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Celebrities / Re: Somebody Died In This Accident - Comedian Craze Clown Speaks (pix, Video) by Foolishbuhari: 11:12am On Oct 28

because I stole it or what.
when my parents were busy hussling, your use.. father was carrying bible from church to church

so don't be jealous, there is enough room in the sky for all bird, forget naira land


Hahaha see how this broke idiot quickly referenced my parents grin

See me and you no be mates ehn... Even your fada no be my mate. See mumu when e fada no even get bicycle dey talk yen yen yen grin cheesy cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Somebody Died In This Accident - Comedian Craze Clown Speaks (pix, Video) by Foolishbuhari: 10:57am On Oct 28
when you buy a Chinese BMW, forget about God

I have survived this long in this country because I have developed a 6th Sense.

I drive a Mercedes Gguard, but I drive it very slow, people even mock me in my hood.

I avoid suspicious friends, I don't overstay 8 PM outside the house.

I don't like taking commercial flight when I travel, I rather rent a private jet.and the pilot credentials should convince me.

I know that I will die even with all this precautions, but at least I will live longer

Yinmu tongue grin

Those who do don't advertise it


Politics / Re: Enugu 2023: Hard Options For Chimaroke Nnamani And Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi by Foolishbuhari: 5:02pm On Oct 27
which youth? Not for a place like enugu..the people are too docile to contest for something like that. Even another party no go fit win enugu except PDP

Bro no be the same youths for Enugu nai dey carry gun dey shoot police dey shoot soldiers when shoot them so abi you no dey see am?

This palliative thing really pained Ndi Enugu o. I never believed Enugu people had it in them to do all they have done in the past 2 weeks! Enugu people are very angry with gburu gburu o as in I never see this kind thing before o Bro

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Politics / Re: Is Our Nation Repeating A Costly Mistake Of 54 Years Ago? by Foolishbuhari: 4:50pm On Oct 27
Nothing burnt or destroyed that can't be built again Bro. It will even be better built. But live which has been lost can never be gotten back again.

Never did anyone think a day would come when Nigerians would disobey curfew and face those who have oppressed them for so long!

Nigerians are angry and the government is still not handling this thing with sense!

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Politics / Re: Enugu 2023: Hard Options For Chimaroke Nnamani And Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi by Foolishbuhari: 4:46pm On Oct 27
They should both forget it! They won't win. They've lost already. APC PDP cancelled. The youths are taking up the reins of this country

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Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Emerges First Female Director General Of The WTO by Foolishbuhari: 4:40pm On Oct 27

I tap into the Northern influence that got her the position.

She should fly back home to kneel down and appreciate Buhari and other Northern elders.

One Nigeria for ever.

Make God punish you and that your hand you use type the rubbish!

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Politics / Re: My Donation And Contribution To Buhari Campaign (Picture) by Foolishbuhari: 4:38pm On Oct 27
How market awon donors? grin grin

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Car Talk / Re: A Short Super Story By Supercarsofnigeria by Foolishbuhari: 8:56am On Oct 26
I can totally relate with this lol. E come be as if some people dey live the life while others dey kick empty cans for ground
Politics / Re: Military Officer Confronts Policemen Shooting At Unarmed Protesters by Foolishbuhari: 5:47am On Oct 26

What pepper,if they were to confront you criminals of the protest in self defense do you think you will be alive to say this nonsense. Well go & commit as usual & be caught & see whether area will be cool for you. The protest had to stop because you thugs, miscreants,agberos, hoodlums, street urchins, thieves,robbers killers, arsonist, looters etc, hijacked the movement & that was not the aim of the protest. They are arresting the looters during the protest presently,I can see you have not been arrested yet

Call up your fada. If he picks up I'd be very surprised because he led the looters breaking into places and carting away valuables.

I also see you're a police apologist. Well come out to the streets with this your narrative let's see how long you'd last. Foolish boy!
Politics / Re: Thugs Invade Abuja Industrial Estate, Loot Warehouses by Foolishbuhari: 6:44pm On Oct 25
Calm down sir,even d police men sef wan kuku dey do Yahoo na dey reign now

Ehen make dem dey do na my guy. We can't go back to the dark days when police men acted with impunity because they think there will be no retribution
Politics / Re: Thugs Invade Abuja Industrial Estate, Loot Warehouses by Foolishbuhari: 6:32pm On Oct 25

I think the stupid fool is anyone who can't read between the lines that it's is the masses that would suffer

Atleast when hyper inflation sets in and you enter market to see your actions

Yahoo boys Politicians and SARS Abi police go dey house they chop


Yawns... A fool's rants
Politics / Re: Thugs Invade Abuja Industrial Estate, Loot Warehouses by Foolishbuhari: 5:59pm On Oct 25

Come home to warehouse of our brothers who borrowed money from banks at 28% interest rate to start business and keep their electronics and goods at warehouse

How youth who works for this various employers being looted would get salary this month is a mystery

Now they would wake up Monday jobless since businesses were looted and burnt

[b]To make the matters worst SARS opreatives now work as regular police earning their salary non stop, Yahoo boys are still cashing out big time, infact dollars rising means the cashing out is fatter, [/b]Politicians are about to pass 2021 budget with all the juice


Stupid as always. Were the SARS not regular policemen before who turned themselves to criminals? What is your concern with yahoo boys? Call EFCC on the ones you know and see. You'd even get a 5% whistle blowing reward on their monies and properties that they forfeit to the government.

Thoughts like this are what made all this nonsense happen in the first place and useless people like you are still habouring them

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Protest: We Feel Abandoned – Police Officers by Foolishbuhari: 5:55pm On Oct 25
braying donkey! grin

Yeah if it Will expose and name bumbling fools in our midst, I'd bay aloud!
Politics / Re: EndSARS Protest: We Feel Abandoned – Police Officers by Foolishbuhari: 5:50pm On Oct 25
please marry me. If you are married, I can be your second husband please.

You are one of the few with brain in this country. So many dumb people that I hate being a part of them.

You two deserve yourselves yeah. Two brainless fools


Politics / Re: EndSARS Protest: We Feel Abandoned – Police Officers by Foolishbuhari: 5:46pm On Oct 25

Na bcz SARS never do you something before... If not you won't even have hands to use and type this rubbish
Leave am na dem BMC fools dem
Agriculture / Re: Paddy Rice For Sale( Delivery No Pick Up) by Foolishbuhari: 11:54am On Oct 25
Paddy rice is available for delivery

Interested buyer should call or chat me on


Why no pick up? Where's your location?

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Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: Forensic Analysis Proves Videos Of Killings Are Genuine by Foolishbuhari: 9:00am On Oct 25

Pesin wey dey make claim that they can not support with facts is talking about modicum and integrity. What a sad irony.. grin grin

This is why I enjoy entertainment on NL, the kind of absurdities you read fit make you laff taya..

grin grin

Same way this forum irritates me because many foolish fools and they know themselves have over run the forum. If it's not stoking tribal sentiments, it's outright display of stupidity
Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: Forensic Analysis Proves Videos Of Killings Are Genuine by Foolishbuhari: 5:43am On Oct 25

at the Lekki tollgate area

Why una dey explain give this fool? He or she is clearly toying with your sensibilities
Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: Forensic Analysis Proves Videos Of Killings Are Genuine by Foolishbuhari: 5:41am On Oct 25

Change mouth? Nah

We have been consistent with what we believe on

You no just get sense! One single small one u no get. At least 10 persons were killed by directly firing unprovoked into their midst and you call it what? What's a massacre in your own slow dictionary? All of them should have died before you say it was a massacre?

Ah stupid folks like you are going to be the death of this country. Foolish sellouts without a modicum of integrity or shame. People who think loyalty should be to a certain vegetable and not the country. People who are ready to die on the lie fed them just because they earn 30k which is less than 100 USD monthly, to push a narrative.

Well, continue in your delusion until the very system you're supporting consumes you as fodder for its canon. Then they will claim you were felled by unknown soldiers or your felling is fake news

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Career / Re: Nigerian Army Reduces Academic Requirement To Woo More Citizens Into Joining by Foolishbuhari: 5:26am On Oct 25

And the discrimination against second class lower divisions in the NN still stands

These people are playing pawns with the life of Nigerian soldiers,
Don't know what their problem is ,,, they are playing politics with this banditry and insurgence .
Give this soldiers training,
Improve their well being
Increase their salary, increase their salary
Give them sophisticated weapon
Shun compromise
Shun conspiracy
Shun tribalism
Shun nepotism
Believe insurgency will be a thing of the past

Seriously I don't what is wrong with our service chiefs
I tire for them ...

The discrimination against 2.2 is much
The Nigerian Navy should know that ,, graduating with 2.1 in the Nigerian University now is a thing of luck .....

I can't believe I will have to dump my Nigerian Navy form because I had 2.2 ,,
I wanted to give it a try , applied,, filled the form and finished signing all ...
But am discouraged because of the degree criteria...... Because no need of going to oweerinta,, heard I won't be let in because of the degree

Bros na because u no sabi person walahi. 2.2 easy to get? Are they trying to tell me there are no persons with third class even in the navy? Lol
Autos / Re: Neatly Used Chrysler @ A Sweet Price by Foolishbuhari: 10:15pm On Oct 24
Rolls-Royce kee you there grin grin angry


Politics / Re: Military Officer Confronts Policemen Shooting At Unarmed Protesters by Foolishbuhari: 10:12pm On Oct 24
Undisciplined mofokas are what the police are. I am glad they really showed them pepper during this our mini revolution. No be only them get craze for head and no one has a monopoly of violence.

Area go cool small now.

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TV/Movies / Re: TVC News Resumes Broadcasting (Photos) by Foolishbuhari: 5:04pm On Oct 24

They don't do what you have accused them of. I watch them every blessed day and for a station that is purportedly owned by Tinubu to do the kind of reporting they do, I give them all the kudos. That's why they are highly rated compared to Channels and SIT for their top-notch reporting.

Up till today's Journalist Hangout which just ended about 30 minutes ago, they were still supporting the genuine protesters and the protests up until when it was hijacked.

Bro, that a turtle lives in water doesn't make it a fish. They were initially capping nonsense to an extent before the attack on them. They even refused reportage on the events until the international media carried the news.

If you want to see unbiased reporting, I suggest you watch Arise TV. Channels knew what was coming and they quickly went off air. I'm glad there's calm now and every one has taken a chill pill.

The youths have made a statement and I hope we don't go back to the dark days where the police was run as a cult; Seeing or hearing no evil as far as it concerned their men, killing and maiming with impunity claiming nothing will happen because the top echelon would bury the case. They have seen violence meted upon them and I hope they change for good

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Protest: RRS Removes Blockades Mounted By Hoodlums In Oshodi (Photos) by Foolishbuhari: 3:58pm On Oct 24
Good job by the RRS. I hope that evil_liar called DJ Switch will not come and claim she saw 500 dead bodies

We know this strategy. It's as old as Nigeria's independence. Unfortunately it doesn't work with sane minds. You're trying to bedevil the messenger to render the message useless. Unfortunately y'all have failed.

Go back to your whatsapp group for the incompetent fool called buhari and tell them we have refused to disbelief what we saw with our eyes. We won't allow evil people like you play with our sensibilities or twist or change the narrative
TV/Movies / Re: TVC News Resumes Broadcasting (Photos) by Foolishbuhari: 3:46pm On Oct 24
I hope they have learned the hard way not to give pro government news or distort information. Leave that niche for NTA

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Politics / Re: Police Recruit OPC To Guard Stations by Foolishbuhari: 3:40pm On Oct 24

Baba watch those videos where they were destroying stations. They shot on air.

The reason they were avoiding the shoot stuff is this. The killing of those protesters at lekki has already made issue worse. FG is bit becoming careful not to shoot further.

Those guys have AK 47, it doesn't cost much to kill 5 to 20 persons who came to destroy station.

Bro I saw many of the videos where the police were even shooting at people in the streets. I am also privy to information about some of these violence across. Boys were ready to die and indeed some of them died. Some of the boys had charms which made them impermeable to bullets. Their sheer force, numbers and will overpowered those policemen or would you say a Nigerian police man at the threat of death won't shoot to save himself? Heck they shoot just to feel good then when they are in danger? You reason am na Bro
Politics / Re: Police Recruit OPC To Guard Stations by Foolishbuhari: 3:32pm On Oct 24
I pray peace reigns in our land. What our politicians have caused, their hands wouldn't be sufficient to curb. They say over 65% of our youths own Nigeria. That's about 140m against 1m police and army. Beheading IG would be seen as a sin because he had done his best as the head of the force.

We are merely sitting on a keg of gun powder. I've never seen this kind of bravery and unity before on the part of our youths in different parts of the country. I'm even scared. Just yesterday, they almost attacked my wife with matchet and knives. They came from nowhere and began chasing her in her suv with bike. What's the population of our military and police, when compared with that of the Nigerian youths who willingly want to commit suicide on a normal day? why would you think they'd fear snything.

Our politicians are dealing with a wrong generation whom they allowed to suffer. Truth is bitter. They would have to come out fast with meaningful programmes that would appease them. They need to be advised properly cos an idle hand is the devil's workshop. These guys are ready for anything. They didn't come from the moon. They're the same children of both retired and serving police officers, civil servants, generals in the army, etc. You saw afegbua's daughter joining the protest before she was told her mum killed a student in edo when she was CP. So, we are in for it together. May God enter our leaders' heart and give them the required knowledge to end this menace. Force would worsen the matter as seen in recent times in which both army, police and civilians died.

My brother you have said the truth and nothing but the truth because I saw it with my eyes. These set of youths are no longer scared of guns. I saw these people being shot at yet they were still advancing with blood in their eyes to kill these police men.

How the police became public number one enemy should be studied and solutions quickly sorted and rolled out because with the youths (and not the good ones definitely) now armed, many of these policemen who have before now wrongly killed or incarcerated their loved ones would pay the supreme price. We would be back to the days where police officers were scared to wear their uniforms across the country.

These bastard politicians saw the anger in the eyes of these children as they protested against police brutality. They saw the anger in their eyes as they screamed and appealed to the authorities to stop the police from killing them. Only to go and shoot them where they sat singing the national anthem and waving flags! That was their undoing as it triggered the violence against uniformed men across the country especially the south. I hope these rouges called policemen now know no one has a monopoly of violence.
Politics / Re: Police Recruit OPC To Guard Stations by Foolishbuhari: 3:20pm On Oct 24

He even ordered them not to shoot at the hoodlums... can u imagine? It is madness!

My brother this one na lie! Pure capital lie! Police dey heed order to do something? Dem dey order them to shoot and frame innocent before dem do am before?
Politics / Re: Police Recruit OPC To Guard Stations by Foolishbuhari: 3:16pm On Oct 24
guy why you dey talk like this na? You talk as if you're not a Nigerian. What's the number of police in each station compared to thousands of youths mobbing them? Before a police man would shoot twice, the mob have overpowered them. Who told you they didn't shoot? Who told you some of the youths didn't die? They targetted any police who shot and killed them too.Their number is just huge and that's a result of failed leadership. Please leave the IG out of this. Did you watch all those videos at all, including on those warehouse looted? They were like locust in those warehouses. A sign of a failed state. I watched the youths have a field day in oba Akiolu palace, bathing( not even swimming) in his swimming pool. Do you think policemen weren't guarding the place with gun? They overpowered them

This was a revenge mission on the police so they know they are not invincible. You can't continue to kill people and frame innocents with impunity while telling them nothing will happen! Now something has happened.

When Segalink and other sane voices of reason warned about this, the police authorities were silent. When you corner a goat, it will fight back one day and that's what happened. I hope they've learned their lessons now that no one has a monopoly of madness or violence


Politics / Re: Police Recruit OPC To Guard Stations by Foolishbuhari: 3:09pm On Oct 24

Be gentle with your lies. So far the only figure of your imaginary massacre is zero(0).

So the three persons already confirmed dead by sanwo-olu is false abi? Make una dey try get sense before una talk na
Autos / Re: Mercedes Benz S/C Class Vs The Hyundai Genesis Series by Foolishbuhari: 4:26am On Oct 24
mtceeew a few token will be giving as if she have the token undecided sad

No be everybody dey depend on buhari monthly 30k to lick his arse ozuo!
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman To Buhari: ‘Your EndSARS Speech Was Useless, Insensitive’ by Foolishbuhari: 7:57pm On Oct 23

I just dey laf sometimes when I see or read posts from people wey social media dey give mind.

Na you I suppose dey tell that one As Ur bastard fada no teach you sense. I dey look una when go dey nack teeth anyhow for this forum. The day person go mean one of una ehn hmm

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