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Education / Re: JAMB officially announces top scorers for 2024 UTME by indigenous234(f): 11:53pm On Jul 18
Tha audacity for someone who's Ooni is accused of multiple theft & forgeries... Someone with the same druggie bloodline of a BAT. Imagine the audacity!!!... If shamelessness had a name it would be "skull miners".


Shinedu what happened? Are you angry the special centers are not counted or what?

Don’t worry, we will prop up another msemoona and give her 390 scores to make you happy.
Business / Re: Moment Market Women Tackled Colleague For Selling Garri At A Cheaper Price (Vid) by indigenous234(f): 6:05pm On Jul 17
You'll never see this among the igbos.
Crime / Re: Housewife Steals Co-Wife Baby’s Placenta In Lagos by indigenous234(f): 6:04pm On Jul 17
As she no fit mine skulls, 🤣🤣

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Not Only Ones Facing Poverty, Says Tinubu by indigenous234(f): 11:48am On Jun 18
True, same as you're not the only president without a private jet.
The irony of a nation with plenty poor people *Renovating* the VP residence with over 21Billion naira.

Did I forget to add that Peter OBO will Never be president?.
Crime / Re: Ritualist Caught With 8 Human Skulls Priced At ₦30,000 Each In Ondo by indigenous234(f): 9:49pm On Jun 12
Please these are Private investors in the Southwest. Let this be the last time you call them ritualists.

God bless Tinubu
God bless Nigeria

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Crime / Re: Phone Snatchers Kill Army Officer, Lt IM Abubakar (Isa) In Kaduna by indigenous234(f): 12:03am On Jun 06
When will the military level that place in Kaduna? Abi the life of their officers only have value when it's snuffed out in the Southeast or South South?

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Family / Re: Man Storms Hotel, Finds His Wife Cheating On Him With A Certain Big Man by indigenous234(f): 12:00am On Jun 06
In every absurd post, there must be one mumu who will defend the indefensible. Just be acting like an APC E-rat. Must you defend everything? Smh
By their fruits ..........

Can he truly say that he's been faithful all through his marriage? Let his consience judge him. Even if you divorce her, her life continues. Forgive if possible

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Food / Re: How Can I Make Ponmo Extremely Soft? by indigenous234(f): 11:46am On May 27
Just put a nail inside the pot as you're boiling the kpomo. It will soften.
Events / Re: Wedding Fundraisers Are Becoming A Trend In Nigeria And It's Absurd. by indigenous234(f): 1:34am On May 27
Something the Youths of this age have failed to learn is that little things you do for people has the potential of putting them in your debt for eternity. Eg, a certain drug lord gifted a Nobel Laureate some pots and spoons in the1980s. The Nobel Laureate has been a lap dog ever since.

Moral lesson: help people as little and as much as you can in their downtime. You may just be buying the eternal loyalty of a Nobel Laureate.

If its amongst family members and close friends then its understandable, which one is adding acquaintances or distant relatives to fund your wedding as if they sent you to do big wedding

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Travel / Re: Emdee Tiamiyu Has Been Deported From The UK Back To Nigeria? by indigenous234(f): 12:42pm On May 21
He's from the lineage of the usual suspects. The notorious two faced cowards.

The ones never to be trusted.

what state in nigeria is this snitch from? angry


Politics / Re: What Is Your Rating Of Tinubu’s Administration In One Year? by indigenous234(f): 10:33am On May 19
He has failed to the extent that the monumental failure of the Buhari administration is now looking like something we bring back.

All he knows is tax. IGR and nothing more
Education / Re: After God Is Dibịa(pdf) by indigenous234(f): 11:29pm On May 07
Ok. Thanks

Politics / Re: Michael Chibuzo Replies Obi's Criticism Of The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway by indigenous234(f): 5:04pm On May 01
See person wey wan argue with me 🤭🤭.. go learn how to write properly first.. social media is indeed a leveler. Anu Ohia chineke burun onu.

grin chinedu are an estate valuer? Or did he buy the beacb too to have worth 200million dollars abi you think say na naira we dey talk? and by the way the benefit if this project far outweigh whatever job he is creating there and besides his building is still standing si why the cry? He can go and build it in his village if he aint happy with the develop, we has lagosians are happy with this project and we careless if a Okoro is bitter about it grin
Politics / Re: Michael Chibuzo Replies Obi's Criticism Of The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway by indigenous234(f): 4:58pm On May 01
Again, I don't really expect someone that's still eating "mummy thank you" like your deluded self to understand anything about a business or its valuation. I don't have to tell you a beachfront property is of VERY HIGH VALUE do I ?.. low sperm count alodo.

A simple analogy, hoping your ewedu infested brains can comprehend. There's an hypothetical pos stand (kiosk) at a junction who's value is put at over 1million naira. Now, to an olodo like you, the POS business can not be worth more than 250k (because to your mumu brain, the POS machine can not be worth more than 60k & the kiosk can not be worth more than 200k) forgetting the value of a business encompasses both its tangible & intangible assets & Factors like inflation, profitability, past & projected income are variables considered. I'm no expert in the field of investment valuation but own & run various businesses, so I have a minimal idea. That's why I insist you haven't run or own a business in your miserable life. You're still eating "mummy thank you ma".

A simple & unsolicited advice for you, "a wicked spirit & a hate filled heart kills a young & perhaps healthy body".. heed, so you don't die young.

Oya, go & do your house chores before your mummy gets home.. anu Ohia chineke burun onu..


Very funny coming from a zero IQ, shallow brain jelly fish.
Just because he claims that his investment is worth 200 and the govt has not denied that, doesn't mean they agree with it.
I can claim that my house is worth a billion, it will only be contested and investigated should I need to get compensation from an insurance company, the govt or if I try to sell. That's when a property evaluator will be employed to ascertain my claims.
The Nigerian educational system has unfortunately produced some of the dumbest animals on the face of planet such as you. So shallow, unable to apply simply logic and common sense. Do you really need someone to explain that to you? I bet my 6 year old is smarter than olodo like you.
Do you really expect the govt or anyone to dispute his claim? For what reason? That will only come into play should there be a need for compensation, but there's is none because he does not own the beach.

BTW, without the beach, his investment is even worth less than 20 Million because the main attraction for his business is the beach which he does not own. Get that simple primary school logic into your empty mkpuru mirri destroyed skull.

STFU and get lost.
Politics / Re: Michael Chibuzo Replies Obi's Criticism Of The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway by indigenous234(f): 11:45pm On Apr 30
Mumu man, I'm sure you're still eating "mama thank you" & have not run any business. The Govt or professional valuers have not come to debunk the value of the investment na person wey still dey chop "mummy thank you" like you na wan dey counter the value of an investment. An investment that paid over 2billion naira in taxes last year is not worth at least 200m dollars?. 🤭

Someone once said, " you can't support the APC/govt & not sound stupid". There must be something in the waters they share in that your small APC group meetings.


Dummy, so because he claimed 200 Million, that means it's really worth 200 Million dollars? You are dumber than a jelly fish. grin grin grin

I'm pretty sure that his investment is less than 20 Million dollars, if that. I have been there at least 3 times in the past 3 years.
The biggest asset is the beach which HE DOES NOT OWN. Try and use your small brain some times.
Politics / Re: Michael Chibuzo Replies Obi's Criticism Of The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway by indigenous234(f): 6:40pm On Apr 30
Since Chinaza Philip don cast Una don turn to Chibuzor Micheal 🤭.

These urchins know nothing about business. So you believe a 200ml Dollars invest which is over 230Billion naira is not capable of providing over 100k direct/indirect jobs?. Wetin Una dey sniff for that APC?


Family / Re: See These And Decide If You Still Want To Have Plenty Kids by indigenous234(f): 10:37pm On Apr 20
The term plenty is ambiguous and subjective though. At what point is it considered plenty?. I have a friend that has just two and says he doesn't want more. To him 3 could be plenty. I also know someone that says he's having just one. To him, 2 could be considered as plenty.

I think, like our fathers, we shouldn't count our kids. Have as much as YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH.

Which kind agric fowl mentality be this?

Only one kid can cause more than enough havoc in the home....It doesn't mean it'll have to be plenty kids.....Tho I'm not and will never be in support of having plenty kids.....

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Politics / Re: The Moment Soldiers Were Ambushed By Bandits In The North West. (Video) by indigenous234(f): 12:55am On Apr 20
Home video 🤣🤣🤣.

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Education / Re: After God Is Dibịa(pdf) by indigenous234(f): 10:32am On Apr 17
Hello, good morning. I was searching for the book After God is Dibia online when I came across your post. Apparently, the book is scarce. Were you able to get the book at last?. If you did, where did you get it?. And how can I get mine?
Great naira landers, please I need the pdf of this book (After God is Dibịa) for a project in school.

Email; johnel4rl@outlook.com

Education / Re: Student Captured Berating Teacher In Viral Video by indigenous234(f): 1:35am On Apr 17
The Aboki pain you🤣🤣... Tell your mum I said hello.

You mean your half imbecibe father who failed to train you?
Education / Re: Student Captured Berating Teacher In Viral Video by indigenous234(f): 6:33pm On Apr 16
Aboki don talk him own.....
What nonsense. Maybe the teacher is truly incompetent if not the oversized student would not dare such rubbish.
Politics / Re: A Governor Practicing Sharia Stole Public Funds, Bought Hotel In Lagos - Sanusi by indigenous234(f): 10:21am On Apr 09
🤣🤣🤣🤣... Funny thing, the people don't care. More like they expect their leaders to steal.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 1:17pm On Apr 07
The answer to your question is No. Then, a counter question would be "is CIT the only tax paid by a company?. Who collect levies?

Say whatever you may, our people have a saying that when a child cries and continually points at a particular place, if his mother is not there, his father is there ".

Say what you may, those who wear the shoes knows where it pinches.

My initial comment is directed to those who wear the shoes, not you.


You are not very informed. Does Company Income Tax go to State government??

Which market was demolished because they didn't vote for a particular candidate?

And what of the market places that were demolished in Anambra and Abia? You did not hear of those ones??

Abia Govt set to remodel markets, begins demolition of weak structures

4000 traders, others displaced as Anambra demolishes 2000 shops

300 illegal structures, 5 plazas demolished in Onitsha

You are better stop looking at everything from the tribal prism. It will limit your sight.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 10:09pm On Apr 06
When I spoke about the safety of investments, I meant it from a state government policy perspective.
Would a state like Imo State demolish a business that pays it about N2bn in annual tax? How many times have you heard about a state government in the Southeast demolishing or closing down a market because the demographic composition of the majority of it's traders didn't vote for the party in power?
How many times have you heard that markets in Imo State/Southeast caught fire because the Governor had a proposal build new markets in the same exact location?.
Instead of taking the business outside the shores of Nigeria as you proposed earlier, I think locating it in a state with less tension and politics on the ethnic origin of the investor(s), like anywhere in the Southeast, especially Imo State is a better option.


Everywhere has security challenges in Nigeria, but Lagos is about the safest place and that's the reason it continues to attract significant investment, and even human capital.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 1:57pm On Apr 06
You're right on the quick RoI in Lagos but that's exactly why they're (Igbos) having to grapple with the new reality of the Nigerian polity, post 2015. How did Nnewi develop?. Same scenario is playing out but our people presently are more concerned with a quick RoI. It's not primordial ethnic sentiment to take your investments where they're a lot more safer. It's basis instinct and economics.

Well, a better Nigeria is all I pray for.


The return on investment in Lagos cannot be compared with anywhere else. Checkout all the billionaires from the SE and identify the percentage of those not having any business connection to Lagos. You'll see its a miniature percentage. These are core smart business people that are moved by business decisions and not primordial ethnic sentiments.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 1:52am On Apr 06
Akun ruo ulo... Gerrard nwanne. Akun ruo ulo. The Southeast is such a fertile land for business and I wonder why our people want to die in Lagos. Nigeria has 36+1 states & Lagos is the largest economy followed by Imo State !!!.

Akun ruo ulo 💯


The short term plan should be to lease. The long term goal should be to park the wealth outside Nigeria. The die-put-mentality in Nigeria by Igbos has to change. There exist other places across the world to invest and actually OWN properties.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 1:48am On Apr 06
So the Beach resort didn't get building approval?... In as much as I feel for the guy seeing his hard earned sweat on the verge of being destroyed I can't but imagine if, just if, he had the wisdom to build it in Imo State.

If that investment is owned by an indigenous yoruba, would they not have found some solution to workaround not demolishing the place?.

The truth is such a bitter pill.

They bankrupted our fathers after the war by ceasing their wealth and only handing them 20pounds after the war and have been demolishing the businesses of the present generation. One day, just one day, Fathers and sons will say enough is enough.


Ensure you build wisely. If you build anyhow, Your house will be demolished anywhere. Go and ask those whose property are being demolished in Anambra. Oh I forgot Anambra is not part of Igbo land. Nonsense!
Travel / Re: Lagos To Demolish Landmark Beach Resort For Coastal Road by indigenous234(f): 3:11pm On Apr 05
If you must build a house outside the Southeast, let it be just a living house for you and your family and not more than one. If you must build for commercial purpose outside the Southeast, let it not be more than one and while at it, always think how to move your investments to the Southeast.

They are jealous and envious of you and your progress... Know this and know peace.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Six Ministers Resign Amid Peru President’s Rolex Watches Probe by indigenous234(f): 11:07am On Apr 02
That's far cheaper than those worn by Seyi Tinubu 🤭... Agbados will not see anything wrong or the positive side of this news as they've sworn fidelity to poverty.

Bunch of retards


Politics / Re: Okuama Massacre: The Untold Story by indigenous234(f): 2:30pm On Mar 23
Stand for what you know and believe is just... Don't become a faux patriot because your tribesman Tinubu is in power. Don't support everything the govt do irrespective of legality and morality. Tomorrow, that your tribesman will relinquish power and the injustice you institute today will come to hunt you and your generation.

That you don't know there's more to this than meet the eyes when, the hierarchy of a Nigerian army unit embark on a "peace keeping mission" without the input and knowledge of the police, the LGA chairman, The Councilor representing the village involved, the DPO of the Area involved, etc, tells a lot about your reasoning capacity.

Sincerely, I think Obidients are the only true patriots. Their desires is a working Nigeria. But you agbado people ehh.. God forbid bad thing.

This will serve as detterent to others..Nigeria Army should teach them the lesson their unborn generation will learn.


Family / Re: Newlywedded Nigerian Lady Discovers She Married “I Better Pass My Neighbor” Gen. by indigenous234(f): 4:01pm On Mar 20
I just wanted you to stop. Just thought to say anything to get you off my back and off your high horse. You won okay. Goodbye.

You responded maturedly. Kudos. Goodbye.


Oh Mrs conqueror!! Now I get you, the main purpose of going back and forth with me over something as simple knowing that "being responsible" is relative is just to win an argument. Your type don't learn, coz they argue to win, I learnt one or two since I've been having this conversation anyway and I didn't really take it personal coz I understand the place of individual differences, I just want you to know I'm not one of those weak folks you dominate and make them kowtow and do your biddings. I'm sure you know it's not working with me already, look further for who you can intimidate coz I would rather intimidate you. Continue stressing your psychological crystal to guess who I may be, give whosoever that's interested your money. Just know that being responsible is inherent, the financial, marital, religious or social status of an individual doesn't matter. A man who beat is wife is irresponsible, but to someone like you, all that matters is that he's married. If you still can't understand now, then I give up on you

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