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Computers / Did You Know There Are Self-parking Chairs? by gargoylern: 11:57am On Jul 01, 2020
I was marveled after using one today.
They park themselves and are activated with a clap


They were created by Nissan, more than 4 years ago. I bet you didn't know


Family / Re: My Younger Sister Or My Boss Daughter ?? by gargoylern: 11:16am On Jun 21, 2020
Wait o. Why are you trying to invite any of these poor girls over into a live of slavery? How do you expect them to have time for their studies while working 20 hours a week and still taking care of your baby from 8am to 2pm? Are you looking for a house maid? I hope you know child trafficking is illegal in the UK.
You shouldn't go into this if you'll be giving these poor girls a hard life. UK is not heaven!

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Career / Re: Dr. Wendy Okolo, First Black Woman To Bag A Phd In Aerospace Engineering by gargoylern: 8:29pm On Jun 17, 2020
Until black people start to see that there is nothing, I mean nothing, to celebrate in being the so-called first black person to do something, they will continue to celebrate underacheivement. What is in being the first black person to get a PhD? Are you guys that slow?

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Politics / Re: Why Does Nigerian Politicians Cover Their Car Number Plates? by gargoylern: 4:45pm On Jun 17, 2020
It is an inheritance from the military culture of covering plate numbers. Democracy in Nigeria is heavily militarized. Bunch of corrupt people.
Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by gargoylern: 2:34am On Jun 02, 2020
You can now get "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" from Udemy free this June.
This is probably one of the best open-source books written on python.
You use this coupon JUN2020FREE or just visit this link


Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by gargoylern: 2:31am On Jun 02, 2020
Romance / Re: How I Discovered My Girlfriend Has Been Cheating: Pics Included by gargoylern: 8:15am On May 16, 2020
Just walk away bro. No need for drama.


Celebrities / Re: 'he's A Danger To The Community' Judge Shuts Down R.kelly's Third Attempt To Get by gargoylern: 8:09am On May 16, 2020
This guy is going to get a long time. 20 maybe
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 8:00am On May 16, 2020
the last time I tried recovering they said I should snap and upload a proof of ID. Currently I have an NIMC temp slip which I uploaded but they rejected the upload. My PVC isn't clear enough
You'll definitely need some better ID then. Maybe international passport?
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 7:44am On May 16, 2020
I have some altcoins in the account. Thanks
You need to recover it then. Binance support act fast, they'll help you.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 7:29am On May 16, 2020
maybe some consolidation? If not an abrupt drop...

Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 7:24am On May 16, 2020
Who wants to make money with me this season? So much opportunities.
FYI: I'm out of the market for now with my profits. Took of like a bandit at 9.9k. Expecting a much more sizeable drop in btc value in the short term, after which I'll be back in full swing. This 500h drop is nothing for now.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 7:22am On May 16, 2020
I lost my phone early this year,in the phone I had Binance app that I activated Google Authentication for logging in. Now I have installed the Binance and Google Authentication apps in my new phone but I can't log in to my Binance account again. Who can direct me on how to go about it please
Talk to binance customer support, they'll take care of you. If you don't have any btc or money in that account, you can just forget and open a new one.
Crime / Re: White Father&Son Arrested For Shooting Dead Black Man While Jogging In U.S(Pics) by gargoylern: 8:06am On May 08, 2020
Sometimes this white dey behave like mumu.
Like serious mumu. Let's even assume that the guy was indeed the burglar they were looking for. How do you, as a citizen not a police officer, just gun down an unarmed person. Whoever the person is. He is not holding a gun for crying out loud, he is UNARMED!!! Can't you just call the police?


Crime / Re: White Father&Son Arrested For Shooting Dead Black Man While Jogging In U.S(Pics) by gargoylern: 7:41am On May 08, 2020
I don't know why these people just decided to shoot this black guy. I mean, how do people derive joy from bossing or killing another person. E tire me.


Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 4:32am On May 05, 2020
How many people took the advice and is now cashing out? grin
Imagine putting in 1m, you don hammer small be dat

Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 8:45am On May 04, 2020

Pls. op, can one open an account with binance and buy dollars with naira using his ATM card, and after sometime, withdraw the dollars into his domiciliary account. just wanted to know if I will hedge my naira in dollars using this method.
I don't think you can withdraw dollars directly from binance. But you can withdraw GBP. But there is no NGN/GBP pair.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 12:22am On May 02, 2020

do you know if crypto prices are uniform across exchanges. can one buy frm binance and sell on luno and make profit
That's called arbitraging. Given the fees most of these exchanges charge, especially on the naira, you may not really make much from arbitraging. Arbitraging also requires that you do very frequent trades, and while you are waiting for BTC confirmations the price may swing against you. Honestly, it's just better to buy and hold.
Right now, binance is offering the best opportunity for naira trading. And when more people learn that they can secure their money in BNB for example, the price will go through the roof. I won't be surprised if BNB rises exponentially squarely due to its pairing with NGN.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 12:20am On May 02, 2020

Hello. I also want to learn. The application is just sitting lazily in phone. Can you help me out?
Send some money in and buy BUSD/NGN. It's at a low price right now.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 12:19am On May 02, 2020
i bought BUSD at 379 naira last night. I know it would increase soon but then to make significant profit one has to be hoping prices get above 400usd. On the other hand NGN/BTC is fluctuating like crazy with many lows and highs in a day. @ OP what’s ur take in this market. Is the profit much better
Wise decision. If you went in with a substantial amount, which to be is a no-brainer at 379, then you can cash out at 400.
But it's going to get to 420 at least in the short term. So you can cash out then. Unlike BTC/NGN, BUSD/NGN doesn't move that much, so it's best to trade it with large chunks. Personally, I'd stay away from BTC/NGN right now, as the market is still quite volatile.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 10:25pm On Apr 30, 2020
I lost millions...
Sorry. Many people did when bitcoin fell massive.

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Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 10:04pm On Apr 30, 2020
Am on binance too just for storing some assets, I see the trading as a huge opportunity but I don't want to rush in because I seems not to understand how this new development works. If the OP can shed more light on this I will be very happy

Which new development?
I think if you want to trade crypto, you should wait for moments of big opportunities. You have to be patient and buy into the market only after a big crash, no more, no less.
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 10:03pm On Apr 30, 2020
I have temporarily retired from crypto activities for now...
You don't have to. Just keep keeping on tongue
Maybe you lost money?
Investment / Re: Binance Trading by gargoylern: 9:41pm On Apr 30, 2020
How is this not a buy? undecided

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Investment / Binance Trading by gargoylern: 9:38pm On Apr 30, 2020
Hello peeps,

As you may know binance is now trading naira against a number of other cryptos, including BUSD. For some of us who are not interested in the US or Canadian stock markets, it appears we now have binance to the rescue. This is not only very appropriate, it is also convenient. Trading on binance is as simple as sending money from your ATM card and choosing your picks. I have done this in the past few days and have made some sizeable returns. For example, I bough BNB when it was at a little over 4000ngn after the last bitcon crash and sold just some hours ago when it hit a nice 7500ngn. Besides, BNB there is also BUSD and BTC. More about BUSD later!

The world is starting to realize the impact of crypto and Nigeria is one of the the biggest countries in Africa that is into cryptos. While this is still a risky asset, if you know how to make your picks and do your trade you should be fine. Besides, binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world and you are in the safest hands you can be when you trade on this exchange, compared to say CEX or Kucoin.

BUSD is binance dollar and it is guaranteed at 1USD. At this moment, while the naira is trading in the parallel market at 430-450, BUSD is currently sitting at 398 after a massive crash due to some recent excitement in the market. This may be an appropriate time to get in. Maybe after a little wait. It may get to a little above 394-395.

Anyways, I declare this thread open to those who may be interested in making some cool naira off binance. Let's talk, share ideas and see how we can all be riccccccccccccccchhhhh!!! grin


Health / Re: Senegal $1 COVID-19 Test Kit And $60 Ventilator (Video) by gargoylern: 1:39pm On Apr 27, 2020
Peer review first, before anything else. Unless na scam

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Romance / Re: Come See Something by gargoylern: 7:55am On Apr 26, 2020

Guy you try, one origin for you grin

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Health / Re: Covid-19: Arik Cuts Staff Salary By 80%, Suspend Others Without Pay by gargoylern: 5:33pm On Apr 24, 2020
More to follow. Normal tins.
Travel / Re: How Nicely Have You Been Treated In A Foreign Country? by gargoylern: 2:17pm On Apr 23, 2020
True! These experiences are common too, almost everyone must have had them. I think the reason is because Nigeria is an extremely popular country; therefore, at least one is three foreign citizens must have heard about the country. Sad thing is that in the last two decades or so, more bad news have emanated from Nigeria than good which is why our citizens now get treated badly abroad. Honestly, if Nigeria had good leaders, we would be one of the best nations in the world. We have the potential. We used to lead in almost every sector in the 70's/80's, but how times have changed. The only major good thing working for us now is the music. There's nowhere in the world where they don't listen to Nigerian music. Let's hope things get better..
I remember one time when I worked with some Tanzanians. Once they know am Nigerian, they couldn't stop talking about Nigerian music. I think it's quite popular there. They know all about psquare and the rest of them

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Travel / Re: How Nicely Have You Been Treated In A Foreign Country? by gargoylern: 2:15pm On Apr 23, 2020
Let's be honest with ourselves here, Nigerian travellers are treated like stray dogs and criminals everywhere in this world.

Is it not in Schiphol airport, Amsterdam and other European airports where they even have special screening booth for Nigerian passport holders. Malaysia and Canada have tightened their borders for us, USA has completely banned us. What of Italy where Nigerian ashawos are servicing clients in the bush by the roadside like wild animals . The other day a gang of Nigerians were arrested in Papua New Guinea for 419. Papua New Guinea sef, a godforsaken hell hole in the middle of nowhere. Even in African countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana na the same wahalla for Nigerians. Yeye dey smell.

Its time to recognise the soiled image of this country and reassess our national values. Why would any foreigner mind you when you cannot mind yourself? I weep for this country people dey suffer. My wife is currently working in Europe and stays in a nice part of town, but I don't stay there and don't even enjoy visiting that country. You cannot have peace as a black man. When people spot you on the road they cross the street quickly and some even call police because they see you as an armed robber.

When we visit my wife's parents in Kenya, a small village oo they have 24 hour light and no fuel shortages yet their country has no oil or gas. How does Nigeria, the 9th largest crude oil producer, have no light, fuel scarcity, in 2020. Is that not madness? People will respect you only when you respect yourself. Shikena.
Haba guy, e no too bad like that na. I can understand that as a Nigerian you may not see the best in the country, but a foreigner can easily do. Same applies to the US. I have had conversations with many Americans who are utterly disappointed in the direction the US is going, some who even want to leave sef and are looking to go settle in places like Veitnam and Thailand. Yet, there are Nigerians who think the US is heaven. You may not hold the best opinions about Nigeria, but that dont mean some foreigners don't see some good in us. I'm sure many Nigerians have one or two tales of being respected in a foreign country.
Travel / How Nicely Have You Been Treated In A Foreign Country? by gargoylern: 10:38pm On Apr 22, 2020
What we often hear is how badly we are treated as Nigerians in foreign countries, when in actual fact most of us are treated rather good. I have been to a number of countries around the world, from India to Turkey, to North America and southern Africa. I can't remember ever being treated badly by foreigners in all my trips. If there was one incident, it didn't leave a lasting impact. More times, I have been treated very well by foreigners.

In one instance, at least two Tunisians in Turkey were scrambling to take a picture with me. These were strangers who I had just met at the airport. In another instance, a woman I sat beside in the plane was pleasantly surprised that I am Nigerian. She had an adopted brother from Nigeria while growing up, and the guy is now a doctor in the US. She couldn't stop talking about how smart her brother is. Another time, an indian family opened their home to me as an exchange student and till today I still maintain contact with this beautiful family. The Indian students I met on that trip talked non stop about Nigerian football and JJ Okocha and were genuinely impressed to hear live about Nigerian football from a Nigerian. There are many more cases I have personally experienced, most of which are good.

What are your own experiences?


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