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Politics / Re: Obi Lies Unnecessarily And He Is Likely To Steal Unnecessarily - Reno Omokri by Innocentman86: 11:32am On Nov 19, 2022
you thief because is annig o man ?

God no go forgive you
Blu Blu ba hoo la boo grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy you sound like tinubu tongue tongue tongue
But God will forgive the theiff, ritualisst,drug dealerr and occutik man you are been paid to support.
Muguu undecided undecided undecided

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Politics / Re: Obi Lies Unnecessarily And He Is Likely To Steal Unnecessarily - Reno Omokri by Innocentman86: 11:27am On Nov 19, 2022
I just love these Peter obi, seriously.
He is the best presidential candidate Nigeria has ever produced.
He is also the most humble,gentle,God fearing and friendly politician in Nigeria.
No one will ever even suspect he was born with a golden spoon.
Your Excellency Obi we the youth of nigeria are standing beside you.

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Politics / Re: I Don't Read Social Media Anymore, They Abuse The Hell Out Of Me - Tinubu by Innocentman86: 11:16am On Nov 19, 2022
We are just starting, first the ritualisst will lose election and his blood pressure will go high then obi will make sure he loses Lagos then he will be put on house arrest that will be then of Solomon grondy grin cheesy grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: Tinubu is the best of all candidates by Innocentman86: 11:13am On Nov 19, 2022
A sick ritualisst will never be my president grin cheesy grin grin

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Politics / Re: Northerners React To Tinubu's Stance On Islam by Innocentman86: 11:08am On Nov 19, 2022
Thievenybu is not a Muslim,he is a yoru bad fake Muslimnss.
There are difference between a yoru bad fake Muslimns and a real Muslim.
A yoru bad fake Muslimns is just a Muslim outside but inside he worships all Manners of juju,liar,steal,a homo sexual,eat pig meat,drink beer infact everything a real Muslim won't do,he does it.
My friend Hassan adekunle was kicked out from the mosque in Kano when he went to pray and warned not to ever come to the mosque again as he is a fake muslim.
And truly he was fake,that my guy is everything wrong in a human.i even advoid him as he is a backstabber,liar, wicked, pretender, propagandistt,s theif,I mean so many wrong things.
Yoru bad fake Muslimns are not Christian's and they are not Muslimns but they are just juju worshipperss grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy
Politics / Re: Northerners React To Tinubu's Stance On Islam by Innocentman86: 11:02am On Nov 19, 2022
TINUBU should just mobilise the entire South behind OSINBAJO and be a good leader.
Who will vote osinbanjo were we have obi and ameachi,maybe yoru bad fake Muslimnss because of tribaslism.
Tell me one politician better than ameachi and obi in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Coward Obi Has Never For Once Dared To Criticize The Buhari Govt by Innocentman86: 7:05am On Nov 19, 2022
Mpeople will always talk shall.
Obi talks less,he is here to make life better for everyone one including Yoruba Muslims.
If he has criticize,you will still say how an igbo man is hating fulabis.
Your propaganda and hate will not work.
Now Northerners has boldly told Yoruba Muslimns that they won't vote tinubu,it has been narrowed down to obi and his boss atiku.
Obi is winning these election grin grin cheesy grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: Vehicle Kills Kwara APC Woman Leader’s Sister At Tinubu Campaign Flag-off by Innocentman86: 10:53pm On Nov 18, 2022
I don't fell sorry for the yoru bad fake.e Muslim sacrificed by emeolokan.
She wished nigerians bad because of tribaslism now her own trib man has sacrificed a young promising yoru bad girl like her or Because of her hate and wickeddnes towards ss/se.
To the other ritualisst supporters I hope you take note that the ritualisst confessed with his own mouth he will sacrifice anything.
If they can sacrifice lion what's a dogg grin cheesy grin cheesy paid less than 100 dollars.
I just pity urchins.
Thank God the man obi I'm supporting is not a ritualisst,I love my life grin cheesy grin cheesy grin.
Politics / Re: Over 2300 APC Members Defect To PDP In Sokoto by Innocentman86: 8:34pm On Nov 18, 2022
Lol grin grin cheesy grin grin grin
These is just the beginning.
Apc must fail wink wink

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Politics / Re: Is Sowore Still In The Race? by Innocentman86: 6:02pm On Nov 18, 2022
Sowore just want to be popular,his tribe ijaws won't vote him expecially for been against his follow ijaw man gej.
Yoruba Christians are voting obi.
Yoru bad fak.e mudslims are voting for the ritualisst,thieff,drug dealler and corruptt emeolokan because of tribaslism.
Politics / Re: Plateau Comedian Omodan & MC Brabisco, Mimick Peter Obi & Tinubu (Video) by Innocentman86: 5:18pm On Nov 18, 2022
What an embarrassment,my God how can they embarrass the ritualisst like these.anyway the drug dealer has no shame. grin cheesy grin

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Politics / Re: Obidike To Youths: God Won’t Forgive You If You Work Against Tinubu by Innocentman86: 5:14pm On Nov 18, 2022
Fellow ritualisst and occulticc man do drop qoute.
Theiff, ritualisst,drug deallers and heartless people will support one of their own.
Anybody going to apc campaign should be careful because occultt man will not think twice to sacrifice them.
Any apc campaign one person must die grin cheesy grin do you think is a mere coincidence undecided undecided undecided
Politics / Re: Sorrow, Tears And Blood At Tinubu/ Shettima Campaign Flag-off In Ilorin by Innocentman86: 2:47pm On Nov 18, 2022
Must Tinubu sacrifice people in every campaign.what sort of occulltic man is these for God sake
Anyway if you are attending the drug dealers rally because of less than 5k,just know he must sacrifice in every campaign and pray not to be a victim.
For his online supporters remember that money he is paying you,is also for your destiny.
When his supporters run madd,I will be too glad to laugh grin cheesy grin cheesy
Politics / Re: The Yoruba Muslim And The Igbo Jew by Innocentman86: 2:43pm On Nov 18, 2022

OSU denying his Ekwensu roots
Thanks Yoruba Muslimn.
For you to be supporting tinubu,shows the kind of person you are.
Politics / Re: The Yoruba Muslim And The Igbo Jew by Innocentman86: 1:52pm On Nov 18, 2022
We all know there is hardly anything like an igbo Jew,just point it out.
But 40, percent of yorubas are Muslimns grin cheesy grin cheesy grin grin and it is these Muslimns that are supporting tinubu.

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Politics / Re: OPINION: Should Tinubu Step Down For Obi To Increase Southern Chances by Innocentman86: 9:50am On Nov 18, 2022
The south is more educated than north.
Ss/se and most Yoruba Christians won't vote for an assassin, ritualisst,thieff,drug dealer,Stark illiterate and corruptt man.
Obi as has been confirmed by the elders in ss/se and sw plus middle belt is winning these hands down.
The sick drug lord can continue selling his cocaine

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Politics / Re: 2023:Why Does Tinubu Have A Translator Even When Both Still Speak English(video) by Innocentman86: 8:50am On Nov 18, 2022
Tinubu speaks yorubatic English and no one understands his gilberish.
After he lose,I just hope he won't slump grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by Innocentman86: 8:20am On Nov 18, 2022
You be Akuya and have no single sense. Hatred for Islam has affected your thinking faculty. So Fayose his a Muslim! Wasted fellow like you. undecided
No real Yoruba that is a Yoruba Christian will say that.
Fowl ose is a yoru bad fake Muslimns angry grin cheesy grin cheesy
How can you expect a competent, blessed, humble,God fearing and lovely man like Peter obi to step down for a corruptt ritualisst.
Politics / Re: See How Peter Obi Was Received In Salvation Ministries HQ Port Hartcourt by Innocentman86: 12:04am On Nov 18, 2022
Peter obi the,the best presidential candidate in the history of nigeria,a honest, sincere,humble man with the love of God in his heart.
No wonder he is the only presidential candidate now among the three that has two regions locked down for him.
Thievenybu only has tribaslistic yoru bad fake Muslimns wanting to vote for him knowing he is sick,old, corruptt and dying plus a drug dealer and condemnedd kriminal who is also a Stark illiterate with oluwale certificate grin cheesy grin.
Most real yorubas that is Yoruba Christians plus afenefere is voting Peter Gregory obi.
Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by Innocentman86: 11:57pm On Nov 17, 2022
Another yoru bad fake . Muslimns talking nonsenses after eating ewedu.
Fowl ose,tell your sick brother,who is a drug dealer,theiff, ritualisst, occulltistt,dying,old sick pigg to step down for his excellency Peter obi.
Someone that has two regions of ss/se should step down for a sick old fake yoru bad Muslimns.
Tribalistik fowl ose grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Muslim Sues A Lawyer For Wearing His Traditional Attire To Court Room by Innocentman86: 5:29pm On Nov 17, 2022
Why didn't the man beat the use.less yoru bad fak.e theiff and Muslimns.

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Politics / Re: I Am A Lagosian And Saw Lagos Being Built Since 1969- Atiku Abubakar by Innocentman86: 3:38pm On Nov 17, 2022
Why are yoru bad fake Muslimns so afraid of atiku and fulanis.
They know not every tribe will pity their sharp mouth like the way se tolerate them not even ss.
If They try shitt,they will be dealth with heavily like how akwa ibomites uses them to play recently grin cheesy grin cheesy cheesy
Anyway atiku is not wrong saying he is a lagosian, because Lagos is a no man's land.so as far as you can settle in Lagos,you are a lagosian.
Finally I would have gladly voted for atiku if not for obi than vote for a tribalistik theiff,drug dealer, condemned kriminal and Stark illiterate like emeolokan. grin cheesy grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Arrives Imo State For Town Hall Meeting by Innocentman86: 2:39pm On Nov 17, 2022
So is now town hall meeting because of the disappointing crowd.
That means if Tinubu goes to rivers state it will be the drug dealer visits pH for dinner grin[center][/center] grin cheesy grin grin
These is just the beginning tongue tongue
Politics / Re: Tinubu In Trouble As Lawyer Sue The APC Flag Bearer For Certificate Forgery... by Innocentman86: 1:11pm On Nov 17, 2022
So the real tinubu is a female.wow
Politics / Re: Audio Massive Crowd Receive Tinubu In Imo State by Innocentman86: 1:08pm On Nov 17, 2022
We must chop Tinubu money in ss and se.
I hope he can work today,I have wheelchair oo grin cheesy cheesy cheesy grin


Politics / Re: Ijaws Of Edo Are Not Alone. INC Warns Oba Of Benin by Innocentman86: 12:45pm On Nov 17, 2022
God bless the ijaws who are richest, bravest and strongest black tribe

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TV/Movies / Re: Hushpuppi Film: Aremu Afolayan To 50 Cent 'I’m The One You’re Looking For' by Innocentman86: 12:15pm On Nov 17, 2022
Mr. bombastic ipbioan man, why are these blind people always based everything on ethnic and religion perspectives, ur full of jealousness against Yoruba people. Husspuppy is a Muslim and a Yoruba extraction, we Yorubas don't celebrate criminality unlike, ibos that money reign supreme in their society In lieu of the fearness of their creator. Thus, we are clamouring for Southern Union in did lf we can be so demeanoring at a level of mere entertainment.
The only thing I got from your write up is that you are a Yoruba fak.e Muslimn
The rest you were typing like a drunkk grin cheesy grin cheesy
TV/Movies / Re: Hushpuppi Film: Aremu Afolayan To 50 Cent 'I’m The One You’re Looking For' by Innocentman86: 11:39am On Nov 17, 2022

Those of you who attacks Yoruba muslims especially on political issues don't know that, religion don't really matter to the Yorubas, when you attack Yoruba muslims, it is an attack on Yoruba race entirely. Simply attack Yorubas and not just the muslims among them.
I said yoru bad fak.e Muslims.
My girlfriend is a yoruba Christian' and is very reasonable with conscience and with my help she now wash her pant regularly and has reduced her mess or farting loudly.
But most yoru bad fak.e Muslimns are just something else.
They are derty, irritatin,liarss, propagandistt,mess or fart too too much and their girls don't wash their pant while the boys wear one boxer for months etc.
The difference is between them is too much.ask mumuric grin cheesy

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