request letter, you mean you wrote a letter just like LOE to address your marital status right??

And again, how long did it take before they replied you!!

Lastly, did ur wife do all dem medicals and pcc after the wedding or before?

I just wanna be practive with the process and will be glad to hear from you in detail if you can.

I raised a CSE to inform IRCC of change of marital status on Feb. 11, i didn't get any reply after 10 business days. So on March 1st, i sent the same details to CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca, less than 2 hours after i had sent the mail, i got a mail to check my cic account. In my cic account was a letter sent by ircc asking me to update my spouse medical, pcc and passport (cic request letter). 3 new placeholders were also added on my cic account.

I am a bit confused which of the 2 actions(cse on feb. 11 or mail to cpc on mar. 1) made me get the response on March 1.

A day after the request letter from cic, My wife conducted her medicals and received her PCC on March 2. On March 3, i upoaded all the 3 requirements.

A link was sent where i could pay for her application fee, so i paid on March 4. March 6 , My medicals changed to pass

March 7. Further documents requested by IRCC for: (1)Schedule A -Background/declaration for my nysc period (i guess this was because i filled my nysc under personal history as government) . I would advise others yet to submit e APR to fill nysc as employment under personal history.
(2) schedule A for my wife. (3) travel history for my wife

March 8 - I filled and sent all d stuffs requested.
I hope this will help you


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 1:23pm On Mar 06, 2017
Hello all,

Have a small question which I'm sure was answered some time back but can't remember clearly.
So I've got ITA for a few months now and I'm billed to marry in a months time. Was wondering if I submit my application before d marriage and subsequently update my profile,would it affect my application and would my spouse be included if am granted PR. Hv been weighing up whether to reject d offer a 2nd time or try my luck!
Gurus in d house shld pls help out !!!
I am going through the process, i dont think it is needed for you to reject your ITA.

I submitted my app on Jan 31, sealed union with my wife feb. 10, and i informed ircc thereafter using a valid marriage certificate and pictures if possible. On March 1, i got a request letter to update my spouse passport, medicals, and PCC. and a link was sent to me for which i can pay her application fee, i uploaded all those details on March 3. and i noticed a column with her name was updated on my account yesterday. My medicals got passed today. I am observing the trend sha. I learnt it can be done, and i am exploring the option.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 1:53pm On Feb 08, 2017
Congrats vcole , PPR fully loaded!!! wink


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 1:46pm On Feb 08, 2017

Hello Emiye,

Are you saying a statement of result (letter of attestation) from the university will be accepted for ECA in lieu of the certificate itself if it is not ready?

Please clarify this for me.

I used a Notification of result to apply with WES, since my certificate was not processed as at the time i applied for ECA.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by emiye(m): 3:43pm On Jan 31, 2017
Hello House,

I would like to thank @vcole @dupyshoo and other members that offered advice especially concerning my IELTS test i took on 29th October 2016. After EOR which took exactly 10 weeks, my scores increased by a band.

Former Scores: LRWS- 7.5,7.5,7.5,8
After EOR: LRWS- 8.5,7.5,7.5,8

Here's my issue, my name was not included among the convocation list, so i can't get my Masters certificate OFFICIALLY till next year January (so annoying angry cos i fulfilled all graduating conditions well before the list was drawn). They promised me a letter "in lieu of" which i don't think will suffice for ECA.

This sets my score at 426 (instead of 465) without the Masters (i'll be 31 years in 2 weeks, married with over 7 years experience). Should i go ahead with the ECA with my B.Eng. OR/AND try for a PNP?

Wifey's IELTS scores were lower, going to clock 30 in April, doesn't have a Masters degree/2 certificates either, so i guess she's not a better PA.

Thanks in anticipation everyone.

A statement of result will suffice for ECA if it is available , My certificate was also not processed, no thanks to an error from my postgraduate school, so i had to wait for the next convocation batch. In fact, i collected my postgraduate certificate last month. I hope to submit my ITA application today.


Education / Re: UNILAG VC Defends Graduates’ 5.0 CGPA by emiye(m): 8:30am On Jan 30, 2017

am not saying it is not possible, but the system used by unilag creates room for more 5 points than any school. For instance each year of your stay in school gets equal percentage to your CGPA ( so a four year program leaves each year with 25%). unilag runs something like 10% in first year, 20% in second year, 30% for third year and 40% for final year.
so you can actually mess up you first and second year and still get a firsty or two: one. I am just saying unless she got an A in all her courses in school, she shouldn't get a perfect score
This is not true, the school runs a cumulative grade point average.

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