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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 6:07pm On Nov 03, 2020
hello house,

special thanks to uncle frank and everyone here who has been encouraging on this journey.

received bvl yesterday after sending web form on friday
ppr today
aip was september 18th.

got my gcms notes and discovered how thorough IRCC guys are. they checked my profile thoroughly. i am glad i didn’t have issues with having an EE profile. please note that every single web form you raise is added to your profile. keep everything honest, respectful and straightforward.

i am amongst those who kept saying aip would mean final approval when others were in doubt. i cannot help but be positive all the time. my classes are going on full swing and i may be amongst those to finish two semesters from the comfort of my home before traveling to round up my semester if need be. i have been very favored in my school and with my professors. countless doors have opened alongside my studies that being physically on campus may have limited. All things work together for good.

congratulations to all of us. we pray for favour for those expecting their own to come.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 9:25am On Oct 06, 2020
Hi everyone,
I want to know if it is good to submit my bank statement alongside my sponsor bank statement.

I have like 2M in my own account and my sponsor has enough funds in his own account to cover other needed expenses.
Should I attach my bank statement or just use my sponsor's own?

Also, who should pay the school fees deposit?
Should it be From my own account or from my sponsor's account??

with the high refusal rates these days. i would advise your sponsor transfers the funds into your account because even those that used their fathers and husbands or brothers as sponsors have been rejected .
just be a bit cautious with the sponsorship thing

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 8:20pm On Oct 05, 2020
Gentle Disclaimer.

please i am not writing sop’s professionally or charging fees so kindly note that i will only respond when and if i am able to as i also have obligations to fulfill at my job, home and in school. I will NOT write sop for anyone but i can share a few tips and probably preview if time permits me. this is to discourage people from setting their hopes on another human being( me) who is prone to mistakes as well.

i have responded to a few people over the past couple of weeks despite my schedule but i wouldn’t want to be under any form of pressure from anyone i am rendering assistance to.


it will end in praise


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 7:10pm On Oct 05, 2020
Just like life, Canada SP application process is chaos, success is arbitrary and IMO, the only constant is being consistent with putting in the best effort. I have been on this thread for a while now, ever since I had the SP dream. I don't have it again for now but I still keep myself updated for information purpose. Obviously, using the NL environment as a metric, rejection seems to be dominant. If I will advice any applicant:

1. Work on your LOE/SOP: I think no Nigerian should submit an application without an SOP, it will be a huge gamble. And please, don't be random about it. The process should start right from when you are choosing a course, to when you are applying to the school, to when you actually got the admission, and finally to when you are applying for SP. Make your SOP make sense, dot all the I's and cross the T's. Personalize it, tell a story, your own story. Most importantly, just like we do in Academic research, anticipate danger. What do I mean by this. Let's say you are going for an MBA, there are obviously tonnnes of schools offering it in Nigeria at cheaper prices, tonnes of distant Learning/online MBA from reputable international institutions. You have to acknowledge that in your SOP and then give a logical reason why that Canadian school/Canadian MBA is the right choice for you. There are lots of these holes to plug. In summary, anticipate the danger, acknowledge the danger, give logical reasons. SOP should not be what you right in a day or two, especially if your own case is complicated.

2. Documents: I always ask myself this question. How many of the documents we submit are actually authentic? How many can be easily verified especially when most of these documents have no digital trail? Bank statement? LOA? Deeds? Land documents, survey plans, valuations? Pay slips? Appointment letters? How many? My answer is LOA and bank statement, yours can be different. Most of these VOs know that these documents can easily be gotten from anywhere and pay no real cognisance to them. I have been on two different live sessions of ex-US consular officers where they acknowledged this. One who worked in China said they know a place people get them in Shanghai. My point is don't think most of those documents will save you, yes you can add them, but don't let them be your strongest points

3. Home ties: I guess this is mostly economic or social ties. I think if you are young-ish (maybe between 17 to 25), don't let your home ties be your parent's properties, they are not yours and the VO doesn't expect you to have those properties. Instead focus on job prospects, let your parent's properties be only additional points. Older applicants have the luxury of economic and social ties; job prospects, properties, family etc

In summary, work on your bank statement and SOP. Tell your story, cover everything, apply like it is your only chance.
I don't think there's is a formula to a successful SP approval but I think we can still do our part

your summary is very apt. i couldn’t have agreed less . i submitted few documents with my application . but the key elements for me were my finances which was solely in my accounts. no hubby or sponsor and i did a very very detailed sop with a table for my fees and all expenses. needless to say, it worked superbly. so many of my school mates have reached out to me on our facebook page who had full funding and didn’t bother writing sop and got denied.
you need to sell your self in your application .

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 7:03pm On Oct 05, 2020
Just got my refusal letter. I have paid my fees and there’s enough money in my account. I am confused cause no one is accompanying me..cause am so single...please help

i am really surprised at the high refusal rates these days. for some reason it almost seems like the refusals are more than the approvals.
it’s very important to order gcms notes then reapply immediately as this doesn’t make sense. address the mistakes from the visa officer in your application assessment as well. this is the type of case that can be easily won at judicial review


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 10:11pm On Oct 02, 2020
Hello everyone! Please who has used western union business solutions to pay tuition fee before?
Or can you suggest another way to pay. Thanks

hi dame, generate the invoice ,use form A
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 6:49pm On Oct 01, 2020

Hi Faithyy, I'll like to know why you optioned for another post graduate program in Canada after completing your Msc in Australia?

Why didn't you go the Pr route after the Msc?

Hi IK, i hadn’t considered any form of migration until early this year as i intend to pursue a phd subsequently . Canada came as a top choice after i visited twice last year.That’s why i am in the EE pool and explained it in my sop as per the dual intent rules so the V.O could understand. thankfully it worked for me as i was tempted to delete my profile. my scores will hopefully fetch me an ita in upcoming draws.

however , i also know that education is one of the best pathways to migrate through. transitioning from my second masters into a PHD should also be easier within the same institution as against trying from overseas .

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 4:09pm On Oct 01, 2020
No matter what it will take me I will never end in Nigeria

I have a private concern pls






Pls I need your urgent advice I can't seem to send p.m request from my end as I am limited to just one pls kindly p.m me from your end.... I am grateful in view....

Almighty God no go shame us

what a wawu. so you come to a public forum where everyone is here to learn , then start asking people to message you for your personal problems abi. i like your guts. if everyone here starts doing that will you see a forum to participate in?
welldone though. i like your entitlement mentality . like you are paying them to work for you ba


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 10:16am On Oct 01, 2020
Thank you so much guys.

Hello Choc.

I am 33, married with two children and fully employed. I studied history and international relations from a private Uni in Naija. I was going for a 2 years masters but i have a masters in peace studies and conflict resolution from NOUN. I graduated from my masters this year but from my B.A in 2010. we submitted aaallll possible documents and extra. landed properties, intro letters from banks, a senior colleague, and other business and employment documents. I have 10000 us dollars in my dom account and i submitted that statement. my annual tuition is 17m in naira.
my sponsor also submitted his payslip and letter of employment and business registration documents.

Gurus please i need your advise.
Since I am also looking to restrategise, please share ideas on cheapest schools in canada.

I have started the process of getting the GCMS notes. so fingers crossed.

My PR points dont look too great.

Hi Oraofe,

i had earlier responded that i am also in university of Ottawa and got my study permit approved whilst having an active express entry profile.
Just like you, i am 32 with a Masters from an Australian University and several years work experience.

if i may ask, what course in University of Ottawa is 17m? I opted for a 12 months short duration Masters which was 9m ish, showed proof of funds of only 12 m from both my personal accounts and my company accounts attaching my cac documents.

i applied 17th August and received approval on the 18th September. did my medical upfront, paid tuition fee of $8600 for fall semester, mailed nairobi and raised webform to attach it.As soon as i sent these, eligibility review started and i got aip to begin studies online.

you also need to let us know what you indicated in your sop as that is very important.

the international students office in University of Ottawa holds an emergency immigration session every thursday at 2;30 nigerian time . you should take advantage of it

let me know if you need any help.

by the way, i was offered a position in the faculty with a pay of $48 per hour after submitting some assignments and scoring high. i am studying from home online and will be earning enough to cover my costs of tuition.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 10:11pm On Sep 30, 2020
Hello all,

I need your experienced views please.

I got admission in the university of Ottawa and applied for student visa. I paid fess and there was almost 20m in my sponsors(husband) account among other properties etc. I just recieved a refusal o.
Refusal was based on financial status and assets, family ties in Nigeria, travel history.

I was in the UK last year, and my husband and two children are with me in Nigeria.

What do you think should be my next course of action? Should I defer the admission and restrategise or go and do PR � I’m confused.

sorry to hear about your refusal. i am also in University of Ottawa as well. please speak to the international students department and there’s an immigration sos zoom meeting every thursday for grad students. they review your application and advice accordingly.

Ideas pleasssseeee!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 10:03pm On Sep 29, 2020
Dear Nwanyiokpa,
it is well. you will scale through eventually . please have your brother transfer the funds to you instead of using his entire bank statement .
dear veterans ,
please accept my apologies on behalf of lucky mama. we are all prone to be out of order at some point in time or the other .

however , everyone here including the veterans are leaning daily. we are ultimately responsible for the decisions we make with regards our visa applications irrespective of what advice we receive . Personally i can testify that Frank has helped me a whole lot severally. i dare say my application was very uncomplicated as i was totally self funded and already travel exempt. but i sought his advice severally. i did not always agree with his advice ooooh. so i filtered what i needed to hear and applied what i had in my heart to do and it worked for me. i was not lazy and waiting to be spoon fed as most of us on this platform are. trust me i did my own share of work. when frank said 2 pages sop in my mind i said okay and did my 6 pages properly. you have to own your application but be humble enough to ask for help.
during the entire aip bruhaha, i kept quite because i was sure it was a great positive. i followed my heart and i have received a research assistant position from my professor . i am glad i did not defer as many people did during the aip

the veterans keep this platform going


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 8:34pm On Sep 21, 2020
goodevening house ,

i wish everyone a successful new week on this journey .
i have been getting lots of pms and i would like to drop this here for everyone.

Please OWN your study permit application process, sop , everything yourself because no one can sell you better than you can sell yourself. yes get tips and suggestions on what to do but ultimately do what you decide to do you are responsible for the outcome.

i had a lot of conflicting information and contrary advise but i stuck to my guns, paid my fees and started classes , i kept sending them web forms and emails with documents i knew i had uploaded. i sent my medical and it was updated the next day even though i had submitted all two weeks prior, before eligibility review started i sent course enrollment and tuition fees payment to add, next day my eligibility review started. then i sent ielts that i didn’t need to, i was sending them email two times a week monday and thursday. early hours of the morning with title: URGENT ATTENTION .

note that it may not work for everyone oooh. but my application was already 3 weeks and i wanted answers in time to resume fall.

please don’t let anyone discourage you at all. you can do it. i am looking forward to sharing my gcms notes with you all.

documents i submitted

Admission letter from University of Ottawa
medicals upfront
personal and company bank statement since i run my own business
vac documents for my business
cute family photos of me hubby and baby
transcripts and certificates undergraduate
first masters degree transcript (australian uni)
marriage certificate
passport with valid usa and canada visa
payment receipts for hospital and accomodation when i visited last year (had baby via emergency)
very long sop (6 pages with sub headings and sections for each point i wanted to address) use your discretion

i addressed clearly why i want to do a second masters in Canada and also why i have an active express entry profile because of the dual intent rules. i quotes it for them sef i think.

i appreciate all those who keep this thread going and whose words of wisdom helps us. God will surely come through for all those waiting. keep the faith alive


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 7:37pm On Sep 20, 2020

Why do I feel applying from the US is more easier even if that's not your home country or you're not even a Green Card holder still they approve.
How do they prove home ties? Be like all this home ties purpose of visit etc is economic migrants from Third world countries

i think it’s almost the same across board. because it is very very important to show home ties no matter where you are applying from. i had to apply solo even in my EE profile i put non accompanying spouse because we are waiting for wes on his ends. in my study permit application it was still the same info that hubby and baby will be home ties alongside business
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 11:22am On Sep 19, 2020

immediate members include spouse, parents, children etc. just google travel exemption for canada.

Form A is available in all Nigerian banks . provide your school fees invoice, admission letter, bsc certificate and others. you can walk into any bank and confirm requirements
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 10:38am On Sep 19, 2020
hi peejay. classes are both real time and recorded . i prefer the real time .

@frath. yes it’s aip but i am travel exempt based on immediate family and called border services already who confirm i can come in at anytime with their citizen. stage 2 is mostly ppr request and visa stamping plus supporting documents like medicals and biometrics . i already have visa and will have permit stamped upon arrival at poe


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 7:04am On Sep 19, 2020
hi guys . it’s an approval alert .

thank you to frank and all the other veterans in the house .

i was admitted to two universities for a second masters so i chose University of Ottawa.

applied 17th August
Upfront medicals
Tuition fees for first semester paid using Western Union business solutions )Form A .
Eligibility review ; 4th September
GCMS 11th September yet to come
Approval 18th September
Home ties husband , our Canadian child and my company.
SOP SIX LONG PAGES WELL TITLED WITH SUBHEADINGS . i didn’t study english for nothing oooh .
i have already resumed classes and loving it. i will say keep your dreams close to your chest and don’t let anyone even a professional deter you. keep pushing.
i have an active EE profile with 462 points and aced ielts at first seating. after visiting canada last year i said ah , this place is calling my name everyday.

i was worried about a lot of things because i was confused whether to delete my EE profile but i explained in my SOP and said e go be things but not in my case abeg. I am grateful to God for his constant favour and mercies.

please keep believing. God will come through for you .


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 9:54pm On Aug 20, 2020
hello house.

congratulations to all those who got AIP recently. a big thank you to Frank, Justmellow, Lekiboboe and all those who have a great source of information.

please has anyone used western union business solutions to pay their tuition fees? what rates do they use ?

which bank accepts and processes it as my accounts officer in Zenith said he has not heard of it before.

lastly, who is in University of Ottawa let’s connect.

all the best to everyone waiting for good news
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 10:10am On Jul 10, 2020

For clarification purposes myEquals is a platform for NZ and AU Universities. The have a direct portal with wes that doesn't need second stage verification. You can google it for more info if its applicable to you.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 5:31pm On Jul 09, 2020

I think the general idea is to encourage everyone to follow through the process as best as they humanly can. Be it adding another language, rewriting IELTS exams, or an additional certification.

Whilst we are all happy that draws have resumed, it is wise to consider that the pool only has 22,300 candidates before the draw yesterday. The category of those with 471 and above is only about 4000 now after yesterday's draw. Between the last 3 draws only 200-300 more candidates were added over the past 2 weeks .
If the next draw is another 471-473 ish that category that has taken 4 months to accumulate will be cleared off and the scores will naturally drop down to 461-470 which can be cleared in 2 draws.
For what it's worth, india is still on semi lockdown and they take up majority of the spots. On an indian thread i just read, they are all having difficulty with their wes being sorted both from their universities and wes itself. America is not conducting ielts at the moment. So yes trump has everyone running for Canada but until October till end of the year, many wont even be able to enter the pool yet.
Whilst trying to do my ECA, i called wes severally as my school had dispatched transcript and i tracked it. After holding the line for like 45 minutes. I was told that they were piling all couriered applications in storage to begin working on them within a month ot two because of COVID-19. The lady said they were still working on applications submitted in March. This was mid june oooh.thankfully she advised me to use myEquals to share my transcript which i did and got my eca. Basically i wasted 12k on Courier from my school to wes which is still lying in a pile somewhere. online cost me like 4k only. So imagine the thousands of people waiting for ECA from wes that wes cannot attend to yet.

If anyone had told CEC candidates that scores will drop to 431 they would never have believed. CEC started at 467 oooh then plummeted down to 431. Imagine a 36 point drop. So why won't you believe same can happen for FSW? Last year's draw had 438 and there was no COVID-19 then.

I definitely see the scores dropping to 450 and slightly below sef. 6 draws of 3900 each will clear out the pool of stagnant fsw candidates that have been there since 4 months ago before more candidates come in at the end of the year

Let us be more optimistic and stop making people feel miserable. I look forward to refereeing to this post when those with 440 get ita.

IRCC must meet it's quota. We are here to help them do so. They should use us to meet it. ��� congratulations to us all in advance. It will work out for our good.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 9:13pm On Jun 26, 2020
Good evening everyone.
Please, I have some issues with my Wes verification. My school sent my transcript to Wes via courier, UPS precisely and gave me a tracking code. The package/transcript has been delivered to Wes 7 days ago as shown by ups, but Wes is yet to acknowledge receipt of package and my profile still shows


Please my question is, how long does it take for Wes to acknowledge receipt of credentials?
Mine is about a week now, yet no acknowledgement
I've sent emails but I haven't had any luck with that either.

If you can call wes directly it will help guide you better. Wait times is like 45 mins sha. Last time i called after sending my documents i was told they aren't attending to couried documents at the moment as they have a huge backlog due to the pandemic. They asked me to call back after a month. Fortunately for me i was able to share my result via myEquals platform for foreign schools and got my assessment in two days. I just wasted money

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 6:02pm On Jun 21, 2020

Thank for the response bro, let me share with you our age and education.

I have
B.A History and International Studies,

Masters in History and Strategic Studies,

Associate Membership, Certificate of Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria.

Level II Certification in Health Safety and Environment , of Project Management Professional Institute. PMPI

5 yrs working experience in a paramilitary organisation.
1 year as Admin staff of a University
1 year as Admin support staff of a Telecom company

35 yrs of age.

Now, my wife.

B.Sc Biochemistry (Science Laboratory Technology Option)

Graduate Member: Nigerian Institute of Laboratory Science Technologists

2 years work experience as Health Care Volunteer

2year as Chemical Technologist in a Pharmaceutical company

2 years as Biology/ Chemistry Teacher in Secondary School.

Age 31.

I would advise you use the crs calculator using each of you as principal applicant and decide. If you are 35 with a masters and admin experience of at least one year you may qualify for Ontario provincial nominee program under human capital priorities stream.
Your masters gives you quite a few points ahead but if your wife can take the bcs exams in September and do her wes it will be good too.

Bottomline do not limit yourself. You can get into the pool with what you have available. Max out your IELTS and also do your wes evaluation first.
Time is of the essence in this journey

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 7:33pm On Jun 17, 2020
[quote author=YesLadyN post=90744261][/quote]

Hi ladyN,

So while i thought wes would take forever because of backlogs and paid for CES. Wes did my evaluation within 2 days and sent me the report.I am thinking i should just ask CES to do an academic evaluation instead.

Thanks a bunch
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 5:03pm On Jun 16, 2020

Hello Faithyyyy,

My experience with them was impressive. I only had to follow up on them when I had issues with my school/ETX regarding processing and transmitting my transcript. Their turnaround time for feedback is fair enough. Once transcript got to them, everything else was a smooth-sail. They updated my info without further prompts.

I’d say they are very efficient especially if you’ll be sending your transcript electronically; that’s the only accepted method for them right now anyway.

Dear LadyN

Thank you so much. I was able to get hold of them via phone and also send my transcripts electronically via myEquals. Their timeline seems very reasonable from what the lady said. They haven't updated my profile yet but i will keep following up with them until it's done. Apparently all paper documents are being stored in their storage room until later in the future when they resume. Thank God for electronic platforms

Thank you very much.
Hope this helps.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 11:13am On Jun 16, 2020

Thank you!

No, from CES. They received my transcript on a Monday and completed the report by Thursday.

Hi LadyN,

What was your experience with CES. Did you follow up with them to update your information once you sent your documents? Not many people seem to use them . Very little feedback on their services.
Kindly advise how to follow up with them.

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Faithyyyyy: 11:02am On Jun 16, 2020

As someone in a similar position, I don’t think you have any issue claiming 3years experience as long as your research is relevant to fulfilling your role as a GA. In fact you cannot progress in academics without further studies.

And in actual sense, while you were away gathering requisite postgraduate experience for your job, the university recognized you as their full-time staff. You were still EMPLOYED! Therefore, your job description during that 3-year period is covered by, and the same as your PG experience.

More so, if you have to sum your total work experience in academia, you wouldn’t subtract your years of study leave, will you?

Be convinced of these facts and present a strong justification in your LOE for the VOs review. Let the VO see a strong link below your job description as a GA and any technical skill learned/applied during your research.

Very aptly put.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 11:34pm On May 31, 2020

Hello Faithyyyyy,

Some of the short programs might be dependent on the previous academic background or not. You can research more on BCS, CIMA, CIIN, ACCA et al or visit the EE thread to ask questions, so not to derail this one.

All the best

Thanks a lot. I have him and he is going for the bcs. He has a background in I.T. basically i asked him to google and do his research as well.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 9:14pm On May 29, 2020
Canadian schools deny me for Masters - McMaster, UOttawa and British Columbia. embarassed cry cry Anyways, onto the UK, those ones offer me sharply grin grin And with the upcoming new Visa policy, nothing to fear

I got into University of Ottawa and Mcmaster and Western waitlisted me . Pls NO MORE pm. Basically all you need to do is .

Establish correspondence with the department /faculty of your choice. Preferably program cordinators or admissions officers.

Make sure you ask questions so you are properly guided.

If you need to secure a supervisor beforehand check their areas of interest and ensure your own aligns.

Your sop will always be viewed by members of the graduate committee so sell yourself and interests well.

Have your own funding just in case.

Google best sop examples for graduate school.

There is also lots of information on this platform that will help.

God bless
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 7:01pm On May 29, 2020

Please what recognized online course can anyone do from 3-6 months that can be evaluated for 1 year by wes. My kid brother has a bachelor's and is looking to enter the pool. Thanks
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Faithyyyyy: 8:56pm On May 15, 2020
It's safer to attach at least court marriage certificate
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 6:54pm On May 07, 2020
Hello house, please is there anyone for Western University or University of Ottawa ? Thanks a lot
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Faithyyyyy: 1:08am On May 07, 2020
I saw this and I needed you to clear something for me. I have MBA but because I am changing career to social work ( to face the NGO I have registered since 2016) I applied for an advanced diploma of 2 years. What's your thought on this

quote author=igbarasdynasty post=88932766]

Going for a college diploma program is a Red flag already.... It's Questionable...

You won't be seen as a genuine student given your status and age....

Check saint paul university. They have some programs for people in NGO sectors like their social Innovation M.A
. Contact the faculty and take it from there

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