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Education / NADESSTU, Celebrates National Open University Of Nigeria, Asaba Campus Matric by harrison12(m): 12:35pm On Jun 30, 2018
I was opportuned to witness the Matriculation ceremony of the NOUN, Asaba Campus. it was awesome as i had the chance to speak with the President of NADESSTU Mr. Comrade Frank Ocheli here is what he said.

"National Association of Delta State Students NADESSTU, National Open University of Nigeria NOUN, Asaba chapter put smiles on the faces of students by entertaining the matriculating students with different Artist and Comedians. In a speech by the NADESSTU President, Comrade. Ocheli Frank Igwebuike, he congratulated all the matriculating students, most especially the Delta State Students for making a right choice by coming to National Open University of Nigeria, one of the best institution, he further urge the new and returning students of Delta state to join the moving train by becoming a NADESSTU member as that is the access key to benefiting anything from the State Government especially the ongoing Bursary registration, go and register your Bursary he stressed. He also said watch out for our next mega programme coming up, we are set to putting smile on the faces of young leaders of tomorrow."

source: https://www.giftnaija.com/2018/06/NADESSTU-National-Open-University-Nigeria-matriculation.html

Education / NADESSTU, Celebrates National Open University Of Nigeria, Asaba Campus Matric by harrison12(m): 12:29pm On Jun 30, 2018
I was opportuned to witness the Matriculation ceremony of the NOUN, Asaba Campus. it was awesome as i had the chance to speak with the President of NADESSTU Mr. Comrade Frank Ocheli here is what he said.

"National Association of Delta State Students NADESSTU, National Open University of Nigeria NOUN, Asaba chapter put smiles on the faces of students by entertaining the matriculating students with different Artist and Comedians. In a speech by the NADESSTU President, Comrade. Ocheli Frank Igwebuike, he congratulated all the matriculating students, most especially the Delta State Students for making a right choice by coming to National Open University of Nigeria, one of the best institution, he further urge the new and returning students of Delta state to join the moving train by becoming a NADESSTU member as that is the access key to benefiting anything from the State Government especially the ongoing Bursary registration, go and register your Bursary he stressed. He also said watch out for our next mega programme coming up, we are set to putting smile on the faces of young leaders of tomorrow."

source: https://www.giftnaija.com/2018/06/NADESSTU-National-Open-University-Nigeria-matriculation.html

Romance / Four Ways To Redirect Your Shaking Marriage by harrison12(m): 9:34pm On May 17, 2018
Every day around the world, millions of marriages end up failing, which is quiet unfortunate!
Is it possible that some percentage of these marriages could have been saved? Sadly, the world will never know. Even if some marriages does survive, it is difficult to keep record of the success rate due to prevalent marriage failure in our world today.
Can the destiny of your troubled marriage be redirected? I would love to be able to answer that question, but honestly I can't. I can tell you that if your marriage is in trouble you can't do nothing and expect something to come out of it. But if you take action today, there is a greater chance that your marriage will be safe and secure. Even if you start with a small action such as praying about the situation (if you believe in prayer) you will at least have more piece of mind as opposed to not doing anything at all.
The truth is that saving a troubled marriage is a very challenging task. However, it is very do-able also. Anything that is worth fighting for will take effort. With that being said, I will now present you with 4 steps that can reverse the direction of your troubled marriage. The steps are not easy, but a trial is worth it. More importantly they provide direction, which is all you need to get your marriage back on track.
The 4 steps are:

1. No more finger-pointing: Stop pointing the finger at your spouse and stop blaming yourself. It's obvious that someone has to be at fault, but blaming doesn't help. A sure-fire way to paralyze progress if for couples to blame one another. The more blame, the more stubborn both people become, and the marriage comes to a stand-still. This is why I chose to make this step 1. Momentum is key here.

The blame game is nothing new. It first occurred in the Bible when Adam blame Eve for giving him the forbidden fruit, then Eve turned around and blamed the serpent for tricking her. In the long run its a lot better to just bite the bullet and take responsibility for your own actions. Ironically, it makes you feel a lot better.

2. Take responsibility. Regardless of whether you are the husband or wife you may have to be the "bigger man" in this situation. What you need to understand is that people are always looking for someone to set the example. That way, they can follow the example that has been set. Once you make a change, your spouse will most likely follow suit. This will challenge your pride. But remember, pride can cause a great fall if not managed properly. Although similar, taking responsibility and not pointing the finger are different.
Without a doubt. you must purpose in your heart that even if you aren't at fault you are still going to do some things in a different manner. here is always room for improvement in every case. Change starts with you.

The thing that wows me is that we all know what we should be doing, but it takes some sort of tragic or negative turn of events to occur before we change our course of action.

A troubled marriage is just like a house being on fire, it doesn't mater who started the fire, it only matters that everyone makes it out of the house safely. As long as the both of you are alive you can always work on building a new house together.

3. Take advantage of the resources that marriage experts have to offer. If others have been helped, you can be, too. What you need to realize is that your situation may seem hopeless because you have never been in it before. It's unfamiliar territory. Even if this is your second or third marriage each case is unique in its own way. However, experts see these scenarios all of the time. Their years of experience in handling even the toughest marital hardships.

The truth is that your situation is no different from every other situation. Not too much new comes through the doors of marriage therapists. Not to be mistaken; everyone has their own story, but the dynamics are the same.

4. Take action. One detrimental mistake that is made is the people try to have it all figured out before taking action. It's impossible to have it all figured and all of your ducks in a row before you attempt to fix a marriage. You first start by acting on what you know, then working your way through the rest. Remember, you don't have to be perfect at something to take action on it, but you do have to take action on it if you ever want to be perfect at it.
Even if you understand where the issue is coming from It is not enough. You must then act! Resolution of the situation takes action.

Will the destiny of your marriage be redirected? If you follow my suggestions, you have infinitely more opportunity for saving your marriage than if you do nothing. In a marriage you must make sure that you are doing your part to the fullest. Your enthusiasm can have great bearing on the outcome of your marriage.
So, with these guidelines, you can redirect your shaking marriage to the positive path it ought to be.
Feel Free to check out more tips and guidelines about marriage and relationship
Romance / The Top Ten Secrets For Great Sex! by harrison12(m): 10:51am On May 08, 2018
Clearly, there are no rules, only what lovers have known since Antony and Cleopatra: "Pay attention, be kind, and be loving". But the following Top Ten List might be a useful reminder! Enjoy!

1. Guys: Great sex starts in the kitchen! Wash the dishes, take out the trash, give her a break, let her know she's appreciated. Romance and exhaustion do not mix -- think about it! (Besides, standing there, side by side, washing and drying those dishes, hands could get to roamin' and motors could get to tickin' ...the most amazing things do happen!)

2. Gals: Tell that old fool just exactly what you've been waiting for! Most males are notoriously poor mind readers, they just don't "get it". So tell him! "A little softer" or "let me show you" goes much further than, "How come you never know what I want?"

3. Guys: Take time! Sex is about fun, relaxation, laughter and love -- this is not a competition or a 50-yard dash to the finish line! Start slow, let it build, then finish strong. A glass of wine, maybe some music, a backrub, even a few minutes of silence can shift the mood and make things very interesting!!

4. Gals: Make Time! How often does sex happen the last thing at night, with two exhausted people trying to find each other in the dark? Or, first thing in the morning, half asleep, with bad breath? If sex is important, why not treat it like getting your haircut or picking the kids up after school? In other words, schedule time, put it on the calendar and treat it as a key part of keeping yourself and the family running smoothly.

5. Guys: Think about your 4th date with the woman you love after you were well acquainted but everything still felt new and exciting. Remember thinking about it, scheduling it, making dinner reservations? Remember being on time? Did you bring flowers, maybe plan something romantic or special? Remember taking a shower and using cologne? Well, guess what -- she's still special and she's still waiting!

6. Gals: If you want great sex, seduce him! This is not rocket science! Most guys are so easy. They're "visual" -- show him what he likes. They're easily flattered -- whisper what he wants to hear. Touch him right there, or if you prefer, right THERE!!! Tease him, just don't be a tease.

7. Guys: Surprise her. Women love that. And, the beauty is, almost anything will work. Surprise her with flowers, with a card, get a babysitter for the evening, put a note on the windshield of her car. Even surprise her by cleaning the bathroom! Almost anything will work, just be kind, be gentle, and put a little thought into it.

8. Gals: With all the talk about "size", remember that a man's biggest sex organ is his imagination -- so use your own! Everyone has fantasies -- some romantic, some kinky, maybe even a few that are slightly dangerous or outrageous. What are yours? And, what are his? Why not play dress-up? Why not go on a date with someone "new"?

9. Guys: I just told the gals you have a great imagination -- don't make me a liar! Use it! How long has it been since you had sex in the back seat of a Ford? Would she enjoy a date with a spy? Being seduced by a plumber or "the cable guy"? Is your shower big enough for two? Ever done it at the office -- how about her office?

10. Gals: Take time to add variety and spice with tasteful magazines, toys, movies and beautiful lingerie. For most people (including men) pornography quickly turns into a turn-off, but a little satin and lace, maybe some sensual pictures or using common household items in a whole new way can sure add delight to the old routine. Explore, experiment, lock the bedroom door and play some brand new games! As they say, "Just do it!"

article Source: The Top Ten Secrets For Great Sex!
Romance / 11 Best Ways To Keep A Man Interested by harrison12(m): 1:18pm On May 01, 2018
While finding the right man who is a perfect match is hard, it is even more challenging to keep the man interested. Once you have established that two of you are a match, you must learn how to keep him interested. Men want someone who is desirable to them but still admired by many. So don't adjust your life completely. Be mysterious, have your sweet moments with other people. Here's how to keep a man interested.

1. Appreciate Him and be Grateful for the Things he Does for You

Let your man know how grateful you are for how he handles things. Compliment him when he helps you out in the house. Don't wait for the significant events. The fact that you notice his small efforts will make him like you even more. Don't make him think that you take him for granted. Laughing at his jokes makes the man feel important.

2. Be a Partner

Don't limit yourself. Do not allow yourself to be a one night stand or just a booty call. Be reliable. When out having dinner, offer to settle the bill once in a while or at least split it. You can even ask him out to an event which you have to pay for the tickets. Such things will make you stand out. The man will have confidence in you and your ability to establish a stable relationship.

3. Be Confident and Remain Independent

No man wants a lady who is not sure of herself. A bold woman who takes good care of herself is very attractive. Don't let your insecurities ruin your chance of having a good man by your side. Although the thought of spending more time with your man is tempting, don't give in. Have your hobbies and friends to hang out with. Make time for your man but not always. Cancel a date once in a while. People always want that which they cannot have, don't be readily available.

4. Be Spontaneous and Learn how to Seduce him

Surprise him with a very romantic date. Don't allow him to predict your moves. Be very creative when around him. You do not have to be alone in the room for you to make a move. As you hug him goodbye, hold on to it for a little longer. You can kiss him on the neck when he least expects it. Make him remember you and desire to meet you again by seducing him from time to time. While at it, do something that you are comfortable with. Don't try pole dancing if you have no skill set.

5. Dress Admirably and Always Wear Sweet-scented Perfumes

Men are visual beings, and that is not about to change. Although your character may make you stand out, a good outfit will make you stand out. Wear outfits that make men ogle when you pass but be decent and elegant. Let your man feel proud as he walks with you. Nothing will make a guy more interested in you than the fact that other guys wish they can have you.

It could be in their genes or maybe not but men are attracted to sweet scents. Keep your kitchen be fresh at all times and your bedroom smelling like a fresh rose flower. Wear sweet perfumes every time you go for dinner or every time you have a date.

6. Hold Intelligent Conversations

Don't be that girl who is very good at flirting but cannot hold an intelligent conversation. Your man may want to bring you to meet his associates, and he will be more comfortable if he knows that you are capable. When you are together, discuss important matters like career goals and growth. But remember that even if you are very familiar with a particular field, do not try to outsmart him. Let him be the man.

7. Don't Play hard to Get for too Long

Although acting unavailable is a good way of keeping the man coming after you, don't overdo it. Let him know you are interested. Don't make him work too hard to get your attention. Try to match his commitment level, don't let him feel like he is the only interested party.

8. Don't be Jealous of his Female Colleagues and Friends

Don't act out when you see him laugh with a female friend. Be mature and supportive of their friendship. If he happens to check other girls out, let him know that you too think that the girl is beautiful. This way, he will see that you are fully confident with yourself. Make friends with his women colleagues.

9. Win over his Family and Friends

Be sociable and easy when around your man's friend. Make his friends close to you, let them know that you are a catch. When you meet his family, do the same. Let them see you as an all rounded lady that will be a blessing to their son, brother or cousin.

10. Resolve Issues Calmly and Maturely

Disagreements are bound to happen. If you can't handle the problems maturely, you end up hurting the man you love. Instead of an argument, have a conversation with him. Don't allow issues to pile so much to the point of you exploding. Start your conversations with a positive opening statement. A gentle lady is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Men hate it when ladies use loud voices.

11. Give him Space when he Needs it, Don't be Clingy

Let your man have his time to hang out with his friends or do his things. Avoid the temptation of tagging along unless he has invited you. Remember that by trying to have him all to yourself, you may be pushing him away. Let him go out with his friends and do the same.

Ladies, as you can see, keeping him interested is not that hard. Provided you remain yourself, be confident and compliment him once in a while. Be independent but still let him know that you need him in your life, be spontaneous. Don't wait for him always to initiate things. Lastly, remember to be that girl that other ladies envy and that girl that all the men would like to have. He will never let you go with such qualities.
Source: 11 Best Ways to Keep a Man Interested
Romance / 4 Simple Ways To Jealously Keep Your Engagement Ring by harrison12(m): 10:45am On Apr 28, 2018
An engagement ring is a very important ring as it signifies the start of your journey towards marriage. For the ring to retain its good looks for long you need to take good care of it. Here are some of the ways of taking good care of it:
Clean it regularly

To remove skin oil, lotions, and dirt you need to clean your ring regularly. The easiest way of cleaning it is soaking it in warm water and mild hand washing liquid. To give it a sparkle you should scrub it with a soft toothbrush. When brushing you should be cautious that you don't overdo it thus causing scratches.

Another way of cleaning it is soaking it in equal parts of ammonia and water for about half an hour. You should apply this method only on diamond rings as they can't be damaged by ammonia. Ammonia can damage other metals such as silver; therefore, you should avoid cleaning them using this method.

Avoid exposing it to harsh creams

It's common for ladies to apply makeup. What many don't realise is that makeup can be dangerous to their rings. Sometimes the chemicals in the makeup can be too harsh thus discolouring the ring. To avoid this you should avoid applying makeup with the ring on. You should also avoid cleaning the house or clothes with the ring on.

Visit your jeweller

Your jeweller will inspect your ring and correct any mistakes it might be having. One of the things that the jeweller will do is to fix the setting thus ensuring that the diamond doesn't get dislodged and lost. The jeweller will also professionally clean the ring for you. To be on the safe side you should visit your jeweller at least twice a year.

Store it correctly

To protect the ring from scratches and dents you should store it properly. When you take off the ring you should place it in a place where it can't fall off or slide down. If you are fond of removing it often you should consider buying a safe.

When storing it you should always ensure that you store it alone as storing more than one ring in the same safe increases the risk of collision and damage to the ring.

Conclusion These are a few ways of taking care of your engagement ring. For it to last for long and retain the sparkle you should buy from a reputable store.
Romance / Taking Responsibility by harrison12(m): 11:26pm On Apr 08, 2018
One of the proofs of maturity is ability to take responsibility. Aging is growing old, maturity is growing up and growing up involves taking responsibility for each action and it involves decisions, mistakes, failures and so forth.

Signs of irresponsibility:

1. Blaming others for ones mistakes: When a person doesn’t take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, they may try to blame others. It’s easier for another person to carry the weight of their mistakes. It is worse when a leader has not learnt to carry the burden of the mistakes of his team because the result the team shows is a reflection of the abilities of the leader. Immature people see the faults and loopholes in other people except the ones in their own lives and they easily shift blames to others, blame that when looked at closely they must have a huge share in.
Don’t accept blame or fix things for this type of people because they need to learn that if they want different outcomes, they will have to learn how to make different choices. (Doe Zantamata)
2. Always play the victim of circumstances: matured people take charge of their lives and they know that whatever results they get is because of their input therefore they know when they don’t get what they expected they change approach and not look for factors to blame it on. Matured people don’t play the victim of circumstances, those that do blame their problems either on the economy, the weather, the location or something convenient so they get stuck in a rut. Some people do not move forward because they expect their feet to move by themselves instead of setting the pace for their feet. Some people have decided to always blame the economy and the government for their poverty of the pocket but they refuse to acknowledge that it’s the same circumstance that others are thriving and blossoming so the problem is not the economy but their mind.

Those who are successful overcome their fears and take action; those who aren’t submit to their fears and live with regrets. Jay Z

You are a product of your choices, not a victim of our circumstances.
You can make mistakes, but you aren’t a failure until you start blaming others for those mistakes. John Wooden

C. Blaming their experience instead of their choices: so people feel it’s acceptable when their behavior towards another is mean because they are going through pain. You should not kill your humanity because of and be mean to another because of your painful experiences. Some painful experiences are as a result of the choices we made so the ability to accept that will set us on the path for healing and moving forward.

Just because your pain is understandable doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable. - Dr. Steve Maraboli.

D. Being subject of the opinion and actions of others: some people are always on guard, watching and putting their lives on hold because they think that other people’s opinion and lives revolves around them, they forget people are busy living their own lives and facing their own challenges and barely even spare them a thought.
Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be a victim of needless suffering. - Don Miguel Ruiz

You inspire others not by being perfect, but by how you deal with your imperfections.
Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for your results. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

Which other ways do people take responsibility or show irresponsibility?

Comment your opinions and share.


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Webmasters / Re: Drop Your Site And Get A Good Traffic Here by harrison12(m): 11:01pm On Apr 08, 2018

A Platform Set Out To Bring To Your Finger Tips Inspirational And Motivational Viewpoints On Several Areas Of Life.
Romance / 5 Things You Shouldn't Do If He's Cheating On You by harrison12(m): 11:59am On Apr 06, 2018
If you've recently found out that your husband is cheating on you, this may be the most important article you'll read about how to deal with your his affair. There's plenty of information available on what to do if your husband is cheating. But very little has been written about the things you shouldn't do during those first few hours or days after you discover your husband's affair.

You just found out that your husband is cheating on you. You're not sure what to do. Before wrestling with that decision, let's focus first on what you SHOULDN'T do. Most women react blindly when they find out their husbands are having an affair. They let fear, anger, hurt, or a desire for revenge compel them to do things they later regret -- things which make it difficult or impossible to implement any worthwhile infidelity advice they may later receive.

This article will keep you from making a mistake that could sabotage the course of action you eventually decide to take. Regardless of whether you decide to leave your husband or stay with him and try to work things out, doing the wrong thing at the outset can complicate matters and make a bad situation worse. Let's look at 5 key things you SHOULDN'T do and examine the reasons why.

1. Don't put him out or leave him - yet.

Instead of your first move, putting your husband out or leaving him should be your last resort. You may eventually decide to do this, but for now, it's the worst thing you can do. Right now you need to keep a close eye on what's going on. It'll be easier to do that if the two of you are still living under the same roof. If you put him out or leave, you'll be hard-pressed to know what he's doing, short of hiring an investigator. As long as you're still together, you can keep your finger on the pulse of his affair and gather some much-needed facts. There's a lot you need to know about the situation before you can make an intelligent decision about whether to go or to stay - and on what terms. Continue monitoring your husband's activities, his attitude, the frequency of his contact with his lover and any other details concerning his affair. Write everything down in a journal for future use. Also bear in mind that as long as he's still there, you have a chance to work things out.

2. Don't tell the whole world about his infidelity.

It's natural to want to confide in somebody about your husband's affair, or rally friends and family to your side. But be very cautious about who you tell. The female friend you confide in could turn out to be the "other woman." Make sure you're confiding in someone you know you can trust. Confiding in a male friend about your husband's affair could complicate the situation. There are men out there who take advantage of women when they're in a vulnerable state. Telling your husband's friends or family may not produce the results you want. They might not take you seriously. Or they may lie, make excuses for him, take his side, or warn him to cover his tracks. Confiding in your own family and friends can eventually come back to haunt you. Elephants aren't the only ones who never forget. Some people have a tendency to remember unpleasant events long after they've been resolved. If you and your husband decide to reconcile, they could make things difficult by harboring anger and hostility toward him for what he did to you. Or they may show resentment toward you for taking him back. Exercise caution in who you tell about your husband's affair.

3. Don't ignore his affair or pretend it's not happening.

Going into denial will only make matters worse. As traumatic as it is to find out that your husband has been cheating, you need to face the reality of the situation. Ignoring his infidelity gives him the go-ahead to continue his affair. Pretending it's not happening will make him think he's getting away with his cheating, or give him the impression that he has your silent approval. At some point you should inform your husband that you know about his affair and make it clear that you want it to stop. The sooner you confront him about his cheating, the better. The longer you wait to bring it up and express your disapproval, the more attached he will become to the other woman. And the harder it will be to get your marriage back on track. Remember too, that affairs thrive in secrecy. Sometimes, just telling your husband you know about it, will be enough to put a stop to his affair.

4. Don't confront him without the 3 P's - Proof, a Plan, and a Purpose.

Most experts agree that you should confront your husband about his cheating. But you need to have a plan. Choose the time and place carefully so you can discuss the affair at length without interruption. Do not ask your husband if he's cheating. Cheaters lie. Present the evidence you've gathered that proves he's having an affair - names, dates, places, times, absences, phone calls, physical evidence, etc. Then ask him some pointed questions about his affair: why he did it, how it started, how long it's been going on, how he feels about the other woman, what he intends to do now that you know. Listen carefully to his answers so you can accurately assess the situation. Then you can make a wise decision about what course of action to take. Do not confront your husband without proof of his infidelity. It will only be a waste of time. Unless you can prove he's been cheating, the information-gathering phase will never get off the ground. If you need proof, there's a way for you to get it without hiring a detective or buying software or surveillance equipment.

5. Don't waste your time and energy on the other woman.

One of the worst things you can do is become obsessed with the other woman. It's natural for you to be curious about her, but she's not worth your time and energy. Repeatedly questioning your husband about her, referring to her or dragging her name into the conversation puts the spotlight on her instead of on the real issues where it belongs. Don't obsess over the details of what happened between the two of them. Concentrate on working things out between the two of you. Do not humiliate or frustrate yourself by calling or confronting the other woman and demanding that she leave your husband alone. She's not obligated to take orders from you. Harassing her or threatening her will put you on the wrong side of the law. Name-calling, criticizing or belittling her will only make your husband come to her defense. You'll be driving them closer together instead of forcing them apart Forget about the other woman and focus your energy and efforts on getting your marriage back on track.

Will you end up sabotaging your marriage or saving it? The final outcome depends on the way you handle things when you first discover your husband's affair. In the initial stages, you may be unsure exactly what you're going to do. But at least you know what NOT to do. Whether you stay with your husband or leave him, avoiding these mistakes, leaves the way clear for whatever decision you eventually make.

view source here 5 Things You Shouldn't Do If He's Cheating On You


Romance / 5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Divorced Man by harrison12(m): 12:04am On Jan 06, 2018
Today, dating a divorced man is nothing strange so if you ever find yourself in that situation you don’t have to decline immediately. A divorced man has experienced a divorce and he needs someone in his life that will understand him and respect him.
He is probably feeling insecure because of divorce because having a divorce is not a small thing. Due to that, I want to share with you things you should know before entering into a relationship with a divorced man:

The first and the most important thing you have to ask about it is the status of the divorce. Is it final or are they just separated? If he is separated, that makes you the other woman even if you don’t have anything with the situation. When two people are separated they aren’t ready for a divorce, which means that they may end up together again and that can leave you with a broken heart.

If the man you are interested has kids, it is good to know a little bit about them. Ask him and you will show interest, but don’t rush to meet them. He and the kids will arrange a meeting when they are ready and that is the best solution. The divorce is hard for the kids too and they have to be ready to meet another person in their father’s life.

A relationship should be without misconceptions and secrets. That is why it is OK to talk about the expectations you both have from the relationship. If the divorce occurred in early past, you have to expect that he won’t be able to settle down immediately, because that part of his life was turned upside down in nearby past. You have to be realistic about the relationship and the situation he is in.

This is strictly related to the paragraph above. If you try to push things faster than he expects them to go, you will end up on the other side of the closed doors. If the divorce was rough, you have to show him that he can trust you and you can do that by standing next to him. He may block you out when he is feeling overwhelmed and in that situation, give him space but let him know that you are there for him.

You don’t have to rush anything, let nature takes its course and he will show his appreciation in the future. Rushing into a serious relationship is the last thing he wants and he is probably not ready for it. Rushing will only make him block you and if you care about him, don’t allow that.

Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Drop Your Number And Location, You Might Get A Date by harrison12(m): 5:56pm On Jan 02, 2018
A Nice Single Guy, Blogger In The Making, Speaker, Motivational/relationship Writer
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Drop Your Number And Location, You Might Get A Date by harrison12(m): 5:54pm On Jan 02, 2018
A Single Guy, Blogger In The Making, Speaker, Motivational And Relationship Writer.
Romance / Top Reasons Why People Delve Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 9:36am On Jan 02, 2018
in my previous article here on nairaland, i talked about how to avoid getting into extra-marital affairs
Today, i will be showing you key reasons why people do get themselves in having extra-marital affairs. keep reading pls.

You would agree with me that the rate to which infidelity in marriages is rising is quiet alarming; irrespective of social status, background or location, people still feel shocked that their once happy home has turn to something else entirely all because of one party getting into extra-marital affair with opposite sex.

Most marriages start very well; the man is happy, the woman is also happy and as they bear children, they still lead a happy life; and all of a sudden, something went wrong obviously. Either of the couple begins to draw back from the relationship and if adequate care is not taken to find out the reason for their drawing back and proffer a solution, that peaceful home would be turned to pieces.

There was this man who lives around the neighborhood with his darling wife and kid. He was meeting with another woman outside within that same vicinity. The wife got to find out somehow and immediately, she took a bold step and told the man that they had to pack out from that environment. Her aim was to prevent the man from seeing the woman. They left to a far distant city and that was how this man stopped seeing the other woman.
IF you know what could be the reason why your partner cheats on you, you can as well find a lasting solution to it.
Yes, people do cheat on their spouses, but what could be the reason for taking such emotional risk? I will unveil most of these reasons to you now.

Primary Relationship is Void of Sexual Satisfaction
This happens to be the most common reasons why people delve into having extra-marital affairs. If a marriage is lacking that sexual satisfaction, either of the couple is bound to cheat on the other. Most men fall a prey of this. When the woman is not leaving up to her biddings sexually, he then feels he can get it elsewhere. Women also fall into this.
Married couples should not starve their spouse of sexual pleasure as this can possibly mar or make your relationship.

Hunger For More Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction
Some persons can never be satisfied sexually. No matter the sexual pleasure they get from their marriage, they will still want more. And this can make them delve into extra-marital affairs for more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
In my previous article, I made mention of getting yourself disciplined. The body needs sex because it is flesh but don’t jeopardize your marriage all in the name of wanting More Sex. You need to always put your body under subjection.

Emotional Attraction is Degrading
At first, couples are close and intimate, sharing their emotional feelings together, but as time goes by, this spark in them begin to decline and as such, one the couple is bound to fall out to having extra-marital affairs. Why, they need someone to always talk to about their feelings and emotions and if they are not getting it from their spouse, they may likely get it from someone else outside.

Fading love
Probably the couples have built their love on riches and wealth and when these are no longer there, the love begins to fade away and suddenly dies. When the love begins to fade away, you will notice one of the couple drawing back from the relationship. When a couple draws back from their relationship as a result of no love, they are more likely to look for that same love elsewhere.

Having a Revengeful Mindset
Some persons are just like that. They would want to hurt back their partner who had one time cheated on them. With this revengeful mindset, they are likely to go into extra-marital affairs just to get back on their partner.

The Never-ending Experiment
People would always want something new and different and in a bid to looking for it, they find themselves in extra-marital affairs.
This attitude is widely noticed in people who got married in their early life, say 20s. As they get older by the day, they feel the urge to get the pleasures they did not get in their early 20s.

Lacking the Adaptive Nature
Many times, life gives us what we don’t expect. Changes comes to us unexpectedly and so it is in marriages when couples don’t have that adaptive nature in them, they are likely to give up on their partner when some bigger and tougher challenges come to them. Instead of sticking with their partner, they find it easy to take it to someone else outside their marriage and this can eventually lead to extra-marital affairs in no time.

These are the top reasons why people delve into extra-marital affairs. Other reasons could be
Advancement in Career
Difficulties in finance
Difference in priorities
Difference in Values
Wrong reasons for getting married

Having seen and known these reasons now, you can rightly figure out how you can both help yourselves in your marriage so to avoid getting into extra-marital affairs
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 4:45pm On Dec 31, 2017
Let me give dis secret, d greatest marriage advice ever; stay single as long as possible, till ur libido hits an all time low.
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 4:44pm On Dec 31, 2017
Nice write up. Why should you cheat. Is it not for better for worse or its just mere words of mouth. And to the OP I do hope you have at least 10 years experience in marriage, so you won't write against what you might also do in future
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 9:15pm On Dec 29, 2017
grin you simply put your genitals in your pants
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Getting Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 9:11pm On Dec 29, 2017
U and Ur wife should get iron pant with cansha.....Una go dey use giant security padlock lock am..
Romance / How To Avoid Getting Into Extra-marital Affairs by harrison12(m): 8:49pm On Dec 29, 2017
Infidelity in our world today is no longer a new thing. It seems to us that most papers we read come with the headlines ‘infidelity’.
Infidelity occurs mostly among married couples. Extra-Marital Affair is getting into any form of emotional or sexual relationship with someone else outside your spouse. There could be many reasons as to why people get into extra-marital affairs. However, I will not be talking about that today. However, no matter what the reasons are, it is still very wrong to get yourself into extra-marital affairs. I my next article, I will be showing to you some of the reasons why peopledelve into extra-marital affairs and the dangers associated to it.

People who get into an affair outside their relationship, do not from the start intend to break the heart of their spouse. Most persons would like to stay committed to their partner and those who cheat on their partner wish to stop cheating on them. Moreover, I will be helping you do so.

The truth is that you can forever stay with your partner without cheating on them.
Here is a guide for you to take to avoid getting into any form of Extra-Marital Affairs

Place God At The Center Point
Every relationship strives further with the assistance of God Almighty. You may not really acknowledge the presence of God in your marriage but believe me; He is present in it. To avoid finding yourself in any other relationship, you need to go to God in prayer and ask His Grace to help you. Commit your relationship into his hands, as you alone cannot do it all. You also need to constantly pray for your spouse so they will not fall into any temptation of such.

Be Appreciative
‘Till death do us part’ does not just end there in the church altar. It begins with an attitude of always been appreciative to your spouse. If you take your partner for granted, by not appreciating them, you leave them with no option than to seek it elsewhere.
To avoid extra-marital affairs, both partners must show that they really appreciate the love of their spouse in their life.
To help you out on this, cultivate the habit of asking yourself this question every morning you wake up from the bed. ‘Why do I value my partner?’ if this becomes a part of you and you are able to give concrete answers to it, you will never have the tendency to have any extra-marital affair.
When you have the answers why you cherish and value your partner, let them also know it that you indeed value them. Write a note and leave it in their pocket or purse or even buy complimentary card and give it to your partner.
If both couples are able to do this often, they will never cheat on themselves by having extra-marital affairs.

Let Intimacy Continue
Both men and women feel vulnerable sharing their emotions with people who care about it. If your relationship is void of cordial intimacy between you and your spouse, there is every tendency that either of you will cheat on them.
Most marriages fail because of one party not playing his or her part well. Look at it this way; if a man is always getting joy and satisfaction outside his marital home, he is most likely to cheat on the wife. To avoid this, the wife need to be observant and know what is possibly wrong somewhere.
If intimacy abounds in a relationship, it would be easier for both parties to share their feelings to each other. Therefore, to avoid getting into any extra-marital affairs, let the intimacy continue.

Action Your Words
Yes, couples can talk about everything and how their relationship ought to go but if there is no action backing it up, then the talking becomes in vain. If you talk about how you both feel for each other, then make the connection real. If you talk about the kind of food, you would like to eat, then try getting it real. If partners have a way of bringing their talks to reality, the tendency of having extra-marital affairs won’t be there.

Discipline Yourself
Most importantly, put your body under subjection. Sometimes, friends would come with sexual advances, try then to be in control of your body. Remember that what you can get from them, you can likewise get it more from your partner.
If you friends are coming with sexual advances, the best thing to do is to shun them at that spot. Don’t let them have a chance into your life. Also, discuss it with your spouse and you will see how you have conquered that issue.

YES! Enjoy sex with your partner always. Your sex life with your partner should not be boring. You both are meant for each other and it is very important that you both have a full enjoyment of yourselves. The fear of one partner cheating on the other would be eliminated if sex is enjoyed in your relationship.

Article Source: How To avoid getting into extra-marital affairs
Romance / Signs That A Woman Is Interested In You by harrison12(m): 11:35pm On Nov 19, 2017
Most men come up with the question, “how do I know that this lady is interested in me?” you are interested in a lady but can’t really figure out if she is also interested in you. If you don’t know how a woman reacts whenever she is in love, you may just be there thinking that the lady you are trying to woo is not interested. It will be of good as a man to quickly detect how a single lady reacts whenever she is romantically interested in you. When you quickly learn the signs that show forth in women
whenever they are in love, then you can take advantage of that in winning her.

Are you ready to learn how to discover when a woman is interested in you? Then keep reading.
The tip given below will be of help in understanding when a woman is romantically and interested in you.

A woman who smiles whenever you come to her shows that she has some interest in you. If she isn’t interested in you, she wouldn’t keep a smiling face.
You will get to see the love as she constantly looks into your eyes.
Single women are fond of biting their lips or showing out their tongues whenever they are with a man they are interested in. so, this is one sign that you should take note of.
If you have gone out on a date with her and you observe that as she talks to you, she constantly picks her glass up and down with the tips of her fingers, which shows that something is going on in her mind at that time.
If she is sexually attracted to you, you will notice that her nipples are getting so tight underneath the dress she is wearing. So, watch out for this any time you are together.
You will observe how she sits. She sits up firm with interest to hear what you are saying.
If you notice that her leg crossed is pointed towards the direction you are and she is always taking it forth and back. That shows she is trying her possible best to keep your attention towards her. That is a sign that she is interested in you.
You will also get to know if she in interested in you whenever she keeps her voice in the same volume as yours. If your voice is low or high, she tries to keep hers that same way.
If she constantly rubs her chin or cheek. This is a signal that she is romantically attracted to you.
Some ladies can exhibit some funny act by blowing air from her lips towards you. That’s a sign of her interest.
If she winks at you while talking, then that shows that she has interest in you.
If you constantly notice that she willingly opens some parts of her body. That is a sign that she is romantically in love with you.
If she frequently twirls her hair round her finger for you to take note of, that is another sign of her interest.
If you notice a change of color in her skin or probably the hair of her skin starts to rise, that’s a sign that she is falling for you.
If she feels something for you, you will notice her rubbing some parts of her body like the wrist or the laps.
Ladies are fond of this whenever something romantic and sexual is going on in their mind.
If she laughs when you are also laughing, that shows that the conversation is really flowing and her interest is there.
If she constantly touches you in romantic ways, which shows that she is interested in you.
You will notice how she often plays around with the jewelry she is putting on. As she does so, something serious is seriously going on in her mind.
There is also a sign in her eyebrows. It rises up and then comes down in a sexy way. That is a sign you shouldn’t ignore.
By chance you are in the midst of a crowd and she constantly speak and focus only on you, that is a sign that she is interested in you.
source: https://www.harryscope.com/2017/11/signs-shows-single-woman-interested.html
Romance / Advantages Of Been Alone by harrison12(m): 5:29am On Nov 09, 2017
In our society today, people who are alone are termed to be living a lonely and solitary life, but that is not it. The truth is that you can be ‘Alone’ without been ‘Lonely’ per say. When I was not into any relationship, I wasn’t lonely and can’t say I was because I do spend most of my time doing what I love best like surfing the net, reading articles from great blogs and chatting with friends and even trying to build myself up spiritually. The fact remains is that I spend enough time been alone and that has helped me. I want to advice, when you are alone, you can have all the time in the world to spend to your own benefit like doing most of the things that you love doing. You can also spend the times of been alone to learn some new skills and make real money out of it. Most persons who are alone make themselves lonely by not doing anything that would profit them. If you aren’t doing anything profitable when you are alone, is it when you get into a relationship that you will have enough time for that? Your free time should be spent wisely and instead of thinking of why you don’t find yourself in any relationship, take that time to build yourself. Once that time is lost, you may not get it back again; so learn to spend your time wisely when you are alone.

You get it all wrong when you cry and feel bitter that there is no special person in your life, but have you taken your time to check some errors that needs to
e fixed in your life? Believe me, there are still some grasses left that needs to be cleared off and you need to think more of clearing them. For instance, you are putting up some excess weight and there is a need to fix that; that calls for your attention. Been alone will give you the space to fix that by doing regular exercise in the gym and going on diet that will help you to bounce back to shape. Or there are particular books that you need to read; when you are alone, you will have enough time to read them and feel satisfied that you’ve read them. If you aren’t satisfied when you are alone, you can’t be satisfied when you are with someone. Satisfaction comes from within before it is spread to other people.

You may have gotten this notion that everyone in a relationship is happy; that is an error. You will agree with me that the divorce rate worldwide is alarming and this shows to you that virtually 80% of people who are into a relationship are not as happy as you think. There are some relationships you will get into and you will regret ever been born. You will find out that you have just wasted a good number of years with the wrong person. And instead of risking your life in such a deadly relationship, is it not better you stay alone and keep yourself busy doing other important things that will be of great benefit to you.

If you find this article interesting, kindly checkout for the full contents here
Romance / Re: Mistakes Couples Makes On Their Wedding Day by harrison12(m): 7:15am On Nov 04, 2017
Hmmm... Noted!
thanks For Noting
Romance / Re: Mistakes Couples Makes On Their Wedding Day by harrison12(m): 9:55pm On Nov 02, 2017
you are quiet right
Romance / Re: Mistakes Couples Makes On Their Wedding Day by harrison12(m): 9:53pm On Nov 02, 2017
jesus......the village people really finish work oooooo...chaiiiii
Remembered one of my street sisters wedding like that... They forgot her husband suit at his hometown... Husby wore a borrowed jean and black jacket sha... Twas not funny as this sister could not enter our town till date... The embarrassment was just too much
Romance / Mistakes Couples Makes On Their Wedding Day by harrison12(m): 9:36pm On Nov 02, 2017
There are some mistakes couples do make on the day of their wedding and this gets me asking, “What could they have been thinking?”
Truly there is no couple in the surface of the earth who would like their guests muttering words and whispering complains here and there. Every couple likes to hear encouraging words that shows the satisfaction they got in the wedding. Though despite your best preparations and plans, sometimes we still experience some leakage somehow and most at times after the day’s celebration, couples begin to ask, “Could this mistake have been made?” and that is why we should never neglect the things we look down on.
Frankly speaking, couples are so busy doing many things on their wedding day and they tend to pay attention to some important part that look less important to them.
Now, I will be showing to you common mistakes that couples make on their wedding day that can probably ruin that blissful day. Intending couples can also learn from these mistakes as it will help you not to go same direction.
1. Forgetting to thank the Guests
If someone had visited you with some gifts and presents, it is proper to thank the person very much for the love they’ve shown and the gifts they’ve got for you. If you don’t thank them, the truth is that they will feel sad and that will tell on them how ungrateful you are.
Your guest came with gifts to your wedding. They stopped by leaving their tight schedule just to celebrate with you. Their hearts will be filled with joy and happiness when they notice that what they’ve done for you is appreciated. You appreciate them by going to them while they are about leaving the reception hall. Don’t make the mistake of letting your guests go without you saying a big thank you.

2. Speaking out of Intoxication
If the mistake of speaking while intoxicated is made, believe me, it will be the talk of the town. And am sure you wouldn’t want that. If on the chance that you are going to make any speech, try doing it before the drinking and all that. Most couples get drunk and then take on the microphone which is very wrong. The speech you should be making has to come out of a clear mind. Remember that the video camera is there doing his job and you wouldn’t want to start apologizing to your friends and families for making silly speech on your wedding.

3. Beware of Wardrobe Malfunction
One funny thing to do on your wedding day is not properly looking up to the mirror to see how properly dressed you are. The biggest mistake you can make is putting on black underclothes with white dress. You need to get some fashion tips that can help you choose the right dress to put on. If you are going to rent a wedding, make sure to amend some of the torn sides and make sure to get it washed properly.
Also, try not to apply much make-up on your face, be moderate and simple.

4. Getting late to the Altar
How would you feel if you attended a friend’s wedding and you had to wait for hours before they got to the altar? Am sure you won’t be happy about that. Your guests shouldn’t be waiting for you; you ought to be the one waiting for them. Getting late to your own wedding signifies a nonchalant attitude which may also have a negative effect in your marriage. If you get to the altar on time, the program can then hold properly and on time too. If you should ever be late, then it should be on the ground of something beyond your power maybe some natural force.

5. Less food and drinks
I must say that this is an important aspect that intending couples should carefully look into on their wedding day. Why is this important? Most persons coming are of the expectation that they will also have what to take back to their various homes. Now if the food and drinks are not enough for them, which will definitely be a talk of the town.
To make this simple and easy, you made the visitors list and you know well the number of guests you’d be expecting. Having known this, make sure you have enough food and drinks for them. Honestly, no guest will feel happy leaving the hall without a drink. So make your plans well and assign trust-worthy persons to be in charge of that department.

6. Where is the Ring?
As funny as this sound, it happens often in most weddings. Actually the couple isn’t supposed to be with the ring as it is the work of the best man but what happens if he had left the ring in the other coat? It will be a big blow on you right? To avoid such, you need to constantly ask your best man to put tight the ring in his coat. Before getting into the car, ask him of the ring again. It’s your day and if things go wrong, people will mount the blame on you. Don’t make the silly mistake of searching for the ring right in front of the altar.

Read Direct From Source
Romance / Creative Ways To Make A Wedding Proposal To A Lady by harrison12(m): 9:54pm On Oct 31, 2017
Before marriages take place, we witness the proposal, signaling the intention of the man to get married in no time to the woman. You will agree with me that marriage proposal happens to be one of the remarkable event in every woman’s life.
Knowing this fact, the man making the proposal should take cognizance to this as to making that day very special and unusual. It has become a norm in the society to day that if you want to propose to a lady, the best place to do that is possibly in a dynamic eatery or in a closet.

Making your proposal in an eatery can be romantic to say but how creative and artistic is it? Does it look unusual and rare in the sight of the lady? If it doesn’t, then she can possibly keep it as a memorial in her heart. No doubt, every lady dreams of that day that their man would propose to them in such an unimaginable style. Truly, you can spend a huge sum of money for your proposal but if it lacks originality and specialty, you leave your lady disappointed.
If you happen to be in a long distance relationship, you can make your wedding proposal a remarkable one. Take your lady unaware; don’t let her know you are coming over to see her. To do this, you can ask a friend to assist you in the move. You can plan with your friend to make a small hut someone out of town or somewhere like the amusement park. Ask your friend to invite your lady over to the place and make sure you hide some surprises like flowers, sweets or candies. You can even make her go through some game stress before getting to know it was you who made all the arrangements.

If your lady is type that loves outdoor activities she might appreciate a creative proposal during one of your camping trips. When the time comes, plan a quiet and unusual trip for you both to a more solemn and air-filled arena. Get your ring; hide it where she can’t possibly notice it. After every activities of the day, get close to her; ask her to close her eyes; kneel as she closes her eyes; quietly bring out the ring; ask her to bring her hands to you; don’t put the ring in yet; ask her to open her eyes; while kneeling pour out your heart to her. That is just it.
When making plans for the venue, try going to an unusual location where you both have never been.

Like I said, making a memorable proposal in the heart of a lady, you need to be creative and artistic. You do need to think out of the box; think something different; think of something rare. You can go to the newspaper publishers, request to place and advert on their front page or anywhere noticeable. I know you are curious to know the kind of advert to place. Just an advert, asking anyone who wish to get married to give you a call. here You can put any fictitious phone number.
When this is done, you both can go to the newspaper vendor to buy the newspaper and while you both are reading the newspaper together, you can use that opportunity to do the needful. Quietly pull out the proposal ring and pour out your heart to her.

Making your proposal at a social event can also trigger some
ullets of joy and amusement in the heart of your lady. Remember, been creative is doing something that is unusual. Take advantage of social gathering or events. For example, you’ve just been invited to the podium to give a speech; you can turn it to your own favour by making the unexpected wedding proposal to your lady who also came to the event. You can also arrange with the MC of the day’s event to make your proposal. This can be funny and un-head-off, but it’s worth it.

Think of been creative, then you need to try this. Go to the market, purchase a book of love poems; in the middle end of the book, carve and cut out a heart-like shape and then stitch the proposal ring inside of the carved shape. After this, suggest that you both read the poem in turn, make her read the point where you stitched the ring. This idea is not only creative but incredible and amazing. She will love it so much that it will forever be in her memory.

Another creative way to propose to your lady is to make a small fancy party where your families and friends are gathered. To make this proposal work out well without your girlfriend suspecting, make the party in another location, maybe a family house or a friend’s. When the arrangement had been made, convince your lady to go out with you. On getting to the venue, your guests must have arrived waiting for you two. As their eyes get fastened to you both, then quietly turn to your lady and while on your knee, make your proposal with the ring stretched out to her.

Another creative style to make your proposal worthwhile is this; take your lady to the eatery, have sine fun with her while you both sip your drinks. Tell her you’d like to discuss something very important with her. As she eagerly awaits to hear what you have to say, ask her questions not relating to your relationship; ask her unimportant questions. As she tries becoming angry over your conversation, give a signal to the waiter or waitress as they come with the bill and the proposal ring. This will leave her speechless as you formally make your proposal before the crowd.

Your marriage proposal doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Most ladies appreciate the unforgettable memories you leave inside of them through the way and manner which you propose to them. What matters most is your creativity and thinking. Do something that your lady will forever live to remember.

Romance / Guide To Help You Find The Right Dating Site by harrison12(m): 12:24pm On Oct 14, 2017
Dating nowadays has gone beyond just mere meeting with the person and chatting face to face. Today’s world of technology has made dating between persons easier via the internet. You would agree with me that as you surf through the internet, you will see various advertisements on ‘Free dating Sites’. You will also agree with me that these dating sites are helping to connect people to their lovers and friends.

There are so many dating sites on the internet and more are still coming up everyday. You may want to take advantage of these dating sites to find yourself a true friend and lover.

Dating sites are gaining more grounds on the internet in the sense that most people want to have fun that they are not chanced to have in the physical sense. Every now and then, people want to connect with more people. And probably people they can be friends with.
Though there might be sex offenders and predators on the net but believe me, there are still genuine people who you can find intimacy with.
Are you thinking of getting into any dating site for one reason or the other, then there are few things that you do need to consider first before joining any dating site.

1. Check Out the Site's Physical Layout

A site that has a vision of meeting up with the needs of their visitor should be able to look into their design structure. Is the site missed up with unnecessary graphics and clustered fonts with jam-packed sections? If something like this is observed, that probably shows that the management of such dating site is careless. And if they are careless with what is on the outside, how then can they be careful with what is on the inside? If the designers are not able to build a good interface of the site, then there are chances that they would also fail in constructing important features inside member’s dashboard. If member’s dashboards are not secured, their data likewise is not safe and there is every tendency that a cheap hacker can get in and take important information of their member. And no member wants that to occur. And most importantly, if you are paying to be a member, be sure that your credit card details is as well not safe. So, what am I trying to say here? Know that a dating site design and layout speaks a lot in determining what the site can offer to her members when they eventually join.

2. Run A Quick Search

what do I mean here? Before signing up for a dating site, there must have been persons who must have signed up before you. Now, take a good walk around the site. Get to know the people that are in that site; observe the kind of image they upload there; pay keen interest in the style of writing. A persons profile goes a long way in defining that person. Do the profiles there look odd? Confusing? Manner less? Or whatever. If you get to observe tha
most of the profiles there are nothing to write home about, then that shows that the site pays less interest and attention in screening their members. Probably, they are just there to grab the money that comes from member’s registration. If a dating site is not capable of screening her members before registration, there are chances that people with bad intent would also be admitted into the site. So, take your time and run a thorough search around the site before joining.

3. Look Out For Privacy Page

Every site that has the aim of meeting up to the demands of her members should and must have a privacy policy page. As you can see, this site has a privacy page. It is also one of google’s criteria. A privacy page tells more about how the site protects her members. Take a look at the header or footer section of the site's main page to see if they have one. If they do, click on it and read through it. Don’t be too lazy to read a site privacy policy page as most people are-it’s very important. Be sure that they do not sell their member’s information to other websites. Also, be sure that the terms on how to make use of the site is clearly stated. Check to see if members are screened before accepting them. Do they shun racial, hate or sexual speeches? And do well to go through some other vital information that must have been stated the site.

4. Examine Some Other Links

It is often said that the kind of people you follow tells who you are. Browse through to see who and what this site is working with. Are they working with sex-sites? Are they working with spam or scam sites? If possible click on those affiliate links to know more about them and what they offer. Am sure you wouldn’t want your information to be sold out to sites you don’t know about.

5. Check the Age of the Site

You may think this is not important, but it is. Some new site are mostly faced with bugs and this may take sometime for the programmers to fix it. Check the bottom of the site to see it’s CopyRight as this would determine if the site is fully functional and free of bugs. Checking the age would also help you to estimate the number of members that the site has gotten.

Crime / Re: A Fake Beggar Earns 8,000 Naira Daily by harrison12(m): 12:12pm On Oct 14, 2017
these people are making moneyoo, where are my rags lemme start my own
Nairaland / General / Anambra Government Issues Statement On Recent Pandemonium by harrison12(m): 5:22pm On Oct 11, 2017
Anambra state government denies break down of law and order in the state.
Residents have been advised to go about their normal lawful activities without fear.
Military authorities have also been informed to suspend their medical outreach until proper information is circulated to residents.
The government of Anambra state has dispelled rumours of a break down in law and order in the state as a result of free medical outreach embarked upon by the military in some areas of the state.
This follows reports of a pandemonium in Anambra State which has made parents to hurriedly withdraw their children and wards from schools particularly in the Nnewi and Ozubulu environs.
The statement signed by the Secretary to the State government, Prof Solo Chukwulobelu has urged residents to go about their normal duties as the situation has been put under control.
See the statement issued below:
The attention of the State Government has been drawn to an on going medical outreach being undertaken by the Army in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area.
The State has been made to understand that the exercise is part of Army social responsibility to members of the public.
However, strong apprehension among the populace has followed the exercise leading to withdrawal of students from schools by parents, misconception of the actual motive behind the exercise by stakeholders, community leaders and a general reservation by the public for whom the outreach is intended.
To this end and to ensure no further escalation of the situation, His Excellency the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano has contacted the Army Authories and advised for immediate stoppage of the medical outreach until wide sensitization is conducted to reassure people of its intentions and benefits. The exercise has therefore been put on hold.
Parents and guardians are strongly advised to stop withdrawing their wards from schools as the situation has been handled. All schools within the State will remain open as there is no cause for alarm! Community leaders, Presidents General and all Stakeholders are hereby reassured of the commitment of the Governor and the State Government to the wellbeing of Ndi Anambra.
The State Government also strongly condemns observed rhetorics on social media completely misrepresenting the situation with insinuations of spread of diseases and death of students in schools arising from the exercise. The State categorically refutes these rhetorics and confirms that there is no death of any student anywhere in the State. Mischief makers are warned to desist from spreading falsehood. Anambra remains calm and peaceful!
Thank you!
Prof Solo Chukwulobelu
Secretary to the State Government.

Source: http://www.naija2know.com.ng/2017/10/anambra-government-issues-statement-on.html
Crime / Re: A Fake Beggar Earns 8,000 Naira Daily by harrison12(m): 5:16pm On Oct 11, 2017
His cup runneth over

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