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Agriculture / Re: Anambra Farmers, Let's Meet Here by excess4luv: 12:15pm On Nov 14

No. The ones here have been taken. But I will contact sb who can help.

i will be waiting
Agriculture / Re: Anambra Farmers, Let's Meet Here by excess4luv: 4:56pm On Nov 10

I'm not the landlord. But most of the lands here have been taken.

do you have access to farm lands around Oba, Akwu-ukwu, or Ojoto
Agriculture / Re: High yielding,heat resistant vegetables/pepper seeds from Cameroon available by excess4luv: 10:44am On Nov 09
its good to be here again
Car Talk / Re: 1999 Sienna Xle Available For Hire Purchase In Aba, Abia State by excess4luv: 9:02pm On Oct 05
How much is the outright buy
Agriculture / Re: Come In For Your Quality Catfish Feeds by excess4luv: 9:26am On Sep 29
This price is tempting, what is the CP %
Career / Re: Which Skill(s) Should I Pick? Help by excess4luv: 10:04am On Aug 01
DSTV and free to air installation can be learnt in a day or two depending on your trainer, that will be a good start so you can start earning some money. Buy some tools and practice on your own to perfect the tricks.
Move on to Solar Installation, it will take you some months to perfect depending on your academic background, crown it with Electrical installation, you will be a happy man.

NB: Make sure you are committed to the process, spend money where necessary. you may even suffer and face insults in the process but persevere.

I learnt while in school.

I do Intercom Installation
CCTV installation
Fire Alarm Installation
Electrical Installation
DSTV Installation
Solar/Inverter Installation
currently learning SMart Home Automation and Cyber Security.
commit your time, energy and resources you will win
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Company Never Increase Salary For It's Workers by excess4luv: 9:27am On Aug 01
Fidelity Ban only increased for their core staff and nothing for contract staff
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Claims She Paid $20,000 (₦‎15M) For Her Blue Dress To The AMVCA by excess4luv: 11:46pm On May 21
Something my aba guys go arrange for you for 24,700 naira

comrade that's expensive

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: List The Skills You Have Here by excess4luv: 5:39pm On Apr 29
There is nothing like Cyber Security engineering, you simply put it as Cyber Security Expert. The word Cyber Security engineer invalidates the term Cyber security.
How ever, I am a Cyber Security Expert, or simply put I am an elite hacker.

Please can we talk?? uchenwogu5@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: List The Skills You Have Here by excess4luv: 5:05pm On Apr 29
Via which channel email or WhatsApp?

DM from here
Politics / Re: Uyo, Airport Project To Be Ready May20th 2023 New Photos by excess4luv: 11:29pm On Apr 27

Industrlization is a process not a destination.
The process has started in Akwa ibom.
Once our ports are ready for easy evacuation it will speed up the process.
Air Port, about to be updated to international with cargo handling facilities,
Seaport about to commences construction.
Several ventures already started, foreign investors coming in gradually.
Go read up on BUA refinery, OCP fertilizers, sterling oil refinery. Dangote gas pipeline that will Channel gas from ibeno in Aks passing through all Nigerdelta states to Europe via morroco.

By the way do you know any state in Nigeria, that has more accessible and standard road networks within its territory than Akwa ibom.
All the structures that encourages industrial revolution is Bing gradually put in place in Akwa ibom.

I appreciate your tone of response unlike the regular Nairaland tribal bigots.
my thought was that with these infrastructures in place already, there should have been visible translation to the indigenes of the state
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: List The Skills You Have Here by excess4luv: 1:59pm On Apr 27
There is nothing like Cyber Security engineering, you simply put it as Cyber Security Expert. The word Cyber Security engineer invalidates the term Cyber security.
How ever, I am a Cyber Security Expert, or simply put I am an elite hacker.

I sent you a message

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Programming / Re: Career In Cybersecurity by excess4luv: 1:46pm On Apr 27
Okada stop me here I don reach destination.
Politics / Re: Uyo, Airport Project To Be Ready May20th 2023 New Photos by excess4luv: 1:05pm On Apr 23
And no single Airport in the South East except cargo Airport.

Anyway Lagos and Tinubu is there major problem

Travel you said NO, you see your life
Anambra Airport
Imo airport
Enugu airport
Ebonyi airport will soon be completed
Only Abia without an airport

Lagos seems like the only state you've been to


Politics / Re: Uyo, Airport Project To Be Ready May20th 2023 New Photos by excess4luv: 12:58pm On Apr 23
With all the big projects in Akwa Ibom state I still wonder why the state is not industrialized or commercialised, they have good roads, table land, affordable manpower, good climatic conditions etc.
Politics / Re: Bandits Kidnap 80 Children In Zamfara by excess4luv: 1:37am On Apr 08
Can't we accept this as "the will of God"

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Politics / Re: Chaos In Mile 12, Lagos As Riot Breaks-Out Over Scarcity Of New Naira Notes by excess4luv: 9:09am On Feb 17
Tinubu call your touts to order
Car Talk / Re: Car Talk Chat Room by excess4luv: 10:58am On Feb 07
pls experts, what's the cause of this in a tier?
what will the mechanic work on, to correct it from chopping another new tier when changed.

Note: the other side of the car tier is still very okey, no single chopping. Only this driver side is chopped.

Go for alignment

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Lands In Yenegoa For APC Presidential Campaign Rally (Pictures) by excess4luv: 5:28pm On Dec 01, 2022
Another banger from Tinubu in Bayelsa, Techno-lo-li-cal.....
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Exposes Crude Oil Theft In Nigeria - How Government Steals Oil (Video) by excess4luv: 2:52pm On Sep 20, 2022
grin Obi is worst-er grin
1, 2. I SUPPOSE the war in Ukraine has driven up the demand for oil in d west generally. Or else why do u tink d German chancellor visited Nigeria recently? The war may have began in February but the shortage in gas started last month with d temporary close of Nord stream one allegedly due to TAM. Now it is expected to be acute with the complete closure in September. So I urge u to chk with ur Obi again, are his stats recent? Did he say we did not meet our quota for August?
3, 4. The lack of agitation is due to governments settling of the militants which the Tompolo contract is just a part of it. It boils down to d same thing really. Either let dis boys sabotage ur production process which will cost u or pay them d cost, which will cost u. Either way production is affected
5,6. Exactly my point grin I have not heard any reasonable thing Obi has said on security. If u remember any, feel free to just me. Then Atiku has said concerning ASSU, his federal government will hands off all universities. Very brilliant! Las las dats the solution whether we agree now or not. I don’t know one single brilliant solution Obi has offered

Now I know who I'm talking to.

1. 2. Obi cited July OPEC quota shortfall and gave you what the money would've done for the country. since you claim to know more, what is the update for August and why can't the students return to school.
Why is the FG complaining of revenue fall when they are not doing the right thing.

3.4 when was the last time we heard of agitation in SS, and why did we fail to meet OPEC quota for July. Production will not be affected either ways as you claimed unless there is another motive to this defence.

5.6. your independent verification will be convincing to you than any citation from me, so go and verify, he has said it at different points and interviews.
FG hands off universities to who without solving the issues on ground will fully crumble our tertiary institutions.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Post Roads In The North In Response To Peter Obi's CNN Statement by excess4luv: 7:21pm On Sep 19, 2022

Pathological liar like Peter Obi, Chicago state university didn't say they don't know him. Chicago state university have severally confirmed Tinubu as their graduate. So why is your brain still wailing? Go get a transplant. See the attached picture below for example.

Another gibberish because these are things already known about Tinubu but hatefilled people keep crying as if na your mama born am. Tinubu celebrate his birthday with colloquium every year since he became Lagos governor. So what are you crying about? Na your mama born am?

On his education, he's a Bsc graduate of business administration and accounting from Chicago state university which have severally confirmed him and even posted him as one of their outstanding alumni. His secondary school equivalent was Daley college. That's enough for me. You can keep wailing and crying.
No one care!

Peter Obi is called a liar because he says one thing today and another thing tomorrow. Moreover, he's a Dullard without achievement in his state.

This your work no easy ooo.
Imagine always sounding stupid while doing your job.

Last last you go vote LP
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Exposes Crude Oil Theft In Nigeria - How Government Steals Oil (Video) by excess4luv: 7:09pm On Sep 19, 2022
grin The Ukraine war has made the demand for crude increase. For ur information many more countries are joining OPEC as oil producing. Oil is not scarce as u imagine. Which is why OPEC is placing production quotas on members in the first instance.
The Americans stopped buying oil from us b4 the Ukraine war and we struggled getting buyers. That shud discourage excessive production. Coupled wit agitations in SS. Most of those so called oil pollution are actually vandalism of oil facilities either for crude theft or pure sabotage. This also affect production.
Finally how will Obi talk of agriculture in the north wen bandits are still well and alive grin
Only Obi talking about SMEs? You joking?

1. Ukraine's war increased crude oil demand, why are we not meeting our demand quota??
2. Ukraine's war began since February, why the complaints about US not buying our oil eight months later.??
3. Remind me the last agitation in the SS regarding crude oil exploration.
4. Remind why FG is paying billions for pipelines security, the recent contract with Tompolo, whose responsibility to protect our common reserve.
5. Obi has talked about ways in fighting terrorism globally and has made it open that security is top on his list. Moreover, Nigeria still has a C-in-C why ain't you facing him with this issue.
6. Please quote any other candidate granting interviews and telling Nigerians what plans they have .

Politics / Re: Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor: "I Am A PDP Member Yet I Am Obidient" by excess4luv: 6:51pm On Sep 19, 2022
Something kept telling that many APC e-warriors will vote LP (OBI) on 25th February 2023, they are just sustaining their source of livelihoods till Feb.

Politics / Re: Peter Obi Exposes Crude Oil Theft In Nigeria - How Government Steals Oil (Video) by excess4luv: 3:44pm On Sep 19, 2022
grin How can I miss Obi’s solution to the ASUU crisis? He wants to use the money from crude shortfalls to pay the 1trillion ASSU demand after GEJ had paid 200billion. grin U can see, I listened.
U see, the rubbish part of that is he hasn’t even addressed the reason why there is shortfall in the first instance! B4 dis Ukraine war, the government had very hard time selling oil. We practically had to beg buyers like China b4 we can be patronized. So why produce wot u can’t sell? Wot will he do about oil glut? Why is he not talking abt diversifying the economy and moving Nigeria away from heavily relying on oil? Which is failing? His solution to ASSU is fake grin

The same federal government said they don't have money to pay ASUU and someone is offering you solution.

Now what do you say about OPEC quota on oil sales, what about the crude oil theft where he accused the government of involvement, can you clarify your claim on Ukraine's war impact on oil sales.

There is no glut, we aren't meeting demand.
OBI has always told listening Nigerians that the vast lands in the North can drive our economy through agricultural produce and export, go and verify.

He is the only candidate talking about SMEs and their funding, production and export.

Go and verify
Travel / Re: Second Niger Bridge Now 95% Complete, To Be Opened December 2022 (video) by excess4luv: 3:18pm On Sep 19, 2022
I hope opened doesn't mean completed. The road I know is far from 90% completion.
Agriculture / Re: Intensive Mass Production Of Catfish/Tilapia Seed by excess4luv: 8:28pm On Sep 18, 2022
Maggots Training Advertisement
Boluwa Golden Solutions is into Insects Engineering that is Black soldier flies maggots production farm set up for fish/poultry/Pigs/Rabbits/Snails/Ruminants/Dogs farmers.
Stop spending so much on compounded animal feed rather use Maggots to reduce your feeding cost on farm.
Call Gbenga on 08136650972 or WhatsApp 08120528950.

Price of food will come down drastically because BSF has all the secret solutions to all farmer's problems because it gives animal protein & organic fertilizer, it also has industrial uses with other derivatives for direct Human use.

We now produce floating fish feed with maggots from our locally fabricated pelletizer operated by petrol engine and we also fabricate for interested people.

I maybe needing this soon
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Exposes Crude Oil Theft In Nigeria - How Government Steals Oil (Video) by excess4luv: 5:13pm On Sep 18, 2022
grin Peter is better than who? grin He is most clueless of all the major contenders grin
He is not even going to win. By the way Anybody can spot problems e.g ASUU perpetual strike or stagflation in the nation. He should be giving the solution as soon as he mentions d problem, so we can know he is sound. But every time he proffers a solution he look clueless

Has your party and Agbado master proffered any solutions for the past 7 years?
He gave you solution to ASUU problems and you couldn't spot it.
Try again 2027, the narrative has changed
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Not A Member Of Third Force - SDP's Adewole Adebayo by excess4luv: 5:03pm On Sep 18, 2022
PETER OBI is the force
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Exposes Crude Oil Theft In Nigeria - How Government Steals Oil (Video) by excess4luv: 3:31pm On Sep 18, 2022
grin Obi hardly knows wot the facts are! The country is not in control of its oil production. That’s the first fact. He doesn’t have the solution. Obi is part of the problem. Don’t get me wrong. If Obi wins, I will be very very happy for him Cos I genuinely believe IT IS THE TURN OF AN IBO MAN. Aside that, I know he will not be able to achieve anything

Can you read what you wrote??
You see how brain washed you are?
A sovereign country like Nigeria is not in control of her oil production and yet spend billions to secure pipelines?

If he can identify the problems even from a distance and informs Nigerians about it then let him get in and disappoint.

This is not a Tribal contest, rather contest for the most competent, most committed, and character of the individual.


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