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Politics / Re: We Have Video Evidence Of Lekki Massacre - Reno Omokri (graphic) by IfGodbeforus(m): 5:21am On Oct 28

I thought they said Reno was educated, I doubt it. This guy is unknowingly putting himself in trouble with all these baseless video clips.

So He is uneducated for saying he has the evidence of what happened!!!
So many of you are the problems of this nation.
When Reno talks you need to listen!!
If Reno says he has it, all the actors in that matter will be in shivering mode.


Politics / Re: Good News. Another Dead Lekki Toll Gate Victim Resurrected. Picture.. by IfGodbeforus(m): 9:18pm On Oct 26
Your Principal has begun Confessing , you are Here trying hard to derail events..

It's really unfortunate..


Crime / Re: Lekki Shootings: We Hid Behind Barricades To Escape, Say Eyewitnesses by IfGodbeforus(m): 11:44am On Oct 24
IPOB yoots should go and sit down. Your secrets have been exposed. Una go smell Una yansh for many long years

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Attack TVC Studios In Lagos (Video) by IfGodbeforus(m): 10:17am On Oct 21
The People are angry...
The People have been pushed to the wall!
Lord take Control and Save our Nation from the Jaws of Evil men and Women..

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Travel / Re: Truck Crushes Groom's Legs, Kills His Guest In Kwara State(Graphic Photos) by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:59pm On Oct 12
So Horrific and Terrible!
Prayers for the Injured and the family of the Dead..

Folks! This is why we Have to take the matter of Preparation for Eternity very Important..

Death can hit any Moment!

Being Prepared for Eternity is the only way to be ahead of Death.

Preparation for Eternity entails Surrendering to Jesus Christ and Living for Him ..

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Laycon Receives N30 Million Cheque And Other Prizes (Video) by IfGodbeforus(m): 1:48pm On Sep 30
God bless you for this good news, best word, undiluted message and ever truth sentence . May you not be found wanting in heaven. God bless you and your generation.
Jesus is coming soon
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Laycon Receives N30 Million Cheque And Other Prizes (Video) by IfGodbeforus(m): 1:48pm On Sep 30
30 Million is Awesome but it cannot Purchase a Soul
30Million is Wonderful but it can't Buy you Salvation
30 Million is some Cash but it cannot Give you Eternal Life..

All these are good but it's not what Really Matters!
All these are good but something is Most Needful!

Your Soul is Most Needful!
Your Salvation is Most Needful!
Your Place in Eternity is Most Needful!!

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TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2020 Had 900Million Votes – Multichoice by IfGodbeforus(m): 1:13pm On Sep 30
900Million Votes for an Exercise that adds no value to our Eternal lives..

900 Million votes for Pure Vanity!

The devil is really the god of this world..

Anyway there is Joy in Heaven over one Sinner that Repents than 99 that need no Repentance..

Be that one person to Forsake the World and its Pleasures .
Be that one Person to Accept the Invitation of the MASTER!
Be that one Person to switch from the Path of Destruction to the path of Life!
Be that one Person to Say yes to JESUS
Now is the Time! The Next Hour is Not Guaranteed..
Nairaland / General / Re: Lokoja Tanker Explosion: Pupil, 9 Others Dead (Viewers Discretion) by IfGodbeforus(m): 12:37pm On Sep 23
O my God!
Have Mercy on the Land My Father!

Oh ! What a day of Sorrow and Pain..

My Daddy! Only you can Heal the Families..

Brothers/Sisters! No one is Sure of the Next Hour...

We need to be Prepared Eternity Now!!

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Crime / Re: Heartbroken Mum Who Ran Over One Year Old Daughter Says She ‘Made A Mistake’ by IfGodbeforus(m): 7:14pm On Sep 21
Romance / Re: Woman, 68, Laments How Her Love For Toyboy Cost Her £18K, Emotional Trauma (Pix) by IfGodbeforus(m): 7:13pm On Sep 21
Crime / Re: Two Pastors Arrested For Raping A Corps Member In Rivers. by IfGodbeforus(m): 9:40am On Sep 19
We all need to be as wise as Serpent in this Evik days..
Many are Going about with Titles to DECIEVE people..
There are many Wolfs in Sheep Clothings.
Allow the Spirit of God Guide you on who you associate yourself with.
The days are Evil
Travel / Re: Happening Now: Petrol Tankers On Fire At Anthony Lagos. Video by IfGodbeforus(m): 10:54pm On Sep 18
We Pray the FireFighters will be able to do something about that..

Let's Ensure we Make Peace with God to avoid Hell Fire ooo. It will be Terrible down there.,

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Travel / Re: Ebonyi Accident: 36 Persons Feared Dead As Bus Plunges Into Akaeze River by IfGodbeforus(m): 10:49pm On Sep 18
Prayers For Ebonyi State and the Families of all Affected..
The Disasters are just too Much.

If you were Taken away today, what will be your Fate?
If you are not Sure, then you need to do the Needful before it is too late..
See our Signature

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Crime / Re: Stella Ifeoma Abugu Raped, Killed By SARS Officers After Arrest -Lawyer (Graphic by IfGodbeforus(m): 4:08pm On Sep 18
Condolences to the Family
This is where it Ends
With all the Struggles, Schooling, Service and all that, this is where it ends..
Lord Help us to Understand Life so we will know How to order our Ways..

Lord Help us to Order our Steps in the right way that will Guarantee Eternal Life..

There is Life after Death..
Heaven is Real
Hell is Real

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Family / Re: Woman Reportedly Prays Her New Born Baby Pronounced Dead By Doctors Back To Life by IfGodbeforus(m): 8:41am On Sep 17
JESUS Christ the same Yesterday, today and Forever..

If you Can Trust God, Not Minding how Difficult the Matter is you will see His Hands..

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Crime / Re: (photos) Driver Carrying Granite Force Truck Into Billboard In Lagos-naijapalaba by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:30pm On Sep 16
The Sort of Things Happening on Earth should be of Great Concern to Everyone..

Similar Events Hitting the Nations of the Earth!
These are not mere Coincidences

Open your Eyes Folks..

This Ship is Sinking....
The Clock of this Generation is Winding up

Everyone should Subscribe to the Mercies of God and Surrender Completely to Jesus..

There is No More Time....

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Travel / Re: Trader Crushed To Death In Lagos By 16-year-old Trying To Move His Mum's Car by IfGodbeforus(m): 12:41pm On Sep 15

Stop encouraging stupidity and narrow-mindedness.
Travel / Re: Trader Crushed To Death In Lagos By 16-year-old Trying To Move His Mum's Car by IfGodbeforus(m): 1:44pm On Sep 14
Condolences to the Family of Dead..

May God Preserve and Protect us From Unnecessary Evils..

I say this as a Form of Necessity!
If you Happen to Come across Someone in the state of this woman maybe in a Hospital or anywhere! In Everything you do, Ensure First that they are led to Christ.

The Eternal Destination of our Soul is Most Important.

Life could be Gone at anytime and What Really Matters is if we Departed with JESUS Christ..

Let's take note of this and Help as much as we can help to Eternal Life..

Certain Chances are for a Purpose

Raw Truth


Travel / Re: Commercial Bus Collides With Train In Lagos (Video) by IfGodbeforus(m): 11:32am On Sep 14
They all Escape Death! That is a Miracle!

This is a Clear case of Second Chance at Life..

This are the Kind of Events that will Occur on the Day of The Rapture

There is gonna be Different Crashes on air and on land because the people Manning them have Suddenly Disappeared!

It's gonna be a Great and Terrible Day!

It's upon us..
Are you Ready for it?

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Travel / Re: One killed As Bus, SUV Collide With Moving Train In Lagos (video) by IfGodbeforus(m): 10:47am On Sep 14
Hopefully no Human was in the vehicle!

This are the Kind of Events that will Occur on the Day of The Rapture

There is gonna be Different Crashes on air and on land because the people Manning them have Suddenly Disappeared!

It's gonna be a Great and Terrible Day!

It's upon us..
Are you Ready for it?

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Travel / Re: Trailer Crashes Into Shops In Lagos (Photos) by IfGodbeforus(m): 4:25pm On Sep 01
It Happened by 10pm!!
Someone that does Business there must be Serving the Living God..

If this had Happened during the day, it would have been a Disaster..

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Travel / Re: African Migrants 'left To Die' In Saudi Arabia by IfGodbeforus(m): 8:05pm On Aug 30
This is Terrible!
Religion / Re: CAMA LAW: For Those Comparing The UK Govt With Nigerian Govt- Pst Woruka Jnr- by IfGodbeforus(m): 3:15pm On Aug 30
The Nigerian Government should With their Motives of any Sort should Hands off the Church..

Even if it is done in the U.K.! Nigeria is not U.K.. we have our Peculiarities.

The Government has not Handled Challenges in the Nation and it wants get into Church Matters.

It's a Demonic Endtime Move.
The Church should Rise! It will not Stand!
Politics / Re: Chinese Company Will Build $50m Daura Varsity For Free-Amaechi by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:34pm On Aug 30
There is No Free Food Even in Free Town..

I Just Hope our Leaders will be Wise in Dealing with the Chinese

China as a Nation is in Trouble as we speak and they Need Serious Help.
China is being Ravaged by Disaters and Calamities of all kinds as we Speak and Here we are talking about a Free Gift From The same people that need the Gift..

The Leadership of Nigeria should Trade with Caution..
Do not Mortage the Future of this Nation ..


Religion / Re: Escape From The Wrath To Come by IfGodbeforus(m): 9:05am On Aug 30
Lord Help Me
Politics / Re: Ganduje To Sign Yahaya Sharif-Aminu Death Warrant Over Blasphemy by IfGodbeforus(m): 3:06pm On Aug 28
Looking at your profile all i see is an empty space.... so who has been preaching between the two of us....... FACTS and DATE DONT LIE....

Dont be an hypocrite.

I Never said I Preach.

I know a True Gospel Message when I see one..
I Love , Support and admire People who put out Raw Gospel Truth of Jesus that you hardly hear these days..
I see lots of so called Christians make a joke of themselves with what you did. That is Wrong. Take Correction and quit arguments.
That young man puts raw truths you hardly hear today. Yet so called Christians or believers come out with meaningless talks.
You guys should be careful. God's ways are not man's ways. If you want to adhere , good! If you won't, that's your problem.

Politics / Re: Ganduje To Sign Yahaya Sharif-Aminu Death Warrant Over Blasphemy by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:52pm On Aug 28
I wont be surprise if the person talking to me is the same person as Righteousness89..... you keep justifying your level of ignorance with more lack of understanding..

I never said i am wise....... we are all work in progress..... you are sounding like i am hating on you.. i am not..... When people are being corrected they make it sound as if it is hatred.

Read books on Gospel Communication and learn...... they are better ways to communicate the gospel efficiently.... what you are doing keep doing it is good but dont stop learning.

It is people like you that will be reading bible at work and when you Boss challenges you, you will say he is anti-christ....... Wisdom is the Principal thing..

And lastly you are shouting and shouting i just looked at your profile no topics opened ..... why havent you being opening threads about the gospel...... look at my profile and see the difference....................................................

I pray you dont fall into the trap of Self Righteousness..... it is a bad trap.....

Go and Preach Sir! Leave Grammar, Acqusations and Name Calling..

Let Him be Self righteous but let's Have the Message. That's what Matters..

We need Messages From People like you who are not self righteous.

Give the Gospel not Grammar..
Politics / Re: Kidnapped Students: Aisha Yesufu Reminds El-Rufai Of Chibok Girls Tweet At GEJ by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:23pm On Aug 28
Life is a Mystery!
We should be very Careful with the way we Live and talk.

The Earth has Ears!!

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Politics / Re: Ganduje To Sign Yahaya Sharif-Aminu Death Warrant Over Blasphemy by IfGodbeforus(m): 2:19pm On Aug 28
I pity for people like you..... you are being fanatic and ignorant, when you combine fanaticism and ignorance there is a problem....... you just jump into conclusion to suit your ignorance mind........ i never said he should not win souls or preach i only said do with wisdom......i am not against him......

1. So to you as a Christian, correcting a fellow brother is the same thing as Hate ....

2. I never said he should not preach heaven or hell..... that is just one of the benefits of being saved........... There is more to Christ than Heaven or Hell.... In Christ we have Hope, Joy, Wisdom, Peace that passeth all understanding, good health and so on........

3. I pity people like you.... ignorance is worse than a disease....................

4. People like you are a good example of modern day Pharisee........

The God i serve............is a Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Friend and a Father..... if all you know about Christ is Heaven and Hell only........... you need to read your bible.

1. Your Correction is a Distraction. Go and Preach the Gospel. Let's see the Correction In your Message.

2. Leave all these Stories. If you Have been Diligently following His Messages, you will know that these your Stories are not needed. There is time for Everything. His Messages have been in Different formats and Teachings.

3. I know you are Wise sir but pls Wise Man keep your Wisdom to yourself..
The Gospel does not need Wisdom of Man.
God's Wisdom and Orders are Enough for anyone who genuinely needs it..

4. You Just Perfectly Defined yourself. I Salute you for that.

Take my advice. If you Have a Message , put it out. We know when we see a GENUIE Undiluted Gospel.

God Bless you as you take Heed..

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Travel / Re: 2 people Die As Helicopter Crashes Into Building in Opebi by IfGodbeforus(m): 12:41pm On Aug 28
That's a Bad one ..
Just too Bad. May God Comfort their Families.

Things like this is what Makes me adhere to this Preparation for Eternity teachings of Righteousness89

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