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Politics / Re: OYO GUBER: PDP Should Rally Round Makinde(opinion) by godoluwa(m): 8:59pm On Mar 11
Am in OYO Seyi is definitely winning...

Impossibility is nothing but;

✓ Seyi worked against PDP Senators & HOR members so they will definitely work for his downfall too

✓ Seyi destroyed PDP In Oyo state by hijacking the party from founding members & tell them to go to hell

✓ Seyi turned himself into emperor & all local government chairmen are just errand boy to him

✓ Seyi tells lies a lot, doing substandard projects at highly over inflated rates

✓ Seyi gave free hand to thugs, & these thug intimidate law abiding citizens anyhow. These thugs have killed innocent citizen under Seyi nose but till today, no arrest was made even with very glaring evidence. The same thugs moves around now threatening business owners that if they refused to vote Seyi, their business places in terms of office/shop will be demolished

✓ Many roads that needs attention were abandoned by the government, forget all social media hype because they are lies

✓ Politics is local, Seyi prefers to take all the glory by crediting projects done with local government funds e.g PHC renovations to himself

✓ Party members, common man harassed by Seyi thug are angry with Seyi
Politics / Re: Tinubu Loses Gbajabiamila's Polling Unit To Labour Party by godoluwa(m): 8:12pm On Feb 25

Seun Mynd44 Dominique justwise.
Rule 8.

8. Don't post false information on Nairaland.

E pain am grin

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Politics / Re: Polls: Ortom Breaks Ranks, G5 Governors Battle To Save Political Careers by godoluwa(m): 7:40am On Feb 19

Not really. I bet you saw the mega rally in Borno yesterday, didn't you?
It is either Asiwaju or Tinubu.

Mega rally with sane rented crowds

You hardly listen to people talking in his rally

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Politics / Re: Polls: Ortom Breaks Ranks, G5 Governors Battle To Save Political Careers by godoluwa(m): 7:38am On Feb 19
Wike supported Tinubu not because he sees Tinubu as the best candidate but because of his hatred for Peter Obi. Let's see how Wike will force entire people of Rivers state to vote for agbado lord grin

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Politics / Re: Can Muslims Tolerate Christian-christian Ticket? by godoluwa(m): 10:31am On Feb 18
8years Obasanjo

6 years Jonathan

Obasanjo : Christian

Atiku : Muslim

Conclusion: Christian - Muslim Ticket

Jonathan : Christian

Sambo: Muslim

Conclusion : Christian - Muslim Ticket

Tinubu: Muslim

Shetimma: Muslim

Conclusion: Muslim - Muslim Ticket

Verdict: Only idiot will vote MuMu ticket

Kiss the truth


Politics / Re: Tinubu Rally: Adeleke Under Fire For Withdrawing Market Women’s Vehicles by godoluwa(m): 8:59am On Feb 17

That will inflict your household

E don inflict your brain already
Crime / Re: Exposed: Meet Anambra State Killer Corp And Organ Harvester, Patrick Agbazue by godoluwa(m): 8:58am On Feb 17

Even the devil won't escape these terms. Peter Obi laid the foundation of sordid acts in Anambra state. The only governor in the history of Nigeria with full hit squard against his own people.

False allegarion

James Nwafor committed those crimes under Willie Obiano

James Nwafor works for the likes of Arthur Eze, & Willie Obiano both of which sees Peter Obi as their enemy

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Crime / Re: Exposed: Meet Anambra State Killer Corp And Organ Harvester, Patrick Agbazue by godoluwa(m): 8:56am On Feb 17
This is a known thing in Anambra. He’s probably one of James Nwafor’s dirty boys. Peter Obi used James Nwafor to do something more than these things..

Unfortunately, nothing is going to be done regarding that. This is SE where anything goes..

James Nwafor did way more than this and he’s still living a free man till date because of his associate with Peter Obi..

James Nwafor never committee those atrocities under Peter Obi, everything happened under Willie Obiano even gistlover confirmed that. Those atrocities never happened under Peter Obi. Google is your friend.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Rally: Adeleke Under Fire For Withdrawing Market Women’s Vehicles by godoluwa(m): 9:38pm On Feb 12
Good Job

Those idiot market women must get sense by fire by force

You wanna mortgage the future of your unborn kids for 2k naira

God punish you idiots

Adeleke should press their neck the more

Bunch of idiot women

Chase those idiot from the market if possible or lock up their shops

Obasanjo was president between 1999 - 2007 and he's a Yoruba man so what exactly are they trying to say by the words 'yoruba never tasted presidency since the past 60yrs'

Once again, God go punish anybody who dares support Tinubu or vote for him

Tinubu is a very bad cancer

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Politics / Re: Kano state labour party Guber candidate, resigns supports Tinubu by godoluwa(m): 8:57pm On Feb 12
Dem just dey carry Obi handicap for north 🤣🤣🤣

Your purported petition have been debunked

Stop spreading fake news

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Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Breaks Silence After Her Ex-Fiancé Began Leaking Her Nude Videos by godoluwa(m): 12:52pm On Jan 04
Malware infested piece of crappy site..

Not my site
Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Block The Guy She Cheated With by godoluwa(m): 12:50pm On Jan 04

See as this one just give advice as if say e easy for man to stay alone, I bet you if he sends the woman away, there's no guarantee the other woman coming to his life would be loyal to him......
Best advice is to ask him to manage his relationship with the woman well....
All you men acting red pillers online usually beg for pussy offline...We know your type.......

Truly no perfect human being on earth but no sane man will keep a slut under his roof

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Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Block The Guy She Cheated With by godoluwa(m): 12:42pm On Jan 04
Good day naira landers and happy holiday. I am writing this base on the challenge am having in my marriage. Some of you might have known little about the issue i had previously cos i brought it to the forum.

It happened that my wife was having emotional affairs with another man which i knew through her chat.

Though family and pastor were involved and have tried everything to resolve the issue between us. I have decided to forgive and forget and also give her a second chance even though it was a difficult situation for me, I decided to let go cos of my two daughters and don't want them to share from a broken home.

Now the issue am still having is that my wife has promise to change and be a better person and also promise to cut any emotional tile with the man. But I wasn't confident with that, so i told her to block this guy on all social media and also delete his number so there wont be any communication between them cos i sense if they both keep in touch, they might go back to what they were doing before. She got angry when i told her this and she said she can't block the guy cos they have been friends for many years even before she got married to me.

She started dating the guy last year under my roof and her reason was that i pushed her to do such act cos i wasn't giving her enough attention and love which is totally a lie.

So house, pls just let me know if i did wrong by telling her to block the guy or i over did it. I just felt blocking him will be best for us cos i noticed my wife is not fully detached from this guy emotionally.

Pls if you are in my shoes, what will you do house. If you want to get more insight about what transpired, you can go to my details nairaland.

Pls mod, help me by doing the needful.

Don't wait until she poison you

Divorce her asap & allow her enjoy herself with the man

Truth is bitter but the woman you called your wife loves the side man than you

It's hard to let go of woman that you love but your sanity must be your first priority

Don't forget to do DNA test to avoid raising bastard

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Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Breaks Silence After Her Ex-Fiancé Began Leaking Her Nude Videos by godoluwa(m): 12:35pm On Jan 04

At the bolded: Video sex chat is wrong in all ramifications? How are you different from the pervert?

You read my message upside down

A grown up woman supposed to behave like one but not act foolishly like teenager
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Breaks Silence After Her Ex-Fiancé Began Leaking Her Nude Videos by godoluwa(m): 12:28pm On Jan 04
Men of all ages have leaked nudes of women of all ages. This has nothing to do with wasting your youth and everything to do with a badly raised sad excuse for a man.

The real lesson here. Say no to nudes, say no to sextapes because the average Nigerian man had repeatedly shown that he will abuse that trust in the future.

End of story

The man in question is not a Nigerian


Romance / Re: Sisters; Never Give A Man Sex On First Date Or He'll Leave You. My Experience by godoluwa(m): 12:25pm On Jan 04
We have been conditioned to believe that sex will keep a man glue and obsessed about you. No.

I read a thread yesterday of a man dating a single lady who's denying him sex, but the man doesn't still leave her. See that angry.

Men are wired differently. A man will beg you for sex for many days and immediately you open your leg, he run away after hitting it and stop giving you attention that you deserve. Before you open your leg at all, make sure he's obsessed and his brain programmed to the thought of you alone. This is not difficult provided you don't show him how much you love him. Make him do the chasing. Men like that won't leave you.

There was a guy who was on my case. I like him. But I know Nigerian men. They'll use you once they see you're in love with them. I hoard my love and I told him no sex. No amount of convincing worked. And he was always on his toes making sure he doesn't deviate from showing me love and care.

But still, most of our men are liars and could be getting the sex somewhere else.
That's why a woman should close her leg until you know that he will marry you. Don't fall for their lies

Starving a man for sex will not keep him likewise giving him sex steadily will not keep him

Men want more from a woman than sex

Only teenagers & simp run after a lady these days, if you are proving stubborn, they move to the next available lady

Life is too short

I'm not asking ladies to be loose but thinking that forming too hard will make a man love you dearly & stay then you are paying yourself.
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Breaks Silence After Her Ex-Fiancé Began Leaking Her Nude Videos by godoluwa(m): 12:11pm On Jan 04
Babe dey do video call

The mumu man dey record am

Pussy that's everywhere on the internet, nothing special about the leak

Empress Njamah no try at all, video sex chat is for teenagers but not for grown up women like her

Her thing is bushy btw, she needs to be cutting those weeds so the place will be neat & free from bacteria


Politics / Re: We Nigeria Christians Will Vote Bola Ahmed Tinubu Massively by godoluwa(m): 9:29am On Dec 28, 2022
Who is mustapha?

This Tinubu boy wey I dey quote
Politics / Re: We Nigeria Christians Will Vote Bola Ahmed Tinubu Massively by godoluwa(m): 9:19am On Dec 28, 2022
This time that Nigerians are looking for a good leader to deliver them from this present situation one idiot is preaching religion intolerance.

Nigerians don wise we will not allow religious factor to divide us. We Nigerians Christians will vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Mustapha my Fulani Muslim brother

I'm sure your 5m life savings no even reach 2m again

I learnt you are planning to follow agadez enter Libya then follow road enter Europe


Politics / Re: Wike Shuts Down Atiku Campaign Office In Rivers by godoluwa(m): 8:18am On Dec 24, 2022
Atiku has contributed to PDP more than wike, Atiku sponsored most of the governors in 2003 election to return obj to power but never made noise about it.

If Atiku Abubakr is not mad, he should have allowed GEJ to finish second term instead of teaming up with opposition to destroy the administration of GEJ

Atiku hate the south badly just like every other Fulani does

Any southerner who vote for Atiku must be sick upstair

Buhari is a Fulani who's about to complete 8yrs and you expect us to vote for another Fulani for another 8yrs making 16yrs of Fulani maladministration?

Fulani are minority and the earlier we put them where they belong the better

Core Hausa north should take excess of Fulani right now and reclaim their land from the hands of these wanderers


Politics / Re: Dear Peter Obi, What Happened To The Onitsha Monorail Plan? by godoluwa(m): 8:08am On Dec 24, 2022

We need to start asking all the difficult questions. Tinubu came up with several developmental plans for Lagos state around the same time such as Lagos railway project, BRT, Eko Atlantic, Lekki Free Trade zone etc. Today, all these projects are a reality.

So, what happened to Peter Obi’s monorail project? What’s the current stage of development? How much of Anambra state fund was committed into this project in the last 12 years?

Railway Project: Tinubu never built any single railway project throughout his 8years in office despite the fact that Lagos state receive huge allocation from federal government and still generate huge IGR on monthly basis

BRT : Tinubu never brings BRT, fashola did. Go n verify if there's any BRT during Tinubu tenure

Eko Atlantic : This was never Tinubu legacy, provide us evidence to prove your claim

Lekki Free Trade Zone: This was never Tinubu project at all

Tinubu embezzle Lagos state money & suck lagosians dry for his selfish ambition. Go & check history, Tinubu is a fugitive who once lived in kudeti Ibadan as a child under someones care so I wonder how he came up with his story of inherited wealth.

Tinubu is a thief & big liar

How many flyover did Tinubu constructed during his 8yrs in office?

The only thing that Tinubu brought to Lagos is thuggery & agberoism

Only Godforsaking urchins praise Bola Tinubu

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Politics / Re: G5 Governors: Okowa Leads Fresh Reconciliation Moves by godoluwa(m): 6:58pm On Dec 17, 2022
God punish okowa

God punish Atiku abubakr

How do we explain moving from one Fulani 8yrs of misrule into another 8yrs of another Fulani misrule

Anybody clamouring for emergence of Atiku is completely mad


Politics / Re: Obi Chased Non-Indigenes Out Of Anambra – SDP Spokesman by godoluwa(m): 6:58pm On Dec 17, 2022
Nnamdi Kanu's late Jack the nkita has a million better chance of winning election than this pandora crook.

This is the same intolerant effeminate voice clown who locked up Elrufai who was on an official assignment in Anambra.

I heard the packaged fraud gave ID cards to Northerners residing in Anambra and ordered them to be wearing the ID cards on their necks like neck chains.

Even obodo oyibo, Nigerians aren't treated in such condescending manner.

Agent of fake news

The guy on the pic you posted clearly wore ANAMBRA VIGILANTE GROUP jacket

Try another format


Politics / Re: If You Think Tinubu Responsible For Your Failure In Life? by godoluwa(m): 6:56pm On Dec 17, 2022
He don't pay shishi .

Let's see how he will buy entire Nigerians vote

Go & check history, Tinubu is a fraud infact he once lived in Ibadan

He came from very poor background still the idiot claimed he inherited wealth from his unknown parent

Tinubu has always been a fraud
Politics / Re: If You Think Tinubu Responsible For Your Failure In Life? by godoluwa(m): 10:28pm On Dec 09, 2022
Tinubu will lord over you and your kindred next year

Wake up

Stop dreaming


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