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Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Herdsmen: 2:30pm On Jul 21
What is most important is for power to return to the south in 2023. The power rotation between the south and north must be respected. The two major political parties must field southern presidential candidates. Nigerians will then make their choice during the general election that must be free, fair and credible.

Power is not coming south..... Talk more TINUBU...
It's Ruga for now...
When real politics begin..tunes will change..

I've been in the circle...and has had political statement from the north in their private discuss.
As you know... Politics is a game of numbers..

....I've heard influencial northern APC politician..said in a discuss..when asked about TINUBU presidency...
..say...they can't be slaves to Yorubas...with a mean sad face..
Discussion end..topic changed.. of course some yoruba's where seated.

Right now..if you're in government and know how villa operate..
Is all about fulanis from daura...is an open secret..not even hausa are considered..not even kujiris from kastina...
TINUBU Kalu and others are only pushing hard to be considered..kinda looking for favors from the daura fulanis..

Some said TINUBU is the second man in government...lol..hmmm...to an average Nigerian..
But the truth is... TINUBU ain't even the 10th man in government..not even osibanjo..
I won't want to argue or say much..

But soon ..fulanis will show their card open..all the await is for Buhari to finish his tenure..then the south will understand politics.

Some abuse obasanjo when he tried to expose the same agenda..within the corridors of power..it was his own people that shut him up..
Mere people on the streets..that don't have information on what's happening to our country..just because they want presidency..the reduce a general, 11 year president of Nigeria..the only man the north fear in the south..even made caricature video of him running out of the country..to a commoner...
The demistyfer..the great Oracle feared by the north ..

Anyway..those that knows the truth ..knows too well..
For even osibanjo TINUBU and the whole Western governor's and Abuja politicians knows the bitter truth..
But to be in good books of Baba.. everyone has turn coward.

Bro just forget power coming down to south...you people cheered the k" states dishing out million votes..and applaud the rigging..you still think TINUBU is so important in this administration..

Believe me... they're using him to gain support from Western media..and some southern Muslims..

Muric knows the truth....

Is only a matter of time.. bookmark this ..

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Politics / Re: Why The Plan To Divide Southwest Will Fail by Herdsmen: 3:00pm On Jul 15
Reality check::::Dreamer!!

Op wake from your slumber...

That's all.

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Politics / Re: Buhari, APC, INEC Reject Atiku, PDP’s Move To Play Rigging Video In Court by Herdsmen: 2:56pm On Jul 15
Baba no wan go down like that...

Las last he go still go down..

Maybe after herdsmen go down kidnapped tanko... Judiciary go wake up..

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Education / Re: The Disadvantages Of Sending Your Children To Boarding Schools by Herdsmen: 4:05am On Jul 15
I did boarding from my jss1 to ss3 and I'll give my honest verdict on this.

it's true most students are easily influenced by their colleagues as they get to meet the good, the bad and the ugly there.

While it's benefits are increasingly high it also has its disadvantage.

it's true most students learn bad things there, whether they practice it or not depends on the individual but truth is, they must learn and know those bad things.
they learn how to take tough decisions there and also becomes less fearful as they keep facing all manner of treats on a daily basis.

they learn how to Carter for themselves and also learn how to stay hungry.

the boarding school exposes students into all manner of positive and negative attitude and I'll suggest unless a child is having a good sense of humor he/she shouldn't start from jss1 but if at jss3 the child is not reasonable enough, he should be forced into boarding school.

also parents should checkmate their kids during holidays by checking their notes and uniform if they are intact and if they've not stolen or taken others people property..

conclusion : boarding school from jss1 is risky but from ss1 it's very much needed..
also know when to change your kid school as parents..

Op take this.....

Boarding from ss1... Is very important.

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Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by Herdsmen: 11:30pm On Jul 14
To flee means to run away from something with terror.
So when we are fully yielded to God the devil runs from us with terror when we resist him steadfastly.

Jesus told His disciples, behold I give unto you power to thread on.........
Many Christians quote this scripture and end up achieving nothing, because they aren't actually disciples.
Only a true disciple can actually thread upon serpents and scorpions and over all power of the enemy.

You can only thread on something powerless.e.g you can't thread upon a lion , cos it will devour you, but you can thread upon a cockroach. The truth is that when we are totally yielded to Christ as true disciples the devil becomes powerless to us.

Make more sense.. God bless you.


Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by Herdsmen: 10:26pm On Jul 14
Congratulations to Algeria.... Great team..great working..sweet goal..

Mikel would have made a difference to night...
Our midfield has never been porus like this in a long long time..

Meanwhile rhor should be on his way back to where he comes from..

Nigerians will definitely miss Mikel....

It took them long to get Mikel after okocha..and will take them much longer to get a replacement for Mikel..

Goodnight super eagle..
Another set of trial your luck footballers....for eagles..

Goodnight nairalanders...


Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by Herdsmen: 9:09pm On Jul 14
Out boys need someone to lead them...give em Mikel....

No time..
Mikel in ..etebo out....ndidi defence midfield..iwobi ..up..Mikel...play behind iwobi

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Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by Herdsmen: 9:07pm On Jul 14
Pls give us Mikel...remove etebo...return ndidi ..pls
Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by Herdsmen: 9:01pm On Jul 14
We need Mikel now to hold midfield..

No jokes

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Politics / Re: Imagine Someone Like Bola Tinubu As President Of Nigeria by Herdsmen: 7:02pm On Jul 14
Tinubu presidency??

Yoruba's will assume gods on Earth......every other living being go turn "thing" to them..

Refusal to bow ..to their god Nebuchadnezzar will seen you thrown to the lake of lagoon..

An abomination..on humans...

Might sound ..not to cool..
But that's the reality of a TINUBU presidency....


Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by Herdsmen: 1:37pm On Jul 14

You ain't getting any explanation from me about those pics, cos you already know my stance on those Men of God.

I don't follow the internet as I earlier stated, so even if you bring a picture of them having sex with their secretaries I will still stand by them, so stop wasting your time.

I know you're so furious with me concerning the things I revealed about the Church of Satan, eyah sorry eh.

It is well with you. Had it been you've given your life to Jesus, you wouldn't have been angry, however I understand where you're coming from cos I was once like you.

Jesus loves you and is waiting for you to surrender. Tomorrow might be too late.

Pele adafuen(lolz)

Don't reply Ignorance...

Bro Devil has power ...but is useless to those who know their God...

"Fear not ..and be not afraid..".
Those are words from my Bible...

Pls don't change the cause of your submission by saying devil has power... ..he only held you back ..because you never knew the power of God..

Believe ever since you embrace Christ.... You've know better..

Devil only uses scare tactics... If you fall he acts champion..if you resist on his fears..he run with tail between..

God has not given us the spirit of fear..... But of soundmind..

Will say it again...

Lucifer and his host are powerless to those who are in Christ.

Nothing to fear..... That's the truth.

Bible says..he's like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour....
Bible never describe him like a lion....

Lion roars to scare...

God is the only lion of the tribe of Judah... He's the real lion.... Not a roaring one...

God don't roar to scare and kill or destroy... Mankind..
For at the name of Jesus..every knee must bow ..

Pls don't elevate devil to a status he will never reach ..even in times and times and times to come...
Till Grace is gone.... But as God liveth..his Mercy and love endures forever.


Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by Herdsmen: 3:27pm On Jul 13
Someone tried to discredit my statement about the cult known as legion of doom. it was thesame guy also tried to discredit my statement on the church of Satan, but he has already showed his true self by his statement on the post about the coming of the church of Satan to Nigeria.

The legion of doom is a satanic cult that helps members of other cult like illuminati, Freemason.e. t.c connect to witches and wizards when they want to send them on assignment.
That's the sole purpose of the cult known as legion of doom.

I think I'll stop here, cos if I say so many things, most of them will sound unbelievable to the natural man. so it's better I end the thread here.

I'll only entertain genuine questions.
You can always seek God for the things you disagree with.

God bless.

Politics / Re: Osinbajo And Joseph Timiyan, The Ebenanowean Of Ogulagha Kingdom (Photos) by Herdsmen: 11:07am On Jul 13
Na this kind giant bakare see for dream...

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Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by Herdsmen: 10:32am On Jul 13

I stated here before I continued the thread as I always stated from the beginning of the thread that the things I'm saying here can't be gotten online, but you disregarded my comment because you were seeking for proof.

That's how many have been misled because they were seeking for proof.
A guy came here and posted some things he saw on Wikipedia about the Church of Satan, cos he was trying to disprove me, but I noticed the same guy went and commented on a thread that was celebrating the coming of the church of Satan to Nigeria and from the guys comment on that post , I concluded that it's either he's a low level Satanist or a fan of Satan.

I know you ain't trying to disprove me,cos I can discern the genuine ones. You only want me to shed more light.

Spiritual things have no proof.

If you are seeking proof concerning the things i said here, seek it from the Holy Ghost and not from the internet.
That doesn't mean you can't get proof from the internet, but the best way to get the truth is from the Holy Spirit cos He is the Spirit of Truth and Jesus is truth Himself.

You're in spirit..

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Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by Herdsmen: 10:30am On Jul 13
Also many answer names that they don't even know the meaning of, just because they see a celebrity give his child a particular name everyone will want to emulate not knowing the meaning.

Names like blue ivy( ivy blue) , red ivy( ivy red) , sapphire , Delilah, Jezebel, Northwest , Linda.e.t.c. these are all satanic names, but many don't know.

People just copy whatever they see celebrities do and put themselves into unnecessary bondage.


You're so right about everything...

....SAT GURUS ..perfect living masters...what do you know about them....
Politics / Re: . by Herdsmen: 1:02pm On Jul 12
Federal government seized vessels and products in them for auctioning.

contact me if you're interested.

Please note: Buyer is to meet the government one on one.

So how do we contact you..drop WhatsApp line or mail..
Let deal.
Politics / Re: . by Herdsmen: 1:01pm On Jul 12
How do we deal..op drop your contact...mail or Whatsapp line..
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa Who Is Your Man Of The Match by Herdsmen: 12:17am On Jul 11



The team was good.. played tactical football

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Herdsmen: 11:37pm On Jul 07

I agree with you 100℅, however I believe the op has accepted Jesus.

The reason why he can still talk about killing is because those spirits are still influencing him negatively that's why he needs deliverance.

I've been in his shoes before. All he needs is to seek God with sincerity of heart, he also needs to learn how to study the word, to renew his mind.

.... yes..but somehow I observe he's still carried away with his M.Y/ ..and still threaten to kill..
He's still have this sense of being invisible and untouched..
devil is a funny tricky person..he gives you that feeling..only to betray you when it matters most.

Digging and searching for his tree and whatever is a waste..
Plus the tree ..minus the tree..anyone that meant to get to him violently will do that..Lucifer don't give Monopoly of power..and will never .. so where he's M.Y ends ..is where another begins..

Alot of us has seen more ..

Life without God is vanity.

I know Men..I mean men..wey last last devil quit on them..
Op should seek God.


Politics / Re: Reason Why My People Yorubas Kept Mute On Ruga(photo) by Herdsmen: 5:02pm On Jul 07
It is now confixrmed that average osu, male and female, young and old are born to wail.

What a generation of Ghommids.

Uburu gi agbana uka... Uburu gbara utu..

Guy how far.. cool

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Herdsmen: 2:13pm On Jul 07
Was salted long before the Advent of telecommunication..and GSM.. when cultism was too coded..and not for everyone..when one had to live extra to survive..

Many has been in jail for over 25 year..locked during abacha regime..and wish..is a dream..some committed sucide in kirikiri..

Many still has no peace..till date..
Some are grand parents today..

For you to have peace Op seek Gods kingdom..all this stories are good for younger ones..but how about your soul?

The question is ..

Are you saved by his grace?
What's your relationship with the living God?
This stories won't save you..not even the DSS..or having the tightest Selina or m.y will..
Nothing from the devil is so sure.. I have seen it all.. Only Jesus saves!

Remember..you're nothing but mere mortal...created out of dust..and dust shall you return someday..

Seek God with sincerity of heart ..he's waiting for you right now..he gurrantee peace and all you ever want and need as mortal.

Jesus is the way..the truth ..and Life...

Op have you recieve Jesus .. he's the prince and Lord of peace..

You're still running around..because you have no peace..

Deliverance without knowing and accepting Jesus is a waste of time.. energy..a total waste..

Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior and see peace of the Lord return.
You will be amazed a..
Even this your story won't be necessary..

Jesus is real..

The mind is the battle field..once the holy spirit takes over..it's finished..

You don't need to go finding trees or issuing threat to kill..
You will be free.... Happy and blessed..

Seek Jesus first..seek the kingdom of God.


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Religion / Re: Am I Going To Heaven? by Herdsmen: 10:47am On Jul 05
See my friend, it's not mentioning me that i saw as an insult, but the purpose for which you mentioned me.

I'm sorry though, i think I may have been too hard on you, because it may have been beyond you. So please don't take it personally and to heart.

Take care and God bless.

God is love.
Religion / Re: Am I Going To Heaven? by Herdsmen: 10:46am On Jul 05
You insulted me by mentioning me here, so please don't cry foul, for I didn't insult you beforehand but you started this.

And when I stated how pissed I was by what you did, instead of letting me be, you started displaying your ignorance by saying that I just gave my life to Christ, imagine that!

So don't even talk of insult because you are the aggressor, so keep whatever you and your spiritual level mates have, I don't need it.

For if I did, I wouldn't be such a thorn in the spirit of Satan and his works here and elsewhere.

Stop you're derailing.... The spirit of God is of peace love and sound mind..
Don't let the tricky old hag Sneak in....reread this post..and understand..

More Grace.
Religion / Re: Am I Going To Heaven? by Herdsmen: 10:42am On Jul 05
If you think you have ever been like me, that's one of greatest delusion that you have ever had since you became a human being, for you have never been like me, and at this rate you'd never be like me, for if you were ever like me, you would never be like me and yet decline to your present level of spiritual blindness and ignorance.

As I said you should stay and pray with those of your level of walk with God, for you guys have mediocrity in common, and next time you mention me in this regard you should know what you're asking for.

Nonsense, I should come and see a post that's smacks of the height of the doctrine of the flesh, because it appeased your flesh.

So why should I be surprised that you would think that I just gave my life to Christ, when your basis of judgment has already shown how faulty it is, for I have been wrecking havoc on Satan's kingdom for over the past sixteen years, and this is not even the level of giving my life to Christ, but the next level of the Spirit which is the Kingdom of God, but i wouldn't expect you to be able to comprehend that now.

So as I said earlier you've found your match, so stay, pray and do whatever you want do with them, but if you ever desire to get to my level, you would need serious upgrade seriously.

You don't know, and you don't want to learn from those who do.

You make sense....
Politics / Re: Ruga Ultimatum: We Will Hold Northern Governors Responsible – Ohanaeze by Herdsmen: 10:47pm On Jul 04
Like play like play...naija don cast....

Buhari naa real dullard.. .see as he scatter naija wey Jonathan give am..

Naija wey been the get hope ...wey citizens don already the see future.. every body the plot..easy and averagely okay....even Boko loud ..but security averagely contain..

.....Bubu and cabals ..carry corruption story come dabalu the country..


Crime / Re: Victims Of The Bandit Attacks In Katsina (photos) by Herdsmen: 7:13pm On Jul 04
Buhari oooo


Celebrities / Re: Timi Dakolo Shares Wedding Video, Says "COZA Pastor Biodun Didn't Wed Us" by Herdsmen: 7:10pm On Jul 04
I won't judge " man of God"..

But deep down somewhere..I know someone is guilty of rape..

Is not the church...is the person guilty of it all..that is dragging the church into his mess..to prove something I don't know..

Someday somehow..the real truth with video evidence will show..
Nothing is hidden in this world.. except say it time never reach...

God bless the church..is marching and the gate of hell can never prevail against it..even if na the G.O..devil wan use...
The church must prevail

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Politics / Re: What Is Your View About RUGA And Why? by Herdsmen: 10:53pm On Jul 03
Wetin you wan carry view do?..

So all this ruga thread wey you dey read for one week naw ..never do you..

Mumu thread..
Politics / Re: APC Politician Who Took A "Ritual" Bath Outdoors Becomes Osun State Speaker by Herdsmen: 10:50pm On Jul 03
The Baba too sure....he run am tight..

Enjoy jare .. all na levels..

Paid in full.


TV/Movies / Re: Netflix Acquires Kunle Afolayan’s "Mokalik” by Herdsmen: 10:44pm On Jul 03
Competition no go kee some people..


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