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Politics / Re: Lagos Releases White Paper On EndSARS Panel Report, Dismisses Killing by GerogeI(m): 6:05am On Dec 01
Sounds very democratic you know.

A Gov. Calls in military to shoot at protesters

Sets up a Judicial Panel to determine what happened

Then over rules the panel that indicts him of murder.

That's an awesome amount of transparency and due process, no dictatorial tendency at all. What a joke.
Nairaland / General / Re: Why The Stigmatisation Of Women Who Smoke? by GerogeI(m): 3:34pm On Nov 29

I think you missed the point of this post until your last line...

The question here was why women who smoke are denigrated while almost nothing is said about their male counterparts who do the same.

And my point is that smoking is already recognized as an unnecessary evil both in advanced world and third world. So the gender question is a waste of time and efforts. There are more relevant gender questions that need attention such as disparity in pay, home gender roles, women in leadership, girl child education, sexual harassment etc. These are all noble pursuits, smoking is not noble by anybody's standard.
Nairaland / General / Re: Why The Stigmatisation Of Women Who Smoke? by GerogeI(m): 1:24pm On Nov 29
I want to add a few more things to some people who think smoking means western emancipation.

In a lot of western nations smoking is prohibited in common spaces which you share with other people because of the issue of secondary smoke inhalation. Advertisement of cigarettes are outrightly banned in a lot of European countries and cigarette packages are mandated by law to be disfigured with mortifying warnings. No longer the era of cool adverts of Benson and Hedges with colourful sports cars.

So hearing people here go "In America, in UK.... blah blah" simply points to ignorant folks who have not left Nigeria and think smokers are merely ignored to live as they please over there.

You can only smoke in your private room or a designated smoking room or outdoors away from people in most of the western world. Being a smoker immediately mark's you are someone with at best poor health habits, and more like as poor health
Smoking in the USA will definitely affect how much your health insurance will cost you, you can call that legal discrimination. So it's not harmless or just left to be.

Off all gender issues were we must strive and treat men and women equally, smoking is not worth a second to waste.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Why The Stigmatisation Of Women Who Smoke? by GerogeI(m): 12:15pm On Nov 29
Like I clearly stated... No cultural bias... I don't need your, "women should be this or that" lectures!

A woman who smokes, how does she not value herself?

As for her image, that's the point of this post... Why smoking damages the image of a woman and not a man! Can you answer this?

And the only drawback to smoking is it's impact on one's health... But do you care that men smoke more? Are you concerned about their health also? Plus, there are a million bad habits...that could kill faster... undecided

Without being insensitive to gender issues in our societies, there are some physical differences between men and women that we cannot just wish away.

The man's body role in child bearing is just to produce one healthy sperm that fertilizers an egg.
The woman's body on the other hand must continue to nourish the developing child. Smoking involves packing all kinds of chemical toxins into you body. A woman that does so will share the same body and accumulated toxins with her developing baby. While a man that smokes can only kill himself.

So seeing marriage as an investment in production of an offspring, a smoking mother is really a liability to her developing family (the investment for Transcendence).


Politics / Re: This Picture Clearly Explain Jumia Black Friday Scam by GerogeI(m): 7:02am On Nov 27
True, if you want real price reduction go to spar.
15 to 20%

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Education / Re: 13 Things Only UNN Students Will Relate To (Photo Illustrations) by GerogeI(m): 8:02pm On Nov 26
I schooled in UNN, but went on to study in other climes outside the blackman's sphere of epileptic influence.

And frankly, some of the things you guys are celebrating here are the things we should all be trying very hard to change for the better

1. Hostel accomdation: what UNN has are pigs stirs, not fit for human habitation. I close my nose tightly when passing any of the hostels, and would have closed my eyes as well if only I could walk without them. I spent only two nights in Eni-Njoku and ran away, even lost the hostel fees paid. Tried again the next year at Akpabio, but could not workout how to take my bath in such filth.
A school like UNN schould have well maintained hostels with even ensuite rooms. The hostel grounds should be well manicured lawns or gardens suitable for intellectual work. What we see inspires ingenuity, and matter a lot.

2. The food: about Four refectories that are totally dysfunctional, looking like abandoned train stations lost somewhere in rural India. Refectories should be privatised and run to international standards of hygiene. The building is there, just equipment and managers.

3. Studying every where except in the library, the actual building that was meant for studies. The so called biggest library building in West Africa is probably still wearing finishing paints with nothing inside. A library should boast of delectable study spaces, both private and public ones. Free computers and internet access, online libraries like Jastor etc should be a click away. An enticing outdoors to invite you to come and refreshes you every single time you take a break.

4. Cultisim: Some balmed slow pokes earlier. While I understand how the likes of Wole Soyinka and his age mates who went to University from many villages could misinterpret a call to fraternization and enlightenment as the next level and reincarnation of there village masquerade cults. Actually killing each other in veiled gangsterisim for stupid and imaginary trophies. I cannot understand why anybody born in the age of computers and internet, who has the opportunity to see what his mates from other parts of the world are doing, will subscribe to such disgusting lifestyle. Among reasonable people on the other side of the colour divide, Fraternities are actually things you display proudly in your CVs, not because of the pedigree, but because they are usually full of a history of charitable works, volunteering and fund raisers for worthy courses. (those guys are so lucky their Nobel laureates did not mistake fraternization as deadly grassland cults used for village warfare)

5.Utility water and Power. If a school with an Engineering faculty with the brains that built the Ogbunigwes, the brains that helped Boeing develop composites, MIT Aluminis, hideous characters that cast guns in school foundries,- can not overcome the little problem of generating it's own sufficient electric power and recycling water for its campus, it says so much about the kind of research work they are doing, or the fact that consecutive Vice Chancellors failed woefully in both vision and leadership.
There is a jet Engine still sitting un-dissected in UNN Mechanical Engr. Workshop. We always went round it to submit our workshop reports - shame. Or the fact the workshop still has those old lathes recovered from the civil war, no CNC machines, no laser cutters. Years later when I bought my first inverter welding machine, I discovered the times spent there were a waste as I could not even weld anything properly, and had to re- learn from an iron bender who never went to university.

Unproductive studying for regurgitation during exams is so much 1950s. Today's world require utilitarian education. You either have it or you don't. UNN is too back ward for the next century, this is not something to celebrate. And do not compare yourselves with other mediocre schools across the country, rather compare with the best to some day become one of the best.

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Politics / Re: NEWS #endsars Report: Panel Alters Medical Doctor’s Testimony On Lekki Incident by GerogeI(m): 8:55am On Nov 22

If at the end of the day it's all about opinion, why set up the panel? Why waste 1 whole year and taxpayers money?


All the experts testified against the panel's absurd conclusion, so how exactly did the experts and witnesses aided the panel to formulate their inglorious report?

In your own twisted world in the year 2021, facts don't matter, expert witnesses don't matter, proving beyond reasonable doubt don't matter, opinion is all we need to prove that people died and there was a massacre, even people can die and sustained injury several miles away and on totally different days, it's still perfectly OK to formulate opinion that they died and sustained injuries at the tollgate, it's all about opinion and not facts.

Why do I even bother with you and people like you?

How hard is it to make sense? Even basic and elementary sense.

You are just being comical,
Maybe this is your first time hearing about panels.

Experts, testimonies, evidences are sought by the panel to make it's own conclusion.
You do not sit on the panel, you only heard media snippets of what went on at the sittings. You do not even have upto 10% of all the information available to the panel. Yet you believe you know facts better than the panel members, of whom none submitted a minority report.

Lagos state Governor must be dam stupid for not appointing you as the sole member of the panel.
You are just being delusional!
Politics / Re: NEWS #endsars Report: Panel Alters Medical Doctor’s Testimony On Lekki Incident by GerogeI(m): 4:47am On Nov 22

Is that the only thing you saw in the article? Even the one you picked out to discuss, you are still confusing yourself about it. Talking about comprehension but you can't even comprehend yourself cheesy

Dear multiple monikers,
Since you gave no alternative comprehension to the simple English, I see no reason to give you any more substantial reply. Your post is simply dud.
Politics / Re: NEWS #endsars Report: Panel Alters Medical Doctor’s Testimony On Lekki Incident by GerogeI(m): 4:39am On Nov 22

So, you are basically saying the panel formulated their own opinion instead of basing their opinion and conclusion by what was testified to by medical doctors and experts? Is this what you are saying.

Who briefed the panel about injuries and high velocity entry and exit wounds? Is the panel a medical and ballistic body of experts?

This is what the expert said, not the rubbish personal opinion of the ignorant and fraudulent panel.

And when you return with your next post, make sure you address the other parts of the article about people sustaining injuries elsewhere ad days before LTG incident, but the lying panel claiming it was at the LTG on the day of the incident.

I am not sure you are well aware of what the job description of this panel is. In case you do not know, its job is to give it's own opinion. All the witnesses and experts are simply to aid the panel in forming it's own opinion based an facts, evidences and testimonies before it.
Which is exactly what they did, after listening to many people not just Dr Lawson, and even visiting the site and recovering missing bullet shells.

Where a panel is not sure of its opinion, there will usually be minority reports, along with Majority reports. In this case, there is no single minority reports, meaning all the members of the panel agreed on this conclusion. The Governor of Lagos must be stupid to constitute a panel without even one single member of integrity to exonerate the Trigger happy military.

As to other parts of the article, they hardly constitute a weightable case. Edward Matthew and the others with claims of injuries outside the incident location and time, are simply clutter. The panel listened to other many other cases, as to reach its position. That one or two were claimed to have occured outside the incident does not invalidate others.
Politics / Re: NEWS #endsars Report: Panel Alters Medical Doctor’s Testimony On Lekki Incident by GerogeI(m): 7:25pm On Nov 21

However, in re-presenting Lawson on page 301 of the same report, the panel said it, “finds that the testimony of Dr. Babajide Lawson of Reddington Hospital as to the nature of treatment offered victims of the Lekki Toll Gate Incident in relation to gunshot wounds which were high velocity ‘entry and exit’, all indicate injuries from military weapons, consistent with the bullet shells recovered by the Panel during its visit and the witnesses that testified before the Panel.”

For the idiot to posted and PRNews that wrote it, maybe you need to go back to secondary school English comprehension as we are all supposedly learned.

The report simply states that based on the Foctors description of the injuries as high velocity entry and exit wounds, it(the panel, not the Doctor) has come to the conclusion that the injuries were from Military grade weapons, and this conclusion is further supported by the type if bullet shells which the panel recovered from the location.

How this simple statement, references the Doctor wrongly should greatly baffle anybody that studied secondary school English.
Family / Re: My Smallie Sister-in-law Makes My Life Difficult In My Own House by GerogeI(m): 12:01pm On Nov 20
I won't bother you guys much. I married my woman last year June during the lockdown. Things were rosy for us as a young couple till we brought in a girl of 15 years from my wife's family to stay with us in order to help my wife with house chores and other things during the time she is heavily pregnant.

Mind you, from day one I have been dating my wife, this girl has been on my neck, telling me how she will come stay with me in Lagos if I get married to her sister. That would be my greatest undoing as I grudgingly obliged after many persuasion from her Mother as well. After my marriage, she came over to Lagos to join us.

Now, she is very useless to me. She will go to school from 7am to 5pm. After coming back from school, she will take another excuse to go for evening church and come back by 8pm. No help in doing house chores. COOKING, she no sabi.. My turn off about her now is that she can eat for Africa. The little provision I manage stock at home don't go anywhere now.

The last straw that break the camel back is that she always steals my babies food, like milk, biscuits etc.

My wife is in dicey situation because she once lived with the girl's mother for like 15 years back then, and such can't just pursue her away like plague.

Right now I am fighting the urge and anger to mess her up. I have advised her on numerous occasions but it seems she can not learn easily except with hard handling. Everything bad about human traits, she has it; Lies, false swearing and the likes.

Mature minded people in the house, if you are in my shoes, what would you do?

Bro, you do not have a problem. Only problem you have is food.
15 year olds eat like crazy, because they are growing and their body needs as much as it can get.

You do not have enough food at home, that's why she is stealing food cause she is hungry. Stop spending your money on packaged grocery as they will not be enough. Discuss with your wife and take turns to shop at local markets for local foods. Buy food in bulk so you get good bargain at wholesale prices, and stretch your income to do more. Buy Garri, Rice, Bean not Burnvita, Custard and noodles.

As for the teenager, she is under your guidance, so help her manage her time by creating a schedule covering school, church, chores and study. She can go to church every other day.


Education / Re: Are Certificates Really Overrated? What I Saw In My Uncle's House by GerogeI(m): 8:39am On Nov 20
So one of my uncles that is based overseas is billed to come home this Xmas, as such a lot of cleaning and fumigation has been going on in his house in readiness for his come back.

I went this morning to supervise the work going on there. I went inside of the stores by the car house and saw this old metal cabinet and I decided to check what's inside. Lo and behold, I found in the midst of old paper files and debris my uncle's Nigerian certificates! Omo!

Rats has eaten some portions of the certificates. I scanned through and discovered that he was,by his Nigerian qualifications, below average. This is the same man that is an internationally sort after lawyer both in the country and overseas where he resides.

This got me wondering with so many questions on my mind:
1. Are certificates really overrated?

2. Does it really come a time in our lives (apart from death) when our certificates becomes irrelevant?

3. Is it not obsolete to measure ones intelligence based on exam performances? ( My uncle would have been jobless or better still a charge and bail lawyer at best going by his academic performance)

4. And why do Nigerians perform better in almost everything when the leave this country? Are we too stringent or is a reflection of our flawed system?

My guess is you are really young. Understand everything has a purpose.

Just like your WAEC or Jamb score determine where a d what you get to study. Your certificates determine which doors you can get your foots in to start your career. Ofcourse, there are exceptions, and a family with pedigree can pull strings for you. But how many people have those, and you do not exactly expect to land entry jobs with top employers with third class certificate. So, no certificates are not over rated.

However, after your first five years on the Job, which in this clime should be about your age 30 and above, Overseas, its 25 and above, then people no longer ask or care about what's on your certificate, as long as you have it and its genuine. Rather they care about what you have achieved in the first half decade of your work life. That immediately tells them what you can contribute to a their team. Your career achievement totally eclipse your class of certificate from their forward.

But do not be deceived, its harder to show relevant achievements than to show a certificate. Further down the lane, your network and connections become even more important. Especially as a senior manager, people will call you mainly because if who you know, who recommended you, What they said you accomplished, lastly for what you accomplished and most won't remember if you had a Bachelors degree cause what you are doing will likely be unrelated to classic theories taught in schools. They will care if you have an MBA though if its business they are running.

Hope this helps you get the perspective.
Business / Re: Credit Deduction Theft From Account- Photo by GerogeI(m): 10:56am On Nov 16
Some days ago, I read how #200,000+ was stolen via recharge card. Yesterday I discovered #530 was deducted because It was deducted around 1:50am(

Action taken
1. Moved balance to non ATM enabled account.

2. Will change ATM at my bank.

If this is fraud, then they do not do this by ATM but USSD. They simply cloned your sim card and signed you up for mobile banking then tested to see if they can empty your account.

Best go to your bank immediately or just call the customer care to disable your phone number from all your accounts ( later visit a branch to ensure it was done). Only tell the bank that you were debited on USSD which you did not sign up for.

Go to your phone and setup sim card pin.
Peeps, never sign up for USSD or mobile banking, it's only as secure as your sim card not being cloned in Nigeria where Telcos do not give a dime about your security.

In EU every sim card has a PIN automatically set, but here the Telcos do not bother, even though it costs them nothing to activate Sim PIN

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Family / Re: My Uncle's Corpse Fights Other Corpses In The Mortuary: What Should We Do? by GerogeI(m): 12:45pm On Nov 15
Put a Camera in the Mortuary to record what's happening.

Think like a scientist. There is always an explanation Maybe one of your relatives wants to fast track the burial, and decided to spoke you all into it.

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Food / Re: My Brother's Trap Caught 2 Big Antelopes Today (Photos) by GerogeI(m): 1:56pm On Nov 09
My brother trap caught the bigger one while the smaller one was waiting for it to break free, my brother met both of them and killed them both.

Abeg, next time can you catch them alive. It will pay you more than a dead one. I would love establish to a head of these in my village. Kind of reintroduce them to our forest or put them in an enclosed environment. A male and female preferred.

Please learn to conserve nature and our resources. These our colonials have finished everything in their own forest. In fact nothing to fear in their forest except wolves. Learn from them. A forest without any element of adrenalin, is that one forest?


Family / Re: Chat Between A Cross-Dresser And His African Mother by GerogeI(m): 6:37pm On Nov 03
On a more serious note,
I think the whole world is missing something about two things.
1. Gender miss-match
2. Terror violence.

These are two things that have grown astronomically for no clear reason.

Gender mismatch is a case of the hardware running the wrong software. And Terror Violences is a case of corrupted software. And How do these happen. It's not impossible, but the occurrence is so high, nature does not make such mistakes at such high rate.

The question am asking is, is it possible that people's consiousness, or default character are being replaced or agumented without any one noticing. Remember that movie "the Host." This seems to be the reverse were the parasites are making the world worse.

Could our space missions of from the 60s be opening doors to almost benign but now immutable invaders.
Our leaders hardly seems to be as expected. This can be easily brushed off just because we do not yet know the nature of our consciousness and how it can be manipulated.

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Politics / Re: Photos Of President Buhari Departing Abuja To Glasgow, Scotland by GerogeI(m): 6:56am On Nov 01
This one the president is attending hospital confrence like a senior lecture, abi them wan dash am professor in Ahmadu Bello Univ. Like Patami, so he is struggling to publish enough papers to meet promotion deadline.

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Crime / Re: Five Killed In Anambra As Troops Repel Unknown Gunmen Attack by GerogeI(m): 6:11am On Nov 01
Five Killed As CP, Operatives Battle Gunmen At Anambra Market

Five killed as Commissioner of police, joint security operatives repel gunmen attack in Anambra market.



Just compare this video with other life videos of this crisis, you will see
1. The cameraman is so relaxed, nothing they happen,
2. His camera is even mounted on a gimble, so does not shake
3. He was able to get so many views, of all the security men involved, so stray bullet does not worry him, he knows non is coming from the other direction
4. In spite of all his variety of views and ease of access, he did not get a single glimpse of the attackers.
5. Knowing 4 above, he Included a blurred image of someone killed, that probably has nothing to do with the so called incident
6. Security men are so calm they are wearing nose masks during what should have been a high adrenaline rush.
7.One even had time to tell others not to shoot from behind him so they do not hit him.
8. Another was just toying his gun looking forward lazingly, in the face of attackers.
9. The most hilarious is the two that took cover beside their pick up truck. - what's hilarious? They took cover on the left side, at the centre of the road, the only side on which they are exposed to the ghost attackers. They forgot the back, the right side, or to open the left side doors as shield.

Believe this nollywood movie at your own peril.
Romance / Re: I'm Single And My New Bank Employers Don't Know I'm Pregnant by GerogeI(m): 10:49am On Oct 25
Hi guys, I'm in a dilemma right now and since I didn't have anyone to ask or confide in, I had to post this here. I couldn't post this in the job section because my account is new. Kindly read to the end before commenting.

So I just got a job offer from one of the top 3 banks in Nigeria, I've been given documents to print and fill and also given a resumption date. But I'm a bit worried it may end badly. My CV states that I'm single, but I'll be showing up to this job 3 months pregnant. I submitted months notice at my present job because if didn't resign and they found out about my pregnancy, I'd have been fired eventually (missionary org).

My dad coerced me to apply for this banking job last month (I didn't want to because of the pregnancy and single mum tag), but I had to because I didn't want to seem like I was lazy and not making efforts to assist my family (he would have known if I didn't apply), also wasn't hopeful about the job or expecting an offer so I just applied.

So you could imagine my shock when I got a job offer email days ago.

I currently live and work in a different state from my parents so I've not told them about the pregnancy because I'm in a messed up situation. I had the opportunity to abort but my conscience and conviction wouldn't let me, so I insisted on keeping the baby even when my so called boyfriend warned and threatened me to get rid of him/her. Anyway, summary is that he's not going to be part of our lives. Imagine telling my parents this cr@p. That's not the major issue because I know I'd eventually tell me parents.

I'm happy about this job, I'm not worried about my competency as a pregnant lady, I'm good at what I do and I adapt swiftly to any job role no matter the conditions. I'm just worried about how the bank will react. A single and pregnant lady showing up for a new position, the controversy and all that.

Please advise me on what to do from your experience as a bank staff or someone who's witnessed such a situation. Also, do banks have rules concerning things like that?


Nobody in the corporate world cares if you are a single mum or not as long as your job is not as a brand ambassador.

2. They only care about you being able to do your job even though pregnant. Calling HR and telling them you are pregnant, might seem like a good idea to you, but it is likely going to be interpreted as you not being confident in your ability to handle your job and the pregnancy. So they will most likely relieve you, not for being pregnant, but for lack of readiness to handle your pregnancy.

3. Simply show up for work, and if HR asks, assure them it's not a problem, that you can handle both effectively. If they do not ask, then do not answer, just do your job.

4. Bear in mind you are not confirmed, so do not have maternity leave, so start planning for a nanny or to have your mum or sister around.
Politics / Re: I Went Home And Found This Biafra Pounds In My Late Dad Box by GerogeI(m): 10:14pm On Oct 17

Pounds na big money
So 1 pounds 500 naira
Just learnt, it's not a legal tender
Politics / Re: I Went Home And Found This Biafra Pounds In My Late Dad Box by GerogeI(m): 11:10am On Oct 17
£ pounds

See money abeg where I go exchange am
I need to buy Benz

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Properties / Re: I Cried When I Entered The Houses Of Billionaires In Lekki by GerogeI(m): 8:36am On Oct 14
Abeg I don't have enough time to tell long story . But I will make sure I capture some of my experience in Lagos island.

Note : If you have not been to Lagos island please make sure you do before Jesus Christ come.

It's an experience worth having .
I was opportuned to get a job with industrial cleaning company in Lagos . We clean houses of rich men before the they pack in .That was how I entered houses of rich men and celebrities in Lekki, Victoria Island Eko Atlantic etc.

I have entered Don Jazzy house , Ay Comedian, 2 face. Etc. More of non celebrity super rich billionaires.

I cried when I entered one Igbo guy house his name is Frances. I asked God one qestion " Lord why are some people so rich while some people are so poor in the same country"

People reading this comment who are currently in Lagos island will tell you that demon of poverty is no where around Lekki.

Some churches in Lagos island runs on 24 hour electricity . Example house on the rock.
Brethren Some people are enjoying heaven here Earth. Although you can't compare heaven and Earth but some people have unimaginable wealth here in Nigeria .

Am just writing for people who have not been there . If you want to come to Lagos make sure you visit places around Lagos island.

Bros, you are very much consumed by materialism, just because you got to see different gatherings that will all tarnish with time.

You might be one of those people that believe religion is stupid, but I want to paint a picture of true nature of things with both religion and science.

The bible in proverbs tells us that all wealth in the physical world is worthless.

From science, everything you see is made up of the very same thing, atoms composed of 3 things electrons protons and neutrons. The difference between gold and sand is the number and arrangement of these three things.

All the color you see, exist only in your mind, there is nothing like colour. Rather, there are a type of energy wave from the sun and light sources bouncing around hitting everything around us, just like ripple on the surface of a pond travel around from their origin points when you disturb the water surface. Depending on the packing of atoms, materials bounce back these waves based on the size of the wave relative to the gaps between packed atoms and allow smaller sized waves to enter the material. When our eyes detects of the wave that was bounced back due to its size, our brain gives the material the colour we see. In truth, nothing like colour.

All materials are made of the same thing, but expanded like foam, with the gaps and pores so small our eyes do not see them. Who or whatever made this universe did it to be very big by using a sort of foam, expanded matter.

The sun is a nuclear reactor and is constantly re arranging atoms, making new materials from its existing hydrogen. The sun is constantly turning hydrogen to helium iron, lead, etc in a chain of reactions. So all materials are essential same and can be changed from one to the other. We only do not do it because the energy and radiation involved can kill all of us, that's what a nuclear reaction is truly.

While our sun makes more of helium from hydrogen, another sun some where will be making more of iron from say copper or another is making gold from some other thing. Imagine there are more suns in the Universe than there are sand grains on earth.

Bottom line, The universe is built like a temporal place. It's like a town where every thing is made from Styro foam. Yes that white stuff used to package electronics. Imagine a town where everybody is built from styrofoam, their houses, cars, tv, living room, roads, airports, airplane are all styrofoam. Would you call that wealth. So everything we have here, have value in how we use them while we are here, but the fact they are all basically same thing, means this place is really low budget, temporal, it's like a virtual place where nothing really has physical value.

So always remember this, the world is like styrofoam, owning all the styrofoam is useless, cause what you really need is what's important now. Gather enough wealth for you to live a comfortable life, gathering more is wasteful, cause nature has a way of recycling everything, including your body.

At some point in time, The hanging gardens if Babylon was the Obi Cubana wonder of the time. Today, we plant such gardens in our backyards, and call it acuponics. Work hard but do not chase wealth if you do not need it.

Today, many people mortgage their true wealth (spirit) to non matter beings or energy beings in exchange for their help to gather more styrofoam. Yes, all those this you call jazz and powers are simply contracts with beings we cannot see. Do you know ruminants that eat grass, like goats, antelope, zebras, etc do not see their predators most of the time, just because their eyes cannot detect waves large than the wave size equivalent to colour green. They see the whole world in green wavelengths. Similarly, we humans cannot see with wave lengths smaller than violet, but imagine that insects see better than us. So imagine the quantum of things that we do not see, some might even be our predators.

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Business / Re: Which Business Venture Can I Run With 15 Million Naira by GerogeI(m): 8:58am On Oct 10
I will warn you not to get into a business you are not around to manage in Nigeria. You will likely loose your money to theft.
If you are looking for a passive investment, buy a land and build a house, then rent it out. Anytime you come back your money will be sitting there. Your mum can collect the rent.

If you are looking for an active investment, then you need to be visiting Nigeria at least every 3 months. Do not do any online stuff, you will just loose your your money. Two ideas I saw here are car business and gas Plant. But that your 18 m cannot start a gas Plant, unless as small skid Plant. A truck of gas is now about 10m, Storage Tanks, Land, approvals will cost you another 25 m before you start talking about market knowledge, trucking etc. That’s why a lot of gas plants are currently lying fallow and wasting.
Politics / Re: Who Leaked The Secret Of Obafemi Awolowo? by GerogeI(m): 8:37am On Oct 10
You are celebrating Awolowo, who failed to sieze the moment to free his people from slavery to Yoruba Nationhood.
Rather, he choose a brief moment of fame and being exploited for his so called intelligence for the British Igbo war.

What happen to him after? What was his reward, the indigenised companies that have all failed by the hands of mismanagement. It was more than 30 yrs later that a Yoruba man was seen fit to Preside over Nigeria, with Awolowo in his graves. Till today your people are still enmeshed in the throes of poverty and disorganisation as the worst of Nigeria. Why End SARS, Revolution Now, or Even Buhari must Go. This is what Awolowo, and Tinubu and the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe Wanted!

While the East with its plurality of opinions has long realised Nigeria is a prolonged waste of time, an impossibility that can only benefit Britain and destroy all our cultural fabrics for a just and progressive society. The west is playing the same game Awolowo failed at 54 years after the war. Dragging the good of all, just for the political ambitions of one man Tinubu, otherwise a renown negativity like Buhari should be no where close to Aso Rock.

Alas, Buhari by omission or commission has given us a rare opportunity to break and rebuild the Niger Area, but even that realisation is still lost to Awo followers. They are still lost in a personal competition between Azikiwe and Awo, who are both dead and well decayed in their graves. Who is it that will lead, that will keep leading us through that straight road down the middle Hell.


Romance / Re: I Discovered That My Bride Has 3 Children On Our Wedding Day by GerogeI(m): 11:27am On Oct 09
Please help, I need advice, I am very confused man, I don't know what to do in this situation

There is this girl I met in Lagos she help me find a house in Lagos from there we started dating.

I Asked her to marry me and get pregnant for me. Later she got pregnant for me.
She started disturbing me about marriage rights.

On the wedding day I discovered that she has 3 children for one man.
I have asked her several times even before she got pregnant she keep saying no

A day before the wedding, one of my uncle called me and tell me that one babalawo said that the woman I want to marry has 3 kids already.

All that day I wasn't myself I woke her up at midnight and forced the truth out of her
She admitted and start begging me to forgive her, she said she has been looking for the best time to tell me. All this are happening on our wedding day, she beg me not to tell anyone that it can be secrets between me and her àlone, I insisted that I must tell my people from my state enugu to Lagos

My people discouraged me and said I should thank God for revealing this early.
That's how I cancelled the church wedding.

Court marriage 30th September
Church wedding 2nd October
But Before that wedding day, we did court marriage, I told her that I don't want to do court marriage because if she cheat on me I will divorce her and loose my half of my money she got angry, the first day we didn't talk, 2nd day same, Then 3rd day she start packing her loads, I beg her to stay that we have few days to church wedding she insisted that If I don't do the court that I should cancel the church wedding that she can't trust me without court marriage

We did the court marriage, without my parents consent cuz it didn't come from my heart, her junior brother is the one that sighn for me in the court

I don't know what to do in this situation oo

Her first son is 13 years
2nd son 8 years
3rd girl 6 years
And now she is pregnant for me aa

Am 30 years while I don't know her real age

We have lived together for 8 months before I could discover this
And during this period we have been together
She controls me alots and that make me sad
She shout at me too
If ask me to do something for her and I refuse it becomes problem

Please what do I do ?

Logged in Just to let u know this.
1. Ignore the nay sayers and idio.ts that fill this page. Many of them have worse issues than yours
2. You can have the marriage dissolved in a magistrate court easily on the basis of her falsified information and mis representing her status as a parent. Once you Tell the judge that you do not feel properly equipped and emotionally prepared to be a step father to 3 kids all of a sudden. And that you fear being a negative impact on those innocent children. He will dissolve the marriage in the interest of the kids. Who signed the court documents does not matter.

3. As your marriage is barely a month old, she is not entitled to any of your properties, talk less of half, as she has made no contribution to them
4. Your responsibility in front of the court will be to support your unborn child only.
5. its better you fill for divorce now, not later. Else after some years she can claim to have contributed to your life.
6. Find out if she has been previously married. It’s most likely she was never divorced formally. If so, the marriage you have is already invalid. Approach a lawyer to help get the registry to strick it off records.
7. It is also important you stop co-habiting with her, in western countries that can mean that you accepted the marriage and her secret children after learning of them.

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Politics / Re: Biafra: ‘blind’ Nnamdi Kanu Leading Igbo's Into A Trap – Arewa Youths by GerogeI(m): 9:46am On Oct 07

like seriously ?
see your narrow & shallow narrative

What's the data for, let me even use it to buttress my point on the North being a parasite that Britain grew tired of funding, hence passed it down to suck blood from the south.

First, your data has credibility issues as there was nothing like"Federal" before 1963.

But I will use it all the same,
1. According to your data, from 1958. Each state controlled a whopping 60% of her revenue, and contributed 40% to the centre. Then come 1968, some thieves looking for other peoples earnings changed it, so that the centre has 80% of resources, just because they had guns. That was the origin of unrelenting curruption that has turned the place to a dungeon.

2. According to your data in 1957, the North had a population of 18.5 million, more than twice that of the east or the west. Yet in terms of export earnings, just Palm kernels from the east 7.5 million people, was more than all the Norths major exports Groundnut 21% produced by 18.5 million people.

3. From that data, Total exports attributable to the north is Groundnut 21%, Cotton 5.4% and tin/columbite 6.9% Total =32.3%.

That means 57.8% of the population contributing only about one third of the earnings. Specifically in the North each 1% of the population or 340,000 people contributed only 0.55% of the countries earnings.

In the East 22.9% of the population, contributed palm kernel 26.7% + half of timber 2.4% + half of Rubber 1.45% making 30.55%. Hence 1% of population or each 340,000 people in the East contributed 1.33% of the earnings in 1956.

In the West, including Lagos and midwest, the exports are from the 6.9 million people or 20.29% of the population accounts for 18% Coacoa + 2.4% timber + 1.45% Rubber making 21.95% of earnings. Hence each 1% of the population or 340,000 people in the west contributed 1.08% of the earnings.

This excludes the 14% earnings defined as other goods.

So in Summary:
1% population in the North earned 0.55% of earnings
1% population in the East earned 1.33% of earnings
1% population in the West earned 1.08% of earnings

So, at the least the West was Two times more productive than the North.
And the East was a whooping 2.4 times more productive than the North.

Remember am using your data. If we do same Analysis today, the South will be more than 100 times more productive, but let's leave the analysis for your next data.

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Politics / Re: Biafra: ‘blind’ Nnamdi Kanu Leading Igbo's Into A Trap – Arewa Youths by GerogeI(m): 4:21pm On Oct 05
By 1943, One Of The Highest Revenue Generator For The Federation Account Was Livestock Tax.

Northern Region Generated £120,000
Eastern Region Generated £2,000
Western Region Generated £50
Lagos colony Generated 0

The expenditure on education was as follows:
Northern region £2,341
Eastern region £47,000
Western region £34,000
Lagos colony £17,000

What this meant was that it was cow money from the north that colonialists use to send majority of Nigerians from Southern region to school at that time.

Yes Right.
Our earnings from palm kernels in the East and Coacoa in the west must have only been used to polish the shoes of your Emirs, hence we needed your cow dung money.

Stop deceiving yourself. The north has always lived on handouts, and so it goes on today. A year before Almalgamation, Luggard the Haggard merged the budget of the two protectorate in the name of accounting, but alluded in his disty that he deceived the South in order to use the budget surplus from the south to fund the deficit in the North, so he won't ask his home country treasury for the usual handout for the North a whopping 4 million pounds. But here we are, you are telling us the North that could not educate herself had more than enough. Lie small small abeg.
If you want a reference, see the newspaper article.

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Politics / Re: The REAL Reason They Want 'Biafra' by GerogeI(m): 6:46am On Oct 05
The truth is that there is oil even in Benue State, and There is Shale gas in Plateau State. Wherever the Cameroon Mountains spilled their deposits, from the delta to Udi hills to Jos Plateau were once an ancient sea. Oil is formed from decay of marine life.

The other truth is that the era of oil has ended. The transition is currently going on with millions of electric vehicles pouring in, and countries set to ban petrol engines by 2030. They are even talking of switching air planes from jet engines to plasma jets so they can run on batteries too. Why, because climate change is becoming real for the people that actually control the world economy. Even a communist state like China wants to go green.

This is the real truth, why the Federal Government is taxing every thing and collecting all sorts of charges from banks. The current oil price stability is artificially maintained with supply cuts, one wrong move, it will fall to bottoms. Or when China fully divests from investments in gas across the world and turns fully to her abundant shale gas.

So Biafra, is our realisation that we need to get out sooner than later, if we are to survive post oil economy. Aboki simply does not have the intelligence to build an economy. The Yoruba inspire of their education are limited by their corruption spree.

So Biafra is not about oil, the states you mentioned were all created post civil war to isolate Igbos via a British sponsored strategy drive.

But we all caution other Igbos to simply maintain civility avoid violence even as we agitate, as it will be a miracle for a cash strapped Nigeria to survive with her looting political elites beyond the 2030s. Without oil, Nigeria will fall like a pack of cards.


Family / Re: My Husband Parent Is About Taking Our Property by GerogeI(m): 8:06am On Oct 04
I actually saw your husbands post first, but choose to reply you as you are likely the person who has an issue with this.

First, in Africa, our extended family is real. Our parents went through hell to raise us. So you will not see us arguing about our parents expecting us to support them in old age. Many of our parents have no formal career with pensions. Some of them were mere artisan, they worked with all their strength and invested all the had in us. So yes, we are their pensions and are very happy and proud to be such.

So, If you are bringing the western concept that you owe your parents nothing to Africa because they too had parents and blah blah blah, the simple truth is you will have problems even with your own children in future.

Beyond the culture clash, have you considered your own Hypocrisy. You can not be benefitting from a cultural system and be seeking your privacy from it.

1. You have been using your father in law as your project officer. Why, because you are related. Your husband trusts him with the money. He is willing to go above and beyond to build for his children, because he sees you as the continuation of him. But as soon as he treats what belongs to you as his, you start foaming in the mouth. If you wanted your privacy, why did you not hire a private project manager. Your father in law won't even know jack about the house. But the many scammers we have here would have drained your pockets since with nothing to show.

2. The land you are building on, is it inherited. If so, then you are even more of a hypocrite. You inherited land from parents, and then you want your privacy in the land they passed on to you, while they are still alive. In our culture, passing on such land is simply a consideration that you can do better with it than they could. Passing of baton. But they still have a stake.

3. How many days in the years are you going to spend in Nigeria, that you want to lock up a house for your private use. If you were that much in Nigeria, you should have been able to build your house your self.

4. Are you aware that an unattended house can be colonised and sold off by scammers and you end up in court. Your parents using the house provides your some security.

Further, if your fear is that your husband siblings are in the house. There is no cultural provision in east or west Nigeria for them to inheirit it as long as it was not funded by your father in law. The day your parents die and are buried, they are visitors, except if you permit them too stay.

Except, were the land is not your husbands to inherit. In the Igbo heartland. If your husband is not the first son, he cannot inherit a land were his father built his primary abode or obi.
As a wife, if you want to invest in things you can take after a divorce, then do not do so on family land or with extended family help.


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