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Politics / Re: Low Turnout Of Voters Mar LG Election In Lagos by jesmond3945: 8:30pm On Jul 24

How can a country run without politicians? Are you going to elect goats?

Who cursed the black man like this?
is better I vote for goats than these politicians. A goat will run Nigeria better than them

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Politics / Re: Low Turnout Of Voters Mar LG Election In Lagos by jesmond3945: 4:29pm On Jul 24
You won't go out to vote when it matters but would rather sit and cry behind social media when shii goes off. I love my generation cool

Please I'm buying Bitcoins , USDT , gift cards and all other digital assets aggressively.

Check my Sig for Contact.
vote who? You mean the nonsense people called politicians? Is only a fool that would queue up to vote these foolish politicians.


Romance / Re: This Is Why Woke Men Don't Care About Serious Relationships. by jesmond3945: 10:19am On Jul 23
No matter how this ladies call men dogs it still doesn't change the fact that ladies cheat more than men.

My own experience is that most of the girls I have nice time with all have boyfriends or someone they are serious with. It's so bad that they tell me about their relationship issues and I get to advise them after we have had rounds of Sex. Some even have 3 guys they claim to be serious with, some even tell me about pastors and married men who toast them or who they had unplanned Sex with and how there bf is suspecting them.

These girls keep making it difficult for me to trust ladies with their cheating and selfish ways. They don't feel a single remorse when in the act till they are caught. One was riding me and a call from her boyfriend came in and she immediately put her hands on my neck, giving me the eye sign to stop my thrusting. These babe spoke to her boyfriend as if she wasn't doing anything and even told him she loves him and after the call she aggressively rode me while she had this evil grin. I had a lot of thoughts run through my head at that moment.

The second instance, I was with this babe and her phone rang and I helped her reach for it and the call ID read " MY love" . I handed the phone to her and she just threw it on the bed saying " abeg abeg I don't have time to be answering jamb question". You can imagine.

Another one asked me in her words "how can I say I have boy friend and it feels like am single" and I was like then let him go and in her words " he is a nice guy, he understands me and will make a good husband ". These girls can be selfish and mean.

You may think it's about money, care and time but most times its not because many have serious bf who do their best to give them all these and you wonder what these girls want. I used to make out with one whose bf was super rich and cartered for her but do you know this girl opened mouth to tell me about two other men and that she will be touring with one of the men while she tells her bf she has gone to visit her sick mum.

Aside students even the working class aren't left out...That's a talk for another day.

Men take my advice and you will be happy you did

- Men don't need love we need respect. Once a girl don't respect you dump her sorry bum

- Always have it in mind that no girl owes you anything till you pay her bride price

- Make yourself less available for these girls. These has worked for me well. Itso good you give these girls an impression that you are busy, focused and they come second. Do this and watch how they will always want to be around you and jump to come meet you each time you call.

- Give these girls space don't choke them

- When it comes to the bed be dominant let them see you using them to satisfy your sexual cravings. Don't pity them ooh..spank ass, pull hair etc. That does a lot to their psych. Topic for another day

- Never take a cheating girl back. I once advised my cousin the young man refused and 2 years down the line his girlfriend who he introduced to the family got pregnant for yahoo boy grin grin

Many are still screwing me, they are unrepentant whilst they confess love to their bf.
see is all game to the girls and they know it. As far she is not married then she can do whatever she wants. The so called bf might cheat on her or break her heart for another girl, so she owes him no loyalty. If you love a girl date her briefly and wife her then she becomes yours. All these bf and gf is just a game, team sports.


Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by jesmond3945: 8:58am On Jul 23

with this mentality, i pity your wife sha, that its only money that is keeping your marriage alive abi?
okay. Enjoy.
Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by jesmond3945: 11:56pm On Jul 22
I wish I can do that..but she's staying with me.... Honestly she don't like visiting her house..she only calls her mum and dad.
I have been married for 10 years and I can tell you that a woman can pretend as far as the money is rolling in. Once you have setback she would even carry your child and run away. God forbid if your business fails, would she still be with you?
Politics / Re: I Will Make A Beautiful Bride — Nerita Ezenwa, Fani-Kayode’s New Lover Says by jesmond3945: 9:42am On Jul 22
Nigerian girls would marry monkey because of money.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Madagascar's President, Rajoelina, Survives Assassination Attempt by jesmond3945: 9:40am On Jul 22
[quote author=fergie001 post=103963166][/quote]why is it that any leader that opposes covid 19 vaccine would be targeted.
Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by jesmond3945: 9:38am On Jul 22

I'm afraid too another guy may come into picture nd I will cry a regret... We have been together for Time nd I know what I want in a lady..she has all....I love her nd afraid another guy may see the qualities nd you know Ladies.... though not all shaaaa...but I'm afraid.
you can marry her no problem but you have to test her love. Whether she loves you or she loves your money. Whether she is using you to finish school, start a business and then another man takes her away? The suitors that the parents rejected might not be as rich as you that's why they rejected them. You love the girl but does she really love you?
Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by jesmond3945: 9:34am On Jul 22
I'm planning to introduce her to my line of business, after her study. She has accepted already. ..as a matter of fact she almost perfect in it.
run a test of love first or else you would regret.
Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by jesmond3945: 9:33am On Jul 22

Thank you, although I didn't see the sucide as anything....our relationship is has gone beyond...as a matter of fact she and her family has turned down 3 men because of me...the mother said I can't see her through her school finish nd another guy will marry her nd she won't allow such....I think that's why she talk about sucide when I discussed with her....thank you so much.
to be frank with you, you are being played. Now I would love to do an experiment. Tell her that your business has collapsed and you are broke. Do it for one month. Also tell her parents as well. If she stays marry her at all cost. If she start complaining then run. Her brothers aside. Just do the test for your own good and update the House.
Science/Technology / Re: UAE Creates Rain Using Drone Technology That Gives Cloud Electric Shock by jesmond3945: 5:56pm On Jul 21

No. Not same oil.

First, Dubai is 3 times older than Nigeria
Second, Dubai's population is not even up to the population of Delta state alone
Third, the UAE oil is 3 times more than Nigerian oil reserve.

I'm not trying to justify our failure especially in the past, but only pointing out some facts that you are not considering.
Once upon a time when Gowon said "we have more money than know what to do with it"
guy forget these facts. Africa is gone.
Crime / Re: Shocking Viral Footage Woman Disappears On Live TV by jesmond3945: 9:05am On Jul 21
It's fake don't bother, watch the mic displace position at the same time you claim the woman disappeared, that means the video was edited. Stop believing rubbish.
you are blessed. Opuse your brain for once haba.
Travel / Re: I Want To Relocate And Work In Canada Or Europe by jesmond3945: 6:25pm On Jul 18
are you below 30years? have 3+ years of experience, with two or more certificates or masters and can pass IELTS? You can try Canada, it will cost you about 5.5million naira including proof of funds.

If you don't have the following then you can learn and write French exam (TEF or TCF) that is additional 500k...these figures totally depend on how fast you can pass those exams. Good luck
you mean if you are above 30 you can't apply?
Family / Re: See One Reason Why White Men Are More Wiser Than Black Men by jesmond3945: 7:20am On Jul 18

Have you ever wonder why Africa (Nigeria) has more Juju, witches, devils than other part of the world? It is because of the traditional mindset and ways of Africans (Nigerians)

I was seating somewhere quietly and some two guys came around and started chatting and praising the burial ceremony of the mother of a certain man I dont know. In their conversation, they focus on the money that was being displayed, sprayed, and the top celebrities that where invited. Their conversation was full of ignorant praises that I wanted to asked them a question but I had to restrain myself from speaking into their conversation.

I just came online and I saw all over the front page of nairaland "Obi Cubana mother Burial". From what I saw through the thread, the write up, photos and comments, I knew that the black man do not have sense at all.

I asked myself, is that a burial or a marriage ceremony?

Does the Obi Cubana even cares about the gentle soul of his late mother?

If you are reading this, have you seen how the white men do their own burial ceremony?

I weep for the ignorance of the black man (Nigerians)

Just look how they were spraying money in a burial ceremony?

Just look how they were gloryfying themself over the dead?

Many times I have asked myself this question, why did God predestine me to be born in Africa?

I have asked God, why did you bring me to Nigeria at all?

Just look how they were flunting their ungodly wealth at the burial of a departed woman? They do not care if the woman is in hell crying or in heaven praising God over her redemption.

Even if her soul is in heaven, if God show her what her children, and what some Nigerians are doing in her burial, she will be disappointed and says that her son and Nigerians do not have sense at all.

Many nairalanders are commenting, praising and glorifying all they saw in Obi Cubana mother burial. Many Nigerians see nothing wrong there, even the Obi Cubana is a disgrace to sanity.

When I look at the ways of the white men, I SEE THAT BLACK MEN (Nigerians) DO NOT HAVE SENSE AT ALL
didn't you see white men spraying him money? Have you been to latino parties before? Or white parties before? Even Clinton was drinking human blood. Google spirit cooking marina ambramovic. I think you are a hater and the hate has made you compare yourself with a white man

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Family / Re: MY Experience With Very Stingy Parents.... Share Yours... by jesmond3945: 5:42pm On Jul 17
Hello guys.... I don't just know.. Is it just me or is there anything I don't understand......my parents are rich people especially my dad, I know that for sure... someone paying #950,000 naira per year as school fees for me aside other expenses, plus multiple houses and lands I can't even keep count of....

How come they are this stingy? There is no time I would ask them for money for my own personal well being or any of my personal needs that they would like to assist me. I once ask mum for #12,000 naira just to buy a fairly used android phone (when I know they can even afford me an iPhone x) but she told me I should wait till months end before she gives me saying there is no money on ground... it's five months now and still nothing (not waiting for it though)...

Then I ask my dad, he told me I don't need an android phone... telling me that phone makes people unserious and other types of bulls*it( a 19 year old student for that matter)

Any expenses that is not book or academic related is not important...my parents would rather buy clothes for me than give me money to buy clothes... sometimes I end up not wearing some of them..

The funniest part is that, anytime I take any urgent lie(Asin scam) about any payment in school...they wouldn't Waits a second to send it to me... This has got me telling all sorts of lies just to get what I know can be gotten honestly.. It has even gotten to the point that any money that enters my hand now, I use it to play sports betting to see if I can get enough money for what I need, but I end up loosing the money...I am just frustrated.. someone time I wish I didn't even have rich parents cos what's the point...
your parents think like business people. They don't pluck money from a tree. Any money they spend must yield fruit from them based on history. That is it is better they spend on your education or buy you a laptop that would educate than phone that might be a liability to you.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 5:00pm On Jul 17
Yes we the people elected to represent and preside over our affair so therefore they are our servant to serve we are the main government. Do you know that without the people there will no aso rock or any sit of power anywhere. The people are government. Don't think that Pmb and the 36 governors are the government or the sit of power brother wake up we are the government. Is when the government or the people wakes up we can't have the best from this presiding over.
this is the kind of mindset that made Nigerian government out of touch with the people.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 3:43pm On Jul 17
we talking about Innovation here. What had obi cubana done in the world of technology, Innovation. What has he achieved in making life easier compared to the people I mentioned??
he is in the world of entertainment and not technology. Go and ask adenuga or tech firms what they are doing. Go to cubana and ask the patrons what he has done for them.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 3:41pm On Jul 17

the same excuse to failure.

have you been to Redemption Camp/City in Ogun State?
Foursquare Camp/City in Ajébò in Ogun State?
Canaan Land (Living Faith) Otta, also in Ogun State?

all these I mentioned didn't wait on government for good roads or hospital to turn things around.

even unbelievers call them scam they are reinvesting the loot and wealth (God's money, if you only believe wisely).

INNOSON never waited on government even that his line of business needs the roads more than any other.

PROFORCE is doing fine for itself in Ogun State within an environment that don't have the best of road.

as at yesterday uber and bolt were mobilising folks from Lagos to that show of money called burial for within 80k & 100k plus. I still try to imagine if those vehicle teleported or rode on your so called bad road.

no excuses what so ever from people in this clime to complain of the lack we create. the west posses enough VENTURE CAPITALIST because they don't lavish or squander wealth.

do we need the government to create an enabling environment for you and I to buy our locally made good. yes we need the government to flog us to buy our own home made good.

sir our challenge goes beyond government even though I know those bunch of nuisance in politics are nothing to right home on.
why do you leave the worst calamity to befall any man; Nigerian government and blame a citizen for the road in his village? Why are Nigerians like this? Are we cursed or what? That the churches are doing this is very very wrong fyi. What is the need of paying taxes if the government would not channel it to help the masses. Obi cubana is not mandated to do any road, is not his job. If the government refuse to do the road after he has paid taxes then the government is at fault not him. It is his money and he has the right to spend it the way he wants.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:50pm On Jul 17
Government are a collective,not individual or a few ,That's why every 4 years we the people elect governor, president to preside over. That's why the true sense power lies with the people. You and i and the rest are the government
no we're not the government. We have chairmen, we have councilors, we have senate, we have judiciary, we have executive, we have governors. They are the government. They are supposed to tar the road in oba and not obi cubana.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:48pm On Jul 17
You ended up making a mockery of yourself.

How can one who's already president be voted for again?
you know what I mean.
Politics / Re: Obi Cubana Burial Effects And Youth Crimes by jesmond3945: 12:47pm On Jul 17
80m litres of pms is consume daily and accounts for 60 percent of all import into Nigeria .U better say 419 men coming to spend 50m naira a day werey.
is buhari not the biggest 419? If your leader is a 419 what are you?
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:46pm On Jul 17

That's the mentality we're still talking about. So it's only government that can help humanity. We'll continue going backwards like this.
continue to absolve your useless government. Na obi cubana cause why Nigeria is a zoo
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:46pm On Jul 17

Did you attend school
I mean have u ever sat down in a class and you were taught?
U don't have sense
Educated illiterate like
So u mean somebody cannot build a road in his own community just because he is not Government?
Haba who do u this kind thing ?
you are very stupid. What is the job of the local government chairman. In uk is it private individuals that build roads or what. Fool

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Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:44pm On Jul 17

private individuals and not government are the major sponsors of research and break through in the west. here we sit expecting to government to do it all. not taking anything away from the fact that our politicians are likewise use hence a useless government.

we want advancement yet we as individuals are putting nothing into the development and advancement of our society. we are worse for it as a society thinking backward, order than advance we retrogress.
the private individuals in abroad cannot sponsor research if the government doesn't give them the enabling environment to do so. They have to see good roads, good hospitals, good rail system, good tax system and working educational institutions before they can sponsor research. All these are the job of the government.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:42pm On Jul 17
is Jeff bezos or mark Zuckerberg government?? Or Richard Branson??
Jeff bezos has a 1 billion dollar yatch, Richard branson has a multi billion dollar island where he lives. Obi cubana spent 100 million to bury his mother. You have no right to tell someone how to spend his money.

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Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:40pm On Jul 17
an igbo man,how can they vote him, Nigerians will prefer to vote and chadian,Malian,nigerien over an igbo and they will die and complain and re elect the fool and die and complain.
no mind them but they would want to tell an igbo man how to spend his money.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:38pm On Jul 17

So because he is a super cop he shouldn't attend occasions right?
I just want to tell you that even the government endorsed the burial and the wads of money thrown around.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:38pm On Jul 17

Maybe Bill and Melinda Gates are both President and vice president
you don't tell people how to spend their money.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by jesmond3945: 12:37pm On Jul 17
in my village in Uromi, Edo state, we have a minimum of 23 hours electricity. I remember when people came from Abuja for burial and were wowed because throughout their 3 days stay the light didn't even blink. The light was done by one man. Nigerian government is useless. Instead of throwing wads of cash into the air just to prove how rich they are I bet the people in that village will appreciate far more if he tarred the road and do proper drainage with that money. If he did that those things will be there for the next 20 years
he is not entitled to do it. If you have money tar the road of your village.
Politics / Re: Obi Cubana Burial Effects And Youth Crimes by jesmond3945: 9:09am On Jul 17
10m a day cos he has monopoly of selling drink in owerri? and owerri people only drink from Monday to Friday as main work abi .the peak that for clubbing is Friday and Saturday. and owerri is saturated with clubs making competition stiff . The highest selling selling forte oil station in Nigeria is on awolowo road ikoyi make around 5m gross daily. So owerri people consume more drink to petrol .
I am not telling you as someone far. I am talking from experience. In one table men consume 5 million drinks a day not to talk of food and ticket prices. Men come from ph and warri to burn 50 million during the weekend. Hahaha you are mad, you compare club with filling station, you are mad lmao.
Politics / Re: Obi Cubana Burial Effects And Youth Crimes by jesmond3945: 7:29am On Jul 17
u actually think ruming 8 night clubs will give you enough money to blow 1 m usd on a burial .U must be new to enterprenurship .
the night clubs are assets. If the bank see cash flow they would beg to give him loans. That's how rich men play. In owerri alone he makes 10 million a day from selling drinks. In abuja it is even more, lagos as well. He even bought a house in banana island. See if we Nigerians stop complaining on how people show off but rather link up with them for connection, we will go places. This same cubana, dine with governors and ministers. What is Abba kyari doing there?

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