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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Government Has Failed To Resolve Issues, Police Brutality - Saraki by Foolishbuhari: 1:23pm On Oct 20
Is the protest an Igbo protest? Why are you being stupid?
Politics / Re: DHQ Seeks To Crush Bandits With Tucano Jets, Laments US Condition by Foolishbuhari: 9:19am On Oct 20
Just when you think you can't hear anything more ridiculous, this government floors you with their rhetorics!

What's boko haram done that the fulani terrorists haven't done? Now I see why they quick rushed to prosbribe IPOB as terrorists. Politically correct Igbos are the worse thing to befall Igbos


Politics / Re: Tax Appeal Tribunal Could Kill Your Business In 6 Months by Foolishbuhari: 10:34pm On Oct 14

For example the case between firs and multichoice Nigeria!

Remember the insane arbitrary tax claim firs alleged was owed by multichoice

Tell him! Imagine levying ₦3 trillion as tax on the company, then expecting the company to pay a deposit of 50% about ₦1.5 trillion in escrow, before the tribunal can hear them. It's an illegality that must not stand!

These buhari fools don't know this man is killing businesses and people are running away or shutting down!

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Politics / Re: Tax Appeal Tribunal Could Kill Your Business In 6 Months by Foolishbuhari: 10:26pm On Oct 14
I understand that this new law is potentially dangerous but please that illustration is unreasonable, how much cash flow will a $50m coy generate for a tax body to say they owe $100m in unpaid taxes? Haba. Where will that ever happen? That scenario was only painted for effect it is quite an unrealistic one.

Maybe unrealistic but this is Nigeria where a self-contained apartment is given ₦30k as estimated light bill. A house without even AC or pressing iron. This is a country where customs can arbitrarily re-evaluate the worth of your goods and slam anything they like on it as duty. Happened recently to a guy who bought gold-plated jewelry from China, worth ₦40k. Customs re-evaluated the cost and slammed ₦400k on the item as duty.

It's the lawlessness and abuse that can accompany that law we are mostly speaking against because we know it will be abused! With this law, the tax body can slam any arbitrary bill on you as tax and expect you to pay 50% of the amount first before coming to the table to hear your appeal. It's like being the accuser and judge of your own case. Don't also forget politics Bro! What better way to shut down a dissent's voice than over taxing his business to kill it?

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Politics / Re: Tax Appeal Tribunal Could Kill Your Business In 6 Months by Foolishbuhari: 10:17pm On Oct 14

Tell us the law that says that, you are suppose to drop 50% of the amount billed before you the tribunal can listen to your case.

Did you read the article or you're being intentionally foolish on my mentions? If you have comprehension issues or can't read, may I suggest you take a breather from Buhari's ass? Perhaps you may see clearly after.
Politics / Re: Tax Appeal Tribunal Could Kill Your Business In 6 Months by Foolishbuhari: 9:20pm On Oct 14
Is it that all d commentators are illiteretes or what?before judgements facts against d company would have been tendered before d tribunal.how can u say a company worth $50m is owing $100m in taxes and d court will agree without evidence.d op sef is potraying ignorance which is visible.pls think before u comment abeg

You are the illiterate because you didn’t read to understand. You think the tax tribunal is your conventional court or law? You've been clearly told the provision of the law and what it says, yet you're here capping rubbish.

That $50m and $100M was just an illustration. It could also be that the tax authorities could give a business worth ₦10M a tax bill of ₦5M or ₦10M or any amount at all the deem fit indiscriminately. Now according to the law, before that company can appeal to the tax tribunal, they must make a deposit of 50% of the amount billed them indiscriminately to the tribunal before their records can even be reviewed to reach a resolution and the amount possibly reduced.

This is a case of being guilty until proven otherwise and it will hurt businesses. No one invests in a country with opaque taxation policies and no one certainly wants to spend money to set up a business the tax man could kill via senseless policies!


Crime / Re: Man Wrestles ‘Pseudo-Police Kidnappers’ In Lekki (Photos, Video) by Foolishbuhari: 1:41pm On Oct 12
Always go home early to avoid thieves or police

They do this nonsense even at noon! So maybe you'd suggest next people don't go to work?
Celebrities / Re: Mr Macaroni: VP's People Pushing The Agenda That I Didn’t Graduate (Pictures) by Foolishbuhari: 9:48am On Oct 11
Who is this.

And who are you exactly?
Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by Foolishbuhari: 6:17pm On Oct 06
Honestly, Nigerians like you make me sick! I have never even been a fan of Tinubu, so why attribute him to my comment?

Find below Peter’s past hypocritical demand for transparency, while he deliberately hid wealth that was possibly ill gotten.

If we have to take Nigeria back from evil APC & their twin in PDP, it is not people like Peter Obi that will rescue Nigeria!





You are still talking bullshit and I won’t let you push negative narratives. Neither will I accept to join you scream Wolf when there’s none
Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by Foolishbuhari: 8:54am On Oct 06
This is absolute rubbish written to defend Obi.
On tax evasion, I agree that there is nothing wrong in investing in countries that permit you to pay little or no tax.
But on Obi's lack of transparency in NOT declaring his investments in such countries outside Nigeria (while attempting to serve / while serving in public office), he is absolutely wrong!
If Obi did not have anything to hide & he truly wanted to serve the people transparently, why will he keep such secrets?
I will continue to say it, Nigerians are the most evil set of human beings God created, they always find justification for EVERY WRONGDOING humans are capable of doing.

You are just hyperventilating and talking bullshit?you are just hyperventilating and talking bullshit!

Did Peter Obi break any extant laws? Did he steal Anambra money? Man was already a very multi billionaire from his businesses even before he became governor of Anambra state.

So far it's legal, I choose what should be made known in my life! He declared the assets he had direct control over. Did you ever consider he would perhaps be going against an NDA if he declares jointly owned assets?

I see what y'all are doing. Y'all hate him because nothing has been able to stick so far. He didn’t steal Anambra money like your lords in Bourdillion, So y'all keep trying to throw mud and look for grubs where there are none, believing if you throw up enough dirt, we would see dirt all over him.

Bros this isn't 2014/15. A whole lot has changed and every evil propaganda would be rejected, exposed and served right back to the initiator!


TV/Movies / Re: Whitemoney: BBNaija Winner's Prize Presentation by Foolishbuhari: 3:30pm On Oct 04

You are one of the people that will never allow this country move forward or do the right thing. Good

Kindly explain please! He liked the show and appreciates the contribution the show made to the economy. A show that injected ₦4.3 Billion into the economy and y'all capping nonsense!


TV/Movies / Re: Whitemoney: BBNaija Winner's Prize Presentation by Foolishbuhari: 3:28pm On Oct 04
A show employed over 1000 persons directly and another almost 12,000 indirectly and you're talking nonsense?

A show that put ₦4.3 Billion into the economy yet some cretins date criticize it? Die haters!!

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Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by Foolishbuhari: 5:42pm On Oct 03

I don’t have any counter thought but as a born and raised practising muslim, I sincerely tell you that that article is full of flaws and fraud aimed at something else.

Your religion is a sponsor of war, murder, terrorism and chaos! You are also a budding terrorist hence would never see aby sense the article made. Nonsense!


Car Talk / Re: About Tinted Permits And Police Harrasment by Foolishbuhari: 11:54am On Oct 03
Hi guys, Got a car coming in and there is no model of that car that does not have factory tinted windows. I read somewhere that Nigerian police have suspended issuing tinted permits, so people that still get theirs have to backdate it, please how true is this and does it work?

Also, it would be nice if people that have tinted cars share their experience so far with the police. Thanks in advance.

They still give tinted permits for cars with factory tints


Car Talk / Re: American Spec Exhaust For Sale by Foolishbuhari: 8:45pm On Oct 01
Which one be American spec exhaust again ntori' Olorun

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Romance / Re: What Does She Mean By This? by Foolishbuhari: 5:23pm On Oct 01
That's the friend zone format Oga! Scram very fast! You'd do boyfriend duties whilst another hits the punna

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Travel / Re: Enugu Policemen Ran Away After Their Roadblock Caused Multiple Car Accident by Foolishbuhari: 1:33pm On Sep 30
My baby was at this accident. She called me as was shaking. Imagine I'd have lost my Wife cos of some stupid extortionists cum cops
Family / Re: Why Are Men Outraged Over Paternity Fraud? by Foolishbuhari: 5:53pm On Sep 29
Höes! Cheating höes everywhere!

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Politics / Re: Ahmed Lawan: Buhari Diversified The Economy More Than Any Previous Leader by Foolishbuhari: 9:52am On Sep 27
Yeah he did of course! We now have a very active and thriving terrorist (intentionally coined bandits) industry so it's all good.

As the senate president has become a presidential spokesman, the entire National Assembly should be ashamed of themselves and the desecration and disgrace they've meted on that institution and what it stands for!


Education / Re: Pantami’s Professorship: FUTO Alumni Write Institution, Want Explanation by Foolishbuhari: 4:05pm On Sep 24

Imagine these tribalistic buffoons want to play to the gallery. Let them first question GEJ the clueless ex President about his Doctorate degree before they come for pantamis head, as if its today that corruption started in Nigeria.

If you had any sense, you'd know there honorary doctorate degrees. But I've never heard of a honorary professorship!

BTW, GEJ read and fulfilled the terms of his doctorate (not honorary)but hate just had to play a double on you. He's unlike a certain foolish shriveled cow who got a honorary doctorate just to compensate for his lack of an ordinary O' level certificate, only to finally crash the economy.

And @ the bolded; you support corruption only when it favors your own? LMAO


Politics / Re: Osinbajo: We Must Develop Knowledge-based Economy For Viability by Foolishbuhari: 7:31am On Sep 24

You can talk from today to tomorrow. However, you can not force the President if he does not listen.

Look at how Goodluck Jonathan gave Okonjo Iweala more strength in his government. Look at how Obasanjo walked with her. That is how a president can give a member of his cabinet a chance to do more.

Unfortunately, this President did not use the brilliance and ideas of Osinbajo at his disposal.

OK but he could go around sharing 10k as part of poverty alleviation? Which brilliant person in his right mind does that? I could expect that from rabblerousers like Fayose, Wike and even stupid yahaya Bello, not him!

Please he should spare us the useless rhetorics Bro. He's not making anything better by those instead he's adding to our angst and I know I speak the minds of many
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: We Must Develop Knowledge-based Economy For Viability by Foolishbuhari: 7:11am On Sep 24

What can he do? The power if the vice president is limiting. I think he has been the most active vice president in the history of Nigeria to the best of my knowledge.

He has made brilliant contributions in many ways.

Bro his "brilliant contributions" are as useless as our punditting on this platform and outside the streets.

You claim he has no powers, but he has the president's ears right? He's a SAN FFS! The sleaze, lawlessness and brigandade going on in this government is not something you sit on the fence over. Or he thinks he can extricate himself from the ills of this government?

The pragmatic ones amongst us, not blinded by emotions and partisan affiliations would always see him, as a part of our dark history and a man who never spoke against the ills in this country, because he was "eating".

Meanwhile, he should kindly spare us the useless rhetorics that are akin to a car without an engine!

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: We Must Develop Knowledge-based Economy For Viability by Foolishbuhari: 6:46am On Sep 24
This man speaks like he’s not a part of these government. Fücking fool!
Politics / Re: Navy Hands Over Two Vessels Carrying Crude Oil To EFCC by Foolishbuhari: 9:32pm On Sep 23
Another ship for malami to sell and pocket the proceeds! Fück this country!
Travel / Re: What I Learnt After Visiting The Brazilian Presidential Palace(photos, Video) by Foolishbuhari: 5:40am On Sep 22

Lol. See beef, yes I saw president bolsonaro, are you happy now? Did you have watch the video? I shook hands with the presidente

The werey no get data

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Hoteliers Enabling Internet Fraudsters Activities - EFCC by Foolishbuhari: 12:32am On Sep 15
idiot,even interpol and FBI do burst hotels and hideouts,but as usual,as the lazy thief that u are...u will never see that...ole ole

Yeah burst hotels without warrants. Right! Do you know these are people's businesses they are damaging? I'm bringing myself down so much, by even speaking with an unlearned, poverty stricken fool as you.

I'm not the cause of your poverty and frustration. Don't go and look for work ehn, be there hating. You apparently didn’t learn anything from the foolishness and poverty your father passed down to you.

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Hoteliers Enabling Internet Fraudsters Activities - EFCC by Foolishbuhari: 11:17pm On Sep 14
fraudster..Ur days are numbered...u will be locked for a very long time..ole

See this fool oh. You'll probably get locked up or killed before me sef so stop making noise! You like the system disorderly because you're poor and wish others were like you! Stupid ass modafuka!

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Hoteliers Enabling Internet Fraudsters Activities - EFCC by Foolishbuhari: 11:05pm On Sep 14
yahoo boy

God punish you!

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Hoteliers Enabling Internet Fraudsters Activities - EFCC by Foolishbuhari: 10:13pm On Sep 14
Nigeria has simply gone to the dogs!

They do this because people don't have guns. You raid my place of business illegally and hope for my cooperation?

Someone has to take them up on this. Let us know the empowering laws that gave the EFCC the right to break into hotels and hospitality facilities at the dead of night to disturb guests.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Foolishbuhari: 4:07pm On Aug 28

Please share the contact of the guy that helped fixed your stuff and location. One Kazeem done operate nonsense now my A/C and engine Fan isn’t working

He's in Enugu. 0803 325 3353
Politics / Re: Major Datong Abducted By Bandits At NDA Killed - PM News by Foolishbuhari: 6:50am On Aug 25
I am sorry to say this, but those officers were careless with their own lives. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if they were vigilant enough, some heads must roll.

As for the fools blaming Buhari for this, do you expect him to personally secure the NDA and every military formations in Nigeria?

Some people have the responsibility of securing that place, it's their failure that led to this unfortunate incident.


Would you maintain this energy if this happened during the time of GEJ? Would you? Calling people saying the truth fools when you're the bigger one. See look into the mirror and say "I am a hypocrite"!


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Foolishbuhari: 10:09am On Aug 19
Hello bro, do you have the contact of this mechanic in Enugu. Am in Enugu and needs a competent Benz mechanic as my personal go to.

He's good, just a bit pricey.
0803 325 3353 that's his contact

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