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Phones / Re: LG And Samsung Mobile Specialist Is Here.... Fix It by Famouson: 2:52am On Apr 16, 2018
I have a Samsung S6 Edge phone that's stuck on reboot. It wouldn't even turn on except a charger goes into it. And when it does, it hangs on reboot. Just showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge logo. Can you do anything bout this? I gave to a technician already. He said he would have to remove the battery and there's a Hugh percentage he could damage the screen, lol. I told him not to do it. I couldn't afford to lose the screen lol. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what he's doing. I'd be glad if you could help. At some point I also thought if u sealed panels all would come back to normal.
Phones / Re: Samsung S6 Edge Sound Issue by Famouson: 2:46am On Apr 16, 2018

If the speaker is no longer working, why not replace it if u can.

I have about 4 s6 edge accessories ....including speaker camera etc just halla at my signature
What other accessories do you have? You got a motherboard? I need to flash a new custom firmware into mine. Most technicians can't do this. And now I'm thinking only option left is to replace the motherboard
Phones / Re: S6 Edge With Blank Screen For Sale by Famouson: 5:29am On Apr 15, 2018
Please text me on WhatsApp or call me. I will buy it!
Business / What Nigerian App Can I Use To Save My Money by Famouson: 5:30pm On Mar 25, 2018
Please can anyone help me with an app that allows savings in Nigeria. I have a very bad spending habit hence I need another platform that can secure my money apart from going to the bank. I'd be glad if you could help with any legal application or site in Nigeria that allows this. God bless.
Technology Market / Re: Sell your gift cards.. iTunes(101-1000) $200 single is 25k--> check thread by Famouson: 7:22pm On Aug 03, 2017
At what rates do you buy iTunes?
Career / Re: See How This Hausa Lady Who Is A 2nd Class Bsc Holder Makes Her Money In Abuja(p by Famouson: 7:28am On Jul 29, 2017
Now this is a woman
Politics / Re: Are You Related To Leopard?" IG Users Troll Dino Melaye Over The Spot On His Leg by Famouson: 6:33am On Jul 24, 2017
Until dollar drops to #10, Nigerians would never learn to mind their trades and businesses..
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Hangs Out With Huddah Monroe In Kenya (Photos) by Famouson: 6:30am On Jul 24, 2017
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Man For Trying To Finger Her In A Commercial Bus by Famouson: 6:28am On Jul 24, 2017

Oga, shut up! Are you sure you have been in a crowded bus before?

What makes you think it's impossible to pull off an act like that without being detected by anyone as long as the lady keeps mum about it??

Most of you trying to claim smart and realistic here are usually very gullible in real life. Don't say what you don't know.

N.B: My apologies for telling you to shut it but it was unavoidable.
You don't just go about insulting people.. You never know who you're messing with.. I did not mentioned you.. Please be careful
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Man For Trying To Finger Her In A Commercial Bus by Famouson: 11:13am On Jul 22, 2017
Lies from the pit of hell.. And any sane Nigerian would believe this shit... So all along the girl in question allowed him finger her.. I'm not getting... He must've have done something different.. You don't just finger a girl in a brt ... Where everyone us looking... See stupid lie oh... Finger ko, finger ni

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Sports / Chelsea Fc Batshuayi Saying Too Much Sauce.. by Famouson: 10:50pm On Jul 19, 2017
Ycee and Meleek Berry's song has gotten to our Chelsea fc footballer oh

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Celebrities / Re: D'Banj Congratulates Wizkid On His New Album by Famouson: 9:38pm On Jul 14, 2017
Celebrities / Re: Davido Blocked Fan On Twitter For Referencing Wizkid In His Tweet by Famouson: 10:37pm On Jul 12, 2017
Children fights
Religion / Re: Most Nigerians Serve The Religion Not God by Famouson: 6:22am On Jul 09, 2017
I just have to share this. Out of all the articles I've read lately about our country, this says it the way it is. Please read and send your opinions.


By: Hamza A. Danliman

The biggest country in Africa that the United Kingdom colonized is Nigeria.

The biggest country that the United Kingdom colonized in Asia is India (which then comprised the present Pakistan and Bangladesh).

When the UK came into Nigeria and India, like all other countries they colonized, they brought along their technology, religion (Christianity), and culture: names, dressing, food, language, etc.

Try as hard as the British did, India rejected the British religion, names, dressing, food, and even language, but they did not reject the British technology.

Today, 80.5% of Indians are Hindus; 13.4% Muslims; 2.3% Christians; 1.9% Sikhs; 0.8% Buddhists, etc.

Hindi is the official language of the government of India, but English is used extensively in business and administration and has the status of a “subsidiary official language.”

It is rare to find an Indian with an English name or dressed On the other hand, Nigeria embraced, to a large extent, the British religion, British culture – names, dressing, foods, and language – but rejected the British technology.

The difference between the Nigerian and the Indian experiences is that while India is proud of its heritage, Nigeria takes little pride in its heritage, a situation that has affected the nationalism of Nigerians and our development as a nation.

Before the advent of Christianity, the Arabs had brought Islam into Nigeria through the North.

Islam also wiped away much of the culture of Northern Nigeria.

Today, the North
has only Sharia Courts but no Customary Courts.

So from the North to the South of Nigeria, the Western World and the Eastern
World have shaped our lives to be like theirs and we have lost much or all of our identity.

Long after the British and Arabs left Nigeria, Nigeria has waxed strong in religion to the extent that Nigerians now set up religious branches of their home-grown churches in Europe, the Americas, Asia and other African countries.

Just like the Whites brought the gospel to us, Nigerians now take the gospel back to the Whites.

In Islam, we are also very vibrant to the extent that if there is a blasphemous comment against Islam in Denmark or the US, even if there is no violent reaction in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic headquarters of the world, there will be loss of lives and destruction of property in Nigeria.

If the United Arab Emirates, a country with 75% Muslims, is erecting the tallest building in the world and encouraging the world to come and invest in its country by providing a friendly environment, Boko Haram ensures that the economy of the North (and by extension that of Nigeria) is crippled with bombs and bullets unless every Nigerian converts to Boko Haram’s brand of Islam.

In the East we have IPOB.

While in the South - South region, Mend, Avengers and so on destroying the Heart of our Nations Economy.

We are indeed a very religious people.

Meanwhile, while we are building the biggest churches and mosques, the Indians, South Africans, Chinese, Europeans and Americans have taken over our key markets: telecoms, satellite TV, multinationals, banking, oil and gas, automobile, aviation, shopping malls, hospitality, etc.

Ironically, despite our exploits in religion, we are a people with little godliness, a people without scruples.

It is rare to do business with a Nigerian pastor, deacon, knight, elder, brother, sister, imam, mullah, mallam, alhaji or alhaja without the person laying landmines of bribes and deception on your path.

We call it PR, facilitation fee, processing fee, transport
money, financial engineering, deal, or whatever.

But if it does not change hands, nothing gets done.

And when it is amassed, we say it is “God’s blessings.”

Some people assume that sleaze is a problem of public functionaries, but the private sector seems to be worse than the public sector these days.

One would have assumed that the more churches and mosques that spring up in every nook and cranny of Nigeria, the higher the
morals in our society.

But it is not so.

The situation is that the more religious we get, the baser we become.

Our land never knew the type of bloodshed experienced from religious extremists, political desperadoes, ritual killers, armed robbers, kidnappers, internet scammers, university cultists, and lynch mobs.

Life has become so cheap and brutish that everyday seems to be a bonanza.

We import the petroleum that we have in abundance, rice and beans that our land can produce in abundance, and even toothpicks that primary school children can produce with little or no effort.

Yet we drive the best of cars and live in the best of edifices, visit the best places in the world for holidays and use the most expensive electronic and telecoms gadgets.

It is now a sign of poverty for a Nigerian to ride a saloon car. Four-wheel drive is it!

Even government officials, who were known to use only Peugeot cars as official cars as a sign of modesty, have upgraded to Toyota Prado, without any iota of shame, in a country
where about 70 per cent live below poverty.

Private jets have become as common as cars.

A nation that imports toothpicks and pins, flaunts wealth and wallows in ostentation at a time its children are trooping to Ghana, South Africa and the UK for university education
and its sick people are running to India for treatment.

India produces automobile and exports it to the world. India’s medical care is second to none, with even Americans and Europeans
travelling to the country for medical treatment.

India has joined the nuclear powers. India has launched a successful mission to the moon.

Yet bicycles and tricycles are common sights in India. But in Nigeria, only the wretched of the earth ride bicycles.

I have intentionally chosen to compare Nigeria with India rather than China, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, or Singapore, because of the similarities between India and Nigeria. But these countries were not as promising as Nigeria at the time of our independence.

Some would say that our undoing is our size: the 2012 United Nations estimate puts Nigeria’s population at 166 million, while India has a population of about a billion.

Some would blame it on the multiplicity of ethnic groups: we have 250 ethnic groups; India has more than 2000 ethnic groups.

Some would hang it on the diversity in religion: we have two major religions – Christianity and Islam; but India has many.

Some would say it is because we are young as an independent nation: we have 56 years of independence; India has 65 years, while apartheid ended in South Africa only in 1994.

I am a Muslim, and nothing can change me from practicing Islam.

But I think that our country is daily sinking into religiosity to the detriment of godliness. Our land is sick and needs healing. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” is still a saying that is germane to our current situation.

We need more godliness than religion; more work and less hope; and more action and less words.

Let everyone tidy up his or her corner first and demand fervently that our leaders tidy their areas of governance. Our nation is degenerating at a fast pace and we need to save it now.

We as a people must positively change our attitude towards our Dear country
I don't know where you called up this thing from but, it is one of the most knowledgeable facts I've heard in months now.. I did not even know as a government student that Nigeria and India got independence almost the same time.. The practice of religion has gotten deep into our heads.. Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa cannot boast of a stable and good economy..
Religion / Most Nigerians Serve The Religion Not God by Famouson: 5:54am On Jul 09, 2017
First of all, I'm not an Aethiest or Pegan. In fact, I worship at the RCCG.
I've come of age and it is evidently clear to me why even most Nigerians go to church.
And the gospel truth is, you don't have to enter the church before you thank or praise God.. Going by how many churches we have in Nigeria alone, one shouldn't be hearing of high level of corruption and atrocities from high place. Do we even know that some of these corruptions and atrocities are even committed by the so called devoted Ushers, Chior members, Pastors, Prayer warriors e.t.c.
These are the following reasons why most Nigerians serve the church not God. If you fall in this category, don't deceive yourself, you're not going for God..

1- You go to church because the pastor might query you if you do not(lol, but this is happening mostly in big churches)

2- You go to church because you're an instrumentalist, you no longer pray when prayers are being raised.

3- You go to church for remittance (my mom does this and complains every Sunday). Since when did the church become an accounting firm..

4- Now you don't to church, because you don't have offering/tithe to pay him( the pastor has corrupted you with his teachings, you now think not paying offering you don't have is sinful or unlawful)

5- You go to church because you are now a member of the choir (you want people to see you. I can saybmost sinners are in the choir department of Evey church in Nigeria)

6- You go to church because you just bought a new car or house (show off)

7- You go to church because you have this great testimony to share(show off)

8- You go to church to beg

9- You go to church in search for boyfriends and girlfriends (now not having good clothes becomes a reason for you not going into a worship house)

10- You go to church in search for a job( this is when you start doing owo epo, calling every man daddy, and every woman mummy)

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Romance / This Is Why Girls Are Foolish by Famouson: 6:18am On Jul 08, 2017
Yesterday I was about to insert my hot d!ck inside that warm puszy of my girl ,then she looked into my eyes and asked, "Do I really love her"? In my mind I was like ,"Do you expect me to say I hate or don't love you "? Omo as a sharp guy I inserted my long 7" d¡ck, she was cumming in few minutes..
Girls please grow, no needy guy would say he doesn't love you when he's about to visit the promise land oo... No no no no no....

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Politics / May God help Nigeria ooohh by Famouson: 6:03am On Jul 07, 2017

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Gaming / Re: New PES 2017 for Android phones by Famouson: 5:28am On Jul 07, 2017
have u tried using tecno with constant Wi-Fi 24/7. Have u ever heard of anybody using tecno in Europe or the US. Or any international vlog unbox tecno. Tecno w4 can't play Instagram videos lol. Tecno wat a piece of crap. Shit is made for d African market
You don't just stir up arguments that are misleading. I own a hot 4 and it runs this game as smoothly as possible...
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Juventus Vs Real Madrid: UCL Final (1 - 4) On 3rd June 2017 by Famouson: 7:02pm On Jun 03, 2017
I stand with Juve

d day i support madrid dat day all my front teeth will fall.
I stand with you on this
Romance / See The Big Snake We Killed Today... It's Penis Shaped.. OMG!! by Famouson: 8:02pm On May 26, 2017
What type of snake is this pleSe?

Nairaland / General / Re: Photos Of The Python Nigerian Soldiers Killed Today by Famouson: 1:29pm On May 24, 2017
Can it kill?
Crime / Re: Faces Of The Kidnappers Killed In Anambra Yesterday (graphic Images) by Famouson: 10:45am On May 23, 2017
Holy Shit!!
Crime / Re: Faces Of The Kidnappers Killed In Anambra Yesterday (graphic Images) by Famouson: 10:45am On May 23, 2017
Holy Shot!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Answer The Question "Sell Me This Pen " In A Sales Interview? by Famouson: 9:55pm On May 15, 2017

Guy! Haha. I just talk say make I look the username o!

U no go church?
Lolz.... Na 4 church I dey browse so oo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Answer The Question "Sell Me This Pen " In A Sales Interview? by Famouson: 8:45am On May 14, 2017

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Celebrities / Re: Bovi To Nigerians Who Want Him To Apologize "Read My Lips.. "Eat ****" by Famouson: 6:25pm On May 11, 2017
Nigerians sha
Education / Re: Huge Python Living In Ceiling, Roasted In FCT College Of Education Fire Incident by Famouson: 10:52am On May 05, 2017
I think there's a snake in my ceiling too.... It's always making sounds like "pgokokokokkkgbikkoo.... Or should I burn down my house? I need advise
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Download Games On All Type(firmware) Of Ps3 by Famouson: 11:26pm On May 03, 2017
You can now install games on your PS3 FAT, SLIM, SUPERSLIM (ULTRASLIM) with any firmware or version of the Console.

Call or WhatsApp: 08022887378 or 08060569674..

Lagos Pickup and Delivery after download available...
where in Lagos are you?

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