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Politics / Re: BEFORE And AFTER Pic Of A Street In Aba by enemybulldozer(m): 7:20am On Sep 11, 2023
Make raining season come grin
Hate and Jealousy no allow you to think before commenting.
So it has escaped your memory that wr are still in rainy season?
Politics / Re: Ikwerre Has Not Proved Any Substantial Difference With Other Igbo Groups (pics) by enemybulldozer(m): 5:02pm On Sep 09, 2023
You can only see this kind of thread and topic by a nyaamiiri flat.head attach by force, you would think the love is genuine. Nothing Oil and sea port can't do grin grin
But Kaduna Nzeogwu's led coup is Igbo coup. But SS where Nzeogwu came from is not Igbo.

Mumu people everywhere!

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Politics / Re: Many Obidients Also Caught Rushing Inside Tinubu / Sanwo Olu's Train to Mainland by enemybulldozer(m): 10:37am On Sep 09, 2023
grin grin grin grin
God bless Tinubu, Fashola, Ambode, Sanwo Olu and Lagos State Government for delivering good dividends of democracy and not investing her funds in Beer Factories cheesy

What do you mean by tinubu train? tinubu get train?
Train that was bought with tax payers money is now tinubu train grin grin grin
Common sense is not common to ebola infected people.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Supporters Will Soon Protest by enemybulldozer(m): 9:36am On Sep 08, 2023

The porud boys are waiting for them.

Pikin wey talk say him mama no go rest should also forget about sleeping
That your porud boys will runaway when the time comes. How many are they?are they up to 400k? the people are numbering in millions.
Politics / Re: Tragedy Hits Abuja, 30 Killed In Landslide, 19 Abducted by enemybulldozer(m): 9:16am On Sep 08, 2023

To still make this about politics.
A big shame on you okpansukka or whatever you call yourself.
Making fun of scores of people dying?
Where is your soul for krissake?
Big shame on you.

People dey o shocked
Have you forgotten when you were doing the same thing to Igbos during python dance? internet never forgets.

They are only reciprocating your wickedness to them so deal with it.
Politics / Re: Tribalism Or Dangerous Stupidity? by enemybulldozer(m): 12:25am On Sep 08, 2023

The Biafran dimwit graces the thread with his legs of ignorance hanging on his scrawny natty kneck.

You should be concerned with your director's release.

How does this your meaningless post relate with the question I asked you?
Politics / Re: Tribalism Or Dangerous Stupidity? by enemybulldozer(m): 6:08pm On Sep 07, 2023
If Obi was any different or better this would have been something worth considering but Obi is far worse than any of the candidates in the last elections but they promoted him as an unblemished Saint all in a desperate bid to get an Ibo presidency above some one from the SW.

All these guilt tripping and selective judgement and critiscm no dey work.

Show us how Obi is better , Una no fit .
How is tinubu better than Obi?
I know you will runaway grin grin grin I just said let me give it a try.
Politics / Re: Bravo To All Obidients Worldwide: The Fight For A Better Country Continues. by enemybulldozer(m): 7:22am On Sep 07, 2023
Obidients how market?
Stop thriving on false hope.
You should worry about nigeria not Obidients.

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Politics / Re: My Candid Advice To Nigerians. by enemybulldozer(m): 7:17am On Sep 07, 2023
Keep quiet. We told already that obi would lose
Its not a matter of Obi losing, rather its a matter of nigeria moving forward positively.
Politics / Re: Governor Soludo Visits Erosion Site In Ideani-Nnobi (Pictures) by enemybulldozer(m): 3:32pm On Sep 06, 2023
Even the very land they call home is evicting them.

Anambra people should stop all these money ritual sacrifices.

Heaven and earth are not happy with people from that state.

Do we now say or believe that the land you call home is now evicting you lots because of skull mining?

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Politics / Re: Today Will Clear All Doubts Whether Nigeria Is A Criminal Enterprise Or Not by enemybulldozer(m): 2:16pm On Sep 06, 2023
Tinubu and those supporting him are the real enemies of Nigeria. You can't have a country where most of its people are disillusioned. Peter Obi, through the Obidient movement was a last ditch attempt to reclaim Nigeria from criminals but desperation of the corrupt politicians didn't allow it.

Mark it today, any ruling that doesn't remove Tinubu means our constitution is dead. When you make peaceful and legitimate change impossible, you only create room for chaos and anarchy. The failure of the judiciary today, will cement the failure of Nigeria. A full state capture is in process but if they will succeed or not will depend on the extent of push back by Nigerians. Obidients are the largest movement in Nigeria today. They're everywhere both within and outside Nigeria. For those that call them Igbos, the events that will unfold in the coming days, weeks, months and even years will shock you.

The only thing that may stop Nigeria from breaking up completely is full autonomy to the constituents.
Those calling Obidients Igbos are propagandists and mischief makers. They know that none Igbos are equally obidients, but because they want the Obidient movement dead by all means, thats why they paint it Igbo.

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Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 2:12pm On Sep 05, 2023

Oya go and check it out on their Website
I said show us the date they published this let us see.

We need to know if it corresponds with the date of the article below.

Politics / Re: What Ojukwu Said About Releasing Awolowo by enemybulldozer(m): 11:04am On Sep 05, 2023
Una wan dey twist so many times debunked story.

Those who refused to move on from the past are not ready to be progressive
Are you progressive?


Politics / Re: What Ojukwu Said About Releasing Awolowo by enemybulldozer(m): 11:01am On Sep 05, 2023
Foolish thread nations are moving forward this idiot is bringing outdated stories here
Is nigeria among the nations that are moving forward?


Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 10:50am On Sep 05, 2023

Go and check out the Global Terrorists index Website

ipob ESN is still at numbers 10 as we speak
Post it here lets see the date because, una lie don too much.
Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 6:44am On Sep 05, 2023

Deal with this..

Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 8:57pm On Sep 04, 2023

Use your regular trolling monikers, I want to check something
Me troll you with numerous monikers what for?
I can see you're dreaming.
Travel / Re: UK Announces Electronic Travel Authorisation As A Travel Requirement Into UK by enemybulldozer(m): 8:54pm On Sep 04, 2023
The Japarians don abuse the opportunity
Wey your brain dey? the new law is for all nationalities accept the british and Irish.

Lack of understanding and foresight made you to support buhari and now tinubu.

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Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 8:45pm On Sep 04, 2023
Same mode of operation.

There have been several other incidents in which OPC members attacked people on the basis of their ethnicity, particularly Hausas, other northerners, and people suspected of being sympathetic to the Hausas. A Hausa trader in Lagos told Human Rights Watch how, during violent clashes at the Agege abattoir on the outskirts of Lagos, in late 2000, the OPC had targeted anyone suspected of being a Hausa: "They killed Alhaji Zubairu, a father of three from Kogi State. They asked him where he was from. He said Kogi. They said he was a Hausa man, and killed him. Actually he was a northerner, but not a Hausa."

An Igbo man witnessed an OPC operation in around January 2001 in which Hausas were specifically targeted. Apparently the incident was sparked off by a minor dispute between a Hausa man and a Yoruba man; the dispute escalated, the Yoruba man killed the Hausa man, then the Hausas retaliated and killed the Yoruba man. The Yoruba people then mobilized the OPC to come to their aid:
We were in the office that day and heard an uproar. We all came out. We saw people in a group holding matchets [machetes] and dangerous weapons. They were OPC, wearing uniforms. They were stopping commercial vehicles at Surualaba. They looked at every face. Anyone suspected of being a northerner was brought down and the vehicle asked to continue. They asked the person to speak their own language [Yoruba] or Igbo. If they failed, they cut their heads with matchets. They cut them, then set them ablaze with fuel. That day, they were targeting Hausa. They also attacked beggars (who include many Hausa) and burned them. If a person doesn't want to die, they use their guns [...]

The OPC killed Hausa for two days in that place. There were corpses littered all around. I saw more than thirty-six dead. There must be more as I didn't walk all the way. The victims included men, women, and the people who help the beggars.

After two days, the state government mobilized the police, the navy and the army. They arrested people. The military threw a grenade into a lorry-load of OPC people advancing. All the OPC members inside died. The lorry was burnt at Okokomaiko, about three miles away. That was the final blow, so they stopped.

Hausas were not the only targets of the OPC. In some cases, the OPC attacked people from other ethnic groups with whom they had had disputes, including Igbos; in other cases, they would simply attack anyone who was not a Yoruba. An Igbo man from the Yaba area of Lagos told Human Rights Watch about his experience following a clash between Igbo traders and Yoruba youths, in December 2001:
I was coming home from work, after 7 p.m. I ran into a group of OPC at Ebute Metta. They had clubs and machetes. They were in uniforms, white gowns with red cloth on their foreheads. They included men and women. They asked me which tribe I was from. I told them I am a child of God. They said: "he is not Yoruba, he must be Igbo." They said I should follow them. I said: "for what?"

I ran into a house for safety. The owner of the house told me what had happened. Earlier that day, some Igbo traders had fought area boys.

The Igbos had refused to pay the area boys and a fight ensued. The Igbos defeated the area boys, who were Yoruba. The area boys went to invite the OPC. Therefore, if you don't speak Yoruba, you must be Igbo.
The owner of the house said I should stay there that night.

Later I decided to go home, with some others. We started walking. All the vehicles were parked. There was complete confusion. We ran into another roadblock formed by the OPC. There were about 120 of them, including women who wore baggy trousers. They come like locusts, chanting war songs [...] They were beating any person who didn't speak Yoruba, using knives, arrows, local instruments, locally-made guns, and juju [charms]. This time they caught all of us. They let go those who could speak Yoruba. I could not speak Yoruba. They flogged me with canes. I was pleading with them. Some were asking me for money. Some said the Igbos had beaten one of theirs into a coma and they wanted revenge. One of them put his hand in my pocket and took all my money and ID card. By luck, a bus was passing by. I thought it was a chance to escape. I wriggled out of them and jumped onto the vehicle, injuring myself against the iron seats. The bus drove off. My injuries meant that I didn't work for three days.
helinues is this true?
Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 8:42pm On Sep 04, 2023

Let ipob Terrorists too be given the same treatment


IPOB is a freedom fighting movement while OPC is a gang of hoodlums and killers. so you see, there are not the same in anyway.
Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 7:35pm On Sep 04, 2023

You know Nigeria has lite brains especially the two most stupid regions.
Exactly the reason why they swallow every rubbish that comes their way hook line and sinker.
Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 7:22pm On Sep 04, 2023

You guys should learn to read and research

Ipob ESN are still number 10 on the Global Terrorists index

They only retracted Ipob to change it to Ipob-Esn

What is the difference between ipob and IPOB -Esn
Do you really think that we are your gullible cohorts?
When was that?
Meanwhile, below is OPC atrocious acts.

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Politics / Re: OPC Terrorists Now Disguising As Ronu Chanters A Must Read by enemybulldozer(m): 6:55pm On Sep 04, 2023
Keep lying!

Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 12:48pm On Sep 04, 2023

Your spirit is evil.
You are evil.
Your thoughts are evil.

You're very gullible.
You are demonic
You swallow every junk/rubbish that comes your way hook line and sinker.

What a gullible lad.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 12:39pm On Sep 04, 2023

We will not just kill him,he will suffer in Jail. He is already begging for forgiveness, but we no wan hear.
What do you lots gain from lying? when did Kanu beg nigeria for his release?

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Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 6:12am On Sep 04, 2023

Nnamdi Kanu will die in Jail, make Igbo people do their WORST grin
Stop making noise and kill him. Atleast you know where he is.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 9:33pm On Sep 03, 2023

That's because they kill the police and soldiers posted to the SE and steal their rifles. They are following Nnamdi Kanu's command.
Oga this una lies and propaganda has already been over flogged. Why not try another lies, must you die on top this one? If you are sure that Kanu did all that, why didn't you lots use it against him in the law court?

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Politics / Re: IPOB Gunman Reveals His Face With Gun (Photos) by enemybulldozer(m): 8:17pm On Sep 03, 2023
One of the Unknown Gunmen in the south East have review his face in a new trending video as he called for Nnamdi Kanu Release armed with General Purpose Machine Gun and RPG Bazooka

Video link

Why is my spirit telling me that, this was staged all in a bid to link IPOB with criminal elements and by so doing hold Kanu for a longer time. The idiot is even holding a police Ak47 rifle, this alone proves me right.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu's Academic Records: One Last Question For Tinubu's Surpporters by enemybulldozer(m): 8:02pm On Sep 03, 2023
If what he posted has semblance of sense in it, it won't be all that bad..... Never knew some people appointed Mods here are this ignorant & shallow.

The Obama he mentioned never had questions over his academics or passport.... Every American knows his classmates including his sweet heart Michelle.

What Americans don't know was that Obama was actually born in American soil.....

Been born in American soil is prerequisite for running for American president.

When that became an election issue, Obama he mentioned ordered the release of his birth certificate & details of it's records! Obama didn't go to court to stop the release!

Tufiakwaaaa this people!

Mynd44 I hope you heard him.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Academic Records: One Last Question For Tinubu's Surpporters by enemybulldozer(m): 4:32am On Sep 03, 2023
Ask Obama why he sealed his academic and passport records.

Why should I make the job of my opponents easier. If you want to prove that my records are false, I will make sure you run in circles for as long as possible.

What your eye dey find, you will explain well in court
Person wey dey delete our posts and even ban us for saying the truth don comment. This shows that he is for tinubu and ready to ban or go against anybody that is against tinubu or APC.

Do I need to tell you that, as a mod you're suppose to be neutral? you are not suppose to take sides on anybody or party if you really want to do your job diligently.


Politics / Re: Why You Just Can't Help But Love The Igbos Of Nigeria by enemybulldozer(m): 4:08am On Sep 03, 2023
since nobody is buyin una blabla about coups in former francophone nations,now its about praisin yourselfs for days now....
Is it our fault that you can't see beyond your nose?

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