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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Engineer & Other Engineering Roles At ExxonMobil by jayrager(m): 8:54am On Mar 05, 2019
The way una dey call all these money sha cheesy N17million, N25million.. Issok!

I wish you all the best!

He's very correct baba. Na stale news sef.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Engineer & Other Engineering Roles At ExxonMobil by jayrager(m): 3:22pm On Feb 28, 2019
Is any Met and Mat Engr. applicant also having an interview for monday?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Engineer & Other Engineering Roles At ExxonMobil by jayrager(m): 3:26pm On Feb 05, 2019

Like I was aksing you. This is the reason why people fail exams.. A 'Yes' or 'No' answer

Coming from someone who has been a tard dismissive and unnecessarily unpolite to some other comments on this same thread. One would expect that you of all people read properly the contents of a message before asking needless questions.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unilever Future Leaders Programme 2017 by jayrager(m): 5:42pm On May 19, 2017
No risk, no reward!!! be honest in your response to them when the bring it up and ive your best at the discovery centre. A good experience is worth taking evry shot at
I got the call almost same time with the one I missed the other day (around 2:10pm) today.
The lady on the phone first asked me to confirm my age to her, I told her. She then said I should hold on for like a minute, which I did. When she came back on, she told me that my age is more than the required for the post. That the age limit was below 26years...(by the way, I am 28)...She said why did I apply and all that. I told her no age restriction was stated in the job advert. She then said when I was applying didn't I see the option bla bla bla... She then said she can't stop me now at this level, that she will send the Discovery centre invitation mail to me that I passed excellently well bla bla bla... But she said I might get kicked out at the final stage when my age comes into scrutiny.

They later sent a text message congratulating me again and an email containing my invitation details... The DC is 24th of May by the way.

But my headache now is that I dont know whether to take the risk and travel to Lagos for the DC when age might just be against me even if I succeed.

Any suggestions please?

I'm just tired about the whole thing sef.

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Career / Re: Staff Of Baker Hughes Protest In Port-Harcourt by jayrager(m): 11:35am On Jul 23, 2016
This is true. I heard it from a friend that works there. This is why I laugh at people who still want to join the O&G industry. Truth is - the good old days are gone for good. I don't envy myself too cos I joined late at a period when oil prices have plummeted for more than a 150%. The era of $100/bbl is gone for life. Call me a prophet of doom or a pessimist, I don't care. Pessimists like us exceed and climb faster up the corporate ladder, especially in the E&P industry because we plan with the worst case scenario. Staffs are being laid off. This is nothing personal; the E&P is a business and it must succeed. The industry is highly volatile. There's a period boom followed by a period of bust. If you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. These are difficult times for the oil industry.

Hi Bro.. Well said!! Are you saying people shouldn't think of having a career in oil and gas anymore? How stable do you think the industry will be in another year?
Business / Re: Diamond Bank Listed In Top Three Most Customer Focused Banks In Nigeria by jayrager(m): 10:48am On Jul 23, 2016
Happy Birthday!!
Diamond Bank workers plenty in Nairaland .... grin

Meanwhile ..... Today is Birthday .

May God bless and protect everyone that hit like

Thanks ...
Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - Elimination Round 1 by jayrager(m): 2:29pm On Jun 20, 2016
I vote ivyy

Cc: nljega
Romance / Re: Who Is Your Nairaland Crush....come In... by jayrager(m): 12:27pm On Jun 14, 2016
cc ivyy
Romance / Re: Who Is Your Nairaland Crush....come In... by jayrager(m): 12:26pm On Jun 14, 2016
cc ivvy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs/vacancies Section Chatroom by jayrager(m): 7:39pm On Jun 10, 2016

Wow! Jibola go kill me cry I totally forgot embarassed

cheesy E dey happen!! Thanks anyway..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs/vacancies Section Chatroom by jayrager(m): 7:38pm On Jun 10, 2016
Happy Birthday ElDeeVee and Jayrager baby, God bless you guys

Thanks baby gal.. You're a star

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs/vacancies Section Chatroom by jayrager(m): 7:37pm On Jun 10, 2016
Happy belated birthday ElDeeVee and Jayrager.

Wishing you both all the best in this new age and I pray all your heart desires comes to pass in accordance with God's will.

kiss kiss kiss

LOL Thanks beau49 dear.. I deeply appreciate.

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Romance / Re: HILARIOUS: This Woman Can Solve All Your Sexual Problems In Nigeria by jayrager(m): 10:13pm On Jun 03, 2016
LOL!!!! Funny Stuff.. Alahu Akhbar!!!

Before the white man medicine came into existence, herbs, tree roots and leaves were some of the things used as medicine to cure sickness. It is popularly known as 'Agbo' (herbal medicine) in Nigeria.

BattaBox presenter Timothy interviews this interesting Herbal Medicine (Agbo) seller, who sells different types of Agbo and jedi jedi medicine to solve all sorts of sexual problems, back aches and many other ailments.

"Sex is more important than food for women," she continues

MUST WATCH ----->>>>

Romance / Re: How To Safely Breakup With A Possessive/controlling Boyfriend by jayrager(m): 8:01am On May 11, 2016
Very True.. Knowledge breeds Wisdom

Possessive boyfriends are deadly. They can be deadly to themselves, the partner involved and as such the relationship is a ticking time bomb. Possessiveness in a relationship is tied to some psychological factors and most possessive relationships are like a master-slave relationship.

About three years ago, there was this guy who was dating a certain girl but the relationship was a possessive/controlling one. The guy controlled who she could talk to, who she could greet, what she could wear and so on. He always wanted her in his sight. It got so bad that this girl and the guy were walking down the street one day, they met a friend of mine. The girl had to make a signal to my friend to walk past them as if they didn’t know each other. At night, this girl would call my friend to lament she was fed up of the relationship. One day, she told him she was quitting the relationship. She did it face-to-face. That is what adults do. She then left his house that day. The guy, obviously distraught, started flooding her phone with text messages which she ignored. At this time, she was updating my friend with full details.

However, two text messages stood out. The first text indicated that he was going to commit suicide. She ignored it too. Later the second one came in which indicated that he was in pains and dying. With doubts and yet not leaving anything to chance, she rushed to his house only to find him bleeding and gushing out whitish stuff from his mouth. He had drunk the popular pesticide Sniper. She shouted for help and the neighbours came in to find his dying body. They pinned the incidence on her. This is the reason many people don’t help accident victims in Nigeria. Well, back to the story, she advocated for her innocence meanwhile he was being rushed to the hospital. The guy’s family came around and said if the guy dies, they would hold her responsible.

On the third day, he died. The family of the deceased made the arrest but in the process, she made a call to my friend, the narrator of this story. He met her at the police station and they starting discussing the cause of events to the police. The Nigerian police, as usual, don’t really care so much. They didn’t bother to make further enquiries since grieving family members had made an arrest, then they must be right. It was a lot of trouble getting around the case but the girl had told my friend she received a message from the deceased which he (my friend) had warned her not to delete. It was this time that the message was useful. She explained to the police that she had received a text from the deceased. They demanded to see it. In short, that was how the case was dropped. Presently, she still trying to pick up the pieces of her life because such experience is a traumatizing one.

This is a classic example of how a possessive/controlling relationship could end. What a tragedy! Many people are in these types of relationships. I don’t have a scientific data but I feel ladies are more victims of these types of relationship as men tend to be the controlling ones. How do you manage a break from a controlling/possessive relationship?

A revered policeman once said “you’re your first line of defence”. Your first line of defence in this type of relationship is that you make reliable people aware of the state of the relationship. I said “reliable”. It is not enough to have people told, it is when you inform reliable people. People who could comfort and stand by you through thick and thin. From the story, imagine if my friend had not been reliable or had not stepped up to support her, I’m sure she would be in jail by now—in Nigeria, it doesn’t take much time for that to happen. Also make sure your own family members know about the relationship. NEVER keep a controlling/possessive secret. When its tragedy happens, the police won’t care.
By the time you start noticing some tendencies of maniac controlling, start archiving messages, emails and record conversions during an argument. DO NOT DELETE ANY. If the lady had deleted those messages she received in the last moments probably due to anger, she would be behind bars. Keep a cool head at this time. On any day of an argument, keep record. If need be keep a diary with dates and locations.

Lastly, I believe most controlling relationships do involve being physical sometimes, report to the police. You decide not to make an arrest but let them be aware of what you are going through. Most importantly, quit the relationship early.
There may be no foolproof approach to managing a possessive relationship but I’m sure some of the above tips will help.

Saucepan: https://nifemiolu..com.ng/2016/05/how-to-safely-breakup-with.html

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Politics / Re: Ben-murray-bruce Rejects Senate's new SUVs by jayrager(m): 8:18pm On Apr 21, 2016
T.A orji will be flexing his own Suv by now grin grin

that man is evil and full of corruption

may chukwu abiama strike him

Family / Re: "My Husband Uses ‘Aboniki’ Balm As Lubricant" – Woman Files For Divorce by jayrager(m): 7:12pm On Apr 21, 2016

like apocalypto grin

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs/vacancies Section Chatroom by jayrager(m): 9:46pm On Apr 08, 2016
thanks guys...y'all rock...pics loading... ;Dthanks guys...y'all rock...pics loading...

eipreeleight dear!!! Happy birthday love.. Sorry i lost ur number.. would explain when we talk.. Please text me asap... LLNP!!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Total E&p Nigeria Limited Young Graduate Program 2015 by jayrager(m): 7:26am On Oct 06, 2015
Love Letter Finally... I know sey one day dem go still recruit me

Dear JayRager,

Having analysed all the applications, unfortunately you have not been shortlisted for the YOUNG GRADUATE PROGRAM AMO opening. However, the information provided will be held in our databse and will be available to the various recruitment departments across the Group. This will enable them to contact you directly if there is an opening that could be of interest to you.

Best regards,

Recruitment Department

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Total E&p Nigeria Limited Young Graduate Program 2015 by jayrager(m): 4:40pm On Oct 01, 2015
u dy use this oyel companies joke... i applied exxonmobil since march...the status of the application never change , had to use another mail for the global geoscience campus to avoid multiple application... NLNG dn dy dia own since 2013.. its better not to think about it too much till mails arrive

We can only remain hopeful bro.. besides we have different companies with their recruitment processes noting fully well that TOTAL outrightly stated their feedback time.. Not All companies do that.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Total E&p Nigeria Limited Young Graduate Program 2015 by jayrager(m): 4:27pm On Oct 01, 2015
embarassedThe 105th day cannot be same for everyone

Well evidently.. But then most peeps got the mails within the same time period and on this thread the earliest date should be from oct 4th..

So please ehn, guys let's start sharing insights.. grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Total E&p Nigeria Limited Young Graduate Program 2015 by jayrager(m): 4:11pm On Oct 01, 2015
October 4 makes it 105 days i guess??
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NBC 2015 Management Trainee Programme by jayrager(m): 6:21am On Sep 30, 2015
Anyone at ilupeju venue please add me 5145F2F5

ok. Any recent update guys?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Vacancies At Guinness Nigeria by jayrager(m): 6:20am On Sep 07, 2015
Sorry i have been MIA. I got the offer. Got called this week grin smiley smiley

Nawa!! This is intense.. Congrats bro.. Could u please enlighten us more about the process from the video interview
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For Total E&p Nigeria Limited Young Graduate Program 2015 by jayrager(m): 5:15am On Aug 03, 2015
Hello How True Is The Totacareer Job because I send My Cv to The Email and Tommrow Is The interview august 1st. This Is The mail I send It to totalacareers@africamail.com thanks I want Reply Pls

Politics / Re: Police Recovers Undetonated IED From Yobe Scene Of Damaturu Bomb Attack (pic) by jayrager(m): 2:53pm On Jul 27, 2015
Politics / Re: Allison-madueke Critically Ill In A London Hospital by jayrager(m): 2:45pm On Jul 27, 2015
What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul... They never thought Jonathan would lose. Now they are falling sick and Feigning illnesses here and there. May she not die in Jesus name but May she live LONG to reap the fruits of her LABOUR. Amen!!!
Politics / Re: Allison-madueke Critically Ill In A London Hospital by jayrager(m): 2:38pm On Jul 27, 2015
Eeyah, get well soon. I miss u already.

Na LadyF get this space today. grin

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: HARPS Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test 2015 by jayrager(m): 2:34pm On Jul 27, 2015
Finally... The saga draws to an end. Congratulations to all those who made it, and to those of us who didn't, may we keep soaring Cheers!!!


Politics / Re: Inside The Oil Deals That Cost Nigeria Billions; Between Diezani And Others by jayrager(m): 2:30pm On Jul 27, 2015
I'm speechless, and to think past governments had committed similar atrocities to the detriment of the common man.. God is indeed merciful and patient. Only if God were man.
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Confirms The Discovery Of Another Earth - Photo by jayrager(m): 10:52am On Jul 25, 2015

If they(supposed aliens who I don't believe in) were so superior why are we the ones discovering their planet?

And if they truly exist, who says they haven't discovered us and aren't even living amongst us presently!!?

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