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Politics / Re: Atiku: FG Restoring Intels' Pilotage Contract Doesn't Benefit Me by Excuzeme: 10:43am On Dec 04
Tinubu is restoring back his personal businesses


Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Has Collected The Iphone He Bought For Me by Excuzeme: 2:28pm On Aug 15

And this is why parents need to work had to provide for the needs of their children...

She is not a Child, she don dey phuck Boyfriend.
She is an ADULT and Adults need to Work and provide for their own needs.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Has Collected The Iphone He Bought For Me by Excuzeme: 2:24pm On Aug 15
Few days ago I celebrated the iPhone my boyfriend bought me, but today I'm here to let you know that he has taken his iphone.
This was how it all started, he said he have a very urgent problem that I should help him with the phone so he will sell it. I gave him he sold it but I don't even know what the problem was. If I ask him he will only shout at me.
Truly, men are all scums. cry

Go and buy your own Phone, WITH YOUR OWN MONEY!
. tongue tongue tongue
Politics / Re: FG Sacks Advertising Standard Panel Over ‘All Eyes On The Judiciary’ Billboard by Excuzeme: 2:16pm On Aug 15
This Man is really becoming a Tyrant and a Dictator!

Yes, "All Eyes on the Judiciary" is a FACT.
They are dealing with what affects ALL NIGERIANS and as such ALL EYES, including his own Opolo Eyes shocked are on the Judiciary or doe she want to deny this?

Why then, does he punish those just doing their Jobs?
That is the characteristic of a TYRANT and DICTATOR.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Motion To Block US Court From Releasing University Records- Gazette by Excuzeme: 6:36am On Aug 11

Richard J Daley college has never repudiated his assertion that he graduated from that college - fact.
The Chicago State University has repeatedly made it clear that his is an alumnus - fact.

With the above in mind, what makes you think I give a rat's arse about the jaundiced and wholly subjective opinion of Excuzeme?

What makes me think you give a rat arze about my opinion is that "You responded to it" grin grin

Anyway, i will leave you to your foolish thoughts since "Those who BELIEVE WITHOUT REASON, cannot be CONVINCED WITH REASON".

BTW: you forgot to add that he was Home Schooled, from Primary School to School Cert level, before gaining admission to Daley College! grin grin
There is even this Mushroom School in Kara Namoda, that will issue him with a First School Leaving Cert and SSCE Cert as well, it will come useful in Future. tongue tongue
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Motion To Block US Court From Releasing University Records- Gazette by Excuzeme: 11:14pm On Aug 07
I really do not understand Atiku and his advisers here.
Are we to believe that Tinubu also misrepresented the time he spent at the Richard J Daley College? An institution that considered him worthy enough to deliver a speech in 2002?

Let me explain a "possibility" to you:

If you successfully[b] steal someone's identity at SS3 level[/b] and that person is dead, you can continue to build on such identity, in legal steps by using his Result to write Jamb, Pass and enter University and even do Phd. and become the HOD of a Dept in the University.

Does all that mean you did not steal someone's identity, at the begining?
And there is remuor that the Student at the CSU was a Female, why not bring out the documents and let the world know if you are being maligned?
The more he hides, the more he convinces Onlookers that his identity is rooted in Fraud.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Motion To Block US Court From Releasing University Records- Gazette by Excuzeme: 11:08pm On Aug 07

He already has though.

Source: https://www.thecable.ng/tinubu-opens-defence-at-tribunal-tenders-academic-records-from-chicago-state-university

He is within his right to challenge Atiku's latest fishing exercise not only because the privacy law he referenced affords him this benefit, but also to discourage opportunistic Musas, Adewales and Obinnas from making a mockery of Nigeria's highest seat of government in future.

He has already made a mockery of that highest Office, by refusing to have full disclosure on his Records.
Everyone is looking at him with a tainted eye and wondering whether it is a fraudster and identity thief that is occupying the highest office in the land!
What mockery can be greater than that?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Motion To Block US Court From Releasing University Records- Gazette by Excuzeme: 11:05pm On Aug 07

They missed the point because of their own shallow understanding of the law and personal privacy.

The fact that I have nothing o hide doesn't mean I should throw away my rights and let any riff-raf access my personal records.

Public Figures like Politicians, while holding Office", cannot claim Privacy Concern, on their Academic Records.

Such concern can only be claimed on Medical Records, get your facts right, please.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Motion To Block US Court From Releasing University Records- Gazette by Excuzeme: 11:01pm On Aug 07
Tinubu's body language shows this is true. If he has no skeleton in his cupboard, he won't have been blocking every avenue to clear his battered image. The documented narcotic trafficker is also a certificate and identity thief. Confirmed!

Ordinary School Record, should not require this sort of stiff resistance naah?

Tinubu himself should be proud to display his School Record, for someone that worked for Mobil Oil, a former Governor and Senator.

Except if the whole thing was built on Forgery and Identity Theft.
We really need to get to the bottom of this, the way we got to the bottom of the Mnesoma Jamb Result Saga.
If "Elders" can unmask and punish a young girl for attempted fraud, then the elderly too, have to live by example.
Full Disclosure, nothing less

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs England: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. (2 - 4)pens On 7th August 2023 by Excuzeme: 11:14am On Aug 07
Odega killed this game for Nigeria.
Very slow and playing old style of soccer . Abeg make she retire

Oshoala killed it first and Ordega compounded it!
The Coaches have no clue, their substitutions ruined our game.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs England: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. (2 - 4)pens On 7th August 2023 by Excuzeme: 11:10am On Aug 07
Force 100%
Technicality 48%

I blame the Nigeria's Coach

You know we suffer from inferiority complex, with Corruption as an incentive.
We always go and bring some "White Man Coach" to come and do magic for us.
Imagine those white Coaches couldn't teach the Girls how to take advantage of their extra man?
Useless things are completely lost for ideads.

Our players dont have sense, football sense l mean, they are just kicking the ball anywhere Belle-face.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs England: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. (2 - 4)pens On 7th August 2023 by Excuzeme: 11:04am On Aug 07
Nigeria vs Italy, usa94 must not happen to our girls o. That is how Zola get red card and turn to blessing for Italy.

It has to do with having "Ball Sense", which is what majority of Nigerian players lack, despite their Energy, Speed and natural flair of the ball.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs England: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. (2 - 4)pens On 7th August 2023 by Excuzeme: 11:00am On Aug 07
Oshiola has really ruined our game!
Why one earth is she trying all these useless Scissors Kicks instead of heading the Ball in?
Who is she trying to impress?
angry angry


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs England: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. (2 - 4)pens On 7th August 2023 by Excuzeme: 10:32am On Aug 07
Oshoala is a relaly BIG Disappointment.
Did anyone notice that since she came in, our game just went down, WHY?

- She is playing "Big (wo)Man" Game.
- She is not marking properly
- She is sluggish and not putting pressure on the British frontline, unlike the Player that was substituted for her.
- She is like a One Man down, in that frontline so, we cant capitalize on our One Man advantage.

BTW, among all the Eleven Officials for this Game (counting the VAR Officials, as well), is it not strange that FIFA could not find a Single Black Official, to join them?

This Centre Referee is partial from the Whistle, she wants England to win he game.

She gave a fake penalty, VAR upturned it.
She gave a Yellow Card, VAR upturned it for a Red.
We had a Penalty, she wont give it!
Maybe she will still give England another Penalty but l dont blame her, l blame FIFA.

This is our chance and we should win this game.


Politics / Re: Obituary: Don’t Harm Our Son, Omatseye’s Family Pleads by Excuzeme: 5:48pm On Aug 05, 2022
Nobody is harming the foolish journalist, whose only motivation is his stomach..

You wish someone death, then turn around to claim people are threatening your life.

Baseless propaganda believed only by fools..

Each time l hear him spewing his Tinubu- support nonsense on TVC, l just change the Channel.

it is okay for him to support anyone he wishes but to now be assassinating the character of other people's candidate, just because it is Tinubu that butters his bread, deserve a lot of condemnation.

The guy is really an !mbec!le.

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Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Expecting 4th Child With His Baby Mama, Jada Pollock (video) by Excuzeme: 10:23pm On Jul 18, 2022

Hmm, he better not have assets in the US, because when the yawa start, then no de tell person.
Woman just collect my paddy house for that side.

Your Head dey there jaw!
The Woman is setting him up, for the kill.
If he thinks everything will be rosy till their old age, he is sure fooling himself, "Entertainer", for that matter. undecided
When the time comes she will collect him to the last Pant.

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Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Expecting 4th Child With His Baby Mama, Jada Pollock (video) by Excuzeme: 10:20pm On Jul 18, 2022
Wizkid having kids with a woman like Jada ain't a bad thing. She's worth it. Jada ain't your regular type of woman. A woman instrumental to his current success!

Abeggi, make l hear word!

Every Woman claims to be instrumental to a Successful man but no Woman claims to be instrumental to a Man who fails or is Poor! undecided undecided

So, what about his PAST Successes, which Woman was instrumental to those ones?
grin grin

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Crime / Re: Thugs Destroy Igbo Traders' Shops In Osogbo After PDP Was Declared Winner by Excuzeme: 10:10pm On Jul 18, 2022

I know what I'm saying

I live in Osun and so many Igbo lives in my street peacefully. That area that was attacked also have Yoruba properties and businesses, many of the shops are Yoruba properties rented to Igbo.

You must be really daft to believe the attack targeted only Igbo.

What happened in Uyo really targeted Yoruba but then Yoruba don't cry like you people, many of you even mocked them back then despite the fact that Yoruba were targeted.

For me I don't have any sympathy to give, Yoruba land is very big and you go to far away Uyo for what? If you don't like the way they treat you there move back to your region instead of crying or wailing that won't fly.

To be honest Nigerians are very tribal and only a naive individual will deny that, I told my family members not to live outside south west because Nigerians are very tribalistic.

It is a huge Shame what these useless Politicians are turning Nigerians into.
I served in UYO a long time go and l can tell you these people are one of the most friendly and beautiful people l've ever met, across Nigeria (I have spent at least two weeks, in every major city in Nigeria, due to work postings). Ever welcoming you with a Smile and open arms!

I have fond memories of Akwa Ibomites and it is very shocking to hear that Politicians are using them to target other tribes.

Mbok, if you are an Akwa Ibomite reading this, tell your People that they should not lose the Love that God put in their herat and replace it with hatred that Politicians like Ayade are giving them.

The whole of Southern Nigeria must not allow the blood-thirsty madness in the North to creep into them because we are all naturally hospitable people.


Crime / Re: Thugs Destroy Igbo Traders' Shops In Osogbo After PDP Was Declared Winner by Excuzeme: 10:04pm On Jul 18, 2022
This is sheer attention-seeking!
It is just POLITICAL THUGS doing what they do, it has nothing to do with Igbo Traders.

Stop attaching Ethnicity and Tribalism to every Violence.

Igbos and Yorubas dont attack each other based on political affiliation or religion, that sort of nonsense is reserved for the Northerners.


Politics / Re: We Can No Longer Campaign For Tinubu - Northern APC Christians by Excuzeme: 8:40pm On Jul 12, 2022
Tinubu scored a political own goal with his choice of a Boko Haram apologist
He can no longer get block Vote in the southwest, cos from today's campaign against the Muslim Muslim ticket Begins across all churches from southwest to south South to southeast down to the North.
Nobody will be bold enough to come and campaign for Tinubu(APC) Muslim Muslim ticket in any church or Christian gathering in the southwest, he/she will be Stoned on the pulpit, booed, and chased away.
All Christians let's join hands together to vote out this Islamic party that want to islamize Nigeria, we don't know if Nigeria is an Islamic country.
#obi-datti 2023

While the above may be true, you will only end up making Atiku the President and that will be like from from a hot frying Pan, into the Fire itself.
Obi is a non-starter in 2023 Elections, let us stop deceiving ourselves.
Crime / Re: Abortion, Adultery, Witchcraft, Suicide: Unknown Actions That Can Land You Jail by Excuzeme: 8:18pm On Jul 12, 2022
This our EFCC has become a shadow of itself!
They are just chasing Shadows all about.
Up till this moment, they cant publish the names or arrest the Financiers of Terrorism in Nigeria but they are asking Landlord to identify who and who is a YahooYahoo?

How is a Landlord supposed to know whether an intending tenant is a YahooYahoo, once the person shows you his or her Work I.D card?
I mean, does it mean that People who work in Banks, Ministries or other private Companies dont do Fraud/Yahoo?

The fools in EFCC should do their job and let Landlords do their own job.

Have we not lost count of how many EFCC Chairpersons that were removed for Corruption, so wetin be una gragra? grin grin
Crime / Re: Kuje Jailbreak : Osinachi's Husband, Nwachukwu Missing by Excuzeme: 8:12pm On Jul 12, 2022
He may have been kidnapped shocked

I think you are right.
Fulani terrorists kidnapped him so as to collect Ransom.
Most likely someone pointed him out among the Prison Warders or the Fulani terrorists in the Prison.
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Elders Forum Lists 3 Things That Might Happen by Excuzeme: 1:42pm On Jul 11, 2022

Victory assured. Obedients will vote for Obi and no matter what the outcome might be, our conscience will be at rest having done the right thing.

A Wasted Vote is of "Zero Consequence" to Nigerians.
Election is about Power, not about Conscience.

Wasting your Vote could mean INDIRECTLY supporting a Choice you abhor! grin grin

Think, Dont Waste your Vote, Vote Wisely.
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Elders Forum Lists 3 Things That Might Happen by Excuzeme: 1:36pm On Jul 11, 2022

Christians this is the right time to show Tinubu that you people are not second class citizen in this country, this is high time to show Tinubu that you people are not inconsequential as he clearly shows you people that you people are nothing in Nigeria. You can vote Atiku , you can vote Obi, or any presidential aspirant that carry Christians along, but never give this idiotic useless satanic jihadist your vote, he doesn't deserve it a bit.

Assuming a christian won the major political party ticket and goes on to picked a christian as his running mate, by now jihad would've been declared by Muslim fanatics up north on Christians there, the foolish and usêlèss Muric would've wrote his long epistle crying and wailing endlessly.

Christians if una like make una mumu, una think say dem like una? Do the mistake of voting in this thing, and live to regret forever, remember how Buhari regime is with Christians. A word they say is enough for the wise.

The situation is dire.
it is very insensitive for Tinubu to claim he cannot find a single Northern Christian, that can be his V.P..
It shows he does not even care or recognise the importance of Christians in Nigeria.
When Northerners want to benefit, they will jettison any working arrangement and say it does not matter but when it affects them, they will start killing others over it.

Having said that, the "Bigger Picture" and IMPORTANT QUESTION is that: If Tinubu loses Christian Votes, where will those Votes go to?

* The Votes can go to Atiku, in which case, Southerners/Christians are back to an even worse situation, than they are right now, under another Fulani (God forbid)

* The Votes may go to Obi.
But Obi and Christian Votes, mainly from the East, cannot win the 2023 Presidential Election. He will "try" but any suave observer of our Politics would have known by now, that Obi is a "future candidate" (maybe 2027 or 2031). It is not just Social Media that is required to win the kind of Election we run in Nigeria, you need Structures, you need Alliances, you need a lot of Money.
Obi has NON of these things but he has a good Social Media presence and momentum among a few but very Vocal youngsters.

So, where does this two scenarios leave Southerners?
Do we continue under Fulani Domination (Atiku's Ticket) or do we resign ourselves to a Muslim-Muslim Ticket under Tinubu?

Both Options are very, very bad for Southerners but like a choice between two Evils, either way, Men would die!
Which of these two Evil Choices is worse for Southerners?
That is what will (and should) determine where your Votes goes

I think the lesser of the two Evil is Tinubu.
*Atiku apparently has a foreign lineage, his parents are from Cameroun. We have seen what having a first-generation, foreign lineage can do to our President!
*There is no Train in the South East, just an uncompleted one in the SW, non in the SS but Buhari has completed a standard Gauge Rail line to Maradi, in Niger Republic, where his Parents come from.
*The border between Nigeria and Niger Republic is a free-for-all, as if it was "One Country".
*Nigeria built FOUR Refineries, in 7+years of this Govt, all in Niger Republic, not a single one in Nigeria
*Our Crude Oil is being stolen and refined in Niger Republic and then brought back to Nigeria, at exorbitant Cost and SUBSIDY!
*Many Citizens of Niger Republic and voting in Nigerian Elections, collecting PVC and National identity (NIN)

All the above will likely not happen, if the immediate lineage of our President was not in Niger Republic.
Do we want to repeat the same thing with Atiku, with respect to Cameroun?

Also, Atiku will probably be ruling Nigeria, from Dubai, his primary home! grin grin

With Tinubu's Muslim-Muslim Ticket
* Christians are schemed out of the running of the Govt
*Tinubu himself could just a be stooge for the Northerners, doing their biddings and interest, to the disadvantage of the Southern part of Nigeria
* worst case scenario, the Northerners liquidate him (or he dies in office) and Shettima, a Northern Muslim takes over Power.

Overall, l think Southern Christians need to think properly, not waste their Vote on Obi (which will further increase Atiku's chances! Infact, a lot of PDP supporters are the ones fueling the anger against Tinubu, intentionally or otherwise) and not give Atiku a leverage because it will spell doom for Southern Nigerians.
What Christians, especially Southern Nigerians, need to to is extract an understanding and binding agreement with Tinubu, to say that his Cabinet (if we support him and he wins), will not be skewed towards Muslims alone (I have nothing against Muslims, l just think EQUITY needs to be addressed).
Tinubu being Yoruba, l know they are not "Jihadist" in nature and dont carry Religion on their Head, until recently when the likes of Aregbesola and that MURIC Clown called Ishaq Akintola, as well as that "Fulani-Slave" Governor of Kwara State, started stoking Religious tension in Southern Nigeria.

Politics / Re: Terrorists Demand ₦4.3 Billion For Abducted Kaduna Train Hostages by Excuzeme: 12:52pm On Jul 11, 2022
And we say we have DSS and EFCC in this Country?
The only thing they are good at is hounding IPOB or Yahoo Yahoo Boys.

These Ransom, though paid in cash, can still be traced but our Security Agencies are too politically biased to do what is right.
Now. all these Billions would be used to buy more sophisticated Arms, to attack and kidnap more People, which will in-turn, provide more Ransom!
Why is Buhari keeping the "List of Terrorist Financiers" in NIgeria, (exposed by Security Agency in Quatar!), A SECRET?

When is this going to stop?
Is it until they are Powerful enough to be used by their Fulani Enablers, to overrun a sitting Govt by attacking it in Aso Rock?
Did Afghanistan not teach these dolts anything?
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Spirit Of 1993 Is Upon Us Again, Tinubu Gives Reason by Excuzeme: 8:49pm On Jul 10, 2022

Tinubu has already lost the election before election day
The current killing of Christians and attack on churches by Boko Haram, Bandits and ISWAP will become child's play when we now have Muslim President and Muslim Vice President.
Any christian that goes out to support or campaign or vote for Muslim Muslim ticket is forever doomed and the blood of innocent christians that have been gruesomely murdered and massacred by this blood thirsty Jihadist terrorists will forever hunt any Christian who supports, votes or campaigns for this devilish Muslim Muslim ticket

What worries me is that Tinubu cannot find a SINGLE CHRISTIAN in the whole of Northern Nigeria, that is worthy of being his running mate! shocked shocked
That shows the extent to which Jihadists like Hell Rufai have destroyed Christianity in the North of Nigeria,
May the spirit of 1993 continue to fall on Tinubu, it wont fall on me and my own.


Politics / Re: Senator Stella Oduah Abandons Claims Of Having Degrees, NYSC Cert, Submits SSCE by Excuzeme: 8:38pm On Jul 10, 2022
They claimed of having all d degrees in the world bt are damn scared to tender them during election

Atiku and Tinubu are leading the way with "rat don chop my Certificate".

Those who designed our Electoral Act and Constitution are also FRAUDSTERS, that is why they make it very easy for these Fraudsters to get away with ANYTHING.

Let them just say you dont have to go to School, to hold any post in Nigeria, including
Politics / Re: Ortom To Channels TV - If You Don't Want Me To Say The Truth, Don't Invite Me by Excuzeme: 8:33pm On Jul 10, 2022
Ortom is part of the reason why Nigeria is going down the drain.He stopped paying Civil Servants in Benue this year just as he has been depriving pensioners of their pensions over the years despite the fact that the monthly allocations never ceased to come to the state.Imagine the massive inflation rate in the country,Benue state workers are no longer asking for the N18000 minimum wage,they just want their meagre salaries to be paid to them.Meanwhile,NLC in the state is dead and has been buried.

You are a bloody LIAR!
STOP chasing Shadows, you know where the problem lies, address it.
Thankfully, May 29, 2023 is just around the corner and we can get rid of this Fulani Jihadist and terrorist enabler in Aso Rock

Make una dey fear God with all these una senseless claim. angry
Politics / Re: Ortom To Channels TV - If You Don't Want Me To Say The Truth, Don't Invite Me by Excuzeme: 8:29pm On Jul 10, 2022

The Lazy man always blames his tool for his incompetence

Just like the IGNORANT man who believes that Apples grow in the Sky! grin grin grin
Travel / Re: Jubril Gawat: What The Yaba Train Station Will Look Look When Finished by Excuzeme: 8:04am On Jul 07, 2022
When will the construction be completed?

Hardly any project in the South of Nigeria will ever be completed under Buhari's 8yrs!
That is what you get for voting a rabid, Nepotistic Jihadist as President.

Come to the North here, go to Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja- Kaduna Express, Abuja- Kano Express, even as far as Niger Republic, all the Roads are COMPLETED and beautiful but not a single project completed in the South.
Buhari will tell us there is no money to complete projects in the South but he would borrow from China, take Sukuk Loan, raid our Pension funds, etc, to complete projects in the North.

If una like, make una vote another Fulani from Cameroun as President, becuase he is in your Party, una suffer go just triple. grin grin
Politics / Re: Ortom To Channels TV - If You Don't Want Me To Say The Truth, Don't Invite Me by Excuzeme: 9:01pm On Jul 05, 2022
Stop making lame and flimsy excuses for him.

Are you telling me that he uses the entire state annual budget, federal allocation and state IGR for the payment of salaries alone?

About security, I've cut him some slack

Thank God you acknowledge and cut him "slack" on the insecurity and terror, under which the People of Benue live.
it shows you are still redeemable, unlike some of your friends on the same lane.

But it is not Rocket Science, to know or show that EVERYTHING RESTS ON SECURITY.
If you dont have SECURITY, you have NOTHING.

This is the simple logic most of you cant understand.

You build Farm and put People to work there.
Fulanis come, kill rape and burn it down. That is money gone up in smoke.

You build Schools and Hospitals in a Town, Fulani Herdsmen come, kill most people, Rape and abduct the rest for Ransom, then burn the place down! They then rename it with a Fulani Name, as a Fulani Town/Village!

What about Investors? Everyone took to their Heels, seeing the havoc the Fulani Herdsmen were wreaking and seeing that the Nigerian Security are not interested in stopping them!
Even OBJ's Farm in Benue was set ablaze by these Terrorists or did you not hear it on the NEWS and Read it in Newspapers?

SURVIVAL (Security) is the first thing that has to happen, for other activities to follow.
Go and ask the People in those IDP Camps, why they are not investing in Stocks, why they are not opening Factories or Shops, etc.
Or maybe you think they are all lazy like Gov Ortom
grin grin

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Politics / Re: Ortom To Channels TV - If You Don't Want Me To Say The Truth, Don't Invite Me by Excuzeme: 8:51pm On Jul 05, 2022

These governors talk as if it's only Buhari that is responsible for everything.

What have they done with the money allocated to their States?

Everything Buhari Buhari Buhari, can't they generate employment?
Can't they pay their State University lecturers? Can't they provide quality health facilities and care? Can't they help farmers and poultry farmers? Everything Buhari Buhari Buhari nonsense people. And some gullible supporters are following them to shout Buhari Buhari.

You are very Naïve!
Most States, especially in the North and Middle Belt, depend on the Fed Govt Allocation to survive (We know the Fed Govt bailed Out most States to pay Salary, some years back!).

We have seen the list of IGR for each state and it is obvious that it is only RIvers, Kano and a few States of the SW, that can survive on IGR, most will depend on fed Allocation, that is what they sue in payimg Civil Servant's Salary.

In Ortom's case, he is one of the most hit, when it comes to INSECURITY, not from ISWAP, not from Boko Haram but from Fulani Herdsmen (this is not news, anyway!).
People like Error Rufai, Buhari, Dambazzau, the dead, former SGF, the Fulani Police IGP's, th Fulani COAS, etc, who are all Fulanis occupying sensitive Security Positions on behalf of Nigerians, have conspired to make Gov. Ortom and Benue State a Scape Goat, for daring to be the first to pass the Anti-Open Grzing Bill into Law!
When these People unleashed Terrorist Herdsmen on Benue State, killed so many Farmers (Benue State is the most fertile Land in Nigeria hence the Fulani Herdsmen invited to nigeria by Buhari and Error Rufai were determined to take over that State), No one could go to the Farms anymore.
Economic activities ground to a halt in Benue Sates. Everyone was afraid for their life. Whole Villagers were burnt down overnight, the Women and Daughters raped while the Men were slaughtered, by Fulani Herdsmen.
Funny thing is, they did not hide it that they were the ones doing it, they only gave him a confition: Rescind the Anti Open grazing Law and we will let you and your People live.

But as a Patriot who loves his People (unlike Governors like Fayemi, Umahi, etc), he refused to surrender his People and their Land to foreign terrorist Fulani Herdsmen. But they ensured that they ground the State to a halt.

So, who do we blame?
Who controls the Military, Police, DSS, etc and should ensure that the People of Benue and Nigerians in General, can go to their Farms or place of economic activities?
Answer: Buhari.
Did he order them and ensure the People of Benue are not slaughtered, over an dover again?
Answer: No, he did not but rather said "You have to live with them (your Killers!)

Who disarmed the People of Benue, when Gov Ortom organized local Vigilantes, to tackle the AK47-armed Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen? Answer: Buhari, using his Fulani IGP

So, when you and your People live in a State of Fear, with blood-letting everyday, with wholesale Arson on Villages everyday, How is such State expected to develop, setup factories, build Hospital or even generate Funds locally?

You guys are not being fair to Gov Ortom, maybe for Political reasons, as he dumped APC for PDP.

But the truth is that we have a President who has plunged this country in chaos, who has unleashed Genocide, in the hands of his Foreign Clan on other Tribes, who appoints only his Clam into Operational Security Positions, so that they can protect the Terrorists when they strike, while not assisting the vulnerable Nigerians in distress.
How can a President be disarming Local Vigilantes, while not disarming their Fulani Attackers?

Even in places like Osun State, Niger State, Taraba State, Plateau State, Ekiti State, the story is the same, Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen rae killing, Kidnapping for Ransom, raping any female in sight, burning Villages, destroying Farms and killing the Farm owners, yet Buhari tells you that Nigeria is safe. grin

Anyway, let us just pray that another Fulani, from another foreign country will not take over from Buhari otherwise, Indigenous Nigerians are TOAST!


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