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Jokes Etc / Nkechi And Charles by Hysaac(m): 4:07pm On Mar 20, 2018
*7pm* *Nkechi and Charles*
*Gal*: Hey baby Ur house is nice, wow�..ure Rich oh�
*Boy*: I'm just managing☺, we thank God�
*Gal*:wont u offer me smtin to eat� and Ehm baby I need 8k for smtin urgent�
*Boy*: wat would u like to eat na?� Feel at home joor, there're food stuffs in the kitchen�
*Gal*: I'm tired of regular food jare��‍♀...⏭

*Boy*:Awwn, OK I'll get us smtin to eat then we'll rest a little before we do the shaku shaku lol�
*Gal*:Awwn naughty bwoy�, just take it easy, Bad ass, I'm not sure u can handle me sef�,
*Boy*: Yeba Nkechi u don't knw me oh☺, I'll show u weeein Hehehe, so feel at home okay?�
*Gal*:Awwn Oya na, we'll see.. But Ehm Charles Uve not said anything abt the 8k naaw�, it's very urgent�
*Boy*: *Clears throat*, ⏭

*Boy*: Hmm isn't it too early?� We just met 3days ago��‍♂.. u should av let me know earlier enough, how do u expect me to gather 8k this evening naaw�
*Gal*: Awwn I didn't know too Baby, it just popped up while I was on my way here.. Wat do i do now?�
Boy: oh damn, Im so sorry Baby, I really wish I could help�,
*Gal*: No problem, there's nothing bad in asking, I just felt u mite be able to help me�
*Boy*: Aww I'm sorry again�..⏭

*Boy*: cheer up baby�, u knw we're still gonn f**k, I don't want u to give me sad moans(awwoussh)��.. Be happy Ok?so back to the matter.. Wat do u say u want to eat�?
*Gal*: who and who want to f**k?�..'in her mind' (Abi oloriburuku leyi ni?�)... But Charles Ure funny oh, is that wat is really on Ur mind ryt now?
*Boy*: C'mmon baby don't be like that joor�, cheer up, seriously a good Bleep would make u forget Ur worries�
Gal: Ahhhhh�, Blood of Jesus�, wat are u saying??�..and it's sweet in Ur mouth�.. Wonders shall never cease��‍♀.. ⏭

Boy: okay I'm sorry�, I was just teasing u, didn't knw ull take it personal, don't worry let's not f**k tonight❌...probably nxt time
Gal: better�, I didn't plan on f**king u before and mind u I'm not planning on f**king u at all,.. I think I should even be in my way��‍♀,
Boy: Haaba Nkechi��‍♂,.. Nkechi I was only joking, why are u planning on leaving all of a sudden??�
Gal: I know u were joking but do u expect me to sit here and waste my time while I need 8k urgently??!!��‍♀ No❌,I need to sort myself�..⏭

Boy: wow this is serious oh�, so ure really gonn leave me ryt now?
Gal: of course!�..u should be finding means on how u can help ryt now instead of saying trash�
Boy: But it's visit u said u want to Comman visit na, u never told me u were coming 4 us to find money��‍♂, look we can sort this out, just chil�
Gal: Hehehe see this one oh�, is it because I even came here��‍♀, I don't roll with Yeye boys like u��‍♀, I roll with men that drive Benz�.. Mtcheew, pls comman see off�...⏭

Boy: Dis wasn't our plan, u said u were gonn stay all night na, it's just 7:45�
Gal: Jesus! Are u mad?� Wat do u take me for, *slaps him*�.. Do I look like Olosho to u??� Bleep u!�
Boy: Nkechi calm down na�!,.I'll see u off dont worry.. Buh Aren't u gonn eat smtin Atleast?!
Gal: Godforbid, so ull na drug me and Bleep me overnight, Mtcheew�
Boy: oh lawd��‍♂, okay den, let's go, I'll buy u smtin outside, at least ull accept that one
Gal: Better�,.. ⏭

*On their way to bustop*
Gal: why are we still treking??��‍♀ Cant u just stop bike and let me go? I'm not used to all this Yeye Waka��‍♀
Boy: relax Nkechi,��‍♂ I knw ure in a haste�, I want to help u buy suya at that junction before I stop bike for u, pls no vex
Gal: suya�, Mtcheew�, okay�,

At the suya joint.. ⏭

Mallam: kwoistumer� long time oh, this Ur bwabe fine koo�..Wetin u buy?�
Gal: Aboki Abeg Abeg, hang am dia before I use knife� chuk Ur mouth�, I no be him babe❌
Mallam: shooo�, Madam relas na, no be fighting matter,
Gal: see just sell suya for us make I dey go�
Boy: Aboki no vex Abeg, my babe get temper issh, no vex��,.. *To Nkechi*. Hey do u av to embarrass me here?�.. ⏭

Boy: Nkechi wats up wit the temper all of a sudden?� So u av to even bring it down to this place huh�? See the way people are looking at us☹
Gal: Hehehe see me see yawa oh��‍♀, do I look like I care?� Wetin concern me��‍♀.. E be like say u never see crase, I go show u crase now if u delay me futher�
Boy: oh my father in Heaven��‍♂.. *To Aboki*.. Abeg no vex again��, u knw say I no be that kind person❌, no vex for me�,.... ⏭

Mallam: At all, I no vex bro❌, u na my broda.. U wan buy suya Abi?
Boy: Thanks Bro�,.. Ehn yes, na suya I wan buy Jare�
Mallam: how much own u want?
Boy: Gimme ehmm, *opens wallet filled with stacked money���*
Gal: ��
Boy: Gimme ehmm�.. 1�2�3�...gimme 8k own�.. Shebi 8k for fit settle everybody wey dey for here na�.. Or u knw Wetin, make am 10k�..make I just use am do small apology Jare, just sell 10k own�.. ⏭

Person1: baaaad Guyy�, na u oh
Person2: Na so Nigga�, anytime I just see u like this my joy dey always full shaaa
Boy: no dey make my head swell too much, na small tin
Person2: Bro no be small tin, chop noku�na so u carry us go quilox last year spend 400k for our head�
Boy: oh�, Bro forget�..⏭

Mallam: *cuts suya*.. Charles na very cool guy, I just like am,..
Boy: Tks�..ehen Abeg quickly cut 200naira own for this babe make she dey go, she dey rush, u go attend to the chairmen later��
Mallam: oh, I don even forget, OK Bro, make I rush am����
Gal: *Clears Throat*.. Ehmm baby� do I really av to go tonight?�
Boy: hell yeah, of course, wat want to keep u in my house?�
Gal: Ahan, u take things too far, don't u want some German juice?�..⏭

Mallam: Kai��
Boy: German juice�.. Wats that?� I'm sorry I av Hollandia yogurt at home☹, I don't want German juice❌
Gal: stop being a kid joor�, I knw u want some extra loving�, why did I na come down all the way from my area if I'm just gonn use few minutes with u��‍♀
Boy: Nkechi I don't av Benz oh�, av u forgotten?��‍♂
Gal:C'mmon I love u the way u are,..who Benz epp?☺ Lets not drag this thing joor�
Mallam: Charles Hw va I don cut the 200 suya already...⏭

Boy: Oya Jare better persin�, help me put am for nylon make I stop bike for am�..
Mallam: osha pran pran!�
Gal: Aboki why u dey do like this na�, u no Sabi treat lady, I and my bf just get small issue� and u dey support am, help me talk to am na�
Mallam: Kai Madam if u call my name for dia walai talai I go use dagger�� chuk chuk all Ur body�
Boy: Ahan Aboki e never reach like that, just chill I go sort am out�.. *To Nkechi*... ⏭

Boy: Nkechi wen did I ask u out na� and besides aren't u quickly going to get that urgent 8k from those Ur big men with Benz?�
Gal: let's go home�, I'm serious ryt now, I'm sorry for being rude in the first place��, I should av given u some time to help me with the money Buh u won't blame me either�, it was out of shock, I overreacted, baby I'm so sorry�.. Lets go home and talk�, I'll give u that f**k u asked for earlier�, I'll give u in abundance(Awwoussh)�, u will f**k and f**k��

Boy: Ahan Nkechi are u olosho now�?.
Gal: Charles stop this�, stop it please..Lets go home, don't mock me out here��
Boy: Biko Biko�, abeg, I'm going smwhere ryt now, enough of all these nonsense❌.. *To Person2*.. Baba we go dey see na! I wan dey move
Person2: osha pran pran! osha proper! �
Mallam: Kai walai kwoistumer na u oh!�
Boy: Baba na so na�, *sings*�(in frog voice) u for dey for me wen the boy dey hunger!���.. ⏭

Gal: *stammers* ch....ar...les�, B.. B.. BABY� pls don't do this, pls..
Boy: Okada�!...
Bike man: to where?
Boy: *enters bike*just dey carry me go anywhere Abeg, I just wan commot for this place..To Nkechi.. Collect Ur suya oh, Bye bye�,..*zooms off*�!
Gal: *sobs* oh no�����
Person2: baby�, u set die�, make we enter room, come give me dah f**k wey u dey shout for here since na�,..
Celebrities / Re: Davido Broke The New Iphone He Bought For Girlfriend (chioma) by Hysaac(m): 2:39am On Mar 11, 2018
Product of a failed educational background angry
who are u to speak to me In that manner, I'll teach u education
Celebrities / Re: Davido Broke The New Iphone He Bought For Girlfriend (chioma) by Hysaac(m): 2:36am On Mar 11, 2018
he didn't learn well.. I bet you he was taught
I just made a little error in English and everybody wants to eat me raw
Celebrities / Re: Davido Broke The New Iphone He Bought For Girlfriend (chioma) by Hysaac(m): 7:03pm On Mar 08, 2018
Where did he broke it
Celebrities / Re: Stop Disgracing Womanhood! Pls Is This Pre-birthday Or Pre-ashewo Photoshoot by Hysaac(m): 8:40am On Jan 19, 2018
Another mad woman in disguise undecided
Celebrities / Re: Efe Is About To Release A Track With Olamide.picture by Hysaac(m): 7:43am On Jan 19, 2018
Are u Efe hype man undecided.. Let him release the ~Track~Noise first

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Celebrities / Re: Reekado Banks' Manager And His Wife Expecting Their First Child (photos) by Hysaac(m): 7:39am On Jan 19, 2018
The second picture looks like a sex doll undecided... Who noticed?.. Or is it because of my love for sex dolls tongue
Celebrities / Re: Women Reject Me Because Of My Little Dick-20 Years Ghanaian Actor Don Little by Hysaac(m): 7:34am On Jan 19, 2018
Does he knw there're sex doll now? Those ones don't complain tongue
Celebrities / Re: See 4 Beautiful Women Davido Has Had ‘romantic Relationships’ With by Hysaac(m): 7:27am On Jan 19, 2018
Am happy for him undecided
Celebrities / Re: Instagram Follower To Daddy Freez "You Don't Worth $10k" See Freez Response by Hysaac(m): 10:25am On Jan 11, 2018
The guy must be a seamster.. He trying to advertise his business undecided
Business / Re: Mike Adenuga And Dele Momodu Captured Together In An Adorable Photo by Hysaac(m): 9:25pm On Jan 10, 2018
Are they twins? undecided


Jokes Etc / Re: When You've Been Extremely Single For Too Long (pictures) by Hysaac(m): 8:32pm On Dec 12, 2017
People get time oh
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Poses With Two Gigantic Bouncers In D.C by Hysaac(m): 12:28pm On Oct 02, 2017
After dah one don wear suit he come knack Nike on top Mtcheew


Music/Radio / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 1:59pm On Jun 30, 2017

you can have it on http://okvibes.com , contact d admin on 0 8 0 9 0 9 8 8 7 6 0

Aiit Bro, No qualms
Music/Radio / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 11:59am On Jun 30, 2017
u try, e make sense but y u con put kiss Daniels cousin? u no believe in yourself?

Bro Am he's cousin..Tks though cool
Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 6:41am On Jun 30, 2017

Yes I am..
Olaleyeisaac25@gmail.com... Send me a mail containing Ur wats app number
Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 10:22pm On Jun 29, 2017
Nice one.. more grease to your elbows

Abeg how you take put song for iTunes ,been trying to use tunecore and it's not working

Tks man.. Oh tunecore lol.. If ure ready to put drop Ur song on ITunes let me know, there's someone I could connect to u..
Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 8:00pm On Jun 29, 2017
quick to insult na wa for u this indomi generation u fit insult u papa to I just dey ask

Guy I dey joke na, Fowl na insult? Chai u need to take a chill pill Bro,


Music/Radio / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:40pm On Jun 29, 2017
Dyce X

Music/Radio / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:37pm On Jun 29, 2017
Available on ITunes!

Music/Radio / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:34pm On Jun 29, 2017
Killy Dance.. Prod by Killertunes

Music/Radio / Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:32pm On Jun 29, 2017
Check Dis out fellas.. Kiss Daniel's kid Bro and no doubt d cutest Nairalander just dropped his new single.. New Sound, New Dance... Go cop urs!
Link below...


Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:29pm On Jun 29, 2017
Hey wats good bewla.. Av u downloaded d song?
Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:27pm On Jun 29, 2017
so I am confused to
Lol ure a fowl bro

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Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:24pm On Jun 29, 2017
Dyce X

Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:19pm On Jun 29, 2017

Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:19pm On Jun 29, 2017
Available on ITunes!
Jokes Etc / Re: Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:18pm On Jun 29, 2017
Oya do d killy Dance na!

Jokes Etc / Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:17pm On Jun 29, 2017
Kiss Daniel's younger cousin and no doubt d cutest Nairalander just dropped his new single.. New Sound, New Dance
Link below


Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 7:15pm On Jun 29, 2017
top tea
Am confused here.. Should I say Tks?
Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 6:53pm On Jun 29, 2017
Which one is T again
Celebrities / Re: Check Out Kiss Daniel's Cousin by Hysaac(m): 6:53pm On Jun 29, 2017

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