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Politics / Banned For Over A Year By The Mods For Being Succesful by FeloniousFelon: 4:14pm On Sep 16
All these illiterates Seun gave the Ban Hammer sef

Science/Technology / Polar Flip Expected Within A Year. by FeloniousFelon: 3:56pm On Sep 16
Pack it up. It's all over.

This is Adam & Eve Story levels.

By Adam & Eve Story, I am talking about the since declassified but heavily redacted ''Story of Adam & Eve'' by Chan Thomas which was first published in January 1, 1966.

You can get it directly from the CIA website: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp79b00752a000300070001-8 from where you can download the pdf file.

In his book, Chan Thomas refutes the conventional theory of slow gradual continental drift occasioned by a similar slower polar reversal shift.

In his treaties he goes on to narrate how polar reversals (and not polar shifts) do occur regularly on our planet and that it is all tied to the sun's solar cycle.

I strongly suggest this YouTube video


Now a Scientific paper has just been released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) that suggests a pole flip can happen IN AS LITTLE AS ONE YEAR.
Crime / Akwuzu SARS Human Organs And Parts Depot For Ritualists by FeloniousFelon: 3:37pm On Oct 15, 2020
I can't phantom why such senseless killings could happen and continue without any major uproar from Anambra people other than that there existed a more sinister and diabolical reason behind the abominal artrocities committed within the walls of that station.

This is Anambra we are talking about - the state with arguably the highest median income range and a state with so many prominent people. But then again, this is still another Anambra that is notorious for ritual human sacrifice in voodoo blood money.

The notorious head of that hell on Earth somehow got appointed as a special Advicer on security matters to the current Governor. Coincidence ?

We have all read about the notorious Okija shrine which Igbo politicians had visited to swear an oath of allegiance to their god fathers.

I think there is more to this ASP James Nwafor and his bloody activities at SARS Akwuzu.

He holds the key to unravel and expose some very powerful serial killers .

Also, pls let Igbos go abeg. They can open baby factories in every street in their Biastard and appoint Evans as their minister of humanitarian resources.

These people are making me hate them by the day because of their criminal and diabolical bent.


Politics / Re: Governor Willie Obiano Joins End SARS Protest Sack Former OC SARS Awkuzu. by FeloniousFelon: 3:23pm On Oct 15, 2020
Why did he appoint him in the first place?

Was Nwafor supplying you with the organs and body parts of those he kidnapped and murdered?
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Awkuzu SARS Under Lock As Protesters Paralyse Awka by FeloniousFelon: 3:11pm On Oct 15, 2020
The place must be horrible. Is there no picture of him or his family? That said, I thought Anambra has some of the richest people in Igbo land, why has no one pushed for the dude to be dealt with ruthlessly? I don't get it, how can people be so rich yet atrocitie of this nature happen in their place. Are they rich but not powerful? Of what use is the wealth then?

Anambra is filled to the brim with ritualists .

That SARS station was their Depot for human organs and parts to be used in their ovcultic rituals.

How the hell do you think the bastard got a political appointment from the occultic Obiano?

The Awkuzu SARS is a reflection of Igbo greed, wickedness and lust for money.

Fear those people as they will not hessitate to kill you if they see an opportunity to make money from your death.
Politics / Re: End Sars:nigerian Army Threatens Protesters As It Affirms Loyalty To Buhari by FeloniousFelon: 2:31pm On Oct 15, 2020

Una never see anything

This same govt that sent police to arrest those protesting in Katsina over banditry and even jailed one octogenarian for denouncing Buhari as a failure in a viral video where he complained of the death and kidnapping of his relatives ?

What of the southern Kaduna Christian's that are murdered by the army for daring to defend themselves against Buhari's Fulani militia?

Una never see something .

These protest will be hijacked by their thugs and mayhem unleashed towards getting Buhari to use their organized chaos to roll out Marshall law.

That is the time you will know you have no rights and they will give you a complete copy of the cobstitution to use as toilet paper in your cell in Kirikiri.
Politics / Re: Let's Occupy Buhari Fwitter by FeloniousFelon: 1:43pm On Oct 15, 2020
Troll day muthafcker
Crime / Re: Protesters Regroup After Repelling Second Attack By Government Backed hoodlums by FeloniousFelon: 1:17pm On Oct 15, 2020
Tinubu will do anything to get the cabal's support in his DOA presidential ambition.

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Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 1:10pm On Oct 15, 2020

Not until you reform your barren Northern states

If you like call me a Sudanese .

Far better than you diabolical heathen child killing Biastard


Politics / Re: ENDSARS: Sheikh Musa Asadus Sunnah Tells FG To Be Brutal On Protesters by FeloniousFelon: 1:09pm On Oct 15, 2020
embarassed cool People I share country with smh

Thich Nhat Hanh
We have the tendency to run away from suffering and to look for happiness. But, in fact, if you have not suffered, you have no chance to experience real happiness.

Shut up you bloody hypocrite .

Did you not cheer Buhari on when he ordered his thugs to shoot and kill both IPOB and Shittes?

You are equally worse


Politics / Re: ENDSARS: Sheikh Musa Asadus Sunnah Tells FG To Be Brutal On Protesters by FeloniousFelon: 1:07pm On Oct 15, 2020
I an 100% in support of the Shiites treatment on those idiots in Lagos.

You will feel the fury and Idiocracy of Buhari which you not only supported into power but also whom you defended his brutal and bloody clampdown on innocent defenseless protesters.

Karna is a bitch


Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 1:04pm On Oct 15, 2020


The same way your sense rejected you and your head

Biastard, go and reform your diabolical heathen Igbo land

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Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 1:00pm On Oct 15, 2020

Which one again be Biastard?

A long surffering Biafran is a Biastard
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 12:59pm On Oct 15, 2020

The same way the middle belt rejected you guys

See Ozo dey talk.

Nnegi (ND) no like you.

Nah by force ?
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 12:40pm On Oct 15, 2020
gerrehere idiot. Onyeiberibe. We south south impotent man. Do I blame you? Idiot from a dunce mother pitching every thing on igbos. How am I even sure you are not a product of the baby factory you mentioned? Igbo kill u there . Little devil. Igbos are bigger, better and greater than you, your family and your generation for life. You can't stand us, and will never be able to withstand us. Bring on the genocide, let's see who will run. Fulani dick sucker like you. You are busy screaming igbos while Fulanis are raping your land and your resources. We south south indeed

Stay your lane.

We don't want you Jew rats

Even your Ikwere cousins and Delta Igbos have rejected you.

Zeta Jew rat


Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 12:38pm On Oct 15, 2020

See this abo.ki talking gibberish. Majority of these Savage policemen are from the North. Their accent, illiteracy and lack of exposure always give them away.

Do not come online to say rubbish. You're calling Southerners slave, but don't worry, the country will be split very soon so you can have your stone age republic.

Nothing have I not been called in this cesspit forum

Your yaribanza cousins refer to me as a Biastard IPOB for calling them out . Same thing you Biastard used to call me a yaribanza . And when I call out you idiots on your Jew worshipping , you refer to me as a white supremacists.

I will rather be a boko than have anything to do with you slaves.

You can not exonerate Igbos from SARS killings in Anambra as SARS is where you idiots go to to avenge your enemies or to set them up to covet their land. It is only possible because greedy money worshipping Igbo Biastard police officers are willing to murder and frame for money.

I also know that these extrajudicial murders by Anambra SARS have a more sinister agenda other than their murder for hire racket or to replace armed robber suspects with the innocent but also serve as a ready made one stop market for human organs and body parts that are sold to Igbo ritualists.

You have to see the bigger picture .

Why is SARS not a problem in the north but only in the South and especially SE?

I know SARS in Yoruba land focus on extortion racket and in the SS cultism and kidnapping but in your blighted erosion land it is more sinister and diabolic .


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Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 12:10pm On Oct 15, 2020
shut the hell up. What do you know about Sars in my base? 90% of them are from the north and middle belt. That am very sure of. Say what you know
And the notirious James Nwafor that ran SARS Anambra as a Depot for Igbo ritualist looking for body parts to buy is from Mali?

You Igbos are a terrible people


Politics / Re: James Nwafor; The Now Retired SARS Killer Of Awkuzu SARS Anambra State (photos) by FeloniousFelon: 11:55am On Oct 15, 2020
After the zeta Jew slaves will blame the north when they have beasts among them.

SARS is dominated by Southerners who target, extort and kill Southerners
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 11:03am On Oct 15, 2020

Majority of them are from the north and middlebelt, so shut the fuckup

And the notorious CSP Nwafor is from Sokoto abi?

Why are northern sars not killing in the north ?

Olofo, admit the fact that your own people are the ones killing you

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Politics / Re: Buhari Shuts Down Flutter Wave For Funding Endsars Protests by FeloniousFelon: 10:58am On Oct 15, 2020
If you think the tyrannosaurus in Aso Rock will go quietly into retirement from your CIA color revolution then you are highly naive.

Buhari and his Fulani people will burn Nigeria to the ground rather than relinquish power.

You will soon know why Fulani terrorists are occupying all Forests across Nigeria.

I read that they have been activated again in Nimbo, Enugu.

Get ready for a Rwanda style civil war which is what this end Sars protests is meant to catalyse.

The CIA is not interested in if Buhari remains in power, All they want is a war to profit from and a more vicious despot to emerge to serve their NWO agenda.
Politics / Re: The Armageddon Called The Awkuzu Sars Under Csp James Nwafor. by FeloniousFelon: 10:20am On Oct 15, 2020
Good lord. So Igbos too are evil like this with brutal killer cops? Why is this thread not 20 pages long yet? I forget it relates to the exposure of evil in ala Igbo and perpetrated by Igbos - a people who pretend to hear and see no evil about themselves yet are in Yoruba folks and SW business 24/7 like white on rice.

Were this thread about an Ogbomosho or Mushin SARS under CSP Biodun Salami I bet this thread would be 50 pages and full of negative contributions against Yorubas by Igbos.

IPOBians, this is once again another example that your land is bleeding red with evil you people are happy to ignore while you focus on the affairs of others that should not concern you. We will not even talk about gross misrule of your States yet Igbos prefer to carry Lagos, Ogun and Tinubu matter on their head. Go and face ala Igbo and her many troubles and leave SW, Yorubas and Tinubu alone.

Igbo people are heartless, wicked, envious and filled with greed.
The worst elements of the NPF are in the SE and they are Igbos
Politics / Re: The Armageddon Called The Awkuzu Sars Under Csp James Nwafor. by FeloniousFelon: 9:43am On Oct 15, 2020
So there are igbos in SARS?

Na wa o!

I never knew o!

I have never met an Igbo SARS officer...

They are the majority followed by Edo then Yoruba
Politics / Re: The Armageddon Called The Awkuzu Sars Under Csp James Nwafor. by FeloniousFelon: 9:30am On Oct 15, 2020
And for some reason you idiots are attacking the north ?
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Either The North Leaves Nigeria Or The South Leaves by FeloniousFelon: 9:23am On Oct 15, 2020
Korea divided to north and south but still carried the name Korea along , I think we should also have north-Nigeria and south-Nigeria ......

The north get sense pass una.

It is in the South you will see VIO, Road safety and SARS misbehaving

Go and check well and see that all these useless govt security agents distturbing our lives are from the South.

I have never seen a VIO or road safety idiot from the north.

Anambra and SE in general has the worst elements of the NPF and majority are Igbo or Southerners

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