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Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 9:34pm On Apr 07

Two months flew past so fast that it was hard to believe. She packed her stuff into storage and informed her landlord that she'd be away for some months because of work. The man gladly agreed since she recently paid a year's rent. At most, she should be back before it ran out.

The journey to Lagos was a smooth one since the company paid for the flight.

Two weeks after her arrival, she was back to default mode. No longer treated like the long lost daughter.

 Freda looked from her mother to her father, She knew the day of reckoning has come and there was no way out of the conversation.

It was obviously planned because Helen came earlier in the morning to pick Oreoluwa. She said they were all going to the park and Oreoluwa needed to get used to his cousins.

With the minor renovations going on in her apartment or rather her father’s apartment that she wanted to use for the duration of her stay, she had nowhere else to stay.

“Dad, you are making me feel that I should have rejected the offer to come to Lagos.”

“Eh-eh!” Freda's mother clapped her hands together. “What do you even mean?”

“I would have summoned you home eventually,” her father replied. “I just wanted to give you time to deal with whatever issues you have.”

“What if I am still dealing with the issues?

Don’t worry, it seems you people are tired of seeing me, I will follow my sister to her house, at least until I can move into my apartment.”

“Freda, as a father brought up in this part of the world, you may be an adult, but you remain my daughter, till I give up the right to be called your father or you disown me.”

“Dad! It’s not that deep.”

“Come off it, it is deeper. You children of these days sef.” Her mother cut in. “You never take anything seriously.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” her father continued. “I love you, I love my grandson but I should be able to know his roots. You live in my house and he does too so I should be able to account for both of you.”

“Yes now, the mother added. What if something happens or God forbid,” she emphasized snapping fingers over her head in an anti-clockwise manner. “Someone sues us.”

“Mummy, nobody will sue you for anything,” Freda shifted in her chair at the thought of it. Toye is ‘connected' but that shouldn’t even matter right now.

“Are you sure you know the father?”

“That’s an insult dad. I thought you said you were not disappointed in me?”

“It’s not an insult and you are not a disappointment to your mother and me, It’s just a question that needs to be answered.

Nobody is saying you should bring him for an introduction or anything. Who is he? That is all I want to know.” Her father concluded.

Freda sighed deeply and looked at both of them.

“It's as if both of you want to bring back old wounds,” Freda sniffed trying to force out tears.

“It won’t work with me, young lady. I need a name.”

Freda realized that her evasion pranks were no longer working and decided to let up.

“Well, I will tell you on one condition.”

“Which is?” Her mother prompted

“You will never call him or talk about him to anybody.”

“Where will I even get his phone number?”

“His name is Toye”

“Toye what?” her father asked


“Ehn! Is he Nigerian?” the mother cut in

“Yes mom,” she replied rolling her eyes

“Is he someone we know?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What does he do, where...?”

“You asked for a name, you have one,” Freda cut her mother short.

“At least tell us what happened, Does he know about Oreoluwa?”


“What do you think?” She asked her husband indirectly for support since he seemed to be firmer in his dealings with their children.

“Answer the question,” He responded

“It just didn’t work out, and no he doesn’t know Oreoluwa exists.”

“Why?” Both parents chorused.

“He is getting married. Can I go now?”

 She said and left even before she was given permission.

How does she explain to her parents that she did not want another woman to go through the heartache her sister went through while trying to protect her love for a man who was not even worthy of her.

She picked her phone to call Romola, she had a way of making her laugh but Romola does not even understand half of the whole story.

She dialed Temmy’s number.

“Missing me right?” Temmy said immediately she picked the call.

“Who is that?” she could hear her husband saying to her.

“I just needed someone to talk to.”

“Are you alright?” Temmy could sense the tilt in her friend's voice.

“I don’t think I am.”

“I am coming over right away, ” Temmy said.

“No, I don’t want you to come all the way.”

“It’s no bother, I will be there in less say an hour.”

“Babes, …”

“Just give me a brief of what happened.”

“My parents insisted on knowing who Oreoluwa's father is.”

“Did you tell them?”

“I had to. They have been on my case for a while now.” Freda answered slowly.

“Give me a few minutes,” Temmy said from the other end.

Freda lied down on the bed properly waiting intensely for her friend on the other side. She could hear some shuffling before her voice came on again.

“Sorry, I had to excuse myself. I was with Ade mi.”

“Oh! Sorry I bothered you.”

“Getaway, you can never bother me.”

“It’s just that I never saw this coming,” Freda complained

“That is the way it should be, ” Temmy responded. “I'd be worried if they didn’t bother you. They love you and want to help you.”

“I don’t want to bother anybody. I am to blame, and I should suffer the consequences alone.”

“Babes let me be sincere with you, you are punishing yourself for an offense you did not commit. Forgive yourself and move on.”

“I was so stupid, I shouldn’t….”

“You are were not,” Temmy interjected,  “You know what, I will join you in the next one hour.”



“You know what, let’s do this tomorrow. Mom's been complaining about not seeing you for a while. Just come around, and we will talk about everything.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yes, I do. Have ever lied to you?”

“In fact, many times,” Temmy replied

“Don’t kick a dying horse this girl.”

“Promise me you'll talk to me tomorrow.”

“I promise.”

“Take care of yourself and my boy.”

“I will love you, babes.”

“I love you right back,” Temmy replied.


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Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 9:38pm On Mar 30

“What say, you Freda?”

She startled at the abrupt sound

She had escaped from his constant request for the few weeks she was in Lagos, she thought he would have eased up by now but obviously, he has not taken the hint.

“Mr. Lawson, I am sorry, I have to take a rain check. I have a lot on my table right now and my boss, will not take it lightly if he comes out to see that I have not finished.”

“I have told you repeatedly to call me Richard. Moreover, your boss understands that you just got back, trust me, I can talk to him for you.”

“No sir. I don’t want you to do that.”

“I know these are just excuses, I hope one day you will find it in your heart to take pity on this lonely bachelor.”

Freda smiled and nodded.

“You still have my contact?”

“Yes sir.”

“Call me when you have time for me.”

He counted some cash from his wallet and dropped it on her table.


“It's for lunch. No strings attached.” He said and left the office.

“Hey God!” Romola said as she came into the office she shared with Freda.

“What now?”

“I can’t believe you this girl.”

“What did I do?”

“Teach me your ways on ye queen,” Romola gesticulated, fanning Freda with both hands dramatically.

“You are just a shameless eavesdropper.”

“I couldn’t miss the gist. Imagine. Richard Lawson walks into this place as if he owns the whole world.

Fine boy no pimple hashtag TDH”

“You and your slangs,”

“Seriously, what do you do to these men? Just the other day, it was Charles. Someone I have been giving the green light for months and has been ignoring me.”

Freda just shook her head. “Charles likes you. I think he just doesn’t know how to handle you.”

“Me, you are even worse, and he worships the ground that you walk on.”

“Teach me your ways,” she sobbed playfully.

“You better get your work done and let’s go for lunch.”

“Gladly, I hope you know you are paying?”

“Small thing.”

“Somebody offers me free lunch, God forbid I decline.”

“You know he wants more than that”

“And so? When are you going to get over these your baggage and give another man a chance to love you.”

“I am not ready dear. You see all these men we have out there are just out for what they can get, I don’t have strength for the roller coaster. Richard Lawson that changes women like bedsheets.”

“Maybe he’ll change for you.”

“Iffa hear.”

“Ah! I don’t mind the roller coaster. Let Charles just offer, my dear I will start picking my bridal train.”

“You are not alright, ” Freda started laughing. “You see why I said the guy can not handle you?”

“Let him attempt first, we'll make a compromise,” She went to her table to settle down.

“Oreoluwa's dad must have dealt you a big blow for you to be this closed up about the male species.”

Freda shrugged. Maybe she was unconsciously prepared for the breakup. She had loved Toye truly. That she knew but it was so difficult to close her eyes to the girls that were constantly in his life even when he had clearly stated he did not want them there.

Although Bukola had been a thorn in her flesh, she did not want her to go through what her sister went through to keep the love of the man she had loved.

Bukola had always been an issue between herself and Toye when they were together. He had however insisted that she had come a long way with him and promised her that she had nothing to fear. If only she knew.

Sex between them had been explosive. She could not deny that they enjoyed each other. At the beginning of their relationship, she was wary of having sex with him considering his reputation and him being her first. Toye had been gentle with her and seemed to appreciate the fact that he was her first. Maybe all of it was an act she thought to herself.

“Babes! Babes!!”

“Yes,”  Freda answered suddenly

“Where were you now? I have been talking for ages.”

“Sorry, I was deep in thought.”

“The response to the mails we sent out for the Lagos branch just dropped. Some of them are interested and you may have to follow up when you go back. I am sending you a list of contacts right now.”

“That is still like two months, why don’t we follow up with calls and emails for now?”

“We will for a start but, we need physical contact to push them.”

 “But babes I'll miss you when I go to Lagos,” Freda complained. “I know what we can achieve together.”

“Yeah right, I guess the bosses think I will hold the forte here.

I will only miss that cute baby boy of ours.”

“You can come and visit you know?”

“Definitely, I need to meet your friend Temmy and maybe I will meet guys that will flock around me.”

“Charles won’t like that you know?”

“As if he cares, I don’t want to be anyone's second option”

“You are not.”

“You think if you give Charles a chance, he'll look my way?”

She didn’t know how else to convince Romola but she needed to give Charles space maybe that will open his eyes.

“Don’t worry we still have two months to rock this town together she consoled.”

“That’s true, let me make a list of all the guys that have been on your case, they must take us out by force. Lunch, dinner, club, or anything.”

“We don’t need them for anything.”

“Girl, you are the man-hater, I need them for constant oiling.”


“It’s serious business if Charles does not look my way, I need to look for other options.”

“You are just rotten.”

“Not all of us wear iron pants like you,” she retorted.



Literature / Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by hadayshawlar(f): 10:58am On Mar 25
Goodam,i paid for a book (madam at the top) after paying i click on d start reading, i did nt c any episode (only)preview.pls some answer me

Reach out to the customer care attendants. You will find contacts on their page.

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Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 7:54pm On Mar 24

“So what’s the plan?” Damola asked his friend as they lounged in his living room.  He brought his wife to the salon which was close to Toye’s house and decided to visit with him rather than stay in the salon and listen to female gossip. He liked spending time with his wife but could not imagine himself waiting in the salon.

“For the intro?”

“Yeah. What else, you have something else I am not aware of?”

“Nothing big.” Toye dismissed with the wave of his hand.

 “Just my parents, a few of you that are available then maybe one or two relatives.

 What Bukola's family need is proper representation. This is just for formality, the family already know me in and out.”

“Alright then. So all I have to do is wake up, dress up and come with my wife and son.”


“We'll look forward to it.”

“I hope she won’t expect me to take her around the way you take your wife everywhere. Ain’t got time for that.” He teased his friend.

“I think I am more excited about your upcoming nuptials than you.”

“Well,” He shrugged

“I take Temi with me voluntarily. Sometimes I have to drag her. Love will do that to you. I don’t like staying at home without her or going out without her company, She doesn’t have to ask.”

Toye sighed deeply. “You are just scared someone else will snatch her from you. I don’t think I want to go that deep again with anybody.”

“What do you mean by that deep, you  love Bukola, don’t you?”

“I think a relationship is more than love jare. I have traveled that path once and it didn’t end well. Let me marry someone who understands the drill. I don’t expect too much from her and she doesn’t expect of me too.”

“That girl loves you and you know it,” Damola admonished

“Yeah yeah. Why didn’t you marry Tonye, she loved you too,  he laughed. At least she claimed to love you.”

“I couldn’t marry Tonye because I love someone else. I didn’t want to settle for less. Why are you marrying Bukola if you don’t love her?”

“Not everyone will be as lucky as you. Bukola has been with me for years. She’s been on the sidelines since my playboy days. Even when I was with Freda before she disappeared so why not compensate her with the Union.”

“ You don’t compensate someone with a lifelong journey. Marriage is forever you know? Speaking of Freda, do you know she is in Lagos?”

“Lagos, as in?” Toye asked sitting upright on the sofa.

He was shocked. This is someone who disappeared about three years ago after sending him a message to move on with his life as she had decided to move on with hers.

“She is in Lagos.”

“Since when?”

“Last week I think. She was at our place last week Saturday.”

“We talk everyday bro,  e-v-e-r-y day,” he emphasized and you didn’t say anything to me.

“What would you have done, does it change anything? You better face your business with Bukola.”

“Wait, what does she look like? Did she tell you why she left?”

“She didn’t say anything about her departure. I think there is more to it. The way she and my wife behave. Her loyalty to her friend baffles me.”

“Did she say anything about me?”

“No, why would she? I even told her you will be having your introduction soon.”

“What did she say about it, Is she married?”

“All these questions are not necessary bro. I don’t even want to start. She doesn’t have any ring on and she looks the same.

 I don’t think your relationship status concerns her. She is in Lagos for work and plans to go back after.”

Toye sighed. A mystery yet unsolved.

“What is it? Is everything alright?”

“I was her first you know?”

“First how?”

“You know…, hit the honeypot” Toye shrugged

“Are you for real?”

Toye nodded soberly

“I shouldn’t be surprised, I was my wife's first too.

You have moved on bro, don’t even bother yourself. Things happen for a reason.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

 Toye couldn’t believe that despite the way they were burning for each other back then she’d just disappear without a trace.

He knew she loved him and he loved her back. For her sake, he had left all the other girls. It had been difficult for him to convince her to date him and he didn’t want to mess it up. It was in the course of dating that he fell in love with her.

“So who is getting the fruits and gifts we are taking for the introduction?” Damola broke into his thoughts

“I transferred some cash to mom. I told her to contract someone to do that.” He replied

“But you know the way she is, she thinks everyone is out to cheat her so she'll probably buy it herself.”

“We could have done that on our own now, maybe tell my wifey. She has all the connections.”

“Momsy needs a level of involvement, so I did that for her. It’s the compensation for not inviting the whole of my village.”

Damola laughed out loud. “I hope Bukola's mother is prepared for us?

 Introduction gifts were the least of my problems back then. All I wanted was getting my wife and starting our honeymoon,” Damola smiled

“You ehn,” Toye laughed. “That girl has your control button. You were in a hurry to get the cookie then.”

“It’s a two-way thing, I have her control button too and I am addicted to that one cookie till now,” He laughed

“Of course, everyone can see the evidence in your son. I am so sure if she permits you, another bun will be in the oven already.”

Damola laughed out loud. “That’s why I am trying to get you to do the same with Bukola.”

 “Abeg, I don’t want that level of commitment again,” Toye insisted when his phone started ringing. He checked the screen to see it was his fiancee.

“Hi,” He said into the phone.

“How is your day going she asked?”

“Good o,  Damola is here keeping me company since you said you had a training at work today.”

“Aww, say hi to him for me.”

“Will do.”

“Have you collected your clothes from the designer?”

“He’ll deliver this week.”

“I hope he doesn’t disappoint. The event is next week Saturday.”

“I know, don’t worry he'll deliver.”

“I ordered some stew and food for you, the person should be there before evening.”

“That’s so nice of you. You don’t want me to look malnourished for our day right? My wife in the making.” He teased.

She laughed at the other end and said her byes. “Love you,” she concluded

“Lerra,” he replied.

He had never seen the need to reply to her confession of love with the same. Why lie to her?

He respects her and there was an attraction that works for him.

“Bukola said hi,” He said to his friend.

“Marry her on time so that we'll have food whenever we come to your house.”

“As if your wife doesn’t feed you with food and the other…you know,” he winked.

 “Na you sabi, ” Damola replied.


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Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 9:38am On Mar 16

Baby baby baby,  

I love you, all because, all because…” Freda chanted gently as she dressed her baby up for bed.

He had watched cartoon for a while and had dinner before she decided to bathe and get him ready for bed. It’s so good to have help. She sighed. She had left him with her mother all day while she did her run around.

“Ma-ma,” the little boy babbled at her.

Oreoluwa meaning the gift of God had recently clocked two, hence the decision to bring him home to her mother and family. Although they have all seen him during their frequent video calls, it wasn’t the same. She was glad her family welcomed him with open arms.

Even her father, although she had to seat him down and have a serious conversation with him. She made her parents understand that she is just healing and did not want to open up wounds that have not healed completely.

 Maybe it was easier to convince them because of the experience her older sister had with her relationship before she got married.

Oreoluwa is indeed a gift as she later discovered herself. She didn’t think of him like that during the first few months of pregnancy.

 She had cut off from everyone and dealt with the pregnancy on her own. She had called up one of her school friends that stayed outside Lagos for help. Thankfully she gladly offered help, coupled with the fact that Freda had cash she saved and depended on till she got a job after her pregnancy.

During the period of nine months when she carried the pregnancy, she had only told her sister Helen and Temilade because they were the closest humans to her and that was even a few months down the line.

The first few months were torturous and lonely. She cried her eyes out and almost went into depression.

Helen had encouraged her to tell their mother so that she’d at least get help during the pregnancy knowing that it was her first time, she refused.

The mistake was hers and she was determined to bear the consequences alone.

Helen had stopped talking to her for a few weeks after she got to know, insisting that if she doesn’t tell their mother, she’d not get involved.

 She told her sister point blank that she doesn’t need anyone. Helen had even threatened to tell their mother when she eventually started calling her again. She told her the same thing she told Temmy that if any other person got wind of the pregnancy, she’d disappear and no one will ever hear from her again.

 They must have sensed the seriousness of her threat because both of them kept her secret.

The decision to stay away was not an easy one but she needed to get away for her sanity. She had fallen into a trap that she guarded her heart against.

She told her mother of the birth of her child a few months after his arrival. She had made a video call and told her friend and sister to go-ahead to her parents' place and ease her way into the confession because she did not want the mother to get an attack.

Her father took the information in his stride but it took her mom days to come to terms with the fact that she was not aware of the pregnancy.

They asked of the father and she told them the father is not part of their lives. She could tell her father was disappointed but there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“Is he sleeping?” Her mother asked peeping through the door.

She looked at the boy who had calmed down amidst his mother’s travel down memory lane.

“No,” She answered, “but I think he wants to.”

“Let me put him to sleep then.” She offered

“Well done grandma, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Her mother answered. “It still hurts me though that you did not trust me enough to tell me about him on time.”

“I am sorry mom. It’s part of the reason I came home. I think staying away was the punishment I gave myself for disappointing you and daddy.”

“You did not disappoint me, darling, you never will.  Every child is a gift.”

“I didn’t think of it that way at first, but I know better now.”

“Well, how was your visit to Temmy's place yesterday? It’s been a while I saw her but trust me she calls regularly.”

“She is fine o she wanted to drive me home yesterday but I convinced her that I wanted to stop somewhere. She said she'll come and see you soon.”

“That’s great of her. I will look forward to the visit.”

“Here we go,” Freda handed her son to her mother.

“I don’t want to pry, but are we looking forward to any wedding bell soon?”

“Mom! Not again please.”

“What is my job as a mother if I don’t bother you?”

Freda just smiled. “No mom, no bells. For now, I want to focus on my job and Oreoluwa.”

“Jobs and money does not keep people warm at night,”

“If you continue like this, I will go and get a room in a hotel like my company wanted me to.”

“Really, is that a threat?”

“Not really,” she teased

“Well, I should be getting rent for the duration of your stay then.”

“Don’t worry, all I need is your account digits.”

“Seriously, I want you to give thought to what I said but for now, I'll let it go.”

“Thank you, mommy.”

“So what is the plan with your firm?”

“We are just here for about three weeks for the initial set up, we go back then return for full implementation. That will take about six months.”

“So the company will fund the accommodation and feeding?”

“The plan is to get us an apartment where we can stay for the six months.”

“Wait, both men and women in the same apartment?”

“Definitely not.”

“Maybe you can use your father’s other building then and collect the rent for yourself.”

“Trust my momma, always thinking of business.”

“It’s for my grandson. At least the money from that will do something for him. Taking care of a child is not a joke in terms of finances.”


“Does the father pitch in?”

“Mom, I don’t want to go there at all.”

“Alright, I am here whenever you are ready.”

“You know I love you right? Thank you for all you do.”

“For what I do or what you allow me to do.” Her mother hissed

Freda just smiled.



Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 9:24am On Mar 16
I just love the mood swings that follows your write ups. Sometimes I dey surprise myself cheesy with them feelings grin

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Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 9:24am On Mar 16
Nice to have you back!
Thank you

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Literature / Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 12:17pm On Mar 10

Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 11:42am On Mar 10
Great start, welcome back.

Thank you.
Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 11:41am On Mar 10
great to have you back. cheesy

Thank you.
Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 11:41am On Mar 10

“Baibayyyyyy!” Temmy screamed as the gateman led Freda into their home. She almost lifted Freda off the floor in a hug.

“You missed me this much?” Freda teased wounding her hands around her friend.

“You know I do.” Temmy beamed bussing her cheeks.

 “I am still bigger than you just leave me on the floor.” She cautioned.

 “You will be forming for me on the phone as if you do not notice my absence,” She accused walking further into the living room. She dropped her bag on the closest stool and smiled back at her friend.

“I miss you so much, I won’t deny that. Talking on the phone is not the same thing. You were too far away. I couldn’t even talk to you freely because of Ade mi and you know who. When I complain sometimes Adedamola gets jealous,” she winked

“It’s been how many years now?” Freda asked settling comfortably into the sofa.

“Three years. I can’t believe you just left like that.” Temmy complained.

She pulled an ottoman to sit directly in front of her friend

“You know I had to babes. I had to do what was best for me best for my sanity at that time.”


“I thought I was not going to survive it.”

“ You are one of the strongest women I know. I missed you so much,” Temmy hugged her again on her seat.

“Where is my godson?” Freda asked smiling

“He went to my Mother-in-law's place for the weekend. It’s been a while she saw him.”

“Lucky him. You are so lucky to have these people around you to help you. I nearly went into depression when I had my son.”

Temmy looked around to see if any of the maids was around.

“How is he?” Temmy whispered

“You are so dramatic. Why are you whispering?”

“Tell me joo. How is he?”

“He is fine,” Freda responded smiling.

“How has it been?”

“It keeps getting better, I guess” she shrugged. “How are you, and Mr lover?” Freda tried to wiggle her waist.

“ You can never change,” Temmy swatted at her. “He is fine, so many times he asked about you, I couldn’t tell him anything. He was so worried.”

“Aww. That’s so nice. I must be sincere, breaking away wasn’t easy for me too.”

“I know right?”

 “When I was pregnant with Oreoluwa, I used to wish so hard that I had waited for my wedding night just like you. Right now, I wouldn’t exchange him for the world.”

“That is the way it is with every child. They are gifts from God. They just come and capture your heart.”

“Speaking of hearts, Where is Mr. Makinwa?”

Temmy smiled sheepishly. “I wanted to have time to talk to you so I told him to help get some stuff.”

“Really, does he know I’ll be here?”

“I just told him there'd be a surprise waiting for him. Moreover, if he is at home, I won't be able to do anything.”

“Let the man love you abeg. A lot of people pray for what you have.”

“Hmmm. Please tell me you are here to stay?”

“Not for now, I am just part of the team that is to establish our new branch. As soon as we are done, I am leaving.”

“Freda you can’t stay away forever”

“Who says I am staying away? I have got to earn a living.”

“You understand better. You know what I mean. What happened is in the past and you need to move on.”

“I have moved on already. One of the reasons why I am here darling. When last did you see me? Coming to Lag is part of my moving on.”

“We need to have a long conversation and I hope we do so soon.”

“Don’t go matronly on me madam.”  

“I am not, but you know those bits and pieces of information are not it.”

“Na you sabi. There is nothing we have not talked about.”

“That guy, the one that has been on your case,” Temmy winked

“Getaway. You don’t even know you are a mummy now. Still after gist.”

“Let me be o. I can only live my fantasies through you now. Hot guys ogling you up and down.  For me, any single late-night call from clients like this My Mr will change the face.”

Freda burst out laughing. “Damola can not change.”

“Don’t mind him, as if I monitor him.”

“You know what the Bible says, where ever your treasure is…”

Freda was cut off when the door to the living room opened to reveal Damola. Who was smiling at his wife who was in his line of view.

“You just sent me on a goose chase abi?” He accused

“No, I did not,” Temmy defended meeting up with him to kiss him soundly on the lips.

Damola held on to her and deepened the kiss, gently savoring the feel of her lips.

Hmm… he groaned pulling her closer. His hands already found their way to the arc of her back.

“We have a visitor,” Temmy whispered to him

Damola broke the kiss briefly

“I thought you were trying to compensate me for the journey and it was working.” He responded pulling her back to himself to continue the assault on her lips.

“Ade mi, we have a visitor,” she tried again, pulling him towards the chair her friend was sitting.

“Who is it?” He asked trying not to show his distaste. Not at a crucial time like this

“You’ll see.”

“I know you persuaded your wife to take my godson to his grandma so that you can have my friend all to yourself.”

“Wow! Freda. He walked up to hug her. This is indeed a surprise. “Our runaway wife.”

“Temmy is the only wife I know, I  don’t know the person you are talking about.”

“How are you?” he hugged her again. “You just left my friend hanging like that.”

“It was for the best. How are you too?” she smiled

“I’m good. All thanks to my baby here. He pulled her close trying to kiss her again.”

“Ade mi, you don’t  have an atom of shame.” She accused her husband

Damola laughed out loud. “Freda is not a stranger. See what your friend is doing to me, is it a crime that I can’t get enough of my wife?”

“You haven’t changed a bit,” Freda teased him.

“I can say the same for you. You have not changed one bit.”

“Awww, so nice of you to say that.”

“You just disappeared, what happened?”

“I needed change.”

“A change that did not involve my friend?”

“He is a big boy,” Freda smirked.

“There is no big boy when love is involved. Sincerely, I have never seen him like that. He said he couldn’t reach you. Wifey here will not say anything. She said it’s for the best.”

“Exactly. It’s in the past and we have grown past it.”

“I think so too, at least he has decided to move on, Toye is preparing for his introduction in two weeks.”

“He is not married?”

“No, should he? You were a hard act to follow.”

“Oh! That’s serious I thought he would be married by now.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, I… never mind,” she waved off.

Temmy watched her friend swallow hard. She tried to cover up but she knew the hurt of the past was still there. She knew Freda too well and that has not changed in the years they have been apart.

“…good for him, ” Freda concluded.

“What have you been up to?”

“She is here as part of a team working on the establishment of a branch of their firm in Lagos,

She plans to leave as soon as their work is done.”

Temmy quickly put in before her husband discovered that her friend was trying hard to put her emotions in place.

“Oh! That’s nice. What do you do now? I practically know nothing about you again.”

“I am into investment banking,” she replied.

“That’s great.”

“Can I use the restroom?” Freda asked

“Yes please,” Temmy called on one of the helps.

“Please take my guest to the restroom,” she said immediately the maid appeared

Damola seemed to notice a change in Freda and asked if anything was wrong.

“She should be fine, I think she is just tired.”

“Where is she staying now?” Damola asked his wife.

“Her parents’ place.”

“What has she been up to really?”

“You know I won’t tell you that baby,” she kissed his lips.

“When she is ready to talk I think she'll tell us.”

“You never keep secrets from me except when it has to do with your friend.”

“I am doing it for a reason, but I hope all of it will be over pretty soon.”



Literature / Re: LOST AND FOUND by hadayshawlar(f): 11:02am On Mar 06

Freda looked through the window of the taxi as it steered through her parents’ street. Although it’s been a few years since she left, things have not changed a bit. She felt nostalgic. A few children were roaming the estate, the few adults she met on the drive were thankfully not familiar so she didn’t need anyone to know she was back. She never thought of coming back but like Temmy said to her, it was time to move on.

 Maybe this is part of her healing process. There was a time that coming back was taboo but looking at her current state, she knew she’s passed that phase now.

 She had cut off connection with everyone she knew in Lagos, even went ahead to change her phone number and nobody had access to her, except Temmy and her sister Helen and that had been months after she settled down and decided to make contact after deep thought.

 She was too hurt to think of anybody else other than herself and her baby.

 Even her social media handles have been dormant for a while. She needed the time to focus on herself and her healing.

“Aunty welcome, long time,” Salisu the gateman smiled and waved at her as the driver drove through her parents' gate after he confirmed from her if it was her destination.

She adjusted her sleeping son in her arms and smiled at Salisu.

She waited for the driver to park properly before she opened the door and alighted.  She saw her mother come through the entrance as if she’s been waiting for her all day which she probably has been doing.

“My darling,” she beamed.

The joy she felt was written all over her face. She knelt by the car, looking to the heavens in thanks and with happy tears.

“Mummy,” She called in her emotional voice.

“How are you?” She patted her cheeks then reached out for the sleeping boy.

 Freda was sure that if not for the boy, she would have been smothered in her mother's embrace.

“Mummy I am fine, I am so glad to be back.” She smiled back holding the hand to her cheek.

“I am so happy to have you back. Those video calls are not my thing and you know.”

“It’s work mummy and I have explained severally.”

“Work or you running away from your fears or should I call it challenges?”

“Mom, I don’t want to go into that right now. Let’s bask in the joy of my presence. I even brought a plus one.” She teased.

“Darling, I am ready to wait till you are ready to talk but you know your father. Since he learned that you were coming home, he has been insisting on you doing the proper thing.”

“Which is?” Freda asked.

“That’s everything madam,” the driver interrupted their conversation.

Freda opened the passenger side of the car to pick her bag, then pay the driver.

“Thank you,” she said and waved him off.

“Just leave the boxes there, I'll get someone to pick them.”

“Is daddy at home?”

“No he is not but you better start preparing yourself for a long conversation.”

“I already told dad that I will have the conversation when I am ready, for now, let me focus on official work.”

“I will take you any way I can, I missed you so much,” her mother tried to hug her while holding her grandson.

“I missed you too,” she replied smiling.

“You just left me like that. How many people will believe that I am meeting my grandson for the first time?”

“You have seen him severally, mom.”

“It’s not the same thing. Have I ever held him?”

“There’s that.” She shrugged following closely behind her mother.

“I am so tired.”

“Let me settle my baby down in a room and attend to you.”

“I am not a visitor mom. I can take care of myself.”

“I know you are not a visitor, but you just arrived from a long journey and need to rest.”

“Yeah,” Freda settled into the closest sofa and stretched out her legs.

“My grandson seems to be a sound sleeper. Another baby would have woken up by now.” Freda's mom said as she joined her daughter in the living room.

“There are a lot of things you will get to know about him.”

“I told the maid to put the bags in your room, Oreoluwa is in mine though.”

“He is not awake yet and you have started hoarding him,” she teased

“It is allowed, you know how long I have been waiting to see him?”

“I told the housekeeper to get your lunch ready. You'll probably want to shower.”

“Yes, later. How is dad doing?”

“He is still the same. He misses you but you know men, he will not come out and say.”

Freda smiled.

“I think you should be prepared for the conversation though so that things don’t become awkward between both of you.”

“Awkward, between who and who?”

“Anyway, you know how to wrap him around your fingers.”

“Just watch me perform my magic,” She winked.

“Temmy calls me sometimes. Bless her soul. She even comes to check on me too.”

“Isn’t she a darling? I trust her.”

“Does she know you will be coming around?”

“Temmy knows everything.”

“She is such a nice girl. She’s been here with her husband before.”

“Pfft, Temmy can drag Damola anywhere.”

“What about you, is there anyone you can do the same to?”

“Savage much,” Freda responded

“What is the meaning of that one again?”

“Mom, when I have someone, I will bring him home.”

“On a more serious note, does your daddy baby or what do you people call it these days know of Oreoluwa's existence?”

“I think I need to take that shower now. Love you mom, be right back,” she said and hurriedly walked towards her room.

“If you like, hide from now till tomorrow, you will answer the questions.”

The only response she got was the door closing behind her daughter.



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Hello fam, I am bacccccckkkk.

This is a brand new one from me and I can tell you that it is hotter than "MINE" and "DREAMS" which I shared earlier on this platform.
If this is your first time of coming across my stories, WELCOME.





N.B For people that have read MINE, it's FREDA'S STORY


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Finally, I decided to try out Okada books. You can reach the complete story here



You can also follow up my books on wattpad. Same username. Much love from this end for your continuous support.
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Interested in a feel good romance story?

Check out this story about Damola and Temmy who found love when they least expected however manipulations and betrayal did not allow them enjoy the bliss that comes with being in love. Are they willing to fight for what is rightfully theirs, or allow the obstacles destroy their perfect picture.

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Hello fam, It's so good to be here again. So finally Dreams has an Epilogue which was prompted by a reader( I am nice like that grin)


“Once again, we welcome you, our in-laws. It is a thing of joy in our culture as you know when a daughter brings home a suitor for introduction.”

Everyone clapped and acknowledged the statement.

“Apart from the fact that it signifies discipline, it also means that we have trained her well.”

This was accompanied by another round of applause.

Fiyi sneered. Now they recognize her as their daughter. When her mother was toiling to ensure they had a better life, non of them surfaced.

After she received the lump of money from the Wrights, she sat down with her mother to analyze how to spend wisely. She did a lot of research and also talked to Olumide who was of great help.

They made some investments, put some away for Bamise's admission, her mother’s and her own business

She watched her brother walk up to whisper into Olumide's ear where they were seated and they both smiled before her brother walked away.

“What did he tell you?” Fiyi jabbed him when Bammy left.

 “It's a guy thing.”

Fiyi eyed him.

“You are eyeing your husband,” he teased. “Wait till we get home.”

“I already told you I am not moving in until the wedding proper.”

Olumide smirked.

“Mofiyifoluwa!” Her uncle called her attention.


“I know both of you are in a world of your own,” He teased and adjusted his traditional cap.

Fiyi just smiled.

"What is your answer to my question?"

Fiyi realized she must have tuned him out.

"I didn't get that sir"

“Hmm, how will you hear when you were engrossed in each other?” He teased. “ Anyway, that is the kind of relationship we pray for these days. One where you would not be moved by distractions”

Fiyi grunted

“I asked if you know this man you have brought home, or you were matchmade probably by a friend or even your mother?"

"I know him, sir"

"Very well, do you like him or you are marrying him just for the sake of it?"

There was murmuring amongst the little gathering in their compound

“It is the norm in our culture to ask questions for future reference,” He tried to explain.

“I love him, sir”

“Very well then, we can proceed.” This statement received another round of applause.

Fiyi's attention shifted to the decorator who was tucking in table edges at the other end of the canopy. She shook her head. Teniola was a perfectionist.

She met her through her fiance when they employed her to decorate their office three years ago and they had become friends because she was pretty close to Olumide and August.

 “Speaking of Àugust,” she said out loud when she took her seat “did August call you?” she whispered

“My phone is with Seun,” he pointed at another friend. “I am sure he'll be here.”

“He better or else…”

The strike of the talking drum alerted them to the center stage. The M.C they contracted was already walking towards them with her entourage.

“Our wife, it’s time for you to show us how you will take care of your man when you get home. Please step forward”

Fiyi couldn’t believe she was here and everyone was gathered here because of her. She adjusted her sewed to fit embroidered emerald gown. Teniola had insisted on getting her a makeup artist. She had insisted on having a few people together for her celebration despite Olumide's mom insisting that she wanted something more elaborate. They could do that for the wedding proper she compromised.

Teniola had gone all out to make sure that their compound looked beautiful for the day. They had fenced it when she first received the money that turned her life around. Then they went ahead to complete her father’s house and even make two more apartments so that her mother would have company when her children were not at home.

 They had a fruit store just outside the house and she had included her mother’s services on her own food ordering website.

She was led by a small band back to Olumide who was sitting majestically

“All mine,” she thought to herself.

She walked to him with the slice of cake on her saucer and made to kneel but he quickly stood up and held her. He was dressed in a similar colored material with his own Agbada which he already put on their chair.

He held her at the waist and opened his mouth to receive the slice of cake.

She fed it to him. He mouthed a bit a pulled her closer to share with him then captured her lips.

“Gbefun eh collect

Owole owo net

Pakam body too correct”

The M.C started singing then started oohing as Olumide continued to feast on Fiyi's lips ignoring their mini audience.

“Mmm,”  the MC coughed into the microphone but he still didn’t stop.

“In Jesus' name we pray,” She said loudly into the microphone.

“Amen,” Everyone chorused as they burst into laughter and Fiyi dissociated from Olumide.

This man standing beside her is an evidence that dreams do come true. She tried to wipe her lipstick off his lips as he smiled into her eyes.

The ceremony was gradually rounded off as the parents excused themselves to the living room to discuss the wedding proper and also make arrangements.

The attendees walked up to the couple to say hi and also congratulate them where they were seated

“See what the cat dragged in,” Teniola snorted interrupting the couple whispering to each other.

“August” Fiyi shouted and immediately jumped into his arms.

“My baby,” he heaved her up

“I should be angry with you,” she said pushing him away from her.

“I am so sorry. I had to leave a meeting to come here. The client is traveling out of the country this afternoon.”

“If it’s work, then you are forgiven,” She replied

“You believe him?” Teniola asked.

Fiyi just smiled.

August eyed Teniola and whispered something she couldn’t hear.

“Speak up now,” she retorted.

“Congrats my man,” he hugged and slapped his friend on the back.

“Thank you, bro.”

“So what’s up now?”

“Well, we already have the date so the parents are trying to deliberate and see how convenient it would be.”

“You no waste time o.”

“Why wait?” he responded. “I already know what I want.”

“I am happy for you bro,” He hugged him again

“Excuse me,” Fiyi said walking away with Teniola and her brother who came to call her.

“How's your mom?” Olumide continued

“She wanted to come, but I couldn’t go back home after the meeting. I told her she’d attend the wedding.”

“That’s so nice of her.”

“How is May doing too?”

“She sends her regards too.  Pop man has banned her from this country for now but I think she is doing fine.”

“I think the change of environment will do her good,” Olumide added

“I think so too. There is this guy I keep seeing in her photos but I don’t want to pry. She looks better anyway and from our conversations, she has come to her senses and seems more mature.”

“It’s all good.”

Are sure you went for a meeting or…”

“Seriously, I did. I told you Mr. Rahjit is leaving the country. If I had gone to ‘you know where' I would have brought her.”

Olumide laughed out loud. “You know Teniola despises Bewaji’s guts.”

August laughed. “I also got a call from the agent, he said someone wants to rent that remaining space, I told him I'd get back to him since you said you want it for Fiyi.”

“I am still trying to convince her to take the space. It’s more professional.”

“It’s more professional or you want her somewhere you can easily go for quickies??”

“You are bad man,” Olumide hit him.

“It’s the truth now.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Then why do you want her to take the space? She already furnished her mother’s kitchen for business.”

“I just want her close.”

“Hey God!”  He raised his hands to the heavens. “My guy is whipped.”

“Don't worry, I'll remind you when you get there.”

“Never! You know me now.”

“I intend to work on the conviction tonight when we get home”

“She is going home with you?”

“Trust me,” Olumide winked.

“And you call me the bad guy?”

“You know how she can be. I already got Bammy to put some of her stuff in my car. I am stealing her out of here.”

“You are a bad influence on Bammy,” he laughed.

“Bammy is in a world of his own. The girls that run after him in his Uni, I am the one scaring some of them off him. Fiyi must not know. Bammy is a good guy though.”

Fiyi walked back to join them having pulled off her headgear.

“So we have a date, the parents have agreed,” she said to them.

“My baby is almost a wife,” August hugged her.

“Handle my wife with care please,”

“I met her first, Mr man.”

“I am marrying her though”

“It’s like that now right?”

Teniola started laughing. “Go and marry.”

“Whenever you are ready,” August replied.

“As if?” she sneered.

“Can you at least feed me?”

“Follow me,” she ordered

“Gladly,” he winked

“Have I told you I love you today”

“Countless times,” Fiyi replied

“I am thankful for the gift of you.”

“ Aww,” Fiyi cooed. “When I count my Blessings, I count you twice.”

Olumide pulled her to himself smiling.

“I can’t wait for you to finally move in with me.” He kissed her lips.

“Me too.”

So. that. means. I. am. going. to. have. you. to. myself. tonight?

He punctuated every word with a kiss.

“Ehn ehn,” she shook her head.

“I already have your stuff in my car.”


“What can a man who wants to spend time with his wife do to get her all to himself tonight?”

“Alright, I'll go with you.”

“Yes! I can’t wait to show you…”

“show me what?”

“Shit!” He fisted his hand in defeat. “I find it difficult to keep secrets with you.”

“As it should be,” she smiled

“Can you at least wait till we get home to find out”

“Gladly, as long as it will wow me.”

“ Trust me you won’t bother to leave” he winked



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daalu, nagode,eseun, sansanho.



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Fiyi looked around the guest suite as she waited impatiently. She didn’t know what to expect. Olumide and her mother had talked her into this. Now she wished she had brought her brother along since Olumide said he couldn’t come with her.

Like everyone who was considered poor or not well to do, she had decided to leave everything to God. However, Olumide had convinced her that there is a story behind every glory and this may be her chance to at least get something out of the pain she went through.

She sighed again as the waitress brought a pack of juice and peppered meat to her on a tray.

She said her thanks and continued to fiddle with her phone. She wished that she could eat. She had decided to order it when she had been sitting for some time without the arrival of the Wrights.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting, young lady,” a baritone voice interrupted her musings.

“Good afternoon sir,” she stood up from her chair to greet.

Mr. Wright adjusted his professionally ironed white agbada and folded it in front, holding both flaps together with his hands. Right behind him was his wife who looked her usual self. Sometimes it is difficult to read her expression and August.

August walked up to her and hugged her. “I am sorry,” he whispered.

“It's nothing, ” she whispered back.

“Young man,” his father interrupted, “should I be asking questions?”

“No.No” He replied hurriedly. “She’s Olumide's wife,” he smiled.

Fiyi looked at him and shook her head.

“Good afternoon ma,” she said to Mrs. Wright.

“Good afternoon, ” Fiyi.

“Please seat,” Mr. Wright said to her as they took their seats.

“I’ll allow my wife to start the conversation.”

Mrs. Wright sighed and sat up in her chair.

“Fiyi, I know sorry can not take away the pains that I have caused you, but all I can say is that I am sincerely sorry for everything.

I should have thought about it before taking such drastic action. I thought I was being a good mother. I didn’t know I was falling into a well-laid trap.”

“It’s okay ma.”

“No, it’s not okay,” Mr. Wright interrupted.

“In all, we are deeply sorry. At first, when August told me you didn’t want to meet us, I understood because as a person, I would have done the same. However, no amount of apologies can take away the pains but still, I am sorry.”

August picked one of Fiyi's peppered meat.

“On behalf of my family, apart from the fact that we are sorry about what happened, we have decided to compensate you.”

Fiyi looked to August for a clue but he continued to chew.

Mrs. Wright sighed.

“The few times I have seen you in my house,” Mr. Wright continued, “I have always seen a diligent young lady who is hardworking. Therefore, in addition to taking May out of the country so that she won’t have people pandering to her needs, I am going to take the chunk of the money for your compensation out of her account.

She has too much time on her hands, that is why she had evil thoughts. Therefore she should spend the time working harder to get money.

The money can not take away the pain that my family has caused but every one of us will be giving a token.

So I have decided that a sum of five million naira will be coming from May, three million from my wife and I.  August will give whatever he can but I am sure he knows what to do.”

Fiyi went on her knees. Olumide had hinted at getting a sum from them but a total of eight million naira was something she did not see anywhere in her present life.

She opened her mouth and closed it repeatedly, the words refused to come out.

“You don’t have to kneel, young lady, we are only doing what is right.”

“Sir, I am short of words.”

“Please stand up.”

“No sir, let me stay in this position.”

“If you don’t stand up, I won’t listen to you.”

Fiyi refused to take her seat. “I am kneeling, not only in thanks but as a sign of respect. Thank you, sir.

“It is okay, stand up”

“No. If you had decided not to compensate me, nobody will hold you responsible.”

“It’s the right thing to do,” Mr. Wright cut in.

“In addition to this, I have been talking to my son, and he said you do a bit of cooking now to make ends meet.”

“Yes sir.”

“I talked to one of my companies and you can supply them lunch. Just discuss with HR, they’ll be waiting for your call. August will give you the details.”

“Thank you so much sir for this but I am sorry I have to say no.”

“Is it because of what happened?”

“No sir,” she denied hurriedly. “I am still busy with school and most of the orders I take are usually flexible but taking Lunch from a company would be too much for me right now.”

“Maybe when you are done with school then, the offer still stands.”

“Thank you so much, sir. Words can not explain how I feel right now, I am still in shock. Thank you ma.” She said to Mrs. Wright who has been quiet.

“Then lastly,” Mr. Wright paused and faced August. “Call me your sister.”

Fiyi looked around this time to be sure that she was not dreaming. She wanted to scream, call her mother, Olumide, her brother. She wanted to share the good news. Something came out of her stint in the cell.

She looked toward the door to see May walking in soberly.

Fiyi has never seen her this way and didn’t trust her a bit.

“What do you have to say to the young lady?” Her father prompted.

She looked at Fiyi who looked away from her.

“I am sorry for the pain I have caused you. It will never happen again.”

“It's okay,” Fiyi mumbled.






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short bread for the week

Literature / Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 4:18pm On Dec 21, 2020

Please, sir. Where do you guys get your story link from? I'm curious.

And by the way, you've got a nice story here. Let me quickly follow it up.

First of all ayam a gehl, secondly I just copy and paste the link from the search bar.
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“How you dey?” Olumide asked as hi friend entered his apartment. He looked at him cautiously trying to gauge his mood.
The last time they met was at the police station and he had told August plainly that he would never come to their house again.

Even if it sounded immature or petty. He needed to maintain his distance for sometime.

“I am just there bro. You know what they say, if Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed.”

“I guess…” Olumide started

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, it’s okay” August interrupted waving off his speech.

“August, you are my friend and I have nothing against you, I just think it’s the best thing to do. I blame myself in some ways about what happened.”

August sighed “I am still in a state of shock about everything. I never thought May could do such.”

“Nobody thought she could. What it means is that if I don’t succumb to her advances, she could kill me.”

“ She'll never do that,” August refuted. “she is used to getting what she wants and I think it got into her head.”

Olumide huffed “someone that poisoned herself to get someone in trouble or better put, out of her way.”

“Still, I am sorry on her behalf. She didn’t think about the consequences while hatching the plan. She is seeing a psychologist now. I think it goes beyond what just happened.”

“Can we talk about something else?” Olumide suggested. He didn’t want to get riled up.
August went to the mini bar to pick a drink and glass.

“if you insist.”

Olumide was happy that there was no bad blood between them

“I have been persuading Fiyi to come around for a meeting, she has refused bluntly.” August complained

“You should know better, you want her to come to your house?”

“Not my house,” He sipped from his glass and strolled to the sofa closest to him. “I suggested a meeting place. We have to pay for damages. It’s what the law states.

As much as I do not like what May did. She is still my sister. I hardly talk to her these days because I am pissed, but there is nothing I can do. I love her.”

“I understand bro. The truth is Fiyi can not come to your house or meet with your mother. I can not even advise her to do such if that is what you are suggesting.

Her experience at the station is not something that can be forgotten in a hurry especially when someone did it just because they have the power to.”

“Don’t talk like that guy.”

“That’s the way I see it, forget the fact that she’s my woman”

“My dad has gotten involved. He is taking May out of the country. He wants to meet Fiyi before he leaves. I don’t want Fiyi to disrespect my dad out of anger which is how you come into the picture.”

“My hands are tied bro, but I will talk to her about it, since it’s your dad. You know she can be very stubborn,”

“Sure,” August smiled

“Once I get a response, I'll let you know.”

“Mehn! I have never seen my pop man this angry. This caused an issue between my parents. He said my mom indulges her too much.”

“I have no words sincerely. I blame myself too. Maybe I should have been firmer when she told me she liked me. I just didn’t want her to be hurt.”

August shrugged

“How is Fiyi doing by the way?”

“She’s okay. She is gradually getting over it. She even made fun of me.”

“That what?”

“You know how she can be. She wonders what is so special about me.”

“Is she coming around this weekend?she has refused to see me. Thank God she still talks to me though.”

“You are like a beother to her, she won’t forget that in a hurry.”

“I hope so.”

“About coming around today, I am not too sure. She has some deliveries to make and one is a birthday party.”

“Wow! She is a guru now.”

“She tries, at least I have tasted enough meals.”

“Lucky you. I hope she'll take my order when I move to my own house?”

“You are moving?” Olumide was surprised

“Yes, I think it’s hi time I moved. With all the happenings and all”

“What about your mom? Now that your sister is leaving the country.”

“I don’t know, they'll iron it out. She'll probably get someone to live in with her when her husband is not around.”

“Don’t you think she needs you more now?”

“That is what I have been thinking all this time. See what happened.
Mom is so emotional when it comes to May. I am angry with her too. If she had told me before arresting Fiyi, I wouldn’t have allowed it.”

“Don’t take it out on her now when she needs you.”

“She doesn’t need me abeg. I go to work anyways and I will be busier once we get our own office. I want to live my life.”

“Guy you can still…”

“There is nothing you can say, I have made up my mind. I think I am a distraction for some of her friends too.”


“Yeah or why would Foyeke think May dictates who I date.”

“If you say so, The female mind is complicated”

“Anything man can chow?” August switched
“I have some stuff in the freezer that we can microwave.”

“Hey God!” August lifted his hands to the heavens. “Now that this guy has snatched Fiyi from me, he has started living large.”

Olumide started laughing “what can I do? That’s what happens when your baby is a chef.”


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thanks for the update.

but it's short.

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“Please seat,” The Inspector said to Olumide and August.

 He seemed to be in a hurry but took his time to attend to them. It was a Saturday and Mrs. Wright was away for a function but immediately August called about his sister she promised to join them as soon as possible. She called some top-ranking officers and that is why they were invited to the office.

The table was bare except for a few files at one corner, the Nigerian flag on the table, and the phone which looked more like an intercom.  An extra uniform hung in one corner of the office close to a shelf that housed hundreds of files. They both occupied the seats opposite the table and waited for him to do the same.

“I have a lot of things to do right now, but I cannot ignore directives from my boss.”

“We understand, thank you for your time, sir.”

He dialed the intercom and requested that they bring both ladies into his office.

“If I may ask sir, how was this lady picked? The lady that accused my sister I mean.”

“We had her booked since your sister's incident, but your mother insisted we release her because there was no motive and she said she had nothing to do with the poisoning.

 It was the same substance that poisoned your sister that we caught with her at a club where we rounded her up with some other people.”

“What? So she poisoned May.”

“According to her, she did not but we are not taking her word for it because she used it on someone else who is in a coma presently.”

“What confirmation do you need that she poisoned my sister?”

“If she did not poison as she claimed, how come she has such a substance then?” Olumide added.

“That is what we are about to find out. As I said earlier, there was a case at a club that was reported. She was one of the people involved and the substance was found on her but she said it is not her own.”

May and Foyeke were brought in a few minutes later.

May looked as if she's been crying while Foyeke looked unbothered.

The officer departed.

“Stand there,” the inspector directed them.

Olumide noticed they had no jewelry on and May's makeup was washed off by her tears. He felt sorry for her.

“Start talking.”

“Sir, she lied against me,” May started.

“She was dating my brother but they broke up a few months ago. I noticed she was involved in some shady stuff and threatened to tell my brother but I didn’t. She’s been threatening to deal with me since their break up.”

Foyeke eyed her after a long hiss.

“This is a serious business young lady,” the officer cautioned.

“She didn’t tell me anything,” August said to Foyeke.

“As if I car,” She rolled her eyes.

“Why will you tell the officers that whatever they found on you belongs to May?” Olumide asked in concern.

“Because it’s her own,” Foyeke replied.

“I am confused.”

“You should be because it started and ended with you.”

“Young lady, go straight to the point. This is not a drama club.”

“Well, she…”

“She’s just lying,” May started crying.

“Let’s hear what she has to say first,” August prompted

“May poisoned herself.”

“Foyeke!” August shouted. “How is that even possible?”

“August, believe me, this is not about you.”

“What is it about then?”

“Him,” She pointed at Olumide.

At this point, May rested on the wall in defeat.

“Excuse me,” Olumide said alarmed.

“If you want me to leave, I can. I don’t understand how I got into the equation. I did not wrong you, did I?”

“Sir,” Foyeke directed at the policeman. “Can you tell them to stop interrupting?”

The officer signaled them to keep quiet.

“May has always liked him,”  she pointed at Olumide.

“Most of our friends know that, so no matter how many of us flirt with him, we know he was strictly May's”

Olumide looked around as if to ask what that had to do with anything.

“Everything has always been fine as long as we maintained our lane till their new maid entered the picture.”

August looked at his sister but she was avoiding him

“The girl was after August at first, I don’t know what changed her mind because they were always together and he likes her too.”

“I told you…” August interrupted but the Officer signaled him to wait.

“Then she started going after Olumide, that was when May flipped.”

“What do you mean flipped?” the officer interrupted.

“She was angry. It was her territory.”

Olumide opened his mouth in shock at being thought of in this light, even though he was ignorant of the happenings in their clique.

“Go on.”

“On the day she was rushed to the hospital, I was asked to go back home and bring some change of clothes for her, then I found it in her closet.

I didn’t think big of it at first because I know she doesn’t do drugs. I took it and questioned her about it when the doctor confirmed that it was what she had in her system.

I asked her about it and she confessed to me about what she did. I promised to keep her secret as long as I could keep the drug just in case I needed it too.”

“Please hold on, I can’t assimilate everything you are saying.” Olumide faced Foyeke.

“Are you saying May poisoned herself with the substance?”

Foyeke nodded. “She said the girl, the maid I mean was in her way and she needed to get her out of the way.”

August stood up and walked to his sister for confirmation.

“Wait,” Olumide interrupted. “How was the poison in her system supposed to get Fiyi out of the way?”

“Well, it got her arrested didn’t it?”

Olumide looked from May to her friend in shock.

“I think she didn’t expect you to stick with her after the episode,” Foyeke shrugged.

“Listen to me young lady,” the officer pointed at May.

“ Those guys in the cell beside the room you were kept will be willing to devour you. All they need is a yes from me. So think well before you answer the question.

Is everything she said true?”

May did not need to affirm. It was written all over her as she nodded quietly.



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Guy, my baby is gradually taking you away from me.” August teased his friend.

“That’s not possible and you know it. She doesn’t even have time for me.”

“She doesn’t have time for you but you have more than enough for her.”

Olumide laughed. “I try bro.”

He didn’t want to explain to his friend that he has been avoiding his house because of the incident that happened with May. She had repeatedly called him that he had to block her line. She then sent a message pleading for forgiveness. He replied the message and informed her to stay away from him.

If Fiyi had left angrily that day, he wondered if he would have been able to convince her of his innocence.

Immediately he opened the door for her when she requested that she wanted to pick her dress which was obviously not stained, he left the house with Fiyi because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

They vacated the house and he told May to leave his house before he got back. In as much as he was angry, he didn’t want to do anything he'd regret.

“I have been looking at some office spaces,” August interrupted.

“Nothing big because it’s just going to be a few people at first but I am thinking of something classy for our image.”

“I'm fine with anything you pick. You have an eye for these things.”

“I am also particular about location, in case we have to work late.”

“That’s true.” Olumide nodded.

“I already have a guy for furniture but I want us to have a space before we decide on furniture.”

“Why don’t we get an interior designer for that?”

“Yeah, May introduced someone to me but I told her to talk to you about it too, just in c…”

“No,” Olumide interrupted. “She doesn’t have to. I am fine with whoever you decide on.”

August leaned back on the sofa and stared at his friend pointedly.


“I have been wondering for some time now, both of you seem to be cold towards each other. You should understand May by now.”

“There’s nothing.”

“Olumide, I know you.”

“I am serious," he insisted

“I hope this does not have anything to do with your relationship with Fiyi? I don’t think that should cause any bad blood. We settled this right?”

“Let’s close that chapter. It has nothing to do with the police issue.”

“You will always be family. I know my sister has a thing for you, I have tried not to meddle in your affairs. I know you are a good guy and you won’t…”

“Hi Olumide,” May interrupted their conversation. She was holding a small bag and looked dressed for an outing.

“Hello May,” he replied curtly.

“Can I talk to you please?”

“I have told you…” He started

There was a knock on the door.

“You know what?  let me get the door while both of you sort out your differences.”

He walked out of the living room.

“I am sorry Olumide.”

“I don’t want to dwell on that, please. I have learned my lessons and I have moved on.”

“Olumide, I know you are still angry. I am ready to keep doing this until you accept my apologies.”

“Will you leave me alone if I do?”

“Don’t be like that Olumide,” she pouted.  “We have known each other, longer than you know this girl. Something as trivial as that should not end our relationship.”

“You call something like that trivial?”

She shrugged.

“You almost ended my relationship before it even started.”

May sighed. She didn’t know what else to say. She was still surprised at how Olumide has been ignoring her since the incident. Just because of that small thing.

“You know what…?”

“Sorry to interrupt,” August said. “This man is from the station and he said your attention is needed urgently.”

“Me?” Olumide asked.

“No, May.”

“For what?” She asked shocked.

“You will learn more when you get to our station,” the Police stated.

“I am sorry, I can’t go with you.” She stood up from the chair to walk away.

“Madam, don’t let me rough handle you.” The police warned.

“What do you mean? I can not just follow you because you asked me to. What if it’s a case of mistaken identity?”

“It’s not,” August supplied. “He said something about someone accusing you of something. I interrogated him before allowing him inside. They are two but I only allowed him in.”

May was looking from the policeman to the door. She couldn’t pin anything that could have gone wrong. The last time she had an encounter with the police force was when she had to write a statement during the arrest of their housemaid. Why would anyone accuse her of anything?

Olumide stood up and approached the officer.  As much as he was angry with her, she was still his friend's sister and if he could offer any help to her in distress, he would.

“Good afternoon sir. I understand you are on official duty but please help us understand what is going on.”

“Well, a lady at our station was arrested for the possession of a substance and she said she got it from her.”

“Me? Never.”

“That is why we need you to come and write a statement.”

“Thank you, sir. But I'd like to know the name of the lady and the substance in question.”

“Are you her lawyer?”

“No sir, I'll just like to know.”

“All these answers you are seeking will be addressed at the station.

“Oga, I was pleasant to you when you arrived, can you at least give us a name?” August pleaded

“Miss Adebanjo or something,” he replied.


“You know her?” August asked.

“That’s Foyeke.”

“This way, Madam.” the Police directed.

“What substance did you give her?” August asked as the policeman ushered her to the door.

“I'll advice you to keep quiet as anything you say now may be used against you in the court.”

August searched for his phone. Maybe he could contact someone to help.

“I didn’t give her anything.” May insisted. “She is just angry that you broke up with her. She told me I bad-mouthed her to you and she'd deal with me she explained to her brother.”



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Thank you for the comments. Continue to tell people about Fiyi. kiss

Fiyi looked from one occupant of the room to the other, waiting for an explanation. The smirk on May's face was annoying but she wanted to give Olumide the benefit of doubt.

In the few months she’s known him, he has not given her a reason to doubt him.

Olumide was speechless for a few minutes, He looked at May standing at the door of his room scantily dressed in one of his shirts with a satisfied smirk on her face. She didn’t look like the girl that was crying a few minutes ago.

“Excuse me, what happened?” He asked May.

“I should be asking you, ” May replied. “What is she doing here?” She waved at Fiyi.

Fiyi looked back at Olumide waiting for the answer to May's question, gently tapping her foot with arms akimbo.

“I invited her, this is my house, lady. What are you doing in my shirt?”

“Olumide! are you doing this because of her?” She waved her hand in Fiyi's direction.

“You just directed me to the bedroom now.”

Fiyi didn’t wait to hear more, she turned on her heels and walked towards the door.

“Honey! Honey!! Wait, ” Olumide called after her.

He got to her before she reached the door. He turned the lock of the door and pulled the key out.

“What are you doing?” Fiyi asked angrily “I need to leave right now.”

“Just wait and listen to me. I don’t know what she is trying to do but I can explain what happened. Believe me, baby, I have an explanation for all this.”

“I have heard all I want to. Is this why you told me to come on my way home so that you would have finished with her and I will take up another shift?”

“I will never do that to you. Just hear me out, baby. I am dead serious, I don’t know what she is playing at.” He explained hurriedly.

“What am I playing at?” She followed him “You invited me in yourself, did I force myself in?” May asked. “Is that even possible, look at him, look at me,” she said to no one in particular.

Olumide was dumbfounded. He pulled Fiyi into his arms despite her struggles and held her there.

“Baby listen to me,” he whispered into her ears. “Just listen to me. She means nothing to me and you know this.”

“Olumide, how could you do this?” May asked as she walked back into the living room. Olumide ignored her, he was still trying to placate the girl in his arms.

He whispered an explanation into her ears. He hoped she heard him. He held on to her as if his life depended on it.

“How could I have forced my way into the bedroom little lady?” May said as she faced Fiyi. Just ask yourself.

“You poisoned me so that you could take my man, it’s not going to work, do you hear me?”

Olumide ignored her rants. He could feel Fiyi calming down but he refused to release her. He didn’t trust her to stay that way for long.

He swept her off her feet literarily and took her to his room.
Fiyi was in a state of shock and could not react on time.

May followed after them, trying to pull him, but Olumide looked back with all the anger he could muster and said to her,

“If you move an inch from where you are, I swear you would not like the consequence. Forget that your brother is my friend and I think of him as family.”

May was shocked. She had never seen Olumide that way before. She burst into tears to distract him but all she heard was a click as he locked his bedroom door.

May stopped her act immediately, she couldn’t believe that he'll choose her maid over her. Olumide had always protected her interest.

This is not the Olumide she used to know. She was confused. She didn’t know what to do. She had deliberately picked his call when she saw Fiyi's picture come up on his phone when he left her for a few minutes.

She wanted to give an impression that he was with another girl but when all she heard from the other end was, “I am on my way,” she knew she had to do something fast and it didn’t work.

She couldn’t believe Olumide will treat her like this in the presence of her maid. Her dress was in his bedroom, meaning she can not even leave until Olumide opens the door. She paced the living room gently, thinking of what to do next.
Meanwhile, Olumide was in the bedroom explaining to Fiyi exactly what happened.

“Believe me, I am still shocked. She told me she needed to use the restroom and I directed her to my personal one because she needed to change her sanitary towel. She even requested for my towel. Then boom she comes out in my shirt.
Baby, stop looking at me like that, say something.”

“I don’t even know what to say. I don’t want May's wahala( trouble).
Whatever she thinks is going on between you two should be settled without involving me.”

“There is nothing between us,” Olumide emphasized.

“Lumi,” she said softly. “She likes you. I think love is a better word, I don’t want her to feel…”

“I love it when you call me that,” Olumide said pulling her from the bed and captured her lips.

“I am not joking,” Fiyi withdrew her lips from his despite the electricity than ran through her body at the brief contact.

“Let me savor this moment joor,” he nipped her lips. “Don’t let her use her reggae to spoil my blues.”

She tried to withdraw from his embrace again but Olumide was having none of it. He continued to kiss her lips, then introduced his tongue when she attempted to say something to him.

Fiyi gave up and reveled in the emotions that were welling up within her. Nobody has ever made her feel as wanted like this. She could feel his hands roaming her body and she couldn’t help groaning at the sensation she was feeling.

Olumide gently pushed her on the bed and continued to minister to her needs and his with the carefulness of someone who just got a treasure.

“Wait!” Olumide.

“What’s that?”

“Let’s talk about this first.”

“Let our bodies do the talking,” he persuaded and continued to assault her lips, the journey moved to the arc of her neck, He was far gone in his explorations when Fiyi called his attention to the knock on the door.

“Just ignore,” he replied.

“No, I don’t want her to have anything against me.”

“You are just a killjoy,” Olumide grumbled as he went to see the intruder.


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Something to make your heart do kikum kikum.


It was a Saturday morning and Olumide had decided to sleep in late. He needed all the rest he could get because of the hectic week.

August promised to come in later in the day so that they could go out and he  finally convinced Fiyi to come visit him from school.

She wrote her last exam the previous day and she promised to stop by before going home. His ever studious girlfriend. He finally got his wish and put a label on their relationship.  The mere thought of her brought a smile to his face

He was surprised when he heard his doorbell ring. He planned to ignore it but the sound kept disturbing him.
He pulled on his pajama bottoms and reluctantly went to the door to open it.

“What are you doing here?” he asked May, shocked to see her that early in the morning.

“I really need to talk to you,” she said soberly.

“Come in, ” he said opening the door wide. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Please sit,” he gently guided her to a sofa.

“Do you want coffee or tea?”

“No, I don’t want anything.”

“Okay, so what happened? I hope you are feeling much better.”

“I am better in body but not my mind.”

“Talk to me what is wrong?”

“I am here because of that conversation you promised me.”

“Is that it?” Olumide sighed with relief. He thought something bad had happened to her. He dropped his phone on the table beside him where he was seated so that he could face her.

“I have been worried Olumide.

When I was sick, you used to visit and take care of me but right now, you behave as if I don’t even exist. You no longer come to our place, what did I do?”

“You did not do anything May and I still love you, just not the way you want. I can’t give you what you want, I already told you.”

“Why, is there something wrong with me, do you have someone else?”

Olumide thought about it. He didn’t want her to feel slighted, knowing that she feels that Fiyi was beneath her. In the same vein, he didn’t want to lead her on.

“Talk to me Olumide, are you ignoring me because of someone else? If I have offended you, I am sorry. I'll make ammends.”

Olumide felt bad.

“You did not do anything wrong. To be fair to you, and not raise your hope unnecessarily, I am in love with someone.”

May burst into tears.

Olumide was flabbergasted.

“After all these years Olumide, you promised that no one will take my place. I love you enough for both of us, we can work something out?”

“How? I  don’t love you that way.” He explained.

She was weeping bitterly that Olumide had to pull her into a hug to soothe her.

He was surprised at her reaction, he didn’t know it was this bad. He noticed that while she was recovering at home, she always lightened up whenever he visited, she always wanted him to be around and even insisted sometimes that he stay till she went to bed.

“You are a beautiful girl and any man will be lucky to have you. I am sorry I am not that guy.”

He tried to calm her down but he seemed to be getting no where so, he excused himself to put something on, she was already soaking his body with her tears and caressing him. just in case another visitor comes knocking, he didn’t want anyone to get any ideas.

He came back a few minutes later to see her face all red and blotchy. She was fidgeting.

“Why don’t you clean up in the rest room?” He advised. He was thinking of the best way to dispatch her without being rude.

What if August comes in and meets her like this? He thought. He didn’t want to start explaining what happened and he didn’t want to embarrass her too.

“We can still be friends you know? I am sure you will find someone better than me.”

“None will be better than you. I have waited all my life to hear you acknowledge my feelings for you. I have forsaken every other guy for you. If you are worried about my brother, I know how to handle him,” she pleaded.

“It’s not about your brother May, if I love you that way, I'll do the honorable thing, I just don’t feel that way.”

“Is it my maid?” She sniffed.

“She is no longer your maid, ” he corrected.

“It is a form of betrayal on your part to date someone that poisoned me.”

“Don’t start May, please don’t.”

“It’s the truth, ” she emphasized.

“What if she planned to kill me so that she can be with you?”

“Leave her out of this May.”

“It’s her, isn’t it?”

“May please go to the rest room and clean up, I don’t like the way you look.”

She reluctantly picked her bag and walked in the direction he pointed. She’s been to his house before, but right now she was too distracted to think straight.

“Can I get a towel please, I think I stained my dress.”

Olumide looked at her as if to ask how she could allow such happen.

“I am sorry, I have heavy flow when I am stressed.”

“Walk into my room, you'll find one in there.”

She walked away with her bag behind her.

Once again, another knock at the door caught his attention. He checked the wall clock and it was a few minutes past twelve. It could be August he thought and went to the door to check.

For the second time, he had a surprise visitor. She was not a surprise really but he was not expecting till later in the day.

“Honeybun!”  he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her thoroughly on the lips.

“Olumide!” She said when she pulled back for a breather. “When have you been planning this?”

He ignored her and pulled her back into his arms and continued to kiss her.

“Mr man, I need my lips back, ” she pushed his chest.

“I am allowed to kiss my wife right”

“Who did you pay dowry to?” She teased. “What if Bamise was behind me?”

“He’ll understand, moreover I know you are coming from school. I thought you were going to call me first.”

“I called your line now and a female picked, I just ended the call. I think it was the network.”

“My phone?” He searched his body and realized he had his pajama bottoms on and there was no pocket.

“Are you sure? I didn’t hear my phone ring, I left it somewhere.”

Fiyi dialed the number and they heard it ring in the living room.
Olumide went searching for the phone on the sofa when his bedroom door opened.

Fiyi was the first to lift her head towards the room.

May stood at the door of Olumide's room putting on his shirt that reached just below her butt cheeks and a satisfied smile on her face and her hair in all directions.





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Thank you soooooo much, I appreciate everyone taking time out to check on Fiyi�


“Good afternoon sir,” Fiyi could hear from the living room where she was sitting beside her mother. Her brother had gone to respond to the knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Her mother asked beside her.

Olumide walked into the living room garbed in a sewed to fit native wear. Fiyi smiled, he looked like someone going to pay dowry.
Good afternoon ma, he said bending at the waist in greeting.
Fiyi’s mother’s face beamed with smile.

“Good afternoon my son, how are you?”

Fiyi looked at her mother in shock as if to ask when she birthed him.

“Thank you so much for your help, I can not repay you, but the Almighty will.”

“It’s no problem ma,” he replied.

“Please sit down, ” she offered. “You are welcome to my home.”

“Thank you ma.”

“How are you Bammy?” He turned to her brother.

“I am fine sir.”

“Where is the youngest man in the house?”

“Ah! That one does not sit still, he went to his friend's place.”

Fiyi looked at her family members and wondered when they became cordial with Olumide. He has never been to their house but looking back now, maybe he visited while she was at the station.

Even if their house was sparingly furnished she was happy that they always keep it clean.

“I'd excuse you. Let me know when you are ready to leave.”

Mothers! Fiyi thought to herself.

“Bamise, get something for our visitor to drink now, let your sister rest.”

“Mom, is her leave not over?” Bamise grumbled

“I have always known that your caring attitude was you showing eye service. Do you know what being in a police cell means?”

“Go away, you can not guilt trip me with that line. You have been out for three weeks now and you will not allow us to rest. Local man is tired.” Bamise said and walked away.

“Just a minute sir,”he said to Olumide who was trying hard not to laugh out.
He watched Fiyi's mother go to her room shaking her head.

“So that is what you now use to lord over everybody?” Olumide accused.

Fiyi smiled. “I need to use it for as long as it lasts. I need to be pampered.”

“I told you to come over to my place for a while now, I can get someone to take care of you.”

“Isn’t that nice of you, but no, I don’t trust you.”

Olumide started laughing. He vacated his seat to occupy the space beside her.

“I like seeing you like this. It’s nice to see that strong girl take back her position.”

“Thank you so much, I wonder what would have happened to me if you didn’t come around.”

“August would have helped.”

“There’s a limit to what he can do you know? He can’t go against his family.”

“Really? you underestimate him. He likes you.”

“Yeah, he is a friend indeed.” Fiyi smiled

“There was a time, I was jealous.”
“Of what?”

“Your relationship with him.”

“You aren’t serious. Anyone that will date August will be someone he loves deeply. You can’t love August unless he loves you.”

“Hmmm. He likes you though.”

“Let’s leave that aside, I don’t have strength for his kind of pperson”

“What about my kind of person?”

Fiyi rolled her eyes at him

“How is work?” She changed the topic.

“Good, we got the registration done just a few details here and there , then we’ll set the ball rolling.”

“Hmmm, my personal C.E.O.”

“Hmm, you just said personal, I like the sound of that.” He kissed her lips.

Fiyi was still a little shy around him but she let the kiss go.
When she didn’t protest, Olumide leaned in for more.

“Olumide! My mom is around.” She whispered.

He just shrugged.

She had decided to give the him a chance. At least get to know him better but Olumide said he wanted to put a name to their relationship. He stood by her during her dark days and that alone is a statement on its own.

Her major fear however, is the fact that he is sophisticated, in addition to the feeling that she may not be able to measure up to his societal standards.
She is still a young girl trying to find her place in the world, while he already knew his place and even created a niche for himself.

“So what’s up with school now, I hope the news did not get to school?”

“Nope.” She eased herself into the sofa.

“Do you want to lie down?”

“I am okay,” she replied

“Don’t worry, I won’t try anything funny. Your mom is around and Bammy will come in anytime from…”
Bamise stepped in


“Here sir.” He said dropping the plastic bag on the table. “I'll just get glasses. I was not sure of your preference, so I got three variants.”

“Thank you.”

“You are never nice to me.” Fiyi said to her brother.

Her brother ignored her and went for the glasses.

“Are you planning to go back to the Wright's for work?”

“God forbid! I should wait till they throw me in maximum prison abi?”

Olumide burst out laughing

“You are laughing, do you know what being in a police cell feels…”

“That will not work with me,” Olumide tickled her.

“Stop, stop,” she laughed

“I was thinking, what if you start selling stuff to your school mates to make cash rather than work for someone?”

“Hmmm, getting the capital will be… don’t even offer, I won’t take it.”

Olumide swallowed his speech and raised his hand in surrender.

“I am planning to start a sort of cooking thing. People order for stew and different kinds of food, they pay me, I cook and deliver.”

“Here, ” Bamise dropped the glasses and went out.

“Thank you,” Olumide said again.

“That’s a great idea. I can even help advertise, tell some of my friends too.”


“There’s a glitch though”

“What is that?” She asked worriedly.

“They get to enjoy what is supposed to be exclusive.”

Fiyi hissed, “I thought you were serious.”

“I am, and what if someone falls in love with your cooking and eventually you, where does that leave me?”

“Olumide be serious now.”

“I am, I don’t like to share.”

“Olumide darling, I am too much for you alone, learn how to share.”

“You are taking advantage of the fact that I am in your house. I know what I'd have done if you were at my place right now.”



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Literature / Re: DREAMS by hadayshawlar(f): 11:46am On Nov 23, 2020

Olumide looked at Fiyi with pity in his eyes. She looked broken as the policeman ushered her into the room where he was waiting for her. There were bruises on her cheeks and forehead, she looked tired.

He was angry at whoever did this to her. He could see mosquito bites forming on the arms she put on the table.

"Olumide, I swear I didn't do it, " she said with tears in her eyes immediately she took the seat opposite him.

"Why won't anybody believe me? All I ever wanted was to be better, have a better life, provide for my family, help my siblings. See where that got me. I can't even hurt a fly. They said I poisoned a whole human being, how is that even possible?" she sobbed

"Calm down, I will get you out of here. That's why I am here. I am working something out."

He patted her hands on the table.

"Is my mother outside?"

"No. I told her to go home and rest.

You should have called me, " He complained. August and I have been out of town for a whole week. I told you about some things we are trying to put in place with the company.

"Yeah, I know. They collected my phone, everything, there's no way I could have contacted you."

"I am so sorry about this. I am still shocked."

"Me too, they just came to our house on a Sunday evening and picked me up. They said I was coming to write a statement, that was all. I believed them. I wrote the statement and they told me I couldn't leave."

"I have been trying your line to no avail just to check up on you."

Fiyi was crying profusely now. "This is the reason why I have been unavailable."

"May did not tell her brother and I anything. I even asked her if you came around for work, and she said no. She practically calls me every day.

I was shocked when I got to August's house and I met a woman at the security post. At first, I wanted to ignore her but she was looking distraught and I asked her what happened, only to find out it was your mother and she said they picked you some days ago. Apparently, she's been going there to beg Mrs. Wright."

"Does she look alright?" Fiyi asked sniffing

"That aside, What exactly happened?"

"I don't know," Fiyi burst into fresh tears. "I have no idea."

"At least give me something to work with. What did they tell you? What happened the day May fell ill?"

"The day May fell sick, I was on my way out when she got back from her outing with a friend."

"Which one of her friends?"

"The one that follows August all over the place," she sniffed

"As usual, I greeted her, she ignored me and just told me to get her a drink."

"At first, I wanted to complain but you remember what happened the day she told me to get you something and I refused?"

Olumide nodded.

"I didn't want a repeat, so I went back to get the drink for her. When I got to her room, I knocked, nobody responded so I went in, dropped the drink, and left."

"Who else was in the house with you?"

"Nobody. The cook left a few minutes before her arrival saying she needed to get some stuff."

"You said May came in with a friend."

"Yes, I left her friend outside, she was receiving a call."

"Did you see her when you left the house?"

"No." She shook her head, "I could have missed her though. I went through the back door because I didn't want her to see me and request for something else."

Olumide sighed

"We were about to sleep last week when the police came to my house and picked me up. They said I poisoned her." Fiyi explained

"I am confused, did you put anything in the drink?"

"I will never do such." She said vehemently.

"What kind of drink was it?"

"It was just juice."

"Did you check the date or something?"

"No, I didn't, they said I had a motive. Her friend said she's seen us fight before. As if I'd fight with someone I considered a boss."

"Have they questioned her too?" Olumide asked

"I don't even know. I just want to get out of here. I will never do that to another human being."

"Baby, I will get you out of here. I am so sorry to see you like this." He made to hug her.

"That is not allowed, " the policeman on guard cautioned

Olumide eased back in his seat.

"Can I see the DPO please?"

"Oga no dey, " the man replied.

"I'd like to see the person in charge then." He requested.

"Thank you so much for coming to see me."

"I didn't know Mrs. Wright will go this far. May was already talking when we left on our trip. I have been to see her a few times too.

You will get out of here today, I can't wait to hold you in my arms. I was looking forward to a long weekend with you, only to come back to this."

"I hope I get out of this."

"You will, " he assured her.

Olumide went outside to call August and ask how far with his mom

He said he was still trying to talk to her.

"Maybe I should just get my lawyer on it," Olumide said. "I want her out of here today."

"Don't worry, we'll get her out."

"I'll just wait for your call then. If I don't get feedback in the next one hour, I am calling my lawyer. You need to see her bro."

"I am working on it," August assured him.

Olumide asked to be directed to the boss' office.

Mrs. Wright went too far this time around. Why would she pick only Fiyi? Why wasn't May's friend questioned too? At least she was there. He remembered that when they were driving back after August got May's call, August called Foyeke and she said she just left the house while Fiyi said she was already in school. It automatically means she was at the house when Fiyi left and should be questioned too.



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